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Thank you all for the intriguing suggestions yesterday. 

It seems there are slightly mixed views on adding an orchestra to what you consider to be predominantly ‘rock’ songs. Bear in mind that no one has said that David intends to play Pink Floyd classics on tour, never mind that he plans to play them with an orchestra behind him. This is all wild conjecture purely for fun’s sake.

Indeed, we haven’t said that he won’t play Pink Floyd classics on tour, but you have to confess that it would be very odd to tour with a new album out and yet omit the new songs – and you haven’t heard what ‘On An Island’ sounds like yet.

Don’t forget that these photographs are of album recording sessions, not rehearsals for the live shows.

Who said anything about taking an orchestra on the road, anyway? Maybe there will be an orchestra. Maybe there won’t be. You’ll just have to wait for the official announcement when all will be revealed.

Have faith.

As for waiting to hear what ‘On An Island’ sounds like, then you won’t have to wait too much longer, so be patient.

We’ve got another of Polly’s pictures for you, and here we see David photographed with the rest of the ‘On An Island’ production team. From left to right: Andy Jackson, Chris Thomas, Phil Manzanera and, of course, David.

Chris Thomas has worked with Pink Floyd since January 1973, when he was asked to assist with the production of ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’. He has also worked with some of the most influential artists in music, including The Beatles, The Who, Procol Harum, Roxy Music, The Pretenders, The Sex Pistols, Elton John and many others.

If you’re not already aware of the fact, then these fantastic pictures can also be viewed at the Gallery, if you’d like to see them in a larger size.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Shucks, belated reply to the question about the orchestra…seeing it is still yesterday here…My answer though would be FEARLESS…FEARLESS…and FEARLESS!

    I would love to hear an orchestra playing with Dave. That’s the beauty and privilage of live shows…Hearing something artistically new and different rather than hearing it sang the same way as the CD.

  2. If Chris has worked with the Pistols, how about David doing a cover of Pretty Vacant or Anarchy in the UK?

  3. whatever David plays it will be David Gilmour playing it so that should be enough. With my Dad’s band (Grateful Dead) people came just to hear them play…not because they had to hear the classics. I would imagine David’s fans would feel the same way. I know I do.

  4. I must say, I’m very happy to see David looking so trim and fit. Is it WRONG for one man to comment on the appearance of another? Anyway,I’m very much looking forward to David’s appearance and seeing many new Floyd friends in Chicago in April!

  5. “…bears comparison to the best of Pink Floyd…” “It’s my best work…” I have to tell you, I can’t remember when I’ve been as fired up for a new album. (probably 1994) I hope he plays On An Island in it’s entirety.

  6. “Bear in mind that no one has said that David intends to play Pink Floyd’s classics on tour,”

    From this statement from David’s press release I would assume David is talking about Pink Floyd and his prevoius solo material.

    “I’m very much looking forward to this tour and making music with the great musicians in the band,” Gilmour said in a statement. “I’ve had a fantastic time making ‘On An Island’ and really want to perform tracks from it, along with my more familiar repertoire.”

  7. Greetings all!

    My son and I managed to get tickets for the Monday show at Massey Hall in Toronto. We bought them from the Ticketmaster in Fairview Park Mall, Kitchener. Now, we were in line with some very friendly CIVIL people. We had arrived there at around 9:30 (on sale at noon) and proceeded to watch for any signs of a line up, once we confirmed they were actually selling tickets for Mr. Gilmour. Well, as it were, we took our place in line just as a couple of gentlemen were getting in line. One young fellow was first in line and another had also taken his spot next to him. With some chatting about what time we arrived, the second fellow then said to us, “You guys were here first.” So he let us take second spot,(since we were there earlier) I was astounded and thanked him and said we’re only buying two tickets.

    It was then that the sales person proceeded to inform us that Ticketmaster had a policy of “more than three people in line would constitute a lottery determining your place in the line. I found this “odd” because really, more than three? I laughed, as did the rest of the folks in line. Ok we thought, no real advantage to wait in line or get there early, right? Then, in second a display of total selflessness, a most kind lady made the suggestion, “You guys were here first, if its okay with us all, how about we just stay where we are?”

    All agreed.

    None of us were scalpers, we all were disgusted with that prospect. We all only purchased personal tickets.
    I was just wondering if by chance any of you folks in line that day are here, (you know the store), if you would let me know how you fared in your quest for tickets.

    After a bunch of us had our tickets, the salesperson then made the revelation ” I didn’t know there was two nights.(for the shows)”.

    Wow, was that a display of knowlegeable business practice?

    Anyway, my son and I are so looking forward to seeing the show and yet feel sorry for those who weren’t as lucky and the ones who really got rooked, I feel for you. I just thought I would share a positive story, and I think it represents what kind of people are true fans. We felt so lucky to be in line with such good people, somewhat of a shock in a self-absorbed society. I think all the good people were in that line that day!

    Just my little story…thanks.


  8. The All-Seeing Features Ed. wrote:

    As for waiting to hear what ‘On An Island’ sounds like, then you won’t have to wait too much longer, so be patient.

    Speaking of not having to wait much longer for the album, I have to complain about Ticketmaster. I bought one of their “Hot Seat” tickets (which was VERY expensive I might add) in order to get a good seat to see David up close. For that price I also receive “exclusive tour merchandise” including David’s new album. But get this – Ticketmaster won’t send the CD to me until 3 weeks after the release date, one week before the concert!

    Now, you can well imagine how upsetting this is to me. I can hardly wait for the March 6th (or 7th here in the States) release date as it is, forget about waiting 3 weeks! So I sent a complaint to Ticketmaster telling them for the $350 I paid for my ticket I think I should have the CD a day or two after the release (and possibly on a silver platter) but was told that’s the way it is; tough luck.

    Okay, I just had to get that out of my system. Carry on, fellow bloggers…


  9. I’m guessing he’s not touring with an orchestra because in the venue I’m attending they are selling tickets in the orchestra pit. Of course, there’s always a chance I don’t have clue what I’m talking about.

  10. I must say I enjoy reading the blogs and the diversity of opinions expressed. To respond to the recent comments of Tim and Alice, and their assessment of the Division Bell, I agree wholeheartedly. There is beauty, wisdom and joy aplenty in that album and it got me through some very rough times. However, in all honesty, I must also extol the merits of The Wall. Heavens know I am not a fan of Mr. Waters, he frankly makes my skin crawl, but that album flows thematically and beautifully through its course. Excluding the trial bits, (that’s just foolishness and ugly foolishness at that). I skip that part. I would really enjoy David expanding the theme to Is Anyone out there to its full potential. It would be so beautiful with an orchestra, but alas, if he hasn’t done it already, it won’t happen this time around, but on the other hand, it’s almost time for beautiful new music to be revealed and enjoyed!

  11. As far as the concerts go, I really don’t want to hear any Floyd classics beyond 1973. Comfortably Numb is a great song, but how many times are we going to make Dave play it. Dave, please focus on the solo stuff and some pre-73 gems that you haven’t done thus far.

  12. I love Dave.

    I thank the stars everyday for his music.

    But..I hate his fans. It seems 99% of them have a better idea than Dave about what show he should do. F&^% ’em….

    Whatever kind of music Dave gives us will be great!! Whatever it is….it will be great!

    I’m in the front row on the 4th in NY!! See ya

  13. I really believe, this album will be the most perfect of all three studio albums David has released.Because of this orchestra.The orchestra really fits David’s music.The orchestra really enhances the sound of most rock-albums, but for those who already tasted it 22 years ago, on ”About face”, this album is really a great gift.

  14. Of course David has to play his new solo album.

    But don’t forget a lot poeple will be attending a “Floyd” show for the first time.

    I really hope they can enjoy some Floyd songs. David, don’t disappoint them!

    After all, there is plenty of time. You can take 4 – 5- 6 hours….:-)

  15. I must say it would be very disappointing if David won’t play classic Pink Floyd songs.

    Yes, of course he should play songs from the new album, but there has to be some balance.

    Even when ployd toured with a new album, they did play a fair amount of classics alongside songs from the new album.

  16. First, thanks for maintaining a blog! I just found my way here through links to floyd and gilmour videos on Google video. I’m not sure if you’re using those to market DG but it works. I’m orig from Edinburgh but live in SF, California and will be at the show in Oakland when you all come through. If I might request a tune or two, an Out of the Blue would b nice. And who doesnt want to hear Mihalis?!

    Cheers, rock on, see u soon!

  17. Dear Features Editor.

    Either you were up late last night or awake well before I was looking at the time you posted the above article!! This is dedication to the cause.

    I think that because there has been such a long time since there has been any new material from David or Pink Floyd, everyone is excited and there are bound to be some off-beat requests. I am just looking forward to what is coming.

  18. Perhaps you’re teasing us, but it would seem a little strange if David didn’t play any Pink Floyd classics on this tour : )

  19. Some nice comments so far, but…

    To those of you who are already moaning about how awful it would be if David chose not to play any Pink Floyd songs on tour (or not the Pink Floyd songs you would most like to hear), then please remember that this is not a Pink Floyd concert. If you purchased tickets expecting to see a Pink Floyd concert, then more fool you. As Justin Kreutzmann said, “whatever David plays it will be David Gilmour playing it so that should be enough.” Well said, Justin. We hope it will be enough for most people, but apparently it won’t be enough for some.

    alternate gilmour is right to say it seems as though 99% of David’s fans have a better idea than David about what type of show he should put on and which songs he should play…

    Come on guys, don’t start. There are plenty of people without tickets who would have paid whatever you paid and more to hear David playing nothing but the tambourine for a couple of hours if that’s what he wants to do. Don’t rub it in.

    Thanks for sharing your story with us, Reiner. It’s good to hear something positive for a change. 🙂

  20. David, If you played ‘When I’m cleaning windows’ I’d be happy.
    Play what you want & how you want to play it.
    Roll on the 6th March.

  21. A note to the writer, please don’t scare us like that. David MUST play at least some Floyd classics on this tour. Even though the band broke up and is done probably forever, these songs made his career and besides everyone still loves to hear David play them.

    I do expect to see his solo stuff too of course, half and half would be nice. I expect to see the entire On an Island which is fine by me, looking forward to hearing it!

  22. Well personally I am looking forward to David playing in concert & whatever he plays will be superb, as he is No.1.

    I went to see him in 2002 at the Royal Festival Hall & loved all the music he played & especially Dominoes by Syd. The acoustic version of Shine on was brilliant. I have both David’s solo albums and would like to hear the following from his albums:-

    There’s No Way Out of Here
    Short and Sweet (I have seen Roy Harper play this live)
    I Can’t Breathe Anymore
    You Know I’m right
    Near The End

    As for the Floyd stuff, well I don’t think that the concert would be long enough, but you have to play Wish You Were Here.

    Can’t wait ’til 26 May. See you there David.


  23. whatever david plays will be fab. i hope he knows that not all of us are making stupid demands. some of us will just be glad to see him live. excuse the rant, but i have to say that some of you have got a nerve to get in a strop over which songs he plays and which songs he doesn’t play. he doesn’t have to play any floyd if he doesn’t want to.

    no matter what he does, it’s never good enough for some of you, is it? if he plays some floyd, it could be the wrong floyd. if he uses an orchestra, you might not approve of it on some songs (even though they’re david’s songs to tinker with however much he wants to, they’re not your songs). if he brings out a special guest to sing on a song, they might not sing it to your liking. shame on you. as for all the stupid requests for roger being a special guest in new york, then please! i love rick, but you kept on about rick touring like it even makes a difference. now it’s roger. accept it: it’s a david gilmour solo, not pink floyd. if you don’t like it, give your tickets to someone who will really love it. and grow up.

    thanks for letting me get that out of my system!

  24. This blog provides good point for discussion.

    I look forward to seeing David Gilmour live. I am fortunate that I’ll be able catch him and Amsterdam and also in my home city of Glasgow (thanks David!) I often wonder what made David come to Glasgow after all these years, I’m led to believe that he hasn’t played in Scotland alone since 1974!

    I was only 10 years old when the Division Bell was released, in recent times the Pink Floyd back catalogue has constituted the bulk of my listening –


    I am well aware that I have purchased tickets to see David Gilmour play. David is among my most favourite guitarists, like the rest of you I could go on all day about the tone and touch involved alone. I thoroughly enjoy David’s singing voice as well as his solo work so I am happy to listen to whatever David chooses to entertain us with (he’s been in the business a long time, and knows how to put on a show).

    I am not going to see Pink Floyd, but a group of just as substantial and no doubt charismatic set of musicians and friends playing a modern body of work written by one of my favourite artists.

    This may sound ridiculous to some but I’m sure this will be just as good an experience as a floyd gig.

  25. Features Editor,

    I’m sorry, but don’t you start either. You’ve been asking us for weeks what our favorite David Gilmour music is whether it’s solo or Floyd, and now you’re surprised that people are excited about the prospect of hearing some Floyd songs get played? What did you expect?

    And no, neither I nor the vast majority of David’s hardcore fans would spend $250 for a pair of tickets to see him bang a tambourine for a couple hours, and I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that you even said that. To David’s fans he is the world’s greatest guitarist, and we fully expect him to play the guitar, any guitar, to the best of his ability at these concerts. We certainly do not mind if he plays the sax or piano for a song or two, in fact I think it’ll be quite interesting if he does, but that’s not THE reason we are going to see him. We are going to see him play the guitar and sing his songs, his creations, whether they are solo or Floyd.

    And I don’t think it’s unreasonable to think he will play a Floyd tune or two, because after all they are some of his own best creations. If he doesn’t it’s not the end of the world because his solo stuff holds up, but that’s no reason to stop speculating whether he will or won’t.

  26. I’m laughing as I’m reading through all the comments in this blog today. We are all such greedy fans, dying to hear our favorites. Personally, I’m most looking forward to David’s new material, because it is just that – NEW! Aside from that, anything else he chooses to play – floyd stuff, solo stuff or cover tunes – is gravy. I’m sure he’ll play whatever music he is feeling a passion for right now, and I’m sure it will be a night of great entertainment no matter what he chooses.

    Mike from Connecticut

  27. I’m SO anxiously awaiting David’s new album and tour. And I’m very supportive of new directions. BTW: Cool to see the Grateful Dead’s drummer’s son posting on here. Say ‘high’ to Bill for me!
    Anywho, I’m not concerned myself with getting all my favorite Floyd songs. I’d rather David be adventurous and try something. Maybe give us a full selection of his album, a couple of other band covers, and then maybe a new version of Echoes or something. Whatever it is, its David, and his playing is sweet. Can’t wait to hear you in Chicago David!

  28. geeze for all the people lucky to get tickets how could you possibly complain about what should be played,anything he plays is going to be so fantastic,i cant wait to see i was one of the lucky ones to get tickets at ticketmaster ,in fact the only one we were 1st and you know what happened ,after us was all goneenjoy the show all i know you will!

  29. Hi all. Judging by the posted comments, I have to say I don’t really see a lot of whining. I think most people are just excited about the new album and tour and are just expressing their anxiousness. Nothing wrong with that. By and large, this seems like a nice collection of good people (of course our wonderful host/editor may just be “keeping out” the “riff raff”!).

    To give a little perspective to some, I was extremely fortunate to catch David on his first solo tour in ’84. For that tour, he played roughly two hours and had an opening band. If memory serves, in that time he played all of About Face along with Mahalis, Short and Sweet, and There’s No Way Out of Here. He also managed to throw in a couple Pink gems: Run Like Hell, Money and Comfortably Numb (as the final encore). Given that THIS time out I read he will do two full sets with no support act (very Floydian), I think it’s fairly likely everyone will be treated to SOME Pink Floyd. Though I’m sure we all have our personal favorites, I believe I safely speak for most when I say I just want to hear that heavenly guitar soar again! Just give the man room and let him play!

    Reiner: very nice story. I’ll be at Massey Hall both nights…I wish you and your son a fantastic time (though I doubt you’ll need my wish for THAT to happen!)

  30. alice at January 26, 2006 01:22 PM
    “if you don’t like it, give your tickets to someone who will really love it. and grow up.”
    ……. huhu YEAH to me ….. PLEASE give ONE ticket to me!! Need a ticket for Hamburg!!
    Click my name to contact me… Is there anybody out there, ^^^ who want to make me happy? °°°

    Hi Features Editor, on the evening at March 11th you could be happy, then i never ask again for a ticket! *lol*
    Because then I am happy if i`m in the concert or I`m not in the concert then i feel sad and get a depression in Hamburg.

    Best wish from Berlin to all

    ps: if you found any wrong english words … stay cool – i`m a woman! lol

  31. At approximately midnight on March 10th we’ll know the set-list because one of you guys who is attending the first Dortmund concert will post it here …. right?….RIGHT?? :-))))

  32. Hi again all… I have to jump on board with those who just want to hear David play! This is a David Gilmore tour. David is doing something new… he isn’t Pete Townsend doing 15 Farewell Tours (ok, that was a low blow… I love the Who and saw them on their 1982 farewell tour and again on the 2000 farewell tour… he he he) but David is making NEW music and I’m excited to hear it. I love Pink Floyd, but to be honest I have seen Pink Floyd live (the Division Bell Tour 1994), I have the Live 8 DVD with the reunion material, I have Delicate Sound of Thunder, I have Is There Anybody Out There, I have PULSE on CD (and WILL have PULSE DVD eventually!) … frankly there is a ton of live Pink Floyd out there. I want to hear David play his new material… and I hope by the time I see him on April 20th that he has had enough time to play with the new songs and give them the “live” treatment (i.e. extended solos etc). Ok he will probably play some Floyd songs… anyone who thinks there won’t be a single Floyd song performed is freaking out for nothing. But again it is a Gilmore show… I doubt this will happen many more times (if ever) so enjoy what he does while you can! And PLEASE David… if you DO play Floyd songs, please consider NOT doing Comfortably Numb and Wish You Were Here (I’m not whining here… I absolutely LOVE both, but again-have seen many live versions, and if performing them means leaving something new from On An Island out of the show or the type of surprise tracks you did from the Robert Wyatt shows- then I would rather not hear them- but of course if you DO play them, I will enjoy them). Ok… stepping down from my soap box!

  33. I think most fans agree that a mix of the new album, previous solo albums and Floyd music would be nice, but I don’t see lots of moaning going on. Really, without the fans, there’s not much reason to tour, so I think they do matter to some extent. I don’t think the Dead played what they played each night only because that’s what they wanted. I think they explored it and found their fans really liked it as well so they stuck with it. I’m a huge fan of that approach and the Dead’s relationship with their fans (varied sets each night, taping policy, ticket sales).

    I think the most successful tours tend to be those that take into account both how the artist wants to portray their music live and to some extent what the majority of fans would like to hear. In that spirit, I think it’s ok for fans to have preferences and hopes and to some degree, to be disappointed if that’s their emotion. On the other hand, we shouldn’t insist that everyone feel that same way, whether we’re excited beyond belief by an assumed set list or let down by it. It’s obviously fun to discuss it, judging by these blogs everyday. Whatever David decides to do with this tour (orchestra or not, acoustic set or not, certain rare songs or not), it doesn’t mean he’s lame or the fans need to change if our expectations aren’t met. That’s just life when you have passionate fans of anything (music, sports, etc.). For example, I happen to love Not Now John, but have read David doesn’t care much for it. I’m ok with that. I’d never expect him to play it just because I like it. And with Meltdown, who ever would’ve thunk he would bust out Fat Old Sun?!?! So, my point is, it’s alright if some of us get a little antsy, disappointed or whatever. As long as we’re keeping our comments reasonably polite, isn’t this what blogs are for?

    And yes, I’ll go on record by saying I’d be disappointed if he only played a tamborine for 2 hours ; )

  34. Kimberly,
    I like the Wall a lot too.. and I agree about the foolishness of the Trial, as well as Vera, Bring the Boys Back Home… The Wall is brilliance punctuated by “why did they include THAT?” For the life of me I don’t understand why the Trial was included but What Shall We Do Now (from the Wall live) was excluded! Or When The Tigers Broke Free instead of Vera… I know there are those who will disagree…but with TDB, there are no throw away songs-not ONE. I love the whole album! And I think if you want to show what Floyd is all about… soaring guitars, strategically placed empty space, great lyrics, sound effects… then TDB is that album! If I had to pick a second album it would be Wish You Were Here… I think what I love about TDB is that is sound like the best things about Dark Side Of The Moon and Wish You Were Here melded together… with positive lyrics. Finally…Roger Waters makes your skin crawl??? I think the whole David Gimour/Roger Waters debate is silly. THEY have issues between them. I just like music. I like the work both have done together as well as individually. Though I do prefer Davids’ work (obviously- I picked TDB as the best, most Floydian album… so I guess in the end I am a bit partial… ok so everything I said is rubbish….LOL!. Anyway= I love having this forum the talk with other fans- though I’m not sure that was the intended purpose! But after I write I go back later to see if anyone responds to my comments… anybody else out there doing that?????

  35. I am looking forward very much to David’s new album and the tour. I’m also looking forward to the setlist he chooses. I can’t possibly imagine that whatever it is I would be dissapointed or feel cheated. Think about the”IN CONCERT” DVD. Who would have ever thought about requesting that setlist? And how many people have complained about that? None thatI know of. It can’t help but be good. A big thanks for bringing us into the loop with this great website.

  36. There was an interesting review for the Rolling Stones when they hit town (Chicago, IL) here a couple of days ago. Basically the reviewer blasted the Stones for putting on a “flawless show”; that is, nothing but slick renditions of their classics, a few new ones, and all the jumpin’ jack flash you’d expect from another over-inflated arena stopover. He argued that you’d think a band with their catalog and $$ to lose would take a chance and throw out a deep cut here and there and at least make it look like they were trying to experiment and test their audience. Heaven forbid you play “Monkey Man”, “Sweet Virginia”, or “Star Star” and someone thinks its the best thing since indoor plumbing (or not) and stir the pot a little. The subtext of the article raised the question: who’s fault is it when you hear the same old songs at a show (or the radio, for that matter)? Is it the common denominator fans who only buy or burn greatest hits albums, or the bands that are convinced that’s who they needs to cater to?


    Having seen the Dead before, I know that going to a concert is more about the experience rather than making it into some grandiose jukebox. I agree with Mr. Kreutzmann, and others, that it’ll be great just seeing David play no matter what. It is billed as a solo tour, so you should expect solo material. Personally, I’d like to hear all solo stuff. I’m not saying I’d storm out of the theater if he played some Floyd. But David has every right to make this a departure from the Pink Floyd shadow, if that is his desire.

    Incidentally, if Live 8 was indeed the last we’ll ever see of the Pink Floyd, at least they closed the book with a rousing final chapter. Cool way to go out in style.

  37. It is interesting to me how everybody is pigeon-holing David. Yes he was an integral part of Pink Floyd but obviously this is a solo recording and not a Pink Floyd release. A solo release means that David has total creative control on the project and chooses what HE wants to do. Therefore the tour for this project follows the same principle. And people should not be surprised that if he does do a PF tune it may be interpreted a bit differently than what you are used to.

    For example, I was a huge fan of The Police and saw them more than 10 times in their career. After they broke up, I saw Sting solo. He played some Police tunes but he did them very differently, they were acoustic interpretations instead of raw and rocking.

    Robert Plant refused to do Led Zeppelin material early on in his solo tours and only played Zep stuff several years later. Mind you, it doesn’t mean that his early solo tours sucked, they were just different.

    David Lee Roth focused on his solo releases on tour but also mixed in some Van Halen tunes in his set.

    O, and it goes the other way too. The Rolling Stones don’t perform solo material when on tour. And did you ever hear Pink Floyd perform “There’s No Out Of Here” on any of their tours??

    And then there was the recent Queen+Paul Rodgers tour. What a show that was. Not only did they do Queen songs they also did Bad Company and Free. Luckily they stayed away from material from The Firm. (I know this one is a different controversy regarding Freddie. RIP FM.)

    People should also realize that if David chooses to do a PF tune, he will most likely only do a song that he has creative credit. He probably won’t perform a song that was a Waters only creative effort.

    I’ll be at Radio City on April 4 and I am extremely pleased that I got a ticket (yes, only one ticket for me – I’m going solo too). I’m going to see David play that Strat or Les Paul goldtop or pedal steel guitar or whatever other instrument he chooses to play. And the “ECHOES” I want to hear is his searing solos reverberating all around me. Go with an open mind and you won’t be disappointed. If you have a preconceived notion of what the show should be – stay home or sell your ticket to someone who really wants to go (and be fair, don’t rip them off.)

  38. “Floyd Approach, this is Golf – Papa, India, November, Kilo. Request Flight Information Service and MATZ penetration? There are a number of bandits above, need assistance”
    “Negative Floyd Approach. I cannot see ‘So Far Away’, Golf – Papa, India”
    “Floyd Approach. Visual with ‘Green Is The Colour’ of the light. Golf – Papa, India”
    “Floyd Approach. ‘On The Turning Away’ my course is 315. Golf – Papa, India”
    “Floyd Approach. Say again ‘Round and Around’. Golf – Papa, India”

    Yes I’m at work and bored. Looking forward with everyone else to 6th March!

  39. Well i don`t care what David plays, i love the music of david gilmour and pink floyd!! i`m just glad i`ve got my tickets for the manchester show. roll on march for the album and may for the show!!

  40. What would be interesting, if somewhat unlikeley, would be Comfortably Numb as done by the Scissor Sisters, actually forget that, the venues profiled so far look way too nice to be the centre of a riot – Well we couldn’t have CN without the propper guitar solos now could we!!

  41. gilmour is known for floyd, he should play his floyd songs. and not to bash but cmon dave we want another floyd album. if you wont do it let roger tour with the name. sorry to sound mean or whatever some of you will want to say but WE WANT FLOYD! I AM A BIG GILMOUR FAN BUT, GILMOUR/FLOYD IS LIKE ALI/BOXING, BABE RUTH/BASEBALL, GRETZKY/HOCKEY, MONTANA/FOOTBALL, JORDAN/BASKETBALL…THE NAME WILL ALWAYS BE KNOWN WITH FLOYD, AND THAT IS WHAT PEOPLE WILL WANT TO HEAR.

  42. “If Chris has worked with the Pistols, how about David doing a cover of Pretty Vacant or Anarchy in the UK?”

    How about an orchestrated version of Anarchy in the UK … with David on sax?

  43. I also want to give a shout out to Justin Kreutzmann, whos father is a great inspiration to me as well. God has blessed you and your family and in turn has blessed those of us who have become your exstended family. Much love…

  44. hello David and Editor

    Thank you so very much for this site, the new album and the tour. I had already made peace with the idea that I would never see David live, but now it’s like a dream come true.

    David, your music has touched me many times over. Thank you so much for deciding to play at Rosemont. I live half hour away and I still can’t believe it.

  45. I think I agree with Michael Kelly on just about everything he said ~ very well put sir!

    I bought 2 tickets to the 4 April show at Radio City Music Hall without putting much thought into what David will be playing that night. My purchase was based on a combination of David being one of my all time favorite guitarists and the fact that it has been over a decade since he has played anything, anywhere here in the states (save for Live 8). I do feel lucky just to have been able to buy a ticket at face value, and I thank everyone associated with the David Gilmour website that gave us notice regarding the pre-sale.

    I honestly am going into the concert with few expectations, except that I hope to see another entertaining show and I also hope that my ears get to enjoy a couple of hour’s worth of David’s materful guitar work.

    I can’t wait to see many of you there!

    P.S. ~ Justin Kreutzmann ~ I love your father’s work, too. I hope to hear more in the future (including Serial Pod!)


  46. “alternate gilmour is right to say it seems as though 99% of David’s fans have a better idea than David about what type of show he should put on and which songs he should play…”

    Dear FeD, perhaps you should stop asking the fans what they want Gilmour to play, then? You might also (re)consider taking the side of a chap who calls David by the very name which he dislikes…you know, a four letter word that ends in ‘e’ and all that 😉

  47. Dear FEd, DG et al,

    I would love to think that most people who love DG do so because they admire him as an artist, because at least that’s how I do and many I know. I’d give a listen to anything he tried his hand at because musically he says things in a way that no-one else does quite the same way. It could be on a strat, gretsch, sax, pedal steel or kazoo for all I care…although like most of us I do have a soft spot for the strat.

    Got my tickets for the London shows confirmed today – I’ll be there on the Wednesday eve at the RAH and can’t wait. I’d like to think that we’ll get a mixture of past and present, as we have done in previous DG outings. Personally I wouldn’t want a whole set of PF tunes, because it’s a DG show, not a PF show.

    Oh, and Mr Gilmour, if you decide to do anything really special…please do it on the Wednesday night! 🙂


    p.s. I’d be delighted to hear On An Island played out in its entirety, no PF or other DG songs. However, I’d really really like to hear the new album BEFORE the shows so that I can really enjoy it. Often hearing new material live for the first time can be almost overload, so that you just don’t take in as much as you’d want to…

  48. ffs, listen to yourselves! the ed said what he or she said in a nice enough way and yet you’re still having a go! yes, our words can be misinterpreted but ffs! i feel the ed was simply commenting on a few posts which more or less said that if david doesn’t play enough floyd, they will feel cheated and will wish they hadn’t bought tickets. the ed didn’t say anything about how much floyd david will or will not play or how much floyd will be enough. the point is: david doesn’t have to play any floyd! if that’s his choice, then you have to live with it. if you don’t like it, then tough sh*t. get off the ed’s back. if you read properly instead of being so quick to jump down the ed’s throat, you’d see that that the ed’s been good enough to post lots of stupid messages that maybe another ed would have deleted. so stop complaining!

  49. I am with those who think it’s great to hear that David is making new classics. I saw Floyd play The Wall in New York (Nassau Coliseum) in February 1980. They played that album straight through, and played nothing other that album. Nobody complained that they “failed to play any classics.” I was extremely happy just to hear Pink Floyd play… and we know now what I did not know then, that The Wall IS a classic!! Who among us would not have gone to that show?

    To me, it is silly to make demands of David Gilmour to play songs just because we already know them. The guy is making new music for the first time in a decade. Those who see David this year will look back on the experience 26 years later with great fondness, even if he plays not a single note of Floyd. I say, let’s appreciate what this man does, and don’t berate him for not doing what you say he ought to.

  50. Whether David Gilmour plays Floyd classics or not, it will be an incredible show. Personally, I’m fifteen, and never thought in a million years I would have the opportunity to see this legend. Whatever he gives, I will be grateful. And speaking of Grateful – Justin, like someone else said… your dad is incredible, and I too would love to hear more Serial Pod

  51. As he is saying “the voice and guitar of pink floyd” on some of the adverts I would be surprised not to hear some Floyd stuff. However, the whole of “On an Island” should be expected as that is what he is promoting. Not sure on the orchestra front but on his solo stuff, hopefully he will play “theres no way out of here” and as a man says on the DVD from 2002, something from Animals, a very overlooked album, which David in the past is on record as saying “he likes it, a lot”. Can we beg for “Dogs” or even Waters “Sheep”? His solo tour in ’84 comprised on a split between About Face tracks and Floyd Stuff, so who knows, except for the Man himself obviously….

  52. hehehe. no offence peeps but i think ed’s messing with your minds and some of you are just too dumb to see it. this place is too funny. good topics, both sides of the arguement shown and lots of peeps rising to the bait to have a pop at ed because they missed his point completley. keep it up ed.

    i say let david play whatever he wants to play. all those fans who don’t like it cos they think david owes them something can whistle. david owes you nothing.

    respect to all who say we should just be grateful and enjoy what we get cos we could be getting nothing at all. that’s too true.

  53. True fans, who really know David’s work, history, and talents, don’t sit back, and rant and rave with “If he doesn’t play xyz, then I’ll protest, yell and scream”.

    He has a proven history of picking the best people to surround himself with, to bring out the best in his songs, his guitar solos, and the whole musical presentation. We’ve trusted him for 37 years now, why do some want to doubt him now?

    You GO David!!

    tom from san diego

  54. i hope that david plays all of his new album in the first half! cant wait to hear the new material. im also very interested how good he plays the saxophon. on the picture he looks verry professionell.

    once again thanx for the homepage, the informations, the blog, the photos, the island jam …… ! we give our thanx back to you soon – in form of standing ovations!

    bye from austria, see ya soon!!

  55. Julian said:

    “Yes I’m at work and bored.”

    If it’s air traffic control out of Gatwick, then sod it – I’ll take the boat instead…(!)

  56. Michael Kelly, with the greatest respect, there are people who would pay to hear David playing nothing but the tambourine all night. That said, this flippant remark was made in jest merely to illustrate the point that there are many people without tickets who might just be a little cheesed off at reading remarks along the “If there are no Floyd songs, then I’ve wasted my money” lines. The ‘hardcore’ fans, as you call them, appreciate whatever David decides to give – as, I feel, the response to your post has proved.

    I merely gave a reminder that this is a solo concert, not a Pink Floyd concert. I have never said that it is ‘unreasonable’ to expect a Floyd tune or two. It is very likely that there will indeed be material from David’s Pink Floyd days – and you can expect confirmation of that shortly.

    No hard feelings, but please be more careful with your facts the next time you wish to openly criticise because, as tempting as it may be to simply block posts that are designed to stir up a response one way or another, I do want the blog to reflect differing opinions, which is why your comments were published in the first place. Having said that, you also find that people are very quick to criticise you in return.

    Believe me, you just can’t win!

  57. Tim, thanks for the return comment and I agree with your observations.

    I think Roger and David made a brilliant partnership and I believe both contributed to the success of that partnership.

    I really don’t care what David chooses to play because I know that he cares deeply. His choices will be well thought out and expertly executed. You only have to look at the expressions of concentration on the faces of the artists collaborating on the album to know that this is going to be great. The concert in support will be great as well.

  58. This is a great blog by the way and I really enjoyed this subject! I have to say that I am a person in the middle of this issue as I mentioned above but I’m surprised that there are some people just hoping to see solo stuff and no Floyd. What’s wrong with him playing Floyd just because it’s a solo tour? There are plenty of artists who tour with their own band and play some songs (more than one or two) from their former band (eg. Sting, Plant, etc..). Having said this, I think it would be wrong for someone to expect David to play just Floyd stuff.

    Not to cause trouble here but Waters is actually a good example to use to illustrate my point. I saw him in 1999 and his song selection was phenomenal. His first set was Floyd. His second set was mostly his solo stuff with some Floyd encores. The Floyd stuff sounded excellent. His solo stuff was great too. Overall the show was planned out well.

    I have a feeling David should and will play On in Island, take intermission, and then perform Floyd most of the second half. This would make many people happy! Thoughts?

  59. Shills, Shills, Shills and more manical shills. For the poster who posted, “Is it WRONG for one man to comment on the appearance of another?” The answer: YES IT IS! So go see Brokeback Mountain. Sheesh!

  60. i’d pay to hear him playing nothing but tambourine as well. i know others who would join me because they feel david has earned the right to do whatever we wants. that’s not being stupid. that’s being respectful. of course he would have to let everyone know that it’s tambourine all night, and many fans would be outraged and would give it a miss. but david would still sell tix because people want to see him doing his thing and that’s all that matters.

    btw, good point paul tropeano. there’s nothing wrong with ‘hoping’ for floyd, but it’s a solo show so no one should ‘expect’ floyd. that’s all the ed said and some people got carried away.

    ed, your words don’t half get twisted, don’t they? you can’t win!

  61. Hello

    I am curious if any prints of Polly’s wonderfull photographs are ever available for purchase- perhaps as a charity thing?
    I collect B&W photos and would love to own some of her work.

  62. Hello everyone again.
    Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge my story. I felt amidst the stories of personal desire and wishes I could share that rare occasion of selflessness.
    Anyway, I heard that David will be playing all the songs on a comb, accompaniment with a tambourine.(LOL) To me it matters not what David plays, I only wish him good health and an auspicious tour. Whatever he wishes to play will be appreciated by me. He COULD play a comb and I am sure it would be smashing. So, with that, I will wait out the time without speculating what he will or won’t play, all I know is, those of us lucky enough to see him should find comfort and be grateful that David has decided to actually do some shows. I am sure it is only because he wants to and not because we want him to.
    Afterall, it’s a Great Day for Freedom!

  63. What a brilliant band David’s assembled! Seriously, those are fantastic choices. Not to read too much into Mr. Ed’s post, but it would look as though his first two albums would not be played?!? Sure would like to hear some previous solo stuff as well as a stuff from OAI.

  64. He could put “on” an enthralling show with “nothing” more than a comb and some paper… I’m sure 99% of people would walk away with a “smile” on their faces… Let “David” be “David”… You wont regret it!!! ;^)
    Tamborine indeed… Very good, old bean!!! ;^))

  65. Sorry, if I paid $350 for a ticket to see David and he only played tambourine all night, I’d ask for a refund of erm, let’s see? $340.

    That would be like going to see Hendrix play the triangle instead of the guitar.

  66. You are all missing the obvious. Richard Wright is touring with David! Those keyboards, that guitar, the complimentary vocal harmony, …one half of the greatest group ever!! The melodic half. How could they NOT take advantage of that to pull out some old tandem vocal classics. Any true D.G. fan would be happy to hear his gifted voice and hands play anything; especially solo material that he had total creative control over. And when I see him play Massey hall in Toronto “On An Island” (and early solo hits) is what I most want to hear. But to hear that old harmonic duo of David and Richard on some PF gems would be the cherry on the cake; and I’m betting will happen. Perhaps “Us and Them”, “Time”,”Any colour you like” or(one could dream…) “Echoes” might make an appearance. 🙂

  67. Would it be possible to consider a concert in Montreal at place des arts?


    [I think we get more requests to visit Montréal than any other city. The answer is still ‘no’, because the tour schedule has been finalised. Sorry! – Features Editor]

  68. can you tell me please what david gilmore uses as his guitar processor to get that great sound

    [I’m sure someone here can, Owen. Not me, unfortunately. – Features Editor]

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