The Kodak Theater


It’s ‘Theatre of the Day’ time again, and today it’s the turn of the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles.

The home of the Academy Awards, the Kodak Theater is the world’s only live broadcast theatre, custom-designed for Oscar Night. The stage measures a massive 36.5m wide and is 23m deep. It has a seating capacity for up to 3,400 people. Patterned after the grand opera houses of Europe, it is decorated with elegant deep plum upholstery, making it a grand setting for concert, musical, symphony and opera alike.

David will be performing here on 19 April. To all those who will be in attendance, we hope you have a fantastic time.

We’ll cover many of the venues that David has chosen for his European and North American tours. We hope it will prove interesting and exciting to those who will be attending one of his concerts.

That’s all for today, but do keep your suggestions coming in. We enjoy reading them, and the songs you imagined David doing cover versions of in his live shows made for very entertaining reading.

The ‘Best Basslines’ poll was also interesting. It’s unfortunate, however, that some people used it as an excuse to stir up the famous Floyd feud. (Zzzzz…)

Please, we could do with less of that. For the record, the blog was about Guy Pratt’s contribution to ‘On An Island’. It is a well-known fact that David played bass on many Pink Floyd songs, and that should not be an open invitation to anyone who wishes to start a squabble. We aren’t interested in the old ‘Which One’s Pink?’ debate. We don’t care who wrote the song, or who played bass on it first. All we are interested in are the songs with a good bass line.

We want to hear your opinions and post as many of your comments as possible, but trouble-makers will not be tolerated. Stick to the point from now on, please.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Well I’m waiting for the ticket update for Manchester and I am obviously way to early. Had a look at Bridgewater Hall website and it does look very impressive, better go to bed and try and get up early for these tickets!!

  2. ‘Theatre of the Day’ time again!!! YAY! Nice to know I’ll be able to SEE him from where I’ll be sitting. Certainly looks like a beautifully colorful venue.
    Yes. How boring is that ‘which one’s Pink’? I just enjoy the music for what it is.

  3. Well I am very happy that David finally has a website of his own, and I’m EXTREMELY happy to be going to the New York show in April- I’m looking forward to Radio City Music Hall being the featured theatre on this blog, as it will just further heighten the anticipation. On a side note, I would love to see a “gear” column or page(with amps and effects, not just guitars!). I know professional musicians often wonder about fans’ obsession with this stuff, but I(and hopefully others) feel that a great guitar tone can enhance a great song- David has certainly had plenty of both over the years! I would love to hear some tidbits every now and then about the gear he has used in the past to create his signature tones and also how his needs or taste have changed over the years in that regard. I have high hopes of hearing some more great songs(and tones) on “On an island”!

  4. A absolutely gorgeous theater! The absolutely angelic voice of David is going to fill that theater on April 19th!! Thanks for sharing part of him Polly πŸ™‚

  5. I am going to attend the April 19th show! I can’t wait it’s my first ever “big” concert and it’s David Gilmour! So it’s two for one! I heard the Kodak Theatre is beautiful and a perfect place for concerts. I can’t wait until April 19!

  6. I would like to hear david singing “Find The Cost of Freedom” by CSNY…..he would do a killer rendition.

  7. Hi there.
    Thank you for the work you’ve put in Features Editor. I enjoy reading it every morning and reading everyones comments as well.

    The Kodak Theater looks like a fantastic venue and I hope everyone who is attending the concert there will fully enjoy it ! I’m lucky enough to have tickets for one of the Royal Albert Hall shows and I cannot wait…I know it’s a great venue and I’m looking forward to what should be a great evening.

    All the best.

  8. i just realised we can suggest 5 songs for david well….
    ‘bad moon rising’CCR…’maybe i’m amazed’ Paul McCartney…’Africa’ Toto…’bad reputation’ Thin Lizzy

  9. Dear FEd (!),

    Having read through people’s suggestions, it seems like songs fall generally into one of two categories: touching, accoustic stuff (a la Meltdown) or heavier, more (dare I say it) Floyd-like electric.

    I’ve seen David perform twice in recent years, both times at the Royal Festival Hall, and both were amazing largely acoustic shows (and ideal for the venue). With the new tour and new album announced, am I safe to assume that he’ll be going the whole hog re: backing band, electrics, pedal steels etc? I ask because it makes a huge difference (I think) to the songs suggested…



  10. p.s. Is it bad form to refer to DG as ‘Dave’? He’s always referenced here as David, so no doubt that’s his preference…but I’ve always thought of him as a Dave – my term of endearment for a musical friend that has been one of the soundtracks to my life πŸ™‚

  11. Very nice theater…David only chooses to perform in really beautifull venues, that’s great.

    I grab the opportunity to post the first comment to ask something : I would be great if David’s show could be longer than the ones he did in 2002 : I’ve seen the first one in Paris, it was fantastic but sadly, a bit short I must say.

    Thank you for that blog, that music, and the coming concerts !

  12. I have suggestion for tour merchandise, specific and dated posters for each venue rather than a generic tour poster.
    U2 did this and they were very popular and sold out very quickly.
    I am not suggesting 8,400 posters for the Rosemont shows but maybe thousand or so dated for both shows.

    Even better posters by Storm!!

  13. I agree wholeheartedly, who is in charge here Ed? LOL. To Guy Pratt, U are awesome. DSOT Tour in Toronto was amazing. Saw 2 shows there, for any new fans, buy cheap seats, they are not only better, but you get the complete vista of the show which the band must of kept in mind, Thank You. One more request for David, please entertain the thought of playing River of Tears from Eric Clapton’s One More Car Tour. This song has you all over it with you and the Blues. Peace.

  14. Bravo webmaster! Well said old girl!
    I ( and i’m fairly sure i’m in the majority) dislike all that imaginary alligiance stuff too. It’s terribly depressing that people want to take the little bit of personal info they have about the band and turn it into some kind of burning debate or issue years later. Pink Floyd were never about celebrity-fan relationships and behind the scenes access, like Oasis or the spice girls were. As such, like it or not none of us mere audience members and listeners are involved in the personal side of the bands legacy, at all.

    Any arguments or ill feelings which happened twenty or more years back should be left there, not brought out in the open to fester in various forums such as this. Negative, destructive feelings aren’t at the centre of Pink Floyd’s music, so why try and make it a part of their history? In a hundred years will anyone know about or care anything for the bands squabbles? No, because all that incidental info is meaningless next to the importance of the music.

  15. Very nice a theatre!

    I will see David in Dortmund “Das Konzerthaus”.
    This also is a great theatre with excellent acoustic qualifications. (I did some research…)

    It seems that David picked out some of the very best theatres available on this planet!

  16. I agree with Paul N., a gear section would be mint. It is all about tone, and Gilmour has it nailed. I would LOVE to hear some talk box, quadraphonic sound,and rotating leslie cabinets at this show. This concert is going to be AWESOME

  17. Hello David! Hello Features Editor!
    thank you to underline that you didn’t want stir up the Floyd feud, because your post could be misunderstand and there was a little of confusion!
    Now I’d like to tell you that last summer I went to London and I visited the Battersea Power Station, where Pink Floyd realized the Animal’s album cover. IT WAS FANTASTIC! I had some pictures too…but without the pig! Sigh!
    Can you suggest me some “Pink Floyd’s” places to visit next time I came in London, for an interesting “Pink Floyd tour”?? The Abbey Road, of course! And the Britannia Row Studio? Does it exist yet?

    Have a great day!


  18. was at a party over the weekend there, my gf is not much of a fan (i am working on it :p) so she only let me bring one cd/dvd to the party. As usual I was last man standing, so I decided to put on my cd/dvd – the live 8 performance :). Turns out that watching it 15 times back to back does not make it tiresome to watch (just the floyd set ofc). I got thrown out of the house midway thru the 16th run. apparently it does not help a hangover. haha.

    anyhow i read somewhere on this site that one of the tracks had the word god in it. and they removed the o and put in a dash instead, so it reads g-d. ironic that rearranging these fine letters yields d-g. After all Gilmour is god!!!

    also my seconds to the event was off by a month or so πŸ™ so now its 12139200 seconds to may 29th, bah ages away. still counting em down though!

  19. Just had a thought about a cover track i’d love to hear. The Eagles – Hotel California. I’d love to hear David’s version of that phat solo at the end. Its my favourite non DG/Floyd guitar solo by a mile!!

  20. It is a beautiful venue indeed!! I have tickets to see him at the RAH on what I originally thought was the final night of his tour!! Then another night is announced!!! I will have to get me extra tickets! Yet another beautiful venue!! πŸ™‚

  21. Talking of venues, one of my all-time ambitions has been to see Pink Floyd play at the Roundhouse in Camden. The venue is still being renovated after many years of disuse (can’t remember the year, but Floyd played there way back) but when it’s back in business could be a fantastic venue for David to play in the future (coming full circle, etc).



  22. re: Hotel California

    Would be nice to hear, and it’s a fantastic song, but don’t you think it’s a little cheesy for DG? I mean, why not suggest Sweet Child of Mine, Smoke on the Water or Stairway to Heaven?! (ooh, stairway, now there’s a thought…!)

    What I really enjoyed at the Meltdown show was the intimacy of the event. David’s delicate voice, set against accoustic guitar, with songs such as Fat Old Sun and Dimming of the Day, combined to make it a magical experience. In suggesting possible songs for the future, there’s just such an amazing history to go through that it just seems like Hotel California just doesn’t embrace the the Gilmour qualities that we know and love (and not because of the tune, but because the tune has been so overplayed…because it is a great tune).


  23. A Joe Walsh, or Tom Waits cover would be a good fit for him, but he could make anything sound good!

    I like the idea of him revisiting/reinventing something from OBC..maybe something that would segue into “the narrow way”

    Anyways.. looking forward to hearing the new stuff!

  24. re: re:Hotel California

    I take your point Nickster, it does indeed have heavy amounts of Dairylea smeared on it. I just love that solo and was being selfish :p

  25. I think (turn to stone)by Joe Walsh has a great & powerful sound that is Gilmour. Also a short version of You Gotta Be Crazy-Dogs would bring the roof down!

  26. Dear Features Editor,
    We don’t need no any squabbles into Pink Floyd family
    We don’t need to know who played bass lines into Floyd albums
    We don’t need to know who is the best bass player in the band
    Hey, Edit.
    Leave us love the Floyd
    All in all they’re just the best band of the world
    All in all Dave’n’Rog are the best musician of the world

  27. I belive a wonderful cover would be Paul McCartney’s “Here, There And Everywhere”.
    First, and rather obviously, because it’s a great song.
    Second, I believe the melody and mood fit extremely well with David’s voice.
    Third, it’s by an artist that David has worked with.
    And as a bonus: The theme of “here and there and everywhere” sort of echoes with “wish you were here”. (Ok, ok, it’s a long shot! πŸ™‚ )
    Anyway, thanks for the great site. I’m hoping to catch a show, even if high hopes for a concert in Reykjavik, Iceland still seem unrealistic.

  28. Very good, Carlo. πŸ™‚ But with respect, I don’t recall asking who played bass on any specific track, or who is the best bass player in the band! If you’d seen some of the posts that had to be removed because several people wrongly jumped to all sorts of conclusions over the simple matter of naming some good bass lines (regardless of who played them), then you would understand the need for requesting more thought and less lip! Unfortunately, the all-too-eager snapping from some fans is stopping the flow of discussion – and it shouldn’t happen. That’s why some comments have had to be removed and why we have to constantly keep reminding people to show more respect for others – even though it’s tedious and patronising to those who can behave themselves (to whom I apologise). We are allowed to disagree, but we can all do it in a more respectful way. If certain people can’t behave better, then they will be banned. Simple as that. I certainly don’t want that to happen, but some people need to start exercising better self-control.

  29. Dear Editor!

    Are there any plans of the management to film any concert on Davids tour?
    I hope so much…

    And to all professional ticket buyers (at ebay): Shame on you! It was a dream for me (and i believe many other fans of wunderful music) to visit only ONE concert in my life with David Gilmour.
    Now i hope they filmed a concert like the Meltdown DVD! For all the real fans!

    Regards from Berlin

    PS: Cover-Version?
    Dire Straits – “Brothers in arms” or “Telegraph Road”

  30. some of the people on here need to grow up. stop the bitching and focus on the man (that’s david btw) and his music. no one wants to fight about who’s best. that’s so old, man. no offence is meant to anyone decent, but to the trouble makers who are clearly only here to get other people’s backs up: stop your complaining. nothing pleases everyone so if you dont like something then don’t pass comment unless you can do it in a nice way. ta very much. alice

  31. Dear Features Editor,

    I’d like to offer my sincere apology for my part in getting folks riled up in the “David-as-bass player-extraordinaire” discussion. Inasmuch as the title of the article was “Guy Pratt”, I think your comment of:
    “Bear in mind that David actually played bass on many of the Floyd albums, often winning magazine polls for β€˜best bassist’ for Roger Waters!”
    …got me stirred up as well as some others apparently, and hence we (or at least I) was motivated to come to David’s defense, and get “off topic”.

    It took David & Roger working together to create the magic that we’ve all enjoyed all these years. If Roger’s skills on bass are/were good enough for the likes of Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and others, then he’s certainly good enough for any band in the world!!

    As for Guy Pratt, his extraordinary skills were first brought to my attention in the band “Toy Matinee” back in 1990. That release was one of my favorite albums of the decade and still is to this day! It was a band spearheaded by the late, great Kevin Gilbert, and Patrick Leonard – who has worked with both Roger, and David since then. Patrick co-wrote “Yet Another Movie” on the MLOR album.

    Again, please (!) forgive my misplaced, and obviously overstated zeal in coming to David’s defense.

    tom from San Diego

  32. Gorgeous venue. I’ll be at Radio City in NY, however πŸ™‚

    On another note (and I hope our blog admin views this), I have to agree wholeheartedly regarding how OLD and TIRESOME it is getting to see people using these posts to discuss old Floyd feuds. Please, people…let it die. I’m sure David and the rest of the community has heard enough about it…lets just focus on the upcoming shows and album. It’s a helluva lot more fun to dicuss the ACTUAL blog topics, not to have to browse through other folks’ ranting. Oh, and one last thing…please don’t ask him to reunite Floyd…heard enough of that, too.

    To the blog admin…keep up the great work…it’s been fun!!

  33. One of my best friends is Mick Weaver. I had no idea he played piano on David’s 1st solo album. The song being “So Far Away”. We frequent a pub called Killian’s in Torrance,Ca. He hardly remembers the piece,so I played it back for him. Then he played it at his home for me. He is also close to Willie Wilson & Mick Ralphs.

  34. I can’t believe people are still arguing over this Pink Floyd is better than that Pink Floyd, especially after Live 8. All five members, SYD, ROGER, NICK, RICK and DAVID brought a unique persona that had Made Pink Floyd one of the biggest bands in history. They worked well together for years and produced many memorable tunes….Period. Without Rogers Words, or Davids Guitar, or Ricks Keyboards, or Nicks Drums, or Syds words and music, Pink Floyd wouldn’t have been what it was. They Gelled, they over came, they prospered. They were unique as a group and that is what I love about them. Together they were great, and PF in todays state is fabulous because they gel. It doesn’t matter what your thoughts are Pink Floyd is Pink Floyd..All members past and present made and make it what it is. If we didn’t think so we wouldn’t be here!

    Bass Lines…Interesting:

    1. Sorrow
    2. One of These Days
    3. Childhoods End
    4. Murder
    5. Keep Talking

  35. Peepul can says abowt his about hat…. Why????? Why????? If is say was abowt A Floyd????? Yoo reed somwar????? Mus be A trew????? I am ear sownd for longes tiyms fom, A David, A Syd, A Roger, A Rick, A Nick!!!!! {P-U-L-S-E- peepul etc.} Good!!!!! {Words can say?????} No for a talks abowt a “priyvat” liyf!!!!! Is abowt: MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC!!!!!
    Smiling!!!!! {Like A David Gilmour!!!!!

  36. I agree with the features editor. It is about the music not about personal lives.

    Let us leave it as it should be; in the air.

  37. Ok, dear Ed, I agree with you: this blog must be a place of meeting and discussion between fans and between fans and the artist, with full mutual respect.
    On last July 2 the Pink Floyd gave a big lesson of civilization to the whole world, putting what divided them away and giving prominence to what must unite the persons.
    The division bell doesn’t play anymore.
    Together we stand, divided we fall.
    An affectionate regard from Italy to you and the whole community of this blog, with many thanks to David that allows us to meet here.

  38. I’m sorry that people see fit to revive that old David/Roger chestnut. It’s been done to death, and even the protagonists themselves have seen fit to put it behind them. Notwithstanding the fact that Floyd fanatics would certainly give far more of their time and energy to the whole matter than David and Roger ever do these days.

    It’s all moot anyway. We all know how wonderful David is, and I don’t think anybody who ever saw the Floyd live in its heyday (or has heard recordings) could deny that Roger is in fact rather a good bass player (or for that matter, that Nick is a massively underrated skin-tapper).

    We’re here for the music – let’s enjoy it and forget all the other stuff.

  39. I don’t care for Roger vs David discusions, I enjoy both ‘eras’ and both’s solo work. My 3 favourite bass lines would be:
    Sorrow (Pulse version
    Hey You
    Pigs (Three Different Ones)

  40. To Karin: There are no plans to film any concerts at the moment, but we’ll let you know if that changes.

    To Tom Quinn: No need to apologise, mate. Your messages were fine. πŸ™‚ I hold up my hands and accept that my comment about David playing bass on many of the Floyd albums (which is a fact that some fans might not know, seeing as he was not credited as being the bassist) riled a few people, for which I apologise. No offence was intended. It’s just a pity that some people took that as a dig at Roger – which it most certainly was not – and snapped instead of responding in a more dignified and respectful manner (as some people managed to do perfectly well). It is David’s blog, after all. Why shouldn’t fans, especially new fans, know the full range of David’s capabilities? Anyway, it was those who jumped to the defence of Roger in a negative way who caused offence, not you, so no worries. πŸ™‚

    The same to you, Carlo. No hard feelings. You made your point very well and I hope others pay attention. πŸ™‚

  41. My five songs:

    Little Red Rooster
    All Along the Watchtower
    Watermelon in Easter Hay
    Something in the Air
    Time of the Season

    I look forward to David Gilmour in Chicago.
    The last time I saw him was in 1987 in Milwaukee.
    I wish him well on this tour.

  42. Let’s all agree that when true artists get together and honestly give themselves to the experience, it is magical. That is why all of the Pink Floyd family are loved. You don’t have to keep re-creating an experience just to acknowledge how special it was. Let the moment go and live in the anticipation of what is in the present. I hope these concerts are filled with the pleasure of the moment not the sigh of what has been.

    I have enjoyed reading everyone’s suggestions for cover songs and must confess I am eager to hear some of the music of the artists that have been suggested. Thanks to all for broadening my horizons. In summary, whatever is selected by David and his cast of musicians will be played with expertize, heart and soul, can’t ask for more.

  43. Cheers, David, et al!

    Here’s a blast from the past. A walk down memory lane, if you will. Regarding venues, I was one of the lucky few to have the privilege of hearing, seeing, and feeling, yes feeling, one of the most spectacular shows ever staged…The Wall at Nassau Coliseum, NY in February 1980.

    In addition to the huge quadraphonic sound system, an unprecedented three Midas mixing boards (116 channels total), the azimuth coordinator, which sent David’s heavenly guitar solos swirling around the coliseum to great effect, the band strategically placed multiple 2×15 bass bins directly under the tiered seating around the entire perimeter of the venue. These speakers were ultimately kicked-in at specific moments throughout the show, especially when the wall came tumbling down. It was akin to 5.1 DTS enveloped in sensoround. And, very pleasing to the senses.

    I am convinced that one of those low frequency bass bins was positioned directly under my seat, and I still get the goosebumps just thinking about that brilliantly staged and excecuted show! Nothing short of amazing!

    Memories from David’s equally impressive 1984 About Face Tour at the Beacon Theatre in NY to follow in another posting.

    We’re greatly looking forward to the live performances of On An Island at Radio City Music Hall in New York! Thanks for taking it on the road, David! Bring the Doppolas (or, save your back and have Phil tote the old RA200s for old time’s sake). TIME…now there’s a crowd pleaser!


  44. 5 Song Suggestions for Dave:

    Green is the Color
    The Gold it’s in the…
    Childhood’s End

    & thanks to all who are helping bring Dave to NYC. We’ve been waiting a long time.

  45. Dear Features Editor,

    I’d like to convey my thanks to you and the team for providing a wonderful facility to discuss David and his work.

    Please don’t be disheartened by the bad eggs who cause problems since it is plainly obvious that there are a great many respectful and sincere fans who are making wonderful contributions to this blog.

    On behalf of every member of this giant “family”, thankyou.


  46. I get a kick out of the tone of the website, especially that of the ‘blogmaster’ if you will. The air of propriety, paired with a dose of condescension, seems to be a good way of keeping up appearances around here. It’s a breath of fresh air in contrast to most places I’ve visited online.

  47. I would love it if Dave would do “Wots…Uh the Deal”. I realize this track is from “Obscured by Clouds” and is much slower ballad, however, it is quite a beautiful song that unfortunately was never performed live to my recollection. Reviving “Childhood’s End” live would be nice, as the guitar solo is quite fabulous. Both these songs in my opinion, are much better works than “Cymbaline”. Thanks!

  48. Features Editor –

    I wanted to let you know how appreciative I am that you are going through the bother of offering any presale of tickets! Though I’m delighted that you are. THANK YOU!!!

    Sadly, it’s not only ebay, to profit from someone else’s labour. There are London ticket agents who when last I looked were selling seats at Β£2-300 up to Β£800 for an ‘A’ section seat at the RAH.
    It’s angering to see those who have contributed nothing, profit so greatly from David’s work!!!
    It make me appreciate even more, the way you and this site are treating fans.

    And, btw, I did presale purchase two seats for the smaller Universal Theatre, 20 Apr, rather than the beautiful Kodak Theatre. Kodak is lovely, but huge, as was every Floyd concert I ever attended.
    I can’t hardly wait to see him in this rather more intimate venue.

    I thank David, and the Floyd, for each and every Tour and album/cd/dvd created, and for the years of enjoyment received.

    Cheers – jody

  49. there are some old pink floyd gems that IMHO could use an airing out… and would certainly up the hipster factor of david’s tour

    (hotel california, are you people for real?)

    “Wot’s . . . Uh The Deal” – greatest ever unknown known pink floyd tune (on a mystery mix nobody ever guesses this is floyd).

    “Crumbling Land” – lovely throwaway homage to california canyon hippies from zabriskie point.

    “Green is The Colour” – makes any lady swoon (plus how can you object to the old style live scat/guitar solo)

    and by golly if “Mudmen” wasn’t about 30 years ahead of its day.

    Meanwhile. Wouldn’t a Unicorn cover be nice?

  50. never been to the kodak theater (yet! :>), but at 3400, it’s actually smaller than the gibson universal amphitheater, by several thousand seats. regardless, both shows are sure to deliver.

    too bad DG and Co. couldn’t squeeze in a third date at the beautiful Greek Theater in Los Angeles πŸ˜‰

    thanks again for the lovely photo and write-up of the kodak!




  52. So sorry I will miss you at the Kodak, Dave. Tix all gone. πŸ™
    You are my all time god of a guitarist.

    My dear favorite:
    Wish You Were Here

  53. I’m going to the Gibson Ampitheater show on 4/20. Kodak is a much nicer venue but I live in the valley. For you Floydheads in the LA area, don’t forget Which One’s Pink? performing The Wall in its entirety on 4/29 at the Galaxy in Santa Ana.

  54. I was at the Kodak last night. I was able to get those tix after all. Last night was sublime. I dont think anyone expected ALL that, great reviews or not. I havent been to a better show. David was truely inspiring and the new album is terrific. The song “Breath” on it is a masterpiece. I was so proud of David, still creating, challenging himself and walloping the audience with the quality not of a swansong, that would be suitable, but of one in his zenith. What an experience.

    Get the new album “On an Island”. Dont ever miss him if he comes around again. My heart was exploding out of my chest. Im telling u, it was historic. Something told me that this show would be special but I had no idea of the richness and depth I would witness.

    Thank you, David Gilmour. You rock. You are lovely.

    ok, back to earth, now.

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