Teatro Arcimboldi


Today we’re taking a look at Milan’s ultra-modern Arcimboldi Theatre.

The Arcimboldi theatre is a modern, comfortable venue with cutting-edge technology and excellent reception facilities. Created out of precious wood, metal and glass, it seats 2,400 people.

Situated in northern Milan, it was built in a record 27 months to be the temporary home of Milan’s most famous opera house, Teatro alla Scala, and was officially inaugurated in January 2002.

It has movable glass panels that flank the auditorium’s walls, which are designed to improve acoustics. It also features a proscenium measuring 12m x 16m.

David will be performing here on 24 and 25 March. If you’re lucky enough to have a ticket for either of these shows, then we hope you will have a splendid time.

Do let us know if you’ll be there and how excited you’re feeling.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

33 thoughts on “Teatro Arcimboldi”

  1. I will be on 25 march!!!! I m waiting for this moment, hoping to have my ticket!!!

    Saler Ticketone, dear David, made son many mistakes and was non so efficient.

    We will see in Milan!!!!!!


  2. I am one of the lucky ones…and I am looking forward to hear the new songs in this state of the art theatre. The only problem is that ticketone, those supposed to sell the tickets, made a mess with the bookings, selling so and so tickets at the price of the close/good ones, and then refunding for the difference. Are 20 euro saved going to pay me back for the shame of not being close to the stage? I dont think so. Still looking forward by the way…

  3. Hi David,

    I’ll be tere, I’m looking forward to see you in concert in this beautiful theatre on 24 march and I’m very curious about On A Island…although we had many trouble (not yet solved at the moment) with the company who sells tickets you now…I hope a quick solution for all the problems

    Best Regards


  4. Hi there

    I will be seeing David Gilmour in Milan and I can’t wait. I have loved his music both with Pink Floyd and his solo stuff since I can remember and it has always been my biggest dream to see him perform live! I live in Zimbabwe and we have not had much chance of seeing even the cd’s on sale here let alone the artists perform live so this is like a dream come true for me!

    See you in Milan!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Re the reference on Album to glass harmonica or armonica as it is more popularly known played by Alasdair Malloy, do we know who made the instrument?

    As a glassblower myself obvously interested and will we see it played live? If so and David needs a glass repair man in Glasgow, then I can be on stanby


  6. i’ll be there on 24 march, one rest day on 25 and then rome 26. i think i’ll take with me one only cd in my player… round and round on an island.

    but… ticketone give me my ticket please!!

  7. Hi David,

    hope you are really reading these messages. will be there on 25th of March, luckily. Always a Pink Floyd fan, your guitar always made me dream and fly, and I am sure you will do the magic one more time. I am particularly happy ’cause you’ll play in a somehow “cozy” place compared to the huge stadiums where I saw you and the Floyd years ago (90 and 95), without all the extraordinary effects. And I am sure you need no special light to make your music sound good.


  8. Hi David, ED and friends

    I will be there on 25th march with my wife and my greater son that’s 15 yo, he is studying flauto devious.

    I already wrote here about the ticketone selling adventure and my luckyness in choosing to buy tickets directly from a selected official agency instead … so I have the numbered tickets in my hands since one month!

    His sound and lyrics mean too much to me and this is why I think the show is the best I ever could attend in the year.

    David, WISH YOU WERE HERE soon!

  9. great to see David playing again, and having a new solo lbum. On the new page it says that it will be a single cd. if that is true why did i pre-ordered a double cd edition of “On An Island” from the biggest music retail site – Amazon.co.uk?

  10. Mr. Gilmour,
    attendo impazientemente il suo concerto, saro’
    tra le prime file (al centro), spero di sentire
    un ottimo show (ed un ottimo nuovo disco).
    Mi piacerebbe che questo suo lavoro solista fosse
    ricordato come un bel disco di David Gilmour e non come un nostalgico lavoro solista di un membro dei Pink Floyd.
    Ci vediamo il 24 Marzo.

    We will see us to Milan (March 24, 2006)

  11. I’m one of the lucky ones because i have the tickets for the two gigs in Milano.

    I’m very excited because i remeber very well the Royal Festival Hall that sounded fantastic: I’m very happy for the choices that David made regarding the places to play in.
    When i think at the style or trademark they (David & Pink Floyd) provided to us in all these years i can say: SOUND ACCURACY.

    Try to listen to the drums recorded in “The Wall” or in “The final cut”….They’re really modern 25 Years later !!


  12. Hi,
    Here a compliment regarding David’s new Grammophone Album!
    Yes, I do like the idea of releasing the new album “On an Island” on CD as well on LP !

    P.S. I also do have David’s first solo album “David Gilmour” on grammophone, bought it almost 30 years ago…

    Take care, Ernest Peske

  13. Hi,
    I’ll be there on 24 and I’m alredy excited. This is my first David/Pink Floyd’s concert so I hope it will be an unfugivable night. And I think so.
    See you in Milan on 24

  14. Mr Gilmour

    I will be there, in Milan, for the 2 shows.
    Very exciting.
    One big problem is Ticktone. I did not receive my tickets yet. I am worry about that, because I am travelling from Brazil to Italy just to the shows. You know is too far and expensive trip.

    best regards


  15. Right…ok…i hope i’ll see you there David!
    And i hope i’ll get my tickets in time.
    TicketOne have done quite a mess with the tickets. Nevermind…

    Looks like a lovely theatre…i only need to get there…
    If anybody knows some cheap accomodation near the venue…please, contact me!

    Oh and David (like he’s gonna hear me), please dont have strict check ups before the entrance in the hall…i plan to BOOTLEG this concert.
    Pretty please? lol


  16. Splendido teatro l’Arcimboldi, ottimo per il rock da camera di David Gilmour che con il disco nuovo e il concerto continuerà su questa strada innovativa, una nuova via per il rock.
    Grandi sperimentazioni in “On An Island”, anche grazie e strumenti inconsueti come la glass harmonica (strumento settecentesco che ha un suono bellissimo – “la voce degli angeli” – e che, si dice, nel XIX sec. fu progressivamente abbandonato perché ammaliava troppo pubblico e musicisti, fino a straniarli…), la bass harmonica, il cumbus (pronuncia: joombush, strumento nato ad inizio XX sec. in Turchia, a metà tra il mandolino e il banjo).
    La redazione e i lettori di Cymbaline saranno all’Arcimboldi – e all’Auditorium Parco della Musica di Roma – ad ammirare David Gilmour e ad attendere la sua esecuzione di “Cymbaline”…

  17. hey uncle Dave… I will be in Milan on 24 and 25 March! Please… I want to play the guitar with you!!! Please!!! only 5 minutes before the show! I want a your autograph on my Stratocaster! I know that’s only an impossible dream… but I have HIGH HOPES! in bocca al lupo per il tour!!!

  18. Wheeee! Features Ed., you should give Bran the “chutzpah” award of the day. 😀

    Wish *I* was seeing David in Italy (and Amsterdam and London and Paris and California…)

    Buona notte

  19. Hi, i’ll attend both the concerts in Milan, the first evening with my girlfriend and the next evening with my parents. My father is a great Pink Floyd fan, just like i am.
    I only say that i just can’t wait for these gigs.

    I saw you live for the first time in London this summer, at the Live8, and it was the best day of my life!
    See you in Milan, David!

  20. Hi (King) David.
    I don’t known how take one ticket for your concert…
    When i come back home,i hope to find it on-line,but…is later!
    Ciao… Man Of The Sweet Notes

  21. Everytime I read these theatre previews and see the pics, my heart sighs as my beloved Ireland hasn’t ANY venue to compete with these… and that includes Vicar Street, which I love dearly, but it doesn’t hold a candle to any of the venue’s for David’s tour… : (

  22. How cute would it be if David’s son whom also plays sax came out and joined his Dad playing a solo!

  23. when i gave the tickets for the 25th of March show to my husband i thought he was going to cry (he didn’t for our wedding though!!!)! we can’t wait to be there and it will be one of the most special nights in my life as it is my 26th birthday! Thanks to David for his great job and can’t wait to listen to “On an Island”.

  24. If David Gilmour says it’s his best work to date I for one believe him.After hearing the Island Jam session and listening to it on several occasions I can only say that this beautiful track is superb and very Bluesy in it,s sound,I can not wait for “On an Island” to be released.I have followed Pink Floyd & David Gilmour since the 60s seeing David with the Floyd in their last concert at Earls Court back in 1994,at the Fender Strat Pack back in 2004 and last but not least at Live 8 2005 where the Pink Floyd where united for the first time in 20+ years.

    I do hope you all stay the best of friends,and look forward to your Concert at The Royal Albert Hall on the 29th May 2006. I will be bringing my son Elliott who will be 17 in March he too thinks your Music is Fantastic and this goes to show that your Quality of music not only appeals to my age group but also young teenagers as well.

    Keep up the good work David.

    David Ireland

  25. Are the rumours in the Sunday Mirror true about Floyd going on tour with Roger this year?

    [Nope. A full statement’s coming soon. – Features Editor]

  26. You might like to know that the Milan ticket farce rumbles on. We have now been told that the tickets will be despatched on 6th Feb. This is about a month and a half after I ordered them with express delivery at an extra 20 euros!!

    On another matter Im getting a bit worried about all this talk about re-selling tickets. I acidentally ended up buying tickets for the wrong night in Milan (wanted 25th but ordered 24th, which we cant make by mistske) I eventually booked for the 25th as well. Despite contacting the agent (ticketone) I recieved no reply. They have got my money now, so couldnt care less. So I have shelled out a lot of money, which I need to recoup, somehow. The only chanel open to me is..yes you guessed, put them on ebay. Any other options/suggestions??

  27. Urgent / Urgente

    I’m desperate looking for two show tickets!!…doesn’t matter if it’s for the 24 or the 25 gig. Hope to hear from someone….please!!!

    My e-mail adress is […]


    Sto cercando disperatamente 2 biglietti sia per il 24 o per il 25. Se avete a diposizione questi biglietti contattatemi…..vi prego!!!

    Puoi scrivere a […]

    Grazie 1000

  28. I will be there together with at least 55 other fans from the Island of Malta. I also saw David with Pink Floyd in Rome (Cine Citta) in September 1994 and Last July I was in Gold Circle at Live 8. David Should close the Tour On an Island that is MALTA. Come on Dave You are more popular than the President here.

  29. I also didn´t receive my ticket – ticketone take 20 EUR Express dispatch but for what ? They made a lot of mistakes.I hope that I will receive my ticket because I come from Germany and I booked a flight and ordered a hotel.Have seen Pink Floyd 1971 in Düsseldorf and was always a big Fan.Now I am very excited to see Mr.Gilmour because he is a king.

  30. charles then there will be 57 Maltese people for sure at the concert! me and my gf will be there too!

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