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Yes, it’s ‘Theatre of the Day’ time again, and on this occasion we’d like to introduce you to New York’s Radio City Music Hall.

This is where David will kick off the North American leg of his tour, with two shows in early April.

Built in 1932, this vast hall was originally used for movie and stage shows. These days it is used for various concerts, as well as film premieres. It is also home to the precision dance team, the Radio City Rockettes.

Radio City Music Hall is the world’s largest indoor theatre and can seat around 6,000. The length of the auditorium (from its back wall to the stage) measures just short of 49m and, as you might expect from the picture, it has an incredibly high ceiling that reaches a height of some 25m.

The stage is framed by a huge proscenium arch which measures approximately 18m high and 30m wide. The stage itself is 20m deep and an impressive 44m wide.

Radio City was completely restored in 1999, costing an estimated $70 million. With no columns or pillars to obstruct your view, you can rest assured that, if you have a ticket for this show, then you are guaranteed a good seat.

Let us know if you’ll be going to see David here and how you feel about the concert. If you’ve been to this theatre before, please share your memories with us and other fans who might be visiting for the first time. Go on, help push their excitement levels up to the ‘danger’ mark. They won’t mind.

Two quick points to finish on. We hope they will go some small way towards addressing the questions we are asked repeatedly.

First, the ‘PULSE’ DVD…

This is not a David Gilmour release, so unfortunately we are not the people to give you a definitive answer on when it will be in the shops. What we do know is that the date Amazon has on its site as a release date is not a release date at all. It’s merely a date they use when they don’t have an official date to declare, so don’t be alarmed by that.

If we knew any more, then we would tell you. (We would like to see it on DVD, too!) But we don’t know when it will be available to buy, so please could you stop asking us for information on ‘PULSE’? We don’t have any. We are focused solely on David’s new album and tour. This interests us much, much more.

We do understand your concern, but we honestly can’t help on this one.

Secondly, regarding David’s tour…

There are no more dates to be announced. The tour has been planned. If there were more dates, then we’d tell you immediately, both here and at All the requests in the world (with or without using obscene language, thank you very much) will not change that fact.

You probably don’t want to hear it, but we really do understand your disappointment. We know that many fans have missed out on the chance to see David for a variety of reasons, and we know that you want to complain about it to someone. But, as we have stated elsewhere, this is not the place for it.

With the greatest respect, the locations have been chosen and, to be frank, that’s the end of the matter. David is certainly not going to spend a year of his life travelling the world with his family in tow, playing in all the cities that you’d like him to visit. It’s just not practical, and it’s not fair that some fans complain the way in which many of you have done since the last of the North American tickets were sold at the weekend.

We have taken all your criticism into consideration and we assure you, it has been discussed in depth – particularly your experience of purchasing tickets.

This message is aimed at the minority, and we apologise to those who have expressed nothing but appreciation that there is to be a new album and tour at all. It is unfortunate that it needs to be repeated so regularly, but please, have a bit more respect. David is visiting eight countries and 15 cities over a period of three months. Give him a break.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. I’ll be attending the April 5th show, and I can hardly wait. I have seen the annual Christmas show at the Hall [featuring the Rockettes] and I can assure all that have not been there before that the venue is amazing!

    This will be my first “rock” show there, I wonder what it will be like…from the 12th row center no less!

  2. I’ll be traveling to the Radio City Music Hall on the 4th. I’ve not been there before and, in fact, I haven’t been to NY at all apart from JFK airport. It will be a trek from my home in New Hampshire but I’m really looking forward to it.


  3. I guess I should say that I was lucky enough to hear about Mr. Gilmours tour on our local radio staion here in Oregon. This was back in December. When I got home I jumped on the pc and bought tickets for my wife and I.I guess this was a pre sell. She is from Mexico and I introduced Pink floyd to her 10 years ago and she fell in love with the music.We set up a special Pink Floyd/David Gilmour savings account just incase of a tour, even though we have to travel over a 1,000 miles this will be worth it.We are going to see him at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, we know it is still 3 months away but, (Good things come to those who wait)We are looking forward to this Mr. Gilmour and what ever your going to play will be fine with us, Thank you for coming to the states.
    Mark and Ade Sanders

  4. Good evening Gilmour editor. I got pair of tickets in the first mezz 2nd row. Can’t wait!! I saw The Christmas show there a few years ago and it was great we had like 3rd row. Then back in the 80’s in my highschool days I saw RUSH at Radio City. There is no bad seat there.

    Thanks for touring in the USA. Would Polly consider coming out on the stage for a wave?

  5. What a gorgeous venue! I would have loved to been able to see David playing at RCMH! But, I’m seeing him at the Kodak in LA, which is a beautiful venue as well, so I am SUPER EXCITED! It would be nice if this weren’t the last time EVER to see him, since this is the first time I’ve seen him. Is he done with the recording of this fabulous album yet?
    So who else is on the album? I was one of the people that should be ashamed of themselves for not being a little more imaginitive in the guessing who else was on the album.
    Maybe a Beach Boy next? Probably not.
    Thanks for the gorgeous picture again. Can we expect a ‘Polly’ picture some time soon?

  6. It’s not been mentioned by David’s site or blog, but some there have been some blog comments mentioning perhaps releasing a DVD of this tour, or one concert of the tour. If David cannot travel to every corner of the earth (and trust me, I do understand his position) then this would be the next best thing. Perhaps if David or those close to him would put out word of such plans, that would ease the minds of those not as fortunate as myself.

    And speaking of myself, I will indeed be seeing David and company at Radio City. I’ve even asked my mother to come and she’s almost as excited as I am. This will be my first visit to Radio City despite having been born in NYC, and despite the fact that I live in Philadelphia, which isn’t that far away. I guess I’ve been waiting for that special event. And here it is.

    And just a reminder to David: If you happen to have an old friend who you are becoming reaquainted with who happens to live in Manhattan these days and you want to invite him to join you on stage for a song or two for old time’s sake, we won’t mind. Nope, not one bit.

  7. Dearest Features Ed., darling David and fellow DG fans:

    I’m so excited about getting to see David in NYC at Radio City Music Hall I could PLOTZ. I’ve never been to New York and I’ve never seen David. We’re looking at a possible flat-line situation here – “sorry, she’s dead; DIBS ON HER TICKET!!”

    I’m making the best of my short stay in NYC by visiting MOMA, watching the taping of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, partaking of some bagels & schmeer, and tipping back a Guinness or two — with the help of some fellow bloggers right here as a matter of fact.

    Should be a jolly good time.


  8. Wow….. That is an awesome picture of an awesome theatre!!! I just sent my money order to Deborah and her friend, Laurie, who are selling me their extra tickets for April 5th. Seeing this picture is REALLY making settle in the reality that I’ll be there!!!!

    Thanks to Deborah and Laurie for reaching out to me, a special big thanks to the Feature Editor for allowing our posts that hooked us up, and a very big thanks to David Gilmour years of inspiration and consolation through his music!!! I Can’t Wait!!!

    That said, being from NYC, I’ve had the opportunity to visit Racio City Music Hall a few times, and I’ve sat in diffreent locations each time (including the Mezzanine). It is a beautiful big space with a lot of art-deco through-out. I’ve seen the Christmas Shows a couple of times ad a couple of concerts, most recently the Gypsy Kings last year. It is true: every seat has a good view of the stage, and the acoustics are sharp and clear.

    Don’t let the size fool you, it maybe big, but you still feel relatively close to the stage.

    With regards to the sour grapes hounding for more dates; as someone who almost missed the chance but got lucky, can appreciate the disappoinent. hey, I was in the dumps there for a bit!!

    But as a Dad, I can appreciate wanting to be with your kids. Mr. Gilmour is in his fifth decade of doing his rock-star bit (wow, that doesn’t sound right?), and doing a huge world tour again is an increadible drain that is not exactly conducive to raising a family…. Hey, this tour he’s doing, if the kids are in tow, is a great way for him to have the best of both worlds: stretch the creative/entertainer muscles AND be with your family.

    If I wouldn’t have had the chance for these tickets, I would have understood that and not taken it so personally….I mean give me a break!!!

  9. I live just outside of NYC and have been to Radio City a number of times. Acoustically speaking, it is the premiere venue in the world to hear the quality music of David. The place was designed with acoustics in mind. Although it is a large theater and my seats are in the top mezzanine, I feel lucky to be attending after reading about the ticket situation. Everyone seeing David perform here is in for a real treat.

  10. Radio City — thanks to kind friends who bought me a ticket, I’ll be there on April 4th. Let’s all have a party afterward…whaddya say, Features Editor? I’d like to buy you a drink. You deserve it….

  11. As im not attending any of Davids gigs, i can only say this – im happy and appreciate with what i have ahead, a new David Gilmour album and that to me is the best possible thing i could have wished for of David. I suppose i understand some people getting angry (although not abusive anger, thats just a bit naive), but i guess David could take this as a compliment, i.e it shows just exactly how much David is in demand and how far and wide his music is appreciated still to this day in various countries/cities all over the world.

    By the way keep up the wonderful work on the site, its amazing that ive got myself into a routine, i look forward to the new entry late at night and im getting very excited about the imminent release of the album. Would it be fair to say that this blog will be stopped during Davids tour or will it soldier on? (ps Am i way off the mark thinking that Polly has a big hand in this site and its entries, obviously apart from her great photos her writing and humour seems to be stamped all over it?)


  12. Your candidness is very much appreciated, thanks for taking the time to be so forthcoming. This is a very exiting time musically, to have David Gilmour releasing a new record and touring at all is a musical blessing, and is appreciated by all.

    Thanks for all the effort and information.

  13. It is a wounderfull thing that David is touring and releasing a new Album. Looking forward to it. Been a Floyd/Gilmour fan since the early 70s

  14. I am really hoping and waiting to see if you show the Rosemont Theatre in Chicago. I will be seeing the show there on April 13th and cant wait. I was lucky enough to get tickets the day of the presale. Then on saturday Jan. 14th I went to buy more but wasnt lucky enough. Ebay prices are crazy. People are selling the tickets for double and triple what the face value is. What a crime.

    Anyway, thanks for all the great pics and keep up all the great work. Maybe you can tease us all with another video or music clip? That would be great!! Rock on David!

    Bob Fasano, Chicago,Illinois U.S.A.

  15. Radio City is a beautiful venue. I saw R.E.M. there in the ’80s, twice. They are shows I’ll never forget.

    The scale and form of the theater itself are amazing. The write-up lists one arch, but actually there are several arches, each larger than the one before it. Tney are plated in real gold leaf. And the theater has a working wurlitzer organ with a console that rises up from beneath the stage.

    Even the lobby is breathtaking. If I remember correctly, there’s a rather spectacular fountain with water shooting up from an elephant’s trunk.

    Those who are lucky enough to have tix for David’s New York shows will have two great things to remember: the show itself, and the venue.

  16. I thank David for this tour and new album and apologise for the few.

    David could mount a 150 date world tour and there would still be some who would not be happy.

  17. Hi FEd,

    I’ve missed you — my system was t-ts up for a few days so this evening I’ve enjoyed doing some catching up on your fine photos and information. Love seeing the photos of David and friends in the studio working on the oh-so-much-anticipated album. (Listening to Leonard Cohen as I type away – ‘Closing Time’ – and, yes, I can certainly imagine David covering that song beautifully if he so desired!) I’m also enjoying the photos and details of the various venues — many of them seem to be relatively ‘intimate’ settings that will greatly enhance the whole experience!

    I want to address a couple of issues that have been beaten into the ground ad nauseum, one being the ‘why can’t he do 4 thousand or so cities covering the entire globe’ issue and the ‘Pink Floyd reunion’ issue.

    In the matter of endlessly touring until every last ‘fan’ is satisfied — come on, he’s written the songs, is finishing up recording/producing the new album and gearing up for a tour (while still trying to maintain a family life!), not to mention all the other BS that goes along with that! Personally, it seems like icing on the cake that he’s going to tour at all. The ticket horders that bought up the huge blocks of tickets to the venues are the ones that should be getting all the flack. ‘Instant Karma’ comes around sometimes!

    Now to the ‘when is Pink Floyd going to re-unite and tour again?’ issue. GIVE IT A REST, ALREADY!!! Live 8 was great, a one-time reunion gig for a good cause, but people move on. Remember John Lennon constantly being hounded by everyone that ran into him ‘when are the Beatles gonna get back together?’ I loved Pink Floyd too. But this it David Gilmour’s gig and hopefully he’ll play some parts of the soundtracks of our lives, but (at least for me) it is his most extraordinary string-bending guitar licks (electric or acoustic), moving lyrics, voice and ‘that smile’ I’m looking forward to hearing/seeing! Wrap that all up with the other musicians and singers and put a bow on top! I’m happy.

    Hopefully there will be a DVD made so that those that couldn’t score a ticket will be able to feel the experience.

    Anyway, that’s my pent-up-for-days comment and I’m sticking to it!

    Oh, and maybe some of those ticket-hording whores selling tickets on eBay for huge profits can take some of the ill-gotten funds and save their karma by donating said funds to a good cause (think … Pakistani children walking through snow and ice barefoot?). We can only hope.

    Best to you and yours,

  18. I’ll be seeing David in April at the wonderful Radio City Music Hall!! Can’t wait! I’ve only been there one other time to see Primus. It was by far one of the greatest sounding concert venues I’ve been to. If a loud, strange, quirky and excentric band like Primus can sound beautifly amazing at Radio City, I can only imagine how fantastic David will sound there. Really looking forward to it.

  19. It seems that David has chosen some top notch venues. Hopefully you will profile the Rosemont Theatre soon, for thats where we are going in April. I feel lucky to have tickets and thank the couple that told me about the tour on the 20th of December. If it wasnt for them, I wouldn’t be going either. People should discontinue the rude comments and respect the whole concept of the tour, regardless if they have tickets. Afterall, there may be a DVD. We can hope! I still like the idea of arranging {Out of the Blue} for acoustic. Thanks Cory

  20. I love that this site was created so fans can partake in all of the happenings with the new album and tour. However reading through the entries by the editors of this site, I just get overwhelmed by the sense of arrogance and entitlement that the editors have displayed recently. Honestly, they should be above such behavior. It is not particularly surprising that ther are a bunch of whinny fans that want dave to do a tour in their city but what is surprising is the way these editors handle such predicatble outcries.

    “When is Pulse coming out?” — Sorry we do not know.

    “Anymore tour dates?” — Not that we know of.

    There, that is all is needed, all the extra stuff is classless.

  21. I, for one, think Mr. Gilmour and crew have done a great job at covering the major areas of North America. He is, after all, one person; just like any one of us! Can’t wait for April 13th!

    Is it possible to give us a bit of a teaser on what his set (stage) intentions are? Mr. Gilmour has always created a great atmosphere to absorb his art, his music; whether it is a stadium tour with Pink Floyd, or a more subtle “Chamber-Rock” atmosphere that he had with his last solo-stint.

    This is truly a great site, and has been a fantastic way to keep up to date on the latest developments! I know I speak for many of us when I say, “Thank you for this blog!”

    -Jon, Nebraska

  22. thank you very much for all the great information on this great site, very helpfull indeed.i had a note to add as for your asking not to ask about the pulse dvd. i think it is easy to sit on the other side of this matter but as a fan of pink floyds music its a bit harder to be on this side of the fence , a loyal fan is the one who makes the diffrence in a long runing career i dont argue there talent but without us its just music and with time it seems we are just forgotten and the monetary value of what you produce is what the day is worth and we are secondary to the money. im 36 yrs and never once have i been able to attend a pink floyd or david gilmour show, for one they get sold out too fast, the ticket prices are too high and it seems that with time we the fans get forgotten for what looks to be like the royalties of ones talents and so well desrved, but for once in your life do something right for the fans and make these sites more user friendly and note not everyone owns a computer, some of these fans have to stand out in lines days before the ticket sales because companies like ticket master get bids on tickets and resell for an outrageous price they tax everything, where does it end. i dont believe that in my lifetime i will be able to attend a show thats as close to my heart as this one is for me, for gods sakes i can get a ticket to any 80s rock band concert anytime but to get one that makes a diffrence in ones life is nearly impossible these days who wants to see warrant or dokken do there revival tour at joes pub with 10 people in attedance. how sad is it to stand outside of a venue and see all these record exects that no nothing about the music and walk by with there back stage pass, and how must that make the artist feel that after his show he gets to rub up against a bunch of phonies who know nothing of there music only that they got to meet there cash cow for the moment . sorry for my taking so much of your time but i had to let you know what a true fan feels after years of watching the music industry go to the dumps, and with a slap in the face we know what we are worth as fans ,or as loyal fans of great music, sincerly, miguel.

  23. Thank you Dave and company for making this tour possible, it’s truely a dream come true for a floyd fanatic who was born years too late~! I will be at both of your chicago shows thanks my persistance in checking this site for updates and the privilege of having a low key pre sale avalible via this web site. One question that has always baffled me is why more live shows havent been released? You know as well as I do that there are numerous bootleg shows circulating for free online; so why not create official releases of some of the better recordings and give the record sales to charity? Most of us would be honored to buy these past performances from you rather than feeling as though we are “stealing” them. These shows are very important to folks like me who were to young even to make the most recient floyd tour in ’94.. (I was 14 at the time) Just a thought, in the meantime I will listen to my boots, some of which sound as if they were recorded in the far end of a long metal tube~! God bless..

  24. Let me say it shortly, what more is there to be want? Why complain at all?
    Pink Floyd at Live 8 with David & Roger having a bright smile while playing TOGETHER (DVD), David’s new Album (soon), maybe 2 Albums (should it not be Albae like in museum?) from Roger to come (maybe not March 2006…). The tour of David will be fantastic (I got tickets for Paris in the Olimpia), but, is it not ‘only’ the cherry on the cake? Some food for thought …, à bientot mes amis

  25. Hi, forum members

    Unafortunately, I’ll not be able to go a see Mr. Gilmour to NY or any of the planned shows so I’m afraid I’ll have to wait until a DVD of the tour is released. In the meantime, I wonder if there could be chance to see Live at Hammersmith Odeon released in DVD. In my opinion, it’s a great performance (who doesn’t like Short and Sweet, There’s no Way out of Here or Comfortably Numb versions?) and it well deserves to be re-released in a high-quality format. Besides, from a commercial point of view, I think it could be really excellently sold this year together with Mr. Gilmour new album.

    Looking forward to hearing the new album & shows!


  26. Hello David, Hello Ed, Hello everyone!
    These days I have not time to write and read you…sigh! I’m working hardly…and it drives me crazy!!!
    However, this morning italian newspaper noticed about a Best solo guitar hit realized by The Sun:

    DAVID IS 4°

    GREAT…even if I think he should be 1°!

    This is the list:

    1. Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) “Stairway to heaven”
    2. Eddie Van Halen (Van Halen) “Eruption”
    3. Allen Collins & Gary Rossington (Lynyrd Skynyrd) “Freebird”

    4. DAVID GILMOUR (Pink Floyd) con “Comfortably numb”

    5. Jimi Hendrix “All Along the Watchtower”
    6. Slash (Guns N’Roses) “November Rain”
    7. Kirk Hammett (Metallica) con “One”
    8. Don Felder e Joe Wlash (Eagles) “Hotel California”
    9. Randy Rhoads (Ozzy Osbourne) “Crazy Train”
    10. Eric Clapton (Cream) “Crossroads”.


    Have a great day!


  27. hi Ed/bloggers and in the unlikely event… David

    I’m sorry to hear about all the griping and abuse that has occurred over David’s lack of tickets. Even though I got lucky and am going, I did a quick google on the subject, what I found is exceptionally baffling indeed. If tickets sold out in 1 minute as per the official DG website…and i quote:

    Thanks to the power of computing technology, the remainder of the tickets via TicketMaster for David’s US & Canadian dates were apparently sold within a minute at the weekend and assuming that the original round of tickets also sold in that time…..

    then how on earth has one website got

    159 tickets for 4th april
    141 for the 5th apr
    21 for 9th
    36 for 10th
    152 for 12th
    135 for 13th
    45 for 16th
    ok only 3 for 17th
    130 for 19th
    149 for 20th

    not to mention that they have been on sale for over a week now, so they prolly had many many more…

    this is a perfect example of the fat piggy i mentioned in an earlier post. Can someone please explain how this is possible when tickets sold out in minutes? I can only assume that they were sold to the company before they went on sale to the general public. Perhaps I am wrong and someone can give a reasonable explanation?

    I am unsure if this post will make it to the blog due to its content, so if this happens I may post it on alternate web sites. I’m just guessing like but perhaps things such as this are making people irate and sending nasty messages to the DG blog and website… anyhow enough of that. I do however wholeheartedly agree with the no more shows stance. Hell I’d love him to play in Ireland, but alas I need to get a flight to england to go see him. If there was only 1 concert scheduled in timbuktu (Tombouctou), I’d walk barefoot over broken lightbulbs to get to it! in short… DRY YOUR EYES and rockon!

  28. Me again,

    hmmm, I think I have jumped the gun a little, so i had another look

    that site and others get their tickets from different sources and the brokers may pay more than face value. The brokers take a risk on their investment and they sell the tickets on at a hiked rate, I guess with the current method of ticket sales this kind of thing is unavoidable. Maybe the barcode suggestion or pay on the night are the only workable solutions. If you cannot attend, get a refund and then the tickets go on sale again from the official outlets.

    FYI there are many many other sites selling DG tickets… I only hope those who supplied the tickets to them can sleep in their beds at night…

  29. I’m certain that “David’s” concerts (as well as “PULSE!!!”) will be well worth the wait!!! There are so many fans… and only one David… I’m sure “he” would play every suitable venue in the world “IF” it were at all possible… I’m sure “everyone” will get the chance to enjoy one of “his” shows… someday… Everything in “good” time!!! Fingers crossed!!! ;^) Good show!!! Tally ho!!!

    The “feeling” for today is “More!!!” Enjoy!!! ;^)

  30. I will be at Radio City on April 4th and can’t wait to see David (again). His music has been my life’s soundtrack, bringing back vivid memories of my youth. I’m no longer the young starry eyed teenager who dropped a needle on a spinning disc and heard heartbeats and laughter through the speakers. I’m not the same high school kid who saw The Wall’s live debut in 1980 anymore either… But at least for a few hours in April I will feel like I am.

    Best of luck on the tour old friend, I am looking forward to seeing you again.


  31. Obviously I, a long term David Gilmour fan, would like him to visit my city, but I understand that it’s not possible.

    But that “unavailability” can be easily fixed by David team – a DVD from the tour, with extras like the making of On A Island, tour documentary, etc. And this for the end of the year of 2006 (I wouldn’t like to watch for another PULSE DVD kind of story), if a earlier release date it’s not possible.

    To finish this message I would like to wish David Gilmour a great 2006, a sucessfull CD, a great tour and a great On an Island DVD Tour.

    Best regards from Portugal

  32. It would be an interesting piece of trivia to know just how many concerts David would have to perform to satisfy the demand from his fans to experience his live performance, but unlikely to be calculable. However, are there any plans to produce a live album and DVD of the tour,as that would help satisfy, to some degree, those who were unable to obtain tickets. For the DVD it would be very nice if during the production use could be made of the multi-camera angle feature that allows the viewer to choose from more than one camera angle to view the concert. I am not sure how many different camera angles can be included on a DVD, but I am sure a suitable selection of close-up and distance views could be implemented.

    Thanks for the music and good luck with the tour.


  33. I shall begin this comment by stating that I managed to catch David Gilmour at all 3 shows he played in London during January 2002. Having travelled all the way from Australia to especially see him LIVE, seeing these 3 gigs made this part of my life one of the most fulfilling moments ever!

    It was such wonderful News when I first learnt of David Gilmour producing a solo album. Even better News was that he was embarkiing on a small Live tour for 2006.

    My excitement was so high, I prepared myself quite well to buy tickets, but that is where my excitement ended. No tickets. Could not get through online or on the phone. Very dissapointed. I was really excited again when I found out Glasgow and Manchester were announced, so took necessary sign up procedures ready to Buy again the moment they went on sale. This is where it all turned into a nightmare. I had great seats picked, ready to checkout and pay for, but as I tried to pay, all I got was online error after online error. The seat positions got worse and worse, my sessions timed out and I missed out repeatedly. I was very angry to say the least.

    Thank goodness for Ebay!!! I managed to buy a pair of Presale tickets for the 1st London show at a price of $500. All I hope for now, is that these tickets will be valid for me being the new owner. I am hoping that by posting this message, that I will be contacted by David Gilmour’s management to give me some form of assurance that these tickets will in fact get me into the venue? I am travelling all the way from Australia to see David. It was one thing to miss out on tickets sold through regular channels, it was another to have to pay more than double the face value for tickets, you can imagine how disappointed I will be if I am refused entry after flying all that way, over some ridiculous validity issue.

    As well as Pink Floyd, I am a huge Syd Barrett fan and run a website on which I have even helped promote David’s new album and tour. I hope after arriving in the UK in May, I am actually able to see David LIVE.

    If anyone out there within David’s management can offer me some kind of assurance regarding the validity of my tickets before I pay $2,000 for an Airfare, it would be much appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Dion Johnson

  34. Hi Ed, folks, David :)!

    Remember all the fuss around Milan tickets and TicketOne site that whas selling them…well, it seems that things are a bit on the move now…i’v recieved their mail that sais:

    “Dear Customer,
    We are pleased to inform you that, when your order will be leaving, you will receive an Email in which you will find the express courrier details. The content of this email enables you to contact the courier in order to fix the details of the delivery. We, also, inform you that the shipments will begin on the 6th of February 2006.”

    I went, BLIMEY!…well, at least something for this Gilmour fan (and probably for all those other poor buggers who still didnt recieve a thing from them)

    I dont know if you guys did something that move them or not, but in any case, thank you for listening to us and you’ll get another great thank you after the gig!

    Bran from Hrvatska (that’ll be Croatia lol) 🙂

  35. Damn right! Well said Features Ed!

    It’s actually rather shocking, the cheek of some of the people who’ve posted here. Christ! Ordering David about without an ounce of fucking gratitude. He does not owe you anything. He never has owed you anything. You bought the CDs and DVDs because YOU WANTED them. If anyone is owed anything, I’d say it’s David, because he’s the one who’s fought to get things like ‘Is There Anybody Out There?: The Wall Live 1980-1981’ released. Which I bet was a right headache, because Roger was against a live recording of The Wall being released. David neither needs nor wants the money. He goes to a lot of trouble for us fans, but it seems as though the thanks he gets is outweighed by nagging.

    So lay off.

  36. yeah guys, the ed’s right. stop expecting more and more all the time. get off david’s back and just be glad he’s giving us a new album and tour. no offence to the majority of bloggers who are clearly kind and respectful folk. this is only directed at a few moaners who keep making stupid and boring requests. some of you have got a real nerve to keep on about how he should be visiting this country and that city and how he should be doing more shows in… wherever. this is david’s blog, ffs! he could be reading right now! how dare you nag him. grow up or clear off.

  37. I can’t believe that people are still moaning on here about where David is playing, when is Pulse coming out etc. We’re lucky he’s doing a new album & tour so please let him get on with it!!!
    My Wife has bought me tickets for the 29th May concert at the RAH for my birthday. Luckily, we got priority seats, but the tickets haven’t shown up according to her. Now this means she has either hid them from until my birthday in February (everytime I confront her she wears a stupid grin on her face) or there is a problem. Before I start getting edgy, can anyone enlighten me on the RAH ticket situation? Or should I wait until the 15th February like a good little boy?

    I really love this site.

  38. hey guys, cant wait for the show, im going the first night. someone commented on this the otherday. all i caould get were sort of obstructive view seats on the orch level. has anyone sat here or seen how big the soundboard is?? i know it doesnt matter cause david is the best, but just a little concerned. any comments would be appreciated.

  39. Hello,

    I will be coming to NYC from Baltimore, MD. I have only been to NYC once to see David Letterman.

    I gave my wife the tickets for Christmas, and we are bouncing off the walls already in anticipation of Radio City Music Hall and David.

  40. I am thrilled about seeing David in Toronto…even if it is a day’s drive for us!

    One comment I have about people reselling tickets there have been two concerts where I’ve purchased tickets far below face value (Paul McCartney I paid $100 for TWO $250 seats!)leaving the brokers with a loss. Many times these brokers end up selling them for anything instead of being stuck with them. I do hope that anyone that makes a profit does donate that to their favorite charity.

  41. In regards to Dion’s concerns:

    I’d have to say you have none. Although in the most altruistic sense of ticket selling (and there is none), ticket resell is a huge business and is part and parcel of the nature of the industry. In California for example, there is no limit on resell thereby making it impossible to stop someone from using a legitimately purchased ticket (laws in other states may vary).In a perfect world, we all live happily ever after on a cloud listening to the longest soundtrack of our music eating Bon Bons.

    As much as I understand David’s feelings on the ticket resell issue, I’m surprised how one can think this after surving the robber barrons of the music industry. The ticket brokers have evolved to beyond vulture like status in their avenues of ticket acquisitions. They can now get a bulk with a few moves. So, I guess it’s time to revise the system or let it go.

    I guess, as much I dislike profiteering for something that should be freely enjoyed, one could look at this like there is at least tickets available. Buck up, bust open your piggy bank and shoot the moon baby. David, you and the rest of the boys have come full circle and are now enjoying the accumulated value of all your life’s experience so far. Shit, your alive even. There are many talented musicians and then there are the boys of Floyd who I choose to look at as tour guides that have provided the soundtrack to life and all it’s intricacies and idiocracies. David & Roger have split for good cause and both continue to do the deal. Play on and see you in Oakland.

  42. Anyone know any good bars and clubs in Manchester?

    Anyone want to meet up before the gig?


  43. If DG decides against a DVD of the tour, thus spurning the chance of making a lot of money from us fans would it be considered a…

    Monetry Lapse of Reason?

    …I’ll get my coat…

  44. I will be attending the April 4 show at Radio City Music Hall. Having grown up in New York, I’ve attended several events at Radio City over the years and it is an absolutely fantastic venue with incredible acoustics. I’ve only seen one Rock concert there. Ironically, it was Roger Waters during his Pros and Cons of Hitchiking tour. It was a great show. I remember he opened with Welcome to the Machine with its heavy mechanical rhythms. The sound filled the entire hall and you felt like you were inside the “machine.”

    I also had the privelege of seeing David Gilmour perform live during his About Face tour. He played at the Beacon Theater in NY, which is a small but wonderful venue. I had 12th row center seats for the show and it was amazing. David’s guitar playing was so powerful that it almost overwhelmed the small theater. His big guitar sound will have plenty of room at Radio City.

    I can’t wait! See you on April 4.

    Mike from Connecticut

  45. Hi,

    As I said a few days ago, I will be attending the April 5th show at RCMH. I really lucked out and have gotten a ticket in the 500 section in row DD.

    I live in Western Connecticut so this is not my first trip to Radio City. Every time I have been there I have been in orchestra seats.

    My first show was in 1985 with a seat in the
    10th row was for Roger Waters Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking Tour. I was there the night the show was broadcast over the radio by King Biscuit Flower Hour. I have also see both the Moody Blues and Yes at Radio City. I am looking forward so much to David there. The acoutics are really great there and it is truly a wonderful venue for him.

    The only problem I have ever had there is that the seats are rather narrow so if you are large you might find yourself very cramped. If you have that problem too check with the usher the night of the show and maybe they can switch you to an aisle seat that has more room.

    I am also disabled so now I just get an aisle transfer seat through their disabled services office who are wonderful to deal with. They really go all out to make people with disabilities welcome and comfortable there.

    cheers, sharon

  46. I love Radio City Music Hall! When you walk in to the theatre, you know right away that you are in a magical place. I’ve been there several times for the annual Christmas show, but the April 4th show will be my first concert at that venue. I’m glad it will be David’s first show there too!!

  47. Silly suggestions of songs to sing………

    Anything from the hobbit or the lord of the rings books (preferably the ballid of tom bombadil),

    “Now let the song begin! Let us sing together
    Of sun, stars, moon and mist, rain and cloudy weather,
    Light on the budding leaf, dew on the feather,
    Wind on the open hill, bells on the heather,
    Reeds by the shady pool, lilies on the water:
    Old Tom Bombadil and the River-daughter” 🙂

    Personaly I am hoping for a version of “blues” being that I will be seeing Dave in chicago, but hopes aside I will be thrilled with whatever he decides to play.

  48. I will be in attendance at both shows on the 4th and 5th of April. This venue is incredible! I saw Roger Waters perform there in the 80’s and Eddie Features is correct – there is not a bad seat in the house! (Easy for me to say, I’m in 7th row center…)
    Danger levels indeed………

  49. I am really looking forward to seeing Dave on April 5 at Radio City Music Hall. I first saw Pink Floyd at the meadowlands in 1988 and it was an unbelievable show. I got very lucky with the tickets as I was prepared to buy them online even hitting the last click at 11:59:59. After 8 minutes of getting ” no tickets available for this show” I called the RCMH box office got through the automated attendent on the first try and now I have two tickets in the Orchestra row Q. I am going with one of my best friends from college where we used to play “time” as loud as possible at 1 in the morning in the dorms. The Live 8 show raised the hair on the back of my neck. 20 plus years and as tight as ever.

    A great venue, great artist, all the ingredients for a great show.

  50. RCMH is one of the greatest venues in the world. Growing up in New York, I must have been to that theater to see movies, shows and concerts dozens of times from the 1960s through today. The X-Mas show was always an annual event.

    My fondest memory of the theater happened only a few years ago when I took my younger brother (25 years younger!) to see Yes there, his 1st concert. He is a piano protege, ever since he was a little kid, and being able to take him to this show, especially with the return of Rick Wakeman, made it very special. The highlight of all highlights was Wakeman’s solo that night. Emerging from a hidden panel in the wall, Rick was seated at RCMH’s amazing pipe organ, and gave a solo I’ll never forget.

    Whoever is playing keyboards for David that night, I hope they take the opportunity to work a special moment into the set and take advantage of playing this historical instrument (maybe on Comfortably Numb, if he choses to play that oldie again : ) ???

  51. Getting back to the topic of Radio City Music Hall…

    If you go to their website and click on “Seating” and then “Seating Charts”, you will see a nice interactive seating chart that shows you the view of the stage from your specific seating area.

    I’ll see some of you on the 4th. Hopefully, some of the people on this board can stop their bickering long enough to enjoy the concert.

    Dave, please play your stunning version of “Don’t”.

  52. Hello,
    I have tickets to see David at Radio City on opening night tues. 4th. My wife and I are traveling there from Florida! The day tickets went on sale I just happened to google David Gilmour and I found this website! I waited all of 4 seconds before making the decision to buy the tickets and then another 5 minutes to call my wife and tell her we were going to NY! I am very excited to see him perform and feel very blessed to have the opportunity! Thanks David for sharing your talent with us on this new album and tour!

  53. I think all these ‘5 best’ lists are great and I have too have my favorites. The only thing I want to say to David is ‘you play it – we’ll love it’

  54. Hi DAVID & ED

    keep on this way, it’s great for the hearts, great for the open minds, great for everyone who cares the life, it pushes away the ghosts of faraway enemies and keeps strong enough just like a FAT OLD SUN

    Hi Lucia
    where have you found that news about best solo guitar?

    hum … Set The Controls For The Heart Of The SUN

    take care

  55. Dear FEd, DG et al,

    Got my tickets to see DG at the RAH in London – knowing debenture seat holders always helps 🙂

    If DG wanted to play in a small shed in a certain meadow in Cambridge, I’d be there. If he wanted to play on the Dark Side of the moon, I’d be there.

    Anyone who prefers a large stadium gig to a smaller, accoustically sexier and more intimate venue needs a clue transplant imho! I resolved to never see a large stadium show ever again after seeing Steely Dan play at the Wembley Arena. I love Steely Dan, but musically it was tarnished by horrible bounceback acoustics in there. One of my few opportunities to see Fagen and Becker together, and the venue was the offender. Since then I’ve vowed to avoid all, barring Floyd at Earl’s Court, which is the best of the big venues and a practical solution to literally hundreds of thousands of fans wanting to buy tickets.

    One thought I did have for DG – I love his pedal steel playing, it’s a signature DG thing for me. Would be amazing for DG and a friend to do a ‘duelling pedal steels’ thingy…layered pedals could be incredible. Any thoughts? 🙂


  56. Surely the blog is all about debate! Everybody’s now rushing to David’s defence, quoting his age, its quite funny really! The situation that has transpired over the tickets is/was predictable. Even controlling ticket sales entirely through the website, allowing no bulk ticket purchase would never have stopped people/companies that make a fast buck at others expense. It is a sad reflection of us all & the society we live in. It’s great that David’s doing some dates, it’s great that David’s doing an album, the world would be an even worse place without his contribution.

  57. I second Matt when thanking the Features Editor as well as all the team that work so hard to have this superb site running. It’s so wonderful to have fresh news and teasers of David’s new album and his collaborators.

    Well done guys and thank you!!!

  58. Thanks for posting that list Lucia (seems lists are a fave around these parts!). I bet FEd is really bored with collating stats, but I’d love to know our collective opinions on favourite solos, including DG’s.

    I know I’m biased, but from that list Lucia posted, Comfortably Numb (2nd solo) is easily better than 2 above it – Page’s solo in Stairway is phenomenal! Likewise the 2nd solo in Another Brick pt2 is better than those 2. Don’t get me wrong, I like Van Halen, and technically it’s insane, but just doesn’t have the feel as well. Skynyrd’s Freebird solo again is good, but just not worthy of number 3 in my all-time list.

    But that’s music, eh? No-one can ever agree with published lists. I’d probably put ‘Maggot Brain’ or ‘Peaches en Regalia’ on my list 🙂

    Anyhow, this reminds me of an idea for tunes to Gilmourify (!) – how about a Robin Trower tune, like ‘Bridge of Sighs’?


  59. Hi all,

    I think this site is really cool – a nice attempt by an artist to engage with the “fans”.

    Only comment I want to make is that the UK ticketing was nothing short of a joke, however, I don’t see this as something David G could control – “ummm need a solo for song 3 and must sort out the Royal Albert Hall box office” – , however, his management and the promoter should have done a better job on his behalf – I’d dock their wages.

    Once this is all over can we be assured that the Ed is getting a long break – perhaps paid for out of docked wages?. While I would not wish anyone a rough ride and don’t agree with people being abusive, I have smiled at the messages from Ed trying to keep order. To paraphrase some who’s name fails me, “If you don’t eat your meat you can’t have your pudding, how can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat?!.” Don’t envy you for a moment.

    Many thanks for Live8

  60. I cant wait to see David he is my favorite guitarist ever. I`m 15 years old and this is going to be my first concert and i`m so glad it`s him im going to see.


    I have two tickets for the Royal Albert Hall gig on the 30/05/06 for sale if anyone is interested? I bought them not knowing David was playing at Manchester near where I live so I am selling them at FACE VALUE!!

    I bought them in the pre-sale promotion so will be 2 of the best seats in the house.

    More info/contact here….

  62. Well Said Gem, Alice, & Others:

    These fans sound like something out of a Roger Waters rant/potential concept album!! An “adoring” public with a sick sense of entitlement….

    Hey, wait a minute….let me get my guitar…..

  63. On Saturday, Jan 14, 2006, after getting my tickets for the Rosemont Theater show in Chicago, I had to take a moment for myself because the emotions I felt in getting tickets to see David Gilmour. I never stood in line at Ticketmaster before and I got two of the best seats there. I’ve been a fan of David since hearing The Wall. Seeing his show on April 13 will be the highlight of my life. It’s sad to see what everyone is doing on ebay. They do it for the money and not the art.

  64. I was lucky enough to get 13th row to Davids 2nd show at Radio City. I was also Lucky enough to see David with Pink Floyd at foxboro stadium in 1994 Front row. David is and always will be my greatest musical influence and a idol type person to me. I understand peoples concerns about him not coming close enough to them to see. I however have a 8 hour trip just to see David, and I feel if you really wanted to see him anyone could make it happen. Im looking forward to the album, the tour and anything in the future David or Pink floyd decides to do. Thank you David for doing this Small North American tour. I know you are busy with your family and have done plenty of touring in your life. Best wishes on a succesful album and tour. Lots of people are mentioning a Dvd. It would truly be wonderful if plans are in effect for this. I would like to reccomend a two part Dvd. Maybee the historic Radio City music Hall shows and the Rah shows on the same Dvd. That would be awesome! Well good luck and thanks for all the hard work

  65. I personally cannot wait for this new album and these shows.

    I think its pathetic that tickets were sold out in a few seconds via tm yet these scalpers have tons of great seats. what is up with this? its obviously a bit fishy and someone needs to stand up to these scalpers.

    This “service” is blatently showing what seats are being sold/scalped. It shouldnt be much trouble for those purchases to be traced and ideally have those tickets null and voided for BREAKING THE LAW, then have those seats redistributed with new tickets. If that news got around then people would be much more leary about purchasing from ticket brokers/scalpers/thieves. and maybe then ticket prices would be more realistic because scalpers wont want to risk loosing their whole investment. just a thought I had this afternoon.


  66. To the guy who was having a pop at the features editor: Did you ever stop to wonder what messages we don’t get to see? I can only imagine the kind of crap the editor has to put up with on a daily basis, so I don’t think we should grumble when he/she tries to get their point across, even if certain people take it the wrong way. If people paid attention in the first place, the points wouldn’t need to be repeated in an increasingly blunt manner.

    Anyway, Radio City Music Hall looks like a fine venue, so have a great time everyone lucky enough to get there! Shame I won’t be joining you 🙁

  67. Dear Features Editor!

    “No good deed goes unpunished” – as the saying goes.

    Nothing specific today, but just a general word of thanks you for all do here on this daily blog. The complaing tone of many must beat you up quite a bit (E bay woes, no DG tix, “come to my town or I’ll sell my floyd collection”, etc)

    I’m hopeful that the joy of getting the new album on March 7th, will be followed up by a DVD of this tour, with footage from Abbey Road – as so much photography & video seems to be coming out of there – come fall! Hey, it might even get mastered and released before “Pulse” comes out! 🙂

    That’s my prediction and I’m sticking to it!

    tom from san diego

  68. I was lucky enough to score tickets for the April 5th concert and I will be flying in from Houston for the the show. I am very excited and can’t wait until April.

  69. I was lucky enouph to get 2 tickets to the April 5th show and I am really looking forward to it. I just started listening to Pink Floyd about a year and a half ago and I know have all there studio albums, Echoes, and a few live ones. I haven’t even heard any of Gilmours solo stuff, not because i’m not interested i just haven’t had the time or money to order them but it is now definitly at the top of my to do list. I absolutly love the sound of Davids guitar, i like Pink Floyd so much because every single song has an awesome guitar solo and I’m sure all his solo work sounds just as good. Unlike many people I will be happy with anything David plays.

    I’m a pothead myself and I always wondered if it offends David that so many people consider Pink Floyd “good music to get stoned to”. It definitly is the best music ever to get stoned to and just about every time I smoke, I randomly put 5 Floyd cds in my player then put it on random play(this dosn’t always go to well with my friends but if its my pot they have to live with it). I really do hope it dosn’t offend David.

  70. I’ve waited since 1977 for this!!! Radio City is a great venue- David could play Mary had a Little Lamb and it would still sound great- Can’t wait till April 5th!!!!!!

  71. Hi,
    I really have to say something…First of hall to congratulate everyone that is putting an effort on David Gilmour’s project. Second to say that i’m fortunate enough to go to Le Grand Rex-Paris to see the concert. Has most of the rest i’m a big fan of PF and of course of David – most of all because the man has the feeling to make “uncomplexed music”(if he wants to write and play about love, live and other stuff, let him play. He can´t be stuck for ever to PF and i really understand what he might feel about it. Let’s enjoy now what he has to give to us and let PF put to side for a while. He certainly has not forgot the band but he needs this space – his space.

    See you in Paris at Le Grand Rex David.

  72. I just hope that with all the whining about David not stopping in more cities that David finds doing the tour as fun to play as it will be for us to see. Nobody wants to see a performer get up and “do a job”. We want them to enjoy doing doing the performance… thereby enhancing OUIR experience in the process.

  73. Well, all right! you fixed the blog so it’s easier to tell who posted what. Much better. 😉

    And just as an aside – any chance there’s a baby photo of David lying about you could share with us? I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a pic of him as a youngster.


  74. Dear Features Editor

    After reading your most recent posting I must say that I am truly saddened to know that people would actually give you ( and thereby) David Gilmour a hassle, about tickets or tour cities … or really anything at all. But then again, I can’t begin to imagine the never ending downside of being a very influential and very famous musical legend. I can certainly hazard a guess that having the world’s attention is really pretty awful at times.

    So let me say, thank you Features Editor for your hard hard work, thank you to those who created this wonderful site- it really “feels” like David Gilmour.

    And most of all – thank you David Gilmour for all the great music for so many years.

    I am looking forward to the new work!

    John Covert

  75. Radio City is a great place to see a show. I grew up seeing many a Christmas show. Only rock show I saw there was the Dead in ’80 (row e center). Although I missed out on DG in NYC tixs, I did mange to get a pair of tix to the RAH on May 31. Let me know if you are also going. Enjoy Radio City, the acoustics are wonderful.

  76. This is not a David Gilmour release…
    Oh come on! Pulse may not be a “David Gilmour release” but Gilmour and Pink Floyd goes quite together to me….
    And since there’s absolutelly no way anywhere to get official (not even on the official Pink Floyd website) info on that damn dvd release, we try to get it from here. Which seems to be the best place since it you seem to have direct contact with Mr. Gilmour.
    I mean, come on, the first so called released date that I heard of was like 2 years ago! it simply makes no sense at all to me that a dvd take so long to put out…

    In other words, instead of telling us not to ask for info, why not ask Gilmour to tell us the truth once and for all on the issues that prevent this thing from being released?

    sorry if I sounded rude but I’m just very tired of waiting for it.

    P.S. and I don’t want to hear “the longer we wait the better it’ll be” there’s a limit to waiting! lol

  77. How would you do it? Agreed, we all want to go to the concert (anywhere), but its fact that only a small percentage will be lucky enough to go. Yes, the current system sucks, but if you could decide, how would you sell them? Would David like to read everyone’s essay of 10,000 words or less on why they should be able to purchase tickets? I doubt it. Although changing the system must start somewhere. How about donations of time and effort towards a worthy cause, the more you give the better your chances of being allowed to buy a ticket. Doing something to earn the right to see Mr. Gilmour should be considered aside from the easily paid dollar value of today’s tickets. I know many of you are truly giving and I am glad you were able to purchase your tickets. Luck and money should not determine who is allowed to purchase. But maybe one day it will change. I’m one of the unlucky who took longer than the cyberspace minute…now I have to look for another birthday present for my husband. It’s ok that he took longer than a minute!

    I would be interested in how Mr. & Mrs. Gilmour would sell the tickets, Ok, I would be interested in your opinion too! 🙂

  78. Mr. Gilmour,Thanks to the power of your wonderful music. Tank you for show me how to fell play good music… And Please come to Brazil!!!!

    I love your job….i love your songs!


  79. My wife and I will be attendance at RCMH on April 5th. This will be my first time seeing David in concert since 1977 when he played down the road at MSG. I’m really looking forward to this reunion.

  80. Taking into consideration that david wants to spend time with his family and stuff but can he please please come and do a show in austraila (sydney )in the near future. David Gilmour rocks so much so it would be so cool if he could come to australia im a huge fan and i know tonnes of people that would come to see it

  81. To ERCKEN:
    I found the news about best solo guitar in an italian music magazine …and it says that the list was realized by The Sun Online…the British newspaper…I suppose!
    Do you think it is false?
    However, it wouldn’t be a problem, becuase is not important what newspaper and magazine say!
    Hear you soon!
    Bye Ercken!


  82. Moreover I read that Pink Flooyd have been named the world’s greatest rock act of all time in a poll carried out by digital radio station Planet Rock,
    But it was a very strange poll!

    1. Pink Floyd
    2. Led Zeppelin
    3. The Rolling Stones
    4. The Who
    5. AC/DC
    6. U2
    7. Guns N’ Roses
    8. Nirvana
    9. Bon Jovi
    10. Jimi Hendrix

    Ok! Pink Floyd are the best, I agree……but where are Radiohead?!!!

    Bye bye


  83. they deserve to be right up there. thanks for sharing it with us, lucia! 🙂

    bon jovi?! nirvana?!

  84. I got tix to the 4/4 show in NY at the pre-sale online. Driving 6 hours Rochester to see Dave. I was so excited that I was waiting so anxiously for the presale to start and jumped right on immediately and got tix. Can’t wait!

    And this blog is just great!!!!!

  85. i unfortunately missed out on tickets to see david at the secc in glasgow but i was lucky enough to see him and the rest of pf in rotterdam about 10 years ago. to everyone who aint seen him live, take it all in. it’ll be a night you’ll never forget.

    steve, aberdeen, scotland

  86. I think that one of the biggest challanges a famous musician faces is that there is never enough time available to satisfy all of the fans and also have a life of your own. For David to even have the desire to make another recording and go out on tour when he could very easily have just retired after his 2002 appearances, I believe, is a gift to his fans. That he would be willing to take the time and energy at this point in his life, when he really doesn’t have to anymore, is a testimony to his love of the music that he so skillfully makes. After reading some of the comments posted here, I can say that the song “What Do You Want From Me” from “The Division Bell” would be appropiate.
    I don’t have the means to be able to see him in concert, even if the tickets were still available, but I’m very much looking forward to the release of the new album and I hope that a DVD will be available from the upcoming tour. That’s my best chance to see David in concert. I very much enjoyed the DVD “David Gilmour In Concert”
    Thank you David for still making your music and thank you for this new website. Thomas
    PS, I still watch “The Delicate Sound of Thunder” every now and then, Great video!

  87. “1. Pink Floyd
    2. Led Zeppelin
    3. The Rolling Stones
    4. The Who
    5. AC/DC
    6. U2
    7. Guns N’ Roses
    8. Nirvana
    9. Bon Jovi
    10. Jimi Hendrix”

    What kind of drugs are you on putting Bon Jovi, Nirvana, and GnR ahead of Jimi Hendrix. This is I can’t find any explanation for. Even as big a floyd fan as I am, I even might put Hendrix at #1 because of his major influence throughout the rock industry. Nirvana is probably the most OVERRATED band in history.

  88. A friend and I are flying to New York to see Mr. Gilmour and his band. We were lucky enough to get tickets for both shows. We have never been to Radio City Music Hall, but hear positive things in regards to the acoustics and sight lines. From it’s website, it appears to be a beautiful building.

  89. I don’t know what people are complaining about regarding tickets selling too quickly. I think if you’re an up and up fan, you would’ve known about the presale. I bought my tickets the day of the sale; I also continued to check it throughout the following week and they weren’t sold out.

    I live check to check, barely enough to get by. Neither that, nor the 7 hour trip to NYC will stop me from finally getting to see David live.

  90. TonyK (posted 18th Jan) Me and a couple of mates were thinking of spending an afternoon perusing some of the many fine pubs and bars in Manchester before the DG show, you, and anyone else interested (and yes that does include the great man himself, Dave I’ll even buy you a pint!)are more than welcome to join us. Cheers!

  91. You people should be grateful that Dave is still putting out music and wants to tour. I got shut out of the Radio City show, but it’s not the end of the world. I’m just psyched he is still playing and being creative. Also, a lot of these venues release tickets as the show date comes up.

  92. I saw Dave play many years ago at the Tower Theatre in Philadelphia and it was the second best show I had seen in my many concert experiences. (Second only to “The Wall” in New York in 1980)I couldn’t believe it when I heard he was going to release new music and tour. I am one of the very fortunate to get tickets to the Radio City show and am looking forward to sharing the Gilmour experience with my 17 year old son who is a musician in his own right. I have already told him he was in for the thrill of his life!!

  93. I have tickets to Radio City, and I have to say that I feel like I won the lottery. I have seen some pretty awesome concerts in my day, but I have never in my life looked forward to any show as much as I look forward to this show. I know that many out there wish for different tunes to be played, but for me, whatever David chooses to play will be fine by me. Listening to David play for me, is like that first taste of wine after a trip accross a desert. It is a milestone in my life, and I am going to enjoy every minute of it.

  94. I have seen a few concerts at Radio City. Including Roger Waters. Let me just say, as far as sound goes there is no better venue. This place is built for sound and music. I will be there in April and I cannot wait. To all David Gilmour fans who will be in attendence. You are in for a real treat! See you there.

  95. First off…Thanks so much Dave and Co. for an excellent site that allows your fans to be connected and a part of the upcoming tour. The site is an admirable endeavor and much appreciated.

    The hubby and I will be at the opening night show at Radio City! It will be my first time there. We’ll be trekking up there from No. Virginia to be way up there in the 1st row on the 1st Mezz…but ever so grateful to be there at all. I can’t wait to relive the thrill and experience of seeing Dave play live again. Thanks in advance Dave, we’ve been waiting patiently for your return to the U.S.!

    Just to throw my two cents into the suggestion/request box. I too hope that there will be a DVD of the tour. Also, I hope Dave will look into providing sound-board recordings of each show in either mp3 format or CD (or both!). I’ve really enjoyed these recordings being made available by many bands I’ve seen the past few years. It’s always nice to be able to pop in a CD and relive a memorable performance over and over, anytime you like.

    Cheers to you others going on the 4th! We’ll see ya there for show!

  96. hello

    I am a heart broken to learn that David Gilmour dont care for his peasant fans that cnnot buy a prci tickents. I love him and Pink floyd since I was 11 years old and this is the last chance for me to see him. Ho well…… maybe in the next life.

    love U Dave,
    elana bines ny.

  97. Can hardly wait to get my hands on “On An Island”. Have been a fan of David’s since you transformed Pink FLoyd with Dark Side. A bit dissapointed that I will not be able to see him in this upcoming tour. I wish you well and do hope that someday there will also be another Pink Floyd release(with or without Roger). It is great that you are still creating and enjoying music with such passion. So many fans, so little time…

  98. Radio City is an excellent hall, and a perfect venue to see and hear one of the best musicians (and his wonderful band) this planet has to offer. I am grateful for this new album, and the tour. Thank you David. And, if there is a DVD of one or more of the shows, I will be happy for that as well.

  99. Don’t have a ticket yet but still hope i can find one some way or some how but im am still happy to know there is a new album to come.

    Have a good time at the shows. Wish i could be there.

  100. Hi folks

    so I am from near Toronto and managed to get some tickets for one of the shows at Massey Hall – I WAS going to attend the 2 shows at Radio City but I cannot afford the trip now. So I have 2 pairs of tickets for sale at face value (2 for each night) – all I ask is these go to a fan – not a slimeball ticket scalper. I assume/hope everyone who reads this on this page is a fan. The seats are up pretty high in the 3rd Mezz and in the corner sections but the price is also the lowest pricing level and include the TM service charges etc. etc.

    For April 4/06 3RDMZ6, Row F ($160 US for pair)

    For April 5/06 3RDMZ1, Row BB ($160 US for pair)

    Please post here if you are interested and all I ask is that you cover the mailing/courier costs as well.


  101. I can not even begin to tell you how excited I am to go see David Gilmour. He has been such an inspiration to me musically, as well as mentally. I will be travelling all the way from San Antonio, Tx.,(go SPURS go) to NYC for the 4/4 show. I am using all of my savings for this show. Anybody know of a good cheap hotel in New york. Everything is so expensive, please email @ I was suppose to go see the pulse tour in may of 94 but my idiot girlfriend at the time took her sister due to a disagreement that day. I have been pissed ever since. Now, I ahve to travel across the country, to see this show. I have always told my wife, as long as its in the usa, I will go for David!!! So, getting more excited by the day, I patiently wait for the expereince of a lifetime. David, if you are reading this… please let me meet you. I have so many questions. Has everyone checked out the band lineup? This show is going to be so awesome!!! Thanks for coming to the u.s. David.

  102. The last time I was at RCMH was when I was 9, now I’m 54 and still remember the excitement of Christmas there. The magical atmosphere will only enhance David’s show presentation. What’s most interesting to me is how David’s music has meant different things to me at different decades of my life. Even now I re-listen to his older music and realize how far ahead of his time he was. My wife and I will be attending the 4/4 concert. We’ve decided to splurge for 2nd row seats and forego Christmas presents to each other.

  103. i was at the April 4th show David Gilmour i was very disapointed with the Radio City stage staff. They kept all the picks, sticks, and play lists for them selfs! ….they will probly just put them on ebay or find some way to make money off them. when they could have gone to loyal fans who paid $300.00+ for a ticket!

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