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Your criticism is always good to read, but thanks very much for the support yesterday. It’s nice to see that so many fans are content with what David is giving, instead of asking for more.

The truth is, even after all that’s been said, there were still at least a dozen requests for David to play in Brazil, to do an extra show in Canada, to spend a whole week in each US location instead of a day or two, to hurry up with the ‘PULSE’ DVD (and to release a handful of other things on DVD, too)… This is after all the explanations and all the polite acknowledgements on our behalf.

That doesn’t include what comes in via the FAQs page, either. If you could see the requests for everything ranging from free tickets to free guitars, then perhaps some of you would understand how tiresome it gets knowing that many of you clearly don’t pay any attention to what we are trying to do here.

Which is to keep you informed about David’s new album and tour.

No offence, guys, but if you keep sending in the same old tired requests (even after being told numerous times that it’s a waste of your time, because such comments will not be posted anymore), then we will keep asking you not to waste our time.

With so many interesting, moving and genuinely useful messages (I’m thinking particularly of the fan response to our ‘Theatre of the Day’ features), I’m sure that the majority of fans who read the daily blog would prefer not to see "DAVE! COME TO BRAZIL!" all the time. After all, these comments contribute nothing.

And if we simply said "Sorry, don’t know" in response to your questions, then I’m sure some of you would say that that’s not good enough.

Anyway, the comments are still a joy to read, so please keep them coming in. We don’t mind criticism. In fact, I quite like it and post examples of it often, such as the one about how David’s manager should have his wages docked for messing up the ticket sales. (Honestly, that was his opinion, not mine…)

But in return, you have to be prepared for the tedious repetition on our part, because it’s clearly necessary.

We are hopeful that by declaring that a) we don’t know when ‘PULSE’ is coming out on DVD (David’s management and Pink Floyd’s management are two different entities), and b) we don’t wish for any more boring, pleading messages (the answer is almost always a curt "No"), the message will sink in one of these days. We don’t want to have to cut you into little pieces, after all.

To all those who have commented on the price of tickets and questioned the value-for-money aspect of the tour (quite fairly, you’ll notice that we haven’t deleted any of these posts)…

We don’t wish to reveal too much about the concerts at this point in time. We will say, however, that there is going to be no support act. The show will consist of David and his band only and will be in two halves. Hope that’s of interest to you.

Now, how about making us laugh? After all the fuss over tickets, we could do with a laugh and I’m sure you could, too.

So how about writing a short poem (which doesn’t have to rhyme, by the way) that mentions the phrase ‘On An Island’? What does that phrase make you think of? This is just to see what images enter your head upon thinking of that simple sentence.

Go on, let your creative juices flow.

You’ve asked us what David’s new album is about, who’s on it and if it’s a concept album or not. Well, we’d like to know what that title conjures up in your heads. So give us imagery, give us metaphors, give us similes and all the other stuff you were taught about in English lessons. But above all, give us laugh. Please?

Keep your messages of disapproval and defence coming in. We love them really.

P.S. For your information, the Features Editor is not Polly, but I thank you for the fine compliment!

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. hear hear. no more nagging from now on. give david a break. what he’s doing for us is already fantastic so don’t go looking for more on top. he must wonder why he even bothers when so many fans moan. btw, great pic today. i’ll think of my poem this afternoon and post it when i get home from work. i’m not very good at poems though! i’d better get my thinking cap on.

  2. I understand everything and I think that you’re right. Please people, enjoy yourself with everything about “On An Island” and don’ worry about anything else. Pulse DVD will be out and we just have to wait.

    Good Luck Gilmour

  3. I don’t actually understand. A belgian well-known and respected online-store has the pulse-dvd for sale since 16/1 and you say that it’s not available yet…

    Can you at least confirm that it is actually going to release in the next months?

  4. I’m stranded on an Island,
    with hoards of naked women.
    I’m stranded on an Island,
    with an endless supply of Peroni, Guinness, London Pride etc,
    I’m stranded on an island,
    with the Worlds best Indian Chef,
    I’m stranded on an Island,
    with the entire Floyd related back catologue & HI-FI system to cope.
    How I wish I was stranded on an island.

  5. btw, i’m glad there’s no support act on this tour. the more we get to see of david, the better! he’s the one we want to see. it doesn’t even matter who’s in his band to me. which reminds me… i also think there are far too many requests for roger waters and rick wright on this blog. it’s david’s show, not a pink floyd reunion. and what about nick mason? don’t you want to see him as well?

  6. Thanks for the informative and entertaining reports on the progress of David’s upcoming album and tour. I have comments on several topics.

    First of all, I am grateful that David is releasing new music and I am thrilled to have obtained tickets to see him in New York and Chicago. I saw Oasis and The Black Crowes at Radio City Music Hall in 2001 and it is truly one of the world’s great concert venues, with superb acoustics and unfettered sightlines. David will do doubt do the legendary hall justice with his shows in April.

    With all the talk about the sale of tickets on Ebay, I am curious whether David has considered releasing one or all of the upcoming concerts using a pay-to-download service. Many of you have surely experienced the joy of getting a high-quality soundboard recording of a concert you were at (for me, three of the songs on the PULSE CD were recorded during nights I was at Earls Court in ’94); wouldn’t it be great if David did something like that for his fans during this tour. A number of bands, including Phish and String Cheese Incident make their shows available for download ($10 MP3, $13 lossless SHN or FLAC) within days of the performance, and they are also making key archived shows available as well. Even Mark Knopfler did it on his recent tour! So come on David, throw us a bone – I bet you’ll even make some money on the deal!!

    Finally, here are five Gilmour songs I’d love to see and hear David perform this spring – and hopefully download later…

    1. You Know I’m Right
    2. Fat Old Sun (with electric solo)
    3. Poles Apart
    4. Near The End
    5. Mihalis

    Thanks for your time and attention – John Oreovicz, Indianapolis

  7. Dear F. Ed,

    As you know I have posted several times here and thoroughly enjoy this blog. I think you are doing a great job. With that in mind, I do have to say I think it is a pity that you have to continue to hammer on some of the people who are making (repeatedly) unrealistic requests. I dont know, of course, what the balance is between nice, interesting posts and what you refer at as ‘same old tired requests’ but I’m afraid that is the reverse side of the coin. I’m wondering if your approach works… Personally I don’t mind (and I understand) you pleading for people to stop but it does have a small negative quality for the goodwilling, interested people reading this blog…

    As for your question, I have been playing with that in my mind… Here are some (unfounded) thoughts: ‘On an island’… First I imagined it as a paradise, perhaps something utopian… Problem is, islands can also be interpreted as lonely places, with a sense of alienation (perhaps something like that wall concept)… It could be a personal mental place, a niche to hide or heal from daily life/pressures… If the statement in preisners interview is correct on an island is Polly’s and Davids reflection on true value and family (which is perhaps thesame thing?), perhaps that is their personal (moral) island, shut off from the hectic world? In that sense it could also be physical place, perhaps David’s farm?

    I dont know, i’m just speculating. If Preisner was right im very interested in Polly and Davids interpretations, and of course the music accompanying it…

    Once again my thanks to you Ed for this great blog and to David for enriching the musical world with your guitar once again…



  8. There was an old man named Joe Nyland
    Who wanted to see live “On An Island”
    But he yelled and he cussed
    And he bitched and he fussed
    Cause David won’t play in Antarctic Highland

  9. Dear Features Ed,

    That you’re not Polly is a real shame,
    We wanted a Features Editor with some fame.

    And please don’t mind all those annoying requests,
    But still, Can’t David come to brazil?
    It could be a really nice quest.

    “Write a poem”, asked you,
    But did you really think it through?
    Do you want to be flooded with requests,
    about david performing those poems on his quest?

    I’m approaching the end and unfortunately,
    I didn’t include “On an Island” in my little poem.
    But now that i’m thinking of it, actually,
    I did include it hmm.. hmm..

    (Ok, the last part didn’t really rhym.. 😉

  10. Well, alot of people think they deserve to be entertained and it’s owed to them.

    I saw David in 1984 w/About Face Tour, PF in ’87, ’88, and ’94. I am just happy to have these opportunities. NYC, here I come.

    Island Haiku:

    Sea is all around
    Too far, my mind has wandered
    On an island, now

  11. Where I make my home.

    Surrounded by water,
    One way on, one way off.
    Surrounded by water,
    Waves crash against the shore.
    Surrounded by water,
    Alone at night.
    Surrounded by water,
    Stars twinkle at night.
    Surrounded by water,
    Six miles at sea.
    Surrounded by water,
    Where I make my home.
    I live on an Island,
    Just me and the sea.

    I live on Long Beach Island, NJ. I’m going to the 2 NYC shows and Can’t wait. I came to LIVE 8 to see the boy’s play and it was so great.

  12. my first ever haiku no less!

    Sit on an Island
    Away in a dream world blue
    Waves and sun soothe me.

  13. Hi David, Hi Ed!

    Ok! No more questions about extra date, Pulse Dvd and so on…

    …but would Ed and David like to eat some pizza/pasta with me and my friends after the show in Rome or not?
    Hey! I’m joking! Infact, if you prefer, don’t post this last sentence in the blog!

    However, I agree with you…no more useless questions…I understand the disappoint of the people who will not be able to see David…but if Ed can’t do something for them, would be useless continuing to ask him this!
    We should speak about David, speak about Pink Floyd, speak about our music preferences and enjoy answering Ed questions!

    Ask us to write a short poem that mentions the phrase ‘On An Island’ is a very funny idea! Unfortunatly, I have a lot of difficult with english language….but this night I try to write something about!

    David picture of today is very strange…it let me think about Chips tv serial and Poncharello! Could you remember?



  14. Why on island!!
    Please David con to my land.

    Where? surely in my house near rome…

    for a day or two
    where the food is good
    the hospitality is great
    the friendship is true.

    You can drink good wine
    that it is also mine
    We grow with our hand
    olives in the land.

    Where? surely in my house near rome…
    You will feel at HOME!!!!

    If you want, Fed will give you my mail to David(obviously all his family is invited!!!!)

    Sorry for my english!!!

  15. Alone on an island with a collection of favorite tunes.
    Meddle, Wish You Were Here and Dark Side of the Moon.
    Enjoying the music, clear water and blue skies.
    Hey, is that the Astoria floating by?

    Mike from Connecticut

  16. Ok…the album is about UK isolation from the rest of the world and about hard life on an isolated island…basicly, Dave wants something more then La Manche tunnel. He wants to merge Brits with the rest of the Europe.
    Now…i know that “Smile” will be on that album…and i think that this particular song will be at the very end of the album, couse by the end David found a brilliant way to merge Europe and UK.
    LOL 🙂 …sorry…i got carried away a bit…hope you dont mind…i’m from Croatia and we’re all occupied with this pre-Europe stuff.

    About all these requests…David play this or that…COME ON FOLKS!!!
    The important thing is that HE’LL PLAY!!!


  17. This is my third posting…and my third posting to a blog ever. This is too cool — thanks for making it available — the daily updates and the “straight from the horse’s mouth” information!!

    I’m very intriged by the “On an Island” — the first thing that came to mind was isolation. But that doesn’t seem to be David’s thing — more Roger’s issue.

    So in absence of anything better, maybe this album is a kin to the great US TV show “Lost” about a bunch of characters on an island. It’s a stretch, but aside from from a Hawaiian-shirted guy drinking from a cocunut on a hammock, it’s the best I could do.

    Thanks for the blog, the information, pictures, etc!!

  18. This is was just the best I could to with short of time, no dictonary and less knowledge in English and tastless including a bad wordplay… Enjoy:

    “One single man
    His dreams, his thoughts, his memories
    Arrived to the end of the endless river
    Staring straight over the ocean of pasts
    This single man caught by public demand
    The urge for more to come
    Gets him left on an island
    With waters under his feets”

    “One single man
    His believes, his errors and faults
    Passing over of a sudden strait with unknown direction
    This single man caught by a sea of wantings
    The urge for more to come
    Gets him left on an island
    And right under his feets”

    “One single man,
    His harbouring, his creative joy and fears
    Crossing the fastmoving channel that absorbs life and time
    This single man raising a cry to the moon
    The urge for freedom from past
    Still holds him on an island
    In a maze on tired feets”

  19. Well said, FE – I think some people should remember that David doesn’t need to release an album, doesn’t need to tour, and is very much a family man (anyone with children knows how much time they take up, but also how precious those childhood years are to parents). My heart goes out to those who’ve not been able to get tickets, or live in places where David isn’t playing, but you never know – if he records another album and tours with that, he might take in some of the places left off this time (that is, if the people who live there don’t send abusive posts!)

    And as for the unprecidented amount of discussion, info and great “behind the scenes” pictures of the recording sessions and rehearsals, we should all count ourselves very lucky indeed! Not many artists would permit such stuff…

    To mangle a well-known advertising campaign: “With this blog you are spoiling us, Ambassador!”

    Not much of a poet, but will try and come up with a suitable limerick…

  20. when you decide to live on a island
    and happen to think of me
    send me a coconut

    Now could dave come over to my house, hold my hand and offer me emotional support? (;

  21. Well…an interesting proposition indeed. Lets say it goes something like this.

    Titled: The Journey

    Once i looked back in time I found “I was in the kitchen” without provacation the next thing I knew an unintentional… thrust pushed me further as i stayed the course and found that insatiable need of “I’ll see you on the dark side of moon”… as i cratored my way inward the need of my own being to reach deeper was partially satisfied only in my need to find “I wish you were here” … realizing that… the 6th sense of understanding… can be so engaging… I thought….”There’s no way out of here”, …as I transcented in my my forward gaze of unfounded personal freedom,… within a world… growing in professional excess, i heeded the next step finding the needto continue the escape, in one of “comfortbly numb”… as the journey has progressed I looked…UP…only to find myself.. “On the turnig away” …and now to the comfort and solidute of “On an island” a welcome stop and mindful of my days when “I was in the kitchen”…the journey continues!!!

    Ps. If my 6th sense s right ..this will be a classic moment for David and his genious and musical abilitites….

  22. unfortunatly as i dont work an am unemployed and i am a one parent father the cost was out of my reach also i dont own a credit card and that was the only way i could pay i could not get tickets this is not a complaint, yes i am very disapointed but can you pass this message on to thank dave gilmour for releasing more of his fabulous material, i cant wait, i hope all the concerts go well as i know they will, even though i could not get tickets i so apreciate him recording again, im not going to ask about pulse or when PF will reform im not bothered as long as i can look forward to some new material from Mr Gilmour, all of you who are lucky enough to get tickets, be grateful, and the rest get of DG’s BACK, give him all my best hes awsome, my girls who are 7 and 9 are now firm fans of daves, they where wanting to see him but thats my fault i have given them the dave gilmour bug bye for now,how i wish i was there….he is just awesome maybe next time..

  23. I agree…let it go. If Mr. Gilmour’s plans are set, let them be.

    I thought about the FEs request for a poem. I thought about the album and what’s been going on with this blog and Mr. Gilmour’s reaction. It’s really for kicks, honest.

    On an island…

    alone, but not lonely
    time is not only
    my trusted friend
    as a means to an end

    On an island…

    trapped by whining fans
    pulling at my hands
    travelling to distant lands
    What are my precise plans?

    On an island…

    There’s a floating log
    that can take me away
    from this unending weblog
    just for a single day.

    Terry H
    NY, NY

  24. Trying to help.

    Is there a way for you to add a subject line or something that will help you sift through the added dates or pulse requests?

    Your contributions are appreciated.

  25. look man, if you’re going to run a blog on current news regarding David Gilmour, you better be prepared to receive a lot of strange requests. Every day I come to this blog and I read a new comment from the “blogmaster” complaining about all the dedicated fans, and how they all want a chance to experience DG’s music in one way or another.

    Just live with it! Maybe respond with standard replies to ticket, performance, Pulse, or equipment related questions, and stop bitching to the rest of us.

    We know holy Dave is “giving so much” – actually, Gilmour has done what in the past ten years? Two PF albums in twenty years, and two solo albums in twenty-five? Of course people want him to play everywhere!

    I mean playing a couple shows in two American cities is supposed to satisfy his legion of fans? Of course you’re going to get crazy requests. Just deal with it like a professional instead of whining.

  26. Have some respect folks! It’s almost embarrassing to think that people write in wanting free stuff? What the hell is that about? I just appreciate the fact that this blog exists! It’s a nice gesture for David to make this available to his fans, so quit whining and don’t ruin it!

  27. On an island in the middle of the sea
    With me beloved and the music of Gilmour as the key
    The key to a life with love, respect and joy
    Thanks for coming to the Heineken Music Hall (Amsterdam) and not to Ahoy (Rotterdam) 😉

  28. I just got my tickets in my hot little hand and am looking forward to seeing the Paramount Theatre in Oakland on “Theatre of the Day”, being that I’ve never been there. Here’s my poem of the day:

    Hurry, hurry, hurry; add a little more.
    If you’ve got time to sit for a moment then you need some more chores.

    What’s life all about, what am I suppose to be?
    Hell if I know I’m too f*%kin busy!

    What I wouldn’t give to be on an island in the sun.
    Away from the rush, no more being hushed.
    Just the sound of the wind and my guitar.

  29. People moan and have a whinge
    about why not, why there and not here.
    But why not spare a thought for the man himself and the wife he holds so dear!
    He has a life, we know that now
    outside music and touring and such.
    He used to own several planes and things.
    Not that he had time to fly them that much!
    So let us praise the chap and the music he plays
    and thank him for his album and tour
    And only secretly think to ourselves:
    Why won’t the Floyd tour anymore.

    God, know wonder I failed English O level ( showing my age now!!!! Just wanted to say We’re looking forward to May and his date in Manch ( thanks for the advance Tix!)

  30. Looking at the hope and dreams of all that follow and listen to the musical Maestro. I ponder looking out over my boat, how people can ask for more when I have been given so much. One more chance to visit a place very few have been. A unforeseen reunion, they want more. Another album they want more. Cross Continental Tour dates, they want more. Set Lists, they want more. It’s for the love of music is why I listen to you play, and for the love of family I must say this is all there is. Written in the music is the happiness you seek, as for my happiness you do not know, but I must thank you for all of your shows.

    On an island is why we are all here. Talking and asking for things we think we need. Requesting and demanding because that’s what we do. But being on an island, alone, not to see the music, but to hear it and experience it is all I could ask from you now.

    Thank you David.

  31. I agree!! I am glad that he is touring at all! I live in Houston, and instead of griping, I bought tickets to see him in Chicago! If you want to see him bad enough – buy a ticket and travel! I do hope they will film the shows for a DVD though!

  32. You asked for a poem:

    Fender, Paul, Martin, Dave
    Sand and palm tree serenade
    Darkness falls
    The lights come up
    Pink and “Blue Light” everywhere
    “There’s No Way Out of Here”
    “On an Island” we all sit
    I can’t believe I wrote this sh**

  33. It was really such a great idea creating this blog to keep us all busy until the tour – I look forward to checking it everyday!

    Although unfortunate that so many are using these forums for innapropriate requests/questions – it is also a testament to David’s far-reaching influence and fan base. There is a lot of excitement in the air over this new album and tour, lets be thankful of what we are getting. I’m still thrilled at the fact that there are US/Canadian dates at all!

    I will be at the Oakland show on the 16th, flying 2000miles to see David. Also saw him at Live8 – couldn’t pass up a second chance!

    I’ll leave the poems to the pros…

  34. “We don’t wish to reveal too much about the concerts at this point in time. We will say, however, that there is going to be no support act. The show will consist of David and his band only and will be in two halves. Hope that’s of interest to you.”

    Ooooh how exciting! Thanks F.Ed!

  35. Hello poets!

    No words that have rhyme with Island come to mind!
    If the album called “…sky”, I would have “like”, “fly”, “cry”…but with Island I know just Ireland and Iceland!
    I can’t realize a beautiful poem with this only 2 words!!!
    Ok! I try without rhyme…or coudl someone suggest me some words wich have rhyme with “island”!
    Please! I’m just a poor italian language girl!

    Good luck everyone with their poems!


  36. “P.S. For your information, the Features Editor is not Polly, but I thank you for the fine compliment!”

    That’s just what we’d expect Polly to say! *twirls moustache*

    Why do people think it’s Polly, anyway? On the off chance you are reading this Polly, I admire (well, covet) your dresses! Very nice indeed ma’am.

  37. right, then. here’s something for a laugh:

    I was stranded On an Island
    And so I started talking to God
    And I said,
    What’s a million dollars to you?”
    And God said,
    “That’s a second.”

    And I said,
    What’s a million dollars to you?”
    And God said,
    “That’s a penny.”

    And I said,
    Could I have a nickel?”

    And God said,
    “In a minute.”

  38. On an Island
    two by two
    water flowing
    trees dancing
    music in the air
    wait, it’s David Gilmour
    playing with much flair

    Can you hear him?
    playing and laughing about
    knowing that
    there’s no way out!

  39. No-one can match David’s style on guitar.
    lap-top steel, lead by far.
    In the Floyd band he’s the shining star.
    And loyal fans is what we are.

    Face it, I’m a lousy poet.

  40. On an Island there is a light, which beacons our souls to take their flight
    Across the sea to lands unspoiled, behind us lakes began to boil
    Home, to home our blind eyes lead us
    Where spirits undieing to their hearts they heed us
    Be calm, be still, and relinquish youre will
    and of the forces of light, you shall have youre fill.
    Blind on an Island so fair and true, you shall see me and I shall see you.

    Just a little five minute poem I came up with…
    It may not make you laugh (unless you usualy laugh at bad poems…), but it may just make you smile~!

    Much love to David for making my wildest dreams come true by finaly touring~! These words are coming from someone who may not be here right now if not for the constant inspiration and encouragement of the music you helped in large part to create. Your music is akin to the hearts of those who suffer in this life and it never fails to bring hope through suffering, or pleasure through pain. If ever I fear death, or my days on this earth seem too long to bare; I think of the reward at the end of the road that awaits us all. There we shall all indeed meet and sing a song mightier than all the songs of old. God bless.

  41. I’m 30 years old and I’ve been very grateful to have seen Pink Floyd three times in 1994, including the Detroit/Pontiac Silverdome concert, where they performed Dark Side Of The Moon for the first time since Knebworth 1975 (the year I was born.) The Live 8 reunion and performance with Roger was incredible! Historic! Perhaps the final chapter and the perfect ending in the band’s history. If they ever perform again, that’s great!!! If not, Pink Floyd will live on in our memories, our stories, and of course their music!!

    I am very much looking forward to David’s new album and tour. I’ll be seeing him perform in Toronto and Chicago!! I can’t wait to hear his new music!!

    To me, “On An Island” represents the words “solitude”, “solo”, “single”, “independent” and “freedom”. I think it also represents where David is in his musical career. David, as a solo artist, has the freedom to write and play whatever he likes. He can perform in smaller, intimate venues.

    As the leader of Pink Floyd, and as a part of the band, he loses some of these freedoms. There’s the added pressure to deliver the Pink Floyd product. The pressure to live up to the image and hype of the Pink Floyd name. The pressure to play in 80,000 to 100,000 seat stadiums.

    He’s moved on. We should too.

  42. He arrived on the beach and walked up the dunes
    brushing away his footprints as he climbed the slope.
    On and on up the hill to the peak –
    carefully clearing the trail behind him.
    Past mango, lime and coconut trees that smelt like his favourite curry?
    A brief halt at the summit to peruse the view
    before continuing down the rugged slope to the lagoon.
    Still he checked behind and smoothed over the tracks.
    He was marooned no more and re-embarked to visit other lands

    He had been ‘On An Island’ and left no unfinished tracks.

  43. on an island
    gentle breeze
    see the milky way of stars

    ain`t got no
    for my electrical guitars

  44. ‘On an Island’ brings up a couple of concepts for me: isolation obviously; the need/desire to commuicate to others…so here’s three ideas touching on the figurative, literal, and yes, humourous aspects of this interesting title:
    1) an image of someone standing midst a group of people, perhaps standing still on a busy street corner, annonymous to the passersby – the notion of somehow being surrounded by people yet still being/feeling alone;
    2) a more literal take would be an image of a bottle bobbing in the water; inside the bottle is a guitar, so as to represent that the ‘message in the bottle sent by someone on an island with the desire to communicate to others’ is represented by a musical instrument (guitar of course), suggesting that the music is the message;
    3) ok, a humourous one – how about David standing on a traffic island holding a stop sign and a whistle, trying desperately to direct traffic, or as a crossing guard trying to negotiate a group on insolent school aged children

    Best regards…

  45. On an island surrounded by blue
    Fishing rod ready, not just one but two
    Schools of tuna break water, leaping with glee
    As i cast out my line and reel in sa-shimi
    On an island of concrete surrounded by blue
    Trading stocks not for love but ’cause the mortgage is due
    Then along comes the life boat on the horizon so pretty
    Up on deck are my seats marked “2 nights at Radio City”!!!!
    Ticking away the moments…’til spring. By the way…this site put me onto the tix…thanks for the guidance, appreciate the efforts to keep us connected. “You say that hill’s to steep to climb…CLIMB IT” nothing should keep you out if ya want it bad ’nuff.

  46. David and his band will be playing two sets!!! Fantastic news…thanks for that juicy tidibt!

    And, I’ll just throw in my .02 about David’s ticket prices: expensive, but fair (and certainly reasonable given what other acts of David’s stature charge). And with Marc Brickman doing the lights, I suspect the value will be more than fair 🙂

    The excitment and anticipation keeps building, dear Features Editor…please don’t stop 😉

  47. there was a man? called feature ed,
    so many complaints fell on his head,
    no matter how much he pled,
    everyone wanted him for dead,
    so he fled to live on an island.

    bleh, hardly any word rhymes with island, highland was the only one i could come up with

    one last stab….

    David Gilmour,
    guitars galore,
    on an island,
    not a highland,
    crowds will be screaming for more

    erm, I’ll get my coat…

  48. I’ll take this opportunity to say thanks for the new blog, and keep up the good work! Its so excelent to get up to date information on David’s projects. Thanks!

  49. Have never managed to see Pink Floyd/David play live before and so cannot wait for the Albert Hall gigs.

    Very much forward to hearing On an Island, which Nicky Horne said would be premiered on his Planet Rock show (?).

    Echoes, Green is the Colour would be wonderful to hear, as would Great Gig in the Sky and Murder.

  50. Whenever I hear “On An Island,” the whole question of, if you were stranded on a deserted island, what would you wanna have with you? So it’s giving me the feeling of keep what’s really important close to you. Faith, family, hope, love… those are things that matter. Everything else can just float away like a bottle tossed in the sea. But those things that give us true joy and happiness, those are the things that we should want with us On An Island. Keep up the awesome work on this site. I visit it daily. The pictures are amazing. I do have one request from the site though… could you possibly post the set lists from each performance after David begins his tour? It would be awesome to see which songs he’s picked out. Thanks! All the best!

  51. Wow I feel badly now—I was moping that he wasn’t coming to my state, but luckily I have a friend who is willing to drive me over 300 miles to see my favoritisi musician of all time..David Gilmour—I mean just getting him to set foot on our side of the pond is major! So sorry I complained, please don’t hold it against me…and see ya in Chicago baby!!!!

  52. the show in 2 halves, huh? hmm, wouldn’t it be cool to hear the first part of Echoes and then the second part at the end of the second half…as in Pompeii???Hint…hint…

  53. On An Island here in space
    Enjoying the tones in there proper place
    All comes together so perfectly
    Ebbs and flows right through me
    So much harmony circles around
    Touching the stars with my nebulous sound

  54. Getting pre-sale tickets was fate,
    to see David Gilmour live again will be great,
    for On an island to be played in full we prey,
    at the Royal Albert Hall in May,
    and Floyd songs will be a bonus for me & my mate.

  55. On An Island, coming soon from David
    I wrote this poem ‘cos David’s the tops
    So I’m happy to help plug his forthcoming album
    Available soon in all good record shops

    David, David, we shan’t call you “Dave”
    For you think “Dave” a little bit lame
    Yet some of us think it’s a wee bit silly
    To be so hung up on a name

    But David, thank you for ‘On An Island’
    No doubt full of your charm and style
    And it’s eagerly awaited, since in 10 long years
    All we’ve had is one ditty called ‘Smile’.

    But David, David, I’m not complaining
    And I don’t mean to sound like a bore
    Cos us loving fans, well, we see you as guileless
    Since you’re David, but never Guilemour.

  56. On an island, alone with my favorite tunes.
    Meddle, Wish You Were Here and Dark Side of the Moon.
    Cool water, gentle breezes and blue sky.
    Hey, is that the Astoria floating by?

    Mike from Connecticut

  57. Eyal and Chris win prizes for being funny. You each get a signed copy of ‘PULSE’ on DVD and tickets to all of David’s February 2006 shows in Brazil, Chile and Australia. 😉 Jonny gets the same for his genius ending. That’s top-notch.

    Seriously, some of these are really good! Thanks, guys.

    Oh, and to C Davis who called me a whiner: Fair point, mate. 🙂

  58. ‘On an Island’ far far far
    Concert tickets are traded at par
    Look up there! Can you see that star?
    That’s David Gilmour playing his guitar
    What’s he playing? ‘Have a Cigar’?
    No!No!No! ‘Smile’ and ‘Island Jam’ and hopefully ‘Interstellar’
    So, hurry up! Go rent a car
    To see “David the Great” Chicago is not that far

  59. Isn’t it interesting that so many people bitch about the cost of tickets yet so many also go out and pay scalpers their vastly inflated prices, thereby perpetuating the Ebay travesty?

    It’s the old rule of supply and demand…

  60. Ok first off….Thank you Mr. Gilmour for coming to Los Angeles. Next off, people that are whining….Let it go, man. At least he is touring. I got my tickets pre-sale. Before they went on “official” sale. The price of the ticket I feel was reasonable. So there.

    Now my lame poem…

    On an Island music plays
    I hear the water flowing free
    Mr. Gilmour there for me

    HAHAHA even I have to laugh at that

    TTFN see y’all in Los Angeles April 20th
    Renee B.

  61. So “On an Island” was inspired by Gilligan’s Island, right?


    Fan that has nothing to complain about as he *gladly* paid face value for 2 tickets to the 2nd Chicago show.

  62. I’m afraid my skills go no further than an ancient limerick I remember from years gone by…..

    There was a old man called Gilmour
    He decided on a bit of a tour
    So he created a blog
    To keep up a log
    Of his fans demanding more and more

    They all posted away, from their lands
    As if they’d been in one of his bands
    Laughing and moaning
    Singing and groaning
    Asking why he can’t visit their sands

    Now Gilmours a man on his own
    He deserves a top Rock Royal Throne
    He may not be slight
    With that guitar he’s a might
    Can’t wait till he plays back at home (England)

    They demanded answers and clues
    Every bit of Super David news
    But in fear of being banned
    To live ‘On An Island’
    I’ll type Gobble-dee Geek and drink BOOZE

    PS If David wishes any lyrical inspiration, tell him to give us the wink 😉

  63. We as one upon this globe
    Peer deeper into the cosmos
    To understand who we are
    And all we find is that we
    A bunch of bloody buggers
    Are alone… On an Island

  64. I need in the show David Gilmour.
    I am fron Brazil and it is difficult to get to buy the tickets
    for the internet. It will be the opportunity to accomplish
    my dream. I am fan since 1973.
    I need to be in London in The Royal Albert Hall
    Will it possible?
    Will it be anybody can help myself?

    thank you

    excuse me for my english

  65. Hi,

    these are good times for Floyd and Gimour fans. At the 18 of March I will see David in Frankfurt, and hopefully also Nick Mason!! I heard that he will be in Cologne at the same day, to make some promotion for his great book. So I will step into the book shop, trying to get an autograph on my David Gilmour ticket. Im am anxious about his reaction.

    A poet? I have to write an new song, because my friend had playd some great cords a few days ago, and we should make something out of it:

    Far away, I can see some little boats,
    stranded on an island, smashed, destroyed.
    Little man strolling around in dark coats,
    searchin through debris, visibly annoyed

    Waves of baretts washing at the beach,
    no one survived this final flush
    dark waters wolfing old brother mason,
    finaly everything is hush

    Running away as far as possible
    can’t get the pictures out of my brain
    the pain in my head rasing so horrible
    I close my eyes, again and again

    At the moment I dont now how too go on,
    perhaps I will return, some later on

  66. It’s pouring with rain, but I’m not feeling blue.
    David Gilmour’s touring, so very soon.
    With his Fender and Telecaster and talented crew.
    He’ll stay in my home town for just a night or two.
    His guitars will sing, the lights will shine.
    The audience will clap, the music so divine.

    But hang on one second; I’ve just checked my diary.
    My silly wife’s just booked a holiday.
    Some faraway island where the sky is blue.
    She’ll be travelling herself the silly moo.
    On a Island I’ll leave her, for a prolonged stay.
    Well at least until after the merry month of May.
    Cause I will be in Glasgow, with a 3000 strong crowd.
    Watching David Gilmour, whilst singing out loud. 😉

  67. The answer is so simple why On an island?
    because David’s favourite tv show is Gilligan’s island!!
    Thank you David for finally coming up with some new music…
    Remember St Tropez?

  68. these are funny! mine’s not very good, but here goes nothing:

    i’m on an island
    all alone as
    waves hit the sand
    i’m missing home.

    i think of bygone days
    and feel the sun’s rays
    as sea gulls fly
    way up high
    while i sit and wonder why
    i’m on an island anyway.

    yes folks, as you can see, i’m no poet!

  69. If I were a theater
    Where would I be?
    I would be in a respective city,
    That was picked just for me.
    And the band would play
    And the nights would be satin
    Not unlike a full moon rising
    While I lay alone on an island.
    Or I could be many seats lined up
    Facing a crowd watching me
    The band in the stands
    My heart skipping the beat
    And as the lights shine brightly
    I wave out of courtesy
    For it was not me they came to see
    It was the marquee.

  70. A sympathetic poem for the Ed:

    “What a day!” quoth the poor Features Ed
    while putting on jim-jams for bed.
    “When I’ve made my pile and
    am rich on an island,
    I’ll have a blog cabin instead!”

  71. Dear Grumpy but Game Feat. Ed. and all the rest of you lot:
    please grade my homework! –

    Leave me on an island
    Surround me with your love
    The waters lap around my feet
    The sun still shines above

    The world beyond still beckons
    But should I heed it’s call?
    I have no need for all those things
    They tempt me not at all

    There was I time I sailed the seas
    I searched for gold and fame
    And while I traveled far and wide
    The people learned my name

    The women opened up their doors
    And gladly gave took me in
    I sang to them and told them tales
    Of rock and roll and sin

    The seas grew dark and violent
    Unrest besieged the crew
    I sailed the boat alone except
    For friends I still called true

    But now the sea no longer calls
    And I’m content to stay
    On an island, here with you
    Until the end of days
    (if you’ll have a drink or two and read it again, it will sound much better. I promise.)


  72. Roses are Red
    Violets are Blue
    In can’t wait to get David gilmour’s new “On an Island” CD because I’ve been waiting so long for some new material from him and I’m such a big fan and though I love all the old stuff its just not the same because you know there are som many ways to express yourself and the new cd is another reflection of his soul and oh did I say how excited I am about getting tickets after being shut out and I thought it was going to be impossible to see him in Radio City and…….




    Okay seriously…what comes to mind:

    “On an Island” to me means:

    Being in “my place”…”centered” and at peace,

  73. too late…
    now heaven lays claim
    as a child you saw the others
    and you dreamt the same

    on this island, with time so short
    we should understand
    for what it means to be a man
    life as one can be so lonely,
    though you’re not the only

    too late…
    for a son to understand a father
    too late…
    separation and isolation drove him away
    too late…
    for a son to wait yet another day

    on this island, with time so short
    we should understand
    for what it means to be a man
    life as one can be so lonely,
    though you’re not the only

    too late…
    a new generation is born
    too late…
    for another sad song
    too late…
    to mend the broken wings

    too late?
    to ignore what this new life will bring

  74. it was many years ago
    they put me
    on an island
    with nothing but my brain
    and my heart.
    after sleeping much too long,
    i ripened
    and harvested the fruit of
    my soul
    i picked up my guitar
    and for the first time
    and broke the damn
    g string on the first note

    i can’t say how much i’ve anticipated this moment, at least for the last fifteen years or so of my life. i feel honored to be able to experience the greatness that i’ve heard for so long. thanks for everything.

  75. One more bad poem to enjoy:

    C’mon now what’s this crap…
    Another request for my ’57 Strat?
    Eugene wants a picture.
    Emily requests Brazil.
    All this stuff is making me ill.

    Why o why can I not enjoy
    My time on an island
    Sighed the Pink Floyd boy.

    By the way, a little piece of trivia. I seem to remember that Roger Waters played Radio City as well on his Pros & Cons tour except that leg of the tour did not include Eric Clapton.

    In any event, I am very pleased that I was able to get one of the last tickets through Ticketmaster to the April 4 show at Radio City. I refuse to pay scalpers. Looking forward to the show.

  76. Hi,
    The last time I saw David Gilmour and his band at Radio City was for the “Music for Insane People” Concert back around 1972. The concert this April will be my son’s introduction to this gifted artist. I hope Robert Wyatt and friends including (Mr. Newlywed) can play with Mr. Gilmour in NY. That would be outrageous. I would like to encourage the artists to play whatever makes them smile and hopefully soundboard it in quad surround live, like the good old days.
    Thanks and God Bless

  77. typo alert! typo alert! (this should be a warning to ALL of you: don’t drink and write at the same time) –

    4th verse should read:

    The women opened up their doors
    And gladly took me in
    I sang to them and told them tales
    Of rock and roll and sin

  78. what a talented bunch you are! some of these are really good – bravo! i wonder what david thinks of us. (hopefully it’s not that we’re all a bunch of nutters!)

  79. I should explain my “poem”. While we are all concentrating, salivating, anticipating David’s return to the stage, I think some of us may have overlooked his return to the venue. Easily a sell-out at MSG or ACC or Wembley or where ever he may choose could be achieved, the venue, to me, is the highlight of the tour. And that is why I wrote about the theatre. Did anyone here see Mott the Hoople at the Roundhouse? John Entwistle on his club tour? Enjoy the venue, treat it with respect, and hold on. Because sometimes the greatest gifts come in small packages. I, alas, will not see David for I will not buy tickets from scalpers, but I will know he is in my town and playing like he lives here. And that is enough for me.

  80. Attempt to read Mr Gilmour’s mind:

    “When I’m on an island, no one is asking me about the future of Pink Floyd.”

  81. a would-be poet named laurie
    just mangles the words til they’re gnarly
    she wants to write well
    but she’s hungry as hell
    – so after dinner she plans to go sit down and give this some real thought and try to imagine what life would be like – – on an island.


  82. Darkness creeping; Wolves a howling;
    Frostbite setting in
    Where oh where is the search team
    I cry again this night

    Morning comes; Sun shines down
    Although there is no change
    I slowly drift away dreaming
    Warm thoughts of On an Island

  83. Tragically David’s old friend Roger “Syd” Barrett is on an island. An “island” where it’s sad to think that…
    deep beneath the rolling waves
    in labyrinths of coral caves
    an echo of a distant time
    comes willowing across the sand…
    Tragic indeed.
    Shine on Syd(try to climb towards the light), …and thank you David for still shining.

  84. “On an Island” called Manhattan
    is where you will find me
    on April 4th and 5th this year
    way up in Mezzanine three

    As far as it is, away from Dave
    I will not have to fear
    for his soaring notes and vocals
    are all I’ve come to hear

    Lead me not into tempation
    to buy seats at a scalper’s price
    from the crooks and the liars
    who should burn on the pyres
    for committing such a heist

    Chad G.


    To be “On an Island” inside ones head
    As I am in a desert known as a bed
    Feeling sad now my wife is dead
    I “Smile” to David’s music instead

    Looking forward to Glasgow in May


  86. Just glad that Dave has something new coming out. We are so starved for good music with meaningful lyrics nowadays, and this will be a good releif. Hails from pakistan,… YES! Pakistan.. and unlike all of you fans, we wont be able to get our hands on any original cd’s cuz they dont friggen sell them here. Had I been in the states or Uk, i would have probably stood in line till the stores opened. Long live Floyd and long live the creative, musical genious of my idol.. Mr. David Gilmour. I love you man!

  87. All I can think about now is the scene from the film version of The Wall where the teacher is teasing the young Pink about the poem he has caught him writing.

    ‘A poem, the boy considers himself a poet! I’m . All. Right. Jack. Keep. your hands. off. my.stack”

  88. On an island,
    no Iceland
    or Ireland.
    I stand
    on that land
    with the sand
    in my hand,
    with a tune for the band,
    under sky in the strand,
    such a big saraband
    I try to lead with a wand,
    or a short reprimand.
    I believe I command,
    poor analysand,
    I believe I am grand,
    but I don’t understand…….

  89. Hi David, Hi Ed, Hi everyone!

    Ok! I wrote my poems….but it was very difficult, because I don’t know if the pronunciation is really similar!

    I feel like Pink in front of the ugly teacher in “the wall” movie!
    But I enjoy very much writing this!


    “On an island” we can find
    the greatest guitarist of all the times
    his magic fingers onthe strings
    and his voice that make me dream.

    All around I smell the scent
    of the flowers in this land
    and I hear the magic sound
    and the words from David’s mouth

    I follow the music ’till the waterfall
    and I feel the energy grow in my soul.
    I reach the water, blue like the sky
    I see the guitar and David’s eyes.

    But this is not an island, I am in Rome
    and I’m assisting to Gilmour’s show.
    And all is perfect, in David’s style
    I hope just he will send me a smile.

    Thanks David, because your work
    makes us dream to stay in that world.

    Thanks for the emotions Pink Floyd give us in the past
    I hope that this album will not be the last.
    Continue to play for the love of you fans
    that wish a lot of happine to you and your friends.

    Your next show will make me happy for years
    tahtn I will spend singing “Wish you were here”.

    I know this poem is not very kink
    I love english language but it’s not in my mind
    I can speak very well just the italian
    …that know that I think…can habe rhyme with “an island”!!!

  90. Hurrah for the Ed’s good? taste in poetry :p
    *hifives Eyal & jonny*

    honourable mention to andrews efforts, v good!

    when I think on an island, i’m thinking closing time at the pub, walking home and crossing a busy junction with only a keep left sign to keep me company.(on a traffic island that is :p)

  91. Rather than rip off famous ‘Island’ related lyrics I thought I’d share my favourite Island joke with the world . . .

    There were two Englishmen, two Scotsmen, two Welshmen and two Irishmen stranded on a desert island – with no other company and nothing to do whatsoever.

    The authorities flew in to rescue them after an SOS message was detected a year later.

    The two Scotsmen were not talking to each other following a heated Celtic-Rangers dispute.

    The two Welshmen were getting on famously and had started a close harmony choir.

    The two Irishmen had started a distillery business together.


    The two Englishmen were still waiting to be formally introduced.

    See you all at the uncle albert hall Gilmourites!!!

  92. Ever since I heard/read that David was to call his album “On an Island” the indelible image of Status Quo armed with acoustic guitars (probably for the first time) on Top Of the Pops immediately sprang into mind. Yes, there was the mighty Quo, with a cocaine-riddled Rick Parfitt deftly strumming a surpisingly battered acoustic while gently singing his ode to tax free, drug-fuelled livng – the plaintive and, it has to be said, rather good “Living On An Island”.

    Take it away Rick:

    “Easy when you’re number one
    Everybody say you’re having fun
    Smiling for the public eye
    When your body say you wanna die
    Living on an island
    Looking at another line
    Waiting for my friend to come
    And we’ll get high

    Hugh he got a real nice place
    Cruxie gonna be there soon
    And I just want to see his face
    I’m getting lonely in my empty room
    Living on an island
    Working at another line
    Waiting for my friend to come
    And we’ll get high

    Passing time away in blue skies
    Thinking of the smile in her eyes

    Easy… it’s easy…

    Living on an island
    Oh boy, we’re having fun
    Living on an island
    Thinking ’bout all the things I’ve done
    Living on an island
    Searching for another line
    Waiting for my friend to come
    And we’ll get high
    Waiting for my friend to come
    And we?ll get high…

    I said we’re gonna get high
    Yeah, we’re gonna get high
    We’re gonna touch the sky

    And with that No. 16 reaching chart smash from 1979’s “Whatever You Want” the band fell apart. Drummer John Coghlan couldn’t handle life in the ‘fast lane’ while bassist Alan Lancaster couldn’t stand the ballads… Quo would never be the same again…

  93. David was there on an island!!!
    With a group of musicians beside him!!!
    He gazed at the stars!!!
    played his guitars!!!
    couldn’t get…
    any better!!!


    The “feeling” for “today” is… “About Face!!!”. Enjoy!!!

  94. Where where you when I was burned and broken?
    As the days slipped by from my window watching..
    Where were you when I was hurt and I was helpless?
    Cause the things you say, and the things you do surround me
    While you were hanging yourself on some one else’s words
    Dying to believe in what you heard.
    I was staring straight in to the shining sun.

    Every time I hear your music I feel as if i’m “coming back to life”.

    Life is hard and I often feel trapped and isolated in this body.. But I won’t worry, because like you say “dont worry nobody lives forever”

    See you April 14th! And thank you for your music

  95. On an Island Poem

    Where ever I go
    I have your music
    Just as you do.
    I cannot play but I can hear
    And dream of doing what you hold so dear
    From Jokers wild to Pink floyd
    Now you stand alone
    Just you and your guitar
    Gilmour is finally home

  96. Island breezes have blown through my hair,
    St.John, Maui, or the salty Key West air,
    From the Rusty Harpoon, to Captain Tony’s.
    I feel lucky to have seen these tropical places.
    Sunset boat, to the Scooner’s Wharf,
    To the summit of Haleakala, and the Iao Valley.
    The title ‘On an island’ is already special to me,
    anticipation of cold tropical drinks and the clear blues sea… Next time its back to the condo in Key West, where Hemingway wrote.
    I wonder what he would of thought of 3 Men on a Boat?…….

  97. I watched the Italian Job for the first time a few weeks ago, something I wouldn’t have done if it wasn’t for NetFlix. Scott Weiland and Slash performed a version of Money that had an edge to it; distorted and dirty. However, it was Slash’s rendition of David’s guitar playing that got me. The melodic and bluesy riffs were authentic, but didn’t deviate much from Slash’s style. It’s moments like that when you realize how far David Gilmour’s influence reaches. And the music world is much better because of it.

    I’ll be seeing David in Oakland in April. I’m not happy about the seller of the tickets on ebay making a few hundred bucks off of David’s good name. Sooner or later bad luck will get these guys who hustle concert tickets.

    Looking forward to “On an Island”. It was good to see David Crosby and Graham Nash in the photos, working with Mr. Gilmour. “Southern Cross” is one of my all-time favorite songs. Jimmy Buffett regularly plays this song at his shows. Jimmy also likes Islands. Although I think David’s stay On an Island will be described a little differently than Jimmy’s.

  98. We will start…again…
    On An Island,
    Far away from screams and sneering luaghters,
    From fear for the future and war thunders,

    The harmony of heavenly music and our love,
    Will enchant our minds and hearts,

    The sky full of glowing stars and smells
    Floating over the emerald meadows,
    Will comfort our distant past,

    Pocket full of stones will be our only souvenirs from the old world
    And there will be no more Red Skyes At Nights,

    Then deep In The Shining Blue I Close My Eyes and Take,
    Once again A Breath of our love and This Heaven
    Never ends,

    We will start…again…
    On An Island,
    Far away from screams and sneering luaghters,
    From fear for the future and war thunders,

    P.S. Sorry for my Polish-English I can`t help but writing anyway…:-))

  99. David & Team,

    I took your lead and obtained assistance in the lyrics. Lyrics from Cari

    Strolling as if not to have a care in the world.
    Comforting, the waves soft in their music.
    A gentle breeze traveling through miles of untouched sand.
    I find myself dreaming of being on an island again.

  100. Sitting
    on the beach.

    the rising tide through the pages of my book.

    waters surround me on the sandy dune


    on an island.


    my own piece of land until the
    siphons away
    the boundry of my kingdom.

  101. i have no need to make a request like alot of peaple seem I’m just happy Mr. Gilmour has a new album coming out. I was never good at poems but here goes nothing.

    On an Island
    in the Breeze
    you feel a warmth
    and a cozy sound
    Peacefull and lovely
    with family and good freinds
    It comforts you
    and draws you in
    then you pause
    and look around
    then suddenly and gratefully
    you realize your home

  102. The Ship Of Fools ran aground,
    On an Island we found our sound.
    We earn our wings when David sings,
    and sore to heights under majestic lights.

    One dollar two dollar three dollar four! Lets hear a cheer for David-Gil-mour!

    Thank you very much,

  103. I am on and island
    A continent as well
    A David Gilmour tour here
    Would be just swell.

    I suppose there are no plans for a tour to Australia then?

    Can’t wait to hear the new Album.

  104. For one, I did not realize that David had so many fans in Brazil, who are so passionate about his music that they are regularly asking to see him. It makes me understand better the transcendental beauty of music. I wonder if David has fans in Russia, China, or India for example?

  105. Every day the same old faces
    They’re all inbred, these island races
    Isolated, out of touch, marooned
    They think they’re happily cocooned
    From the world outside, they haven’t seen
    That the stretch of water in between
    Is a prison wall, it has the power
    To keep their spirits low, and horizons lower.

  106. The sun is rising
    On an island
    Birds are singing
    On an island
    The sand is white and soft
    On an island
    Blue seas are tempting me in
    On an island
    Turtles nesting on the beach
    On an island
    Waves breaking over me
    On an island
    Peace and tranqility
    On an island
    My love and I
    On an island
    Red sky all around
    On an island
    Stars are shining bright
    On an island
    Another day in paradise
    On an island
    I wish I was there
    On an island
    But I am, with my true love every day

  107. I have never had the opportunity to see David live. Opportunities missed, but an avid collector of all his work since my introduction by an Uncle in 1972. At age 41, I truly realise the impact he has afforded me with his unique quest in life….the gift of empathy…at age eight. I knew then what i know now…he is truly the master of his craft. If i have the opportunity to just shake his hand and bid him ‘thanks for the life lessons,’ … that
    would be this pharmacist’s dream come true. We’re all an island…on an island. F.Y.I. I am finally attending a live-Dave concert…Radio City Music Hall..04/04/06. MRB

  108. Just wanted to chip in my two cents’ worth. I was lucky enough to score a ticket for the show in Chicago (where I’m from), and I simply can’t be in any more of a state of anticipation. And to hear there won’t be an opening act is even better news. In light of that information, I think the prices are certainly justifiable, added to the fact that this, perhaps, may be a once in a lifetime experience.

    Personally, I don’t care what the ratio of Pink Floyd to solo material is going to be. I can understand how some artists choose to withdraw from the fans because of the enormous pressure to please.

    While the Floyd remains a dear influence, I hope this new music takes a “different road to the same destiny”, so to speak. I like what Robert Plant did on his last venture by utilizing exotic instruments and experimenting with diverse rhythms. Music needs to evolve and the artists themselves need an outlet and an audience to rejoice this freedom with.


  110. And life is only perceived through chemicals and emotion
    But love, love is the island that overgrows the ocean

  111. All I have is a ticket to the show at Oakland
    to watch Dave promote his “On an Island”
    excited I am to watch the breathtaking solos
    of the new and the old
    excited I am to hear the new tunes
    and the magical voice
    but a humble request I make to Dave
    which I hope under the weight wont cave
    please include few tunes from the floyd catalogue
    such as burning bridges from Obscured by Clouds
    I really want More Echoes of the distant past
    less the secrets get buried under the saucers
    leaving all of us aghast

  112. We sat as the deep blue sky found it’s way into our minds, what did the sun owe us? the heat was intense, were we being punished? was someone comming to get us? As I looked to the south I could see a Faint image on the horizon.Or is this my imagination ON AN ISLAND is where we are, as far as the eye can see, no one here but you and me, ON AN ISLAND is where we are, at night you could see the stars fall from the sky,and the moons look like pie, ON AN ISLAND is where we are, ON AN ISLAND is where we are.

  113. You’ve not found the treasure and times running out.
    So just retrace your paces to remove any doubt.
    If you dig up an iPod on an island someday
    It won’t be the same as the seat slipping away.

  114. Alone
    Surrounded by an opal life
    & shimmering beauty
    Bittersweet to have those
    and have not
    Ask the sky and stars
    who will bring me back
    To a time and place
    of wonder and life
    Can’t you hear me ?
    Standing alone on an island

  115. My poem…..called ‘What a weekend’
    What a weekend
    On Saturday Coventry beat Derby 6-1
    I dont know where that one came from
    On Sunday it was out with the boys
    Bored them with more stories of Pink Floyd
    (I actually have 2 daughters but it would not rhyme)
    On Monday it was back to the factory
    First thing to do is switch on the PC
    Quick check on the DG website
    And to my delight
    That during March in my hand
    Will be his new album ‘On an Island’

  116. only your thoughts in your head
    sand and palm leaves for a bed
    marooned on an island.

    seeing only sea and sky
    endless stars wondering why
    the sun and moon burn.

    harmonizing wind in the trees
    soft sung music that ebs and flees
    whistling wish you were here.

  117. On an island
    Here come your friend
    Make him a nice smile again
    To ease his world pain

    On an island
    There is no end…

  118. Just wanted to thank David and everyone else for the opportunity to hear new music and being so grateful to see David LIVE. I was too young for the North American Tour in 94 (according to my folks) I thought I would never be able to see the greatest musician of all time. I lucked out and got tickets to the Oakland show and will be coming from South Carolina. I would have flown to the UK if I had to. Very excited to see you there David and THANKS SO MUCH for coming to the USA I think the ticket sales reflect how grateful we are for the opportunity to see you.

    Fan since the age of seven,

  119. Very nice to see David’s site shaping up in such a varied and informative way.

    Incidentally, ‘On An Island’ has, quite literally, an endless amount of possibilities when painting images through that title. Mind you, when it comes to an acoustic warm up on guitar, I’m very ‘narrow minded’. That’s my only hint at the track on a trip down memory lane I would like to hear given a fresh lease of life.

    Here’s the poem.

    Out of Sight, Out of Mind

    Shufflin’ baby blue feet greet the office so cold,
    ‘What’s new today site?’ as my mind cries out, stubbed!
    ‘Wave upon wave of demented’.. questions,
    Stir plaguerist protests from voices galore.
    “Not my words,” smiles the muso tapping gently on the door,
    “Not the normal sax,” spies the note on the score.
    Flash, bang, wallop! A Storm hits the scene.
    He’s a lean, mean grillin’ machine,
    With an eye for the sky and a mind in a dream.
    There’s texts, there’s email, and a phone that’s gone wild,
    Whilst the plectrum and G string have all been misfiled.
    With PC’s crashing and coffee all cold,
    What’s the real deal in this crumblin’ land?
    Letters lost to questions cleared up,
    Now the river of ink has finally run aground.
    Sometimes I wish I could exit this world wide stage,
    And wake up on an island with just pen, paper and a radio to hold…

    See you at the RAH.

    Best regards,

  120. “The silver sound from a tongue so strange, sing to me, sing to me.”

    Take me up into the sky,
    to see the patchwork green.
    Take me oh! so high,
    in your flying machine.
    Show me the horizon
    from the aviator’s eyes.
    Freedom in my hair
    and watch the sun rise.
    Take me flying,
    take me flying
    and we’ll sing.

    Spread our wings,
    dip into the winds.
    Spread our wings
    in this song we sing.
    Spread our wings;
    shimmers in the sky.
    Fly on high out of sight,
    we’re never going to die.

    Oh! let me fly with you
    and soar with your sweet grace.
    Oh! let me fly with you
    and enjoy this lovely place.
    Show me how to fly so high
    and feel your presence near.
    Oh! that mighty blue sky,
    I’ver forgotten all my fears.
    Take me flying,
    take me flying
    and we’ll sing.

    Spread our wings,
    dip into the winds.
    Spread our wings
    in this song we sing.
    Spread our wings;
    shimmers in the sky.
    Fly on high out of sight,
    we’re never going to die.

    Guitar solo
    Repeat chorus to end.

  121. Alone in the Island far beyond
    The blue horizon rises and falls in like waves
    Cutted by chords of sun
    That Crystallize castles of sand
    With eyes closed projected to the future
    In my brain memories and pretty artsy places
    Like John in the Patmos isle and
    The Revelation “The Paradise”
    The light that rips the ocean… a pathway
    Back where we started…

    God Bless you, David
    Sorry, I don not speak English quite well!

  122. So Mihalis has run to ground
    and you drag yourself ashore.
    Into the arms of Elysium
    you swear you’ll leave no more.

    But should you feel despondent
    and overcome with the blues.
    Stranded on an island
    let me be your Muse.

    Let me be your Muse.

  123. Cara, porque o David Gilmour não vem logo ao Brasil, os Roling Stones vieram (fizeram um show na praia para mais de 1,2 milhões de pessoas – pago pelo governo da cidade do Rio de Janeiro), U2 vieram, Frank Sinatra já veio, se os Beatles estivessem vivos viriam também até o Roger Waters já veio. Ah ! Até o Pink Floyd Cover veio e lotou o Claro Hall, David vem com ou sem o Pink Floyd (de preferência com o Pink Floyd) pois colocaremos 2 milhões de pessoas no seu show ! E olha esse papo de custo para mim é balela, o preço que vocês colocarem a galera aqui paga, vocês pegam vôos para a Austrália, porque não pegam vôos para o Brasil.

  124. My wife and I are cooking dinner right now (Tuesday, March 6, 2006) and listening to the Sirius Satellite Network on the Deep Vault Cuts channel playing David’s music back to back. I admit we haven’t followed David’s career since PF’s heydays but we are so impressed by his own personal music that we’re trying to find out all the albums this music is on and plan to buy them all TOMORROW! David has always been such a phenomenal musician. I don’t know why we lapsed in following his music, maybe we’re so eclectic we follow alot of everything and missed him in the bunch. But, WE’RE BACK! Can’t wait to get the CDs!

    The world is better because of David’s music!

    Tim&Laurie Robinson
    Sunny Florida

  125. Dave;

    All bs adide, you’ve heard and read it all….

    I had my 50th BD this year, and after 30+ years of being an avid Floyd fan, (Gilmour masterfulness as I feel it is…still can’t live without “Fat Ol Sun”. It is in my “will” to have Fat Old Sun played throught the “wake”, and nothing would be more complete at the Chicage Rosemont concert, April 12 than to have you perform my favorite all time song by Mr. Gilmour. I have a blood disease that will certainly shorten my days. Hearing this song perfomed live at this concert, (withouit screwing up the wholeset would make life complete.

    I’m bringing several die-hard (and young) friends to celebrate the venue. Love ya, always have, always will.

    An all-time fan, Willie.

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