North American tickets


Well, it seems that the remaining tickets to the New York, Toronto and Chicago shows sold out in record time.

From your comments, it seems that many of you were left disappointed, not least to see many of these tickets being sold on eBay moments later.

For what it’s worth, we share your irritation. We are annoyed by the fact that this is allowed to happen, and your views on this issue are important to us.

It is doubtful that eBay could be forced to alter their policies on the sale of tickets unless there was a great enough response to it. In the case of London’s Live 8 concert of July 2005, these tickets had been won through a text contest and so, technically, were free.

The uproar was that, as Sir Bob Geldof put it, "The weakest people on our planet" were being exploited, as the show was, of course, designed to raise awareness of global issues and to put pressure on the G8 leaders to do something to help the world’s poorest nations.

We still feel that selling any tickets on eBay to make personal profit is, as Sir Bob put it, "sick profiteering" and we encourage you to have your say. Judging by those of you who have passed comment on eBay so far, it seems that you despise the idea of anyone making money off the back of David’s popularity and the desperation of his fans – who have been unable to acquire tickets by regular means – to see him in concert.

What’s left of the Oakland and Los Angeles tickets will be going on sale shortly (the Oakland box office opens at 10AM and the Los Angeles box office at 12 Noon). Good luck. Let us know what it’s like trying to snap up the remaining tickets. We hope you will be successful.

Meanwhile, here is the next section of the ‘Five favourites’ results chart:

042. Yet Another Movie
043. Love On The Air *
043. Pigs *
043. Young Lust *
046. Astronomy Domine *
046. Let’s Get Metaphysical *
048. Raise My Rent
049. All Lovers Are Deranged *
049. Blue Light *
049. Cruise *
049. I Can’t Breathe Anymore *
049. Mudmen *
049. One Slip *
055. Mother
056. A Saucerful of Secrets *
056. You Know I’m Right *
058. Money
059. Burning Bridges *
059. Careful With That Axe, Eugene *

* Equal number of votes polled. Alphabetical order, not preference, dictates a song’s order in the chart.


Please note that, for obvious reasons, we cannot include new votes in this chart. The results have now been counted and, short of completely altering the chart every other day and posting it in its entirety, we cannot include your latest suggestions.

Yet still feel free to have your say in the ‘Five favourites’ blog (29 December). There has been great debate over this and we hope that similar polls can generate such a positive response.

Thanks again to everyone for chipping in and helping to create a really interesting list of songs.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

103 thoughts on “North American tickets”

  1. In a previous blog I mentioned that I thought that this is just sadly market forces at work. The issue for me is how the people who sell them are able to get hold of so many tickets so quickly. Is there a limit on the number of tickets that anyone can order ay any one time and do the lines really only open at 9am or is their unofficial pre-selling?

    A lot of the comments including a previous one from me re Glasgow tickets shows frustration that the tickets were sold out within minutes of sale. Then seeing a lot of them for sale on ebay or online through ticket touts in volume begs a question re setting limits.

    That said as a family of 5 now trying to work out how we’re going to get the last ticket (as I have managed to get 4) any limit should not be too low – for me 5 or 6 is a good number but for someone else that limit might need to be higher.

    I’m not sure we’re going to crack what has been an age old problem just made more visible by the internet. Perhaps the only answers are finding a way to ensure the person who buys the tickets attends the concert with all the tickets and ‘signs in’ their party, or limit the number of tickets per person. I guess either way the overhead goes up on the concert promoter/musician ….. or we just have to continue to live with it.

    I don’t think blaming ebay is the answer either – they only act as an intermediary, the people to blame are those that deliberately buy the tickets knowing they can make a quick turn and have no intention of going.

    HOWEVER, whilst this is all quite depressing the main thing is that whoever ultimately owns the tickets we are all being given an opportunity to see the great man at work and we shouldn’t lose sight of that – for many there are some great nights ahead!


  2. Thanks, Features Editor, for the kind words and condolences..and a big hug out to Angie, Angelo and the rest who had the same disappointing experience as I did. The only thing I am going to do (and I hope others have the resolve to do as well) is to not take the bait and hope these sharks have to sell these at face value as the gig dates get closer.

    Also Chris McNulty’s idea of downloads and pictures from the gigs for purchase is a great idea. I personally would buy all of them knowing that most likely proceeds would benefit charity. I dont know if David would be happy with the idea with that, bootleg quality sound, but from the soundboard it would not be too bad.

  3. Dear DG Fans and Over-Worked Features Editor,

    I’m truly sorry for anyone who didn’t get tickets to see David…

    I have 2 extra tickets I’m selling for the price I paid Ticketmaster. They are for David’s 2nd night in NYC on April 5th. Whoever can prove they’re the biggest David Gilmour fan plus give me contact info here on David’s musicblog, they’re yours.


  4. Dear Sirs:

    It was a “dream” of mine to see Mr. David Gilmour in concert. For years just a “stupid” wish and fantasy that Mr. David Gilmour would actually tour again either solo or with Pink Floyd. I am thankful and very appreciative that Mr. David Gilmour is making the new album & look forward to it’s release. I was also extremely hopeful and allowed myself to get my hopes up really high when I heard that Mr. David Gilmour was actually going on tour and coming to North America! Something I said I would never allow to happen again –(to get my hopes up so high on anything just to come crashing down.) I am one of those “unlucky” people that can not afford the price of the tickets to see Mr.Gilmour in concert. Even though the world is in such bad shape and there are so many tragedies I still feel selfish by the way I am feeling over this situation. I have been through many losses myself over the past year and my heart and soul seemed a little bit “lighter” at the prospects of seeing Mr. Gilmour in concert. My heart is very ‘heavy’ with sadness for my own selfish reasons. I can not afford the prices that these scalpers are selling the tickets for. Yet if I follow my head and not with my heart, I know that it must be for a reason. There are people that can not eat, have no homes and no money and no physical care or love in this world. I am thankful to Mr. Gilmour for putting out what is surely to be a wonderful new album ‘On an Island’ & yes I will buy that when it is available. I wish Mr. Gilmour and the entire team a successful tour. I know it will be beyond words. There is no doubt that ‘my mind’ will be only imagining what the ‘luck’ few are actually seeing live in concert on the tour dates! The people who are making profits off of the tickets of Mr.Gilmour’s tickets should be ashamed of themselves but I know they are not. The money I do have is going for the charities I have posted on this site before.

    I want to say ‘thank you’ to all of you at this wonderful site on the making of “On an Island”. I wish to thank Polly Samson for her wonderful photos during the rehearsals and all the great musicians that are making this album a reality.

    My heart will be at the posted concert dates that Mr. Gilmour has scheduled. God Bless all of you on this effort. I wish everyone all the success and happiness in the world except for those people who are making the “profits” off of Mr. Gilmour’s tickets. That is nothing but low down and dirty.

    Linda Penner

  5. Good morning wonderful Gilmour Blog! Yes I went to at 12:00 for the Radio City gig. I was on for 20 min and got the same message that they were busy. But that’s ok I have tickets anyway. I was trying to get tickets for my daughter.

    There is still hope you can call your local rock radio stations most are offering a few tickets in call in contest. Keep your chins up!

  6. I echo Goode Tycoon’s remarks about Chris McNulty’s suggestion. It is an excellent idea, and would put paid to all the bootleggers getting ready to make a killing selling poor audience recordings on eBay.

    With a proportion of the money going to David’s chosen charity/charities, it would be an excellent solution to an inevitable problem.

    Finally, my heart goes out to all those who tried and failed to get tickets to these shows. Let’s hope that a DVD comes out after the tour…

  7. Happy to hear that at least some of you got in there before the scalpers cleared the lot. Bastards. Makes me really angry. Anyway, to those of you who got lucky… Congratulations! I hope David sings your favourite song and makes your legs go all wibbly!

    Personally, I have no real hopes for the setlist. If I could make a single request, it’d be for Marooned (because I’m pretty confident that he’ll play Comfortably Numb anyway). The thought of actually seeing David Gilmour in the same room as me, playing and singing his songs, some of which I have listened to and adored my whole life, is exciting to say the least.

  8. wow, I am truly sorry for the fans who were unable to score tickets. I’ve jeard that ticketmaster was selling them before the official time. But this should show our beloved David that his fans are lyal, and they love Mr. Gilmour for the amazing artist that he is, not just for the “band” he’s in. so its obvious that your North American fans still love you David—maybe a few more shows could be added? Obviously you have a market here. As it is, I will be making a 5 hour trip to seeyou in Chicago. But you know what? I would drive as far as it takes to see David perform, oh yeah.

  9. A New Hope…. I’ve decided to try to get tickets to the Oakland or Los Angeles shows because it really is a great, and increasingly rare, chance to see a great musician at work. If I get the tickets, then I will make a huge event out of it as I’ll have to travel from New York City to the West Coast. If I don’t….then a pox on all those e-bayers!!!! Why isn’t that illegal anyway?

    I’ve decided also to make an event of the Radio City Shows by hanging around and listening with my iPod….I’ll make a fantasy playlist of what Mr. Gilmour’s setlist might look like and sing along in the face of the freakin’ scalpers out there!!!! Anyone want to join me and harrass those snakes?

    Yes, I’m turning my despair into ACTION!!!!

  10. I had no problem getting tickets. I also Have no problem with Ebay. They won the tickets fair and square and I see no reason why they cant sell them for a small profit. See you in April David

  11. @Linda and Editor,

    My dream died!! I cannot pay prices between € 250 – € 500. Thats the price at ebay for the concerts in Germany, Hamburg! For only ONE ticket!
    Sometimes i think, thats the different between winners and losers. The winners in this world are moneymakers, the losers are dreamers and they have a heart!
    Now my dream is over, to see David Gilmour on stage in my life.
    AAARGG i hate it, to be always a loser!

    Best wish to all other dreamers!

  12. Thats great that you acknowledge the situation with the tickets. I couldnt believe it when repeated attempts right at noon yesterday were always returning “your request could not be processed”. It almost seems as if no tickets went on sale to the public since it was “sold out” in seconds. No tickets availabe at 12:01??? wow… As much as I hate it I am now forced to bid on ebay for tickets. Currently I have a bid in for 200 bucks for a 60 dollar ticket with no guarantee of still getting it. I think fans deserve an answer. How many tickets were released for each show at ticketmaster, and how many were pre “sold” via other means. Our friendly scalpers sure seem to have alot of tickets somehow.

    Oh well… I am gonna get to the show, one way or another

  13. Hello,
    For once I feel like one of the lucky ones. I have a disability and needed an aisle transfer seat for Radio City. I was concerned because usually these seats are handled by the box office, but the box office is closed on Saturday and probably wouldn’t open until Tuesday because Monday is a holiday, Martin Luther King Day, here in the US.

    I had no idea what kind of ordeal I was facing getting my ticket online through ticketmaster,
    but I was willing to try. I got everything set up on ticketmaster, for the 12:00 sale. I decided to try for a ticket for the April 5th show, because I figured that the ones for the opening date of the tour would be harder to find. I only needed a single ticket. I got through immediately at noon after selecting my ticket, and lo and behold, a ticket popped up in section 500 row DD. I quickly checked out and became the proud owner of the best seat I have ever had to see any member of Pink Floyd. This is the first time I have ever felt grateful for having a disability. When you purchase this type of ticket the venue calls you back to confirm your purchase and verify that the seat will meet your needs. I have gotten these tickets through the box office several times at RCMH for other shows, and have always found the people there very considerate and helpful.

    I feel for those of you who didn’t get tickets. I also think the what the scalpers are doing on Ebay are terrible. Hopefully David will release a DVD of the tour for all of you who missed out on seeing him.

    Just a bit of information for those of you who are not all that familiar with Radio City Music Hall, according to the person who confirmed my tickets, there will be three rows in the orchestra pit in front of Row AA that are not shown on the RCMH seating chart. Still 7th row isn’t at all bad!!!!


  14. Seeing as the comments that were posted before I feel guilty for saying that I already got my ticket for the last show in Los Angeles. April 20th. But………I got my tickets early. So ok I am gloating. 😉 I saved my money for this once and a lifetime concert and I am sure it will be well worth it. I have two kids and I am a single mom but I felt I deserved this indulgence. For the people that didn’t get tickets sometimes the venues release tickets the days of the shows. That might be an option. For the people making profits off of David Gilmour……….You guys suck! Pardon my language. Sorry to the people that didn’t get tickets. 🙁
    Well enough of my soapbox..
    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  15. Dear Editor,

    First of all: Thank you very much for your outstanding site!! Quite amazing to read every day.

    I’ve read about you that haven’t been lucky to get tickets. I have two extra tickets both for Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th of May, at David’s Royal ALbert Hall -gigs.

    Of course I DON’T WANT TO MAKE PROFIT at all!! I just want to get the price I paid at Ticketmaster.

    So if Linda Penner – and eventually others – live in UK, please take contact with me on this blog.


  16. It is a true disgrace that “scaplers, ticket vendors, resellers, brokers..whatever they call themselves today” are allowed to purchase so many tickets at once.. It is ridiculous to be honest!!

  17. Thanks Polly for the photo. I’m sure you and the children have seen this face before, but for us fans it is a new look!
    I feel very fortunate to be attending Massey Hall. For those who will deal with scalpers, make sure the tickets are authentic. It is not unheard of for bogus tickets to be flogged. As these venues are all so small, I worry that the temptation to create extras will be high. Perhaps an internet simucast of one or two of the songs could be arranged for the unfortunate many who cannot experience the live event. Especially if its not new material, perhaps it would not be contractually impossible.

  18. In the above photo, David looks crossed. Obvious signs are a frown and crossed or folded arms. I do not blame him for looking angry. David G. is human and is not a commodity that is to be traded or sold. Shame on E-bay. What about selling tickets at the door or a freewill offering at the show? This would certainly take away the greed from Ebay.

  19. I have been a Gilmour fan for 20 years. After sitting in the “nosebleeds” at Veterans Stadium, I made a promise to myself that IF David Gilmour / Pink Floyd ever played live again in the states that I would spare no expense to purchase the best seats I could find. Well…I have been saving my pennies for a long time and for just this occasion. I still cannot believe it’s true.

    Of course, Ticketmaster has let me down – no surprise. In anticipation of this, I had a backup plan in place. Front row pit seats may have cost me $3,000.00, but this is my dream, and not even those pathetic ticket agencies are going to hold me back from making it a reality.

    This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This will never happen again. Supply and demand is certainly not a new concept, so nobody should be surprised about what has happened. The shows are few, and the venues are small. It is unfortunate, but in situations such as this, only the most determined will succeed.

    God bless you, David Gilmour. See you at Radio City!

  20. Another suggestion: what about a live pay-per-view from your PC? I would go along with that.

  21. Hello!

    It’s Sunday 10:05 and I just scored a Travel Package ticket! Truly filled with Gratitude as I learned beforehand that less than 25 of these packages remained. The Ticketmaster online process was very easy and no problems to report.

    Looking forward to meeting other fans, staying in San Fran and experiencing a concert by one of my favorite artists!

    I also agree that people who snap up tickets only to place those on ebay are not about the music or artistry. Unfortunate.

    Eatonville, WA, USA

  22. Tickets to Oakland sold out by 5 minutes after and appeard on eBay at the same time!!!! This is crazy…

    I just wrote eBay to complain, and here is what I sent. I suggest as many people do the same as possible, and, if you are state side, write/call your elected representatives…

    Dear eBay:

    I’m calling to complain about the (currently 330) sellers of David Gilmour Tickets that are hording tickets to sell them at inflated prices on eBay. This is profiteering!!! Electronic scalping!!! And even if at present may not be illegal, this practice definitely should be banned from this internet selling/buying community.

    This item in particular, number **********, just went on sale half an hour ago on ticketmaster which, by the way, sold out in less than 5 minutes!!!!!

    How can this be allowed to happen? Rest assured I am fowarding this email to Mr. Gilmour’s representatives as well as my local, state, and federal elected officials. This e-scalping must be stopped so that honest people have a chance to make legitimate purchase through established and legal outlets.

    I await for your response which, I assure you, I will share with the parties mentioned above as well as the legions of fans who are outraged by this practice.

    Angelo Ortiz
    Bronx, NYC

  23. I have been trying to get ticket for any North America country. I tried yesterday for NYC show and tickets were sold almost instantly. I was just dreaming about today oportunity on San Francisco, and it was sold out even faster (15 seconds maybe?). Now… just looking forward LA tickets. I hope you all have luck buying your own tickets.

  24. I sold 2 tickets on Ebay.
    The price I sold them for was the ticket price, TM booking and postage charges,estimated Ebay listing charges and postage to the person I sold them to.
    I posted them on three fan forums with no response before I went to Ebay.
    Estimating the Ebay charges may come out + or – a dollar or two.
    So all listings/sellers on Ebay are not bad and two fans who were not able to buy tickets have a chance to see David at a resonable price.

  25. I would be intrested to know why people selling tickets on e-bay for the Manchester gig appear to have the tickets already when i have purchased pre-sale tickets for the RAH and dont even know where i will be sitting?

  26. well i think ebay sucks. they are making money out of this too, don’t forget. i hear what some of you are saying though. ebay is a last resort for some and if you want something bad enough then you’ll pay whatever it takes. that’s a fair point. i was lucky and got my tickets for manchester at a fair price (thank you god!) but that’s only because there are good people out there who care for other floyd fans, know how down they feel and want to cheer them up. sorry to everyone who missed out today but don’t give up hope! people do return tickets to the box office right up until the day before the actual gig. keep phoning the box office. phone them every day if you have to. not everyone will stick their spare tickets on ebay and try to cash in. i hope you’ll be lucky. don’t give up! alice x

  27. Oakland tickets were open today at 10:00AM, I was at the ticketmaster website 5 minutes before and kept refreshing the page for get ticket link. The moment the link was available I searched for tickets, NONE AVAILABLE. Time was 10 O’clock and some seconds, ALL tickets gone less than a minute of opening. This is not right, all the fan club members already bought it and now selling it on ebay, craigslist for making profit. If the tickets were not even there, why bother announcing availability at 10:00 O’clock, people like me canceled all plans to be online and get the tickets but for nothing…very disappointing.

  28. Its a difficult situation isn’t it. Ive been to Pink Floyd & David’s concerts since the early 70’s. There’s no doubt his new tour is massively in demand. The tickets are selling out almost instantly. One part of me says that because demand far outweighs supply, David is partly reponsible for the high price on eBay due to the lack of concerts. Another part says that as a long standing fan I would be prepared to pay higher than over the odds to see him. I wouldn’t personally buy tickets to sell at a profit, but on the other hand the profit to be made is very attractive for people prepared to sacrifice morals for cash. I do think its a little naive of the website to preach about a situation, which in part is created by David’s lack of dates.

  29. I recieved 2 tickets for apr. 10th, Massey Hall. Through Ticketsnow, Ticketmasters and probably Ebay.300% markup. Truly loyal fans will not attend for this reason alone. I wouldn’t sell my tickets for a million bucks, David means so much to me. Thanks Polly and David for today’s colourful pic. I see the Blonde Strat behind David’s left shoulder. I would love to have David sign my 1976 Blonde Strat. I’m dreaming.

  30. Lots of happy and unhappy people out there in regards to tickets… It’s magic to see him live, but it’s not the end of the world if you can’t.

    Did anyone else notice the banjo behind David in today’s photo (Jan 15)? I wonder if Polly plays the washboard or the empty jug. 🙂

  31. I just got tickets for the April 20th show at the Gibson Amphitheatre. They were selling really quickly. Where I went there was not a long line but the other places they were selling tickets at record speeds.

    I’m just happy that I’m going to see David Gilmour in concert! Good luck to anyone who hasn’t gotten tickets yet.

  32. It enrages me to see unscrupulous, greedy scalpers at work preying on fans desperate for a rare chance to see their idol in concert. It’s a reminder of the rotten side of human nature, and it is completely against the spirit of music, the artists who conceive and perform it, and the love of the fans who listen to it.

    The bastards deserve to be scalped, as far as I’m concerned.

  33. I am disgusted that the first advertisement for the David Gilmour gig in Glasgow was today (15-01-06) in our National press and when I called I was told that the concert sold out on Friday 13th January!!!!! I immediately lokked on ebay to find tickets being sold for £250!!!! This is a sad sad world we live in today.

  34. Hey Guys, I was off in a real rant there in my first post…..sorry!!!….it’s just that I’ve been ripped off with these ebay touts recently for the Richard Ashcroft gig in Glasgow. If I could sit by my phone all day to try and buy legit tickets I would, but I gotta go out and work to support my family!!!!
    Anyway, if anyone could get intouch with me through this forum/blog with one or two tickets I’d be delighted to buy them for a fair price. I’m a huge David Gilmour fan and a genuine guy. Thanks for takin’ the time to read!

  35. Yes ticketmaster is a joke and make no attempt to hide it. I scored two tickets through an ebay-style ticket site for $200 apiece. Not shabby, on the floor towards the back/center. Third tier nosebleed seats were going for the same price.

    The only negative is that the tickets won’t be FedEx’d until March 28th. Close enough to induce nerve-wracking since I’ll be at work upon attempted delivery.

    At least I’m THERE!

  36. Angelo Ortiz thinks that it is reasonable for people to make a small profit on ebay selling David Gilmour tickets just because they were at the front of the queue. This attitude is disgusting and I believe that ebay should put an end to this kind of trading.

    Some people, like me, have waited a lifetime to see David Gilmore playing in the flesh. However I would never pay more than the face value of a ticket. Shame on you!

  37. I’m very sorry to hear about all those who could not get tickets to the US shows. My wife and I are long time (35 years and counting) fans of David Gilmour, Roger Waters, and Pink Floyd. I bought Atom Heart Mother on vinyl in ’70 when I was fifteen and “Fat Old Sun” became my favorite song of all time and continues to be. For me, it takes me back to nature and simpler times. When I met my wife in ’83, she also had all the Pink Floyd albums on vinyl. She has many favorites mostly the “newer” material (already about 20 years old now!)… “Near the End” and “Sorrow”, which we both think is a great environmental song (at least for us). For a great rock song appropriate for the paranoid times in which we live, we love the Pulse version of “Run Like Hell”.

    I travel quite a bit on business, and found that David will be in Oakland when I am in SF, so I had to try for a single ticket there as a reward for stressful meetings. Since my wife would miss that one, we were also hoping to catch David in Toronto, over the lake from us in Ohio. So I was also looking for two tickets for Massey Hall. I knew it would be tough with all the greedy sharks in the water so I had to beat them at their own game. I went to the computer center of our local university, did some trial runs with a few computers simultaneously to get the timing down just before noon on Saturday and today. To improve my odds I could have recruited some friends, but instead I was able to handle several computers on my own, and had no trouble getting a single ticket to Oakland and two tickets to Toronto.
    I’m absolutely thrilled to be seeing David in two of my favorite cities in North America — SF and Toronto. These are great places for vegetarian restaurants… By the way… it is wonderful to see that David put a link to PETA on his web site!

  38. Richard Taylor:

    I believe you read a post not attributed to my name. Check again at the bottom of the post you are referring to in light grey type for the actual author…

    – Angelo Ortiz

  39. i think it is f*cking (david uses this word,watch the anorak parts of dvd) disgusting, that sick people will rob genuine fans of an oportunity to see david perform,just to profit from ticket sales on ebay,probably not realising this is maybe(i certainly hope not!) the last opportunity to seeing pink floyd (or a member of) ever playing again, I am lucky enough to have tickets for the manchester show, where my mate lost out! So I say hang `em, look what happened to guy falkes and his crime was nothing by comparison!!!!

  40. To Matt who wrote:

    “David is partly reponsible for the high price on eBay due to the lack of concerts”

    Give David a break already!! He’s 60 (on 3/6/06) for goodness sakes, and we’re getting a brand new album from him. He’s got to be exhausted from this whole process.

    The whole marketplace is crazy anymore – I got local Indian casinos in my area selling tickets for “has been” acts (examples: Hall & Oates, Kool & The Gang, etc) for 70 & 80 dollars?!

    If you want to blame somebody, try blaming Clear Channel who locks up artists with huge guarantees, and puts them all in Clear Channel controlled markets – owning the venues or the radio stations who promote the shows, or both, in most major markets!!

    $350 to see The Rolling Stones!!?? David at $95 (at both LA gigs – yes I’m one of the lucky ones to see him both nights) is a bargain!!

    Shine On & Psyche Up Everyone!

    tom from san diego

  41. Just a quick thought – if it’s so unfair that tickets get sold on for a profit via ebay, why not make the tickets collection only, at the venue, on the night, by the credit cardholder that has ordered them? (i.e. they need to show the credit card to get the ticket on the night)

    Or do you think the sneaky swines will then stand outside the venue and sell them for 6 times the face value to fans that turn up on the off chance??

    I realise this idea is slightly unfair for those buying tickets as a gift, but who wouldn’t want to go along?

    …Roll on 29th May…DG is God…


  42. David did his bit for PETA quite recently (well, in 2000) when he played with Sir Paul McCartney at the PETA Concert for Party Animals. If you’ll pardon the shameless promotion, then the concert is available on DVD and is well worth tracking down. They played six tracks from McCartney’s ‘Run Devil Run’ album.

  43. Angelo Ortiz

    Please accept my apologies, my oringal comments should have in fact been directed to Randy Ekstrom (of no morals!)

  44. Richard Taylor

    Rock-on, Buddy!! No problem…the blog format here can be a little misleading if you don’t catch it. And yes, I think Mr. Ekstrom missed the point….


  45. Chris – please ignore. Don’t check your email. I meant to say “Angelo check your email.” That will teach me to start in on the Jack Daniel’s this early in the evening, won’t it now?

    And I must give a shout-out to the Kind & Lovely Features Editor for helping me find a deserving fan for my extra NYC tickets by allowing my post to go up on the blog. And thank you, David – thank you, Angelo! Thanks everyone!

    I’d say this calls for a drink…


  46. Hi,
    This is for TM at January 15, 2006 04:45 PM. You ask about “sales by other means”. I was messing around over the holidays on the tickemaster site and saw that there were two types of tickets for sale at the Toronto venue; “” and “hotseat”. On a lark, I selected various combinations of selections a was able to receive single tickets from the “” site. I really don’t know why it worked, even tickmaster couldn’t tell me. I still am curious as to why I was so lucky. Can anyone suggest a reason?

  47. Deborah wrote:
    I have 2 extra tickets I’m selling for the price I paid Ticketmaster. They are for David’s 2nd night in NYC on April 5th. Whoever can prove they’re the biggest David Gilmour fan plus give me contact info here on David’s musicblog, they’re yours.

    PLEASE Deborah email me if you still have them-
    I need two together and I know at this point its gonna be rough to buy reasonably priced seats together. If you want to email me and I will tell you how much of a floyd fan I am.

  48. “Just a quick thought – if it’s so unfair that tickets get sold on for a profit via ebay, why not make the tickets collection only, at the venue, on the night, by the credit cardholder that has ordered them? (i.e. they need to show the credit card to get the ticket on the night)”

    I agree with this.
    I thought that same thing when I read the original post here from David’s camp about this issue.
    Here’s the problem:
    I would completely be willing to go hours earlier and go through a verification process in order to stop this from happening and so the ticket acquisition process could be more fair.
    HOWEVER that means the venue has to have more employees there for a longer period of time in order to check for authenticity and that would mean they’d lose money by that would shortly be passed onto US, the buyer, which is still not fair, but it’s reality.
    SO that is what’s going to happen.
    They can’t stop scalpers.
    There are actual clubs and forums established exclusively to exploit music fans. It’s already gone too far and there will now always be the technology to procure and scalp.
    Again, another sign of a species which will soon have amused itself to death….

    I’ve been furious about this for years and I think it’s just another sign of me growing older and wiser AND our society’s system of values being completely turned on its ear with uber-capitalism AND people’s complete lack of respect for everything, including themselves and especially the process of enjoying a live music concert and now I understand what my grandparents meant when they said they were frightened that the younger generations would be in charge of everything when they were too old to take care of themselves.
    I get it now.

    Disclaimer: If I am this cranky at 30, I can’t imagine what 70 or 80 will bring. I shall need a quiet place far, far, away from these city lights…

  49. Got tickets for both L.A. shows. Purchased Gibson amphitheater tickets through Ticketmaster and had to get the Kodak theater tickets through ebay- $329 for two seats, not bad. Sorry for all of you unable to get tickets, keep trying, you never know! David, see you in April.!!!!!!!!!

  50. Here’s my story:
    I set up shop at work to purchase tickets online with two computers side by side with excellent high speed access to try to score tickets to NYC on either night. I was in the zone, ready & waiting for 12 noon with pages bookmarked and purchasing information ready. One peice of advise I did not ahere to was to register with Ticketmaster for easy checkout as it will time you out quickly if you cannot complete your trasaction. Well I got in for four seats on Wednesday night and sure enough, could not complete the order in 60 seconds as it would not accept my password and got booted out and tried again to get in again for an hour with no luck and was extremely upset – thats a polite way to put it…THEY WERE IN MY HAND AND I LOST THEM. What a heartbreak…I cannot afford ebay prices, but will try to figure something out as seeing Mr. Gilmour perform one last time is a chance in a lifetime!!!

  51. Regarding tickets. I am a Pink Floyd, but especially David Gilmour fan and have not missed a live concert in the UK for many years. I was lucky to get two of the first 200 tickets for one RAH concert and got two others for the second one. I’ll be going on both days! My point is, I’d rather be in the company of real PF/DG fans, so if people have tickets they do not want, they should sell them as this will make the concerts even better. P

  52. Sadly, money and time are lacking, and so I couldn’t even try to get tix. These will be wonderful shows, by the way, and under different circumstances I’d love to see David Gilmour play.

    Here’s a thought. When I saw Floyd play The Wall in NY in 1980, I got tickets the old fashioned way… by standing on a long line in the cold of winter. The shows sold out in three hours, which then was a record. Did some of the tickets get scalped? Yes, of course they did. But when the only way to get tickets was to stand in a line where everyone could see you, that could only have cut down on scapling.

    It seems to me that ebay coupled with internet ticketing has made it much easier on the scalpers and much harder for fans who actually care to attend the show. Now that a show sells out in twenty minutes or less, it takes the skill of a scalper to obtain the tickets in the first place. Then, ebay makes it easy to re-sell.

    Therefore, part of the problem may be that tickets are now sold such that you don’t have to leave your home. And now, with ebay, tickets are re-sold the same way. I know it’s a pain in the ass to go stand on a line, but it seems to me that it’s the more equitable way to sell tickets compared with the inequities of e-commerce. Online ticketing makes it easier on the scaplers and harder for the fans who actually plan to see the show.

  53. i got in on the pre-sale. was lucky enough to have the day off and the money to buy them at first chance, which was the plan anyways. sorry if you didn’t get a ticket, and it sucks that people are whoring them out on ebay, that’s just the way this goes now. i think we know that. see you in toronto. keep the list coming, such a great read.

  54. Tried desperately to buy tickets for Dave in New York this April to no avail. Hoping he adds more shows to give true fans another shot at seeing him live. How about it Dave? Couple of more shows? Please?

  55. It is sad that our society has become an e-bay super highway leaving adoring fans at the mercy of such an infection. I live in Sarnia Ontario Canada and was hoping to see David Gilmour at the beautiful Massey Hall in April. This dream unfortunately will not likely be fulfilled because many find the need to buy tickets with no intent to see a show, but to line there pockets with dirty money. To those with tickets attending the show, enjoy. To those selling tickets for prophet, thank you for making our society a lesser place.

  56. I tried to no avail to purchase tickets to see Dave at Radio City Music Hall. Hoping he will add a couple of more shows so that his “True ” fans can get there hands on tickets. How about it Dave? Give us a couple pf more dates.
    Mike Short

  57. Like everyone else, I tried to buy 2 tickets on Saturday for Toronto.

    I was hopeful, as I got in the moment that the tickets went on sale, and did not end up with a long wait time. There were no tickets left! This was at 12:01. How can this be?

    Now, I know that Massey Hall is a small venue, but there should have been 2,000 tickets on sale for each show.

    I went onto Ebay right after, and bought 2 tickets for an outrageous price. It could have been worse, but that’s not the point.

    Something has to be done about this. It is becoming increasingly difficult, if not impossible, for an ordinary person to get tickets.

    Why is it that the ticket brokers have lots of tickets? Now I’m hearing about college students who help to pay their tuition by setting up little ticket operations.


    As bad as this may sound, I think I prefer the old days when you had to line up to get tickets. At least you had a fighting chance.

    Of course, some of the bands seem to be encouraging this kind of behaviour. Take the Stones for example. For their Ottawa show last year, you could buy 12 tickets. 12!!!

    Is it any wonder that I had to buy those tickets from a scalper as well?

    Sorry to rant, but scalping is a plague.

  58. Dear Editor
    Dear “David”

    I just wanted to make a quick remark about re-sale on ebay. In fact I was able to purchase two tickets for Chicago show on ebay on December 29th. I also received the tickets on January 13th (one day before announced offial ‘on sale’ date). And the tickets are genuine. That means that seller bought them before December 29th.
    I think ticketmaster screwed up “big time” on selling tickets to this events. The tickets went on sale before the ‘announced day’ (both on this website and on ticketmaster).
    However, I personally do not feel bad. I have been waiting for such an opportuinity my whole life (well almost!). I was willing to pay even more to buy the tickets. I consider myself lucky to get a good bargain ($299 for two good seats on balcony!!).
    I am a David Gilmour/Pink Floyd fan. I know I live in a world where people are opportunistic (I wish they were not). If this is the price that I have to pay to see David live. Then I’ll pay it.


  59. My questions is:
    If there’s no such official fan club(as per david’s official website) then who the hell got tickets as pre-sale?

  60. I just looked at the listing for tickets on eBay… I thought scalping was ILLEGAL? Ticket resale should be regulated by law so that a ticket can only be resold for face value in the event the holder is unable to attend. eBay could refuse to allow sellers to use their forum to scalp tickets. To those who say the people have a right to sell them for profit, I disagree. If you have no intention of attending a show, don’t buy tickets- let fans that want to attend buy them.

    I can’t believe how lucky I must have been when I got my tickets. The day I saw David was touring I went on Ticketmasters’ site just to see if there were any left. I bought the first two tickets offered. There was no forethought about going to the show- just a spur of the moment. And I got them! seeing the trouble people have had and the prices scalpers are charging makes me appreciate the fact that I got tickets all the more. My seats aren’t great, but I’ll be THERE!!! Woo hoo!!!!! I’m sorry for those fans who wanyed to go but couldn’t get tickets. Your only condolence is there is a new album coming out.

  61. I read all the comments. And this is what I think. I saw Pink Floyd in 1977 tickets were $10, and for Gilmour’s show in Chicago I paid $288, and that included a service charge. What service was I charged for? That I purchased tickets. Ridiculous. I understand artists are supposed to make money, but where does the rest of the money go? E-bay is a result of the greed that trickles throughout the process, starting with the artist, the promoter, the record company, the facility…….Pearl Jam tried to put an end to this to no avail. The public, right or wrong, are only trying to tap into the greed of the concert promotions racket. I say as long as there is a hot ticket, there will always be scalpers. I do not believe that it will ever change. E-bay makes scalping easier, no need to stand on a corner waiting to be arrested. Face it there will never be enough tickets to go around. Market forces make it this way. Quit whining. Next time plan better. That’s how I always get my tickets. I had three phones working, I got no special treatment and I got my tickets. Although I wanted the fifty dollar tickets, they were sold out, so I had to buy the $125 seats. Here’s something to bitch about look at the David Gilmour travel packages and notice the prices. Now that is ridiculous. I wonder if a reach around is included in those prices.

  62. I think I was lucky enought to get tickets for London May 30th ( Istill don’t have them and hope to get them soon, I paid for them a long time ago) but I would likle to find one for 29th or 31th, I think there is no point to travel to London, just for one show, and one day.
    If you still have a spare ticket, thanhs to contact me here.

  63. The pre-sale worked out wonderfully! The password was simply knowing David Gilmour tickets were going on pre-sale! Ticketmaster had tickets for each of the shows for several days after the pre-sale started. Where were all these people wanting tickets, then? The fact that the pre-sale was below the radar, and happened so quickly, helped the aware fans out…people had several days to catch on, at least.

    Good luck to all those still needing tickets…Shine on 🙂

  64. My boss and I are both going to the Chicago shows. Hes a longtime Gilmour FREAK, and, god bless him for it, he let me know ASAP when the pre-sale tickets went on sale. We used our office computers, and had no trouble getting tickets. For an hour, at least, we could basically find any section we wanted. For those who didn’t get tickets: Welcome to the modern world. For Floyd fans such as myself and most of you… this is like the Superbowl, right? Its a BIG deal. You wouldn’t wait a day after Superbowl tickets went on sale and expect to find any, would you? Those tickets go out of sale in minutes, why’d you think this was going to be any different? So tough luck for the latecomers. I really wish you could be there. I have friends I’d LOVE to be there, but what do you really expect anybody to do about it?
    As for the E-Bay thing, there is just no excuse. Some of us see Gilmour tickets as a personal ticket to an inspiring event. But OTHER people saw these tickets as a high-demand item and bought a lot of them up, and will now profit from it. That sucks, but again: welcome to the modern world. ANY commodity, no matter how ‘sacred’, will be bought, sold, used, abused, and subjugated to every form of economic exploitation imaginable. Don’t like it? Me neither! And thats why I don’t vote Republican.

  65. Wow…I guess i need to gloat just a bit.

    I won front row tickets on the radio in SF on Friday…

    best of luck to all of you.

  66. On Saturday tickets went on sale at 12 noon for the two Toronto shows. It was advertised that they would be available at the box office of the venue itself, Massey Hall, and its sister venue, Roy Thomson Hall. I went to Massey Hall at 9 am. The sun cannot find Toronto these day and the temps were sub zero.
    My intention was to buy the best tickets for my nephew and myself.
    My nephew has been diagnosed as mildly autistic. An Ayurvedic Dr. recommended that we expose him to classical music and rock music accompanied with classical instruments. He also is going to the The Listening Centre (Tomatis Method) in Toronto. At each session he plays for 2 hours a day while wearing special headphones that filter out certain frequencies of classical music which stimulate different parts of the brain and inner ear. The results so far are quite remarkable. He loves David and any kind of classical music. The family makes every attempt to expose the children to music that is triumphant and introspective and has heart and conscience where the musicians can actually P L A Y !! One of his favorite albums is “About Face”. We take him occasionally to the ballet and classical concerts. This would be his first rock concert.
    I was the second in line. After three hours by the time 12 noon rolled around there was about 14 of us freezing in the cold. We were on our mobiles and blackberries trying to purchase through Ticketmaster as we realized, very soon, it was a misprint that tickets would NOT be available at this location as nobody came to open up. I got in my car at about 12:05 and drove the 5 mins to Roy Thomson Hall. There was at least 40 people in line, many had already purchased and gone. One of the employees at RTH admitted that there had been a misprint in the paper and we would be “compensated” somehow, with tickets for another show, another artist. By the time I got up to the wicket no good seats in pairs were available. Only singles. It would be too frustrating for my young nephew to be in the top balcony so I resorted to purchasing a ticket for myself, 11th row!!! 🙂
    I was soooo disappointed not to get a ticket for my nephew. But the experience I had that morning helps take the edge off of the loss. While waiting in the cold homeless people approached us, many of them Native Canadians. Some of them as shiny as new pennies with great spirits. They had the broadest smiles, begging for scraps of kindness and a few coins. They fetched us coffee. For once they were not sitting on the sidewalk and being treated like vending machines, it was a participatory thing. We actually spoke with them and laughed and enjoyed great conversations. Their stories and jokes and life experience amazed me and left me dazzled. The world has been a very bad mini-series lately and days like these make you wake up and remember how precious how beautiful it all is, this business of living. It caught me unaware as I drove home smiling out loud.
    We are all so looking forward to you coming to Toronto and the release of On An Island. I know full well your songs, once again, will reach a heart in need of some cheering or a soul in need of consoling… It must never cease to amaze you, how far the songs reach out into the world, whose hearts they tuck themselves inside.
    Safe journey to you, David and Polly, and the rest of the hard working bright souls on the album and tour. We can’t wait.

  67. I bought two tickets for $700 from Ebay for Concert in Toronto.
    It was my dream to see David Gilmour, ever since I was a little child. My whole life goes around his music. There is just too much to write on how much his music influenced me and helped me personally.
    I was willing to pay my salary for these tickers.
    Anyhow… when I received the tickets today, I realized these were in obstructed section.
    I have called Massey Hall and they confirmed that tickets are in the obstructed section.
    I feel cheated by this EBay seller, it was not mentioned anywhere.
    I don’t know what to do really.

  68. Chicago, IL ticket buyers. Does anyone know if all the tickets were available for pre-sale? It appears that they were. I missed the first days of the pre-sale so there were no tickets left from ticketmaster. I anxiously awaited the online sale date this past saturday, hoping that some tickets would be available. At 11:00 am central time the tickets were to go on sale, but there were none for the Thursday night show and only a few that I saw for the Wednesday show. I’ve since then searched the ticket broker sites and eBay and purchased 2 tickets. I paid an extra $100 per ticket, but it’s worth it to finally see David Gilmour perform live again.

  69. I saw a few posts by some good samaritans that had extra tickets and were willing to sell them to other unlucky fans.

    Could it be possible to use this blog as a forum for genuine fans who have extra tickets to help others get to see the show if they have extra tickets?

    Use whatever means you want to verify that the person is genuine and do your good deed for this lifetime.

    Uncomfortably Numb

  70. I purchased my tickets for the Chicago show thru ticketmaster on 12/20/ 05 shortly after the Reader announced David Gilmour was doing 2 shows at the Rosemont Theater. After reading this info in the early warnings section I deceided to go on the TM website and order tix.There was never any announcement about the sale of, or the lack of tickets. Kristen had it right in her comments about whats wrong with the money hoarding Americans who neither have any intention of going to the concert or any idea of who DG is.I believe with this type of forum the people whom this affects most will benefit by formulating a solution to those money grubbing scalpers who would serve soceity better as drug dealers or people who sell children or organs illegally.That being said Money its a crime.Will

  71. Dear Editor, David and Fans,

    I am part of the unlucky ones. And I am also part of the Stop Scalpers group!!!
    I do believe in “market value” but I do believe also that it should be Gilmour and his crew that should get this money, because they are the ones worth it!!!!

    I would not complain to pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars for a nice ticket to see David if he was the one getting the money, not a ^&%#&%$&% scalper…

    I just cannot believe why the artists are not starting to use a different system for earning the money that is supposed to be theirs.

    Ticketmaster or whoever develops such a system should be auctioning the tickets (maybe in waves…) and getting the artists the value THEY deserve (minus a reasonable fee).

    The tickets would them have the name of their owners. Ok, I read some commentaries that it would be to expensive and time-consuming to check everybody and I do acknowledge that. But even if they randomly picked 10, 20 30% of the audience and throw them out if their names are not correct, one would thing twice before buying from a scalper…

    The technology exists. Is a matter of artists in general willing to fight for what is supposed to be theirs!!!!

    I read all the comments about people paying a couple of thousand for a good seat, but its really sad that David is getting only 150 bucks (minus tax, TM fee, etc…) out of this deal!!!!!!!!

  72. hey all. im sorry for all of the big fans who didnt get any tix. i am one of the lucky ones though. i went to a boston ticketmaster and bought tix there. i got 2 for the first show in new york. and i think it sucks that people buy them and put it on ebay. have the true fans somehow get tix for purchase price and not rip off markups.

  73. Here’s my story, lined up three hours early before the tickets went on sale for the Toronto shows. I was the first guy in line and maged to get two tickets for the april 9 show and 1 FRONT ROW! ticket for the arpil 10 show. I am a musician and it all started after listening to David Gilmour play, so you can imagined how excited I am, totally blown away. Hope the rest of you guys manage to get tickets. Regarding scalpers and e-scalpers, they deserve to be imprisoned,it’s an absolutely unfiar practice. It will reflect on their karma.

    Best of luck guys and i’ll post my review of the show when it’s done!

    see ya around

  74. Is anyone familiar with Radio City? Are seats this far back visually and acoustically horrible??? I got tix for both nights(third balcony, second to last row) and (main floor, VERY LAST ROW!!!).

    I thought I was the unlucky one, but now, after browsing these comments, I am feeling pretty lucky. 1) This is Radio City Music Hall – not some huge stadium. 2) Many people don’t have the money or time off work to see a mid-week show in such an expensive, far away city. 3) I can always take my binoculars.

    However, I must say I am very tempted to be foolish and buy a pair of 8th row/center tickets (for $800-1000) just for the chance to at least once be enveloped in the lights, sound, chills, and ambience of being up front. I’m very good at saving my money and this would be a great reward for doing so!! I just wish doing it wouldn’t further encourage this scalping bullsh*t. Capitalism is great, but nobody should make more $$ from a ticket than the artist themselves.

  75. Hey Chad, the next blog (18 January) is going to be a feature on Radio City, as it so happens. Apparently every seat in the house is a good one, because there are no pillars or columns obstructing anyone’s view. I can’t personally comment on the acoustics because I’ve never been there myself, but I’m sure that other fans will chip in when the new blog goes online. Hope that helps and hope you have a good time no matter where you end up sitting. 🙂

  76. As far as the Toronto show goes, the tickets were not on sale till Jan 14, but while surfing a ticket site in the States , I could have bought tickets 1 week before they were on sale to the public.Then I was told that at noon on the 14th there were really no tickets left for sale.This means that 2800 seats x2=5600 seats were gone to everyone but the public.This has to stop!!!!

  77. It’s pathetic and sickening to know that (I would say) the majority of tickets sold are to scalpers and not the true fan!

    I was on the phone at precisely 12:00 noon on Saturday with Ticketmaster, ready to place my order for either of David Gilmour’s 2 Toronto shows. At the same time I was on their website. I thought, for sure I’d be lucky enough to get at least a pair of tickets since I had technology pretty much looked after – NOTHING – not one ticket was available! How is this possible – gone in way less than 60 seconds?! I must say, I did start off with the maximum number (how greedy of me) – my husband and I wanted to take our kids since they too are huge fans of Pink Floyd. I was livid, since this was not the first time ticketmaster screwed us out of the chance to buy concert tickets at face value. I called and complained to someone who made it blatantly obvious that she was reading from a script. When I spoke with her Manager, she too read from the same script (she must have trained her). I also expressed my utter frustration and exasperation via email to them, for which I received (why am I not surprised?) a standard form letter response. The thing that irritates me is that ticketmaster states on their site that no more than 4 tickets are allowed per person/household, and if it is found that anyone is not adhering to this rule, Ticketmaster has the right to cancel orders. I guess scalpers (or the politically correct – brokers) are exempt from this rule. Ticketmaster had no response to this other than to say they have no control over what happens to tickets once purchased. I was on a scalper’s site not one hour later and found that they had over 80 tickets available for the Toronto dates!!! They have all their little gophers buy the tickets on their own cards and then sell it to the scalper – no wonder scalper tickets are so high! It seems Ticketmaster has become a wholesaler to what we should all be considering the new ticket distributor – the scalpers!! And there’s a lot of people being paid before they even get the tickets. If Ticketmaster really gave a damn about the general public, they’d have programs in place to prevent tickets from going to non-end-users. They say they have no control over what happens to tickets once purchased – bull$&*#. Certainly, there’s the technology available. Eddie Vedder’s heart was in the right place when he and the rest of Pearl Jam tried to take on the monster Ticketmaster.

    I’m just so tired of being pissed off about this – and the sad thing is – I’ve given in. We really do want to see David Gilmour and we want our kids to see him too. They were brought up listening to Pink Floyd. Not many 16 year olds have Echoes in their downloads or even know what it is. I went ahead and posted a Want It Now listing on eBay for 4 tickets for my family. I’ve seen what the tickets are going for – they’re outrageous! And eBay isn’t the worst of them – some scalpers are asking almost 10 times face value! I’ve stated that I will pay double face value. What have I got to lose? The worst that can happen is that I’m laughed right out of eBay!

    Enough rambling now – I do feel better venting to those who really give a damn. Hope we all have a chance to see David Gilmour. I’ve always said music is tonic for the soul and Mr. Gilmour makes supreme quality!!

    Best to everyone!

  78. The buggers who electronically scarfed up these tickets to sell for a profit radiate cold shafts of broken glass.

    Keep on diggin’ you pigs!

    For those in the LA area who love Pink Floyd – here’s some great news…. check out the tribute band “which one’s pink” – for $10 – $15 you can close you eyes and hear DG and the rest of the band.

    I’ve seen them numerous times and they are truly awesome!

    It is unfair to all us “fans” to have to pay such riduculous sums to live our dream of seeing such a rare show.

    I’ll just go an see “which one’s pink” 50 times more instead…

  79. Scalpers in Ankara, Riekjavik, Bogota or Melbourne can log on and compete for tickets for every single show as tickets become available and then immediately turn around and sell them on eBay.

    The only way to stop this and make buying hot tickets for local shows possible is for eBay to disallow ticket resales. Period.

  80. At 12:00pm my first try for April 9th Toronto show resulted on 2 obstructed view tickets on second balcony. Foolish me, I though I could do better than that. Tried April 10th, nothing. Hurried back to get my hands on the obstructed ones form the 9th, too late. Less than a minute in and nothing was available!

    Now instead of paying scalpers, I will donate equivalent amount they charge for two tickets to charity.

  81. I guess you can call me lucky of sorts. I obtained 4 tickets: 1 for my child 12 years of age who absolutely loves David’s music, my wife and my daughter who will be introduced to David’s music, and myself who, I’m a devoted music lover with David at the top of the scale.
    This experience with ticket master has been so frustraing. I went on their website at the exact time and couldn’t get anything. I was so frustrated after 5 minutes that I called ticket master and was able to locate to tickets for the Gibson Amphitheater , but not together. The person at ticket master couldn’t get me anymore tickets, even separated. Having lost all hope, I decided to keep trying, and suddenly, I got one. I purchased it although it cost $150 for a seat in a similar section (3rd level)as the other ticket I paid $99 for. My son then went on the net again and myrically got one too, at the inflated price. We are all going but not seating together.
    How could this happen?? I am so dissapointed that other funs who did the right thing were not able to get a ticket. I must have been blessed that day. In my opinion, David should not allow the promoters to abuse fans and treat them this way. The world class act that his artistry represents warrants an orderly and fair approach. I have resently saw Paul McCartney and the Eagles, and this problems did not occur. Maybe a bigger venue, but all this people making money on the back of David’s gifts and causes should not be allowed to occur. David, your music has been part of the joy of life, I hope your concert is every bit a dream as your music. I will get over this rough star and look foward to seeing you. Shame on ticket master. All musicians should find another method to treat their fans in the way they deserve by having proper access to their shows.

  82. Hi, regarding how people get hold of tickets for these sought after gig’s, I hold the view that it is an inside job! i.e. the ticket agents already have their distribution list and stuff the rest of us.

    For example, for both David Gilmore and the recent Cream concerts I have had 5 browsers open from the start of the sale, as well as 3 members of my team trying to get through on the phone and guess what, we couldn’t buy any of the tickets. I have very fast connections, top of the line PC’s and am in the computer trade so we know what we are doing. I am a MASSIVE david Gilmore fan and am extreamely dissapointed. As with all the mug punters I will now purchase my tickets on e-Bay and line the pockets of those people working with the ticket agents to make money! David if you read this, you and the Floyd boy’s must get together again one more time for the fans!

  83. Pink Floyd and more specifically David Gilmour have fascinated my ears ever since I can remember. Simply put though, ticket prices are ridiculously expensive!

  84. There’s got to be a way to beat the scalpers at their game. What about this…it’s so simple…pay admission price at the venue – no presales – period. Once you receive your ticket, you’re hand is stamped (to avoid the buyer of the ticket from scalping in front of the venue). If you don’t have a ticket in hand and a stamp, you don’t get in. Sure, the venue would have to have appropriate staff on hand, and proper personnel to handle money, and it could be very time consuming, but if the TRUE fan is ever to get a break, this would work. If I had to go through this to ensure we put scalpers out of business, I definitely would. Furthermore, if tickets were to be sold in advance, the user should have to show all sorts of ID to verify that he or she was indeed the purchaser. Am I a space cadet? Doesn’t this make sense? It seems things are getting so complicated and quite honestly, the only people able to keep up are those that are up to no-good or out to make a buck at our expense!

  85. Hi all,
    can anyone please help me by providing me with the promoter for David’s Toronto, Canada shows?
    I need to contact them to have any chance of seeing him in April.
    Please help!


  86. This message is for Cary – I’ve been told by Ticketmaster that the TO promoter is Clear Channel. Good luck!!!!! If you get anywhere with them – let me know. Ticketmaster insinuated that they’re the ones responsible for the ticket fiasco.

  87. Like most of the entries that I have read, I too tried to purchase tickets for one of the Radio City shows (was online waiting, etc…albeit unsuccessfully) only to end up paying approx $500 for two tickets from some unscrupulous person in order to get to the first show. It’s very frustrating to know that if you play by the rules these days, you are going to get royally screwed.
    For those of you that have never been to Radio City, you will definitely enjoy the venue. I have been to quite a number of performances there, seating in various parts of the building. I haven’t had a bad seat yet, and the acoustics are great.
    I am looking forward to an evening experiencing the music of one of the legends of the music of my era with great anticipation.

  88. Hi everyone,
    I was one of the many trying to buy tickets online from Ticketmaster at 12:00. I tried to get two tickets “best available” and was disappointed as were many of you. Immediately I decided to try and buy one ticket. It appears I was very fortunate to get a floor ticket in the sixth row (center section) for the April 9th show in Toronto. The most difficult part was telling my wife that I have “a” fantastic seat an not two seats. I’m very lucky she knows how much I’m looking forward to seeing David Gilmour live. Has anyone heard a rumour of a DVD for the concert? That would be brilliant!

  89. Dear David,
    Tried to get two tickets, one for me and my wife for the CHI gig. Unfortunately, They had only one, so I did not buy it.
    Anyway, I love you man. Pisces rule. Saw you twice, in Modena and Verona, Italy and could go to Venice, but prefered to see it on TV.
    I love you man.
    Italian living in USA
    World seer, gem dealer, artist

  90. Dear David,

    I got both tickets for toronto, can’t wait.Feel so lucky,I look forward hearing On an Island.take care,David and Polly.Good luck with your Tour.all the best for 2006.

  91. Sir David,

    Another Toronto-nian that got screwed by the scalpers and ticket-brokers. It’s a damn shame! Anyway, if you ever come back to Toronto please choose a larger venue. You could sell out the ACC in minutes! Good-Luck on your tour!


  92. If anyone is out there, I would like to trade a ticket for David’s Sunday night Massey Hall show for one on Monday night. Mine is LSB and will trade for similar seating.

  93. This blog might be “dormant” but for the Toronto Show… I feel for those who were unable to score tix for TO. But, if anyone out there has a Monday night ticket (single) they would be wlling to trade for one on Sunday night… I would like to trade a ticket for David’s Sunday night Massey Hall show for one on Monday night. Mine is RSB and will trade for similar seating.

  94. I bought my tickets on eBay, for a $100 over the $165 ticketmaster price,I see nothing wrong with buying and selling tickets, its called a free market here in the USA, you buy something you have every right to sell it for whaever the market will bare

    thank god, I dont have to live under the socialist views many of you hold proud!

    [Actually, you aren’t free to sell tickets and the authorised sellers have every right to stop you. – Features Editor]

  95. where can i find the setlist of what david is playing on the islan tour?

    [Within each blog entry, Tom. There’s one for each night of the tour and they all include the setlist. – Features Editor]

  96. Oh how I feel for you unfortunates not able to acquire tickets to see David! I have had heartbreaking times with TicketMaster over the years too, believe me! Luckily I was able to get 1 one orchestra ticket on the end neat the back (but atleast I am IN!). I called at exactly 10:00 A.M from Oakland, for EITHER of the Oakland shows, the day they went on sale. Though I wanted two tickets for my dear wife and myself, there were NONE available. Period. I was told to call back the next day. I did, and consider myself lucky to get myself in Monday. My wife understands. I will be there. Happy Easter everyone. Guy

  97. You should track all the tickets sold to wholesalers and when they appear on ebay then you should note the number and then not sell to that wholesaler again. I noticed many tickets had a photo and you could read the number.

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