No Floyd reunion


Before you get carried away by the latest rumours, please allow us to make the following crystal clear.

There is no Pink Floyd reunion in the pipeline and there will be no Pink Floyd shows anywhere in the world in November – or at any other time.

An official statement will be coming out later today categorically denying reports that appeared in yesterday’s British press, which speculated that there will be a Pink Floyd reunion later this year. Please see for this statement.

One Sunday tabloid reported yesterday that there will be at least two shows in London’s Royal Albert Hall. David is, of course, playing at this venue three times in May, but there will be no following Pink Floyd shows.

Sorry to disappoint, but we have to make it clear before the story escalates further and people get their hopes up.

It’s not going to happen, so no questions please. Everything that needs to be said will be said in the statement.

Of course, do feel free to have your say on this story here. We know that many of you will be disappointed, not least because we have received a great many questions with regards to a possible reunion since David’s site was launched. But David is very much looking forward to his own sell-out tour, and we hope that, for now, you can remain focused on that instead of worrying about the future of Pink Floyd.

Thank you.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

207 thoughts on “No Floyd reunion”

  1. I am not disappointed at all.

    Thank you David for looking after your tour. This is the best news for everybody bought your tickets. And thank you for involving great musicans, Richard in primis.

    The Pink Floyd is indeed a “big machine”. Hopefully there will be time for moving it later.

    Looking forward to listening “on an Iland”

  2. I am looking forward to David’s forthcoming solo album a lot… but we all know that we want a PF reunion ha! In my opinion, David knows that by using the name will mean that HUGE attention will be placed on anything they do (heck, just look at the media surrounding their Live 8 appearance), and at this moment he feels that he can comfortably do what he likes under his name without the extra pressure of making whatever he does “PF big”… he has more control this way and we still get to hear his music. However, I hope that after the solo album has been released and the tour completed that there can be some more PF activity, even if it is a “last hurrah”… But my suggestion to everyone here is for now to put that to one side and concentrate on looking forward to David’s album and tour, and put our energies into that. You never know what could be around the corner…!

  3. LOL,

    Every year one of these stories comes out, and every year there is pure hysteria. I think it’s just a scam to get people to buy newspapers. Perhaps if we all click our heels together 3 times and chant ‘there’s no place like home’ it will happen.

    ala-shazaam, piff paff poof, abracadabra… think my magic wand is broke…gf won’t be pleased

  4. Dear David and dear Features Editor,

    12 years passed from the Division Bell tour, but in 1994 I was too young to go to a concert.

    After all these years, I lost the hope to see Pink Floyd in my life!

    I tought that no one of them would come in Italy again! And David’s solo tour is a dream that come true! So, I hope to have the opportunity to see Pink Floyd together in my life….BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS THAT I WILL SEE DAVID GILMOUR, who is ever been my favourite Pink Floyd’s member!

    So, I hope of a Pink Floyd reunion…but now I rejoice at David concert!

    And I know that the new album and the tour will be unforgettable!



    P.S. Is that another Polly’s pictures? I love it! Very natural and relaxing! Thank you Polly and thank you Features Editor!

    [It sure is another of Polly’s, Lucia. You’ll be able to see a larger version over at the Gallery soon. – Features Editor]

  5. PF has always been a fluid entity, with formal members coming and going and many supporting people doing the same. At the same time, the contributions of the people in the ring at any different time have varied from the intensely involved to phoned in. So I guess I just don’t get it with regard to the need to have the words Pink Floyd stamped on the ticket. Isn’t this new tour more or less just a new iteration of the same collective of musicians? Are we that dependent on corporate branding? I think that what Gilmour is doing is fantastic, and I respect his stance of resisting the temptation to become a greatest hits band and dragging all the bagage that entails.

  6. Much as I would be estactic regarding a Pink Floyd reunion, I feel it is also time to let David, Richard, Nick and Roger move on into their chosen individual endevours.
    Live 8 was a truly awe inspiring performance and I feel a fitting end to the Pink Floyd Legend.

    David,Im sure will deliver a lyrical, Beautiful album that will easily stand up to the best of his work. If Im honest then, yes I am going to the show in the hope that David will revist some of his past but I am also very much looking foward to hearing fresh music. We should all be grateful that David is still inspired enough to want to create more fantastic music and also be willing to tour behind it.

  7. OK, there will be no reunion this year, so nothing is said about next year :)))

    Anyway, I find phrases like “you can remain focused on that instead of worrying about the future of Pink Floyd.” rather dissapointing and sad. Because for us David Gilmoure first of all is member of Pink Floyd and only after that we think of him as solo musician [and I do not depreciate him as solo musician, Pink Floyd had more records than David alone]. And it is normal that people keep questioning whether Pink Floyd will play again or not. These questions will raise all the time.

  8. Right now, I’m looking forward to Davids tour. Something that I had not thought to happen this time last year. I’m extremely happy that I will get the opportunity to see David play once more. Besides that I expect the new material to be brilliant.

    Of course I hope that Pink Floyd will do something again, but right now would not be the time. David has a right to tour his solo work and to get the appreciation earned by hard work.

    I would like David to know there are a lot of fans who do feel this. Just our voice may not be as loud as people constantly whining about Pink Floyd. A bit of realism doesn’t do any harm IMO…


  9. Pink Floyd was a great, great band. but as far as i’m concerned, i’m ecstatic to see just two of them. neither david nor richard HAS to continue to record or tour – we are so incredibly fortunate that they have chosen to do so.

    i buy every speck of Floyd music and film that i can lay my hands on, so Pink Floyd still ‘exists’ for me, but without the ongoing emotional toll on its members. why wish that on them? it’s enough for me that they still create new work.

  10. I guess these Floyd reunion rumours must be upsetting for David. Here he is focusing on his upcoming tour, and must find this bloody annoying………. if not unexpected.

    Let’s face it though, these rumours will always persist until such a time that David declares ‘Pink Floyd is all over for good’, but of course not many in these parts will ever want to hear that.

  11. No surprise there. David’s concentrating on his own album and tour, Rick’s helping David out, Nick’s concentrating on his book, and Roger’s concentrating on his opera. All four have plenty to worry about without having to plan and rehearse for a reunion show or tour.

    Of course all that means is that their plates are full for the foreseeable future. Who knows what will happen once David’s tour is over and Roger’s opera has been staged to his liking? I’m sure David will want some more family time, but every few years he gets the itch.

  12. well said everyone! david’s album and tour is the main thing and david is the main man. of course i love pink floyd but i won’t let the latest reunion rumour overshadow david’s big moment. it would be such a kick in the teeth for david if we all started complaining that this floyd rumour isn’t true. we wouldn’t have this site and blog to complain to if not for david’s new album and tour. can’t wait to see david in manchester. it’s going to be fab.

  13. Thank you very much for explanation, because all of us,I think, hope to see the Pink Floyd reunited…we hope this happens in the future!

    see you on march in Milan David


  14. RIP Pink Floyd. No better band has existed in my opinion but life is about change and David on his own is freaking awesome to me. Why should he return to all the stress and apparent bickering? He is certainly worthy of a solo career and judging by how fast tickets were snatched up, it would seem his fans think so too. Although yeah I must confess that I’m as thrilled as anyone that Rick will be on keys…it’s David I’m driving over 300 miles to see, and only David.

    See ya in Chicago,

  15. here I just noticed that Polly has vocal acknowledgement on Smile….hmmm. Ok I’m a bit slow on the uptake probably.

  16. I’m delighted to be having the chance to see David in concert as I never believed that would happen. Besides, he’s the best looking…

  17. Hey its not all doom and gloom, we’ve got a David Gilmour album and tour coming up so any talk of the Floyd reuniting doesnt really fit at the present time!

    Although one can dream and hope that one day the Floyd will get together for a final blast, im sincerely happy with what is coming up i.e New music by the great David Gilmour.

  18. would of been nice but im not botherd, DG with a solo album excites me as much.

    this just makes you think about everything else they say in the papers.. its all aload of bulls***

  19. Surely David’s solo tour is enough for these people? 😛

    New material by the team (David/Polly) that wrote pretty much all of the last two PF albums, and a touring band including Richard Wright and Guy Pratt? So, no Roger or Nick, and probably no big screen… it’s not the end of the world, really…

    David’s Meltdown appearance is to date the best gig I’ve been to, so if the new tour is anywhere near as good as that (and I suspect that it will be), then I’m going to be more than happy.

    As Nick Mason said himself at Live8, Pink Floyd are considered a “novelty act”.

    I would personally prefer to see David play new material, than pay through the nose to see Floyd run through “Dark Side Of The Moon”, “The Wall”, or “Wish You Were Here” in front of a crowd who are probably only there because “that song about teachers” sounded really rebellious when they heard it on the radio once…

    Want a nostalgic reunion? Go and see “The Australian Pink Floyd”, “Think Floyd”, “Off The Wall” or any of the other tributes out there! And you won’t have to pay £6 for a burger at Earls Court either 🙂

    Thanks for the blog by the way, it’s great, and I really enjoy reading people’s posts and top fives. Maybe we can do a “Top Five Reasons Not To Reform Pink Floyd”?


    [I’m loving that idea, Daniel! It does seem to be the wrong time to start talking about Pink Floyd. – Features Editor]

  20. Dear David,

    Of course I’m a little disappointed, but truth be told I didn’t in all honesty expect a reunion and a tour. I’m grateful for you putting the record straight and killing off all these tabloid rumours though…

    I’m saving my excitement for ‘On An Island’ and the RAH shows, which should be the highlight of my musical year 🙂

    Shine on,


  21. Hello,

    “The Momentary Lapse of Reason” & “The Division Bells” shows in Rotterdam, were probably the best shows I saw, ever… and I saw a lot of other big bands too.
    And I’m satified with it, got great memories of it and that is fun enough.

    Let’s focus on what is realistic; David performing solo and maybe next year Roger Waters.

    Please don’t wait on a miracle of “another world touring Pink Floyd”, please go out tonight and see those unknown great bands, that are visting venues in your home town. Have fun with them. A new Pink Floyd is already touring and you’re waiting on the coach watching Pulse for the fifth time again…

    So I’m really looking forward to see David, if Pink Floyd doesn’t have a reunion it’s ok by me.

    I’m satisfied with the great amount of excellent proggy and symfo bands that is touring in the club circuit and the memories of the past.

    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

  22. I have very much given up my hopes to ever see Pink Floyd with my own eyes. I understand of course that it is not what they prefer and that it is hard work touring.

    I discovered the David Gilmour revival (new album and tour) two weeks ago which was apparently also waaaaaaay to late to find any tickets… My only hope now is that there will be a new David-tour in a few years…

  23. As a reaction to this story I’d just like to say that I think it’s time that the members of Pink Floyd did move on to other areas of music for awhile. I thoroughly enjoyed David’s previous solo efforts as well as Richard Wright’s and Nick Mason’s. These projects gave each band member the chance to grow as musicians and composers and find ideas that may have been limited to having to fit into the framework of a Pink Floyd project. As solo artists each musician can go in any direction they choose without working under a banner name to dictate that direction. If Pink Floyd does one day reconvene as a working band, these solo experiences will only strengthen whatever music it may then create. If Pink Floyd remains at rest then these musicians will have created all the music that that fine band could possibly have made under that name. Moving on may be painful for some, but not growing is even more painful for those who don’t.

  24. Well this post made regarding “pink floyd reunion rumors” I honestly feel and hate to say felt a tad harsh. I have been a avid Floyd fan and have the upmost respect for each member. As I have been priviledged enough to attend not only Pink Floyd and Roger Waters tours and will be in attendance at David’s tour also, I feel any negative or honestly hostile sounding information that comes in regards to a possibility of a tout or performance by Pink Floyd as a whole is not fair to the fans. We have stuck by the band for well…many many years and allowed them the success and life that they chose. I would only think that a nice “sorry not in the books right now” would suffice. Anyways it just feels that either David is angry with the band or else the statements lead one to believe this is the case, and to be honest as you know “what importance is any fans feelings anyway does it change anything??? No” I would think it would be very flattering that after sooo many years, with so many changes in music history that the members of Pink Floyd still reatin such a loyal following to this day I can turn on the radio station daily and hear many Floyd tunes alongside the top 20 “hits” this should mean more , it would to me..

  25. Who needs a Pink Floyd tour when David is taking half of Pink Floyd with him on his tour, AND playing Floyd tunes in his sets.

    There have been rumours since LIVE 8 about a Floyd tour. Get over it people!!!

  26. I have the solution: please David call Nick to play drums !
    I miss them but it’s more interesting to see what it’s gonna happen to David’ shows.


  27. I just read in the Faq that David loves Roberto Benigni’s movie “Life Is Beautiful”! Great! In this moment I’m very proud to be italian! I hope he loves many others things from Italy! Pompeii, for example!

    Thank you David!


    [Sure he does, Lucia. He speaks very good Italian, too. – Features Editor]

  28. Hey Features Ed. I’m Sorry to tell you that you’re wrong! There will be a Floyd Reunion! And i will see it! If David and Rick Together (Plus Jon Carin, GUy Pratt and hopefully Dick Parry) is not a Floyd Reunion what in this world is?!!? i am facing this Gilmour Tour the same way i faced Floyd shows back in 1994( the single difference is that the setlist will be, naturally, Focus on David’s songs).

    Come on guys! until June, July let us focus on David’s work. after that we can speculate as much as we want!

    [I stand corrected, then! – Features Editor]

  29. Here in Los Angeles we have Which One’s Pink-A great Floydian tribute band. In fact Alan Parsons has helped out with the shows. On March 18th at the VAULT 350 they will play ANIMALS in its entirety. I missed that tour in 77,so I am pleased of this news….. Michael Miller

  30. Please address this situation.

    I have an extra pair of tickets I purchased through Seetickets for one of the RAH shows. I have not received the tickets yet.

    I assume there will be other fans who for one reason or the other end up with extra tickets).

    We are not touts or scalpers looking to cash in on the demand for Daivid’s shows we just would like to sell them at face value plus the booking charges and get then into the hands of another fan. What should I do?

    Will Seetickets refund my money and resell them?

    [I’ll find out for you, Mark, and will let you know. There are a lot of concerns over tickets, so we need to address this so that everyone with a legitimate concern can be reassured. Bear with me, OK? – Features Editor]

  31. I’m probably in the minority here but I’m okay with no Pink Floyd reunion. As we saw on Live 8, the magic between the four main players is gone. There’s no point to simply go through the motions. Live’s too short.

    Besides, the only reason I ever went to Pink Floyd shows or bought their albums was to hear Mr. Gilmour play anyway. I’d even be happy if his upcoming tour’s setlist included ONLY David Gilmour’s solo work. I’d be especially happy if he played: “Cry From The Street”. I’ve never heard him do it live before and I’d LOVE to!

  32. David, WE know ‘which one’s Pink’ – it’s always been you, from day one…

    i agree, do a ‘Top Five Reasons Not to Re-Form Pink Floyd’ blog-topic! :O) it could be very entertaining.

  33. PF Management 1 June 2005:
    “Pink Floyd categorically not performing at Live 8 in July”

    PF Management 1 February 2006:
    “Pink Floyd categorically not performing at November”

    Sorry, couldn’t resist, but you have to concede, the denials department at PF Towers is a little unreliable of late 😮

    [Well, would you argue with Bob Geldof?! Seriously though, Live 8 was a big deal and it mattered a great deal to David and the other members of Pink Floyd that they contribute to such a momentous event. Therein lies the difference between reuniting for a one-off benefit gig and reuniting just for the sake of reuniting. – Features Editor]

  34. I consider myself one of the fortunate few that have been able to get tickets for what I’m sure will be a memorable concert. I will see David in Toronto on my birthday, with my young son who is a budding guitarist and saxophone player! (… what are the odds)I’m hoping David will become something of a musical role model for him! He too is excited about seeing Davide live – must have something to do with listening to Animals – repeatedly – through his mother’s tummy.

    I too am very grateful that David has decided to tour -it can’t be easy leaving friends, family and familiar surroundings to be “on the road”. I also look forward to the release of his new album.

    Let’s be thankful for what lies ahead musically from Mr. Gilmour and not waste energy hoping and wishing for a nostalgia trip.

  35. Well they would say that wouldn’t they?

    Actually, I hope Floyd don’t play the RAH. If they were only to play a few shows there (the rumours were between 2-14 shows?) and nowhere else, I think it would cause more consternation amongst the fanbase. Given their profile and status at the moment, they could play any stadia in the world without fear of not selling out. Should they play just, say, 5 shows at the RAH that’s just 35,000 tickets. Imagine the frustration and anguish of trying to get these tickets? There would be millions worldwide attempting to purchase them. Imagine the prices they’d go for on eBay and via other ticket agencies? And what would be the point of playing just a few shows? If they do decide to play together again, I hope they do a proper tour so that everyone has a good chance of seeing them. If they want a historic send-off, Live 8 was absolutely perfect.

  36. I’m very disappointed of this part of your post:

    [ there will be no Pink Floyd shows anywhere in the world in November

    Never say never Mr.Gilmour please!

  37. David Gilmour’s Tour and Album are more than enough to satisfy my Floyd fix for now. Better to save any remote reunion chance in the future for a cause that merits the statement that event would make….

    Hmm, what would a worthy cause be? Middle-East Peace, Poverty, Disease, New Energy Sources, Disarmament…

    Aw-heck….now I’m getting caught up in this…..

  38. Happy day,

    The novelty of their act never wore off of me and my brain, but it is what it is. I do wish there would be more than 10 US dates in 5 locations, though. Alas, I’ll have to wait for the concert to make the P2P networks. And I so wanted to hear Near The End live…was always my favorite on About Face.

  39. Come on people, being able to see Mr. Gilmour now is a ture honer, lets be happy that they are able to go to select citys in the world and do these shows for us. I myself have never seen a PF concert, But being able to see Mr. Gilmour and the crew will be one of the best things that has happened in my life, next, well meeting my wife and being able to share this concert with her.

  40. I’m not sure how everyone else feels, but I’m just happy to see the band doing things together again, even if it’s denying tour rumours. Here’s hoping Roger gets invited to David’s 60th birthday party.


  41. The old saying still rings true, ‘don’t belive everything you read.’ Especially from tabloids!
    It’s very cool that you have this Blog going to keep everyone informed with the CORRECT information. Good work.

  42. Daniel –

    Here’s my quick 5 reasons:

    1) First solo (studio) album from DG in 22 years
    2) See 1

    And I didn’t even mention the upcoming tour…

    My musical appetite is for DG and his sound, or at least that’s what jumps out at me from PF albums, so to get pure DG is a delight. And there are still Floyd friends involved, but with broader musical horizons and a fantastic group of musicians. Reasons to be cheerful, 1, 2, 3… 🙂

    For the record, I only have 1 good reason to reform Pink Floyd: new material. Of course I’d love to see another Floyd show, but doing a greatest hits type tour is so cheesy, and I respect David for not doing it, in fact all of them. It’s clear that DG is an artist of integrity, rather than just cashing in for the sake of it and looking like a bunch of old boys knocking out tunes of yesteryear. They’re way too good for that.

    BUT: I can’t hide the fact that I secretly yearn for a meeting of the Gilmour/Waters/Wright/Mason minds for a new album. If pigs were to fly again, that’s where I’d love them to fly…


  43. Why should we believe you, David or Pink Floyd managment? Every single Pink floyd project or tour has been completley denied since David took over the reigns in 1986. Mlor was denied until just before the tour. The divison bell tour was also denied until the last minute press conference. Both albums were recorded in complete secret. Live 8 was denied until a few days before the event. We have been given multiple release dates for the Pulse Dvd. To be honest this is why Pink floyd rumors are so easily believed. The fans know better then to believe everything David or PFM has to say, because ultimatley its not creditable, and we know it could still be true. David we are all anxiously waiting your album and tour, I think you can see that by how quickly the tickets sold, but we will always prefer a Pink floyd album and tour. Lets face it, none of us are getting any younger, and we would love to see the Pink Floyd experience one more time. Enjoy the succes of the album, enjoy the tour, but please dont dismiss bringing out the powerhouse one more time so easily.

    [Your choice, Randy. They say ignorance is bliss, after all. – Features Editor]

  44. This is kind of off topic but i thought i’d share it anyway. I tried ordering Davids first solo cd “David Gilmour” from a store called “Strawberries”. They told me that my order has been discontinued because they don’t make the cd anymore. I was wondering if anybody here can clarify this because I highly doubt they don’t make the cd anymore.

  45. I am happy this one will be a solo tour, for I am looking for all that David has gathered and created musically since the last PF album. I am curious about what new things he has to say and show us, and I take that it is all very special to make him decide to go on a world tour after all these years.

  46. Hey, how do you think I feel? My wife of all people can brag that she once saw a Pink Floyd gig, but now it looks like I never will. Just imagine, one last album with Dave, Roger and Rick writing together – that was the Floyd at their best, when the three of them creatively contributed (not when Roger was taking over). C’mon guys… millions of fans can’t be wrong.

    But whatever happens, thanks for what you’ve left behind. The gulf between the quality of music you made and the crap we hear today (bar a few notable exceptions) is enormous.

  47. I’ll just keep saying this: I am looking forward with great anticipation to seeing David’s performance at Radio City Music Hall on 4 April! My psyche level has grown to an even higher level after seeing the list of fantastic musicians that will comprise David’s band.

    At this time, I have zero expectations for beyond this show, but I will note that I hope this will not be the last time I ever see David in a live performance.

    Best Regards ~ JMac

  48. why should he tour with pink floyd when he can sell out shows as david gilmour, that way HE gets all the $ and not the “other” members of floyd. he dosent have to share as large of portions of $ to others as david gilmour, whereas pink floyd would mean 3-4 other people getting even cut. he wants it all….

    [To be fair, there would be a lot more money at stake for David if it were a Pink Floyd project, even with the main profits shared three or four ways. However, money is most certainly not David’s motivation. He’s made an album that he has a right to be proud of and he wants to perform it live. It’s as simple as that. – Features Editor]

  49. Sorry to say this, but we have to agree with much of Randy Ekstrom’s comments. Rumor rules when the truth is nowhere to be seen. PFM would never have to worry about squelching rumors IF PFM would only keep the fan community up to date. Whether or not there is anything being planned, it would be a great service for the community to not be ignored and allow rumor and speculation to run rampant. It would also be a great service to the fan community if PFM would state the “real” reason for the PULSE DVD delay.


  50. I can understand why David must be upset with the media. He’s really excited about his new album and 2006 world tour, and then the media overshadows “his moment of glory” with reunion gossip.

    We should be happy with the release of his upcoming album and tour. Hey, we’re getting 1/2 of Pink Floyd on stage! David & Rick together!! The musical part of the group. Plus, David even said in the Rolling Stone interview that this is his best work ever! If that’s true, then we are in for a real treat!!

    Seriously, I look at the Rolling Stones, who just toured the United States, again, for the 3rd or 4th time since 1994 and they are a shell of what they used to be as a band. Gilmour is doing what is right. He is protecting the legacy of Pink Floyd. Floyd does not need to be cheapened into a band like The Eagles on their Farewell Tour III. C’mon. What a joke.

    Have faith, I’m sure there will be another benefit concert down the road where Pink Floyd will perform another one-off show for a good cause!! Remember, if Pink Floyd ever regroup or record again, it will be on their own terms. Pink Floyd has always done things on their terms!

    The only way I would ever want to see Pink Floyd live again is if there is new album material. Then they should go on a tour of intimate theatres calling themselves Sigma 6, The Screaming Abdabs, or Tea Set. That would be humorous!!!

  51. Dear all

    While we are busy speculating “will there be a Pink Floyd reunion, tour” and all the rest, I would like to give everyone a reality check.

    There have been a vast number of people in this blog who appreciate that this is a David Giulmour album and tour and they are truly grateful for that. But to all those that perhaps want more, I remind you of this. We as fans have had something much more than David has ever had and we should count ourselves very lucky. I think it was on Sue Lawleys “Desert Island Discs” that David alluded to it. He said that he wished he could have listened to Dark Side Of The Moon with fresh ears for the very first time. He never had that! With listening to the first demo’s, then working on the music until it was ready for recording, he never heard it fresh and virgin, as we have, for the very first time.

    I count myself as extremely fortunate!

  52. Well,I must say that I do not believe the “official denials” thing, cause I know that the guys want to perform again together and it will happen, no matter what. Pigs will fly again, for sure!

  53. I’m not disappointed at all. Now, if there was an official statement from the band (or member) about the tour and it was later cancelled, then I’d be disappointed. But I never believe most of the bullshit that the media throws at us anyway.

    I’m sure that if the Floyd ever want to get back together for a final farewell show, or a small handfull of shows for some form of closure (which I am hoping will happen in a year or 2), and if the band or their official management ever announce or confirm this, well then… I have just 2 words… instant ejaculation : )

  54. If you think tickets were hard to get for this tour most of you would be outraged while attempting to purchase Pink Floyd tickets if they toured. I feel as though the best option after Davids tour would be to take at least a few years to write an album with Rick and Nick while going under a new band name. This would hopefully cancel out all the passive floyd fans who know only their greatist hits played on classic rock stations. It may also prove successful in dealing with ticket price gouging, but that may be too much to ask in this day in age. I wish I was a rich man, if only to have bought stacks of tickets to these gilmour shows to sell for under face value to all the less fortunate fans out there.. I honestly dont think Floyd will ever tour again, and if they did I have a pretty good feeling that I would not be able to aquire a ticket for under $1000 a ticket if at all (there are some gilmour tickets that are going for $1500..), so lord knows I am counting my lucky stars for THIS opertunity to see David, Rick, Guy, and friends at work..

  55. David Gilmour and Richard Wright performing Live, on stage, in a small auditorium, just feet away from where you’re sitting. Playing new, currently unheard material and a few old time classics thrown in. This is reality, happening, not a dream. Heck if it matters, just scribble Pink Floyd on your souvenir program while waiting for the show to start. Close your eyes and revel in it. Just doesn’t get much better than this.

    Thanks David for making a long time DG/PF fan very happy!

    Mike Hesten.

  56. That’s fine if PF does not get together, but they are united. I would like to see an Anthology album released that feature outtakes, unreleases, alternate versions, demo remasters, and any unreleased songs by Roger Keith that are dressed up- similar to “Free as a Bird”. I would suggest that the format be similar to the Beatles Anthology. They would not have to tour.

  57. I think most fans knew that story was BS before it was debunked on here. Those of us going to your shows already get a half reunion, and that’s more than I expected. I don’t get excited easily, but I screamed when I saw the news about Rick touring. I’ve never had the chance to see any of them, and I can’t wait. David’s new album is gonna be awesome, and a month later I’ll finally get to see these guys. Say… David, did you think about playing Echoes? hehe I mean you’ve got Rick there, you’d might as well. 😉

  58. I was lucky enough to see the Momentary Lapse of Reason tour twice as well as The Division Bell tours. I’ve also seen Waters on the Pros/Cons tour twice. And now I hold a ticket to the upcoming Gilmour show. To me I would say I got a good Floyd concert fix and even though I would love to see them perform again – I’m not loosing sleep if they don’t.

    To me, Pink Floyd was always a very personal thing anyway. They made great music that you can play and escape to another world. It is great for initimate crowds. Imagine those evenings outside by the fire with some good friends, some good beer and some good Floyd. Priceless. Certainly not the same experience as with 50,000 people all around you.

    What I would like is a new studio album from the band. And I would also like bands like the Who and the Rolling Stones to stop touring. It comes a time when enough is enough. And it is clear by the ticket prices that most of their tours are about the money.

    Touring takes a lot out of a person. An album takes a lot too, but you don’t have to be “on” everyday (or every night). You can take a day off.

    Afterall, the band is not getting younger and “Geritol” is already sponsoring the Stones.

    Let it lie and let’s see what this “new” band brings.

    As for the story on clamping down on ebay and scalpers for the RAH shows. The clamping down should be done. However, there are people out there that sometimes legitimately need to sell their tickets because something else came up. Problem is that in many cases, the box office does not offer refunds and you have to sell your tickets somehow. I have no issue with people selling tickets on ebay if the price is at most 10% more than ticket price. It is when the price is twice the amount or more – that is a problem.

  59. Hi, I was interested in the comments about the RAH acting against ticket touts. I haven’t got a problem with this at all, however perhaps they should also stop selling tickets to premium ticket agencies such as Westminster who are selling them on for upto £275. This is outrageous profiteering in my view and just as bad as people who seek to make a profit out of real fans through ebay.

  60. David, WE know ‘which one’s Pink’ – it’s always been you, from day one..

    Posted by: Laurie at January 30, 2006 04:44 PM

    Laurie, I love David as much as anyone else here, but seeing as how David wasn’t brought into the Floyd mix until the middle of the second album, it hasn’t been exactly since “day one” 😉

    As for Pink Floyd rumors: Let it be, let it be…there will be an answer, let it be, let it be

  61. Pink Floyd, Pink Floyd, Pink Floyd. Unfortunately way too many people (including me) have an overriding sentimental attachment to that name. The reality is that when David takes the stage (I am rotten to the core with jealousy of all those who are able to attend his shows) the name on the bass drum is of little relevance. We should all be looking forward to the voice, the guitar and the music. Close your eyes and pretend it’s Pink Floyd if you really must.

  62. Dear Mr Gilmour,

    I fully understand and I’m really keen on your new album. For me it is as valuable as new PInk Floyd project, although Pink Floyd is the magic name and full of meanings.

    However I don’t think that the name of the project is important but people who stay behind it, and as a real fan of Pink Floyd I’m always very interested in new solo album of each Pink Floyd’s current or former members and I fully understand their need for creating solo masterpieces.

    Thanks once again for your heavenly music that is very important part of my life.

    Thank you very much indeed Mr David!

  63. In answer to Kevin’s question somewhere above, you can order David’s first CD “David Gilmour” from Amazon (at least, that’s where I was able to purchase it last year). Good luck!

    Now, dear Features Editor, in response to the ‘bent-out-of-shape’ die hards out there, WE DID HAVE OUR JUST-ONE-MORE-TIME PINK FLOYD REUNION at Live8! Jeez, I was thrilled out of my mind just to catch that on tv (complete with VH1 interruptions), and then to have David recording AND touring AND with Rick!!! Count your blessings and quit bitching about how it’s STILL not good enough for crissake!

    Keep up the good work — I know the vast majority of ‘us’ are very happy with the upcoming CD/tour and are grateful that David is still interested in performing on the road! He could have just released the CD, stayed at home with the family and enjoyed a well-earned break!

    Thanks again!
    Gabrielle in Washington State

  64. 1967 – 1985 = 18 years with R. Waters
    1986 – 2006 = 20 years !!! without R.Waters
    (is this correct?)
    hmm I`m not a crazy fan of Pink Floyd, (my own life is crazy enough)

    I think the 3 men – Gilmour, Wright, Mason dont need Waters to created fantastic music! Thats what i think about Pink Floyd. In my mind: Live8 was Pink Floyd with one guest (Mr. R. Waters). It was NOT a reunion.

    And as i saw and listen the Meltdown DVD …. WHOAH David Gilmour dont need a big lightshow for his music. These mix: Voice, guitars, the band. (the woman with the cello!!) WONDERFUL!!!

    I`m only disappointed, i was to late for a ticket in Hamburg for the ‘On An Island’ tour! Hope the management of David Gilmour change there plans and a DVD comes: David Gilmour-DVD: ‘On An Island’
    ;-)))))) Oohh Let me dream!!


  65. David is looking so relaxed! He certainly deserves it after all this song writing, album making (with the Live 8 detour), and tour planning/preps for this spring.

    It’s hard to believe, but there was a time back in 1984, where David was touring his second solo album, “About Face”, when on May 1st of that year, about 200 people showed up at The Odeon in Birmingham !! David got so discouraged about the tour he later said “…if people don’t want it…I’m not gonna keep flogging it” ( ref: “Saucerful of Secrets” – N. Schaffner)

    What a difference here with this sold out tour – all without “Pink Floyd” on the marquis!!

    Shine On David!

    tom from san diego

  66. Dear David 🙂 My name is Martin. I come from Poland. I’m writing to you because I’d like to know more about your tour. I dream about your concert in Poland. And i know it isn’t probably possible (concert in this year in Poland) but I will be glad if you try think about my proposition. I’m sory for my mistake. 😛 🙂 Maby you will visit our country.
    I hope so …. 🙂

  67. I just saw somewhere on the web there would be a single on 7th february : the track “On An Island”. Is there true? It would be very nice to hear david on the Radio! And I don’t care of Pink Floyd! I want to hear David solo and to see David without PF; That will happen twice in Paris! Waohh!!!!
    Excuse my bad English…

  68. It would be interesting to see what Mr Gilmour will play.
    I would like to suggest maybe play a track written by Phil Manzanera/Roxy Music

    “More Than This”
    “The Space Between”

    ps…. or maybe a Brian Eno track.

    (Mr. Gilmour and Eno have crossed paths many times and share friends and Muscians)

  69. Kevin

    I had the LP when it first came out, but bought the CD in the UK only a few weeks ago!

  70. There’s a bit of confusion regarding the RAH/eBay policy, Features Editor, and I’m hoping you may be able to clear that up.

    I was one of the first 300 to sign up on the website, so I was able to get a pair of tickets. Obviously because of the nature of the deal I didn’t have much time to decide whether or not I could actually get to London (I have Radio City tickets so I’m not crying about that), so I just bought them with the intention of reselling them at face value if I could not go. Then David made the appeal to either not do that or if you do to donate the proceeds to a good charity. So I decided that if I could not go I’d sell them and donate to Crisis.

    Well now RAH has released a somewhat conflicting statement. The first sentence says “Sale of tickets to the public are limited to four per person and cannot be exchanged, refunded or re-sold.” Emphasize the word refund in that sentence. Later in the statement they say “Where we have sufficient details about the tickets that are being re-sold, we notify the customer that we are cancelling the ticket, refund the purchase price, cancel the original tickets and then put the seats on sale again to the public.” Emphasize the word refund in that sentence.

    Let me be clear: If I can’t go (and that’s still an “if” at this point), I have no intention of personally profitting from reselling tickets. But I don’t want to be out the money for no reason, and I don’t want to leave two of the best seats in the house empty. So is there any way of finding out whether I can get a refund without having to put my tickets up on eBay to force their hand? Or if not, can I get a “donate proceeds to Crisis” exemption? Or is there any other way I can broker the tickets at face value?

    I really do want to use the tickets myself, but if I can’t I want to make sure another Gilmour fan can use them without anybody (including myself) feeling like I conned someone. Thanks for the help.

    [Well, unfortunately I can’t be of immediate help, but I do certainly see your point, Michael. Bear with me and I’ll get an answer for you as soon as possible, OK? I think other people will also be interested in that answer because there is definitely some confusion over this and we do need to clarify a few things. I will let you know what’s what as soon as I can, so please leave it with me. Thanks for raising the issue. – Features Editor]

  71. Dear F ed of this wonderful blog

    the count down to the 25th of March has began … few days and I will see David playing live again! the others members of the band are good, exceptionally good, but I will be there for DG, no doubt at any cost.

    THE GRASS IS GREENER … maybe the pigs will fly again, maybe the GREAT GIG IN THE SKY will SHINE, no doubt, what is nice is that there is a plan, a tour map, why keep asking for more?

    Do you think that PF together will be absolutely great, without a sign of wear, a drop in the dew or what hell a magnificent reunion just to kick the stage?

    instead …I would rather prefer that idea stands in light, a passed summer dream that keeps us so waiting and begging … no my dear floydian people, I hope that reunion will never happen again. It was the 2 of July, another milestone in our lives, but memories and recordings need honourable comments not really CDs and commercial dues.


    Hi David!

  72. Will everyone out there who does nothing but moan about “How Great it would be to see P.F. in concert” & “when are they getting together” , & “How about a new P.F. album” please remember that David,Nick & Rick have worked together since the mid 1960’s -Thats about 40 years- Christ , most of us in our own little careers, are highly unlikely to stick with the same company for that long.

    We get fed up. We want a change. We need to try & fulfill our potential. etc,etc,etc.

    So why do you insist on trying to pigeon hole a huge talent, instead of just apreciating that here we have a man who will be sixty this year, and still has his creative juices flowing, at an age when most of us will be coasting towards retirement, not wanting any stress or criticism, just a quiet life & a pension.

    Thank you for listening..
    Ranting Rog.

  73. So, there’s no Floyd reunion this year, but what about next year?? Are’nt Pink Floyd still together as a band ? I think it’s a bit funny that none of them (David, Rick or Nick) have said, ”That’s It, It’s Finished, There’s No More Floyd!”

  74. Dear Bubble-Busting Features Ed, darling but absent David, and all the rest of you lot:

    The mere rumor that the Floyd may reunite for a concert is good PR for David and his upcoming album/concerts, admit it. It only feeds the fire.

    And if anyone says they wouldn’t love to see a reunited PF in concert, they’re probably deceiving themselves AND you. This from the girl who would die happy if she could see/hear an intact Pink Floyd perform “Echoes” live and in person. At the same time I can still be thrilled to be seeing David live and to hear his new songs. Why does it have to be this or that, one or the other?

    David, dear! – enjoy all the attention (and future album sales, I’m sure) you’re getting compliments of this rumor. 😉


  75. At this time I am not concerned with a PF reunion. If it happens great. I’m more concerned with getting David down to the Southern U.S.A. I live in South Florida and can’t get to any of the U.S. shows. I’m a family man now and can’t go on any rock and roll adventures any more.

    Can you tell David the weather up north stinks, come to Florida where it’s warm and sunny. They have some great new venues to play here and we’d all love to see him and the band (the lineup is just fantastic) here!!!

  76. I can`t wait for david`s show in manchester, but having read these blogs, I certainly hope that PF is NOT “a spent force creatively”?

  77. I feel that as a fan that has supported Pink Floyd for many years, I deserve a full explaination of why they won’t play at least one full show together. Whats the big deal. It just does not make since to me. It’s music. I’ll I ask is for a good reason why not. Please.

    [The reason is: they don’t want to. You can’t get a better reason than that, Dan. – Features Editor]

  78. Hey all… me… again… I just wanted to say that I hope David is NOT reading this blog… with all the negative comments going round I can imagine the guy thinking why ever bother again? Why hastle with wasting time to record or tour when people seem to be unsatisfied no matter what. I won’t say that I wouldn’t wet my pants if a real band announcement came out for a Pink Floyd tour… and I would certainly do all I could to go. But when I went to the Division Bell tour I expected that was the last time I would ever get the chance for a Floyd show. If it truly was- I’m OK with that. As for the tour at hand I feel this may be the last chance ever to see David. I’m excited that he is coming out with new material AND a tour (and of course, that I’m GOING TO THE SHOW!!! WOO HOO!! Come on April 20!!!). I am as excited about this as I would be for a Floyd show. Thanks for the great blog (again!) Fet Ed!

    By the way… for the guy that mentioned the Who and the Stones endless touring… the Who is actually working on a new album!!! Hope they don’t call it “My Geritol Generation”… “why doncha all F-F-F-Find my teeth?”. Anyway… just wondering- since David Crosby and Graham Nash were not mentioned in the touring band, I wonder if there will be guest appearances? Or maybe their parts will be done by the girls (if they tour this time)??? Hmmm……

    [Both David and Polly are reading, Tim. It is a shame that some people just want more and more, isn’t it? Yet it does seem that those people are in the minority, with many more supportive comments coming in as of late. These are very much appreciated, so thanks to everyone for those. – Features Editor]

  79. Following Live 8, Roger was on Charlie Rose (USA talk show), and when asked about a reunion tour with PF he effectively said: “if The Floyd were to get back together, and I feel it in my bones that we will get back together again, it will be for a benefit concert like Live8, and not for a tour…” (I may be paraphasing) Even if thy don’t, I could live with it either way. There is an amazing back-catalogue for the fans. I can always watch Pulse or Pompeii, or listen to Meddle or Dark Side and relive the PF glory days a bit.

    For now, we’re being treated to an album of new material from David, and live shows with Rick! and a wonderful band performing some newer and some older songs. What could be better? Well…I’m counting my blessings. (This blog-site amonst them…thanks!)

  80. Get off the man’s leg. It is incredible that I read where a fan writes that Pink Floyd owes the fans because we made them who they are. Have you bumped your bloody head? To me, Floyd is like family, but that’s not that I worship my family. Enjoy the music and leave the rest alone.

  81. it sadens me yes to hear that no pink floyd shows ever ^^; but im glad i was alive in this life time to have gone to and enjoyed so any and the great oppurtunity to have taken both of my childen ^^ they say mom you ruined the concerts of all of the other bands, which i was proud to hear! they were 12 when i took them, young but i didnt want them to miss out on ever seeing pink floyd.

    the reunion on live 8 was something i thought i’d never see. thank you for coming together for such a great cause. that was definitely the grand finale!!!!

    **a fan for life**

  82. [quote]Sorry to say this, but we have to agree with much of Randy Ekstrom’s comments. Rumor rules when the truth is nowhere to be seen. PFM would never have to worry about squelching rumors IF PFM would only keep the fan community up to date. Whether or not there is anything being planned, it would be a great service for the community to not be ignored and allow rumor and speculation to run rampant. It would also be a great service to the fan community if PFM would state the “real” reason for the PULSE DVD delay.[/quote]

    Id like to thank Joe for understanding my point of view. Lets face it Pink Floyd managment has done a lousy job keeping the fans informed. The website is defunct, thank god Davids people started this new site, its the most we have been informed in years. As for the editor claiming I live life in ignorance, well maybee thats true, but you cant claim that what I said is untrue. PFM and Floyd themselves have done things in secretcy and denied most claims of projects or tours until the very last minute since Roger left. I also dont think by stating we wish to see Floyd again someday we are “whining”. I mean who wouldn want to see the band one last time, not everyone could make the trip to london to see history in the making. That being said, I also agree that Davids tour and album is a very good reason to be excited about. I plan on buying a few copies of the new album, as well I will be seeing David, rick, Guy, Jon and the rest of the band in April.

  83. For me I will make some thunder!!! This turn of David gilmour resembles much holds a meeting of Pink Foyd. For my part I am fan of pink floyd from the exit of pulse I lived of very beautiful history by listening to this album unceasingly

    My only dream was see the floyd one day in concert I thus knew pink floyd rather during the time without Rogers Waters .

    since the 15 years age I have bulges not without my Cd of pulse. I will see David Gilmour in March for me it’s similar there will be David, Rick, Guy and other musicians who was present on other pink floyd tour What moreover to be Happy

    The only one which for me lacks it is Nick. ,Nick, that which my parents did not like too much because at 15 years I was so much to excite by this big drum which I wanted to learn has to play of it to me also Paix with their Ear. I think that during the david tour , Nick will not fall asleep at his place without saying itself they have still to have fun this evening I would have realized a piece well.

    Loic a French Boy .

  84. I’d love to see him play a couple of songs from *Both of his other solo albums too!!!* Looking forward to Oakland…………..Tme

  85. Great photo Ed!

    It’s nice to see David looking so relaxed and so fit. I have to say, he looked pretty run down during the Meltdown concert.

    [Eds- I need some ticket help! I have 2 RAH tix but as it turns out, I can’t afford both the two NYC nights and the UK trip. In all seriousness, I planned to re-sell and donate the profits to Crisis. Kindly remind the RAH folks that there are those who actually DO NOT want to profit from the re-sale!]

  86. “The only way I would ever want to see Pink Floyd live again is if there is new album material. Then they should go on a tour of intimate theatres calling themselves Sigma 6, The Screaming Abdabs, or Tea Set. That would be humorous!!!”

    LOL, mark! would they be billed under the ‘puppet show’?

    Hellooo Cleveland!

  87. Pink Floyd Web Site 2007

    “…….. PF have today announced a World Tour of 360 shows taking in 26 countries spread across 5 continents, with an additional 4 festival shows in Europe over Summer. The 4 hour set will include Shine On, Echoes, Dogs, The Wall, all DSOTM, plus material from their new triple studio album. Tickets are priced at $15 each and available worldwide.”

    [Before you all get carried away, they will not be performing anywhere on December 25 due to other commitments – Features Ed.]

    Pink Floyd Blog Site 2007
    January 1, 2007

    This just isn’t good enough. Please, please, pleeeeese ……………..

    Posted by: R Sole at January 1, 2007 00:01 AM

    [LOL – Features Editor]

  88. Another lovely picture by Polly. That looks like the mixing room on Astoria (that we saw on BBC’s ‘Three Men in a Boat’), if I’m not mistaken.

    I wonder why David has a plasma TV in front of the mixing desk? Perhaps he likes to have Coronation Street on in the background as he mixes his album.

  89. David Gilmour, Phil Manzanera, Richard Wright,Guy Pratt, Jon Carin, Steve Distanislao, at Massey Hall in Toronto. David and Phil two the the greatest and most innovative guitar players of the modern era. I cannot wait to hear the new album and most of all watch these great artists deliver the live version. If it is anything Like Gilmour’s Meltdown dvd it will be inspiring. Thank you David.

  90. I am so looking forward to the 4/5/06 Radio City show! I did pay an arm and a legg on EBAY, but the infrequency of the touring necessitates it… I saw MLOR 3 times, Division Bell 7 times and Roger 5 times. Of course the sum of the parts does not equal the whole in any PF sense, but one takes what one gets! I am sure the band took satisfaction after LIVE8 in the global wave of agreement that this Machine would surpass all other musical/touring units if it did pull together as a team! Thanks for that great performance that left this fan weightless for a time over Battersea (RIP)!

    Glad to see the tour line up includes Rick, Jon Carin and Guy Pratt. The remaining touring personnel looks solid as does the album personnel. Time for some of the old Strat/Martin musical magic! Thanks for the memories past and about to come!

    Tobman, a loyal fan

  91. 2 July was a happiest day in my life. I was afraid, that my hair become gray from my strongest emotions. How long we all waited that moment!

    How I wanna see and hear such amazing Floyd gig another one or two or….;-)) I so wish…

    Cause only after David & Rick’s tour. I wish them meet Nick on the road. And no more words about “passengers”.

  92. Yeah!! Teaching EBay a few things!! You may have changed the face of ticket sales!! Yay for the true fans!!

  93. Hi everyone, David, Polly, children, feature editor, dogs, cats, pigs, sheep…

    i really enjoy this blog although i never made any comment here yet but now is the time!

    of course i heard about those rumors but, even if i felt that it was most unlikely, i had a humble personnal statement to make: pink floyd have never been selling out in my opinion – that said, without a new album out, a string of PF live dates would sound too much like a “greatest hits tour” and THAT would be – aside from a massive crowd pleaser – an easy buck and something under par for such a creative unit. if pink floyd would come to reform sometime, i expect them to have a final statement to offer to all of us instead of some blatant nostalgia that was never a part of what they were about.

    thanks and keep the good work!

  94. As corny as this sounds, Pink Floyd is always reuniting everytime I listen to my Fantasy Floyd iPod Playlist. I know I’m not alone but everytime I listen to this or a Floyd album in it’s entirety I feel as if the music is as fresh as the day the “record” button was pressed…

    I play music but never get to jam anymore (family/work), but whenever I get to cover a Floyd tune I get a rush…

    As long as any of them press new solo music, that is just as good as new Floyd material

  95. I must say I always feel like a naughty schoolboy on this site thesedays. The Webmaster always seems to be warning, threatening or advising in some way: well, there may be no Floyd reunion but I’ve no doubt David is doing very well out of the speculation so perhaps we could stop all of this chastisement as it’s getting rather tired.

    Just my thoughts.

    [Chastisement? Oh, give it a rest! Again, we have had to announce a fact that is unpopular with the fans. It has to be done. Remember that this section isn’t a forum where fans can say whatever they want to provoke all sorts of debate and get people wound-up. It’s the part of the site where we do advise, because we have to, and you are welcome to comment on the issue of the day. – Features Editor]

  96. I hate when newspapers come up with crazy stories like this one. If you can’t tell the truth, then why bother saying anything at all? I mean, as much as I or anyone else would love a reunion, I’d rather hear nothing about it then have it happen rather than a slew of rumours, which seems to be the case lately.

  97. I am very grateful that David is releasing a new solo album. His playing speaks to my soul and my art, and it has a great deal of meaning in my life. I am looking forward to the luminous production, the repetitive, attentive listening and the invisible subtleties which can only be revealed over time.

    Congratulations, David…may this album bring you much personal fulfillment.

  98. i saw pink floyd in 1988 for my first concert then in 1994 2 times i was 8 in 88 and 14 in 94, im now 26 and i will see david in concert several times, but id do anything to see “the greatest show on earth” again, that being the giant stage,lasers,props and speaker system that according to my grandmother “shook the house” which is 6 miles from the old 3 rivers stadium in pittsburgh,PINK FLOYD…… go steelers

  99. Dear Editor, Mr. Gilmour,

    is it not troubling so many people asking all hte time for a PF reunion…? Well, in simple terms it means that fans just would love to hear the music coming form yours, Mr. Gilmour and Mr. Waters efforts in one go. In other words, instead of PF,did you not consider just teaming up for another project with your old band colleague and write some songs together? There is not always only the possibility of doing this or that and either or, but there is always another option as in ‘and’. A solo project, you Mr. Gimour, the most emotional guitar playing that can make people weep, and PF, sheer blast of sound and music, and you Mr. Gilmour + Mr. Waters, sombre, dark, chilling song writing supported by your voices and your unique style of guitar playing. It is a business question in the end, why doing either or when AND is possible?

    As I said in a former comment, I will enjoy the Paris show of yours on the 16th in thegood old Olympia,

    bye, Robert

  100. Dear features editor, Mr.David Gilmour and all the fans who have spent the time to write in their thoughts. I wish to thank the entries from “frank par”, “seamus” & “Dominic” on their thoughtfulness on my entries on this website. It means a GREAT deal to me that someone out there is thinking about me and reading what the editors are printing. From the bottom of my heart thank you to these writers.

    I write this entry with mixed feelings. I personally had to make a decision on whether to spend the money that ‘they’ were asking for to see Mr. David Gilmour or give this money to Crisis and other charities that I donate to. I am a registered nurse who works in the acute psychiatric inpatient and er at a local hospital here in Western New York. I work with Crisis Services in our area. I need to share this story that happened to me this evening.

    I was working in the ER when I received the “typical call” that we are on alert for a female coming in who apparently attempted suicide by shooting herself in the head. For me, this unfortunately is not new, it is what I deal with daily. It was a 24yo female who did come in and indeed shot herself in a suicide attempt believing that her 3 young children who were taken away from her by child protective services would be ‘better off without her’…As I proceeded to do all the technical stabilization measures to try to save her life she ‘coded 3 times on us’—basically meaning that she had stopped breathing and her heart stopped 3 times. We as a team resuscitated her enough to transfer her to the trauma unit. When things settled, I went through a small plastic bag that she had on her person to see if there were emergency contact numbers or family/friends anyone that I could call and let them know about this young woman. No one. She is homeless and recently the father of her 3 children left her and she had no income and no money to keep the heat, electric and gas on ( someone called child protective services for this reason and her children were taken away 1 week ago)…She has no one.

    It was a busy night and when things finally settled I was on my way out to my car and I suddenly stopped. Flooded with selfish emotions, yes still angry and jealous of all those fortunate persons who are able to attend Mr. Gilmours concert and now with Mr. Richard Wright and Mr. Guy Pratt I am really ‘bumped out’..For deep down in my heart i feel that Mr. Gilmour may not want to tour again with Pink Floyd or solo. My dream and high hopes vanished a while back. But then I felt incredibly guilty. I turned and looked up at the monsteerous hospital I work at and in the trauma unit lies a 24 yo female who is on life support and half of her face has literally been blown off.

    I turned around and walked back inside and went up to her room. There lies a young desperate mother of 3 who must have had such overwhelming feelings of guilt and despair that she would attempt such a violent act of ending her life. My throat tightened and I walked up to her bed and held her hand and just talked to her and re-inforced to her that she is not alone. I am no one special, but I care what is happening to her and no doubt what she is in store for when she awakens to find out she was unsuccessful and now grossly disfigured. I hated myself for still being so wrapped up in the fact that I can not see Mr. Gilmour in concert with all the wonderful talented musicians and singers & yet in front of me lies this 24yo once very beautiful young woman. This is why I choose to give to some of the charities including Crisis in London. I am not a saint in fact I am far from one and to think of me in this way would be doing everyone a great diservice. I left her after saying goodbye and that I would be in tomorrow or this morning to see her again before my shift starts.

    I proceeded down the now darken corridors of the hallways and out again into the parking lot and into my car. My cd player as my favorites on them and one is David Gilmours-‘About face’, ‘The Division Bell & Kate Bush. I sat in my car in an automatic pilot-mode. Not thinking anymore and David’s song came on ‘ Out of the Blue’. To my surprise I broke down in tears and trembled. Was I crying because of the patient I had just stabilized? or was it because I am not ‘Lucky’ enough to afford to see Mr. Gilmour on tour which has always been a fantasy of mine? Was it because I felt absolutely powerless over this tragedy of the people striken with poverty and homelessness? I think it was a combination to be honest. I listen to Mr. Gilmour’s music and words to his songs that he has song with and without Pink Floyd and he is a treasure. He will never read this and does not know I even exist and in a way that is okay. I want to thank him for putting out this new CD and I will be buying the CD when it is due out in North America on 3/7/06…I will close my eyes for each and every date I have listed where he will be performing both in the United States, Canada and other cities. My prayers will be with him and the musicians and everyone who has a hand in making this tour possible.

    I want to again thank Polly for her beautiful photo of David who appears so relaxed and content as well he should be. He is a true gentleman and a wonderful musician, singer, song writer and father and husband. If pictures say a ‘thousand words’ than he looks pretty content with his family and with Polly who seems to make David very happy indeed. Those two are special people in my book.

    Feature editor and Mr. Gilmour and Polly keep up the great work. God bless all of you.

    I know that David does not have to put out another CD let alone go on tour again. I do know he has young children and from the sounds of it looks forward to the time that he spends with his children. He is doing this for his fans and I don’t know maybe his own personal reasons. I appreciate everything that he is doing, as well as this website and Polly’s pictures.

    Your thoughts and acknowledgement about my entries are touching and mean alot to me. But I am a nobody and this site is for the fans of Mr. Gilmour and Polly and the wonderful updates on the making of his new CD and backstage photos of behind the scene and tour information. God Bless everyone and especially the webmaster to this david gilmour web site that is done very tastefully and truthfully. I can handle just about anything but rumors and lies. This site gets down to brass tax and answers any gossip that may be heard on other websites. I only visit this one at this time. I will be with all of you in my thoughts and prayers. I don’t need to wish Mr. Gilmour and the others who will be joining him on his concert ‘Good Luck’ for these talented persons luck has nothing to do with it –it comes down to raw talent and dedication from all who are involved.

    Sometimes I feel like ‘Charlie’ In the old movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory—I deep down inside wish ‘I had the golden ticket’ but that is in the movies and not my reality. KEEP UP THE FANTASTIC WORK TO ALL INVOLVED. Thank You again to MR. David GIlmour and his wife Polly and all the musicians and the webmaster on this site. I will be visiting often especially nights/ wee hours of the morning like this when I am unable to sleep from running on adreline for 9-12hrs a day.

    A Pink Floyd re-union or tour, I agree with some other writers in this blog—Pink Floyd with and without Roger Waters has a niche in music history that will be forever remembered. David I have complete faith in you and I deep down inside know that you are at the wheel. I love your singing, guitars and all of your music it has had and no doubt will continue to have a deep impact on me and my little corner of this big world.. You and Your music and Polly’s writings from her first books ‘out of the picture’ & lying in bed have provided me a temporary escape to the everyday tragedies I see. Thank you for just being you and I wish I could do so much more for Crisis, Hospice Foundation, ALS Society and of course domestic violence and continue with my peronal hands on service to the people who may need me during their time of crisis and chaos in their lives. Who else would understand these people who are desperate and in need than someone who has been there herself?

    I will miss you Mr. Gilmour and all the other musicians. But I do have the new CD to look forward to and also the Pulse VHS that I purchased a while ago.. I have already pre-ordered and paid for the Pulse to eventually come out in DVD format. A wonderful, breath taking and goose bumps show if I have seen one on my TV is magical.

    Sincerely Linda Penner

  101. I watched the Strat-Pack Charity DVD the other night, and David’s performance especially of Marooned was so fantastic it brought tears to my eyes. I then thought, I will actually be going to see him in concert soon in Amsterdam, I just can’t wait now.

    It’s also a dream come true to get to see Richard Wright touring with him instead of just guesting on the odd song. I do hope Richard gets the chance to perform one of his own songs, and in particular I would love to hear “The Violent Sequence” (Us and Them piano improvisation) slotted somewhere in the show.

    As for any Pink Floyd reunion, obviously this year is David’s solo tour, and with the line-up it is the nearest you are going to get to hearing Pink Floyd. Next year Roger Waters will probably be touring with his new album or two. I keep hoping that at some time in the future the four of them could get together for a great one-off show for charity, where it can be televised around the world, and they could even produce a DVD from the event, as long as it doesn’t take 15 years to produce!

    Finally when they have all completed their respective solo tours, what’s to stop them getting together to give us one final Pink Floyd album, they don’t have to tour with it, just give us some new music, and maybe a one-off concert!

  102. PF has not created anything interesting in many years! Why does everyone want to have a another nostalgia band. Isnt that what the rolling stones are for.

    Its time to move on people. Lets see what dave has up his sleeves. Maybe he can open are eyes once again. To be honest the pressure is on him more so since 1975, post DSOTM.

    Neil Young has still got it, Eno has still got it, Robert Wyatt is in fine form, its now davids turn.

    I would like to see Daneil Lanois/David Gilmour production. Could you imagine a Lanois/PF album? Two of the worlds best guitarists!!

    Lets hope dave will think out of the BOX

  103. Yes, I am disheartened to hear that there will be no Pink Floyd in the near future, especially since I am only 20 years old and live in Seattle in the states, so I never had the opprutinity to see Floyd live and unfortunatley will not get the chance to see David live. However one must look at this rationally, David has a family he loves very much as we all do and the last thing he probably wants is to go on a mega tour for two years and either leave them behind or drag them with. Instead this album and tour and the Live 8 gig should only embolden the HOPE that one day there will be a last hurrah and the Floyd faithful can finally rest. Until then however, I must say thank you David for making new music and being willing to still perform live. May the good Lord bless you and yours and I will wait patientally for my chance to finally get to see you perform or until you say that there is no more. Until then I have The Delicate Sound of Thunder and Pulse to help me along and imagine what it must be like.

    Thanks for the ear

  104. Yes, I certainly would love to see a PF reunion also. Even more than this, (seeing as how there will be no reunion), I wish David would do more concerts in America so, I might be able to see and hear his and the others talents of his new solo album. David, your not even coming close to Florida let alone West Palm Beach FL where I am.
    David,let me give you something to think about, if you come here, it will definately be a “sell out performance” indeed.

  105. I’m a young Italian PF fan, too young to be present at one of their shows, even the DB tour…

    But even if I would certainly see again the band on stage, I think that all things have an end.

    I’ve ever listened to PF music feeling it as a part of me…and now I wait for Dave’s work, and I hope I’ll find the same feelings, without thinking about a PF reunion.

    Thanks PF, thanks David.

  106. To Andrew ….. I wasn’t ‘picking on you’ ….. honestly. It’s just that your comments hit a spot somewhere. Oh, and by the way, my favourite Queen man was always ….. Brian May with his homemade guitar (Queen 1 – Keep Yourself Alive).

    To Kevin ….. (who wanted DG’s first solo album) Amazon sell it but there is a long wait. However, they also have 10 new/used ones listed in their ‘marketplace’ from as little as £3.27.

    General ….. (about Pink Floyd) can I say ‘THAT WAS THEN, THIS IS NOW’ …… It would be nice to turn back the clock but …..

    The following is a quote from an interview with David Gilmour printed in Record Collector magazine May 2003. When asked the question “can it be said that your previous group is over, or can it ever really be over?” David is quoted as replying “You know, I’m busy. I don’t think about it. It’s not anywhere in my list of things I ought to think about. It just isn’t relevant at this stage and I have no inclination to think about it. I’m not being coy or evasive – it isn’t clogging up my brain.”

    Anyway, I believe we should be rejoicing in the wonders us fans have been getting recently: NM has written an interesting and humorous book; RWa has an opera, is re-writing The Wall for the stage, and is apparently working on 2 (yes 2!!) rock albums; DG now has his album and tour; and who knows, maybe his involvement in DG’s project may re-awaken Rick’s creative juices. Not to mention all the other books, DVDs, tribute bands and tribute albums. Actually, the mid-noughties appears to be quite a prolific time for the lads. Our cups runneth over …..

  107. Is there anybody out there…

    … that would like to swap their/one single Manchester Bridgewater Hall ticket for my single Clyde Auditorium Ticket (Sat 27/05/2006)???

    If so, I am sure we could arrange mutually agreeable logistics for the swap.

  108. David Gilmour speaks very good Italian, too!

    Fantastico! Sono davvero felice che a te piaccia l’Italia…e mi auguro che ti piacciano anche gli italiani!

    E così, oltre ad essere un musicista meraviglioso, ad avere una voce divina, a saper suonare una gran quantità di strumenti e ad essere un uomo estremamente affascinante (e divertente, a quanto si legge sui giornali), egli è anche una persona colta e conosce una lingua stupenda, ma anche poco diffusa, come l’italiano!

    Mi chiedo se esiste qualcosa che non sappia fare!
    Sembra perfetto come il principe azzurro!

    I’d like to say to David thank you for using good words about Italy…I’m sure the italians will returns your kindness during the italian tour! We’ll give you a fantastic reception!

    Hurrà David! Hurrà Italy!


    P.S. In the Faqs, David spoke about his favourite music and movie…could he suggest some of his favourite book…of course, Polly’s novel…but in Italy they are not available, sigh!

  109. Dear Ed…I’m thinking…we said you our favourite David/Pink Floyd songs; our favourite bass line e so on….but…WHICH ARE YOURS? Let we know!


    [Oh, it’s much too difficult to choose! There are so many. – Features Editor]

  110. David’s “lips” move but not many “people” hear what he’s actually (said!!!) saying (played, playing!!!).

    I’m “happy” with the Pink Floyd catalogue… Aren’t you??? I also “enjoy” the “solo” albums… Don’t you???

    I think collectively they “said” all that needed to be said!!! Don’t you think??? There is a “myriad” of “other” Pink Floyd material “out there” to occupy the minds of even the most ardent and curious (obsessed???) “fans” out there… I wouldn’t want to see “Pink Floyd” going “through” the “motions” of “playing” … Would you??? That’s not what it’s about … right??? An old saying comes to mind: “always leave the crowd wanting more”… Anything wrong with that??? The “door” will “never” be closed on Pink Floyd… Who would want that anyway??? What’s the problem here then??? Jolly good show!!! Tally ho!!!

    The “feeling” for “today” is “A Saucerful Of Secrets!!!” Enjoy!!!

  111. I think we all have to get a grip and accept that PF is over. Fini, kaput. It is sad. THink about it – four quiet, privacy-minded English gentleman in their early-60’s. Global mega-tour?? Sorry, ain’t gonna happen.

    Just listen to their various comments over the past few years, “if it happens, it happens,” or “if David said let’s do it, ok.” I mean they are totally disinterested and non-committal.

    I was lucky enough to see PF four times in 1988 and 1994. The reunion at Live8, while poignant, was frustrating, because it wasn’t a real gig, it was a one-off for a cause.

    Sadly they do not have gusto that the Stone still seem to have, and they ar very happy with their solo work.

  112. To be perfectly honest, I am more worried about my chances of seeing David Gilmour, let alone any futile, silly rumours of a Pink Floyd tour!

    I have just read information on the front page of the David Gilmour Offilcial site which I believe needs to be looked into and taken very very seriously by David Gilmour’s Tour Management and/or Promoters together with The Royal Albert Hall.

    I bought tickets to David Gilmour from Ebay, paid more than double the face value, booked and paid for 2 flights from Australia to London costing over $4,500 and now I read on the official David Gilmour site, that these tickets “MAY” be cancelled, and I “MAY” be refused entry. Goodbye seeing David Gilmour live in May I now assume?

  113. I’m glad David’s energies will be solely embedded in his own tour. The rumour shite gets on your goat after a while. Trouble is, soon as the press release such rumours people start to believe it.

    The only time I’d ever believe it is when I’ve heard it from the horses mouth or when I’ve got my tickets in my hand.

  114. Personally, I know I’m going to see David Gilmour, and that I think if he had reunited with the rest of the band, he would be miserable, having made a huge decision just for his fans, but not for himself. It will be a great solo tour, and I’m just upset I looked forward to this post all weekend!

  115. Guys, its quite simple. If David decides to do Floyd, then that is that. If he doesn’t, then that is also that. I agree fully with Joolz, there is lots of other things to satisfy Floyd fans.

    Most important (for me at least) is the fact that I’m going to see new material and a tour by the musicians I respect and like most. I can almost hear my house filled with David’s new music already!

    Anyway I highly doubt that “whining” (I’m sorry Randy, it would seem I have to stress it again) for Pink Floyd to reform is going to have any effect whatsoever except a negative one.

    I prefer not to fool myself and keep up a positive attitude. There is reason for one.


  116. I could do also a topic “1000 reason to reform Pink Floyd”.

    Everyone of you wants this happening one day!!!!!

  117. Karin, i want to say to you that in 18 years with roger there were many albums (including the dark side of the moon, wish you were here, animals, the wall, meddle ecc ecc). All lyrics by roger, many songs by roger ecc.ecc.
    1986-2006: only 2 albums.

    Who are pink floyd? in 3 or in 4? Pink floyd are: david gilmour, nick mason, roger waters and rick wright. DEFINETELY!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love your music david but pink floyd are you 4 together. I m sorry to disappoint with you karin.


    P.S. I m sorry for Syd, i love his music. The best will be for Syd too (more then a dream, this)

  118. I have been a huge fan of PF since I first saw them in 1975 at the LA Sports arena, 3rd row for the WYWH and Dark Side show. Since that time I have seen every tour any PF members have done. In 1985 on David’s “About Face Tour” I flew to San Antonio, Tx. to see one of his shows. After the concert, we went to a small bar along the river and after a couple of hours David and his band walked in. To say I was shocked is an understatement! After a few more shots , I finally got the nerve to walk up to the band and pay my respects. The guys and David could not have been more gracious. I thanked them for the music and they really seemed pleased to hear my thoughts about the show. David is the most unasuming “rock star” one could imagine. Hope David remembers me, but that is not important. It is the music he brings to this world that is! Thank you David, and I will be in Chicago on April 12 to once again witness this true master at work.

  119. I’ve been thinking about the RAH and their intention to cancel tickets that have been resold.

    I believe that they are going after the wrong people.

    When I attempted to purchase tickets to one of the Toronto shows (at the moment that they went on sale), there were no tickets available.

    This show is really important to me, and to my 20 year old son who is an enormous DG fan. My only option was to purchase tickets on eBay.

    I would be incredibly upset if my tickets were cancelled. Who is to blame in these situations? In my opinion, it is not the ordinary fan who just wants to see the show.

    I want to know how these ticket scalpers manage to get their hands on so many tickets when I can’t get 2. These scalpers must have an army of people who attack the ticket website to snatch tickets for resale.

    If the RAH wants to address the situation, prevent sales to these scalpers! Don’t punish the unfortunate fans who have no other way to see the show.

    The RAH has noble intentions. They should leave the fans alone, and target these companies for future shows.

  120. I had a feeling it was another of those rumours that always comes up. Was I hoping it was true yes…I think every Pink Floyd fan has that hope and wish to see “The Machine” once again churning. I’m super happy about the David tour and album coming out soon, only wish David would expand his tour seeing that only very few will be able to actually see him play. On another note wish PULSE was coming out sooner than this fall!! David please come to Boston 🙂

  121. Hello! I don’t speak english very well, so I have to express myself in french…

    Si M. Gilmour lit ce blog, il doit être terriblement déçu, voire en colère, de se rendre compte que certains de ses fans soient si bornés et ne comprennent rien! Quelques soient ses motivations personnelles de sortir un album solo, il faut les repecter et cesser de l’ennuyer constamment avec PF! Il a envie de faire de la musique, de faire une tournée avec des musiciens qu’il apprécie, et c’est ce qui compte, tant mieux pour nous! J’ai le bonheur d’aller 2 fois le voir à Paris et je n’ai pas du tout la nostalgie de PF. J’espère d’ailleurs que les gens ne vont pas l’ennuyer avec çà aux concerts. Pöur ma part, M. Gilmour, j’ai un profond respect, en plus de vos talents musicaux,pour votre façon d’être, votre humilité, votre sens de l’éthique.

    S’il vous plaît, M. Gilmour restez ce que vous êtes, continuez de nous régaler avec votre musique, et dans tous les cas, soyez heureux avec votre famille! Merci pour tout.


    [C’est si vrai. Merci, Michèle. – Features Editor]

  122. I hope all the whingers have read Linda Penner’s latest contribution!!!!

    PS – I have the headphones on – a bootleg from DG’s ‘About Face’ tour in Berkeley, June 1984 – now that was a cooking band indeed.

  123. We already had the reunion – it was for one of the best causes, it was free, and it was in front of one of the largest audiences in history (certainly the largest ticketed single-date event in the UK). You can’t ask for much more.

    I’m immensely pleased David & Co are still working on new music and performing live. More than most people do. And, thankfully, they’re not copying other bands and being a nostalgia act, playing nothing under 30 or 35 years old.

    We would all like new music : but there’s also plenty of old music from a band whose prolific workrate would shame the youngsters of today.

    What I would like (and this is rather cheeky) is some form of Anthology that collects the rare and obscure old recordings (studio, soundtrack works & archive concerts) in a luxury box set. A DVD or two of old TV broadcasts and songs on one-off films that can’t be found any more. CD’s of rare live shows between 1967 and 1994, for example. (and there are plenty of old concerts in the vaults that I know of).

    If you like, I’ll help compile it, my rates are VERY reasonable.

  124. Let’s put one thing into perspective. The question is: Do you still get along with everyone that you ever knew, went to school with or worked with? Are you still on speaking terms with all the people you ever worked with? Are you still on speaking terms with all the members of your family? Have you moved on with your life and left certain parts of your past life behind?

    If you can honestly say that you still get along with everyone – you’re a better person than I am. And I guess you can request that David put the past behind and reform PF. Then again, you are probably some kind of freak too.

    Geez, I wish I could have seen Hendrix play. I wish I could have seen the Led Zeppelin. I wish I could have seen Frank Zappa. But unfortunatly, I couldn’t. I was either too young. Or I just missed out on the opportunity. Or they died before I had the opportunity. Whatever. But I do have all this wonderful music they made and I can play and imagine what it was like. There are also a number of cover bands that come pretty close to the sound. And remember, the band just goes out and does their job, YOU are the one that develops the experience.

    And let’s turn the clock back about 30 or 40 years. Back then you didn’t have digital sound. Or live DVDs. Or even VHS tapes. You had bad quality bootleg recordings at best (read illegal). If you didn’t see it live you were happy if you could catch a glimpse of your favorite act on Don Kirschner’s Rock Concert or on the Midnight Special. (Yeah, how many of you are saying right now, Don who??) And you definitely didn’t have a forum where you could communicate your thoughts around the world. Today you have so much more available to you.

    One other thing to think about. Features Ed said that both David and Polly read this blog. For a minute, just think about how cool is that!!!

    Rock on David and don’t be missing any of those practice gigs. We want you to deliver your best.

    Looking forward to Radio City…

    [Nice one, Andrew. Beautifully put. Thanks for that. – Features Editor]

  125. An old man on a french forum told me a great story.

    He has done the first part of Pink Floyd in the period where Syd wasn’t so well and david arrived.

    This man, who was about 15 years old, asked David where was Syd. David in a perfect french:

    “Syd ne va pas très bien en ce moment, c’est moi qui le remplace”

    And after the took a beer together. It must have been an unforgettable moment. This to arrive to my point of view.

    Pink Floyd was an artist, every musicians separated weren’t in my point of view as good as when they were together.

    But now, time has gone. The sun is in tune, but perhaps the band will never be in tune again. There are now better alone, in their own path.

    I wonder they know that fans are there, but I also wonder that they don’t want to play if they are not in tune.


  126. Hi there,

    I’m happy to have the chance to see David and his band on tour. I never thougt it would happen. But it happened, and he dit the right thing to plan the tour in the way he did. Why carrying the whole family around the world? Or leaving them at home and miss the growth of his small children? All of them didn’t get younger, and I think they all did miss tomething like that during the PF times. Let them do what they want.

    The owe me nothing: “I am a fan, and I bougt al the records, and they used my money to by ferrarys and airplanes” What a nonsense! We owe them that they can do what they want, otherwise they cannot ge crative, and we will never get NEW songs to hear. I want to hear new songs, not an “oldie-show”. If these songs are from David, Rick, Nick or Roger. Everyone has his special talents and sounds. So let them be crative, and hope that they all stay healthy for hopefully a long, long time. Then we will have the chance to get music nobody else can do.

    To Polly: Great pictures!! Ever thougt about an exibition or book woth your photographs? What’s about an exibition besides the tour? Inside the lobby of the concert halls? Wouldn’t it be great to get into the “Alte Oper” and then these wonderfull pictures on every wall?


  127. Following up on the on-going dialogue around will they won’t they tour again and what is available to listen and watch..

    On July 22nd, 1989 Pink Floyd gave a concert on a floating stage in venice. This was part of the Momentary Lapse Of Reason Tour and was televised but never officially released on Video or DVD. Is there a possibility that this will ever be released on DVD?

  128. Bottom Line:

    Let it go people. Be happy that PF was able to perform in Live8. Remember, these 4 guys have lives outside of their architecture school band.

    I just hope and I think it did, performing in Live8 healed some old wounds.

    Anyway, looking forward to seeing David on 4/13 in Chicago, the greatest city in the world. In the future I’ll have to list off places for David and the band/crew to go to for dinner/sites to see. Maybe that would be a good topic for the future?

    Jeff in Chicago

  129. I dont know whats the big problem with a Pink Floyd’s reunion, I mean, fans have been waiting for something like that for years, they have bought every new release or new edition of old pink floyd material, and they have been following every step members take on their careers. Pink Floyd has thousands of fans around the world, and I really think they owe so much to their fans too, so whats the problem, is Pink Floyd defenitely over? will there be no reunion for the future?, I think all four members should pay more attention to their fans not only in U.S or europe but also in latin america where they are very loved , because they only tour europe and u.s.. I think your fans and your legacy as Pink Floyd is greater than any disagreement or deal you’ve had before. I just feel disappointed because I expected something more from my favourite band in the world. But anyway thank you for your music.

    Hope someday you will give us a surprise.

  130. Does it really matter if the “Pink Floyd” brand name is not stamped on David’s new solo album? Not to me. Sure, it would matter in album sales, but that is not the point. Just becuase it’s not a “Pink Floyd” album, doesn’t mean the quality of the music, or that “magical feeling” we get when listening to David’s guitar playing will be diminished. Right? When “On An Island” is released, listen to it, and then try listening to the so-called “Pink Floyd” album, “The Final Cut.” I think you’ll get my point.

    Yes, Richard Wright plays on a song or two, and people are saying why not get Nick Mason to play drums on a track…maybe David forgot his phone number…maybe becuase then you have what everybody wants, another “Pink Floyd” album, which is what I think David is trying to avoid all together.

    Pink Floyd is still David’s mantle to bear, not Roger’s. Maybe he finally wants to step out from under the shadow of the Pink Floyd juggernaut, so he can be recognized for the great musician that he is. So he can just do his own thing and not worry about the added pressure of the next “Pink Floyd” album.

    And in response to Aldo’s comment, “Who is Pink Floyd?” Well, it’s five gifted musicians. It was Syd, Roger, Richard, and Nick. Then it was Syd, David, Roger, Richard, and Nick. Then it was David, Roger, Richard, and Nick. Then it was David, Roger, and Nick. Then it was David and Nick. Finally it’s the current incarnation of David, Richard and Nick. So, there’s been a few line-up changes over the years. So what. Maybe Harry Waters and Charlie Gilmour will join forces someday to keep the name going…I joke.

    David, I’m very much looking forward to hearing your new music and seeing you in Toronto and Chicago!!



  131. Any word yet from Trinity Street Ltd about where exactly us lucky holders of advance pairs of tickets will be seated in London,Manchester or in my case Glasgow?



  132. It’s lovely reading the “comments” made by all of you in this blog!!! It’s “good” to know that “David” has so many good hearted, humorous, intelligent,and perceptive fans!!! You should all give yourselves a nice big pat on the back!!! Jolly good show everyone!!! ;^) Best wishes!!! Tally ho!!!

  133. Dear; Mr.Gilmour

    I’m 17 and from Turkey and i have been listinig to your music for 4 years IT started whit pink floyd.If it is possible I want you to come to concert in ISTANBUL

    BYE …

  134. Either publicly say Pink Floyd is OVER or get on with a new album and tour. STOP leaving us, the fans, hanging… come on, it’s been 12 years now. I am extremely disgusted and very disappointed with David’s indifference toward Pink Floyd. It’s a major let down. The fans are owed an explanation at the very least.

  135. This is obscene! US$1549! for two tickets…

    Maybe we should start flooding the “submit best offer” link with small amounts. I have!

  136. I just want to say how great it is that David picked Rick to be in the touring band. He could have easily had any keyboardist he wanted in his band, (I suspect that Paul “Wix” Wickens was there to audition, when they recorded “Island Jam”), but for David to go with Rick despite all the inevitable talks of “half of pink floyd” being on stage is awesome.

    David and Rick have a great chemistry together as musicians, and at this point in his career, I admire David to choose his friends to tour with him over other session musicians that may have more skills/chops.

    And hey, aren’t Rick and Jon Carin great together as well? They compliment each other very well. Someone asked earlier why two keyboardists were needed? One to play the keyboard/synth/piano and the other to play the organ. It would be impossible to do the songs justice with only one keyboardist.

    Can’t wait to see them in Rosemont on the 13th of April!

  137. Hey everyone. I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all to openly voice a desire that Pink Floyd will one day reform and to express disappointment at rumors the press have floated. It’s an honest emotion from fans who genuinely love the band. I think some of us tend to be a bit harsh on those with certain expectations. With the exception of the Floyd’s themselves (and perhaps our pal “Ed” who has to wade through this stuff every day!), there’s really no reason to be bothered by such comments. Remember, a lot of fans are young fans or newer fans who never got the fortunate opportunity to see the band perform live. It’s a natural desire when you love something so much. People need to express themselves and fortunately we have a place here to do just that.

    As for my own personal view (if anyone cares!), as much as I want to see Pink Floyd again, I’m truly thankful that we have the opportunity to see these guys perform as individuals as well. I mean I would NEVER be sitting this close to David Gilmour or Rick Wright if they weren’t performing these solo ventures! The crowds at this level also tend to be mostly the true fans (not hordes of curious partiers) who want to witness something special, which means a better atmosphere for all of us. And for the band, playing to an audience of diehards creates fewer pressures and expectations to play “hits” which means we’ll hear avenues of music that we might not otherwise hear. This tour is going to be phenomenal and I cannot wait to soak it all in. Bring it on David!

  138. Hi, everybody!

    The “Pink Floyd Web Site 2007” post cracked me right up.

    I hope to see more inventive, informative, and funny messages in the future. (So sorry that this isn’t one of them….)

  139. I would be a liar if I said that I would not want a Floyd Tour, but the next best thing on the planet is a Solo show from the one of the greatest living guitarist. I have been waiting to hear David solo since I was I young lad. One of my first concerts was Pink Floyd at the Rosemont Horizon in 1987. Still to this day, I have yet to hear any band open a show like that. The show began with the last live performance of Echoes>Signs of Life…David, I know you don’t take requests, but you are coming back to play the Rosemont Theatre and if you would be so kind to play Echoes one more time…you would make us all feel like a kid again.
    Peace and Thank You for returning to Chicago!!!!

  140. The fans are owed an explanation at the very least.

    Posted by: Izzy Izent at January 31, 2006 06:58 PM

    If you’ve been paying attention (like the fan you claim to be), you would know we’ve been given an explanation: the band doesn’t feel like touring as Pink Floyd right now.

    Reading is Fundamental! And any fan that thinks they are owed an explanation needs to get over themselves!

    On a positive note: Cant say enough about the touring band David has put together for his solo shows!!!

  141. FEd, I will patiently await your answer, and I thank you for your efforts.

    I want to echo Raheel’s sentiments, which two small adjustments:

    1. I admire David for selecting Rick too, but don’t sell Rick’s skills short. He really is one of the best. And he does compliment David’s style more than any other keyboard player.

    2. In my case, cross out Rosemont on the 13th and substitute NYC on the 4th. 😉

    For a second there I was feeling bad for those in American cities who have to wait longer than I do to see David doing his thing. But now I’m back to being jealous of the Europeans who get to see him before me.

    And while it’s on my mind, is there a reason why the US release of the CD is a day later than the European release? I think that happened with The Division Bell and other non-PF albums, and that’s always irked me being the impatient man that I am. Also I hope that won’t have any ill effect on the inevitable illegal file sharing. I WANT TO SEE THIS ALBUM REACH #1 ON THE BILLBOARD CHART, SO NO FILE SHARING!

    [I’m working on it, Michael. I will e-mail you with a definitive answer shortly. You most certainly will not have to resort to eBay, though. Oh, and I second your point about file-sharing. This fantastic album deserves the top spot, so if you buy just one album all year, make it this one! – Features Editor]

  142. As I’ve said before on this site previously I look more forward to David’s album than a new Floyd one. I’m sure he is sick to the back teeth of these reunion rumours, If Live 8 is to be the last time we see the legendary line up then so be it, We should be lucky they put all differences aside and did it, however brief it was, they still managed to put the rest of the day in the shade with the whole epic magnificence of their performance. My case in point is that David would like to do something more intimate and personal, the very epic an ambitious scale of Floyd material live never really lent it self to intimate. David wants to show a different side to himself like the royal festival hall shows. I’m sure the new material will be very special and i can’t wait to hear it. So hear’s to On an Island, anyway I’m sure David will treat us all to some Floyd classics as well as the new stuff. Also i heard in Music Week today that Radio 2 will be broadcasting an exclusive gig the week of the albums release, is this true? if so those who havn’t got tickets yet will get a chance to hear the great man. Sorry to rant but when i am as passionate about the music i can’t help it

    Thanks Dave Berry

  143. I think everyone was disappointed to hear that the Pink Floyd shows won’t happen, but I guess you have to understand. It has to be difficult at a certain age to pull everything together for a giant show/tour. It has to be exausting.

    I am 29, saw them in 1994 when I was still 17 years old – loved every second of it. Hard to believe they were touring when I wasn’t even close to being born.

    I’m from the United States, lots of things going on here that I’m not so proud of. I wish there was a spark that could change the way people think, the awareness of what’s happening etc. I recently moved to the San Francisco area, and there IS something here. It’s a feeling I can’t quite describe. I just hope that the feeling I’m speaking of will grow, and not retreat. I always felt that the creativeness of the members of Pink Floyd just worked. In some way I wish they could come back, and tap into that part of people, get people to think… It’s so silly, but they have the power to change the world by playing some instruments and singing – that in itself is amazing (and at the same time ridiculous). I know they want their private lives, and to do their own thing… and I know they’ve done plenty for others (Live 8, DG’s donation to the homeless)… so they owe the world nothing. But a man can still hope.

    I’m looking forward to the two shows in Oakland… I’m very grateful to have the opportunity. I understand that this will be the last time I have a chance to see any PF members perform ever again. I plan on enjoying the show in that fashion.



  144. In upper England and much of Europe they are experiencing one of the worst cold spells they have had in years. Many of the homeless are dieing horrible freezing deaths while we sit here and moan over “press releases” that were obviously a hoax set up in an attempt to make money for those who indeed already HAVE homes.. If this isnt enough, reciently there were countless sites created specifically to ensnare potential Floyd fans to “Buy Pink Floyd tickets NOW~!”, complete with fake tour schedule and all.. Its all so very sad, even if Floyd did tour again there could be little done about those profiteering off of the bands good intentions. I would consider it time well spent if each of us would take just moments a day to think about, even pray for those who are “sleeping rough” this winter. Perhaps to think about how it would be if we had none of these things to look forward to, no Gilmour tour, no Floyd rumors, no internet, not even a house to keep a computer in. Just a cold and bitter winter that you may not live to see the end of. Then consider donating to Crisis or an equivalent charity. God bless…

  145. Fet ed and Michael K. in America the standard release date for all new albums/dvd’s is Tuesdays. Check and you will see that March 7th is a Tuesday. I don’t know how this odd tradition began… but thats the way it is.

    And Bran, I thought it looked funny to see “Pink Floyd and Roger Waters” as well, but in truthfulness Roger Waters removed himself from the band. The rest of the band carried on with the name so they technically are “Pink Floyd”. Therefore it is quite correct to identify themselves as Pink Floyd while distinguishing the band from Roger Waters.


  146. hello David I am 13 years old and my dad got me in to Pink Floyd and we ar both guitar players and I love your playing style espesially comfortably numb thank you for being in pink floyd I always dreamed of seing pink floyd live but maybe I could go see you live.

  147. Linda,

    Your post from yesterday is very moving. It does take a special person to give of themselves as you do, and have done. I’m sure David & Polly would be proud. Keep yourself surrounded with that beautiful music!

  148. The reason tickets are so high is that those ticket agencies buy all the tickets and then re-sell them for THOUSANDS of DOLLARS and the fans get shafted. That is the truth. I tried to get tickets for Roger in 2000 from Ticketmaster to be told they were SOLD OUT was BS and as a result had to go to a ticket broker. Both of DG’s two solo albums are LONG OUT OF PRINT but should be re-issued with REMASTERED SOUND are you listening Gilmour camp, please re-issue them. I will buy On an Island, bet your ass on that and by hook by crook I’ll go see DG either in NYC or Toronto or Chicago!

  149. Dear David, dear Editor,

    I think it’s safe to say that we are all here because we know and love a band called Pink Floyd. I’ve seen them live back in 1988 and 1994 and now I am very pleased and happy to see David and Richard performing TOGETHER live. I am quite excited, actually and, sincerely, I can’t wait for the show. Having said that, I have to say that there’s nothing that could thrill me more than a new Floyd album. Nothing. I enjoyed Rick’s Broken China, great album indeed, I will buy and listen to On An Island with *high hopes*, for sure, but the chemistry of the band when they write and play together is just, IMO, unparalleled. So I am going to enjoy what we are going to have in the next future: a new album from David Gilmour, a great, amazing show with my two favourite Floyds (with Richard on stage I hope Wearing The Inside Out and Breakthrough will be played, by the way). But, still, my hope is all for NEW music from Pink Floyd (the 3 or 4 of them, I don’t care frankly). I think my position is the same of many other fans in the world.

    See you soon in Milan, David. E in bocca al lupo per il tuo nuovo album!

  150. As much as I would love to see a reunion, it HAS TO BE because THEY want to. If they do, great. but right now, they don’t, so drop it. We all saw Live 8 and how emotional and important it was to everyone, including PF. The most important thing in my eyes is that for the first time in over 20 years, they are all on speaking terms again. Right now, we have David with a new album full of contributions from some of the music world’s best and I am happy with that. With all due respect to everyone, leave the man alone.

    Best wishes to David and Polly,

  151. Just a response to Michael Kelly.

    In NO way was I implying that Rick doesn’t have skills. He is by far my favorite keyboard player, and that means a lot considering that I am one myself.

    He is the one that inspired me to start playing. But the fact is that there is ALWAYS someone better/faster/flashier, and someone like David Gilmour really can get whomever he wanted – and since he really doesn’t want Pink Floyd’s name hovering over this tour, I was surprised but extremely glad that he picked Rick and Jon – the incredible keyboarding duo.

    That’s all I meant. Although I agree with you, Rick is no. 1 in my top 10 favorite keyboardists.

  152. Hi everyone,

    In my opinion I think the Floyd owes the fans at least something new,a tour,an album…after all, if those guys, that I grew up with their music, are living very comfortably is all due with our money.
    Indeed great!! a new David Gilmour cd!! can’t wait and of course can’t wait to see the shows.
    I am very thrilled…

    But for once,I would like to see at least a band such the Floyd, that got very rich, thanking honestly the fans by doing something special…


  153. In my opinion I think the Floyd owes the fans at least something new,a tour,an album…after all, if those guys, that I grew up with their music, are living very comfortably is all due with our money.

    Posted by: sean at February 1, 2006 06:33 PM

    In the words of John McEnroe, “you can’t be serious!”

    The Floyd got rich off THEIR talents, not your money (your individual contribution is relatively paltry, I’m going to wager).

    In a phrase: get over yourself…sheeeesh

    There’s a Gilmour tour about and all some can do is prattle on about whether or not Pink Floyd will/should/or must tour. Sad, really, if you choose to think about it…luckily there’s a new Gilmour single out today to keep us musically occupied 🙂

  154. “But for once,I would like to see at least a band such the Floyd, that got very rich, thanking honestly the fans by doing something special…”

    Posted by: sean at February 1, 2006 06:33 PM”

    Yeah, how about re-uniting with Roger Waters and performing four amazing numbers for an incredibly honorable and worthy cause?

    Where were you last July?

  155. Wow, David ,I dont know where to begin…I guess the first thing i should say is “Hello”.

    I’m 35 yrs old. I live in Martinsville,In.,USA.I know your busy, so I’ll try to keep this short. Just want to share some feelings I have about Pink Floyd.Your music shaped my life. Taught me to be bold, daring, hell, even a bit rebelious..LOL. But its all good. My parents were there to keep me in-check..Its sad that there isnt going to be a “Floyd” tour. But I do plan on being in Chicago for your tour..I did have the Honor of seeing Floyd in concert back in 94 during the Division Bell tour. The only way I can describe it is having 200 orgasms all at once. That feeling only happened when the crystal ball lit up during your guitar solo for Comfortably Numb. Thats was the most awesome feeling in the world.Nothing else can describe it.

  156. Anderson wrote:

    “If you’ve been paying attention (like the fan you claim to be), you would know we’ve been given an explanation: the band doesn’t feel like touring as Pink Floyd right now.”

    Exactly my point… That’s not good enough… and who do you think you are anyway?

    [Sorry, but that’s the only answer you’re getting right now. David is fully-focused on his own album and tour. If you knew just how busy he is, you’d understand that there’s no time for Pink Floyd at the moment. We kindly ask that fans respect this. We now, of course, expect a flurry of complaints over that innocuous statement… – Features Editor]

  157. Pink Floyd are always expected to tour when a new album is released. A tour takes years to complete and that’s probably why the band are reluctant to do anything new.

    I would like to see pink floyd make an album with just the band and no extra musicians (with or without Roger). Get back to that raw feel.

    Forget a tour; I’d rather have an album than nothing.

    Go see Mac Floyd instead.

  158. G’day all from Australia

    Ok so there will be no Pink Floyd shows at Royal Albert Hall, now from what I understand that’s not a huge venue is it? Not even big enough to fit Mr Screen I suspect. C’mon what’s a proper Pink Floyd show without swirling lasers and vari lights mixing beautifully in with the music…

    Of course I would love for yet another Pink Floyd album and tour, but now is not the time to be thinking of the prospect for such.

    Mr Gilmour, if you do read this congratulations on and thank you on your up coming album. If you need a break and some time to relax, do send me a note and I’ll suggest some awesome activities down under for you!

  159. [quote] In my opinion I think the Floyd owes the fans at least something new,a tour,an album…after all, if those guys, that I grew up with their music, are living very comfortably is all due with our money. Indeed great!! a new David Gilmour cd!! can’t wait and of course can’t wait to see the shows. I am very thrilled… But for once,I would like to see at least a band such the Floyd, that got very rich, thanking honestly the fans by doing something special… [quote]

    I have never understood this way of reasoning. You paid for the album. So you paid for the music (the artistical accomplishment if you like which you can listen to as much as you like). Deal over. They might do a tour. You pay for listening to that. Deal over.

    Where ffs do you see the small print of eternal obligation to fans???

    It is not possible to pay a band for such a commitment (since you like to express yourself in money). You can only hope that they will do something again. Obligation?? These guys are musicians. They will probably always have the desire to create. Feel lucky they still create new music for us to listen to.



  160. Floyd has always been my favorite band, and I would love nothing more than to see a reunion tour with Roger.

    But David is the reason I first picked up an axe, he is my greatest influence and inspiration and I can’t wait to see him. Two and a half hours driving (each way) and my student loan refund for a ticket…definately worth it to see the world’s best guitarist. One of the few guitarists nowdays who KNOWS you dont have to play at supersonic speed constantly, and his melodic solos prove his greatness. The stereo can never be loud enough durring those solos.

    The album is sure to be great, can’t wait for its release.


  161. Dear Mr Gilmour,

    I have to say that I’m hardly waiting your album. 12 years after the last floyd record, it’s been too long ! And I’m very excited by the show at the Olympia in Paris. For this occasion, I took the best tickets (2nd rank). Heavy price, but we only live once !

    I wish you the best for your tour.

    yours sincerly

    Antoine Meunier
    The drummer fan

  162. Hi,

    In response to Clemens:

    Of course we pay for a specificic product and good enough if that product sells like hot cakes. It does not undermined the fact that I love the floyd.

    My point is either we are trated like cash cows or human beings,it would be kind to show a certain respect for the fans,I can point out so many bands that are not fat cats and doing stuff for their fans as a thank you gesture for putting them on the map…

    I guess I am disappointed with that blogmaster as he gets really unpolite and unprofessional with the fans… So what if people asking for extras shows in other countries,or about the pulse dvd…it is normal, it been years without any new music from floyd or floyd member:there is an obvious hunger for new things and that site,I think is the most direct access platform to any Floyd goes with the territory.

    I am not saying that there must be an eternal obligation but perharps The Pink Floyd could do a final something for the fans as a thank you gesture for us always being there for them.

    Anyway I am very happy that there is a new DG cd and vinyl!! and of the shows…

    Enjoy the moment and see you in 12 years or so again for something new…


  163. @ Sean

    I understand you perfectly. Myself, I would love to see them play again or hear new material. But you know that fans probably will never be satisfied. I don’t think it is fair to continuously reflect that emotion to the band. Its like WE dont have any gratitude for their efforts, and (if I may say so) unique contribution to music. There are always two sides to a coin…

    I have respect for their perspective as well. They are human as well, not some music producing machine. Touring demands a lot of a person, and his family. David has young children. I will wait and see…. 12 years? On an island will probably last that long, judging by the longevity of other works in which David has participated…


  164. In 1994 I traveled from Argentina to London 14.000 km just to see the Pink Floyd concert. That was A Great Day in My Life and I will remember it for ever. Thanks to Pink Floyd for
    taht magic day!


  165. David Gilmour in Holland is the best music news in years, looking verry much forward to the concert on 20 March after the releas of his new solo album. The Heinikemusichall hase the best sound in Europe, so i’m verry pleased.

    Thanx Mister Gilmour.

  166. I very pleased to see David doing something solo with the weight and logistic of a Pink Floyd tour away from his shoulders. Blimey when that band go out it’s not just a tour, it becomes a 1-2 year project. At this time in life I would be putting my feet up not worrying or listening about what the fans keep wanting. If there were another chance to see a Pink Floyd tour I would want to see it because David Gilmour is doing it for himself, we know it wouldn’t be for the money. I also wouldn’t want to see him doing it just because of pressure either.

    You keep doing what you do best David, keeping yourself HAPPY…….

  167. Great – I’ve been a huge Gilmour fan for years – have his albums, etc. But quite honestly, it will be hard for me to go see him in concert after watching Live8. What most of us fans really want is a PF Reunion. I know I speak for many of us here in the US and elsewhere in the world. PLEASE, Dave…Reconsider this magical dream for many of us die-hard Gilmour and PF fans! Please us fans! Thanks!

  168. Dear David!

    I will always dream of listening to you or “Pink Floyd” in Greece!! and representing about 1500 special people of music interest in my country, I invite you to visit Greece in the summer or any summer, and be with us, under the wonderful “moonlight” enjoying your magnificent music!!!

    George Sambalis!

  169. Like many I doubted it would come to fruition that the group would get back together for a tour. Much like the Beatles, we are all fortunate to have had your music in the first place. But, it would not have been doing the gravy train of greatest hits, it would be performing the greatest music ever written. Pink Floyd has no greatest hits, just Pink Floyd.

  170. How cool would it be if David Gilmour personally read all of these comments? All I want to say, is, wow, what would billions of people do or have done if Pink Floyd never existed. Well, you might say, “They wouldn’t have known about The Pink Floyd Sound if there were no Pink Floyd, duh.” Well, that’s just it. They would have never heard it. Many might have never understood why they exist or at least never come to a greater understanding of why they exist because of this music. Pink Floyd has the ability to do that to a person. I mean, this band sums up the word inspiration, at least to me. Pink Floyd, Syd, where ever you all are at this moment, just remember, “Lime and Limpid Green the sounds around the icy waters underground!” PROLIFIC

  171. I was watching the DG in Concert DVD last night (yes, again and again)and i was wondering about a DVD from this tour?????????????????????? Watch and enjoy David and Rick plus Jon and Guy will be a enormous gift for us the ones who can´t be at the venues…!!! isn´t an insane proposition don’t´ya think???

    a final q: do I need swimsuit for the Astoria birthday party??? 😛

  172. I have not read all the postings, so this is likely to reiterate what other fans have said … so bare with me.

    I can’t wait to see David in concert, here in Oakland, CA. I am a huge Pink Floyd fan and a huge fan of David’s solo albums. I have also found David Gilmour in Concert DVD to be fantastic. Given these and the concert’s lineup, I think it is going to be a night to remember.

    I hope that this will not be the last time that I can experience David in concert. Which brings me to Pink Floyd in concert. I only discovered Pink Floyd by the late eighties, after the Momentary Lapse of Reason tour. Being originally from South America this means that I have never seen them live in concert. I have watched the Pulse VHS tape countless times, always wishing to have been fortunate enough to have seen Pink Floyd in concert once. I understand that a tour of Pink Floyd’s size is a huge undertaking, it takes a lot of preparation, effort, money and sacrifices. It requires being away from families touring the world for a long time. The band probably feels that this is too much of a hassle … they have been there and done that … many times. I can’t argue with that, it is true, and maybe the future will only give us smaller, more intimate performances. Yet, only Pink Floyd can do a show with the shear scope and mastery of the last two world tours. I know it is a lot to ask, the band members don’t owe anything to the fans, but … reunion or not, please bring the Pink Floyd show to the road once more. Allow a younger generation (or a not so young like me, but now with the means to do it) to experience what is arguably the greatest live music experience.

  173. Dear David,

    first, thank you for the birthday gift that you will give us.

    we are all in turkey/istanbul waiting for “on an island” . and I want to ask that; isn’t this the time for a concert in istanbul/turkey? yes this is!

    best regards

  174. Thank you David for your new creations! So few fans will ever be able to see a show. Is there any possiblity of an MP3 being made available on this site for “fans” before the LP is released? You know us fans – always want something for nothing :), or at least for only $.99 !

  175. Bonjour,

    Veillez d’abord m’excuser de m’exprimer en français. C’est plus facile pour moi, et je sais que David maîtrise parfaitement la langue.

    Quand il est question de Pink Floyd et des regrets exprimés quant à un improbable retour sur scène, il s’agit surtout d’une nostalgie … égoiste de la part de très anciens fans. C’est vrai, pour beaucoup, nous avons traversé notre adolescence avec cette musique, les grands effets scéniques…et transmis le virus à nos enfants, mais il faut savoir tourner la page. L’époque est révolue et de toute façon, la “magie” n’y serait certainement plus.

    PF est devenu un classique, que l’on peut revisiter grâce aux DVD, de QKED à Dark Side, en passant par Pompeï. Alors passons.

    Il ne faut garder aujourd’hui que l’essentiel, la version épurée de tout artifice, sans démesure, le Vrai.

    En réécoutant Mihalis, No Way (en 78 !) ou Murder, Blue Light (84), je pense que cela préfigure Meltdown 2002. A la fois simple et complexe, et surtout cool, à l’échelle humaine et intimiste. De la bonne musique avec un David talentueux, authentique, détendu, souriant, et sa formation heureuse d’être là.

    En cela, je dis merci à David pour le bonheur qu’il nous procure.

    Je serai-là à Paris, à l’Olympia (4ème rang!)et au Grand Rex… avec mon fils.

    Shine on, David

    A bientôt de vous voir et de vous écouter.

  176. Depuis le concert “Live8”, j’ai cru tout de même que le miracle se produirait…

    Il n’a pas eu lieu, mais qu’importe: David, Roger, Nick et Rick laisseront une emprunte indélébile dans l’histoire du rock.

  177. Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! David, I love you, but I can’t understand your decision to kill The Pink Floyd…my only dream was to see the band on tour…but from now it’impossible… Now I’m crying…

  178. Pink Floyd is the body of the work and minds of 4 unique musicians and will forever be so. Mr Gilmour and Mr Rogers are doing a fabulous job of still trying to keep the heart beating of the band, but deep down only they, Mr Mason and Mr wright will know that Pink Floyd is only alive when the four of those unique musicians stand together on one stage and play. Mr Gilmour, only you and your band mates know what you saw and felt at that time when you were unknown compared to now, that is what made your music unique, that is what made you Pink Floyd. Not the money. (no pun intended).

    Long may your music fill the hearts of those unable to cope without it.

  179. Dear Dave,

    I am listening to your music since I was five, I’ve begin with dsotm, thanks to my parents.. now i’m 35 years old, and after 30 years of listening to your music, I hope to see and hear you finally live in Hamburg!

    But, as a turkish floydian, I’d like to see you here in Turkey, Istanbul.. This is not a personal request, but it is for my mother, for my father, for my sister, aunt, girlfriend; for everybody here in my country that are not lucky like to me to win a ticket and make a trip abroad..

    Please believe me, here in this country, you have hundreds of thousands of fans.. you can make either a small concert in a venue with the capacity of 10.000, or a big gig in a stadium; I don’t have any doubt for ticket sales..

    Please, my dear Sir, we, as a turkish floydians, want to see and hear you and your music here in our beautiful country..

    Sincerely yours


  180. The impact on my life from the collective songs of PF is almost too great to measure. I was lucky enough to see Division Bell and I tell people about the experiece regularly. Almost mystical from the 7th row, I promise you.

    Anyone could see from the Live 8 film that it wasn’t much fun being together. I am just grateful that they made such great music in the first place. I wish someday that I could tell David to his face how imortant his work has been to me, personally.

  181. My only dream was to see Pink Floyd live… now I can’t… why did you do it? It’s a big part of the story of music that fades away… what will we have now? Will today’s musicians ever be a good substitute? I think they won’t…

  182. You got balls Dave.
    It´s your life.
    It´s the rest of the moments you got.
    Have a good life.
    You did something great for all.
    Enjoy the rest.

    Big hug

  183. Estou ansioso para ouvir o novo trabalho de David (On Island). Espero que o álbum esteja disponível no Brasil em março!!

    Um forte abraço para ti Mr. Gilmour!!

  184. Well I Would Have Love To See The Famous Pink Floyd Once In My Life Time.Pink Floyd Is The Best Band Ever My Band Is Influence By Pink Floyd So We Play Some Trippy Stuff But Yeah I Love Pink Floyd They Are The Best Band Ever And I Think They Knew Waht Music Is All About…..

  185. Hey man,

    like some strange miracle, I bought Dark Side almost exactly 30 years after it was recorded. I was 18, and I didnt know what to expect. The result of that action is obvious: a bening tumor on my brain that will nead lots of surgery to take out, if that would be necessary. Of course, THAT brain damage is the most pleasant, satisfying and helpful one to find out there: the floyd disease.

    Hej, man, my dream is to see Pink floyd live, but, hey man, its your and your choice.

    Anyway, good luck.

  186. If I may be frank, judging by the line up for the David Gilmour tour, don’t you all think this is really Pink Floyd without the lights and the lasers? Just look at the KEY musicians that were on the last Pulse tour.

    The stage designer ( is it Mark Fisher?) correct me there , he is also arranging the stage and lights. One of the questions asked on David’s website was would we be seeing “Mr Screen”? The answer was “You have to wait and see, but you won’t be dissapointed”.

    For those that have got tickets, this will be the closest you will see to a Pink Floyd gig – Post Division Bell……………..

    It just has to be in my mind !!!!

    Different band altogether, but compare David’s attitude in life to this………

    I have seen MARK KNOPFLER’s solo tour for 9 years now. He has done 3 major worldwide tours and has played “DIRE STRAITS” numbers from start to finish – without the pressure of touring with the BRANDED NAME.

    He like David has disolved the BAND/BRAND name due to the FUSS/PRESSURE/DEMAND…etc….

    This is what David is doing, he wants to go out without the pressure and expectation, so GOD GIVE THE MAN A BREAK.

    He will no doubt play some solo stuff, but I bet you it will be PINK FLOYD through and through ………….

    Here’s the band: Does this lineup not ring any Divison BELLS….!!!!!!!!!

    OK – NO Nick Mason, but you can’t tell me he won’t get a guest appearance like he did with the Roger Waters tour……………

    David Gilmour’s Line Up

    Richard Wright Keyboards (and vocals?)
    Guy Pratt Bass guitar (and vocals?)
    Phil Manzanera Guitar (and vocals?)
    Jon Carin Keyboards (and vocals?)
    Dick Parry (Saxophone)
    Steve DiStanislao (Drums)

    Wipe the tears and look forward to the David Gilmour tour……………..

    [It’s Marc Brickman, Gary. And please check your facts before quoting anything from the site. The actual answer to the Mr Screen question is this: “You’ll just have to wait and see, but please remember that this is a David Gilmour concert, not a Pink Floyd concert… By the way, legendary stage designer, Marc Brickman, will be involved in the live shows. Feel free to make of that what you will.” We can’t have you winding up your fellow fans – that’s my job. And who said there won’t be lights and lasers? You’re just going to have to wait and see. – Features Editor]

  187. Thanks for that editor, as I said I was not sure. It will be a great show granted. The closes we will get to what this on going subject has been all about – one would assume.

    In my mind David is doing the right thing – fair play to the genius.

  188. david gilmour hola como estas espero que bien bueno antes que nada quisiera felicitarte por tu disco espero y llege aca a maxico donde nos gustaria que lo visitaras tambien decirte que soy fan de pink floyd a morir espero y agan una gira aunque sea chica saludos att ulises

  189. Being a life long fan, I’d like to say that this is Dave’s time. Everyone would love a Floyd reunion, so would I. But I’m into this new album and tour. Got my tickets! (whew!) I never had the opportunity to see Pink Floyd. The last two tours sold out with me standing there both times.(Chicago) I was too young for the earlier shows. Although had someone taken me…eh, anyway let’s just say if their was a PF reunion, one way or another I’d be there. But it’s obviously not happening. Well, at least,not now. Rumours are just that. Heard plenty of them when I saw Roger Waters in 1999. (same place I’m seeing Dave. Too cool.) So let’s enjoy “On an Island”, which we all will, and let those with rumours be ignored. If it happens, when it happens WE WILL ALL KNOW. Dave rules!

  190. What a shame the rumours of a reunion are getting out of hand. Such a well loved band need time to decide whether to carry on or hang up their instruments for good. Full credit to David and the gang for their honesty to such rumours. I just hope the press will lay off them now. The Floyd will live on forever in vinyl and cd and for the true fans the tribute bands will continue to capture the sounds and visions of the most important rock band in history.

  191. Fan depuis les débuts du Floyd,ce sera une grande satisfaction de venir voir et écouter M. David Gilmour au grand Rex à Paris. Bien sur que l’on pourrait rêver à une tournée du Floyd et réentendre pour la énième fois les superbes morceaux devenus maintenant mythiques. Roger Waters l’a fait sur le DVD The Flesh, David aussi sur le sien avec une orientation acoustique. C’est bien. Peut être un jour pour le plaisir des uns et des autres, après la grande réconciliation.

    Pour l’instant, deux choses importantes pour moi. Apprécier le grand talent des excellents musiciens que l’on va pouvoir entendre lors de la tournée ‘on an island’ avec peut être quelques bonus ‘Division bell’ pour le plaisir.
    Le deuxième point est la sortie très très attendue du DVD ‘Pulse’. Beaucoup de rumeur circule et il serait dommage que cela ne se fasse pas pour des raisons mercantiles ou de droit. Le talent de toutes les personnes ayant contribués à écrire l’histoire des Floyd doit être mis en valeur pour ainsi la perpétuer auprès d’un nouveau public plus jeune, toujours avide de belle chose.

    A très bientôt à Paris.

    Et bonne chance au succès d’on an island
    mes meilleurs souvenir à Davdi et toutes son équipe.

    Michel Esnault

  192. A couple of points to echo (I know, I know) some things that have already been said.

    First, bands/artists do owe something to their fans, but it is pretty limited. I felt ripped off when I paid full price for John Mellencamp’s “Dance Naked,” because it was only 29 minutes (!)long. I felt ripped off when Stone Temple Pilots switched places with an opening act & cut their own show (for which I paid $25) to 55 minutes. I imagine that anyone who bought the Milli Vanilli album (not me!) felt pretty bad about it after the fact – although, since they didn’t sing on it, they technically weren’t artists but crooks, but maybe the point still holds.

    If any of PF had shortchanged us, that would be one thing. If they sit at home, take in a football game & tend to family, that is another. While I’d love it if each PF member released a solo album annually, & PF released something annually as well, the fact is, as with much of life, I’ll take what I can get – I almost fell over with shock & gratitude when I discovered that DG’s site existed.

    Another topic: while some posters have been openly suggesting that PF owe us more shows, at least one poster seems to have been lumped into this category for pointing out that there may be a credibility issue with “official” information releases, based on previous tours. While I’m not about to criticize PF or DG’s management, or the editor of this site, we fans might do well to reflect for a moment just how wide the gulf is that separates us from not only the band, but those who work for the band. We don’t know them (or they us) personally, so there will always be a chance that something reported in the press is untrue, and always a chance that something true remains unreported. When this poster pointed out that previous tours happened under similar (denied) circumstances, he wasn’t saying PF owed shows to the fans, or that the editor was beingso much as pointing out that such statements can’t rule out (from the distant fan perspective) such a thing happening.

    This makes sense – if something secret were happening, those that work for PF would certainly be loyal enough to keep things secret, since the band seems to favor the low-key approach. The catch is that this means that management would say they’re not touring whether or not they are…I think that’s all this poster is getting at. He’s neither paranoid nor whiny, just observant.

    However, if we want to speculate (and why not? it’s great fun), there are reasons to think that there will be no PF tour with Waters ever again, & also reasons why there will be no Watersless PF tour within the next 5 years (sorry).

    As for RW rejoining, he went out of his way to openly disparage the others in an interview taken immediately after Live 8. He was asked if there could ever be a better band name than PF, & he replied (I’m trying to quote as accurately as I can) “band name or brand name? they’ve certainly made a lot of money off of it, haven’t they?” This suggests he has yet to change his opinion of the others as forgers & thieves.

    Without RW, the DG-led PF has only toured with new material – they appear to be averse to touring just for the heck of it (which is great). Since DG has just finished working on a load of new material, & since his post-85 history has been to process a new album only around once per decade, he’s not due to cycle around to doing anything else (whether PF or solo) for awhile after this (this could always change, but we can only speculate based on what we’ve observed).

    Aside from the obvious fact that they are entitled to live their lives, I think we should be happy that, when they do choose to work, they do their absolute best to deliver. There are artists who seem to stop giving a fig at some point – none of PF ever impress me as being that way. When I hear fans compare RW-heavy PF albums (Wall, Final Cut), DG-heavy PF albums (AMLOR, TDB), & the solo works, what stands out to me is that, though those works vary considerably in content, there is quality to be found in the smallest corner of the least of them, because everyone on there was busting his hump to make it the best it could be, and they are all well worth listening to.

    I don’t think they have ever played us – and that is good enough for me.

  193. There is no need for a pf re-union…..but David, please book more north american dates. Lots of us were not able to get tickets and are very disappointed.

  194. querido david dios de la guitarra te mando este mensaje y perdon (sorry)for my spanish,soy un argentino mas que ama la musica que haces tu,y pink floy,te quiero felicitar por todo lo que nos da,estamos esperando con mucha ansias tu nuevo cd,lo de live 8 fue hermoso gracias gracias por todo david,thanks goooooddddd for david thankss for pink floydddddd

  195. Firstly, excuse my english.

    It’s necessary to turn the page… I know !!!

    But the magic will always remain, in their music and the words.

    It’s a tresor which they leaves behind of them.

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