Happy New Year!


Happy New Year, everyone!

We trust that the effects of last night’s celebrations haven’t lingered too long, and are pleased that you’ve found time to visit us for your daily Gilmour fix. (Why do people insist on letting off fireworks until 3AM?)

Recognise this face, anyone? Today’s photograph is of Rado Klose, better known to Floyd aficionados as Bob Klose, who was in the band in its earliest days. He was a fellow student at the Regent Street Polytechnic with Pink Floyd’s founding members and played guitar for Pink Floyd alongside Syd Barrett, but left before they found success with their debut album, ‘The Piper at the Gates of Dawn’, having always had more interest in jazz and blues than psychedelic pop.

After leaving Pink Floyd, he became a successful photographer. And now here he is, caught in the studio, guitar in hand, by Polly’s camera. Another musician for you to add the ever-increasing list.

How might Rado’s contribution shape the sound on David’s album? How does his involvement impact upon your Five Favourites lists? Let us know what you think.

And here’s another musician for that list… maybe.

Rumour has it that drummer Stevie DiStanislao will be touring with David. He is the drummer for David Crosby’s band, CPR. David Crosby, of course, sings on the title track from David’s new album, ‘On An Island’ with Graham Nash. Stevie has also worked with guitarists Joe Walsh of The Eagles and Carl Verheyen of Supertramp, so some strong connections there. We’ll confirm or deny this rumour soon, but it’s something for you to think about, particularly all you Ged Lynch fans.

Thanks for sharing your hopes and wishes for the New Year. May they all come true in 2006.

Keep the positive and upbeat comments coming. We welcome them warmly and have enjoyed reading them. It means an awful lot to David that people of all ages, all over the world, are interested in his new material and look forward to hearing it performed live.

Enjoy New Year’s Day, everyone, whatever you do.

Another of Polly’s pictures coming tomorrow – it’s one to get guitarists talking, believe me – and maybe we’ll even throw in some more rumours, too…

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

45 thoughts on “Happy New Year!”

  1. Hi.

    Bob Klose playing on Davids new Album – thats really a big suprise. Something nobody would ever came up with! Just yesterday i watched “The Floyd & Barrett Story” on DVD where Bob Klose is also appearing! Didnt knew that he is still playing the Guitar on this level. Who else can we expect?

    Thanx for this great website and – yes give us more rumours!

    all the best for 2006

  2. Could the Daily Photo’s be also put into the Gallery section.Would be great to be able to scapbook the whole ‘On A Island’ experience. Would be a nice touch for the collector’s .

    Site is fantastic, really look foward to visiting everyday .

    Gregory Farlow – Philadelphia, Pa

  3. Happy New Year! though for some reason it looks suspiciously like the same old one so far…

    If David Crosby or Graham Nash shows up for a date or two with David…well, that would be fantastic! Something else to get excited about. Great to hear that Bob Klose is still making music and will be involved. The 6th Floyd I suppose you could call him?

    wishing EVERYONE a very new year,

  4. Hi, I am a proud owner of two NEW Tube Driver effect pedals made by BK Butler himself!

    I’ve heard from BK that David also bought 4 new TD’s! I was wondering about some feedback about this nice new production line? I think David will use his Pete Cornish effect board on stage? (I will see David in Dortmund).

    Best Wishes,

  5. Happy New Year to all

    The Live8 Reunion. I had always said that if I could see the band re-united and playing Comfortably Numb, then could I die a happy man. As the show ended, and still in a highly emotion state, I switch off the TV and proceed to tour the house making sure all the windows are closed and the doors locked. As I’m closing the windows in the conservatory a deep (but invisible) voice says “Did you enjoy that?” My God! He’s taken me at my word! It’s the Grim Reaper! Turns out its just the chap next door having a last cigarette before retiring. Phew!- that was a close one.

    Regards Paul Whitehead

  6. Mr/Ms/Mrs webmaster, do you ever rest? I wasnt expecting and entry here today! New years day and sunday!

    The anxiety keeps building up. I dont know, or cant really imagine, how Bob Klose’s involvement has affected the whole feel of the music.

    I just thought, as I was reading, how it all seems to be a project in which Mr Gilmour has decided to take the chance to work with ‘la creme de la creme’ music wise, but also the pleasure of working with good old friends… must be an accomplishment in itself regardless of the “commercial” success of the album.

  7. Another brilliant photo. Really, Polly you should make a book of your photographs. I would be the first one to buy one.

    Rado Klose, pretty cool! Bringing a bit of early Floyd in the scene. …..WISH I was a fly on the studio wall!! …..

    What a awesome musician David is and he really is surrounding himself with gifted like-minded people. Doing what he loves… music….and really enjoying his life to the fullest. Yay! That’s what life really is about finding what brings you happiness and learning to keep it surrounded around you.

    And lets not forget about love…. Polly you really keep it fresh, current and joyful. Just looking at photos of you and David you can see so much love there….As with most musicians there emotions show up in there work..so I bet David’s new album is going to be beautiful.

  8. Hello guys,

    Happy new year to David and Polly. And I don’t forget the webmaster.

    Have a nice time “on this island”. I’m a lucky man with my wife (a real fairy) and my little children : we’ll see David at the Olympia (Paris) !

    Could I suggest Echoes, The narrow way, Fearless, Time and Smile for the play-list ?

    See you on the light side of the moon.

  9. First off – a very happy, healthy and successful New Year to all, including the Gilmours!

    This latest posting has really surprised me… Rado involved? Wow! Quite a big surprise that. This album is shaping up to be more and more interesting as time goes on.

    As for the touring band, there’s plenty of rumours abounding and it’s going to be fascinating to hear the final line-up.

    And thanks to the team behind these daily postings. Really interesting, and VERY much appreciated!

  10. As I try to rub last night’s celebrations from my eyes, it’s great read this news to get them focusing again!!! Aw man, I missed the pre-sale tickets for Radio City in NYC (I’m from the Bronx, NY)…

    Mr. Gilmour’s music has always been an inspirational for me, and seeing the kind of collaboration that went into this album is peeking my interest more thn I can say…

    Keep these posts coming!

  11. happy new year Mr.Gilmour,family and Webmaster..

    Thank you for your kindly giving your precious time reading fans comments.

    if I may suggest please.. we “old” band fans around the world will be thrilled if Sir David gave a hint from the past in his new album.. Anything related to old days.. part 2s of any old track from early solo albums..or PF albums.fat old sun days…anything..even a new concept from Ummagumma photo session

    Just love to smell a grand atmosphere in ‘on an island’.
    thank you….

  12. Happy New Year David.

    Thank you for the video “Island Jam”. 2006 will be a great year for you. And a great year for you is always a great year for all of us. As another of your fans mentioned, very few people can be blessed to have the talent (and support to bring this talent to light) as you do. I wish I could be a musical talent. I play the guitar and enjoy simulating your “echoes” in the live version of Run Like Hell (possibly my favorite piece Live … I think you are brilliant with these echoey and etheral guitar parts). I have my own talents, but yours inspire me. We are the witness of so much garbage in our daily life, that we seek beauty and talent as a way to heal and restore what is good in all of us. You are such divine talent. Thank you. You have been true to the gifts that you have received and you have given a lot of yourself through your music. You have inspired me.


    Happy New Year to you and your family.

  13. That looks like a ‘jazzers’ guitar Mr. Klose is holding. Going by the information so far, this album is certainly going to be eclectic. Can’t wait…

    Royston – London

  14. Well, Happy New Year to all of you who visit this site and to your loved and beloved ones’!

    A Happy, Healthy and Creative New Year to David and his family, to all the guys that are working so hard for this album to come out. Wait, this supposed to have been posted in the Hootenary section! My bad…

  15. “Nobody knows where you were”, Mr. Bob Klose, and now we find you in the studio with David Gilmour!
    Another Brick in the Floydian history is made.

    Thanks to David Gilmour, we are all making an Interstellar Overdrive in the early days, when Bob Klose was playing in the band but he didn’t like the psychedelic stuff.
    Now, what a surprise!, he is embarked again on the Floydian ship, which is continuing the Interstellar Overdrive. Some passengers have left the ship: Steve O’Rourke, Michael Kamen and Tony Howard are in the fifth dimension now; Roger Waters is returned on the ship, but he never was only a passenger!

    The Interstellar Overdrive is continuing and will land On An Island on March: shall we find another passenger on it? Another passenger called Roger? Roger Barrett, once Syd? Shall we see him in the studio with David on the next days?

    Is he the Astronomy Domine of the Interstellar Overdrive that will land On An Island on March?

  16. First of all, very happy new year to you all.

    This is going to be a very exciting year in Floyd terms: David’s new album and coming tour, P.U.L.S.E on DVD (been waiting too long for this) and hopefully Wish You Were Here on SACD (maybe P.U.L.S.E also on SACD?)

    So far, David’s new album sounds awesome and intriguing. I’m 23 years old, and I’ve noticed that a lot of my friends around my age are aware and very keen on David’s new album. Proof indeed of David’s longetivity and timelessness.

    Thought it was odd to see Bob Klose recording with David. I haven’t heard anything he’s done since the early Floyd’s stuff, but apparently he’s into jazz and that sounds more on a par with the the image that has been forming around “On an Island”.

    Something that I am dying to know is: is On a Island going to be released on SACD? It seems all members of Pink Floyd are very keen on this format, and they’ve worked already on three 5.1 high fidelity surround mixes (DSOT, WYWH & PULSE). David has taken a long time to create this album and I wonder if they’ll make an effort to release it on SACD since it would be the perfect conveyance for David’s beautiful music. It’s not so much the 5.1 surround capabilities of the SACD format, but the higher audio resolution that would make the best out of those accoustinc arrangements and every other musical detail.


  17. Well as noone else has said it, I’ll say it “Happy New Year to you, and everyone else, too!”

    Anyway, Features Ed, you’ve asked us our thoughts so let’s ask the question back to you; So, what are your resolutions this year?

    Tell us a bit about you ; )

    [No, I’m shy. – Features Editor]

  18. My resolution? To give up food and to keep practicing until I get as good as Carole Malone. 😉

  19. Hello,

    Hope you all had a peaceful & cozy glide into the New Year!

    Congratulations with the choice of Bob Klose. The circle is round again: Bob was the second guitarist of the first line up of “The Tee Set” and “The Pink Floyd Sound”. I understood that he left because he didn’t like the first acid sounds and the experimenting with the strange “vibes” that Syd brought in. He was more interested in jazz & blues.

    When Bob never had left Pink Floyd, David Gilmour wouldn’t be asked to join…

    I think this is another prove of Davids generosity and his ability to make links to the past.

    Mmm I’m impressed again by the news about “On An Island”.

    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

    PS Does anybody know what kind of Photographer Bob became?

  20. Aside of David’s own personal development – I would just like to say that the Waters / Gilmour reunion at Live 8 was just fantastic, absolutely fantastic.

    As a 51 year old chartered surveyor, married with nearly adult children I never ever thought that my appreciation of pink floyd music would have persisted to this day,undiminished.

    Big business yes – and possibly big ego’s too, but Live 8 with the re-united band something that I personally waited and waited to see – and maybe 2006 will see a new collaberation between individuals who have created fabulous music.

    Do it again guys – there cannot be a band in the world who has the demand that you have.

    To die rich is to die in shame – Andrew Carnegie.

    Do it again

  21. Mr Gilmour,

    I admire you for the fact that you’ve never behaved like a celebrity. I admire your principles. I admire the way you use your clout to benefit others, not your own ego. I admire your humility. I admire you for playing Live 8. I was there, awestruck.

    I marvel at the music you’ve created, and played a part in creating. Pink Floyd are truly the greatest band of all time, and you are without doubt the greatest guitarist ever. There has never been another player capable of creating such moving, sublime, powerful guitar parts or such monumental, soaring solos. Not Hendrix, not even Nigel Tufnel!

    I am so, so grateful for your efforts in getting Floyd material released. I’m sure the negotiations involved in putting releases such as Echoes together must have been a headache you didn’t need to give yourself.

    I’m very much looking forward to the new album and tour, and the P*U*L*S*E DVD too.

    My life is better because of what you’ve done with yours. Thank you.

    Happy New Year.

  22. Bob Klose?…that´s a big surprise…more than that just syd…but that´s a stupid idea…i loved island jam and i´ll love the album of course…just two names to explain it…DAVID GILMOUR

  23. If Mr. Klose leaned towards the blues and jazz, I would love if some of the new album had those styles, kind of an “Us and Them” atmosphere. I thought the Island Jam reminded my of Shine On You Crazy Diamond. I really can’t hold myself together waiting for the album release.

    Happy New Year!

  24. First, I owe an apology to David, his band and the webmaster.I am truly sorry about my recent posts, and I do not blame the webmaster for not posting them. Some of my comments were demanding and were not called for, and I ask David and his collegues to forgive me and wipe the slate clean. I will write make any more posts thart requires an obligation from David because I do realize that David, et al, owe me nothing. I also realize that David has a young family which means dearly to him. Once again, please accept my apologies and best to all of you in the new year.

  25. I am very happy to read that Bob Klose will play on David’s new album.

    It never ceases to amaze me how much David is sharing his success with his friends, such as Bob and Dick Parry, whose career he resumed into stardom in the early 90’s.

    I would have expected Tim Renwick to feature with him on his new album. Will Bob Klose play on tour as well?

  26. Fingers crossed for Stevie D from CPR … the guy is a class act and a real asset.

  27. This site is totally cool. I am so excited that David is coming to Los Angeles. Being that I was younger when The Floyd toured last and my mom wouldn’t let me go!! I love reading on what’s happening with the new album. Although I am not as all knowing as some of the people who post here but all I can say is that I love the music. Thank you Mr. Gilmour for making the music in my life have meaning.
    Happy New Year,from the states!!

  28. Ok, this is getting pretty cool. I’m getting more anxious with every photo! Bob Klose, Nash, Crosby and Holland “sweet”! You know David, what is it like to know, that you’ll have people listening to your accomplishments 100 or so years from now? It would damn sure make me smile! Happy new year, everyone!

  29. Happy New Year to the Gilmour family and all of David’s fans as well. I am so excited that in this new year I will be seeing my favorite musician, the amazingly talented Mr. David Gilmour. I was afraid that I may never get the chance to see/hear him in person, but now I will be, in Chicago. As someone stated in an earlier post above, “now I can die a happy woman.” At least in my case, as the earlier poster was a man.


  30. Regarding the pictures by Polly which are posted every day, I’m waiting on the surprise one which shows Roger Waters in the studio with all these other names… 😉

    Seriously though, the pictures are nice. I wonder if it would be possible for them to link to slightly higher resolution versions?


  31. Happy New Year, Gilmour and family.

    Congratulations for the new CD. And PLEASE, it comes to Brazil!!! I love you!

    PS.: Forgive me! My English is bad but my love is great. You are wonderful!!!

  32. My life is better because of what you’ve done with yours. Thank you. I copied this from a post made by “Gem” above and I think Gem nailed my thoughts exactly, so I hope Gem doesn’t mind me reiterating the statement.So true…David’s beautiful music has carried me through times of the darkest despair, and through times of great joy as well. His music has always ranked way high on my fave things in life, and I am so freaking thankful that I’ll be able to experience the man and guitar live, in person. David, you are so many things to so many people!

    Thank you for sharing your gift.

  33. Happy Newyear Mr.Gilmour,

    I had been hearing Pink Floyd for the past 15 years , quite a young fan though. Timeless music had inspired me and made me what I am now. I’m so grateful for the work you had done for Floyd and for you in all these years. The Simplicity followed by the band and by you is another piece of admiration I always have inspite of the high profile nature in this business. You made me buy a guitar and learn it, which is giving me most satisfaction in some of the lonely moments. The music and lyrics of Pink Floyd had taught and guided me of many things outside the world I live which I am again grateful for.

    Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous Newyear,
    All the Best in your forthcoming tour,
    Hope to see you live somewhere,
    Let you hands create that magic on the years to come,
    Happy Newyear to all my fellow human beings,

    -Sony John N

  34. “My life is better because of what you’ve done with yours. Thank you. I copied this from a post made by “Gem” above and I think Gem nailed my thoughts exactly, so I hope Gem doesn’t mind me reiterating the statement.So true…”

    Not at all, Elizabeth.

    I wonder if David will look over these messages.

  35. Happy New Year everyone!

    Try to post my appreciation again to David and just say how admire his singing and playing. I love the Meltdown concert DVD and so look forward to seeing him in Toronto.
    I hope the “rumours” I read about PULSE coming to DVD is accurate. ?

    Thank you for the inspiration!
    Regards from Kitchener Ontario Canada!

  36. well, here’s a late happy 2006 from me to Dave and Polly!
    Really enjoy this blog and all the pictures I see in here!
    Been a big Gilmour/pink floyd fan since The division Bell came out and I’m pretty glad we’re going to have some new Dave’s song this year!

    Sad thing he doesn’t come To Montréal in his tour though…. All other shows are way too far for me…

  37. Hi,
    I was lucky enough to get my hands on two tix for David’s 2nd show in Amsterdam… Some ‘not collected’ tix were released yesterday and I was lucky enough to snatch two.. I’ll be attending the show with a friend of mine. We’ll be in row 9… Looking very much forward to the show… I don’t care about favourite songs…. …Make a nice selection from your solo-career and some PF-songs and I’ll have a great night…

  38. Happy New Year =)
    Have A Great Year
    There’s a great thing this year: David in Paris (15th March,I’ll be there)..I’m so happy!!

    Bonne année =)

  39. Bob playing with Dave is very cool. I’ve always loved Lucy Leave becouse Bob did the solo and it rips. I just can’t wait to hear the new album. Welcome BOB! hope you stick around for a while.!

  40. What would be the chance of letting David see my custom DSOTM Harley Davidson…….been a big fan since the early 70’s. This bike will be a tribute to the greatest album ever made, and the bike will reflect that. Saw PF in 75 in the rain in Milwaukee, when the lyrics were sung, I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon, the clouds broke and a bright full moon was in sky, just as if God and PF had a pact on special effects that night. How did PF contact the Almighty to get the timing just right on that one? I also saw PF in 77 in Milwaukee when the pig blew up……was that planned?

  41. happy new year to Gilmour family,great musician David Gilmour and all you Gilmour fans.I wish you all will be happy at all seconds of yor life..unfortunately I’ll be unhappy becouse Mr. Gilmour won’t come to Turkey and I won’t see him live this year again and it’s very hard to go to europe from Turkey..but it’s enough to listen cd’s again and again..

  42. 拝啓ギルモア殿
    I live in Japanese country side.
    I want to send even words to you!
    Thank you.
    I love your music!

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