Happy 60th Birthday, Syd


The fallen genius who turned Pink Floyd into the leading psychedelic band of the day, and amazed everyone (even The Beatles!) with ‘The Piper at the Gates of Dawn’, is 60 today.

David would like to take this opportunity to send his warmest wishes to his friend, Roger Keith Barrett, who will always be affectionately known to those who knew and loved him – not to mention the many who have been touched and inspired by his music – simply as ‘Syd’.

As well as his vital contribution to Pink Floyd’s second album ‘A Saucerful of Secrets’, Syd has made two solo albums, ‘The Madcap Laughs’ and ‘Barrett’. There is also the ‘Opel’ compilation of studio outtakes. If you haven’t heard them, then do give them a try.

David has always championed Syd’s music and produced almost all of Syd’s studio sessions from July 1969. He fought to include as many of Syd’s songs on Pink Floyd’s ‘Echoes’ compilation, as well as performing several of Syd’s songs live – most notably ‘Terrapin’ and ‘Dominoes’ in 2001 and 2002.

We hope you can find time today to play some of Syd’s songs and to remember him as the creative genius who wrote such enchanting and thought-provoking lyrics, dared to be different and inspired myriad artists to follow him into the music business.

Feel free to let us know what Syd’s music means to you and, of course, to send him your birthday greetings. Even though it’s now been some 35 years since Syd retired from public life, his music will always live on and continue to move people. Let it move you today.

We leave you with a recent excerpt from Guitar & Bass magazine, which pertains to Syd’s legacy in Pink Floyd:

He recognised Syd Barrett as a genius, even though he had to watch his friend’s stability crumble. Gilmour was invited to the recording session for the band’s second single ‘See Emily Play’, and recalls even then that Syd didn’t recognise him. ‘He looked through you. He wasn’t quite there.’ Since then, he has ensured Syd has benefited from royalties generated by five songs included on the ‘Echoes’ compilation and ‘Astronomy Domine’, performed on the 1994 tour and later released as part of the album ‘Pulse’. (Diamond David, Guitar & Bass magazine, December 2005)

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

131 thoughts on “Happy 60th Birthday, Syd”

  1. Warmest happy birthday wishes to The fallen genius.

    This site keeps amazing me, it is the first thing I check every morning keep up the great work.

  2. To be frankly, I do not appreciate the music that was creating during the Barrett period. For me, it is too much psychedelic and too less symphonic.

    BUT .. I do accept that Syd was a genius in his time. All the (ex) Floyd members are convinced by this and tell us so in several interviews. It is a good thing to honour this genius.

    Tonight, I will have a drink on Syd and listen to the Piper again. Happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday Syd!

    I have all of Syd’s albums, and listen to them once in a while. I will be sure to listen to some of his music today, a little “Dark Globe”….

  4. Happy birthday to the Crazy Diamond !

    I hope David will play some Syd’s stuff on his next tour 😉
    I’m listening to Madcap Laughs right now.. what an album…

    Cheers, ans Shine on Syd !


  5. Most definitely Happy Birthday to Syd!

    If it wasn’t for Syd the music we all know and love would have taken a completely different course…

  6. Dear David Gilmour,
    We were pleased to hear about your new album “On an island” and tour; as you know, everyday we are checking your website, hoping to read some great news about you and your current work. We know that you’re going to record a real good tracklist and we will be pleased to listen that songs during your tour, but as the most of your fans we would like to see you playing some songs from Pink Floyd’s old album too. Our hope is that you’re going to play half songs from your new album and half songs from the old Pink Floyd’s ones. This is the opinion of all fans that will come at your concerts in every part of the world.

    We wish that our High Hopes will not be left in our desires.

    Best wishes,

    Andrea & Lorenzo from Italy.

  7. My birthday wish for Syd is that he’ll have a peaceful and joyful life for the rest of his years.

  8. Happy birthday, Syd, from all Italian Pink Floyd Fan Club members.
    Your music and words keep moving our hearts and minds.
    We listen regularly to your songs and covers made by other musician. But only Pink Floyd “own the artistic right” to play and arrange your repertoire.
    So, I’m sure David will play another your song on the next “On An Island” tour.
    I hope he will choose “Opel”: what a beautiful song! “Opel” is a naked body which needs a light dress,as David could do.
    Buon compleanno dall’Italia, Syd.

  9. Syd was a one off. A genius with a child like charm that captivated the listener. It says so much about his music that still to this day he is fondly remembered in the music business to fans worldwide despite only spending a relatively short period of his life writing music.

    Happy 60th Birthday Syd, the genius, the innovator, the man.


  10. Happy 60th Birthday Syd,

    May you have many, many more in health and happiness.

    Your music has not just lived on within Pink Floyd and solo albums.

    On New Years Eve going into Millennium I was at Big Cypress in Florida seeing Phish. At that gig Phish performed your song “Love You” infront of 70,000 fans.

    Also on October 29, 2003 I saw Grateful Dead member Bob Weir perform “Matilda Mother” sandwiched between the Beatles “Tomorrow Never Knows” at Massey Hall in Toronto, Ontario.

    I can only hope that more artists like David Gilmour, Bob Weir and Phish continue to keep your music alive by performing them on stage.

    All the best,


  11. Wishing Syd a wonderful birthday!

    It’s great to know that David is and has been involved over the years on keeping a distant eye on Syd. I am very happy that Barrett songs were include on “Echoes” so Syd would receive some royalties. Also, I recently learned that David purchased some old recorded material (and the rights)of Syd’s to prevent it from being published because David thought the material was inappropriate for release. Commending you David!

    Best Regards,
    Steve Radovanovich
    NY, USA

  12. S….hine on Y….ou crazy D….iamond

    Roger Keith Barrett,today we celebrate your genius, your music, your inspiration, and your humanity.

    Come on you raver, you seer of visions, come on you painter, you piper, you prisoner, and shine!

  13. Happy Birthday, Syd!

    Though you haven’t played a note in decades, your songs still inspire us and will continue to do so for generations to come.

    May you live long and be happy.

    -Eric Cassidy


    Shine on!!!
    As you can see, a lot of people love you!!!
    Evidently, David first of all!!!
    I wish your life will be full of love and serenity. Syd life and….ours too!


  15. Just another thing!

    It was fantastic when this summer, during the great Live 8 performance, Pink Floyd dedicated Wish you were here to Syd. It was a very beatufil moment! And Roger words were very nice!
    But the most beautiful thing was to see David, Nick, Rick and Roger together again!
    I hope you won’t fight again!
    Sometimes, we can pardon and forget the past!
    …it isn’t always easy but…we can try!!! Sometimes!!!

    Bye bye


  16. The smile…

    The creative depth…

    Wow. Even though I was a little kid when Syd was at his peak and didn’t discover his work until much later, it still touches me to hear his music and see his image. It’s almost as if we knew each other as mates.

    Happy Birthday Syd.

    Dave from Boise

  17. Happy Birthday Syd. I don’t think you will read this, but your legacy goes on and on. You rock man

  18. Come on you raver, you seer of visions,
    Come on you painter, you piper, you prisoner, and shine!

  19. Syd You Rock!!!

    Feliz Cumpleanos! Happy Birthday and may you have many more.
    Thanks for the music.

    Renee B.

  20. This is the most awesome and intimate artist/fan web site I have ever had the pleasure to actualy participate with. The info., commentary, and sincere interest you & your wife have with us fans truly make it family like, and is most greatly appreciated by us your loyal fans. It will be woderful being able to share seeing you in Chicago with my 17 yearold daughter who is also a great fan, creating another great bonding experience with my daughter. An other thing we can share as family. I very much look forward to reading the blog each day. It’s wonderful to listen to timeless compositions and contributions to the worlds music heritage. Thank you.

  21. Happiest o’ birthdays to Syd!

    It would have been me mum’s 88th birthday today as well. (Did that sound British? 😀 )

    SOYCD remains one of my all-time favorite songs….

  22. Happy Birthday, Syd.

    Thank you for such beautiful and inspiring music, and for your huge role in giving birth to the greatest of bands.

    Remembering a Day …

  23. I consider Mr.Roger “Syd” Barrett as a real inspiring force during the first period of the band: he created the name of the band giving us some of the most innovative songs ever! Astronomy Domine, Interstellar Overdrive and so on lead the way which the band took also after his departure from PF. Hat off to the Crazy Diamond, happy and joyful birthday!
    Considering that David performed and support the art of “Syd” I’d love to ask him which are his point of view on solo’s albums by his bandmates or ex one: how do you think about it David!?? It would be nice of you to answer me….and to you Feature Editor not to censure my question and not publish it.
    With respect,

  24. Happy Birthday Syd!
    Thanks for all those beautiful songs. Especially thanks for
    “Astronomy Domine” and “Interstellar Overdrive”
    I am going to clebrate you Birthday by playing my weekly dose of these two songs!


  25. Thank You Syd…and Happy Birthday…

    Grazie per le emozioni che ci hai regalato…

  26. Cheers Syd, many happy returns!!!

    Here’s to a long and happy life, lots of love to you xxx

    It’s definitely a Piper day today 🙂

  27. Well this is definetely a person I feel very strongly toward. I too have had someone close to me …very close that has struggled with various forms of “confusion, anxiety, depression, borderline insanity you might say” He started struggling with this “situation” early in his years like the age 19. Struggling through life on medication after medication. Hiding the fears and visions he faced daily from all others than a select few that were able to notice the “differences” others did not. It is a sad and painful experience for myself to notice and more so for him to endure.
    Syd’s music was free without restraint. Creative, artistic, abstract, and genius in its simplist from. One only needs to take the time to sit back quietly..forget the obsurd beginnings of his tunes, and listen to them fully. The chil like tunes with very distinct powerful rythms. The dark depressing undertones that yet seem cheerful and excepted to him. Yes they were psychedelic indeed but not because he was wanting them to be but more so because this is his vision of what his music should be. To this day I greatly enjoy all of Syds works. My wife whom up untill only recent would cringe each time I put on everescent elephant or bike or dominoes, now prefers Syd over any music on the radio. I will never forget the moment that changed her view on his music and the Floyd era that included him. It was early christmas last year and my youngest daughter (only 2-3) at the time stood on the stairwell. I turned on some old early Floyd with SYd and some out takes I have collected, my daughter began to dance. Swinging her arms around and round, only stopping when the music stopped like a “flower child from the 60’s” it was a beautiful moment to me . Any music that brings a child to dance and frolic in this era we live in…well it to me shows the purity of the music that was made….

    Bests for him, health and happiness, success in paintings!
    I wish he understands how much we miss his sweet voice!
    (just listen to one of his songs like ArnoldLyne to understand what I mean!)

    I would like to ask from his sister, Rosemary Breen,
    if it is possible for her to pass our regards and greetings to him, or show him this page!

    God bless him!

  29. Mr Barrett is a one-of-a-kind whose influence upon modern music is considerable and lasting. many of his songs cannot be ‘dated’ due to their sheer originality. my favorite is “Bike”, and i love “Astronomy Domine” and “Dominoes”. i’ve named my Stella scooter “InterStella Overdrive”.

    so many of his contemporaries recognize his genius, respect his self-imposed exile, and care enough to keep his music alive – it’s very moving to realize.

    i hope you know that you are loved, Roger Barrett, especially on your birthday.

  30. happy birthday Syd !

    shine on…again again again…. till the end of times.

  31. Happy Birthday, Mr. Barrett. Your music and style have been an inspiration to many. And thank you, Mr. Gilmour, (and the rest of P.F) for preserving Syd’s legacy. When many artists tend to forget where their roots are, it’s touching to see all the members of Pink Floyd continue to honor Syd’s role in their history. After all is said and done, the one thing everybody agrees on (at least publicly) is honoring their fallen leader, artist, and friend. I’m sure many of us fans look for a day where Syd will play with you again. (We know the seemingly impossible can happen! Look at Live 8 🙂 ) Again, happy birthday and best wishes. Shine on.

  32. Thank you very much, dear Syd, for your beautiful songs. My favourite is Astronomy Domine, fantastic!
    Thanks also for The Gnome, Gigolo Aunt, Golden Hair, Bike, Octopus, Baby Lemonade, ecc….

    Grazie dall’ Italia!!!!

  33. many happy returns syd!

    i like to celebrate every jan 6 with some finely selected and crafted songs by the man who started it all. so overlooked, so sad. we miss you and we love you.

  34. Happy birthday Syd,thanks for your wonderful contribution too the world of music, and thanks too you, and david for inspiring me musically

  35. I will see you on the dark side of the moon Syd …

    I’m certainty that i will see you there 🙂

    Shine on you crazy diammond …

    Happy Birthday

  36. Oh baby my hair’s on end about you…

    love to Syd and here’s wishing him many more birthdays to come. my jack daniels and coke tonight shall be downed in his honor


  37. Hello,

    I just want to congratulate you for the great job with this blog!!

    The writing and the images are great.


    Medellin, Colombia

  38. Happy Birthday to Roger “Syd” Barret
    I really wish I were alive back in the late 60’s and could meet Syd. Every person who recalls anything of him has expressed great admiration and love for him. What an intriguing person: artist, piper, painter, writer, musician, actor, stranger, martyr, winner and looser. Beautiful, funny, uncomplicated (but complex!)…
    And of course, he gave us Pink Floyd, and a fantastic legacy of music. And after all this years he’s still shrouded in mystery.
    It’s really weird to love someone you don’t know. And it’s also weird when that someone doesn’t exist anymore in the form and shape by which you know them.
    It was very emotional when Pink Floyd played in Live8 and Roger mentioned him. He speaks for everyone when he says “wish you were here”.

  39. Happy Birthday Syd!!

    PS David is welcome to play anything he wants at the shows, he is superb with any track 🙂

  40. Not that I think you´ll ever see this, Syd – but here´s to ya´, anyroad!!
    Now that I´ve finally got to know you, I´ll never forget you…….

  41. I am in the middle right now painting a brand new Harley Davidson Road Glide as a moving tribute to Pink Floyd. The graphics will be awesome.

    Happy Birthday, Syd. Thank you for the music.

    Dave, I’d love to show you the bike when you’re in Chicago. Regardless, I look forward to your shows in Chicago. I’ll see you on the Dark Side of the Moon.

  42. From Ivor Wynne Stadium, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
    June 28th, 1975.

    Before Echoes, Roger Waters homage:

    “Good ol’ Syd!!!”

    Happy 60th. Many more, I am sure.
    It’s awfully considerate.

  43. “come on you stranger, you legend, you martyr, and shine!”

    “How I wish, how I wish you were here
    We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year
    Running over the same old ground
    What have we found?
    The same old fears
    Wish you were here”

    Have you got it, yet, Syd? We hope so…happy birthday and shine on…

  44. We’ve just put Jugband Blues on for the occasion.

    Happy Birthday, Syd.

    My personal favorite:
    “I’ve got a bike
    You can ride it if you’d like
    It’s got a basket, a bell that rings and things that make it look good
    I’d give it to you if I could but I borrowed it”

    sometimes that song’ll spend a day or two roaming around in my head.

    Hope Syd’s full of peace and joy today.

  45. Happy 60th Syd, hopefully David will inspire us in Toronto with Dominoes, not only in your memory, but Michael Kamen’s and Steve O’Rourke’s as well. I wonder if Liona Boyd will attend the stage in Massey Hall, maybe Neil Young too? Hint, hint. Thank you all, what a web site. Thanks Nick, for the book and Richard, please play Any Colour You Like. We will be there Apr. 10th. Can’t wait.


    Happy 60th Syd.. Aca en el sur del mundo tambien se escucha Pink Floyd.. siempre te recordaremos por lo que fuiste.. y por que eres inspiracion para gente joven.. como yo..

  47. Bonne Fête Syd!

    Je suis heureuse de t’avoir chez-moi…même en musique! Quel bons moments à t’écouter… Passes une belle journée! Bonne Fête! Bonne Fête!! Bonne Fête!!!

    Manon St-Boniface Québec

  48. Hope you had a great birthday Syd.Keep well and happy for many more years – you brought colour and innocence to a faded world. Thanks.

  49. Hello,
    Congratulations Syd with your birthday (yesterday).

    When I was driving home, almost at midnight, last night, the car was filled with music of modern progbands, Magenta, RPWL, and David Gilmours related music; The Law & Waren Zevon. “Astronomy Domino” (live with Guy Pratt) was sounding when I arrived at my “own” street….

    “Arnold Layne” or “See Emily Play” would be great to hear live and to honour Syd.. “I’m a King Bee” and “Lucy Leave”, with Bob Klose would be cool too.

    Shine on Syd!

    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

  50. Happy birthday, Syd!

    Thank you so much for the songs – for Arnold Layne and See Emily Play, for Matilda Mother and Interstellar Overdrive, for Bike and Bob Dylan Blues, for Late Night and Dark Globe. For all of the songs you wrote. You made the world a better place.

    I hope you are happy today, and always.
    Take care.

  51. Happy Birthday Syd…live long & happy!
    Thanks for your wonderful music,lyrics,clothes,eyeliner,pancake makeup & everything else that put you so far ahead of your time. If you only knew (or cared)how many of us out here support whatever you do in your life. David, all people in this world should have a friend like you. This crazy world would be such a better place to breathe in.See you in chicago!!

  52. Happy Birthday precious diamond!

    I know you are suffering diabets as I do!
    keep on fight for life and thanks for your timeless music.

  53. As I read the feature on Syd 60th and recall all of David’s involvement in and outside of Pink Floyd, I can only think of one thing:

    David is a good friend to his friend and a humanitarian to everybody else.

  54. I hope it is not to late, but I wish you a happy birthday Syd your music was really an inspiration, keep on shining “Crazy Diamond”, and you know that we “Wish you were here”.

    On the other hand, I hope everybody who visits this web site remembers the coming 60th birthday of one of the greatest musicians of all times, Mr. David Gilmour, on March 6th. Personally, I think he is the greatest. Me and millions of fans will be expecting that South America will be included in David’s next tour.


    Juan Pablo Z. from Guayaquil-Ecuador

  55. happy birthday roger syd barrett lont time missing from us but never ever forget you!


    lior(pink floyd collector)
    from israel

  56. An Effervescing Elephant with tiny eyes and great big trunk; once whispered to the tiny ear the ear of one inferior; that by next June he’d die, oh yeah!;because the tiger would roam. The little one said: “Oh my goodness I must stay at home!
    and every time I hear a growl I’ll know the tiger’s on the prowl; and I’ll be really safe, you know the elephant he told me so.
    Everyone was nervy, oh yeah! and the message was spread; to zebra, mongoose, and the dirty hippopotamus who wallowed in the mud; and chewed his spicy hippo-plankton food;and tended to ignore the word preferring to survey a herd;
    of stupid water bison, oh yeah! And all the jungle took fright,and ran around for all the day and the night but all in vain, because, you see, the tiger came and said: “Who me?! You know, I wouldn’t hurt not one of you. I’d much prefer something to chew; and you’re all to scant.”
    oh yeah! He ate the Elephant!!!!!

    ;-)) SMILING!!!!! {Like A Syd Barrett!!!!!}

  57. I really hope David will play a couple of Syd’s songs on his next tour. I love the versions of Terrapin and Dominoes that he plays on the dvd and it would be nice if he revisited a couple of more songs. Syd’s songs really deserve to get more public recognition.

    Shine On!

  58. Happy Birthday Syd!
    I hope you celebrate well 🙂
    You changed my and alot other people life

    Itai from Israel

  59. I have always favored the Syd Barrett Floyd to the later incarnations. It took a while to get used to the “primitivism” of the 60s recording technology compared to the “perfect” sound of the 70s classic Floyd.

    I think Pink Floyd has always been about Syd, either with him front and center, or him being absent. I think Roger Waters has been trying to come to terms with Syd and his genius for over 40 years. Roger has a greatness to him, but he could never have written lines like “cracked by scattered needles” or “I’m only a person with eskimo brain/I tattoed my brain all the way.”

    There is also an emotional vulnerability central to Syd’s music that I don’t find in Roger’s lyrics–with the exception of the songs that seem to be about Syd’s absence (on Dark Side and Wish You Were Here).

    I give Dave Gilmour a lot credit for holding up his side of what seems to be a one-sided relationship in looking after Syd.

    I wish I could have seen Syd through Dave’s eyes. Before Syd’s went black.

    Keep singing those songs, Dave, they deserve to be heard.

  60. Feliz aniversário Syd, espero vê-lo algum dia cantando suas músicas. Obrigado por ter criado o Pink Floyd, por favor não se isole do mundo. Queremos ter notícias sobre você. Volte!
    Happy Birthday Syd, I wish see you someday showing your musics again. Thank’s to be criated the Pink Floyd group, please don’t be isolated from the world. We want get news about you. Turn back to us!
    If you can, send a picture. Brazil would like to see you again.

  61. Happy Birthday Syd!

    David, please play some of Syd’s songs on your tour, will you?

    How I wish You were here…

  62. Syd continues to be a major influence. I remember cutting his photo (the Mick Rock “hand-cupped-in-face” shot) out of my copy of Rolling Stone and taping it inside the door of my locker in junior high school. Thirty-some years later later I coordinated and mastered “Let’s Try It Another Way” to get my “Thanks, Syd” on the record. Shine on.

  63. Happy Happy birthday Syd. That’s a little bit to late but I want You to know that The Piper at the Gates of Dawn was my first Pink Floyd album I’ve bought. Nothing special someone can say haha but when You are teenager and Your friends are asking You “What are You listening now Luke?” and they hear Interstellar Overdrive…You know what i mean 🙂 Anyway God Bless You Syd!God Bless You with everything He have and He have only those good things. Hi is so good to me and that is my wish to You. Led Him be a Light in Your Life Syd, and then You will Shine For Ever and Ever Syd:) Shine ON!!!!

  64. Happy birthday Syd, hope you can continue to live your live of no harm. Thank you David Gilmour, for watching over him through out the years, and ensuring he recieves his royalties. Cheers to you both.

  65. Hey Mr. “Dominos”
    I wish you keep your “genius” alive for more 500 years… You’re simply the best!!!

    Happy new year for everyone!!!

    Arthur Romagnolo
    from São Paulo / BRAZIL

  66. By some strange synchronicity, not knowing it was Syd’s Birthday yesterday I was going through the cd’s today and pulled out Madcap laughs and played it with wonder again at the brilliant wordplay and lazy meandering guitar work. Then I check the bob dylan website which I hadn’t done for months and find out it was his birthday. I had the double record set (and everything else thanks to those Italian bootlegs in the 80’s) since I was around 14, IE for over 20 years and wish all the best for Mr. Barrett and hope he is doing OK in Cambridge and hopefully sitting in a sunny garden enjoying the birds singing. Happy Birthday!
    Peace and Love.

  67. Sorry for the late but i couldnt be on line these days.
    But i want to wish an HAPPY BIRTHDAY to SYD, a legend!!!


  68. Happy Birthday Syd!
    (I beg Your pardon for this little delay of three days!).
    Hi Dave!
    I’m your Fan and Pink Floyd fan since I was 11 in the past 1974. Now I’m 42 years old and I’m waiting for You in Italy for Your next Tour.
    Play more songs from Your first album, Dave!It is one of the best things from the ’70’s”!!!

  69. Happy Birthday Syd!!!

    My 16 year old daughter Mindy (who plays a Black Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar similar to one David used in the Pompeii movie) came home from school the other day and told me about a discussion her and some of her male friends were having regarding Pink Floyd. She asked me who was a better guitarist, Syd or David. I loved it. Syd and his vibe are still alive!!! And it made it all the way to North Tonawanda High School, New York.

    Live long and prosper Syd!!! I hope you are happy and content and enjoying some royalties due owed to you with the help of my favorite guitarist of all time David Gilmour.

    Thank you for your inspiration!!!


  70. Part Two


    I will see you with my daughter at the Massey Hall show on April 9 in Toronto. We cannot wait!!!
    We heard you were having special guests at the show too!!! (Syd???? Wouldn’t that be FANTASTIC!!!)

  71. I have a special time of day…..im a newsagent….from 6-7am i deliver papers ….and i have music on…..in the summer the bright mornings i had PF 72-74 it opened my mind a little…..today i had on Piper…..I got out the van and just thought Wow…..what great songs….Songs of their time……..just like all the others….Thanks Syd

  72. Joyeux anniversaire Monsieur Syd Barrett,

    Depuis toutes ces années tu nous manques à tous…
    That’s a pleasure to write some words in french!

    Bye Syd!

    Paco from france…

  73. Thank you David … for being a TRUE friend to Roger Barrett… none of really knows the full story– (as is only right)but hear there is no real contact with him and you…i know he will not see this… but if it is true that there is no contact..my wish for YOU,David, is that he actually does contact you one day soon-and in my hopes..i wish for you two to be able to sit and have a proper chat.. like two old friends should be able to… and somehow- i have the feeling-that he wishes it too but it has been so long– he cannot make a first move… i hope he DOES know … who is responsible for helping him all this time… thank you thank you…

  74. Best of Birthdays Syd!!! Thanks David for helping keep his memory fresh in all our minds. His genius stands alone, a true visionary. Thanks to the you and the band for your kind and sensitive approach to him and his achievements over the years.

    Look forward to seeing you in New York David. Thanks for coming to the states.


  75. Hello David!
    It is incredible that Syd has been such an important part of your music and my life. I have an aunt that is now deceased but had spent the majority of her years in institutions. She was close to Syd’s age. Knowing Syd’s connection to Pink Floyd and absorbing the music most of my life has really helped in the healing of the soul one needs when dealing with a close family member in this situation.
    I will never forget sitting in row seven at the “Delicate Sound of Thunder” concert in the mid ’80’s! Eye contact with David as he played and I listened, and tears flowed. That concert is burned into my heart. Funny I was thinking about it so much over the weekend as it was my 15 year old son Ian’s birthday on the 7th. Why is David so much on my mind this weekend? All I did was listen forever to his music. Ian is wearing a Pink Floyd sweatshirt in school today. A gift from Mom for his birthday. He loves your music too.
    Peace to you David! Thanks for letting me vent a little.
    Janine of Minnesota, USA

  76. very sorry sid for such a belated birthday wish
    and would like to thank you so very much for being the influence of so many musicians of today.
    you are the inspiration to many a budding guitar player , I myself opened up to the joys of pink floyd at the tender age of six, by my dad Mr A L Turner who would teach me your songs and i would sing happily away into my microphone playing my air guitar! & so now does my daughter who too is six years old and does exactly the same!
    cheers syd for the pleasure your legacy left in the world of music and so cheers to the next generation of pink floyd fans!
    may your star shine on forever!
    best of british to you from jackie turner (33) in Telford England

  77. Dearest Syd,

    Happy Birthday (a little late…….).

    I wish you joy and contentment forevermore. Love and miss you,


  78. A few days late but heartfelt nonetheless:
    A Happy 60th Birthday Syd Barrett. In a short amount of time you gave us some of the most thoughtful and imaginative music ever recorded. Of all Syd’s compositions the one that really haunts me is Opel. The verses dealing with the sea and one’s inability to find the one he loves most in life are stark and honest. The middle section where the chords seem to pour out of Syd’s guitar and beg for a proper arrangement is simply beautiful and I think it represents the peak of Syd’s short writing career. Though songs such as The Scarecrow and See Emily Play hold a special place in my heart, Opel is the one that really haunts my soul. Thank you Syd. May your days be peaceful and your gardens be beautiful.

  79. A very Happy Birthday to the great Syd!!!! David,you are definitely also a genius.I can’t thank you and FLOYD enough for keeping Syd alive through your incredible music.To the greatest band of all-time,cheers guys.

  80. I know this is a week late, but I didnt discover this site until today. Happy birthday dearest wonderful Roger (Syd). Your music has so deeply affected my soul. Whenever I listen to you I feel a mix of childlike abandon and a tinge of sadness that we could not experience more of your unique talent. Your words are nothing I have ever experienced before in all my 40 years of listening to music. My husband has always been an avid fan of you and Pink Floyd and until just recently I never realised why. Now he, my 15 and 5 year old daughters plus my self dance around the house singing “Bike” “dominoes” “Octopus” amongst others. Funny enough your music has brought us closer together as a family. For that I thank you. Peace to you wonderful human. I will love you and your music forever! Gina

  81. I’ll be sixty, in four and twenty years from now.
    I hope the summers are still the same.
    I reckon the world loves you mate.
    Thank You.

  82. Just a belated birthday note. While being fifty something, your music has been a gift. Even if taking a drive to the beach or a ride through the twisting roads on the old BMW/rs I live to hear the music. Thanks and happy birthday.

  83. When Pink Floyd formed I was still in my parents projects. When your bandmates dedicated to you “Wish You Were Here” I was just 6. At 11 I found a tape and started to listen to that triumphant album. Now, everytime I listen to it, it’s just like going back home, to someone who loves you.
    Syd, because of you, the soundtrack of my life is Pink Floyd.
    Happy Birthday Syd.

  84. happy birthday, syd.

    whenever i think about you i’m always wondering what you’re doing and thinking at that very moment and hoping that you’re happy. you’re a beautiful person.



  85. Just another thought …i said before -that of course no one knows the true story of whether or not Roger Barrett speaks to David… and it is none of our business.. seeing the birthday photos of him that have surfaced… are very sad indeed.. he looks much much older than his age… and i wonder…David -do you know whether he is ok? it is said that people with schizophrenia(did not ever hear if he was actually diagnosed with that) disorder can improve with age…
    do you believe he has improved? so many speak of all the sensational aspects of his life but i am certain he must have gone thru some living hell. it shows…those of us who love him-hate it when it seems the only thing someone knows is the “Acid casualty” mantle. you know he was much more than only that.
    but i feel this is going to be a very different year for him.. and i still wish and hope that you and he will be able to sit and speak of what he thinks of it all now… and David -i ask this one favor-because i know -in my heart-there is NO ONE but you who can really communicate this message to him properly…you have the sensitivity to do it..please -if you can -tell him how much he is loved -never forgotten-and that he is much more than only aliving legend .. he has become part of the air we breathe now… and like the trees that grow from fertile soil- he has sent out brances of influence -ALL OVER THE WORLD. new shoots rise up every day. every day-somewhere -there is a new kid who finds out about him.maybe it starts because they love The Floyd…or a curiosity about the myths and stories of this mercurial soul… or as in my case… you hear his music and somepart of it makes you realize…”Hey-i’m not the only one who has felt like this” please David.. if you get the chance -please tell him.He is loved. and you KNOW YOU ARE TOO-I AM CONFIDENT OF THAT. and we hear your heart and soul every time you play your guitar. Bless you and all your family!

  86. After all these years, Syds music still sounds as searingly honest, fresh and original as it must have way back in those heady hazy days.
    Thanks David for your continuing support of someone who will always be a constant source of inspiration to me and the rest of the Cosmic Federation.
    Im smokin one now for ya Sydney!
    X…Will…Quick and the Dead

  87. Though I am late in coming across this, I wish to say to Syd happy 60th and thanks for taking another once-young man to some magical places in his youth. “Fairy stories held me high on clouds of sunlight floating by”. Hope you have contentment.

  88. Happy Birthday, Syd.

    I hope the cosmos is treating you well. I just want to express my thanks for Piper and the rest of your work all those years ago. Alas, for me time and familiarity have eroded the impact of Piper’s many magical musical surprises but in my book it remains the best psychedelic album of all time (Primal Scream’s Screamadelica comes a close second). And good on ya, Dave G. You’re a gem.

  89. I am sure David Bowie’s mantle was originally for Syd.. “Often copied, never equalled…. For The Piper RKB

  90. a cult icon plagued by fans and memories of 40 years ago!!

    syd, you may be more sane than the rest of the world.

  91. Mr. Barret a master songwriter. No one comes close to you. Fortunately Pink Floyd was smart in replacing you with Mr. Gilmour – but yet another master songwriter. Mr. Waters aint got nothing on either of you two! Much love to both!

  92. Roger Keith ‘Syd’ Barrett

    if you do even read this or it is shown to you…i send sincere apologies for this late birthday comment. you have inspired many and will always be remembered as are the Beatles. i have learned you have fallen to a mental illness, and i want you to know that you will always be the Syd everyone knows you as. if you do not believe in god…i do not know if i do but it doesnt hurt to pray, i will pray for you and may god be with you and carry you in your times of need. you are one of the few people who have inspired me and truly almost brought tears to my eyes when i heard that such a wonderful person fell to a mental illness. i do wish that you had a great birthday and that you will have many more even greater. i am only 16 years old, turning 17 on may, im young, but i know that you were an idol and icon and that you always will be. i was drawn to write a comment here even if it is just swallowed up by other blogs and never read again due to its lateness on the event, just thought that incase someone that knows you does read this, they will give you my sincerest apologies and wish you the most happy life. i will now probably check my email seeing just in case someone saw this and wrote me back, doubt it will happen anyway. but for what its worth, may god be with you and continue to be with you until the end of days.


  93. Happy Birthday Syd! Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun.

    May you continue to revel in the glory of your youth, and may you continue to find new meaning and purpose in your life. I have a feeling you will =)

    I’m too young to have caught you the first time around, but your legacy lives on. Shine on.


  94. happy birthday,you painter, you piper, you prisoner, take our wishes and shine!

  95. Good fortunes for future days to Syd. May your mind be calm.

    I lost one of my best friends in March, a casualty of early onset schizophrenia, he was 31 and had been battling a frenzied mind for 10 years.

    For some, genius has an enormous cost.

  96. Happy belated Birthday Syd! Sorry for the delay!

    David, thanks for keeping Syd and his music alive. I’m a big fan of both of you.

    -Casey Cavallo

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