Guy Pratt at Abbey Road


Another picture of Guy Pratt for you, seen here hard at work at Abbey Road’s legendary studios.

As every fan worth his or her salt knows, Guy has been Pink Floyd’s bass player since 1987, when he toured the world with the band to great acclaim. He was also involved in the studio on ‘The Division Bell’ and toured again with Pink Floyd in 1994.

A fantastic bassist, he has worked with many of the world’s finest musicians. Have a look at his website to see just how much he’s done outside of Pink Floyd.

Today we want to know which David Gilmour/Pink Floyd songs you think feature the best bass lines. Bear in mind that David actually played bass on many of the Floyd albums, often winning Best Bassist polls for Roger Waters!

I’m delighted to echo that there are more tickets available to David’s North American fans. Just to remind you that tickets go on sale on Saturday 14 January at 12 noon local time. Needless to say, they will sell like hot cakes, so be quick.

Remember that the only way you can get tickets is by visiting Ticketmaster and purchasing tickets through them.

In spite of what Ticketmaster originally announced in North America, there is no David Gilmour fan club. I don’t have any promotional codes which will allow you to get your hands on tickets early. That’s all wrong.

The best of luck to everyone who hopes to be lucky.

I’m especially delighted to announce David’s UK shows in Manchester (on Friday 26 May) and Glasgow (on Saturday 27 May). Even though Friday 13 January is probably not the most promising of dates for the superstitious among you, you could be lucky enough to ‘win’ the chance to snap up a pair of tickets to these shows on this day. 250 of you will be lucky, anyway.

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Again, I must stress that there are no plans to add further shows in any countries. There will be no additional stops on this tour. David will be visiting Dortmund, Hamburg, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Milan, Rome, New York, Toronto, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Manchester, Glasgow and London. That’s it… and not bad going, if I may say so.

I know that many fans will be unable to see David on this tour, and know that many of you have convincingly made your case for a visit to your own hometown, but I once again urge you to be reasonable and to consider David’s responsibilities to those other than his fans.

I look forward to hearing from all you bassists. There was a great response to yesterday’s post. Thanks, it means a lot. I hope you played some of Syd’s songs yesterday to remind yourself of his undeniable genius.

One quick and final point.

If you notice that your questions are missing from your posts, then please don’t be alarmed. Any good ones are snapped up. Questions and answers are posted regularly on the FAQs page, so keep checking it to see if your question has been answered.

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Thank you.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

70 thoughts on “Guy Pratt at Abbey Road”

  1. I’m sure I speak for most fans when I say it’s rather hard to pick out any particular songs as we celebrate the entire discography, both David and Pink Floyd. I’ve always enjoyed the bass line of One of These Days. Guy does a fantastic job during the DSoT album for that song as well as for Money and On the Turning Away.

  2. OK, 5 best basslines (I know you didn’t say 5 but that’s our lucky number):

    1. Comfortably Numb
    2. Interstellar Overdrive (I know it matches the guitar riff but it’s still great)
    3. Time
    4. A Saucerful of Secrets (Celestial Voices)
    5. Hey You (David’s fretless counts, right?)

    Honorable mention goes to Money, Sorrow, Corporal Clegg (yes David, the kazoo was lovely too), High Hopes, One of These Days, Echoes, Another Brick in the Wall Part 2, Young Lust, Have A Cigar, The Narrow Way Parts 2 and 3, Careful With That Axe Eugene, Pigs (Three Different Ones), Sheep, On The Turning Away, and The Happiest Days of Our Lives (Is that David too? I can’t imagine Roger pulling that one off.). And that’s just off the top of my head.

  3. There certainly are a lot of bass parts that I love. First on the list would be ‘One of These Days’. I prefer the Delicate Sound of Thunder version of OoTD, but would never switch off on the Meddle version. I love Guys enthusiasm on stage. ‘On the turning Away’ is another. There are plenty more but can’t think of them right now.
    My newphew is wanting to switch from guitar to bass. Since David has played both, does he or anyone else that can answer think it is a difficult change?

  4. I think “Hey You” and “Money” are great tracks with some nice bass playing. Especially David playing fretless on “Hey You” – one of my favorites.

  5. Mmmmm bass great!

    Some great Floydian basslines:

    1)Shine on You Crazy Diamon (pts6-9) — the funk segment! (see also the Echoes and AHM funk segments)


    3)What Do You Want from Me?

    4)Interstellar Overdrive

    5)Any Colour You LIke

  6. Wow the blog has been updated by a night owl!!

    Now to my favourite basslines. No better song to start than Hey You, the fretless bass work (no doubt by David as im sure Roger just *might* have had trouble playing that!) is absolutely superb and adds so much to the track.
    One of these Days is just an awesome ‘Rocky soundtrack should have been’ track.

    It would be hard not to include that famous and very strangely timed Money bassline by our Rog, probably one of the most recognisable bass riffs ever written. I love the intro bassline to What Do You Want From Me.

    And of course Run Like Hell, still to this day i get goosebumps when i hear those pounding notes been played alongside a brilliant riff by David.

    I would also like to say what a joy it is to have this blog, everyone involved deserves huge amounts of praise and thanks for keeping it fresh, informative and most importantly fun.

    Dundalk, Ireland

  7. Just a thanks for the tour. Its a dream of mine to see David play live and I can’t wait for Radio City second night. Thanks again and keep on rockin!

  8. I sometimes crave to hear the opening bass from Have a Cigar. (And then when I put it on and hear it, it’s slightly inferior to what i make it in my mind.)
    Thanks for asking!

  9. I understand David’s responsabilities must be many and a balance must be found between touring and family life, that’s perfectly understandable.

    Just a wish that one of these days David tours places other than Europe, Canada and the US.

    Is it only a dream ?

  10. For me, the first song that comes to mind with a great bass line would be Near The End.


  11. “Money”, “Money”, “Money”!!!

    There’s superb base on “Echoes” and “One of These Days” too.

    A question about North American tickets: So why does it say on Ticketmaster that they are on pre-sale!? In fact I searched for tickets for Chicago and was on the impression that they’re sold out. So I went on and bought them on ebay (at higher price of course)!

  12. I think Dave and crew will produce a grand album! It will touch all generations and the shows will be intimate! We in the states are looking forward to the whole bit!

  13. I like the bass lines to money, hey you, one of these days, and breathe, I like a lot of Pink Floyd bass lines and just songs actually! David’s voice and guitar playing are also excellent, I really enjoy it when he plays blues guitar solos, those are awesome, can’t wait for ‘on an island’ and i hope you enjoy your ’06 tour!!
    From Sam in Taunton, Massachusetts

  14. Guy is a fantastic bass player. I remember the concert in Venice and the wonderful bass solo in money. I hope that Guy will be touring with David!

  15. you think the best bass lines are:
    1.One of These days
    2.On the Turning Away
    3.Learning to fly

  16. This is a NO BRAINER!!

    David played the fretless bass part on “Hey You” and is one of the most amazing bass parts ever on any Pink Floyd song. To give Roger credit for this makes me …crazy!! Always has.

    It reminds me of the oft quoted Frank Sinatra mistatement when he used to introduce the Beatles classic “Something”, as “the best love song Lennon & Mc Cartney ever wrote”. Can you imagine how that made George Harrison feel (the true writer of the song?!)

    David rocks on the fretless bass!! Watch out Pino Palladino!! 🙂

  17. Although it’s not a “Floyd” song….definately “Murder”….awesome fretless bass. Can’t beat it.

  18. I already mentioned David’s fretless bass creation on “Hey You”….
    but “Pigs”!!! Come on (!), Roger could never, ever come up with that bass line in Pigs!! David wrote it, played it on the album, and Roger flaunted it as if it was his own….sigh……….I don’t know how David contained himself all these years…

    …now David on sax?! With his ear he could master anything in a fortnight! What’s next? Maybe he’ll play the “saw” on his new album?!

  19. Got to agree with Matthew, the bass on One of These Days was the first one that popped into my head when I thought of memorable bass lines.

  20. On the Turning away
    Hey You

    and , obviously the “sisters tracks” One of these days -Sheep

  21. This is to wish Mr Barrett the very best on his 60th birthday. I have been listening to his wonderful music for the past 20 years. I consider his discography to be essential listening. Your music has touched me like no other and I wish you health,peace and happiness

    Happy birthday Roger


  22. Greetings DG fans and Features Editor,

    I’m no bass player; hope that doesn’t disqualify my selections – but I love the bass on:

    “Murder” – very innovative and fluid
    “A Pillow of Winds” – I especially like the way the bass sounds like someone going ‘mmmm’
    “One of These Days” – of course. can’t possibly leave that one out
    “Until We Sleep” – just a very memorable bass line that sticks in my head


  23. Hey,
    I also think the bass line on Pigs is great. Along with, let’s say, Money, Hey You, Sheep, Shine On.

  24. Guy Pratt is an amazing bass guitar player and his bass work on the live version of Shine on You Crazy Diamond, Sorrow, One of These Days, etc from Pulse is so immaculate and beautiful.
    I’d say my five favourite Floyd songs for bass are:

    -Money (brilliant riff!)
    -Hey you
    -Marooned (I bet no-one’s listed this one here!)
    -Speak to Me

  25. I’m a bass player, so here’s my point of view :

    1) Have A Cigar (amazing groove)
    2) Echoes
    3) Another Brick In the Wall part 2 (so simple but so magic !)
    4) Money (of course !)
    5) Fat Old Sun (I know it’s David who played the bass lines on that song and the drums too, right ?)

  26. I must admit, this is a very interesting question. I am a guitar player and do not often focus on the bass lines. After reading the other posts here, I realized that indeed, the bass line in On the Turning Away is really superb, and perfectly connects the various moods of the song.

    My favorite bass line is from Set the Control for Heart of the Sun. I play it on my guitar. Of course, it does not sound as powerful as with a bass, but it is very “hypnotic”.

    David is a musician, not just a guitar player. Personally, the guitar is my favorite instrument. I am completely in love with the instrument, its many shapes, sounds, tone, and ability to shape incredible “noise”, for which David is a Maestro.

    Interestingly, since we just celebrated Syd’s 60th yesterday, on his album “Barrett”, David is credited to have played the Bass, the Drums, the Organ, and produced the album, in addition to guitar and 12-string (the intro to Baby Lemonade is quite magical). I always knew David was the “Heart” of Pink Floyd. He has helped Syd after Syd left in ways Roger can’t even compare. He has helped Rick to come back with Pink Floyd and feel confident about composing again. He has brought Dick Parry back and now he has invited Bob Klose. Perhaps David’s love for music, as expressed by his many talents at many instruments has also translatted into sincere compassion for all the great musicians that he has met over the past 50 years. When he plays Wish You Were Here on his guitar, I can feel his emotions.

    This is a remarquable accomplishment.

    Fretless bass on Hey You!!! The more I learn about David the more amazed I am.


  27. OK my favorite bass lines are:

    Any Colour you like
    One of these days
    Welcome to the Machine
    Brain Damage/Elclipse

    Awesome stuff, see you in LA

  28. 1. Money
    2. One of these Days
    3. Sheep
    4. Murder (with Pino Palladino, where is he now?)
    “Money” bassline is on of the best in rock history, played by a not-greatest bass player but written by a greatest songwriter!
    Roger Waters is a contemporary music mastermind and it’s not relevant if he isn’t the greatest bass player of the world.
    Please, don’t write Waters vs. Gilmour about bass playing, they are two great, great musicians.
    This is relevant for us, guys, and they are under the same flag: the Pink Floyd one!

  29. Echoes.
    One of These Days.
    Set The Controls.
    Interstellar Overdrive.
    Have A Cigar.

    I most partial to the Pompeii version of Echoes. Brilliant.

  30. I know David played bass on:

    Hey You
    Pigs 3DO
    One Of These Days (2nd bass)
    Fat Old Sun

    and i think he played on

    Have a Cigar
    Young Lust

    Guy Pratt is a great player ! IMHO unfortunately his style does not fit the Pink Floyd sound…
    i really admire him though.

  31. Great bass tracks?

    1. One of these days
    2. Sorrow
    3. Dogs
    4. Murder
    5. Learning to fly
    6. What do you want from me

    There are many more but i think it’s agood overview.

  32. Funky Dung!!!!! {Atom Heart Mother 10:20}

    A Saucerful of Secrets!!!!!

    One Of These Days!!!!!


    Have A Cigar!!!!!

    😉 Smiling!!!!! {Like A David Gilmour!!!!!} VRRRROOOOOOOOMMM!!!! {Like A Nick “The Stick” Mason!!!!!}

  33. Breathe
    Comfortably Numb
    One of These Days
    The Happiest Days Of Our Lives / Another Brick In The Wall, Pt. 2
    Pigs (Three Different Ones)

    And there are many more which I can’t think of right now!

  34. Unreleased bass tracks I’d like to hear…

    What ever happened to the Division Bell satellite album that was ‘posed to be released?

    Were there great basslines?

    I’d like to hear Mr. Pratt’s bass rendition of 1993/94 Floyd
    Division Bell sound aka “What Do You Want from Me” and “Poles Apart”.


  35. Dave’s bass playing is as smooth as his guitar almost. FAT OLD SUN is the most complicated probably, and my favorite. I gotta say though that while Roger may not be the most technical great bass player he does have a certain feel to his playing which is very important in the overall classic Floyd sound. This was evident for Live 8. Hearing the raw bass line with Dave’s always wonderful Strat tone was the real magic. There is no doubt that the 4 floyd members were put on this earth to make music together. Very excited for ‘On an Island’ If I can’t get tickets for Toronto my world will be crushed!! Keep playing Dave, love ya! You are the greatest..

  36. Pigs – Both Davids on the album, and Snowy live

    Shine On 6-9 – The funky part. I relly like Rogers playing (live 74-77) here, he might not be the best player around but it is somewhat forceful and fitting before the guitar jamming starts.

    On The Turning Away – Mmmm, is that Tony Levin?

    Please leak out an ok soundboard tape from the Animals tour to the ‘sharing community’, there is some great bass playing there. Thanks 🙂


  37. Listening to Asronomy Domine on Pulse Live, Guy Pratt’s bass style sounds a lot like Paul McCartney’s style on his live recordings- Wings Over America.

  38. Dear David and dear festures editor,
    David is always my favourite Floyd’s, ’cause he play and sing in an excellent way. He is fantastic! And looking his face, his expression, his eyes and his smile I can suppose he is an intelligent, nice, honest person! Obviously I have never met David, so I can’t know he…but this is what I can understand reading the interview and watching live at Pompeii.
    At the same way, I think Roger is a great composer, a great genius and a great songwriter….even if he is not a great bass player and even if he can be arrongant!
    So, please, don’t write David versus Roger. They’re fantastic…Pink Floyd are fantastic. And everyone (Rick and Nick too) gave his contribution.
    I never met David, Roger or the others. So I can’t judge what happened between them…but I need to confess that is very sad, for me, noticed that maybe there is still rancour between David and Roger, after all these years. PLEASE, DON’T ARGUE AGAIN!!!
    At the end, for me it’s not important who played them, but some of my favourite basslines are: One of these days, Hey you, Echoes, Money ecc ecc ecc!
    I hope I wasn’t impolite to write this message…I didn’t want be impolite…but I need to explain my opinion…can David pardon me?
    Good night


  39. Fantastic Blog! Keep it up.
    Im a bassist and my style has been influenced somewhat by Messers Pratt, Waters and Gilmour amongst many others.
    So here’s my five cents worth.

    1/Pigs(3 Different ones):

    Excellent lead and funk playing from Mr Gilmour, really drives the song.

    2/Another Brick in the Wall:Part 2:

    Simple and incredibly effective, the low D really gives the piece a sense of space and menace.

    3/One of these Days (Delicate sound of thunder version):

    Guy shows his stamina here and also performs a wonderfully wierd and trippy solo.

    4/Time (Delicate sound of thunder version):

    Guy provides some tasteful additions to Waters original bassline.

    5/Not now John:

    Three simple notes but memorable and powerful,Bingo!

    Very much looking foward to Radio City in April, see you then David and hopefully Guy you’ll be there as well!

  40. Speaking about David a Roger I forget to say: I’m very happy Guy Pratt works with David. I’m sure On an Island will be a great album!
    Thank you David, thak you all the people work with him!
    Bye bye


  41. Songs with great bass lines?

    “Hey You”
    “One Slip” (Tony Levin’s solo is awesome!)
    “Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun”
    “Careful With The Axe Eugene”
    “On The Turning Away”
    “One Of These Days”
    “What Do You Want From Me?”
    “Pigs (Three Different Ones)”
    “The Happiest Days Of Our Lives/Another Brick In The Wall Part 2”
    “Run Like Hell”

  42. Definitely:
    1. “What Do You Want From Me:
    2. “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” – parts, VI-IX
    3. “Coming back to Life,” just because the song rocks and the bass line holds it all together!
    All the standards are great, too; but these just stand out for me at the moment.
    Congratulations to David on the CD in the works, and on breaking with tradition in favor of authenticity with guitars! The Gretsch sounds beautiful!


  43. My favorite bassline is…

    Hey Bulldog – The Beatles.

    I know, I know… but what can I say? McCartney rips.

  44. Young Lust – I can’t believe no one mentioned this one. The live version from Is There Anybody Out There? is especially good.

    Main Theme – Such a sick song. Great Bass, great everything.

    Pigs – I was unaware David actually did the bass, great job. This is such a rocking song and a big part is the bass line.

    Eclipse – Amazing.

    Echoes, AHM, ASOS, Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast – So much powerful bass. Great funky stuff too.

    Everyone in Floyd was amazing at what they did, and there are too many great songs to list.As someone else on here noted, Roger wasn’t the greatest in the world but he certianly kicked and played exactly what was needed. Someone else also mentioned the Animals tour material. I think everyone would love to hear an official release of that. The band’s shows were just fantastic… unfortunately the quality of the available tapes do not do the band justice.

  45. I only wait that the David launches a DVD of this tour, since south America is not in its plans.

    it would be very good!

    Arthur Romagnolo
    From São Paulo / Brazil

  46. Thanks for the clarification of Ticketmaster’s mistake of saying there was the option of purchasing the US tickets with a special passcode. Your webiste says tickets on sale 1-14 but Ticketmaster’s website says 1-15. Have they completely lost it?

  47. David, you are my hero, just for the record. Manchester 2006 will rock! can’t wait for the new stuff…

    Thank you so much for hitting the road again, it has made me so very happy! excitement!


  48. hmmm…try again.

    set the controls
    let there be more light
    the country song
    a pillow of winds

    tough to really hear them all in my head now…but those’ll do. i think.

  49. I just purchased four, count’em (4) tickets in section 29 at the Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles in April. Tell me. Anyone, did I do good…or what? I am soooooooooo phsyched!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Some of my favorite Floyd related bass lines came from Animals. ‘Dogs’ has some serious later era defining Floyd bass sounds, ‘Pigs (3 dif ones)’ really sticks out with a great bass intro and middle section, not to mention you get the triumphant return of the ‘One of These Days’ like pounding bass in ‘Sheep’! nuff said.

  51. Basslines?

    – Let THere Be More Light
    – Echoes
    – Pigs
    – The Great Gig in the Sky – pre-Claire Torry – live versions with a magic ascending bass line

  52. My favourite bass lines (that I like to play especially) are:


  53. Comfortably Numb
    One of These Days
    The Happiest Days Of Our Lives / Another Brick In The Wall, Pt. 2
    Pigs (Three Different Ones)
    Run Like Hell
    Any Colours You Like

  54. Well…I prefer the bass line of: “Hey you”. David was playing a fretles bass and it sounds terrific.

  55. wow! great topic sirs!

    mmhh! quite difficult. you know PF has got the slowest rhythm section of r&r history but the great paradox is that this is absolutly uninfluential on the final results. Great music and arrangement at all. You won’t need any virtuousity.
    The particularity of PF (classic period 66-83) music is that you can find similar bass-lines in many pieces but suddenly, as a bolt from the blue, magnificent one! Some PF pieces are maked with fire with their particular bass-line: Money and One of these Days! Pigs and Sheep (Animals is terrific for me: I love it so much). It doesn’t matter if is Dave o Rog playng or composing: never matter in PF music who was the composer or the player. I love Time (it changes ev’ry eight: very difficult!) and Wot’s uh the deal. Shine on? It is thought as a classical piece with same themes coming back many times but played different way………
    ok I stop cause I would continue whole day and night….

  56. 5 best basslines:

    1. The Happiest Days Of Our Lives
    2. Hey You (fretless)
    3. Breathe
    4. In the flesh
    5. Money

  57. Hey, first post. Great Blog!

    Undoubtedly, the best bassline in the history of basslines is on Pigs (Three Different Ones)!

    It’s the most melodic, energetic, and overall grooviest bassline out there, and Gilmour is a bass idol for it.

    Other than that, other classics are OoTD, Hey You, the simplistic and haunting bassline of Echoes (and the slide and delay effect on the bass for that crazy wind sound), Sheep, etc…

    Also, does anyone know what Basses Gilmour actually used? I heard he owned a Zemaitis 6 string fretless acoustic bass, but I can’t confirm it. Any other ones that he was known for though?

  58. Hmm best bass lines?… OK in NO particular order the ones which stand out for us are….

    Pink Floyd:

    *Interstellar Overdrive
    *Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
    *One Of These Days
    *Free Four
    *Money (duh!)
    *Us And Them
    *Have A Cigar
    *Hey You
    *Another Brick In The Wall Part 2
    *Run Like Hell
    *Your Possible Pasts
    *High Hopes

  59. I think “Raise my rent” and “Cruise” deserve a mention.I really think lyrically cruise is strong.The sarcasm is subtle but great.”Near the End” and “Cry from the street are fantastic songs.”Short and Sweet” is great lyrically and musically.

    I do believe that David was/is the soul of Pink Floyd.Musically and melody-wise there are few musicians(Dylan included)who can match his great talent.

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