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One for the guitar boffs today.

There’s always great debate over which electric guitars David will use, with many fans gasping in disbelief whenever they see him playing anything other than a trusty red Fender Stratocaster. Recording engineer and technician, Phil Taylor, David’s right-hand man since 1974, revealed that David has used a Les Paul on several tracks on the new album, as well as various Fender Strats, a Gretsch Duo-Jet, plus several acoustics and lap steel guitars.

Many fans have written to expressing their concern for the 1957-reissue Fender Strat that they fondly associate with David (he has, of course, been using a Gretsch Duo-Jet rather a lot in live shows over the past few years instead of the familiar Strat). Phil also caused concern among purists by revealing that David is currently favouring a Goldtop Gibson Les Paul.

But that’s not to say that he’s given up on Strats – and here’s the proof.

The word is that David will also be playing saxophone on ‘On An Island’, which the real die-hards will know he has been learning to play with one of his sons.

Thanks, as always, for the messages you’ve added. There have been some lovely ones, so thanks very much for letting us know just how much David’s timeless music means to you. We’d never disagree with those sentiments.

Another of Polly’s photographs tomorrow and don’t forget that ‘Three Men in a Boat’ is on tomorrow night at 9PM. If you suspect that anyone might suggest something today that could cause you to miss it, then you should start thinking of good excuses now.

More on this programme tomorrow.

Author: FEd

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  1. I think the Fender shot gives us Floyd fans a bit of comfort…perhaps the new album will rekindle some of those old feelings. Personally, I don’t mind the particular brand of guitar Mr. Gilmour (or any guitarist for that matter) uses. It’s the “sound” of the person playing that guitar that comes through…not the guitar itself.

    Perhaps the myriad of guitars that Mr. Gilmour uses is a testament to his versatility and unwillingness to be branded to a specific “sound” or label.

    My favorite solo happens to be from SoYcD…where Mr. Gilmour uses a Telecaster.


  2. I can only see benefits in David using new guitars… They’re just different conduits for his wonderful guitar playing. The On an Island Jam clip was an absolute pleasure and it shows how great it is to see him playing a new guitar.

    I knew that he had been taking saxophone lessons with his son, but he must have gone a long way to be playing an instrument he’s taken on fairly recently on an album that features such music legends. David is not only a music genious, but also a very judicious producer and I’m sure it will be another brilliant addition to the new album.

    This new album is going to be the end of me; On an Island is still more than two months away and I am so excited about it I can’t think of anything but else but the day I can lay my hands on it. It can’t come soon enough!

  3. Well, it’s good to see David with his all-black Strat guitar once again. It’s one of the guitars that have been associated with David including his 0001 Strat (a precious relic) and his red 1957 reissue Strat! Anyway, as Bob Ezrin said once: give him a “ukelele” and he’ll make him sound like Stadivarius! So, the heart and soul of a guitarist is his sense of harmony, his brain and his “fat little gingers”, rather that the guitar he uses!

  4. I’m just happy he’s expanding his selection of guitars. That Duojet he used on his live concert is just so good looking.


  5. It will be fun and interesting to hear David playing sax “on an island”. I’m sure he had great fun learning to play another instrument. it’s never really made a difference to me what guitar he plays. He has a very distinct sound to his playing. I love every note.

    Thanks for the lovely picture Polly. What a beautiful man he is.

  6. That’s a very nice photo of David on today’s blog. Thank you! It’s very appreciated, you can be sure.


  7. Nice article for all guitarists out here!

    I hope David brings lots of his nice guitar on the tour. I’d especially like to see

    – the “Black Strat”
    – the ’56 Les Paul Goldtop (used on the Island Jam and of course ABITW pt. 2)
    – his 24 fret Lewis Guitar from DSotM.

    I don’t really like the sound of his 57′ reissue Strat with EMG’s. So he can leave that one at home 🙂

  8. Indeed, I was surprised, but very happy, to see David playing a gold top Les Paul on the Island Jam video. Les Paul guitars have such a warm way to breakup on a tube amp when you hit two strings instead of one. That’s a lovely addition to David repertoire.

    We talk a lot about David’s strats, but rarely about his Telecasters (or Esquire). In the Paul McCartney album Run Devil Run, I believe this is all David is playing: a beat up Esquire. On some pictures of various concerts I have seen David playing Telecasters often. In 2000 I bought a 69 reissue Telecaster thinline (semi-hollow) just to play the acoustic solo in Is There Anybody Out There. The Telecaster is a compact, bright and beautiful guitar, which perfectly captures how I feel when I hear this song in The Wall album.

  9. This site is great, very up to date.

    David should play what David wants to play.

    I sometimes dread seeing the setlist in the program. The anticipation and wondering which tune will be next can make it much more exhilerating when the next song is the song you were hoping for.

    Now I bet everyone is thinking of that one song you’d like to hear, eh?


  10. I was in Royal Festival Hall during one of the three concerts…and when David made shine on with the acoustic guitar i thought:ok, you are you, not depending on the type of guitar you can play…and now i really think: ” I don’t mind, but play for us”….or i COULD think…”OK, David if you don’t use you red strat anymore…think to me when you have to give a present to one of your fans, next xmas !
    ciao from Martellago (Hammerlake you can transalate it ! (near VENICE, ITALY)

  11. \()/// My husband a 40 year old engineer that runs particle accelerators, whom I have been married to for 18 years only has cried twice once when someone close to him passed away and once during Live8 when Floyd were together during Wish You Were Here. I looked over and saw a tear run down his cheek and saw his eye all red he quickly wiped his tear and watch a the rest of the show. I just wanted to tell you touched my husband’s heart. \()///

  12. We (fans!) love Fender Stratocaster,
    but if he would like to use other ones, please
    don’t forget that lovely 24 fret Lewis guitar!

    God Bless David!

  13. I am thrilled to already have tickets to see David in concert in April!

    I undertstand Crosby lives in the Bay Area, and since he not only lends his vocals to the title track of the new album, but also helped to compose it…..I am hoping against hope for a surprise Crosby appearance at the Oakland show.

    I haven’t seen David since 94 and I’ve only seen Crosby at Bridge School – to see both Davids onstage together performing would make me ecstatic!!!

  14. David has proven many, many times over that it’s the guitarist, not the guitar, that makes the jam. The sound he gets with the gold top Les Paul on Island Jam is marvelous.

    That said, it’s awesome to see him playing that black strat. Sounded amazing at Live8, and looks (and sounds) like the guitar he used during much of the mid/late 70’s (during one of the greatest live periods for the PF).

    Would love as well to see (and hear!) the navy blue(white fretboard) strat David uses in Live at Pompeii–if it’s still around 🙂

    Happy New Year, all!

  15. i would be kind of upset if he didnt use his 57 reissue with EMGs. mainly because when i was growing up as a young lad, i watched post waters floyd videos all the time and saw him using that guitar. that guitar symbolizes alot more than just Pink Floyd to me crazy but i would be kind of upset.

  16. It may be a longshot, but I hope we get to hear Out of the Blue from the About Face album on the tour. Not only a beautiful song, but we get to hear Dave on piano.

  17. Right…

    Ok, this is my first post in here. Wow. Lovely place. And i can see my good friend Gemmy allready in here.

    Anyway, i wont go on and be wise about Dave’s guitars and so on, i just wanna say hello to all of ya here and of course, aspecially to my hero David.

    Cheers Dave and see you this year in Milan.

    Bran from Croatia 🙂

  18. David once answered a question about one of his guitars on a webchat for this way:

    Kayne Coulson from Moberly, Missouri asks: Do you have a name for you favorite guitar and what kind of guitar is it?

    David: No … I don’t, I don’t really have a favourite guitar. Actually I tell a lie, I do have a nickname for a favourite old telecaster called “the workmate” as in the Black & Decker.

    I hope we get to see David play his favourite guitar, “the workmate”! 🙂

  19. recently, momentary lapse tour, David played a blonde strat before our infamous red strat during delicate sound tour. where is it, my blondie is 76, and play it to this day. i’ve never owned a gibson until recently. the bottom end and sustain are incredible, however, David has a tremolo bar attached by coincidence. Relax fans, he’s experimenting, let him explore with more to come. boys and their toys eh. thanks web team, Polly and David and Family. looking forward to TORONTO. frank par.

  20. High Times, Cymbaline… Will we hear David Gilmour on saxophone “on an island”? Could we see him on sax live? What do you think, Features Ed? Could we SEE him on sax and Rado “Bob” Klose on guitar on a jazzy-rock jam?
    High Times, Cymbaline…

  21. goldtop les paul….well great minds do think alike…i just purchased a ’57 reissue custom les paul gold top a month ago…and i believe it is the best guitar i’ve ever played…the sustain and feel of it is just unbelievable….i’ve played many fender strats and teles…they don’t compare…i might show this to my girlfriend who was a bit shocked at the price i bought it (it’s worth more than my car)

  22. I love the sound of/from the red stratocaster with the Emg DG20 mic that David Gilmour used on the pulse Video,but anyway it is in Davids fingers the sound is! not only in the guitar,i am shure that what ever David plays on, it will sounds fantastic:)

  23. Ah God, I love this site. Just got in from work and had to do a bit of checking for the latest. Its thanks to David and his strat that both my daughter and I play (badly) but thoroughly enjoy.As Renee says above, it is the guitar player. Loved the Festival Hall 2002. Desparately looking forward to 30/5. Wonderful, wonderful!!

  24. It’s not the first time that Mr. Gilmour use a different guitar rather than Fender Stratocaster. The famous Another Brick in the Wall solo is done in a Gibson Les Paul. I think as a musician, what he want’s with different guitar’s is different sound’s and so different feeling’s. A guitar is like a woman , each as different personality 🙂

    David keep on using Stratocaster, but Gretsch Duo-Jet it’s cool too 🙂

    Thank you for your inspiration and music

  25. I was saddened when I heard that Pink Floyd had called it a day. But after seeing the clip of the musicians jamming in the studio and hearing David’s guitar work again, I’m extremely excited about what the future holds in store. I am REALLY looking forward to “On an Island” and for me it’s gonna be the BIGGEST release of 2006.

    Pink Floyd can R.I.P. in my mind now…

  26. Just bought the Momentary Lapse cd after years of procrastination – duhhh. David’s guitar soars like his spirit – what a fine human being and artist. It’s too bad there aren’t more people like him in this world – truly a remarkable and compassionate individual. Good luck with your new album and tour David. By the way, any plans for playing with Tony Levin again – perhaps he might accompany you on a few US tour dates……

  27. Ah! Nice to see Gilmour with Strat in hand. However I must say I love to see him playing different guitars and the tones that come with them. Play on Mr. Gilmour! Cant wait from the new album. See you in Chicago.


  28. I know there’s a lot of comments on the site about the dates but how about a Scottish date? I’ve travelled the globe to see Floyd in the past but it would be nice to see Dave in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Glasgow Royal Concert Hall or Edinburgh’s Usher Hall are perfect venues.

  29. David’s magic is all in his hands, as any experienced guitar player can tell you. Hence the importance of his performing on his red Strat is just as important as him returning to work with Pink Floyd…which is to say, not important at all. David seems very happy and content, and that is exciting, as well his due!

    You know what might be fun….a Hendrix song for an encore (alluding to the fact that David played a Hendrix song for his audition to join the Floyd) He would probably choose the strat for that, but it wouldn’t matter anyway! 🙂

    I have my 2 tickets for April 20th at The Gibson Amphitheatre! Can’t wait!!!

    tom in san diego

  30. Hi David etc,

    Hope to see your new gramaphone record (!) in SACD 5.1, DVD Audio and or DTS 5.1 (not so great…)…….

    anyhow cheers

  31. i love u David Gilmour and i love PINK FLOYD they r my best band And Fenderstratocaster guitars are really the best ever

  32. I’ve been playing guitar (although not good)as a hobby for over 25 years, and was finally able to purchase a Fender Strat 2 years ago. I’ve always wanted one because that’s what David has played for the most part throughout his career.

    I really believe that any musician should not paint themselves into a corner by playing the same instrument all of the time. Being creative is all about trying new things and maybe feeling a bit unsecure about it as well. Otherwise you get stuck in a rut of sorts and and you always fall back to what comes easiest for you.

    As much as I love when David plays his Strat, I appreciate more the effort and willingness to expand his sound and environment and try new things such as different guitars and other instruments. That is a true definition of a musical genius.

  33. Hello to everyone from Russia! I guess i’m stuck on Strat but, well…That would be great to see him with that Strat from Pompeii in Paris:) longing to hear His new album – that really means much to me!

    This site is marvellous and, Polly, thanks for your photos! David…i’m lost for words to express all that i feel and think! Stop, there is merely no word to express them!:)

  34. Leah I love your post!! Still brings a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye thinking about that moment. Not forgetting the reasons for the concert in the first place, it was a truly beautiful day and I think it created a whole new generation of Floyd fans. I have noticed a few of my friends have snuck a Floyd CD or 2 into their collection 🙂

    I saw David play the 0001 Strat at the 50th anniversary Fender Strat event and it was awesome!! Was due to visit Pompeii a few days later so was a bit excitable to say the least but to be a few feet away from David and that guitar was nothing less that mindblowing (if that doesn’t make me sound too much of a loon)

  35. hey uncle Dave! excuse-me for my bad english. I’m “THE DAVE GILMOUR FAN NUMBER 1” when I was 12! and now I’m 22! I’m lost in your guitar style! I hope to hold your hands in Milan on 24 and 25 March. You’re the soundtrack of my everyday! THANK YOU!

  36. Dear David,

    Of all your solos, i think the one that will stand as a pillar in the halls of time is the solo on TIME. What perfection! It’ll stand shoulder to shoulder with anything from Beethoven to Mozart. A real GEM


  37. I want to know if David does in any guitar workshops in the United States. I would also like to beg for a reunion album with pink Floyd and a tour to follow.I play the guitar and David Gilmour is the reason why.I was 12yo, when the Wall came out it made a huge impact on me…thanks a bunch ……..
    Ashland, Kentucky, U.S.

  38. With all the amp moduler’s out there it doesnt matter what you play any more……but with a clean Humbucker with fat tone playing through tube amps and with Davids master attack its going to be none the less magic….cant wait to hear the new album….would love to see that old black tele…..
    Hill Jack from Kentucky

  39. Im a fan from the end of the world, Mr.Gilmour I like your solos in disc like ANIMALS,WISH YOU WERE HERE.

  40. I just started listening to ‘About Face’ again and can’t stop playing the guitar solo at the end of ‘Near the End’. I love how he fades out the acoustic solo and fades in with the electric breifly merging the two.

  41. Anyone know of the pickups in the black strat — they blow away the EMG’s cause they sound like old Floyd and I want them in my strat right now!!! I was gonna get the EMG’s cause they stock them at a local guitar giant but I dont like active pickups much. Email me if anyone has any idea. Thanks.

  42. Humm, this debate about Gibson Les Paul versus Fender Stratocaster is a bit overrated no ?

    M.Gilmour seems to be known as a really good strat’ player. Same could apply to none other than Mark Knopfler but recently, mark seems to enjoy the sound given by the Les Paul and he states “Fender and Gibsons are the best words known in the english language”!!

    Maybe David wanted to have a different sound and that’s fine 🙂

    I’m sure both enjoy still enjoy the fender twang sound.

    As for me, I don’t have so much cash to spend on guitars, I bought an American Deluxe Ash Stratocaster with the S1 switch, and the sound with that switch is …. close to a Les Paul 🙂 otherwise it’s the beautifull fender sound that I listen through the records of the Floyds, the Straits, and lot’s of other artist!!!!!

    The music matters, let’s make every note resonate through your heart….


    PS: choose a guitar with a neck that matches perfectly your hand 🙂

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