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We’ve just been informed that there are some tickets left for the Glasgow show. If you received an e-mail offering you the chance to purchase advance tickets, and if you haven’t yet responded to it, then be quick. As you know, we operate on a first come, first served basis. Your tickets will be offered to someone else if you don’t snap them up quickly.

This is what happened with the third London show, where fans who thought they’d missed out were surprised with the offer of tickets.

So, if you’re one of the lucky ones to have been offered a pair of priority tickets to Clyde Auditorium, then get a move on before you miss out.

It’s been three weeks since the ‘Five favourites’ blog was added, and we have been overwhelmed, flattered and, yes, often pretty flummoxed by the response. After tallying up your suggestions – which took forever, I must say – the 20 most popular tracks as chosen by you are currently, in numerical order (add your own drum roll here):

001. Comfortably Numb
002. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 1-5)
003. Echoes
004. Dogs
005. High Hopes
006. Marooned
007. Fat Old Sun
008. On The Turning Away
009. Murder *
009. There’s No Way Out Of Here *
011. Wish You Were Here
012. Sorrow
013. Childhood’s End
014. Cymbaline *
014. Fearless *
016. Coming Back To Life
017. Near The End
018. Time
019. The Narrow Way *
019. Wot’s… Uh The Deal *

* Equal number of votes polled. Alphabetical order, not preference, dictates a song’s order in the chart.

So, what do you think of that, then? ‘Fat Old Sun’ is an interesting choice because, had David not performed it in 2001/2, then I wonder just how many of you would have thought to mention it in 2005/6. I’m sure that many of the real aficionados would have done so, but perhaps not in such high numbers to have given it such a high position in the chart.

The success of David’s recent semi-acoustic shows has undoubtedly played a big part in fan selection. This has been the case with Richard Thompson’s ‘Dimming of the Day’, Bizet’s ‘Je Crois Entendre Encore’ and Syd Barrett’s ‘Terrapin’ – all of which have been suggested by you in considerable numbers. (They actually received more mentions than some so-called Floyd favourites.)

Which also, of course, gives hope to some of the less well-known songs that many people perhaps wouldn’t even think of including in such a list, possibly expecting them to be swamped by repeat calls for The Hits. If David decides to give one of those tracks a dusting down, then who is to say that fans won’t think of that when next asked to list their favourites?

With the range of talented musicians who could possibly be touring with David, anything’s possible. (We will reveal in due course who these musicians will be, but think of those you know to have contributed to ‘On An Island’, as some of them may also be joining David on tour.)

Who knows what rare gems David might chose to unearth? Who expected Syd Barrett’s ‘Dominoes’ or ‘Hushabye Mountain’ from the cult children’s film, ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’? Both of these were mentioned, which is a credit to David’s versatility and imagination, not to mention your passion for good music played well and deep respect for David’s bravery and judgement.

In spite of being best known, naturally, for his part in Pink Floyd, the general consensus is that fans would like to hear David’s solo material – both the new material that we await with baited breath and that from his previous solo albums, 1978’s ‘David Gilmour’ and 1984’s ‘About Face’. For David’s songs to feature so highly in a list of what is, in essence, a ‘Top Pink Floyd Songs… Ever!’ list, is very pleasing indeed.

There is, undoubtedly, an impressive back catalogue at David’s disposal should he wish to consider it. You have suggested a staggering 107 songs in total, and that doesn’t include any cover versions or album medleys, music from soundtracks (such as ‘La Carrera Panamericana’), instrumental pieces that David has performed live (such as ‘Song For My Sara’, which he performed on Saturday Night Live back in 1987) or unreleased recordings (such as ‘Rain in the Country’, one of the widely-bootlegged ‘Zabriskie Point’ rejects). That only includes recognised tracks from solo, and Pink Floyd, albums.

Of course, let’s not forget that – most importantly of all – by the time David kicks off his tour in Dortmund, an album of new tracks will be yearning to be performed live.

David is especially pleased to read of your tremendous excitement at the prospect of hearing his new material in concert, and that many of you anticipate ‘On An Island’ far more than hearing new renditions of Pink Floyd’s most well-known classics. This is very important. As David has explained several times, his stripped-down shows have given him the freedom to be himself and to try new things that interest him. Indeed, they lessen the burden of expectation that he has as part of a hugely successful rock band, and this allows him greater scope to experiment.

But, before you jump the gun, that doesn’t necessarily mean that David won’t play some Floyd tunes. You’re going to have to wait until the time is right before we let you know what’s on the agenda, I’m afraid.

Let us know if you’d like a full run-down of all the songs you have suggested. We could compile the data into all sorts of fascinating, geeky lists, if you care for that sort of thing.

Please note that if you posted your favourites in a blog other than ‘Five favourites’, they didn’t count here. We have moved many comments to the correct blogs, but with so many needing to be moved, it hasn’t been possible to move them all yet. Please try to make sure that your comments go where you want them so that people can respond to them, etc. Thank you.

Thanks again for all your suggestions, and our congratulations to all who got tickets for Manchester and Glasgow.

One of Polly’s photographs will be here tomorrow, honest. We know you’ve missed them.

No prizes for noticing that today’s snap is another of Nick Mason’s… and a fine one it is, too.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

74 thoughts on “'Five favourites' update”

  1. A somewhat surprising list! No surprise to find Comfortably and Shine On up there, but very surprised to see latter day Floyd tunes like High Hopes, Marooned, On The Turning Away being rated more highly than the mighty Wish You Were Here (which for me is my number 1).

    Dark Side of the Moon is woefully under represented too…where’s Time/Money/Breathe/Us and Them? All quality tunes – at least one of them deserves at top 19 place imho…but hey, we’ve all got our own taste.

    As for hearing Floyd tunes at a DG concert, I’m a happy man seeing and hearing whatever DG wants to play. If he’s happy, I’m happy – and so far every time I’ve seen him play he’s not let me down with his taste 🙂

    I feel pretty certain that there are a significant number of us who are DG fans as well as Floyd fans. We goto DG shows to see DG, not because we can’t hear Floyd playing, or like he’s some kind of one-man Floydian substitute. David’s musicianship consistently blows my mind, not only through song selection, but by variation of delivery and personal style.

    What I’m trying to say is what I love about Pink Floyd is mostly due to Mr Gilmour’s contribution. When I hear Floyd, musically what touches me is David’s expression through his guitar. Of course the contribution of all 4 is greater than the sum of the parts, but wow, what a part DG is 🙂 It’s the DG effect that I’m after – if you want to call it Pink Floyd, fine…if you want to call it DG, that’s cool too. Just keep it coming 🙂


  2. David may be mad that you released the set list, but you are holding back the second set and encore(s)…..:)

  3. Ah, who’s that dashing young man gracing today’s blog? NIce blast from the past; thanks for the pic of David. 😉

    In regards to the theory that “Fat Old Sun” received such a large amount of votes due to David trotting it out at the Meltdown concert – I loved the song before I saw the dvd of the concert. It’s simply a wonderful song; I have 5 or 6 different versions of “Fat Old Sun.”

    “Echoes” featured high on the fans’ favorites list, and I agree with that whole heartedly, but I think it might be bordering on blasphemy if not performed by an intact Floyd. I really can’t imagine hearing “Echoes” any other way, and may not WANT to hear it any other way. Anyone else feel the same?

    I’m sure the favorites list will change dramatically once David’s new album comes out. Perhaps then you’ll want to take a poll to see what favorite song from “On An Island” we’d enjoy hearing live.


  4. If you’ve got a tally-man (or woman) handy, why not make a few more relevant lists? At the very least, you might also include a 5 five favorite’s list of your own, dear Features Editor.

    And I would have to agree, I’m more interested in hearing what David would choose to play from his back catalogue, than what us fans want (regardless of either it’s extreme popularity, or relative obscurity). Fat Old Sun was a great Floyd chestnut to unearth, and I think we’re all excited to hear what DG and his band will bring out on this tour. That said, with all the two night stands in cities, it would be great to see somewhat of a wider setlist rotation, ideally allowing more songs to spread their wings to full flight 🙂

    Along with that, I hope David considers his (and his band’s no doubt) talents as improvisers, and includes that in his idea of “experimentation” afforded to him during his forthcoming gigs. The Floyd’s, and of course David’s, talents as supreme musical improvisers, in the individual and group sense, is a sorely underrated aspect of their/his musicianship.

    Shine on!

    ps with imrpovisational chemistry in mind, and being one of the musicians performing on On An Island, it would be most interesting to see if Rick Wright will be available to tour 🙂

  5. I, for one, did NOT vote for Fat Old Sun, not because I do not like it (in fact I love that song), but because it WAS played on his DVD. I’d rather hear something we haven’t heard in a while like Wots… Uh The Deal and Fearless (classic David Gilmour voice and guitar on both tracks). Had he not played FOS in 2001, I can honestly say I would have begged for it. Now admittedly, I am indeed a real aficionado. But then again, aren’t most of us?

    And here’s how you can tell I’m a real aficionado: I am one of those you mentioned who is looking more forward to hearing David’s new material than his old. That’s not to say I’m not thrilled to hear the old stuff live, because I am, but discovering great music gives me such a thrill. My friends think I’m nuts, he’s past his prime, he’s not with the Floyd, blah blah blah… But you know, when I show them David’s performance at Live 8 they hush up about being past his prime (it’s kind of hard to talk when your jaw is dropped down that low), and every time I’ve awaited David’s new stuff he hasn’t failed to wow me. I have high expectations and deep down I know they will be surpassed.

    You know I feel bad for David in one respect. On the Dark Side DVD documentary he mentioned how he wished he could have experienced listening to Dark Side of the Moon all the way through for the first time, like one of his fans would have. Of course since he was one of the ones creating it that was impossible. But I’ve had the experience of listening to his all albums the first time through, even if it was several years after the fact on most, at least it was the first time for me. And we’ll all get another experience on March 6. I feel bad that David won’t get to join us. But we’ll wish him a happy birthday all the same.

  6. what a great list. i wonder if the solo will appear if fat old sun sets again. it was missed, but still appreciated. we’d love to see the whole list of course. if you have time. very busy on the front these days. just got my tickets. woooooooohoooooooo!!!!!

  7. Can I also add a happy 100th birthday to Albert Hoffman, without whom those heady days at the UFO or Roundhouse wouldn’t have been quite the same?

    (and without whom we might never have heard ‘Several species of small furry animals…’ 🙂


  8. All excellent choices. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for “Sonnet 18.”

  9. For Lucy, I’m 50 yrs. old this past July. In 73, 74? I went to my first ever concert in Toronto at Maple Leaf Gardens. My brother broke up with his girlfriend and I went to see Dark Side of the Moon Tour. INCREDIBLE. From there it was Floyd. Hamilton, Wish u Were Here, Montreal, Animals, New York, TheWall, About Face twice at Massey Hall, Momentary Lapse Tour twice, and DSOT tour, twice and The Division Bell twice all in Toronto. P.S. David, remember when the band delayed playing so that we could watch Italy’s incredible Fireworks display. I was in the cheap seats and still was in awe. See you twice at Massey Hall, like old times. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Frank.

  10. “‘Fat Old Sun’ is an interesting choice because, had David not performed it in 2001/2,” ????? :

    Meltdown Concert:
    1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Parts 1-5
    2. Terrapin
    3. Fat Old Sun…….

  11. Hi everyone,

    I equally enjoy the mega spectacle of the Pink Floyd shows and the more intimate smaller scale solo shows.

    I just wondered if anyone thinks a chance was missed with the Pink Floyd shows to film some segments in 3D for DVD extras etc with the laser effects and stuff coming towards you!


  12. Well that list is quite a surprise! Only 1 track from dark side of the moon…and its in 17th place?!?!?

    Glad to see echoes,dogs and marooned up there! and ofc comfy numb. infact the top 8 are right up there with my all time favourites.

    Now that you got our top 5 lists in, howabout getting David’s top 5, and while you are at it Feature Ed, what’s your top 5 then eh? eh? I’m sure that would make for interesting reading!!

    Re: Let us know if you‘d like a full run-down of all the songs you have suggested.

    *raises hand*

    Hook it up Feature Ed! I’ll get my anorak

    by the way I’m Irish for those wondering who is from where, and for the record I do NOT like Guinness.

  13. About the “list suggestion”, well…I personnally don’t need one. I think every fan’s got his own personal best-of list, and that’s enough.

    Dear F.E., I’m looking forward to knowing a little more about Rick Wright’s contribution on the “On an Island” album. So…you know which picture I’m waiting for 😉


  14. I was pleasantly surprised that ‘near the end’ featured so high on the list… Well it deserves that in my opinion. I for one, would be interested in a complete list.

    In today’s blog you speak about ‘the burden of expectation’ that David might be feeling. That is understandable, the fact being that David also appears to be the lead guitarist of one of the greatest rock bands ever.

    I just wanted to add that (IMO) David has more times over earned the right to do as he pleases with his new tour and material. Experiment all you want David! Davids guitar playing, and experimenting with sound is (to me) one of the main reasons for Pink Floyds success. I would be disappointed if David ever gave that up. Floyd classics or rarely live played songs would be great, but I bought my ticket because DAVID was going to play…

    I would love to hear all of Davids new album live. There is bound to be some new classics in that one…



  15. Great top 20.
    You mentioned “Je Crois Entendre Encore”. We were supposed to deliver a TOP5 of Gilmour / Floyd songs, so I did not mention this one. But the Bizet song is wonderful.
    It has happened many times that when my girlfriend and I have been to a party / pub whatever and it is already about 3 or 4am, we want to play a DVD before going to bed. It is always the David Gilmour DVD (sometimes combined with Growing Up from Peter Gabriel) and we always finish the night with Bizet or the High Hopes choral. Won-der-ful !

  16. Dear dear dear Ed,
    I love this site and I thank you for that, but I need to scold you 😉 because this is the worst David picture I’ve never seen!!!
    Pardon me, but I think that David was (and he is today a great charm man!) a so handsome boy (fantastic eyes, fantastic smile, fantastic hair….) that you could choose between a lot of better pictures in David youth! Am I impolite to write this? I hope not!
    And I hope one of these days we are able to see the young David in all his beauty!
    However, Ed, thank you very much for this fantastic site!
    I hope it won’t be closed wen David tour will finish!
    But, does David read our post?
    But, above all, there are going to be some David “On a Island” video clip for tv channel like Mtv?

    Have a great day!

    With love 😉


    P.S. In my favourites five I put “Fat old sun” because I love very much this song and DAVID CELESTIAL VOICE!

  17. Bet I was the only person to vote for the Nile Song! 🙂

    Can’t wait, have got priotity tickets for Manchester and hopefully will be able to get two more tomorrow for my mates.

  18. Well, there is such a live performance we will never hear or see..:

    I guess Mr. Gilmour have some of his days, perhaps feeling a little bit out of mood (or what you say in English), walking down the studio, plugs in the wire into the PA, and just giving away all frustration with one-man endless solo on leadguitar. Yes, think about it, like a “Big Brother in Studio”-session; you have one man, his mood; one guitar, and its sound.

    I guess it is during moments like this he got the embryo of great songs. We are not allowed to hear these moments; all we got is perhaps a demo of a song, and of course the final recording; but we are never there to see the moment of the birth of a song. That would be a “live record” to see or hear. The magic of music lives in the moment when it is created, anything else is just a record…

    Sorry for my bad English and my widespread thoughts.

  19. Hello everyone!
    I’d like to answer to the people who refer to my messages:

    FLAVIA: yes, I’m italian and I listen Pink Floyd since I was 13. I bought my first music player (lo stereo, per capirci, tra noi italiani! I explained Flavia what I mean with “music player”!) and I asked to my brother in law (that in these years was just my neighbour and a family’s friend) what I could listen and he gave me Pink Floyd albums: AND WAS LOVE TO THE FIRST LISTENING!
    Really you are going both rome and milan shows? Fantastic! I bought gallery 6 tickets. I hope they are good! And you? Let me know!

    DUDE: you are not old! 😉 (today I’m using a lot of emoticons..mah!) And I have not age preferences (otherwise I would listen backstreetboys and not David Gilmour! But Sir Gilmour and Pink Floyd are fantastic and backstreetboys not so mauch..so, why I should listen the younger ones?!!!) In my message I’d just to ask were are older David fan! After all…David and Pink Floyd played since 60’s years ca.! So, Dude, you are not old. YOU ARE YOUNG! YOU ARE YOUNG! YOU ARE YOUNG!

    CARLO: thanks a lot to reassure me about the tickets…I needed it! I don’t know which is the most present Country in this blog and who writes the better English…(fummy question!) I can only say that I attend British school of english for 3 years…but my english is really, really, really bad!!! Pardon me!

    Bye bye!


  20. The only way of performing echoes is this:

    David Gilmour – Guitars & Vocals
    Nick Mason – Drums
    Roger Waters – Bass
    Richard Wright – Keyboards & Vocals

    If David wants to performe echoes in his tour, he has to do a floyd jam with the others!!!! It is the only way.
    Echoes is the most floydian song!!!!!

  21. Dear David, dear Ed, dear guys,
    today I don’t want work…so a write a lot!
    In my third message I’d like to say that I agree with nickster: “As for hearing Floyd tunes at a DG concert, I’m a happy man seeing and hearing whatever DG wants to play”…but I admit I hope he’s going to plays some wonderful Pink Floyd songs!
    Hovwever, everything David will choose to do, I’m sure taht David and his show will be one of the most beautful show I’ll see in my life! I trust in him completely! But I’m asking: many artists work with David for the album record…but who are going to follow him in the tour?

    Bye bye



    I’ve never heard “Wot’s… Uh The Deal”. When have David written it? In wich album this song is? I’d like to listen!
    Let me know, please!

    Thanks a lot


  23. G’day from Australia David and all
    The one dying question I have always wanted to put to Dave is does he have a faveourite Floyd Song. If possible please do pose this to him.

    As for my choice song, well how about Learning To Fly…. Just brilliant lyrics in my humble opinion…

  24. OF COURSE! What a idiot!
    “Wot’s …Uh The Deal” by Obscured by the clouds album!
    How could I forget it!
    SORRY DAVID! Sorry everyone!!! I have tha album, I know the song, I have it in it in my playlist at iTune…but for a moment I didn’t remind it!
    Very bad! WORK RUINS ME!!! 😉

    Now, I leave the blog and go to cry in the office’s bathroom!


  25. Hearing Fat Old Sun done live was fabulous. However, since I missed the Meltdown shows, it was at Roger Water’s Pro’s and Con’s tour that made it possible. Roger also did a great job with the song “If”. Just him and an acoustic guitar.

    I love that performers like RW, Paul McCartney, and David Gilmour still take the stage with just the acoustic guitar for those truely intimate performances and I’m counting the days till the April 4th show.

    Having seen 2 RW concerts and 7 Pink Floyd Shows in 3 counties,.. I’m thrilled at the prospect of seeing David Gilmour’s Tour.



  26. Lucia, “Wot’s… Uh The Deal”. from “Obscured by clouds”. If I remember rightly was played at encores in the early 1970s. A great album and my advice is to get it now.

  27. Hello,
    Another excellent picture, well done Nick!

    It became a wonderful list of favourite tracks, good to see “There’s No Way Out Of Here” & ‘ Murder” on it. I bring a visit to the page with “Five Favourites” a few times a week, to see if there are new things suggested. Some people, including me ;-), have really interesting ideas which probably never will happen, but it is fun to read and get a big smile on your face. And I think that must be one goal of all this, having a good interesting time with fans from all over the world.
    So yeah maybe it is a good idea to make the list complete and make us to be more astonished.

    I would be more as satisfied if the set list would be something like this with a few obscure songs and some new songs. But if David would play his whole first, or second album and some “On Island Tracks”, it would be awesome too. Because I believe that this man and his fellow talented musicians are real craftsmen (-women) who can play anything they want and turn it in to something special. Just take a listen to the DVD of the Meltdown gigs, a song like “Hushabye Mountain” (indeed from “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” but also in the last “War Of The World” movie and on Guy Mannings album “Cascade”), from a simple lullaby to something wonderful. Or listen to what the band did with “Shine On Part II” or “the choral version of “High Hopes”, unbelievable…

    So mine conclusion is: nice that we’re able to write down our favourite tracks and covers (thank you for the oppurtunity, it’s really appreciated, this is a great site, everyday again!), but I want take this list too serious:
    I want to be surprised, I want to have an heavenly time, taste this unique event, carve every picture and sound in my brain, see a wonderful band shining, hear every sound & note of the rare and amazing compositions, feel the atmosphere in every inch of my body, wanna close my eyes, absorb the moment, get tears in my eyes and feel them on my face and on my skin, laugh & smile with friends, smell the excitement, get goose flesh, enjoy the Music, let it flow….
    We love you then, we love you still.

    Two mounths to go…

    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

    PS1 Two bands did make me actually cry, in one band was David Gilmour playing (& he did it twice / I only saw him twice)… the other band grabbed me more as twice…

    PS2 Sorry for my D’English, that is Dutch English…

  28. Great blog entry today. I’m glad to see so many people requesting more obscure and solo material. There’s hope for the world!

    Compliments to the writer of this blog. Very well written and entertaining.

  29. I LOVE Fat Old Sun! I also the smell of fresh cut grass. I should add I love David’s poutie lips in the picture. 🙂

  30. I’m surprised that nobody thought to suggest some of those old classic Pink Floyd instrumental jams like “Interstellar Overdrive” or “A Saucerful Of Secrets”. Oh, to hear that one live after all these years would be heaven!

  31. This would make a great set list as is!

    Seriously though, I think it is a stretch to say that this is “in essence a Top Pink Floyd Songs…Ever” list. I’m sure many of the fans were thinking about songs we would like to hear, that we’ve never heard live, or songs we thought David would consider playing. When I responded to the top five I included two lists: suggestions for the set list and my top five favorite Floyd songs.

    More than anything, I’m looking forward to the new material. Anything that David chooses to supplement that with is fine with me, as I have been a fan for long time and enjoy all of it!

  32. I wanted to comment on Lucia’s message about the only way to play Echoes is with the line up that recorded it.

    In the early part of the MLOR tour Pink Floyd did play Echoes a few times, but by the time I got to see them, sadly they had dropped it from the set list. I did get to hear an RIO recording of it from one of the early shows and it had what I only could describe as a “self conscious” sound to it. I also heard a live version on a radio concert that was recorded of Pink Floyd playing it in the early 70s and it sounded absolutely fantastic!!! So, but I don’t think it was the line up that matter as much as the time and place that band was at back then. Unfortunately that moment is gone, but it was preserved on tape! I remember the radio concert also included live versions of Fat Old Sun, One of These Days and some other songs. I know it must be in a vault somewhere and I’m hoping one day it will be released so greedy fans like me can enjoy Echoes live in its full contemporary glory.

  33. No Mike!!! It’s not my message!! IT IS ALDO MESSAGE!!!
    You don’t pay attention! Don’t worry…for a moment I have forgotten Wot’s… Uh The Deal!
    it could happen! so, your answer is to ALDO!
    However, I love listening Pink Floyd performance (in live in Pompeii it’s FANTASTIC! PERFECT! all the movie is wonderful!), but I’m sure David (and the artists he will decide to play) could realized a great Echoes performace even without the other’s Pink Floyd members!


  34. The presented list its interesting to read and i’m curious about the reasons that had determined its choice…

    Basically, I find the songs pointed, with respect to the personal tastes of each one, result, in great measure, of some kind of will loaded with nostalgia of the early days (pre Dark Side period). At the same time, it’s relevant to point out the guitar proeminence in most of the songs choosen… To say that this is not a fortuitous issue but more one to be accented, because we are going to see master David Gilmour in a tour that is almost ready to blunt… Besides that, we could not forget that certain songs, mainly for all its history and aurea, function better in a proper space… In a space where planet Floyd is convoked in all its fullness…

    Only one small suggestion based on a strict personal point of view: the need of rotation in the set list…

    Without it great dose of spontaneity is lost!…

    I hope that a great amount of the songs listed will have a chance to be performed during this tour!…

    Best of luck!!! See you in Olympia!!!

  35. Great to read so many mentions to David’s greatest song — Fat Old Sun. Sure it’s not the most popular or most beautiful, but it underscores David’s guitar brilliance. Only he can turn such a simingly simple tune into a classic.

    And you people like “Wot’s… Uh The Deal” too!

    I always thought I was off for thinking Fat Old Sun and Wots… were two of the Floyd’s greatest works!

    Cheers to all with such good taste!!

  36. Well i’m very surprised at the list – only one song from Dark Side and one song from the Wall ???… And while I would not be devastated if he did play a lot of Division Bell/Momentary lapse it would be slightly dissappointed .

    I AM really looking forward to hearing his own album and I’m sure he’ll play a good bit of that. But I’m also there to hear him play a few Floyd classics and for me classic Pink Floyd are the four great albums of the 70s (DSOTM, WYWH, Animals, The Wall) . Hopefully we’ll hear a good bit from them.

    At the end of the day though it is Davids choice and I will be glad just to be there to see and hear live in my opinion one of rock musics greats.

  37. Personaly I would enjoy hearing The Narrow Way or Green Is The Colour, as for solo work All Lovers Are Deranged and Blue Light would be wonderfull, as well as maybe a rendition of Dark Globe

  38. I am going to the Kodak theatre show thank God! I saw the Wall at the sports arena Feb.9th 1980-Best concert of all times. Momentary lapse twice same place in 87. Waters in 2000 Irvine meadows-Dogs was worth any price to see Thanks Roger. I am hoping for a fresh new set that no one expects, I love surprises. Please David, play You gotta de crazy-dogs before I go to the great beyond……

  39. Hi Ed and everyone, my concern would be Fat Old Sun, I wish David will play lead on that, and regarding Shine On, why is it that the most important guitar solo Part 3 is never played, even Roger’s solo version too? Respect, maybe? I saw Echoes during DSOT Tour, I believe it was later omitted because people were not aware and not listening to it wholeheartedly. The young audience were anticipating other Floyd classics. This time around all audiences will appreciate it more than ever. After Live 8, this album sold out immensely. Thank You for this site, I hope it continues forever. Frank.

  40. You asked for the 5 favorites list. On the Dark Side Of The Moon classic albums DVD David makes the comment that it would have been a nice experience to have been able to sit down and listen to DSotM with headphones for the first time without knowing the music as he did from making it. I wonder what his list would consist of (say his top 10)Floyd songs as a fan had he not been making the music (that is looking outside in, what would he pick)? Maybe that is a question for the FAQs section…

  41. First, thank for the great blog about Dave, it’s wonderful to read frequently updated stuff about my guitar idol.

    Not great enough, I’m going to Hamburg to see Dave, I already have tickets!

    Concerning the question, which track could Dave rend our hearts with, I thing Little Wing would be awesome choice. There is an huge amount of emotion in this track.

    Btw I like the way Clapton or Stevie Ray Vaughan played it, if you ask me.

    Thank you.

  42. @Standa or any other here:
    PLEASE!! If you have one more ticket for the concert in Hamburg, contact me. I only need one ticket.
    Click on my name under this contribution to contact me.
    In German: BITTE!! Falls Du nur ein einziges Ticket mehr für das Konzert in Hamburg hast, bitte Kontakte mich. Brauche wirklich nur eins. Klick unter meinen Beitrag auf meinen Namen.

    Since long time a dream to hear and see David Gilmour (and Band) in concert.
    Regards from Berlin

    @Dear Editor,
    You make me sad, because no plans to filmed a concert ;-). But its nice to read this blog every day!
    Hope you have better news – *smilie* next time!
    Thank you

  43. i just added 10 ’cause i couldn’t stick to 5. hope that’s ok. i’d like to see more of the chart please!

    no offence meant, but i don’t think david should have to rotate his setlist just to please fans who are going to more than 1 concert. that’s not david’s fault. he should play what he feels like playing when he feels like playing it.

  44. Great Top 20 of course #9 is the best. I like listening to that one when I walk to the train.
    Can’t wait till April!!!
    I am so glad I get to see Mr Gilmour

    Renee B.

  45. The idea of rotating setlists is not just to appease fans seeing more than one show, but to allow for more songs to be aired for everyone, band and audience included. In the end, everyone gets more music. What’s wrong with that, Alice?

  46. I would say so many things but… my english… arghh!!
    for lucia: i “have” ticket for milan for gallery 6,too… we should meet! 24 january: countdown starts on my calendar 🙂

    A question for F.E.:
    “As you look around this room tonight
    Settle in your seat and dim the lights
    Do you want my blood, do you want my tears
    What do you want
    What do you want from me
    Should I sing until I can’t sing any more
    Play these strings until my fingers are raw
    You’re so hard to please
    What do you want from me”

    are these words for us fans, or…?

    Thank you!

  47. A few general statements:

    1) David can do no wrong playing live.
    2) Any Pink Floyd song he does would indeed be a cover song, so I hope he reworks them like on his last mini-tour.
    3) I’m much more excited to hear his solo material, especially from the new album, than any Pink Floyd material.

    While signing autographs before one of the acoustic London gigs, someone asked David how he chose his inspired setlist. Gilmour shrugged and simply replied, “Madness.” Let’s all hope that this kind of insanity has not been replaced by a steady mind that has decided to play it safe with the setlist this time around : )

  48. I thought about it and Roger wrote the lyrics and most of the music. It doesn’t matter who played the instruments. Let’s give credit where credit is due. David was the instrumentalist in the band, and Roger was the crative force. For anybody to deny either is an idiot. Pink Floyd will never be duplicated. Let it die. Let’s all work for them to get back together because life is short. And we all, the band and us, lose so much with out each other. Long Live Pink Floyd.

    David let me show you the Harley I designed as a tribute to all the joy all four of you gave me, which is basically a tribute to the happiness you provided me and all my friends.

    Thank you Syd, Roger, Nick, Rick, and David and all the side musicians for the wonderful music you contributed to our finite space we call Earth.

    Thank you. I do not know you personally, but I owe you for making my life that much richer.

    I hope to see all of Pink Floyd on tour so we all can see the magic I was so lucky to see in my youth.

    Gentlemen, take the bow you deserve.

    Thank you.

    Anthony J. Sherwin
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

  49. Totally agree with the editors comments about Fat Old Sun. I bought Atom Heart Mother virtually the day it came out and would not have thought of David includeing it in his set. That song was reinvented during those 2002 shows. I also agree with the comments regarding Echoes. However, I would have said that for Shine On prior to 2002.

  50. A newcomer to this site, I may be out of date but recently bought Echoes (2-CD ‘best of’) from Tesco for £8.97, couldn’t resist it, but why nothing from Atom Heart Mother or Obscured by Clouds, which have always been my favourite two albums? And no ‘Dogs’, but ‘Sheep’, already on a compilation ‘collection of great dance songs’? Also nothing from More, my fourth favourite after Meddle. Agree with other voters that “Cymbaline” is superb. “Bike” is well out of place on a best of. “Don’t Leave Me Now” is surely the best track on the Wall, indescribably fantastic quintessentially Pink Floyd instrumental break in the middle of it, not Comfortably Numb, which I am heartily sick of. How can this be so popular? I think I must love Pink Floyd differently from most other people. Add ‘Mudmen’ as the best ever track, wonder if it got any votes, think I will add my ‘five’ to the list, assuming ‘Atom Heart Mother’ counts as one track. Still hanging on to my crackly (especially in ‘Funky Dung’) vinyl copies of my favourite Pink Floyd albums as these CDs never seem to be reduced below £16.99 in the shops, which is a bit steep.

  51. Nigel: I believe that the band members don’t really consider their movie soundtracks to be ‘canon’; hence, the likes of Obscured by Clouds and More probably weren’t considered for the Echoes discs.

  52. Hi everybody here & floydian friends in Italy!

    I am feeling happy to have in my hands n. 4 FOUR real tickets for the Dave Gilmour concert in Milan, on sat 25th March … HIGH HOPES in my mind naturally.
    Just like to tell you how this has been possible:
    after reading from this site that DG will be in Italy, I got the link to ticketone.it on monday morning dec 12th, but soon I realized it was out of use (!) really strange for a website selling of tickets … I have been trying for two days, hundreds of time, anytime, until midnite … then finally on wednesday 14th afternoon, a magical intuition: the site was working and showing on line the last places available, all in galleries. I was to clik the FINAL CUT of confirmation and get the deal done, when … I though that the expenses for delivery to my address would be too high, so I started to look for an official ticketone office in my area: I phone him and to my wife as well (I was at office, 30 miles away at the moment) … she was home nearby … she did RUN LIKE HELL and bought 2 tickets while me on the other side was tracing the free seats in the internet site …

    And I realized that in less then half an hour there were no more ticket available for the friday show: all sold out, in this cas ethe ticketone was saying truth!
    Then my wife called me back again to tell me that my 15 yo child liked to be there too … well I told her to buy two more tickets from the same office.

    It was my GREAT GIG IN THE SKY, when home at night, I connected to the ticketone again, and saw no more places available!

    I am happy enough I think …

    then I have read all those bad news about the italian pre selling and I admit that these 4 tickets are now safe in my secret place!

    Please stay tuned for other encounters …
    I will tell you how the PF sound changed my life since 40 years


  53. Anthony J Sherwin–

    If you believe that Roger wrote most of the music for Pink Floyd, you need to go back and re-read the credits on each album. Other than the Wall, you’re sorely mistaken (though Comfortably Numb started as a GILMOUR solo-demo).

    Roger may have written most of the lyrics, but to deny David’s (and Rick’s) contribution to the MUSIC of Pink Floyd simply speaks to your lack of knowledge of who wrote what in the band’s history.

    Shine on 🙂

  54. regarding rotating the setlists… i know what you’re saying but be honest, it is mostly to appease fans who are going to several shows and that’s quite selfish. i’m not trying to start a war here but lots of people didn’t get tickets and a great many others live too far away to be able to see him at all. for the ones who are going to see him several times on this tour to expect lots of changes is taking the mick. i’m all for hearing more songs if david and the band want to make frequent changes, but i imagine the band won’t have that long to rehearse (i thought the band hasn’t been decided yet) and presumably they will want to stick with what they know. just my opinion. i don’t mean to offend anyone or set off something. i think the ed’s had enough with certain people and their unreasonable comments as it is! i’m just saying what i think speaking as someone who isn’t going to be seeing him. i hear what you’re saying though.

  55. This is my wish for the shows (and I’m going to several of them)

    The complete On An Island performed more or less as it will be on the record. Just love to hear new music from my favourite artist!

    Of course I also wish to hear some of the familiar tunes from the past, but I’m sure that Mr. Gilmour will handle this just great, and if he decides to play the same set all nights that’s find by me. I have so much faith in his musical ability and I loved the Meltdown DVD and how he made the semi-acoustic setting work beautifully, so I’m sure he won’t let us down. I just want to hear the music performed live……..

    And here is a message to Alice.

    I don’t know who you are, I think I saw that you are 22 years old and I guess you live somewhere up north in England or somewhere in Scotland judging by what tickets you were trying to get. Anyway, it sounds that you would really like to go to one of the concerts and still haven’t got a ticket.

    I’m travelling from Norway together with a bunch of friends to see all 3 shows in London. But if I get all the tickets I have paid for (probably 3-4 weeks before the show) I will have a couple of spare tickets beacause after I had bought tickets the regular way I was offered better seats through this site. So if we you can make it to London on May 31st I’ll GIVE you a ticket to the show.
    I mean it. This is not a joke! Just want to help a fellow fan in “trouble”, I just know how I would have felt if I didn’t have a ticket or an opportunity to go to these shows.
    Hope you can make it and this offer will “ease the pain” of not getting a ticket…….

  56. >>So what do you think of that, then? ‘Fat Old Sun’ is an interesting choice because, had David not performed it in 2001/2, then I wonder just how many of you would have thought to mention it in 2005/6.

    Playing it in 2001/2 surely must have helped bring the song to a wider audience who may have not delved into Atom Heart Mother much. But David left off the killer solo at the end of the song in the 2001/2! Sure, its a beautiful song with or without the solo. But personally, I go nuts over the killer solo at the end of the original and suspect a lot of the old schoolers may have voted the song in for the same reason.

  57. >>I really can’t imagine hearing “Echoes” any other way, and may not WANT to hear it any other way.

    Thats a hard one, Mark. I really really want to hear echoes performed live. But yea, watching the guys play it together on the Pompeii video, it really is a PF classic.

    Lets look again then. Practically. PF isnt likely to play it anytime soon. Even if theres another one off like Live8, it will probably be another WYWH,CN,Money kind of affair with the mainstream songs.

    So will it sound like Echoes if its not played by all 4 of them? To me, the most distinctive aspects of the PF “sound” were Davids guitar and vocals, Ricks keyboard and Roger’s vocals(okay, say what you may, CN isnt as fun without Roger reciting his lines). Roger doesnt have vocals in Echoes. Rick’s part can be reproduced by a talented sessions player. Only Davids voice and guitar cant be substituted. But they dont have to be, do they?
    So I think I want to hear David do Echoes 😀

  58. Nigel Smith is right. ‘Mudmen’ gets no love. Classic track with the creamiest guitar tone/solos.

  59. Yes, please, Fearless! I can’t tell you how many people would be thrilled and deeply moved to hear that one live at last.

  60. Oh yes,
    echoes live at concert would be so nice.
    But other songs like:
    Grantchester Meadows
    Comfortably numb
    Shine On You Crazy Diamond
    High Hopes

    are nice too

    My personally wish for the concert is that David will play minimum 5 great Pink Floyd songs.
    Its not the thing that i dont trust his new songs,
    but to hear some of PF stuff live would be the greatest for me!

  61. jt, thank you *so* much for the kind offer! i managed to get a ticket to the manchester gig, so i’m happy now… that’s an understatement actually! but thank you very much. that was incredibly kind of you. thank you!

    i hope you and your friends have a great time in london!

  62. I’m here just to, “shout & squeal with delight” (as suggested in the blog)about getting a pair of tickets for the Manchester gig. I also want to say a big “thanks” to the WDYWFM web site, for keeping me updated with news on anything to do with Floyd. Excellent site, check it out.
    I just have one problem. I’m a 45yr old father of teenage kids who were weened on all things Floyd. My dilemma is, who do I have accompany me to the gig. My 18yr old student daugher, or my 17yr old son? Both play guitar, and both have successfully answered numerous questions about the band when I used questioning as a means to determine who was worthy of seeing the great man himself.

  63. Ok Alice, glad to hear that you got the ticket you wanted. Enjoy the concert, I know me and my friends will enjoy the concerts we’re going to……and as you say, happy is an understatement! We’re all so much looking forward to the new record and the concerts.

  64. Echoes and Sorrow sure would be nice!
    Echoes for the rarety and I def like to see a bombastic song like Sorrow being played in a fragile and intimate way.

    But I can’t get enough of CN and SOYCD either. No matter how often they’re played.


  65. Hi,
    having looked at the fav five I think the outcome is a fair reflection on David’s solo and band work. I must admit I would also love to hear fearless or even better if Rick made an appearance and sang ” Stay” with David , top stuff that would be. I am looking forward to the new stuff , I quite like ” Smile” and ” Island jam ” had a nice ” Shine on/ marooned ” feel to it proving the master aint lost it yet by a long way. I was lucky enough to get Tickets to the 3 albert hall shows and can’t wait. I last seen David at the Stratpack where he completely blew his peers away on the night. My girlfriend came with me and when David done ” Coming back to life ” she cried from start to finish , It was utterly magical. NO matter what he plays I think evrybody will be in awe at the most melodic guitarist of all time. Shine on.

  66. The song “On the turning away” should be at least at number 4 on this list.
    Also, where is “Poles apart” on the favorite list?
    I’d love to see the entire list.
    The Live 8 concert was memorable and I bought the DVD package only for Pink Floyd and it is worth every penny.
    The best thing that could happen in my life would be a Pink Floyd tour!!!!!
    Eric Pepin
    Sacramento Ca

  67. Hi –some feedback for what it’s worth regarding the NY Ticketmaster fiasco.

    I was on the phone with Ticketmaster at 12pm precisely when tickets went on sale….they told me there were only scattered seats (I wanted two). I asked them, how could this be for a theater that seats thousands? Where did the tickets go?

    Their response was that the promoters only released so many to them and there was nothing they could do.

    It felt terribly unfair that I never even had a chance despite being on the phone with them at 12:00….

  68. I’m so glad to see Fearless, Wots uh.., and Childhood’s End on the top 20 list. I would of course love to hear any Floyd song, but would especially love to hear an old classic that has not been played in a very long time (or ever).

    Going to three shows in California. Can’t wait to see and hear my favorite artist of all time.

    Best Regards,


  69. whats the song with lyrics that go ‘let it flow… let it flow..”?

    [That’s ‘On An Island’, Rach, and it’s actually “Ebb and flow, let it go”. – Features Editor]

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