David on saxophone


We’ve received many questions with regards to David playing the saxophone on his new album and perhaps also on tour, so here’s a picture of him recording his part on ‘Red Sky At Night’.

There was a tremendous response to your hearing of Richard Wright’s involvement in ‘On An Island’, and the recent photograph of David with his Floyd bandmate. Thanks for that.

We will soon be revealing those musicians who will form David’s band, so stay tuned for news on whether or not Richard will also be going on tour.

Until then, it’s been a while since we had some fanciful silliness, so how about throwing in some good songs featuring some good sax-playing that you would like to hear David trying out (in a dream, obviously, not on the forthcoming tour).

Perhaps the most famous sax riff of all-time is Gerry Rafferty’s epic ‘Baker Street’. Of course, that was played by Raf Ravenscroft, who toured with David the last time he did a solo tour, in 1984.

Then again, Dick Parry has for so long done an excellent job as saxophonist both with Pink Floyd and David’s most recent solo concerts, so who’s to say that David’s old Cambridge friend won’t be touring?

Anyway, let us know what you think of David branching out and playing the saxophone (as well as many other instruments on the new album – have you seen what he’s playing in total?), the great sax riffs that could be added to the never-ending list of fantasy cover versions that you have already suggested, and who could play sax if David requires a saxophonist on tour.

That is, if David isn’t going to assume saxophone duties himself, of course.

And if anyone else is thinking of Homer Simpson bellowing "Saxomophone!" repeatedly, then now’s the time to confess.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

92 thoughts on “David on saxophone”

  1. Mr. Gilmour, I would personally love to see you rock the sax live on stage. I am going to be at a show in Chicago, and I can’t wait!!!!!!!!

  2. it looks like i`m going to have to learn saxophone just too keep up with the man himself!! i have to say it`s not natural to see him playing anything other than his strat. how much is a sax anyway?

  3. Lisa Simpson on sax, with David singing “When the saints go over there!”

    “Terminal Frost” on aMLoR is such a beautiful song- it would be great to see that again live, with David on sax.

  4. Dearest Features Ed., bloggers and anyone else reading this:

    I still think my favorite sax solos are Dick Parry’s on “Us and Them” and “Money.” They KILL to this day. Paul Desmond of The Dave Brubeck Quartet on “Take Five” still sends me into the stratosphere.

    David – play on, man! (go easy on those lips though.) 😉


  5. Ahh i would LOVE to hear David try out a tune by the masterful Clarence Clemons, of course the big man out of Bruce Springsteens E Street Band. The sax solo in Jungleland is absolutely gorgeous.
    Another would be Dire Straits’ Your Latest Trick, both songs i have mentioned never fail to make the hairs on my neck stand up.

    Great to see the picture of David playing the sax by the way!!

  6. I’d like to see John Coltrane on sax – you did say I could dream!

    I rec’d my credit card bill last week with 2 separate debits for bookings for the RAH shows – its not often I SMILE after opening those envelopes. I’m really looking forward to seeing David again with his new band(?) – even though it’s 22 years since the last time I saw the man perform solo at the National Stadium in Dublin back in ’84 (and was lucky enough to get a signature after the gig) I’m more excited about the forth coming album & tour than anything previously – even the FLoyds TDB gigs at Earls Court.

  7. Yup…I hope David doesn’t get carried away with this sax thing. I want to see those intense expressions he makes when he plays the guitar. Beeyootiful!

  8. well, i think David will not play sax on his solo tour.. but it would be nice hearing him playing Dire Straits “Your Latest Trick”, one of the most well known sax rock tracks ( with, i must agree, baker Street). as for Floyd or related songs i would like to hear David playing both sax and guitar on the sax/guitar “fight” solo on “Dogs of war”(live version). “Wearing the Inside” Out and “Breakthrough” are also good options.

    talking about Breakthrough and the possibillities of Rick touring with David, if this happens will they do a Gilmour version of a solo Rick songs as they did with “Breakthrough”. i would love to hear a version of “Reaching For The Rail”

  9. Haha David looks so funny with those puffed up cheecks. He’s supposed to have that serious look on his face and head movements while playing Comfortably Numb, not the blowfish look.

    Haha, just kidding.

  10. Nice picture. Of course the Homer Simpson riff came to mind first 🙂 How about Mr. Gilmour playing LIsa Simpsons stuff “Jazz Man ”

    Renee B.
    “windy” Fontana, Ca USA

  11. I am excited to get the chance to see David on stage again…and with a saxophone. A part of the enjoyment that I get out of his music comes from having seen his smirky smile as he plays the guitar. I feel that he enjoys the music and knows how positively powerful it is for others. Learning the sax with his son and sharing that with fans is awsome. I believe that he will smile while playing the sax…me too!

    About the serene album cover… Simple? yes, but exciting to know it’s what David chose to represent his vision for the album. I’m sure hearing the album will give fans the rest of the picture. (doves coming or going?) David, Thank you for again for continuing to share with your fans.

  12. “so stay tuned for news on whether or not Richard will also be going on tour.”

    “so who’s to say that David’s old Cambridge friend won’t be touring?”

    ….I think you are a bit of a tease 🙂

  13. If Mr. Gilmour’s breath support and tone on the sax is anything like his dulcet vocal tones, then I’m sure the man will have no trouble mastering the instrument. Perhaps he’ll have his son play a bit on one of the shows…dueling saxophones. What do you think?

  14. I can’t wait to see Mr. David Gilmour on stage in LA on 4/20 playing that Saxaphone! 😀 I cannot comprehend how amazing it will be!

    My birthday is tomorrow, and all of this feels like a birthday present to me. His site, this journal, the FAQ…it gives us fans a very personal connection with David and the rest of the guys..(and gals)…

    Good luck, see you soon David!

  15. This questions creates a true dilemma for the ardent female fan. Yes, the saxophone generates possibly the most sexy sound possible (guitar is down and dirty, sax is seductive)and has been the background to many a beautiful song. However, we (the ladies) all love to watch David’s mouth scrunch as he concentrates to make the sounds match his imagination. The saxophone, I am afraid, will totally ruin that experience. So David, one or two solos and then back to your other instruments so we can enjoy watching the concentration and absorption of a master at work

  16. Is there anything the man CAN’T do??? 🙂 Seriously. Please say he’s a bad cook or something. 😉

    (I thought of “saxomophone” as well…)

  17. A “fantasy cover version” of Jimmy Buffett’s “Saxophones” would be amusing!

  18. “And if anyone else is thinking of Homer Simpson bellowing “Saxomophone!” repeatedly, then now‘s the time to confess.”

    …. I confess.

    (Carole King/David Palmer)
    “When the Jazzman’s testifying, a faithless man believes, he can sing you into paradise or bring you to your knees.It’s a gospel kind-a feeling, a touch of Georgia slide, a song of pure revival and a style that sanctified. Jazzman, take my blues away. Make my pain the same as yours
    with every change you play. Jazzman, oh Jazzman.
    When the Jazzman’s signifying and the band is winding low. It’s the late night side of morning in the darkness of his soul. He can fill a room with sadness as he fills his horn with
    tears. He can cry like a fallen angel when risin’ time is near. Jazzman, take my blues away. Make my pain the same as yours with every change you play.
    Oh, lift me, won’t you lift me with every turn around. Play it sweetly, take me down, oh Jazzman.”

    ~Bless us and splash us my precious~!

  19. HEY!!! Way to go DG-meister!!!!

    Aw-man…all this teasin’ is a-leavin’ me all a ga-ga….

    I’m curious to hear his sax style and improvisational choices compared to his guitar style/technique….

    And, man…that is an impressive list of instruments he tackles. I’m gonna love hearing how he manifests his creativity through those as well!!!

  20. Bill Clinton can play sax in concerts 🙂

    But seriously i can imagine only one saxophonist for the tour except Gilmour himself. Dick Parry.

  21. “Rock This Town” Brian Setzer…jumpin Jivin boogie ….yah!!! Lots of instruments bein played in that one too.

    I think it’s awesome David’s playin the SAX. But it doesn’t surprise me one bit at all. He’s got the music inside.

    Just ordered ‘DG in Concert’ after reading about it a blog nearby. Thats the one Bob comes out and sings comfortably numb, right ? Man that was very nicccce.

    Sooooo… “Do they still meet there by the cut”? Been wondering since High Hopes came out.

    This is really great of you, and it’s greatly appreciated what you’re doing here. I feel closer now, not quite front row, but damn close.

  22. Other than Baker Street, there really is only one other non floyd sax solo worth considering, and that is the one in Hazel O’Connor’s Will You played by Wesley McGoogan.

  23. I just cant wait to know wich musisians will be on tour with Mr.Gilmour . Rick Wright could be on David`s tour…WOW !!!

  24. dear David and dear Ed,

    I wouldn’t give you problem…but…today an italian newpaper noticed about a news that was published by the british newspaper “Daily Star”: the possible Pink Floyd’s reunion for 2 weeks of concerts in London, in october,

    Is it true? It would be FANTASTIC!!!

    Waiting for your answer, I’d like to say that I think is wonderful that an artist decide to study and play a lot of instruments because this means that he loves music very much and not only singing or the “singer’s life style”!
    And I think that David, that was 60 years old, is a great example for all the artists. Beacause if music is your life and your job too, you shouldn’t and you can’t stop to learning! This is the most beautiful and the most honest way, for yourself and for your fans!


    Havve a great day!


  25. It should be a Duo: Rich on Hammond Organ and David on saxophone!

    Looking forward to hearing in Milan!

  26. And I thought I was the only one sad enough to think “saxomophone, saxomophone…”!

    Anyway, would be interesting to hear David’s take on “Lily Was Here” by Candy Dulfer. Those with good memories will recall she joined the Floyd on stage at Knebworth 1990 for the “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” and “Money” sax duties.

    And anyway FE – wasn’t Baker Street’s sax part played by Bob Holness? 😉

  27. Good Morning from New York,

    I would like to hear David Gilmour play sax live on April 4, 2006 at Radio City Music Hall improvising- with Robert Wyatt on trumpet, as they play “Little Red Riding Hood Hits the Road”.

    Thank You

  28. I really hope that David doesn’t play sax now on his tour as you have succeeded in planting the ‘Homer Saxomophone’ thing in my head, and it won’t go away! (Especially with the supplied picture!)
    I wonder if David has practised some of Homer’s other ‘instruments’? Vio-ma-lin? Tuba-ma-ba? Oboe-mo-boe?

  29. I myself play saxophone (and flute) and that would be great if Gilmour took the alto sax out to perform alongside guitar on a song or two.

    The idea of him replacing one of his famous guitar riffs with the saxophone would be almost sacreligious! I’d just prefer him to play his new song, and maybe “Wearing The Inside Out” on sax or something.

  30. even if we know him as a strat-man….i think it’ll be great imagine him blowing in the saxophone with a floyd style….great man!

  31. It would be great to see David playing sax at the live shows (yes I am going, yippee). It would be interesting to see if his style of guitar playing comes across into his sax playing. Maybe a duet with Dick Parry perhaps? Great fun. Or maybe part of a brass section? Who knows, but excited already. Thanks.

  32. Im Interested hearing the Glass Armonica in the song “Then I Close My Eyes” very mysterious sounding. Korn recently used it on there recent soft album, and it sounds great, people believed that the sound made you go crazy back in the olden days.. in a way its true anyone who wrote music for it went crazy.. fine example being mozart.

    I would love to see david go from sax straight to guitar solo on money.. that would be jaw dropping

  33. Haha brilliant pic!!

    I have to confess that I dont really like the sax as a protagonist instrument. It can have very good parts in music but not as the main one IMO.

    Anyways, I think it good that musicians explore new horizons, and I’m interested how David has fared on this one…



  34. My favourite piece of saxophone playing is without doubt King Curtis’ version of A Whiter Shade Of Pale. It’s the saxophone equivalent of Marooned. The track opens my favourite film: Withnail & I. It was King Curtis’ last live performance before he was murdered.

    Would be a tall order for David, but that’s my choice.

  35. Karl Denson plays a great sax (& flute, etc.) He played with Lenny Kravitz on his early albums, with the Greyboy Allstars, and now his own band, Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe. I’m sure he’d be thrilled to play w/ Mr. Gilmour.

  36. I’d have to echo what Lucia posted: David’s seemingly constant thirst to learn and improve displays the heart and soul of a true musician. He is clearly passionate about music and is obviously one of those rare gifted individuals who is born to it. I’m very curious to hear what he’d sound like on sax, but live I really just want him to play guitar. To me, there isn’t a greater sound in this world than David Gilmour’s hands on a Strat (or Les Paul)! As beautiful as his voice is…and as talented as David is on all sorts of instruments…I’d be happiest watching/listening to him squeeze every last drop of emotion out of that guitar! He is just too incredible! He should take a page from his own guitar hero’s book (Jeff Beck) and record an all-instrumental album. THAT would be stunning!

  37. How about the Pink Panther theme song? Or maybe the James Bond theme song to open the concert?!?! That would be high-larious! I would probably say that my favorite saxophone solo for Pink Floyd related items would be Us and Them. It’s awesome to see someone who is a total master at one instrument let his guard down and allow himself to be vulnerable enough to try a new instrument… and then record it on an album that’ll be heard worldwide!! Cheers to you David!

  38. I think David on “Love on the Air” would be quite good. Perhaps the guitar parts to fulfilled by his touring guitarist.

    I think Charlie perhaps taught him well.

  39. He could do Boots Randolph’s “yakety sax”, but it brings up visions of scantily clad women being chased (; Maybe something from Traffic or Roxy would nice. Great pic!

  40. I seem to have an image of David performing the sax in the Traffic classic “Low Spark of High Heeled Boys.” And, imagine for a minute Richard Wright playing the piano in that piece.

  41. Secret Garden by Springsteen comes to mind. Not that I’m a fan of Springsteen, because Mr. Gilmour is the REAL Boss.

  42. Kitty’s Back! by Bruce and the E Street Band. lets hear David rock it like the big man, clarence clemons.

    see ya in Chicago baby!


  43. It looks like I am a couple days behind with this comment but… the artwork. I was hoping for more mystery. One of the things I love about the classic floyd covers and even many of the solo projects, is the pleasure they give even years later – Animals, Atom Heart and Meddle being my favourites. When I saw this cover I did not experience the same inward cringe I experienced when I looked at The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking for the first time, but it did feel a little like a shoe on the wrong foot. It’s not that the artist did a bad job – I am sure he followed the brief to the letter and competently produced what was asked, its just that given Gilmour’s past sensibilities it doesn’t seem to match up. Which is the crux of the problem – because very few of us have heard the new tracks we don’t know if its suitable at all. Recently, I bought the new Kate Bush. I felt the same way about the cover as I do about this new Gilmour cover… until I had listened to the album several times. Then it made sense. I think we need to give this cover artist’s work time to grow on us. After all, who would have ever thought we’d hang a cow’s ass on the wall?

  44. I would love to hear Skerik play sax with David’s touring band. He added some interesting and creative sax work to Les Claypool’s performance of the Animals album and Shine On. Certainly making him worthy enough to enhance David’s touring band.

    I would love to hear David play sax on Echoes as performed by Dick Parry on Pink Floyd’s ’75 tour.

  45. David playing the “Benny Hill” theme conjures “up” some interesting thoughts… I’m sure he’s played it once or twice… ;^))

    John Coltrane!!! on “Tenor Madness!!!” perhaps??? Anyway, if David “can” play the “sax” half as well as he plays the guitar… He he he ha ha ha!!! Wonderful things!!! Jolly good show!!! Tally ho!!!

    The “feeling” for “today” is “The Dark Side Of The Moon!!!” Enjoy!!!

  46. It will be interesting to hear David play sax, but it would also be cool to have David introduce a different guest sax player each night, and so we could have David, Dick Parry, Candy Dulfer,etc all play on a different night.The best sax for me was on the Dire Straits track “Your Latest Trick”.

  47. A really nice and saxy song I’d love to hear would be the “Breakout” and “Swinging the Chain” axis which ends Black Sabbath’s last album proper with Ozzy – the sensational 1978 “Never Say Die”. Will Malone did all the brasswork on it. “Swinging the Chain”, sang by Sabbath drummer Bill Ward, was written as the band fell apart due to Ozzy’s, erm, wayward ways and it starts with an almighty blast of dirty sax as “Breakout” peters away.

    Maybe if the Floyd ever toured “The Final Cut” they could have got Nick Mason to sing it!

    Take it away Bill…

    “It’s against my uniform
    To be a civil judge
    All the songs are history now
    `Bout rock stars and their grudge
    Let us cast our minds back
    To thirty years or more
    You took up all the vandals
    Well Hitler beat `em all

    And we’re sad and sorry
    Really sorry that it happened that way
    Yes we’re sad and sorry
    But why’d you have to treat us that way…?

    Compare ourselves with others
    And cover them in sin
    Oh, God what a terrible
    A terrible state we’re in
    There must be some way out of here
    A compromise that’s right
    If we cannot work it out
    We’re gonna have to fight

    Yes we’re sad and sorry
    Really sorry that it happened that way
    Yes we’re sad and sorry
    We cannot go on in those days

    I’m talking about my brothers
    Yeah, I’m talking `bout sisters as well
    I wish you good luck
    Good luck!

    Oh, but the world’s still on fire
    Chain the hope you take on, liar
    This fire
    We’re on fire, we’re on fire, yeah…”

    Somehow I feel there’s about as much chance of Gilmour coveriing this classic as there is of him giving the Quo’s “Living On An Island” a lash.

  48. It would be great if Dave did the classic “Baker Street” not only could he do the sax but what about the scorching guitar solo at the end? Its tailor made for him!
    Roll on Radio City!!

  49. Hey I have an idea… what if David played sax on Marooned instead of guitar- replace the guitar with the sax on the whole song??? I bet that would be amazing (but if not I definitely want to hear Marooned played on guitar… LOVE THAT SONG!).

  50. Im ny fantasy, David plays sax with a still-living Miles Davis on “Freddie Freeloader.” Let’s have Robert Johnson on guitar, Bill Bruford on drums and the inimitable Erroll Garner on piano. I know what you’re thinking — why place another guitarist into a Davig Gilmour fantasy band? But can you imagine the next song in this fantasy concert with David Gilmour and Robert Johnson trading off guitar riffs on “WHile My Guitar Gently Weeps”? And in my humble opinion, Bill Bruford would improve the sound of any band, whether it be a high school garage band or the most skilled band around. I like the idea of jazz, blues and rock musicians working together to create something distinctively unique (think Davis’ “Bitches Brew” album, drawing from the worlds of rock and jazz with african and Asian influences, producing a wild sound the likes of which has not been attempted before or since). The line-up listed above would create something spectacular.

  51. For a few fantasy covers involving saxomophones, I’d include:

    “Room A Thousand Years Wide” by Soundgarden
    “Summer Romance (Anti-Gravity Love Song)” by Incubus
    Anything by Jay Beckenstein’s jazz group Spyro Gyra, especially “Shaker Song”

  52. Hi all. I seem to be in the minority here. I wouldn’t mind Mr. Gilmour showing off his new sax chops on perhaps one song (most probably the new “Red Sky at Night”), but I’m most eager to hear him play guitar again. There’s just no greater sound. Hopefully old friend Dick Perry will do sax honors for the rest of the evening and David will spend his time making that strat scream and cry.

    Dan, “Freddie Freeloader” with Miles is a very cool choice. As long as we’re in fantasy mode, let’s make David perform “Giant Steps” too!

  53. Interesting. No one suggested any of the work Mel Collins did on the Pros and Cons of Hitchiking.

  54. Ah, Homer Simpson and David Gilmour, it just doesn’t get better, with Lisa Simpson on Terminal Frost!! BRILLIANT TRACK!!

  55. Seeing DG on sax is cool. Best sax player in rock IMHO is Supertramp member John Helliwell. His tenor sax solos on Crime of the Century, Fool’s Overture, Child of Vision, It’s Raining Again and Don’t Leave Me Now are so emotional and beautiful. He didn’t show off or go into high note mode unlike Scott Page or Lenny Pickett whom do too much squealing on sax. John just plays from the heart, the only highish note he hit was when he cascaded up and down on Bloody Well Right Live from Paris in 1980. Let’s not forget his famous alto solos on Give a Little Bit, The Logical Song and Crazy. The title cut to Brother Where You Bound from Supertramp at the end had DG soloing over a sax part John was playing and it was incredible.

  56. Hello,

    Late again… wonderful picture!

    Yeah who knows if David will play sax on the upcoming tour…

    Maybe on “Red Sky At Night” a new song with an original setting, double bass, cello, sax en programming. Or maybe he will do indeed; “Sacha”, but that will be a hard one, playing sax and giving away an inimitable guitar solo at the same time… but yeah this man can do everything isn’t he?
    So I guess that Dick Parry (is he still working with shoe horses?) or the other dear friend Raf Ravenscroft is present.

    And because I’m Dutch, (so sorry for my English), I would vote for Candy Dulfer too, that great sexy lady who played with the Pinks at Knebworth.

    It’s a hard job with so many friends, who’ll be dissapointed?

    I enjoyed his first solo album tonight… great; There’s no way out of here, when you come in you’re in for good… will listen to an Unicorn album tomorrow. Great music to in the vein of CrosbyStillNash&Young.

    I was wondering what favourite records you’re all listening? Or even better was your top 5 of last year?

    Take care my friends,
    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

  57. Hey FEd, does Dave knows what you’re asking these people to write? LOL

    Geezzzus! God all mighty!

    Anyway, great to hear that David follows the one: Ya live and ya learn.

    I think he wont do much experiments with other guys then mr. Parry on this tour.

    I think it’s all about having a bunch of old mates with him on the road and having some great times together.

    And for other folks here that where asking about PF tour: COME ON people! Gezzz…There might be a last gig or something, but highly unlikely, but we all have live 8…enaugh to last for a life time!


  58. I hope I am not to late in writing my thoughts on this matter.

    David Gilmour playing the saxophone is great. How much more talented can this gentleman be? I mean he is the greatest guitar player in the world ( that is my opinion), he has a wonderful singing voice, he writes beautifully, he is a producer, a father, husband, a knighted SIR for his CBE award by the Queen herself for his services to music and I believe charities/humanity, he helped “find” another one of my favorite singers (Kate Bush). He did live 8, Vice President of Crisis & allows his fans to see him making this no doubt fantastic CD & tour this year, the wonderful christmas gift of ‘On an island jam session’. He is the best.

    Did I read correctly, Polly actually wrote some of the lyrics on this cd also and she sings and plays the piano? Not to mention that she is a brillant writer/novelist & photographer. Wow!!! Their children are no doubt blessed with fantastic genes and I am sure they are gifted like their parents. Keep up the great work Mr. Gilmour and Polly.

    God Bless the both of you & your family.

  59. He looks so cool in this photo.

    He is gifted ,I know why we like him. 🙂

    When i see and hear him on tv,concert videos etc…
    I just feel that we are relatives.
    That’s his secret i think.

    I don’t know but i don’t have this feeling for my other favorite artists.

    Long live David

    Best Regards

    Alp Eren
    Istanbul / Turkey

  60. Re:Bill Clinton can play sax in concerts

    No, we don’t need a former President and a sex pervert on one of David’s shows.

  61. They could do one of Rick’s songs on the tour..It could be something from Wet dream, with Dave on sax.

  62. Frankly, I don’t have any “fantasy covers” to list – it’s just too bizarre to wrap my mind around. I am simply looking forward to Gilmour’s own work on the sax. I am sure that it will be totally “Gilmour” and very nice on it’s own merits. I certainly won’t be saying to myself “hmmm, not bad – but not as good as [?]”.

  63. Hi David, Hi Ed, Hi everyone!

    I answer to Carlo: ho trovato la notizia su “Il Giornale” on line…ma nella mia rassegna stampa non c’è “Il Giornale cartaceo”, quindi non ho avuto modo di verificare se fosse anche lì.

    Colpisca il mio nome per l’indirizzo di Web site.

    Sinceramente non è che il giornale sia proprio il mio quotidiano preferito e non è che la trovi una fonte sicura al 100%…ma se fosse vero….vorrei provare a partecipare alla folle corsa per conquistare un biglietto!

    A presto!


  64. Lucia, my apologies for editing your post, but we don’t allow URLs in messages. Hope what I added (in very bad Italian!) is OK and that your message can still be understood. 🙂

    BTW, Dr Phang: The Benny Hill theme tune would be great! Brilliant idea!

  65. saxamaphone. saxamaphone. you’ve caught us red handed i suppose. i’m quite excited by the volume of instrumentation that david undertook him self on an island. i’m actually looking forward to maybe seeing…a hammond organ on this tour? maybe. as for great sax numbers. gotta be take the a train. doesn’t get much better than that. i can’t guess if david will be performing the sax on tour. he does have an awful lot to do already when on stage, directing the music and choir and such. so i’ll just have to wait and find out in toronto.

  66. Nick from Netherlands… can’t think of 5 cds that really struck me last year (at least not off the top of my head). But things I listen to a lot and highly recommend: Peter Gabriel “Up” is an amazing “newer” album. If you like Pink Floyd check out Kitaro, especially Mandala, Light of the Spirit and Ten Years (ok, new age- but obviously influenced by Floyd). Andreas Vollenweider is amazing (electric harp… especially White Winds and Down to the Moon… but again- new age).

  67. Nick from Netherlands… can’t think of 5 cds that really struck me last year (at least not off the top of my head). But things I listen to a lot and highly recommend: Peter Gabriel “Up” is an amazing “newer” album. If you like Pink Floyd check out Kitaro, especially Mandala, Light of the Spirit and Ten Years (ok, new age- but obviously influenced by Floyd). Andreas Vollenweider is amazing (electric harp… especially White Winds and Down to the Moon… but again- new age).

  68. Hello,
    Yes Tim I like Andreas Vollenweiler too, Kitaro…mmmm… maybe a bit much new age, but not bad at all. Peter Gabriel, did he made bad albums?

    I was hoping on more replies… so that I, we would find out what “a David Gilmour fan” is his favourite music…
    So let give it a shot and see if more people join:

    My favourite albums of 2005 are, in random order:
    # Storms over Still waters of Mostly Autumn (why? my site is called mostlypink that’s why 😉 A seven piece band with celtic influences with a Fleedwoodmac style, floydians songs and heavy emotional lyrics, does that make sence?
    # Believe of Pendragon, great proggy album from a new born Nick Barrett,
    # Live – start the Fire of the German band RPWL, a great live recording with 3 covers of Pink Floyd and believe me they don’t need to do covers… great musicians with floydians influences.

    Other favourite:
    # Deadwing – Porcupine Tree, a bit harder,
    # Emotional Creatures Part I of the proggy singer songwriter Steve Thorne (with great names on the album; Tony Levin Geoff Downes and others),
    # Breathing Space of Iain Jennings, with killing vocals of Olivia Sparnenn, “Collage of cutting edge technology mixed with grass roots rock vision”…

    And of course I like Coldplay too.

    And you?

    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

  69. Netherlands Nick… Peter Gabriel has a lot of great music but Up really stands out for me (and the Growing Up DVD is amazing!). Have you ever heard of the Buddha Bar series? Music from around the world mixed by a DJ… very cool! Especially the ones by Claude Challe (Buddha Bar I and II, Nirvana Lounge II is great and Buddha Bar III is pretty good as well). Hmmmm… I really likem Change of Seasons by Dream Theater(who also covers some Pink Floyd- in fact they did the entire Dark Side of the Moon in concert recently). Robert Plants’ new album “Mighty Rearanger”, new U2 “How to dismantle an atomic bomb” and the new Depeche MOde “playing the angel” are all very good albums. I gotta tell ya though… Pinkl Floyd and DG are getting HEAVY rotation these days leading up to On An Island and the tour!!!

  70. Greetings from OKC!

    Hey DG, I’m looking forward to the new album and thank you for turning me on to music in general. Thank you for every contribution of music that you have given us. Good luck with that sax and I hope to see you on tour soon.

    Yes, the Homer Simpson thought did cross my mind, sorry.

  71. Re: Features Editor: Thank you for “seconding” my imagination!!! I’m sure the “tune” would be good as well… ;^)) I think we are on the same “wavelength” here… ;^)) He he he ha ha ha!!! Good show, old bean!!! Tally ho!!!

  72. Norbert ….I’m not sure of the last name. He was playing for Roger at one point and plays with “The Machine” now and then. Great guy and Awesome sax player. Norbert…Thanks for the Keswick Show.

    Gregs Friend,

  73. Greg,

    Norbert Stachel saxophone, (he worked with Aerosmith, Prince, Diana Ross, Boz Scaggs, Neil Diamond, Sheila E and more bands!) played with Roger.

    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

  74. hello my name is travis and ive been playing the alto sax for almost 8 years now and i would like to tell you that it sounded good and i would also like to know were you got that peace “Red Sky At Night” after lisning to your song ive been looking for it so if you could email me back on were i can find it that would be great

    [Hi Travis. It’s the fifth track on David’s new album, ‘On An Island’, which is released on Monday in the UK and Tuesday in North America. For more details, check out http://www.davidgilmour.com. – Features Editor]

  75. David, I am impressed! I am a long time sax player and I read an article about you taking up the sax just a few years ago with your son — I must say that you sound wonderful and also that you have a very nice selmer there. Thanks for all of the great music and inspiration in life.

  76. I have been learning to play Alto sax for four or five years on and off and I am very impressed with your playing. You have a nice tone and played the intro well on Red Sky At Night. Anybody who plays sax knows slow pieces are the hardest. Well done.



    martin williams. TRELEWIS, MID GLAM, S-WALES.

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