David and Richard Wright

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There have been many calls for a picture of David with his fellow-Floyd, Richard Wright, so we are happy to oblige.

This one was taken by Polly and there are more of her fantastic photographs coming up.

For those who don’t know, Richard is a founder member of Pink Floyd and, famously, has played at every Floyd gig since the band‘s inception. He also has a solo career, his last release being 1996’s ‘Broken China’. More recently, Richard was a special guest at David’s 2002 shows in London and Paris, performing his song, ‘Breakthrough’.

Richard plays Hammond organ on the title track of ‘On An Island’ and provides vocals on ‘The Blue’.

Some good guesses as to who designed the cover art. It was actually a chap called Steve Knee. You can view examples of his work at www.bladeweb.co.uk.

Author: FEd

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  1. Nice picture! Good to see them working together again! I’m glad Rick’s trademark Hammond playing is to be heard once again…

  2. Not really a comment on todays entry, but could we please have a feature on Caroline Dale? The empathy and what looked like adulation on her part on Meltdown was palpable.

    Re Rick Wright – anybody else think he looks like John Major?

  3. Hurrah to uncle Richard! I really like his talent on the Floyd’s album and I’d love to hear about a new solo album from him: i think he’s a great contributor to PF sound and really enjoyed his “Broken China”. Hope he’ll attend as a guest at David’s gigs in London!

  4. Really pleased to see Rick Wright working with David. Hope that Rick will also play on stage in March…

  5. Thanks for a great pic. Never knew that Richard has played every gig since day 1 – quite an achievement.

    As a quick tribute to Mr Wright, my favourite top 3 RW bits:

    1. Keyboard solo in Shine On (later parts) at about 6m30s

    2. Richard’s keyboard bits in Echoes (the chunky bits underneath at about 7m10s.

    3. The opening keyboard parts in Any Colour You Like.

    Thanks for being part of the Pink Floyd machine 🙂


  6. I am so pleased David has asked Rick to play on his new album, for me and I’m sure for many others David and Richard’s writing and playing have been the musical heart of pink floyd since Syd’s departure, they have provided the trademark pink floyd sounds that give us all the feelings and emotions I adore.
    It will be great to hear Rick play the hammond again I have a feeling this is going to be one barnstormer of an album I can’t wait till March 6th.
    The small snippet of Smile on BBC’s three men in a boat sounded glorious roll on ‘On an Island.’

  7. Does this mean Rick will be joining David on tour? That would be awesome. I would love to see them perform together. I cant wait to hear the cd. Please please please can we hear a little more?

    Bob Fasano, Worth, Illinois U.S.A.

  8. Is Rick going to tour with David? Nice picture Polly! So Steve Knee did Joels Hollands cover also. Nice cover I love it!

  9. Nice to see Richard nad Daivd together.
    It would be great if Richard was selected for the touring band.

  10. Wow, that’s an interesting picture. Nice to see them still collaborating after almost fourty years… I’ve always thought the complemented each other well when harmonizing….

    Any word on solo material from Mr. Wright? And that picture of Mr. Gilmour a couple of days ago with the sunglasses…where was that and how long ago?

  11. Fantastic shot…they look so serious, especially with their specs and gray hair. I sometimes forget that these guys were born in the 40s.

    What’s wonderful is that they (David and Richard) are still “musicians” in their own right and take it seriously.

    ‘Love the album artwork.

  12. Thanks for the photo of Rick and David. I’m very pleased to hear that Rick is on the new album. He used to play in a great band years ago. Let’s see, what was their name? “Stink Void” or something like that…


  13. “Some good guesses as to who designed the cover art. It was actually a chap called Steve Knee.”

    You raised my hopes and dashed them quite expertly sir!

    I am suprised he made such a nice cover for gilmour, the rest of the guys work looks pretty shitty if you ask me… DID you ask me??? Much love to Richard Wright, heres for hoping he will make a guest appearence on Davids tour~!!! David Crosby would also be a nice treat if he was to join the band for a spell… I will be real straight with you, Gilmour is my favorite singer/guitar player. That being said he could tour with a highschool garage band and I would be thrilled. God bless….

  14. In as much as the inability of fans to acquire tickets has caused the creep malaise to set in, there are numerous tickets on E-bay for just a few dollars more than face value. Don’t bitch. Take action.

  15. wonderful image.
    two men who have created marooned… and so many other things. thank you. 🙂

  16. Rick and David together. Reminds you of the old days, huh? It seems that the million small creatures which tried to tied them to the ground have vanished forever. BTW, very artistic pic and the black-white film really fits in that particular moment.

  17. Ver e ouvir Davir Gilmour cantando é motivo de emoção e só os grandes artistas conseguem isto.

  18. What a beautiful picture of David and Richard Wright! I’ve got great admiration for Richard Wright and am delighted he’s contributing to On an Island.

    I think the album cover’s artwork is very nice indeed. Can’t wait to actually hold it in my hands!

    I read about the two disc special edition of On an Island. I wonder what the second disc is going to have. And I wonder if it’s coming out on Super Audio CD as well.

  19. Hola Ricky! I wonder what you thought of the Live8 reunion. Did Roger get along with you? Hopefully you’ll accompany David on his tour. I think your piano playing on the song Green is the colour is a masterpiece of piano composition. How musica1 you are! Many regards and love from india


  20. It is very nice to see them working for music.

    We are waiting a new album from Richard Wright also.

    Best Regars…

    I think an amazing album (On An Island) is coming..

  21. If anyone doesn’t have it, go out and buy ‘Broken China’. It is a fantastic album, which I have thoroughly enjoyed, repeatidly. Excellent, Mr.Wright!!!

  22. Just heard that “On An Island” will be issued on double vinyl as well as CD. Thanks for remembering us vinyl heads.

    Gramophone records still have a place.

  23. I’ve always thought Rick’s voice along with David’s together made for pure Floyd bliss. This adds even more to the anticipation !

  24. I like today’s picture very much although, rather than collaborating on some music, David and Richard are probably studying with dismay a gruff letter from some law firm or record company…probably having to do with the non-release of Pulse. 😮

    Hi, Richard! Do you still have a house in Atlanta? 😉

    I’m batting zero for two…. 😀

  25. Such a cool picture today, how wonderful to see Rick in there with David. The sound these two created together is beyond awesome, and I think Rick has always been very under-rated as a major force in PF. Rick’s beautifully hypnotic keys along with David’s other-wordly guitar has always been what I liked best about Echoes. I’m with the rest of the fans who hope RW will be on the tour and on stage, and if DG wants to answer my prayers….playing Echoes! Hey a girl can dream….

    see ya,


  26. Let’s not forget “The Great Gig In The Sky”! What a classic and a must for all PF, Gilmour & Wright fans to enjoy. The piano and the pedal steel to start it off. Great combos! Don’t forget “wearing the inside out”

    Steve Radovanovich
    NY, USA

  27. Wow!! this is excelent.
    Should be interesting to hear his vocals aswell, hopefully like the duet in echoes.
    I hope he shows his face on davids tour : )

  28. Thanks for revealing the identity of the cover designer. Quite a varied portfolio! I guess if it couldn’t be Tony Blair who’d done it, a professional designer IS the next best thing 🙂

    I suppose I really haven’t won anything, then?

  29. Nice pic! Glad to see the two of them working together.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, California. USA

  30. I have to agree with Jesse. The artwork for “On An Island” looks much better than the rest of what’s on the artist’s website. I would never have guessed that this would be the work of the same person. I think that what I like most about the “On an Island” cover is the birds flying up against the blue background. This element of movement against calm does not appear in the artist’s other images. Perhaps this represents artistic growth. Whatever. Bottom line, this is a beautiful image that indicates the mood of the music. Hats of to Mr. Knee.

  31. I’m absolutely happy to hear that Richard Wright is performing on David’s new album. In my opinion, Richard was just as vital to Pink Floyd as David and Roger were (sorry Nick) and his ethereal keyboards and organs contributed a hell of a lot to the band’s music.

    I’m also looking forward to Mr. Wright’s upcoming solo album. (Last time I checked, he was in the process of writing one.)

  32. Good to see Richard and David again, I can hear an Echo,echo, echo here. How can we deny good mates in life, they are special as wives. Did you know, did you know, did you know? Peace.

  33. David has the Wright musicians, and whoever plays for David, David makes the Wright decisions.

  34. It would be fantastic if Rick could join David on stage in Amsterdam and perform a variation of The Violent Sequence, like he did on the DSOTM Classic Albums. For those that do not know this piano improvisation was used in the film Zabriskie Point, and later became the music behind Us and Them.

    I’d also love to see Rick attempt part of Sysyphus.

  35. …while speculating about Richard Wright on tour with David, it is only natural to try and picture the whole band on stage, in the “mind’s eye”, for this tour.

    When is an announcement expected to be made about the players? It’s exciting to think about what might be up there…

    I fully expect Guy Pratt on bass, but beyond that it kinda gets fuzzy. There are so many obvious “cameos”, or “one offs”, on the album, that it’s hard to venture into anything beyond random guesses.

    Tease us won’t you?! 🙂

    tom from san diego

  36. Am I the only person who thinks the album cover is not that good?

    To me it looks very “sixth form” art class. The silhoette of David is just so, apologies but at the moment I can’t think of another word, gay. And the doves….don’t know where to start with the doves.

    Maybe on listening to the album the cover might make more sense, have more meaning, but currently it just looks shoddy and knocked together in 10 minutes.

  37. I am really enjoying the site. It is like a pilgrimage every day to see what is on offer. I’m not interested in Floyd reunions or all the rest of the baggage. If it happens then it will. I’m much more interested in discovering new things about David and the music and the people he has gathered around him. I have a ticket to see David in Glasgow and I cannot wait.

    keep up the good work and don’t let the buggers get you down.

  38. A delightful picture, thank you…

    At about the same time when the first news appeared that David is working on a solo album, the same was stated about Rick. I sthere any news/hints/confirmations on that?

  39. great to see the two musicians together!
    where are the two architects?
    just kidding….nice pic, great team, really! looking forward to hear the songs…

  40. “Studying with dismay a gruff letter from some law firm or record company…probably having to do with the non-release of Pulse”, eh? More like they’re reading the latest questions that have been sent in to the FAQs page and are wondering if people will EVER stop asking about a damned Floyd reunion or more solo tour dates. 😉

  41. It almost brings tears to my eyes seeing Wright and Gilmour working together. I always thought of Rick as the neglected soul of Floyd and he deserves all the cred and honour as he can get! It seems like they have much in common musically and share much of the same tastes for structure and composition. I guess that’s why they seem to always end up working with each other. Anyway, a nice gesture from Gilmour and I expect to see Wright at Albert Hall in May!

    As for the album cover… Sorry. The biggest disapointment I’ve had in years. I hope it’s a cheap joke. Send a taxi for Storm!

  42. I am SO incredibly pleased that David and Rick are working together again. These two masterful musicians have an undeniable chemistry between them that is truly unmatched. It’s amazing how perfectly both their voices AND instruments flow together so flawlessly. They compliment and contrast in all the right ways. Rick’s guest spot was easily one of the high points on David’s DVD. His presence seemed to make David soar to another level. Fabulous stuff! Like everyone else here, I’d be elated to find Rick in the touring band! Hey Rick…why haven’t YOU set up a solo tour of your own? Your two solo albums are spectacular!

    By the way, someone had mentioned “The Violent Sequence” from the Dark Side DVD. I have never heard/seen a more poignant combination of music and image. It was truly stunning. Rick should record that piece as originally written. Pure genius.

    (My apologies for being a day late with this, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to comment on Rick Wright!)

  43. Always good to see Rick & it is indeed a nice photograph. The more you hear about the new album the more I can’t wait until the 6th March.

    By the way, feel free to use my poem as lyrics for your next album David!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. “STINK VOID”? rofl …erm, although knowing deborah, she’s probably right…

    i enjoy richard wright’s contributions hugely! three things immediately come to mind:

    1) the way his voice blends so flawlessly with david’s in harmony

    2) his interview bits on “Making of DSotM” – fascinating look at his creative process, which has evolved endlessly

    3) richard has more eyelashes than any three people i’ve ever seen. absolutely beautiful eyes

    i believe he does still have a house in Atlanta. also, after cataract surgery, one must wear dark glasses a lot for a time.

  45. Hello,
    Maybe Mr.Rick Wrights fingers are not the quickest in the world of piano players, but what he’ve done on some Pink Floyd tracks are some highlights of the (Progressive) Rock Music.
    Rick Wright has made some absolute marvelous solo albums. His first “Wet Dream” is a real moody record, with some great songs (recorded with Snowy White & Mel Collins and others). I was very happy when, finally, the album came out on cd.
    His second, “Broken China” was more adventureous and awesome too. With a splendid rhythm section and other great musicians collaborating. Both albums are “a must have” for every Floyd fan.
    And “Wearing the Inside Out” was a great duet on the “Division Bell”, so I’m looking forward to his contributions to “On An Island”.
    And by the way Rick Wright can’t do anything wrong in his life, after saying this about my other favourite band: “I’ve been listening to those amazing new band called Mostly Autumn.” BBC Radio 2, March 2004.
    Hope to see him life with David soon, (again).

    Nick from the lovely South on an Island -ehum- the Netherlands…

  46. The there should be a front page photo of David and Richard on the cover of GQ magazine.

  47. David and Richard make quite the pair 🙂 Their alternating lines in Echoes are wonderfully captured and visually rendered in the Live at Pompeii film.
    And ‘Breakthrough’ was a treat to hear at David’s solo shows in 2001/02. Here’s hoping to more frequent and future collaborations between these two masters of melody.

  48. It´s always nice to see David and Richard together. It´s a thing of comunication. I can remember David´s words about Richard position in the band: “sacrosanct”. I always thought Cluster One is something like the conection between them, the beginning of a chat between them.

    Thank you for so many good things, Richard and David! I enjoyed Floyd live just one time, in Barcelona, July 1994. I´ll never forget that night.

  49. Great to see Richard! I always loved his way to be and I don’t love crowded pubs as well 🙂 I’m still trying to get one of the rare “Wet Dream” cd’s, quite a challenge…
    See you soon.

  50. Lovely pic that. I was sitting in the froont row at the Royal Festival Hall when Rick sauntered on stage to play “Breakthrough”. I couldn’t believe it. I don’t think I was ever as excited at a gig! He looked so fragile, but Jesus his playing was something else. Looking forward to seeing both of them on stage at the Royal Albert Hall (Wright has to be playing!)

  51. Sou brasileiro.42 anos.

    Minha familia (esposa e filhos) gostamos muito de PinK Floyd.

    É bom ver Gilmour e Wrigth juntos.

    Desejamos muito sucesso ao novo CD .

    Votuporanga, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

  52. Nice photo! seeing Dave and Rich work together again makes me reminisce. Apparently Polly has many talents. Nice work! GREAT album cover. I keep reading the disappointments over Storm not doing it. He’s good but he’s not the best. I’m sure this cover will best complement Dave’s music. Eagerly awaiting it’s release with lingering anticipation. I need a time machine. Oh, well. Thanks Dave, Richard and Polly.

  53. I think it’s great Rick is on board for the new album but i for one are probably more excited about this album than a new Floyd one. David has certain expectations to meet with the Floyd name and a sound to create that is associated with the brand. I think being able to relinquish this role may well bring out something in him which we havn’t seen before, a more intimate artist. I like the Division Bell but i feel this album will be better as David has had time to mature as a writer and the fact this album is taken inspiration from the truly sublime royal festival hall shows can only be a bonus. Don’t get me wrong a new Floyd album (with Rog of course) would be great but I think David wants to step out of that shadow and have a chance to shine in his own light. So if you havn’t already guessed i can’t wait till March 6th. Still havn’t manage to get a ticket yet but are hoping if not I’m sure the album will be more than enough.

  54. hi, my name is guilherme, and im a younger brasilian big fan of pink floyd, im 14 years old, i live in belo horizonte, mg

    the love, the fealings that i havo for the pink floyd is thrue, i realy love this band and i think that we are genius, thx a lot, and thats it

  55. Would love to see them both perform “WEARING THE INSIDE OUT” together, smooth vocals, trademark organ playing and beautiful eloquently angry guitar…

  56. Wow! I just don’t know what to say…

    I love them both, playing together, David and his gorgeous guitar and Rick, playing his classic and hypnotic keys…

    I’m a big fan of Pink Floyd and Dave and Rick’s career solo also…

    That’s it… I’m from São Paulo, Brazil, and I hope to see you some day here, playing the best you can…

    Thanks Dave, Rick, congratulations (On An Island)!!!

  57. I am glad to see Rick will be a part of the touring band. Now if I could only get my foot inside Radio City Music Hall

  58. Sorry for being late with this, I’m just really pleased to see David and Rick together again, a truly powerful musical force! I’m looking forward to the new album, I only wish I could see them on tour as well 🙁 Love ya guys! 🙂

  59. I hate to burst anyones bubble here, especially the original author of this blog entry (being the huge fan I am)….but youve made a mistake in the statement:

    “For those who don’t know, Richard is a founder member of Pink Floyd and, famously, has played at every Floyd gig since the band‘s inception.”

    It is Mr. Mason who has attended every Floyd gig, not Mr. Wright. Mr Wright was a paid session musician for a while, and took some time off from the band in the late 1970s.

    So happy to see them collaborating!

    Rock on!

    [Is that right? In which case, I stand corrected. Thanks, Scot. My apologies. – Features Editor]

  60. hi, mr. gilmour, im a real big fan of your one band and of pink floyd. i realy love your music, im brazilian, and i have 14 years old and i whant so mutch to see your new show toor: on an island, but i can´t go to another country to see you, becouse i don´t have money, so i realy whant to you to come here to brazil to play on an island toor! please i rtealy whant.. becouse my dream is be soo good like the pink floyd( is impossible, but i realy whant), to change the world like you, with the music! thats it thaks and see you! ^^ heheheh


  62. It’s great to see Rick and David together again. I always felt Rick had the best vocals in Floyd. To bad Roger Waters hushed em. “Remember A Day”

  63. Anything and everything David Gilmore does musically is so genously done it absolutely puts me in a world of total bliss. Echoes, Momentary Lapse of reason, and Division Bell and now On a island are the best music any generation will appreicate forever. I do not hardly listen to any other music except Pink Floyd or David Gilmore.

    Thanks for being in my generation. Love you guys and see you in Chicago

  64. Nice to see the masters together. I too wonder about the fruit of their creative moment.

    Rock on!

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