David and Richard… again


As you seemed so pleased to see David photographed with Richard Wright, here’s another shot of the two of them.

It has generated much discussion amongst fans since the tour was announced, so we’re glad to now be able to put all the rumours to bed by confirming David’s touring party for his forthcoming shows in Europe and North America.

Judging by your frenzied comments, we trust that most of you have already seen the story over on the News page. However, if you missed it, Pink Floyd’s Richard Wright will be the band’s keyboardist and organist. Phil Manzanera, who has also co-produced ‘On An Island’, will be playing guitar. Stevie Di Stanislao has been given the drumming duties, as was widely rumoured. Guy Pratt and Jon Carin, who have thrice toured the world with Pink Floyd, will play bass and keyboards respectively.

There will be no support act and the tour (as you will know, because many of you are already counting down the days) begins in Dortmund on 10 March.

We have very much enjoyed your reaction to hearing who will be in David’s band, but please feel free to comment further here if you so wish.

From now on, there will be a new blog entry every other day. This is to give you more time to comment on the day’s topic. Bearing in mind the different time zones around the world, we think this makes sense.

So, as this is all you’re getting until Monday, make the most of it.

Thanks again for your involvement. It’s always welcome.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

127 thoughts on “David and Richard… again”

  1. How come you always seem to post about midnight UK time? Or are you US based and do it at the end of the working day? Or just an insomniac?

    Great news about Rick – always thought that his sound made the Floyd albums what they are and his appearance at the 2002 RFH shows was a true highlight.

    Would be great to hear Cirrus Minor live – an old obscure one but they are often the best.

    [I’m UK-based, but work around the clock. – FEd]

  2. What a great band lineup! I can’t wait to hear what the combination of both David and Phil on guitars will sound like, with Rick and Jon on keyboards right behind them! It is too bad I won’t be able to see them live, as I live in San Diego, and the L.A. shows are on the last days of Passover/Pesach. I hope there will be a DVD or live CD sometime in the future!

    I’ve been following David Gilmour’s work since he joined Pink Floyd back in 1969. I’ve seen Pink Floyd on almost every American tour since then, and met them backstage in 1972 in Denver.

    Z’ev Rosenberg

  3. Great touring band looking forward to the new songs and some of the classics.

    Thank you David for the new album and tour!!

  4. “This is the only band i want to tour these days”!

    Mr. Glmour, ikn fact this is the ONLY band you’ve been touring the last 20 years!!!(if we discount Nick’s abscence, and Tim’s). Manzanera is a plesent surprise, and it shows the respect Phil have for David. But The Star is really Rick.. I’m really Looking forward for a “Killer” version of one of Rick’s solo Tunes, the same way they did With Breakthrough some years ago… Maybe this time ‘Reaching For The Rail’ would be a good choice. An I’m Looking For a version of one of Roxy Music song to, since Manzanera is there. Or Maybe One Slip, for the fisrt time played by the 2 original guitars!? Hey, who will Play Sax?David? Or There will not be Sax song on The show?

  5. i think it is brilliant seeing david and rick together, two of the worlds finest musicians(obviously i am biased seeing as i am a massive floyd fan!)and i am very excited too see in may the closest thing to a pink floyd concert. I only hope that as these guys work togrther so well, that a new floyd album is on the cards. Don`t give up just yet lads get nick in to do drums f*ck roger he gave it up years ago(i like roger`s solo work), and give us division bell part2, so die hard fans like myself will get the opportunity to see them in concert!

    I look forward to seeing 50% of floyd in manchester!

  6. Who is the girls singers???

    Who is the saxophonist???

    Arthur Romagnolo
    From Brazil / Sao Paulo

  7. Hello,

    Congratulations Nick! Hope you had a nice birthday party (and by the way you got a great name 😉

    And -yeah- a great rockin’ line-up, I’m really looking forward to see them play some old & new stuff.
    Althrough it is a bit odd that we miss some names like Caroline Dale, Lucy Wakeford, Chris Laurence and some back up singers. Or are they not belonging to the “band”, or are they called “guest musicians”, or will they belong to an orchestra?

    The second that did me triggered was the remark that: “David’s favourite Pink Floyd tracks with tracks from ‘On An Island’”… so no excellent songs from his first two solo albums? No covers (for me it would be fun, but absolute not necessary, he has written more as enough own material)?

    Whatever it will be in the end, with or without guest musicians, it will be great with these wonderful craftsmen on board, what else had we expect?

    7 weeks to go for the first show in Amsterdam … and then another two months to see the show in London…

    Nick from the lovely south of an Island called the Netherlands.

  8. Rick performing again…what a treat! Hopefully this will mean lots of duets and beloved Rick songs (Wearing the Inside Out!) This is virtually an all-star line-up.

    No Caroline Dale? That is my only disappointment. Also, what about backing vocalists like on the last tour?

    Maybe they will do a couple of new Rick songs from that rumoured new album.

  9. That is great news!!!! I am so glad to hear that Rick will be joining him on tour! I cant wait to see them come to Chicago.

    Bob Fasano Worth,Il U.S.A.

  10. i am so thrilled with the line up. Especially the fact that Rick Wright is touring with David. I watched Delicate Sound of Thunder today, which features many of the touring musicians. I am so totally ecxited about going to see David in Chicago. I get goosebumps just thinking of it. I’ll be in heaven no matter what he plays.

    See ya in Chicago—


  11. I am completely stunned; just throw a blanket over me; but before you do, please tell David, Rick, Phil and all those closely associated with this album and tour how incredibly impressed I am (we are) with the touring band line up, and with all that we’re hearing and seeing each day as this story unfolds. The short piece of Smile that we heard at the end of the “Three Men In a Boat” segment was absolutely beautiful. I can hardly wait until March 6, but the waiting is actually quite fun. Many thanks, see you in NYC.

  12. ……Angelo Ortiz sits in BBQ restaurant on 166th Street & Broadway in Upper Manhattan NYC with his family waiting for his meal…..

    He reads the news of this announcement at his table……

    ….and freaks his family out who can’t seem to understand why he has started frothing at the mouth and convulsing uncontrolably!!!!!


  13. dear features editor,

    are you one person or many?

    i used to work for ub40 at their studios years ago, and they used to employ the accountant`s son to run the fan club type of thing,there was no such thing as the internet then, so i can`t see how one person can do what you do on their own! but if you are on your own, do you hate rock music as much as i hated regae(that shit with the chops in it)? when they released promises and lies, i used to answer the phone to these fans asking me what the “new” album was like and i had to lie(having heard the thing for months!), saying it`s great.so is it the same for you(lot)?

  14. Hi there dear Features Editor, David & family, and friends from all around our ‘Island’ in space,

    I have to say that not only am I thoroughly pleased with the band line-up (all of them), but am also very relieved to have read your news that David will be performing a few of his favorite Pink Floyd selections along with the new material! Not that I wouldn’t have been thrilled with whatever material he chose to perform (David’s a pretty good judge of great stuff, I’d say!), but I was quietly hoping that we’d hear some of the ‘classics’ as well, so the news was especially exciting!

    Sorry to have to wean myself from the Daily Features Fix, but I completely understand … what a lot of work and time you’ve put in. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that you’ve done a great job keeping us all informed, teased & tested, and chastised when not on our best behavior (which shouldn’t have to be your job, but such is human nature). Really fine photos, as well Polly. I especially like this one of David and Rick!

    Just one more thing if it’s possible … if there’s any word on those pairs of tickets (from the e-mail that was sent out) for the Manchester gig and how/when they will be distributed, could you pass along the info? I live in Washington State and I’m sure that I’m not alone in needing a little bit of lead time to make flight plans, etc. I know you did mention something a few days ago that you’d let us know when you knew something, so why don’t I just kick back and wait patiently??? Breathe in, breath out …

    Looking forward to hearing from you on Monday, Features Editor … what other tidbits have you got to entice us with?

    Peace and love to all of you out there,
    Gabrielle in Washington State

  15. The news about the misician line-up are simply…Spectacular 🙂

    See you soon in Italy!!! 🙂

  16. No, thank you for keeping us in the loop and taking the time to share photos and news with us. A small relaxing island on my internet travels…

    Have a great weekend


  17. Glad to see Rick is on the tour, as well as the other talented musicians on board. This just makes me THAT much more excited for April 17th in Oakland.

  18. In the USA, it is still January 27. Happy Birthday Nick Mason!

    Unfortunately I am not going to the show because, as I posted here a while back, money and time are sorely lacking. But I am absolutely thrilled just to know that David and Rick are working together. Phil Manzanera, as a member of Roxy Music, a musician in his own right and as a producer, has been involved with a large chunk of my lifetime favorite music. I just know that this band will sound great, and I know that David’s album will contain great new music for all of us to enjoy. Thank you for what is to be an exciting new album.

    I do not want to come across like someone making demands of David or anyone else. That said, I would be a very happy man if a DVD or a video of the tour were made available. This would especially be the case if said DVD were filmed at Radio City in New York (my home town). I am in training now to become a teacher; in one and a half years I’ll be working and able to afford the purchase of such a DVD. (Come to think of it, it’d be even BETTER if David were to do another tour at that time… but even in my fantasy world, that’s far too much to ask.)

  19. Almost 2 months left until Radio City Music Hall. Great news to hear that Rick will be playing. The anticipation is growing daily.

  20. Wow. The musicians David has chosen to tour with are all amazing. Along with the amazing rapport between David and Richard (not to mention Guy and Gary), Phil Manzanera brings some amazing musical cache to the group (not to mention skills as a rythm guitarist). This group of musicians, Marc Brickman on lights, and two sets, means we’re all in for a SERIOUS musical treat 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Thank you DG&CO!

  21. Looks like a wondeful line up, especially Mr. Wright…I’m very excited to see these band members play again. One observation – no backup singers? Is this the case, which is a depature, or are they not listed here? Anyway, the annoucement is yet another exciting piece of news regarding the album and tour. Shaping up to be fantastic!


  22. Hello,

    I am very delighted to hear that Richard will be touring with Dave. Also very happy about Jon Carin and Guy Pratt playing with Dave. I am looking forward to the April 12th show in Rosement, IL. I would be very delighted to know Dave’s repertoire.

    Warm Regards,

  23. I was just watching my Live 8 DVD, yet again. And yet again I couldn’t help but be mesmerized by Rick’s keyboard during Comfortably Numb. I didn’t even notice David’s arm wave when I was watching because I was so engrossed in Rick’s sublime performance. He has such great touch, and melds so well with David’s talents.

    I was originally hoping for maybe David inviting Rick on stage for a song or two, like he has in other solo performances. Really, that would have satisfied me. But once again, David is out to do more than merely satisfy us. He’s planning on completely blowing us away. As usual.

    Of course it doesn’t hurt that the Gilmours, Wrights, and Pratts are one big happy extended family. I suppose it makes the grind of the road more tolerable.

    And by the way, David won’t be relegating Jon to be “lurking in the shadows” again, will he?

  24. just another thought on DG’s U.S. Tour.

    He is playing 4 shows in Ca…? I think he should have cut one of those and played his last U.S date in “Hawaii”. That would have put him “on an island” for the finale..!

  25. this is so completely unique,first we have Richard gone , then Roger left, David and Nick survive with Richard, now they get together at Live 8 in unison, now there is Richard and David without Nick, or maybe as I suspect, as a guest maybe. Whatever, this is food for thought. Thanks all again and again. Very intriguing indeed.

  26. David Gilmour has assembled a terrific group of musicians to join him on tour. It is going to be incredible to see Richard Wright performing with him on stage. I am really looking forward to seeing the show in Chicago. It will be an evening to remember. Thank you for all of the updates and photos!


  28. Just a few comments.

    First and foremost, very thrilled with the line up.

    I find it interesting that David Gilmour announces a solo tour and their is a huge expectation that there will be lots of PF songs and some seem to just feel like it will be a PF show. Fair enough.

    Then how come people were so sour when Brian May and Roger Taylor joined up with Paul Rodgers to do a Queen tour. People kept saying, o that is not Queen, there is no Freddie Mercury. But afterall, Brian was the sound of Queen. I admit, it wasn’t the same as hearing the original line-up but it was o so close. Any comments from any of you on this interesting comparison.

    Also, isn’t it ashame that PF never toured for The Final Cut. Waters does a few songs when doing a solo tour but unfortunately the divide in the band was there with this release and we all know the history from there.

    Very much counting down the days. It will be great.

  29. Rick Wright is joining – this is the icing on the cake. Everyone loves Rick – and everyone has missed his voice on the post 73 stuff. The harmonies that he and Dave did in the early days were great. Lastly, I need to say: I love Rick’s piano style. It is unmistakably Rick.

  30. Top of the world this band and Nick ???

    please Nick come in france au Grand Rex it will be a wonderfull days.


  31. I am so happy to hear Rick is gonna be on the band line-up on David`s tour . This is amazing . With John Carin, Guy Pratt…WOW !!!

    Thanks Mr. Gilmour

  32. I am very pleased about Wright playing live with Gilmour. Keep playing!

    It *is* good to dust off the ol’ keys once in while, innit? He could have stayed at home but he isn’t.

    Jolly good that he wants to get out there again.

    The performance of “Breakthrough” recorded on the Meltdown DVD shows a friendly and musical rapport between Wright and Gilmour. I suppose this – and the successful Live 8 performance – galvanized Wright’s thoughts on this matter…

    I am happy that their partnership is simply not only for some nostalgia trip and that it is very much to do with friendship and the desire to continue collaborating.

  33. Wow great band ! Stuck out in Oz so won’t see it – (hope for the DVD?!)

    By the way will the new “gramaphone record” be available in SACD surround and or DVD Audio surround?

    all the best,

    Mr Clean

  34. I come from Lebanon and it was always a dream for me to see Pink Floyd for real …now that Rick Wright is confirmed to join the touring band IT IS LIKE HEAVEN WILL HAVE ITS PLACE ON EARTH !!!

    Lee-Marie .

  35. Wow! The line-up couldn’t have been better!!!! Three Floyds and the world’s second greatest guitarist! I can’t wait to see this….


  36. Richard and David together again in concert! Great news!

    thank you, features editor for this time before release of David´s new album! So many news, info around the new work… the site… thank U!!!

    Any chances of more mp3? any chances to get something from David live from the tour in this site? it would be nice for people that won´t be able to attend to these concerts. Thanks anyway.

    [Hi Sergio. We’re throwing ideas around all the time. I’ll let you know when we decide what’s what, but at the moment there are dozens of things to be done, so it probably won’t be for a while yet. – Features Editor]

  37. How about girls on backing vocals?

    I can’t believe there’ll be not anyone of girls in new tour, after High Hopes chorus in 2002.

  38. Just the news we’ve all be waiting for! This was always going to be a special tour but even more so now, can’t wait to see you all at the Albert Hall. Good luck!

  39. I for one, am very pleased to see the inclusion of Rick on this tour. David & Rick combined to create the Pink Floyd sound that I love to this day. Nice to see John Carins involvement as well.

    29th May can’t come soon enough.

  40. Inspired (from David), inspirational (for us!) choices for the band members on tour with David!! The logical, yet essential choices of Jon & Rick with Guy Pratt. Tim Renwick’s omission was a suprise, but I can’t wait to hear Phil Manzanera’s guitar backing to this heavy weight all-star lineup!!

    Anyone afraid of this band not rocking out should just go away quickly & quietly!!

    tom from san diego

  41. Getting lazy eh, F.Ed? Slacker. From now on I demand TWO blogs a day from you. That’s right, two! Pull your socks up m’laddo.

    And you can drop and give me 20.

    [LOL – Features Editor]

  42. Wow! That is some line up. Can’t wait to get to Manchester to see this gig. It’s great that Rick’s on board and having Guy Pratt,Jon Carin and Phil Manzanera as well means this is going to be some concert. Now all I have to do is wait for the new album release so I can learn all the lyrics and (silently) sing along. How sad is that!!

    By the way ed, is there going to be anything in the way of a light show..however modest?

    [Well, you’ll have to wait and see. But Mark Brickman, who has designed many Pink Floyd stage shows, is going to be involved. – Features Editor]

  43. David is walking a delicately fine line somewhere between solo tour and PF tour. The boundaries are being increasingly blurred.

    With Rick in the touring band, does this now increase or decrease the likelihood of a Nick Mason guest appearance one night?

    I’d like to be proved wrong, but I’d say it significantly reduces the possibility that Nick will now appear. I don’t believe Gilmour could reconcile in his own mind playing with Wright and Mason under a Gilmour solo tour project.
    Unless of course Gilmour, cannot resist, just once, stepping over the fine line.

    Certainly though having Rick in the band far outweighs just the possibility that Mason might appear.

    Also, doesn’t Rick feel slightly niggled that the touring band should include a second keyboard player?

  44. Fantastic! I just saw the news on the tour lineup and I couldn’t be happier! I’m glad Rick will be touring with David! I won’t be able to go the the US tour, but I’m hoping a DVD will be released so I can see what is looking to be a fantastic show.

    The final sentence in the news- “The concert set-list is still to be decided but is likely to combine David’s favourite Pink Floyd tracks with tracks from ‘On An Island’.” – hope that doesn’t mean David won’t be playing songs from his first two solo albums! I really hope he is playing a few selections from his previous albums, as I feel they are underrated and underappreciated. Here’s hoping he plays a wide variety of songs from his career, from all of his solo albums and Pink Floyd.

  45. Hi, is Phil Manzanera going to play one of his songs during david’s tour?

    I think he should… Recently bought the tryptic “Vozero-6PM-50min later”, and I think it’s a beautiful piece of work !!! wonderful songs, mood, atmosphere, nice voice and guitar playing…

    Maybe they could do “always you” together…

    Hey it’s not a request, just a suggestion !!!



  46. I’ve always considered David and Richard’s music to be more fluid and wave like, perhaps explaining the “water” themes on the two post Waters Pink Floyd Albums. Roger is rather more rigid and structured in his approach, perhaps explained by his architectural roots. Both approaches give outstanding songs, and perhaps explains the “sum of the parts” from the glory days of Pink Floyd in the mid 70s.

    My best analogy would be to think of David and Richard as “analogue” in the smoothness of their music whereas Roger is more “ditital”.

    I can’t wait to hear David’s new record and see him in concert, the excitement is mounting and the wait is nearly over 🙂

  47. Dear Sirs & Mr. David Gilmour,

    I am so thrilled to read about the great artists that will be touring with David Gilmour this year for the ‘On an Island’ tour. It will no doubt be a magical show. Again, I have written entries into this wonderful website regarding my favorite person(s)David & his wife Polly. In your feature section on Crisis and the homeless, I wrote in detail of my great concern about this horrible everyday around the world tragedy. I am going to admit that at this point I feel very guilty about the way I am feeling. Maybe even a little angry & jealous of those ‘Lucky’ persons who were successful at obtaining the tickets to this concert. Now actually reading that Mr. Richard Wright and Mr. Guy Pratt amongst the other great performers & artists are going to be with David I am sick to my stomach with envy. I have posted before that I had to choose between paying $500.00 for 1 seat at a North American arena to see Mr. Gilmour and his great team in concert or donate this money to Crisis. I had to lead with my head–I donated this small sum to Crisis.

    My heart and no doubt my head will be filled with disappointment that I will not be able to see my very favorite artist–Mr. David Gilmour. It is for me a once in a lifetime dream or fantasy. I can not afford to keep dreaming and hoping because nothing good ever comes out of it for me. This is my reality. I just wanted to say, to everyone at your site and especially to Mr. Gilmour and his wife Polly Samson keep doing what you are doing. You are the best in my opinion. Mr. Gilmour I doubt very much that you will see this or read it but I wish you the very best on your upcoming tour. Thank You for just being who you are ( as far as the public can see). You have brought wonderful ‘hopes’ to my life as well as Polly with her beautiful writings and photos. I have to admit I feel ashamed of the way my not being able to attend your concert is hitting me. It’s as though I am going through the grieving process of ‘losing a loved one’ or ‘missing out at this chance to actually see and hear you perform’. I write this with a very heavy heart. I am not writing this for pity and really do not expect much if it is at all noted under this feature.

    I also wanted to wish a very happy belated birthday to Mr. Nick Mason. I will keep checking this site for any updates, news, features and of course pictures from Polly and other photographers. Thank You for having the impact that you have on my life in a very indirect way. You and your music have made it possible for me to get through some very tragic times, lonliness and obstacles that life sometimes throws in your path. You through your music and Polly through her writings have been helping me along this road.

    God Bless

    Linda Penner

  48. The entire line up is brilliant!! Including Richard is more than I dared hope for.

    I’m just wondering about saxophone and cello. Will Dick Parry or Caroline Dale be along too?

  49. Maybe this is too obvious to ask, but is there any possibility of Dick Parry playing also on the tour? Backing vocalists of any sort?

    I’m totally psyched with David’s band; I’m thrilled as all get out!

  50. Great band. If they should to decide to play a few Floyd tunes, obviously these guys will know what they are doing.

    April 4 at Radio City Music Hall. I can’t wait.

  51. I am counting the hours not just the days to see this gig. May 27th Clyde auditorium is my date.

    By the way is there any word on when the pre sale tickets will be sent out. Won’t believe it till I’ve actually got them in my hand.

  52. Wow, that sound like an amazing band. I cannot wait until April 5th. Richard Wright with David for the tour. Just awesome!!

  53. What a great band David has lined up! I think this tour is going to be fantastic. Here’s hoping for a Fat Old Sun/Domino medley:)

  54. Every other day?

    Oh, that sucks real bad. I’ts been wonderful, getting up every morning and first thing opening the blog to see what’s new.

    I REALLY hope you’ll take that back.

    pretty please??

  55. Thank you for these great news!

    As always, David will tour with a ” dream team” of musicians , but this one is beyond my expectation….FANTASTIC!!

    Just a little bit surprised not seeing any backing vocals singers,sax player or classical musicians ( cello..etc..). Perhaps do you want to keep the announcement for later , don’t you?

    Can’t wait to listen to David and his band in PARIS next march . THANK YOU again Mr GILMOUR for what you’ve done and what you do for your ” adoring but discerning” fans

  56. Wow! This is going to be great! I’m much looking forward to seeing the show. The only thing that’s missing (and I know this is David’s solo tour) is Nick on the drums! but I know it will be great regardless! I’m looking forward to the show now more than ever. Also looking forward to the new album.

    Paul In San Diego-

  57. This is a fantastic band. I look forward to the tour. It’s almost like in 1994. Only without Nick and Dick Parry. Maybe they will be guest-musicians by one concert.

  58. Thank you for yet another fantastic image.

    Pesonally I think the musicians David has chosen for the tour are perfect.

    I had been hoping that Guy would accompany him, but to also have Rick and John is just incredible and With the concert having no opening means the entire evening will be devoted to David’s Music! Its just getting better and better and I cannot wait to see the show at Radio City on April 4th.

  59. wonderful band, i think … if they invite Nick Mason for drums – they can call it a Pink Floyd-Tour 😉

    I am really happy (even if “happy” is the wrong word – it`s a kind of nice feeling, that only fans can share) that David Gilmour and Richard Wright go on tour together – especially because i really love the input of Richard Wright that he had to the music of Pink Floyd … and i love his voice … one of the many great moments on David Gilmours concert-dvd was the moment when Rick appears on stage to sing one of his own songs … maybe on this tour, which i will see in Hamburg, they will play a Richard Wright song, too ??! Would be nice.

  60. Wonderful News!! I cannot wait to see them. I have a request on behalf of us “fat” Americans – Would please print some tour shirts (if you have them) in XXL? Thank you for doing such a great job of keeping us informed!

  61. Dear Fet Ed,

    OK, I admit… I’m bummed that you are going to start updating the blog every other day. I have really enjoyed reading your new entries each day as well as the posts of my fellow readers. I don’t see the time savings. I go back and look at new posts from previous blog entries as well as the current entry/posts. Anyone else doing that? Well, Fet Ed, I don’t like it, but I’m sure you are swamped with incoming posts and I’m sure its tough to come up with new topics/information on a daily basis. I DO appreciate what you do. Just please don’t downgrade to a weekly update. As the shows approach and begin I’m sure people will want a forum to talk about the shows etc. Thanks for all you do! This is such a fun blog!


    [Thank you for that, Tim. Much appreciated. If we have something to say, then we’ll say it, so there could be a new blog every day if it’s required. We certainly won’t do less than four blogs a week, though. – Features Editor]

  62. Richard Wright will be the band’s keyboardist and organist.
    Why this is WONDERFUL news!!!!

    I was disappointed that the camera during the Pink Floyd performance for Live 8 didn’t show much of Richard on stage. However, it was a spectacular night and that’s the only complaint I had.

    Thank you David for choosing Richard for your “On An Island” tour. I may not have seen him play very much on TV but now I’ll be seeing him LIVE right in front of me and that’s BRILLIANT as they say on your side of the pond! 🙂

  63. Hi dear Features Editor…(or Ed…I don’t understand…is Ed your name?!!!)

    However…WOW!David’s band is extraordinary!!!

    Richard Wright, Phil Manzanera, Guy Pratt, Jon Carin,Steve DiStanislao…I cant’ believe it! FANTASTIC!!!


    I look forward to seeing you and your fantastic band!

    Have a great day!

    [‘Ed’ is short for ‘Editor’, Lucia. – Features Editor]

  64. yes — i read some of the other comments … and it would be absolutly one of the greatest concert-moments ever in my life – if they invite Nick Mason as a “special guest tonight” – for one song only .. in HAMBURG !! Please, please in Hamburg ! Thanks !

    Anyway – i am lucky enough – i got Tickets and i got my favourite (Wright) on tour together with my other favourite (Gilmour) … and i had live-8 in London (only on TV) which was really so beautiful and unbelievable. And i will have some beautiful new Gilmour-songs in march.

  65. By the way – adoring Rick and David – i want to show my respect for the many other great musicians which guests on “On an island” … for example Georgie Fame, the genius – long time organist of one of my other absolutly, adorable favourites : Van Morrison …

    And i am really suprised to see Bob Klose in the list of guest musicians … i did not know that he is still playing … i heard the last time of him 40 years ago – when he was for some months only a member of Pink Floyd (!) … or Stigma 6 ?? or Screaming Abbads ?? or Megadeaths ?? I don`t remember …

  66. yeah a dvd of this tour would be so cool. Seeing how fast tickets sold out, surely a dvd of one or more of these shows would be sure to be a hot seller. An added bonus would be for the ticketholders…they could relive this, perhaps for some, once in a lifetime opportunity to see Gilmour and this amaaaazing band on stage. I know already that I would buy a copy, as well as On An Island, just on the basis of it being a Gilmour work.

    E, I will miss the daily posts, but seeing’s how cool this website is and seeeing other fans comments is really cool for me, as lots of people who know me feel I am a bit obsessed over the whole PF/GILMOUR thing. Fan, fanatic, whatever. Nice though to know I’m not the only one.

    See ya in Chicago,

    [Thanks for that, Elizabeth. – Features Editor]

  67. The blog every other day is a good idea as reading it at work has cost my employer a fortune since Christmas!!!! (sorry boss).

    Rick in the line-up is great news. I missed David’s 2002 shows as I was recovering from a tonsilectomy so it has been a long wait to see him (them) this time.

  68. I can’t wait until Manchester.

    See you there David & Richard.

    Echoes to open? I would love to hear Wearing the inside, it was a great omission from the Division Bell Tour.


  69. It has taken me somer time to post, but frantically trying to keep up with the fantastic info here. Good on ya as far this medium, it is great to hear so much from the source.

    My wife and I are extremely excited to see Oakland shows, and see such a fabulous band. Jon Carin is so under-rated. His performance support solo Townsend shows was crafty, and in the Waters 99/00 Band, John and Doyle Bramhall II carried that band.

    I can’t wait to see this tour and maybe some guests…either way, what a great thing.

    Big Al Keller

  70. It’s been said before, but it bears repeating…brilliant lineup! Rick’s got THE keys. And yeah, a DVD would be very cool! I wasn’t able to make the 2002 concerts, but I watch the disc quite a lot, so it’s almost like having been there… almost. I can hardly wait for the new album, and for the tour. Thank you!

  71. On a side note, it’s bad enough that some folks on eBay are charging outrageous ticket prices for these shows. Now they’re ripping off Polly’s pictures too : (


    [Thanks for letting us know about this. Unbelievable, isn’t it? – Features Editor]

  72. Dear FeD:

    Whatever are you going to do with all your newly acquired free time, now? 😉

    Big ups and mad props for mainting this blog like you do!

    [Cheers for that, Anderson. You’ll have to wait and see, but we have lots of ideas… – Features Editor]

  73. I’ll throw in my comments although they mirror what everyone else has said: The band line-up is terrific and I’m very excited, especially about seeing Richard up there with David. Thanks for the great news!

  74. I can’t wait to see the show. I am flying from Ohio to L.A. for this and I know it will be worth every penny. My first album was The Wall when I was in first grade. This album was actually in 8 track form. I now share this music with my 5 year old son, and he loves it. If my son were a few years older, I would take him instead of my wife. Thanks David for many years of great music and look forward to seeing you on April 20.

  75. Will be great seeing them together, I can’t wait March 19th at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam!

    I listened to Richard Wright’s “Broken China” and some songs really bring back to the Floyd sound. Then I finally found one of the rare “Wet Dream” cd’s and I’m going to listen to it soon, it must be beautiful.

    All the best!

  76. Well, Is there anything that I can say about this band? RICK & Dave ? that makes me have a weird and gread feeling which also involves the fact that I really DIE to see Nick and roger with them. Why not another live 8 ? im only 23 and have not seen any of pink floyd concerts but was lucky to get my ticket for Toronto and since I was not expecting to see Rick , im so surprised and blessed.
    I belive in a day that nick is not forgotten and roger joins them and I can see ” THE WALL ” with my eyes. Although I appriciate devision bell and all roger’s and david’s and nick’s solos, but I want them all together, I feel SAD when I listen to final cut, there is no Rick voice, I feel sad when I listen to Devision bell, there is something missing, Roger is not there. the version of MOTHER on rogers solo is amazing but why not with david ? come on guys, we LOVE you and I listen to all of your works, from pros and cons of hitchkiking to wetdreams to david gilmour, from Relics to Devision bell every day, everynight, give us a chance.

    Rick thank you for joinin and David, thank you for doin all this. Hope for another great day where we can all say: On the day the wall came down, they throw the locks onto the ground and with glasses high, we raise to cry for “Pink floyd” has arrived.

    (one last thing to you my friend, who is readin my comment and will accept it or not, PLEASE , I BEGG you, tell him that we die to see MARROONED ! rick is hear, let us see/hear it, that song makes me go for a long long trip to the dark side of the moon, thanks)

    ~Kasra, Montreal

  77. Once again, this is great news!! I am soo looking forward to seeing this band perform!

    Now I have to ad 2 songs to my “5” favorites –
    “Summer ’68” & “Remember a Day”.

  78. I would like to hear David and Richard’s rendition of King Crimson’s “Court of the Crimson King” Now there’s a song that sounds very “Pink Floydish”

  79. This is for Linda’s preposted letter. I hope that you attend the show somehow, in your city venue. Your letter was inspiring to me. Thanks to Richard and maybe we’ll all hear Wearing the Inside Out.If and when the CD does come out, wouldn’t it be awesome that it will feature musicians from selected sites and be presented as On an Island Tribute to all of David’s guests and friends. Can we also have the opportunity to see the person behind the camera as well? Polly that is. Peace.

  80. …anyway in Italy we hope to see again miss RACHEL FURY on the live stage… Her unforgettable voice was the real gig in the sky, so many years ago…

    Thank you David

  81. The band line up is amazing!

    I’m very happy that David is doing something different since he was touring in 2001/2002. He has now an “traditional rock” band.

    I will not miss a choir or orchestra. He has great backing singers (Wright, Carin, Pratt). I hope for a good rocking show, with new material and maybe some classics stripped down to their basics.

    I’m looking forward seeing the guys in Dortmund on March 10th.



  83. Hi all… yes a great line-up. Unbelievable… funny- my wife just doesn’t understand my excitement. I practically GUSHED when I told her Rick Wright was in the touring band… I’m pretty sure she was thinking “yeah? So???”. Ah well… at least my fellow bloggers understand the amazement I am feeling right now. Anyway- with Rick in the band- all the more reason to record this tour and release a DVD. Now I understand from a previous post that Island Jam is NOT on the new album. That is a tragedy! Great song! It ought to be AT LEAST a bonus track! Not too late to include it! But what would really be cool would be to release a DVD of the tour and have the Island Jam video as a bonus feature! Who do we bribe to make this happen our Noble Features Editor???


  84. Wow. I can’t stop thinking of David and Richard on this tour… 2 simple words come to mind.

    San Tropez : )

  85. To pick on some comments made by ‘Andrew’ earlier …..

    He says – “I find it interesting that David Gilmour announces a solo tour and there is a huge expectation that there will be lots of PF songs and some seem to just feel like it will be a PF show.” Let’s face it, we are all here because of our attachment to PF, but this site/blog is related to DG, specifically his new solo album and supporting tour. This album/tour is not a PF one, it is solo DG, and personally, I feel it is disrespectful to keep banging on about we-want-Floyd-this and Floyd-that, where’s Nick, where’s Roger, how-about-a-lightshow etc etc.

    He goes on “….. people were so sour when Brian May and Roger Taylor joined up with Paul Rodgers to do a Queen tour. People kept saying, o that is not Queen, there is no Freddie Mercury. But afterall, Brian was the sound of Queen.” Well, I contend ‘the sound of Queen’ was not Brian May but Freddy: close your eyes and think of Queen – it is Freddy’s voice which defines the brand. PF is different: there is not one single standout element, but many factors which contribute in different degrees, and the ratios change over time. There would not have been any problem had May/Taylor/Rodgers simply used their own names, but they chose to ‘cash-in’ by using the brand-name. In DG’s case, he clearly contributed several of the essential elements to PF, but equally clearly, he is not willing to put these elements together with the many others that would be necessary to re-constitute PF. And remember the monster that PF had become by 1994: I can well understand at his stage of career/life he would have difficulty in wanting to resurrect all that again! Naturally, DG will be ‘going-out’ with some of those PF elements, and of course he will expect to play some old favourites from his back catalogue (he is, after all, an entertainer as well as a musician), but he should not be encumbered by the weight of expectation that using the brand-name would have. But …..

    DG seems to be sending out mixed signals: this is a solo project, yet he has constructed a Pink Floyd Lite touring band. And a pretty damn good band it is too! But, in choosing those collaborators, he is making a public connection with the PF brand and thus muddying the water somewhat. The question is, is it intentional? I wonder, does he wish to go back to PF, but to a time before the monster, to a less unwieldy version of the band where he/they can perform without all the extra trimmings? Is this his way of achieving that? I suspect ‘people’ would find it easier to accept this band as a continuation of ‘Pink Floyd 1994’ than the May/Taylor/Rodgers band as Queen. But then again, there are those who might argue that PF without Roger …….!?!

    I guess a little more light will be shed on this when we hear the album.

  86. I am writing this about a previous post by Linda. I agree totally with what she had to say about David and looking up to the man. What class he shows in the public eye and personally listening to his/Floyd’s music is inspiring and makes me an all around better person. You really understand how powerful the music is when you are in the depths of depression. Before listening( and by listening I mean really listening) to Floyd I was a depressed kid who had no idea of what this world was about nor what I myself was about. 3 years later and uncountable album listenings I love my life and strive to become a better person everyday. So thank you Dave, Rick, Nick, Roger and everyone else that ever contributed to any Floyd album. You all have done more than I think you realize. Shine On!

  87. It, s really great crew of Brave Captain Gilmour’s ship board. I wish I was able to see them live on stage, hope there are serious plans for making great DVD from Royal Alebrt Hall or other venue. Either way I am loking forward to buy at least “On an Island” I’m pretty sure that it will be Platinum Album at first day.

    P.S. This blog is really nice place in interent.

  88. Splended to hear that Rick will be joining the tour. Usually I go to Key West in the spring to hang out at Captain Tony’s where another Island style musician had his first gig.(Jimmy Buffet). But this year its to Chicago to see the show. I just bought the MORE soundtrack and I believe Green is the Colour would be a great tune for David to do. There are some real Gems on that album. Thanks to David and Rick!! Cory

  89. Great news.
    Great band.
    Great comments.

    Something beautiful is happening. Indeed, the presence of Rick in the band is a cause for celebration. Rick’s influence in the making of Dark Side made me realize yet another dimension of Pink Floyd (thanks to that DVD on the 30th anniversary of Dark Side). Rick is in some respect the second “musical” voice of Pink Floyd. Along with the recently released book “Inside Out” from Nick Mason and Live 8 reunion it definitely makes me realise that Pink Floyd is alive, and even better, that IT wants to be. It’s all coming from within. Miracles are in the everyday moments.

    I have always thought that there was something etheral and “Floydish” in the some of the music of Roxy Music, and the presence of Phil at the guitar and at the production seems to be a perfect addition to David’s new album. I am looking forward to this new album and perhaps a DVD of the tour later in the year (for Christmas 2006, anybody interested?).

    Again and again, MERCI Mr. Gilmour.


  90. Hey Features Editor dearest darling! are you going to put that new pic of David and Rick up in the gallery? It wasn’t there last time I looked.

    yeah, I’m a pain in the ass – what can I say? 😉


    [It’s coming soon, honest. – Features Editor]

  91. Most wonderful news on the touring band, I couldnt have asked for a better line up~!! I cant help but feel partialy responsible for the problems you have had maintaining this blog, and I want to apologize for being such a jerk to the editor. I think a few of us took things out of context and thus got offended without due cause. Please except my humble regrets, and know as a fact that I love each and every one of you with all my heart and being. These chicago shows mean more to me than all the gold and silver that could fill the Rosemont theatre twice over. I admit I am a bit nervous for the dates to come, for I am very much expecting these shows to be my favorite concert experiences from now until forever. This comming from someone who has seen (in my twenty + short years) at least a houndred concerts. My favorites up to this point have been David Byrne(of Talking Heads fame), Bela Fleck, Les Claypool(of Primus), and Robert Hunter (famed song writer and heart of The Grateful Dead).. David is by far my favorite singer/guitar player so seeing him in person seems more like a dream than reality at this point, and I am afriad of how exactly I will react to actualy being there within shouting distance of one of my living hero’s. I am expecting untamed tears of joy, but heres for hoping I do not faint onto the row infront of me~!!!

    Have an excellent show features edditor, you have certianly earned it…

    [No problem, mate. You have an excellent show as well and… Keep Talking! – Your tough, but fair -ly cheesy, Features Editor]

  92. This is in response to Lnda’s earlier entry. What a generous person you are. We should all be humbled by the sacrifice you have made for such a good cause. It is very much in the spirit of the Live-8 concert. I hope someone buys a ticket for you. I wish I could.

  93. Regarding Joolz comments earlier:

    Some thought provoking comments and the ‘Floyd Lite’ connection may be very near the truth. Perhaps the members of the PF band found that ‘post Dark Side’ the beast had been unleashed and, although the music was always of the highest quality, there were other reasons why the gigs became so big that they alienated the band and it became bigger than the sum of the parts and control was lost. DG now has a chance of returning to the music as the driving force as fame has already been achieved and I, for one, would love to return to the days when fans listened intently to the message and the musicianship of the players was of paramount importance. I don’t think DG will disappoint….do you?

    [Guys, trust me. He’s not going to disappoint. – Features Editor]

  94. Care to comment on the November Pink Floyd rumors???

    [Very happy to. It’s nonsense and a statement is coming soon. Sorry guys, but it’s not happening. – Features Editor]

  95. Personally I hope that there are no backing singers, we got more than enough vocal talent in the band as it is!

    By the way, there are far too many People in this blog called Chris. So from here on in i’m switching to Ripper. Peace

    p.s. no relation to ‘Jack the’

  96. It is a fact of life that DG is forever going to be tagged with Floyd. Unfortunate but there it is. His talent, voice and distinctive guitar sound epitimises Floyd to most people that it is always going to be difficult for him to shed that tag whenever he does a solo album. It is also a matter of course that in his live shows, he ‘knows’ he has to play some of the Floyd back catalogue, purely because that it what made him famous in the first place. This doesn’t mean that the show is a Floyd show nor should it be construed as such. I would imagine that the more enlightened amongst us know that this is going to be a solo show and not a Floyd show. But there are always going to be those narrow minded ones that cannot seperate the man from the band.

    Personally I cannot wait to see this show. I am looking forward to the new stuff, hearing some of his older solo stuff ( hopefully) and also some reworked classic Floyd stuff. I saw DG at the Royal Festival Hall a few years back, and that was no where near a Floyd show ( even though Rick W was there), it was definately a DG solo show and it still made the hairs on the back of my arms stand on end in places.

    Let the sheep whinge and whine about it not being a Floyd show, they are the ones who are going to be disappointed with it, I am going to love every single second of a DG solo performance. Just hope there are no tw*ts shouting during the concert to play specific Floyd songs. They have a Set List and they are not going to change it because you shouted out that you wanted The Dogs of War.

    [Well put, Tony. – Features Editor]

  97. Excellent news about Rick joining the touring band.

    I hope he gets to sing a few lead lines as well – great voice – also Rick’s solo record Broken China is well worth a listen.


  98. OH QUALITY!!!

    Such great news that Rick Wright is joining the David Gilmour solo show. Also, the inclusion of all the other musicians will be a recipe for a tremendous show.

    I think others have alluded to the fact that the public perception (we don’t truly know what went on behind the closed PF doors)was that Rick was given a bit of a raw deal by Rog’ when he left the band while recording “The Wall”. I have always loved David’s influence on the band (once I got over him replacing Syd, which was fairly swift [no disrespect Syd]), but I also loved Rick’s soaring keyboards and his liberal use of his first love and influence, Jazz. I think the expressions of warmth and fondness expressed in this blog for David and Rick in particular is as a result of the very high regard that all we fans have for you. I don’t want to forget the rest of the musicians who are all important to this tour and we are grateful. But I for one am very happy and pleased to see that Rick will be with David on this tour. I am now repeating myself. A sure sign that I am one of the more senior fans!

    My Wife and Daughter are totally bemused with the animated way I describe news from the blog and tit-bits I pick up. They should be used to it by now. They have been subjected to years of me playing Pink Floyd or individual members solo works at any opportunity. I am looking forward the the show in London and my Wife will be joining me. Great.

    One very polite request to all fans. We will all be excited at the prospect of Seeing David on tour with his “musician friends”. But we will all have paid a fair wedge for tickets (I do not begrudge this for a moment), but that makes the experience all the more valuable. So please, I hope we will all be able to hear and listen to the great music which will be produced on the night!

    [Well said, Julian! The quieter the crowd, the better we can hear the music. – Features Editor]

  99. It’s nice to hear Richard will be joining David for his shows. I’ll be missing the concerts though as I shall be looking after my beautiful baby girl. I am looking forward to the new album.

    I bet poor Gilmour gets well and truly fed up with fans saying when are PF getting back together and touring etc etc. Gilmour is good in his own right.

  100. I don’t think Joolz was picking on the comments. I though he elaborated quite well. However, I will still disagree about Queen. Mainly because it was Freddie’s voice along with the unique sound of May’s guitar. But that is the beauty, we can all have our own opinion.

    As for the though on a more simplified band – an interesting concept and well put.

    Looking forward to the show.

  101. It is very disappointing of course to hear that the reunion rumours are not true. But then I never believe anything I read in British newspapers.

    I think there are two equally valid arguments here. The fans cannot really expect a group of blokes in their sixties (some of whom have young families) to go on exhausting tours of the world anymore. Equally, I think the band must decide when to draw the line under Pink Floyd. After many years of the band in limbo, Live8 gave us all new hope.

    When David’s tour is over and “On an island” has reached #1 in the album charts,I think the band must get their heads together and decide how to put PF to bed. One last album…or better still, a series of concerts to raise money for charity?

  102. Just retrieved my Richard Wright “Wet Dream” album (vinyl) and have it cranked up, upon hearing that he’s “IN”. What a dream come true for sure…although I need women in them(dreams) to actually make them “WET”..HaHa!…Don’t get me wrong, I know that this is David Gilmour’s spotlight,it’s just that I’m so excited that I have to hear all things, right now,that have some sort of connection to him.I also have David’s two first solo works as well as the Meltdown DVD, but I’m saving those to get psyched up just prior to concert time.(Toronto,Massey Hall,April 10.)Rejoice all!!!

  103. Richard and David together again!!! This is a GREAT GREAT GREAT news!!!!!!!!!!! Richard thanks to exist.

    Ciao. Flora and Madda from Milan.

  104. this is a trip. I cant seem to grasp the actuallity of what I’m gonna experience. Some fine musicians working their craft. Saw PF 3nites in a row in ’94 Oakland. Gonna take my 10 yr old son to this one. Hope he “feels” it. Great sound, great sound. DG is the coolest cat on the planet. RW’s presence should make for a comfortable performance. PEACE

  105. I’m happy and at the same time up set… I’m happy because I’m the biggest fan of Sir Gilmour and Pink Floyd and I waited for so long to see him in concert… I’m up set because I try to buy the ticket in London and then I try to buy it here in Milan where I live… This began the 10 12 2005. I follow the information you gave throught internet plus I’ve been all over the TKTONE’s and since then they always told me “they stopped the sellin’ but it’s not sold out… try to call next week… next week again… and here am I without ticket a month ‘n half away from the concert… I don’t ask for a ticket but I just want to let you know that something is not right… at least in Milan.

    Sir Gilmour you are a Great Musician and I’ll try with all my strenght be at the concert…


    [Good luck, Alberto. I hope you’ll be lucky. – Features Editor]

  106. heard the new release today, sounds like i might like it. did you enjoy creating it? If you did than it was worth it wasn’t it.. waiting to hear more. thx wjh.

  107. God, it doesn’t matter that it’s not THE FLOYD, it’s just great to have something new to look forward to. And it doesn’t get much better than this!

  108. Damn I am looking forward to the April 9 Toronto Massey Hall show. Anyone who saw RW in 99′ knows that Jon Carin can carry many a PF tune. Hopefully there will be a follow-up DVD after the tour is over.


  109. What wonderful news that Richard Wright and David Gilmour will be playing together again. I thought they both sounded brilliant, even sublime, on the Live 8 performance — Gilmour’s soaring voice and heart-wrenching guitar; Wright’s wicked-cool comping on ‘Money’ and his impassioned organ work on ‘Comfortably Numb’. And, given the rough fall-out after _The Wall_ sessions, I feel this is really wonderful for Wright, a real personal triumph.

    I hope Mr. Wright can be persuaded to dust off his old Rhodes piano and put it next to his exquisitely chopped-down c-3 on stage.

  110. For those of you who do not know The Way to Armadillo (no pun intended) go to the SECC website, click on Attending an Event, and from the drop down list How to get Here, and there is a printable map available.

    For the ticket touts and e bay sellers who use this information take a swim in the Clyde !

  111. Sei il maestro dei maestri musicali! Verrò a vederti a Marzo a Milano…non vedo l’ora!

    Ciao, David

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