Clyde Auditorium


Glasgow’s futuristic Clyde Auditorium is a new building and part of the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre  (SECC), Scotland’s national venue for public events and also the UK’s largest integrated exhibition/conference centre.

As you can see, it looks rather like an armadillo from the outside.

Designed with acoustics in mind, it holds 3,000 people on three levels and promises to be a terrific place for David to play his first show in Scotland since 1974.

The stage is 18m wide and 12m deep. The theatre itself is kitted out in dark blue and black velour – very nice indeed.

If you’re lucky enough to have a ticket for the 27 May show, then we hope you have a splendid time.

Do let us know what your thoughts are. If you’ve been to the Clyde Auditorium before, do feel free to let other fans know what they can expect from this fabulous-looking venue. We’d love to hear from you.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Gorgeous! Looks like an armadillo or the head of Louis Gossett Jr’s character in ‘Enemy Mine’ with Dennis Quade. Oh and now I see that’s what you said Feats. Ed. about the armadillo.

  2. Just wanted to throw in a comment from a fellow who is a fairly well accomplished guitarist in his own right…Mr. Peter White. Peter White is a very, very good smooth jazz guitarist in case you are not familiar with him.

    Hey Dave…if you read any of these posts, Peter White is doing a London gig in April.

    This month we commemorate Martin Luther King and his legacy. His dream of equality for all still reverberates today, having filtered into the consciousness of an entire nation.

    On a lighter note, I had a dream recently where I was asked to play with the band Pink Floyd at a huge outdoor show. Now there’s no way I could replace Dave Gilmour but I wasn’t thinking about that as I arrived at the show and promptly got lost in a labyrinth of passageways and steps that went nowhere. When I finally got backstage I couldn’t find my guitars and nobody seemed to know who I was. Let alone that I had not rehearsed one note with the band. (I could probably have got through “Another Brick in the Wall” but I had no idea if they were even doing that in the show!)

    Remember folks, this was a dream- musicians have such dreams all the time.

  3. One question pops to mind, when david is at the venue will the scaley armadillo find him where he’s hiding? 🙂 I have never seen an auditorium quite like it befor in my life~! One of the great things about this feature is seeing exactly what kind of places are suitable for david’s refined musical tastes. Even those of us who could never make it this year to these concert halls can dream of seeing something else there in the future. I take davids choices in venues as proof possitive that they are amoung the worlds best theatres in which to hear music.

  4. Hey thats a beautiful auditorium. I can’t wait for the new album, I have it marked on my calendar! I just wished you were coming to St. Louis becuase I can’t make it to Chicago.

  5. With respect, I don’t think most fans think they are going to be attending a Pink Floyd show. However there are some who think David will be.

    I was at the 1999 Roger Waters show at the very same Rosemont theatre David will be playing. Roger opened with Pink Floyd material and when he went into his solo material there was a noticeable exodus of some “fans” to the lobby for drinks.

    Personally I am looking forward to the On An Island album & tour, and yes I would love to hear some of the fine music David created with Pink Floyd.

  6. Well, after the show David and his musicians can have all the Guinness they want. Cheers

  7. Yea it looks so great and i feel so happy that i got a ticket for SECC Clyde Auditorium. I saw already some pictures of the theatre and it looks very family and compact. I think all fans will have a good view and intensity of acoustics.
    For me it is the first time that i will see David live and for me it isnt important which songs he will perform. OK, of course i have my favourite Pink Floyd and Dave Gilmour songs, but the most important is that he will do a big show for us.

    Besides i will thank you very much for keeping us up to date all the days. This fanpage is really fantastic!

  8. Do they have armadillo’s in England? Why didn’t they have an armadillo song in animals? Seriously I can’t wait-I have tickets for oakland!

  9. Just managed to get the last pair of tickets needed to bring the family to see David in Glasgow on 27th. The children are really looking forwaards to it and I can’t think of a better first concert for them to attend.

    Roll on the 27th – the venue looks like a cross between sydney opera house and the london thames barrier and certainly shouldn’t be hard to spot.


  10. I will be there at Glasgow, never been to the venue before but it sure looks better than Earls court, Wembly or the Rainbow! Web site shows a couple of interiors but as I have no idea where I will be sitting, (tickets have yet to arrive)no idea of view.Any advice on best way of getting to venue most welcome. Starts at 7.30pm but what is reccomended time to arrive?

  11. Everything about this album and tour sounds brilliant, so cannot wait. Any news on when the tickets will be posted out as I am dead keen to find out where I will be sitting. I was lucky enough to get them off this site but have not received them yet, any news would be most welcome.

    Any clippits likely of the new album 🙂

  12. It’s Mozart’s birthday today but the real birthday wishes go out to…Nick Mason! (With a nod to major Gilmour/PF fan Grace for reminding me that today is Nick’s b-day….)

    Have a great weekend, blog persons!

  13. Looks bloody great!

    Just wanted to use this opportunity to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO NICK MASON! I hope you’ll help Dave on his forthcoming tour! Cheers and have a great one, you legend!

  14. reminds me of the proposed futuristic inflatable ‘maggot’ tent that Floyd thought about for touring with The Wall.

  15. I have never been to this venue myself, but I have heard very good things. It’s situated as an annexe to the SECC centre where you’ll find most touring bands make a stop when coming to the UK – however they’ll soon be diverted to a new £50 million arena which is being built on the site!

    Anyway, what I do know is that the sound quality is supposed to be excellent. Instrumental guitarist Steve Vai handpicked the place a few years back to play, which says it all really. The Australian Pink Floyd are also playing in this venue in March.

  16. Having been there to see, oddly enough, the Australian Pink Floyd show, I can say that the Armadillo is an excellent venue for David’s tour. I can’t fault the acoustics in this venue, though I’m no expert on acoustics!

    The venue itself is very modern, and is a fine example of one of the nicer landmarks of Glasgow. Strange for Glasgow, it’s also surprisingly well connected to the city via public transport. Anyone heading to this venue shouldn’t find themselves disappointed in May 🙂

  17. Hello, my fellow bloggers!

    I’ve been to the Clyde Auditorium a couple of times (Mark Knopfler & The Australian Pink Floyd Show) and I have to say that it’s a very intimate venue.

    The acoustics are brilliant, so it would be great to hear David play there, I’ll definitely be pinching myself to see him this up close.

    The last time I saw him play was at specific concert last July, which was just amazing, as you all know.

    I am very much looking forward to ‘On on Island’ and to hear it live.

    See you there in May!

    By the way, Happy Birthday Nick!

  18. Being a Glaswegian and have lived here all my life the Armadillo is a great venue on the banks of the clyde. I have tickets for the show and it will be the highlight of my year. I think.

  19. I really like the line up of Davids band. Now I just hope for a small guest appearance by Nick at one of the concerts, and we will have a real Pink Floyd performance for 2006 as well, and all will be happy 🙂


  20. I’ve never been to the Clyde, nor will I see DG there. But the musicians who were announced today to play with David Gilmour at the Clyde and on the tour is very impressive.

    I am looking forward to the show at Radio City.

  21. Just seen the list of musicians who will be appearing with David on the tour… as shown on the News page of the main site.

    FANTASTIC! CANNOT WAIT!! What a band!

    I was excited about the prospects before, but now? Even more so! March cannot come around soon enough…

  22. I just saw the list of people in David’s touring band. Wow! I’m excited. This is going to be a great show.


  23. MR. Richard Wright will tour with David!!!! That’s some news!!! Are we going to hear the famous Gilmour/Wright harmonies on the vocals? I have goosebumps! Brilliant!

  24. Wow Rick Wright on keys…now if you could get nick Mason on drums fans would practically wetting their pants!!I for one am absolutely thrilled that RW will be on the tour, and how awesome it would be if David would consider some Echoes as one of his PF songs!!! Echoes is my favorite PF tune. It has the most beautiful sounds between David’s guitar and Rick’s keys, it puts me in a hypnotic trance every time I hear it.

    Thank you for touring David—

    See ya in Chicago (hey could two front row seats be made available to me if I ask really nicely)?

    Elizabeth (I have tickets for the Rosemont show on april 13 Echoes…echoes….echoes….)

  25. Looks to me like the architects of these auditoriums are making David’s choices pretty easy. Combine these auditoriums with the advancements in technology since David’s last tour with the Floyd and David’s long experience with perfecting the accoustics in his gigs, and… wow, I can’t even describe what I’m thinking.

    Also I’d like to join the others in wishing David’s old friend Nick a very happy birthday.

  26. Afternoon Ed,

    Firstly, Happy Birthday Nick, although I doubt you see this site!]

    Secondly – Woohoo Rick is going to be on tour!!. Yay!! I can’t wait for the shows at the RAH. this tour is going to be amazing. Thanks David and everyone involved.

    Roll on May.


  27. Hi, I live in glasgow and depending how you are getting to the venue would depend on which direction you are coming from. If you are coming to Glasgow by plane, it would be best to take a bus into the city centre (if you go over the Kingston Bridge you will get a view from it on your left! – the Kingston Bridge is the Bridge over the Clyde) from there I would recommend a taxi to the Armadillo, its a couple of miles out of the city centre. If you are getting the train, firstly make sure you are at Central Station and not Queen Street station! From central you could either get a taxi – just ask for the SECC as the Armadillo is next to it, alternatively you could get a low level train (which is accessed from the moving stairs in front of platform 13), there are regular trains that have a stop for the SECC at about every 10-15mins from Central Station’s Lower Level platforms. I know this sounds like a lot of info but maybe it will help someone out there.

    Have a great show, I wont be going as I have a ticket for the Royal Albert Hall (2nd Night) and so will be travelling down to London, however I expect there will be lot of fans who are not from Glasgow and thus don’t know how to get to armadillo going to this gig, as the tix were released later.

    Like I said, hope this helps my fellow Islanders!!!

  28. Just noticed the touring band line-up on the main page.

    That scream of delight you hear from the other side of the Atlantic… that’s me. That is a group of music makers right there. Pure talent, and the perfect fit.

  29. Dear Mr. Features Editor

    Is there any chance all of the pictures of the venues could be put into a folder in the Gallery section of the website? The photography is excellent and it would be nice to them all together.

    This site is a refreshing change to the forum on the Pink Floyd site which was ruined by the shenanigans of some… keep up the great work.

    [Hi Mark. I’m afraid we won’t be putting all the pictures of the venues in the Gallery as, although the photography is indeed excellent, it’s not all our photography! Besides, Polly has taken many photos, so the Gallery is gong to be full of those. – Features Editor]

  30. Wow what a cool looking venue! Hey editor…I don’t think enough of us thank you for doing such a great job on this Blog. You provide a great forum for all of David’s fans; you stir things up with interesting topics and news snippets; and every day without fail you manage to find the time for several updates. Fantastic job and thank you!

    And now… HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICK!! Of all the Floyd members, I think Nick often gets overlooked most, yet few would argue that his drumming style is an integral part of the Pink Floyd sound (Terry Bozio; Ringo Star; or Billy Cobham would all be radical departures!). Nick’s busier approach on earlier records gave way to a more refined style starting around Meddle. Utilizing space and texture, he is keenly aware of the song as a whole and is quite sympathetic in his approach. In honor of Nick’s birthday, how about your top 5 favorite “Nick moments” on record? Mine (in random order):

    1) One of These Days
    2) Time
    3) Dogs (in particular the galloping attack during David’s second solo)
    4) The Nile Song
    5) The Happiest Days of Our Lives

    [Hi Phil. Thank you for the kind words. It really is my pleasure to do this. I also have to agree with your Number One Nick moment. Is anyone else playing with us? – Features Editor]

  31. well..i just wanna talk about the band that will follow mr.gilmour on tour…above all..RICHARD WRIGHT…maybe it´s the closest to pink floyd that we will ever be able to see now and in the future..but who knows…carin,pratt etc..great!!!

  32. I’ll be at the Armadillo on the 27th. Saw quite a few bands there, a great venue with great acoustics. Saw Pink Floyd a few times in’94 & also Roger Waters in Manchester in 2002 – can’t wait for this one on home soil!

    Also going to see the Australian Pink Floyd on two nights at the Armadillo soon.

    Bring it on Dave!!

  33. It looks like Sydney Opera house… yes

    and happy birthday Nick Mason! And (i know its a David Gilmour webblog) but for all PF fans in in Germany:
    Nick Mason is next:
    – Monday in Hamburg 30.01. 20.45 “Hamburger Buchhandlung Weiland” and on
    – Tuesday in Berlin, 31.01 18:00 “Dussmann das KulturKaufhaus”!
    to promote his book!

    See you

  34. The Clyde Auditorium is a great venue situated at the River Clyde. Its in a nice area of Glasgow, just accross the river is the Glasgow Science Centre, Imax Theatre and Tower.

    For those going to the gig, feel free to email me and i will let you know the best way to get to the venue. It isnt the easiest place to find, no buses go past, but there is a railway station nearby. Luckily for me I will be walking, living just 15 minutes walk away!

  35. Oh by the way….HOLY CRAP RICK IS TOURING WITH DAVID!!!! Sorry about that little outburst. I’m sure many of you are rolling your eyes at me right now, but I can’t help it. I love love LOVE the two of these stellar musicians playing together. Not to get TOO redundant after my Rick Wright post of a few days back, but their musical chemistry is unmatched. I am completely psyched (as if I wasn’t before!!) And not to open up that can of worms known as “I hope they play…”, but MAN I hope they play a tune or two from Obscured by Clouds! I know David always liked that album. Can you imagine hearing Mudmen?? Or Stay??

    Ok I’m done…you may now commence with my bashing!!

  36. Hi bloggers,

    been a while, I have been reading, but not posted in a bit. Just noticed that Rick Wright has been named along with Guy Pratt,Phil Manzanera, Jon Carin & Steve DiStanislao as the TOURING BAND!!!!!! woooooooooooooo HOOOOOOOOOooooo.

    I think a change of underwear is called for….

    btw happy b’day Nick Mason.

  37. Very interseting venue. Just saw the list of bandmates for the tour. How exciting!! Richard Wright. I am totally stoked!! Can’t wait till April. Oh by the way, you sure that venue isn’t in Texas??!!

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  38. RICK WRIGHT AND GUY PRATT to be in Gilmour’s band. This tour just keeps on getting better and better, april 5!!

  39. Hello! Quel bonheur! David et Rick ensemble pour la tournée de David! Quelle magnifique nouvelle!

    J’avais déjà eu le bonheur de voir Rick rejoindre David les 2 soirs à Paris en 2002, et voilà que le rêve va redevenir réalité!

    pourrait-on avoir une photo de l’Olympia sur le blog? Bien-sûr j’y serai, et au Grand Rex aussi…

    Can’t wait! (c’est comme çà qu’on dit?)

  40. That looks quite a building!

    I think we may be running out of steam here. I understand that David will not be able to see these posts, he is after all (hopefully) fully concentrated on the final touches to the album and the show. So, perhaps we fans can put some thoughts together? I was listening to both David’s solo albums and admiring, even after all this time, how good they sounded. But I was amazed at the track “Murder”. Where did that come from? In some respects the music is too beautiful for the very observant lyrics. Not that I have shoved a knife into anyone you understand! I am not a violent person. I don’t beleive David is either but it is a strange song and the lyrics are a poiniant insight into an act which is quite unusual to write about, even for an adventurous musician such as Mr Gilmour!

    What do you fans make of it?

    [Hi Julian. As busy as David is at the moment, both he and Polly do indeed find time to read these posts daily. – Features Editor]

  41. The tour band……………what a dream team!!

    Looking forward to March 19…..Amsterdam

  42. Thank you for the update on the homepage regarding Mr. Gilmours’ band. April cannot get here soon enough.

  43. I have to admit I’m still way too excited for the new album. I’m really looking forward to the shows, but that’s one evening – an album is forever and we’ve not had a DG solo (studio) album since About Face, so it’s a big event for us too…

    Long shot: Any chance of a pre-release listening party for us DG blog folk? 🙂


  44. “Roger opened with Pink Floyd material and when he went into his solo material there was a noticeable exodus of some “fans” to the lobby for drinks.”

    Wasn’t that the incident that gave rise to the lyrics –

    ‘If it wasn’t for the gits
    Nipping out to take a sip
    The bars would still be open in the Clyde’

    [Love the alternate lyrics, Alex! – Features Editor]

  45. So happy to be seeing 1/2 of Pink Floyd on stage and two of its touring members!!! Great lineup of musicians. It’s going to be one hell of a performance!!!

  46. Hi Julian, not to presume that I can speak for David, but I recall in an interview around the release of About Face that Murder was inspired by David’s reflection on the slaying of John Lennon.

    And yes, it’s a tremendous piece of music, isn’t it? I love the live version too!

  47. The News of Richard Wright on Keyboard just made me overjoyed. It’s dreamy. I’m compleatly thrilled.

    Wow,.. Wow,.. Wow…

    Ok, so how about my suggestion to play Paint Box? That would just about have me set for life in the happyness department.



  48. Has everyone who bought advanced order tickets for this show received them yet? A friend of mine received his for the non-advanced bookings and so I’m starting to worry…

  49. Alex Liddell said:

    “‘If it wasn’t for the gits
    Nipping out to take a sip
    The bars would still be open in the Clyde'”

    The right version

    If it wasnt for the nips
    being so good at building ships
    The yards would still be open on the clyde

  50. Just a thought about the Clyde Armadillo- Auditorium….(hope DG doesn’t inflate a Pig in there)…..(that might constitute a weird “pig in a poke” set of analogies)….for those there on drugs.

  51. Great lineup! Can’t wait for the shows. It shouldn’t take them long to learn the songs! I’m wondering why no mention of other members like Caroline Dale, sax player etc? I guess that will be released soon!?

    Actually sound like a family affair. I had heard the Gilmours go on holiday with the Wrights and Guy Pratt. Guy married Rick’s daughter. This is great.

    Phil Manzanera supporting David at the Strat Pack show. It all makes sense.

    Wishing Nick Mason a happy, happy birthday!

    Steve Radovanovich
    NY, USA

  52. Rick touring with David is great news. Glad to see Phil on there too. It has made my day!

    One question, we saw “Wix” playing the hammond on the Island Jam video, but he is not credited for doing anything on the album.

    Did he just happen to stop by in the studio for a bit of a jam?

  53. I didn’t see a saxophonist on the list of musicians, What happened to Dick Parry??? Or is David taking over on the saxophone????

  54. Dark blue and black velour!!! Must be a “nightmare” keeping all the “fluff” of it… ;^))

    Happy Birthday, Nick “the stick” Mason!!! ;^) And many, many more!!! Good show!!! Tally ho!!!

    The “feeling” for “today” is “Wish You Were Here!!!” Enjoy!!!

  55. I knew Richard Wright would be there!!!!! How exciting- A very Happy Birthday to Nick! Hope to see him soon,too

  56. Had a crappy day at work, but when I got home and seen the line-up for the tour my day got brighter and better. I cant wait till the April 19th show.
    Happy “b”day Nick, and by the way bought your book the other day and have’nt put it down yet.
    Great reading.

  57. Happy Birthday, Nick – in celebration I have a fruit pie (without the crust) with your name on it.

    Glad Rick is touring with David. One-Half Floyd On an Island live, hold the mayo (or the crust), to go please. Good deal.


  58. I once read in Guitar World magazine that Pink Floyd were planning to tour The Wall in a portable venue that looked like a giant slug. Maybe this is something like they had in mind.

  59. I have never been there, but I just want to say that this picture could have been a cover for a Pink Floyd album. The next one? This picture could really have been made by Storm Thorgerson.

    [You’re right, Patrick. It’s one hell of a venue. – Features Editor]

  60. As a Glaswegian I’ve never realy been a big fan of the armadilo as a building, but can’t wait to see David & his ”verry well chosen band” here on may 27th. You’re in for one hell of a reception David!! It’s been too long since you last played in Scotland (i was only just born in 74) Why did’nt floyd play scotlnad on their last 2 outings?? I went to earls court 94 anyway, so it didnt matter much in the end.

  61. I’ve seen The Moody Blues and The Musical Box (Genesis tribute band) at The Armadillo. It is a truly superb venue, comfortable seats, every one of which probably has a great view of the stage and state of the art acoustics. The car park can take an age to get out of but who cares? We’re going to see David and Rick.

  62. Thanks to everyone for the helpful advice with regards to getting to the venue. Very good of you to help your fellow fans.

    News on tickets is coming soon. I’ll keep you posted on that, don’t worry.

  63. Im going to see David at Glasgow and was wondering..are the advance sales tickets in the stalls or the circle??? (Please say the stalls!!)



  64. Hey fellow fans i recently bought 4 tickets for the glasgow show, 2 for myself & my partner & 2 for our friends. Our friends cant make it as they’re going on holiday 2 days before & we were wondering if anyone would like the chance 2 purchase them. If so let me know. […]

  65. Looks like a space port, i hope to land there one day myself when i get my band up and going. still working on the music the site should be up some time in 2006.

    Pink Floyd is #1

  66. I’ve got my ticket to see Dave and the band (Rick and Guy OMG!!!! 🙂

    I couldnt care less where I am sitting. I am just so pleased to be going. I missed the 1994 tour coz I was 8 months pregnant with my daughter so this is a long awaited opportunity.

    I always enjoyed Daves previous solo albums and I am looking forward to his 3rd to be released in March. If he plays Comfortably Numb on the night it will be a bonus and I will be well over the moon!!!

    PIXI xx

  67. The armadillo is an excellent venue. The sounds are superb, especilly from the front of the circle. Having last seen Floyd at Knebworth in 1990 the prospect of seeing David Gilmour live again is mouthwatering.

  68. I always had to travel to able to see David at Royal Festival Hall in 2002 and Pink Floyd during their last tour in Rome (Cinecitta) but I do not regret it at all. This time I will be travelling to Scotland to see David and co playing. What a pity they have never played in Malta where there are thousands of followers. May be next tour? See in Glasgow!!!

  69. I have been to a number of shows at the “Armadillo” and agree that it is a great venue.

    Views from the stalls and circle are excellent but I haven’t been in the gallery so can’t comment.

    There are further views of the venue available on the main SECC site under the image gallery tab, both under “main” and “Clyde Auditorium”.

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