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Another theatre for you, and how about what will be David’s view of Frankfurt’s historic and majestic Alte Oper?

Officially inaugurated in October 1880, Frankfurt’s Opernhaus was badly damaged by fire In March 1944. It was officially reopened in August 1981 and renamed Alte Oper, since Frankfurt had welcome a new opera house to their city in 1951.

The rebuilt exterior and lobby stayed faithful to the original. However, the interior is now a modern multi-purpose complex, making it the ideal venue for symphony, chamber concert, musical, recital, light entertainment, cabaret, dance and classical and contemporary concerts alike.

The building has several halls, including the Grosse Saal (Great Hall) with a seating capacity of some 2,500.

Famed for its excellent acoustics, David will be visiting the mahogany-panelled Grosse Saal on Saturday 18 March.  If you will be joining him, then we hope you have a wonderful time.

Let us know if you’re going to this concert and what your feelings are about it.

Don’t forget that the last of the New York, Toronto and Chicago tickets will be going on sale shortly. Good luck to everyone who wants to get their hands on a couple. Let us know how you fare.

Lastly, there have been some good suggestions for future acoustic renditions of David Gilmour and Pink Floyd songs, and it’s also been nice to see which you think are the best you’ve heard to date. Keep them coming in.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

38 thoughts on “Alte Oper”

  1. Yeeehaa! I will be there on the 18th! I´m just living about 30km from Frankfurt, and went to the Alte Oper a lot of times.
    Funny thing – last time I was there I saw the Australian Pink Floyd Show. 🙂
    But this time I will have better seats and the better sound! For sure!

    I´m so excited to see Dave, waited for years to see him live! He is my favourite influence in my music.

    It´s really a nice venue, the building itself is just a killer.

  2. We are going to attend the show in Frankfurt and I am most excited because of the location and of course a bit more because of the artist 🙂
    See you there!

  3. Wow, it looks beautiful. David has picked some great venues for this tour. Why play in a drab and ugly arena when you can soak up some culture in a lovely hall like that? The exterior is amazing, too. It’s really classy. Look for some pics, guys. There’s a fountain in front of it. Frankfurt looks like such a gorgeous city.

    Have a great time everyone!

  4. right there on the second to buy tix for rosemont, sharks got ALL of them immediately. I hope some are reserved for later sale. Will not buy anything off of ebay from the sharks. ):

  5. Oh yea nice location, but i didnt get tickets for it, so i wish all of you who got tickets a wonderfull time!

  6. Hum..! I just tried to pick 1 ticket for Toronto through Ticket Master web site… all gone at 12h07!!!!!!! Wasn’t able to have any. I had a Balcony one at 12h01 but the connection froze and I lost it. 🙁

  7. Just delete my last post and post this one.

    Sorry for the rant, I was ready and waiting to the second on ticketmasters website to get two best availble tix. Here is to hoping that David releases these concerts on DVD for us unlucky souls so we can enjoy the experience at home.

    Just sent out the old man to a ticketmaster outlet in hopes they have something, *sigh*

  8. 11:00am sat. 14th .Tickets in hand!Thank you Ticketmaster at my local piggly wiggly. Awsome can’t wait from WI USA And Most of all THANK David Gilmour for the tour and a new album

  9. Hi,

    I will be there, with my best friend and my wife.
    Last time we’ve seen David in 1994 in Cologne with Pink Floyd. I was absolutely happy to get some tickets just at christmas. We will be sitting far away from stage at the “olymp”, can somebody who knows the “alte Oper” tell me how the sight will be? Auf deutsch ist einfacher: Wer kennt den Saal? Ich sitze leider weit hinten, da ich zu spät mitbekommen habe dass die Tour stattfindet. Ist ein “Opernglas” empfehlenswert, oder kommt man auch so zurecht? Danke.

    My favourite acoustic songs would be “if” or “Saint Tropez”, “Dominoes” is great too. “Julia Dream” would be very nice. “Mother” is absolutely great, much fun to play it together with my best friend. But: The best song of all (so far): “Comfortably Numb”. Some day, at my funeral, it has to be played as loud as possible, so I can hear it in heaven or hell, wherever I will be.


  10. I’m getting really rather excited about the Amsterdam shows, but I have SO long to wait until March. Must try not to think about it.

    *twiddles thumbs*

    *clears throat*


  11. I must say I was very much looking forward to seeing David & Co. in Chicago on Thur. April 13. I was at the PC ready to rock to get myself ONE ticket. Do you think I could get one, of course not. Then I tried calling Ticketmaster to see if I could pay up to buy a VIP Ticket Package. They then told me to call a VIP Ticketmaster phone # because they were the only ones selling them. Keep in mind the wait on the phone was about teen to fifteen minutes each time. So I call the VIP phone center and they tell me that they have nothing to do with selling thise tickets, I was told wrong and should call Ticketmasters main office back, which I did. They knew nothing and there where no tickets. Not even one. I was going to drive 300 miles for this show. I’m really bummed.

  12. This is not a request nor a compaint, only a comment.

    I am very happy that David decided to tour and to tour in such nice places as those theaters. I am glad that many of his fans will be able to see him and enjoy what could be one of their best concert experiences ever. And I am envious. Yes, I know, David has no plan to perform anywhere else in the US but the cities already selected. And I regret that I will not be able to attend any of his shows. I live in Florida and the closest venue is New York. I had hoped for Miami or perhaps Atlanta. To go to New York, I have to take a day off and add airfare and hotels to the cost of the show. I will not be able to see him, and I am sincerely sad. To all the Pink Floyd and David’s fan out there, enjoy as much as you can, cherish the moment, and let us know how it was. I will be waiting for a DVD version of the shows, if it ever comes up. The “David Gilmour in Concert” DVD is awesome and brought many tears in my eyes.

    Thank you David for all that you have done.

    “We don’t need no thought control,…
    … All we need to do is make sure we keep talking”

  13. I love you! I tried so hard to get ticets today at noon online (for Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada). But… no luck. 🙁 I wish I could’ve gotten 2. (My boyfriend loves you too!) Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! What should I do?

    …They apparently sold out in 1 minute. How is that possible? I was in the website as soon as sales started.

  14. I think all the venues are more suited to a laid back / unplugged / acoustic type of show. I’m really looking forward to the new album & hopefully the live performances will be like the concerts in 2001 / 2.

  15. Hey, they MUST make a dvd out of this tour!!!!!!!!
    and it would be nice if it didn’t take as long as with pulse…

    Awesome site!!

  16. Yes tickets apparently sold out ten seconds after they were available for us buying thru ticketmaster online. I sent the husband to piggywiggly to get tickets after trying over and over but the guy ahead of him got the last four (johnny airbrush, are you from Sheboygan? LOL)

    I now wish instead of waiting to the first available second online to just have sent the old man to the ticketmaster outlet. I thought my chances would have been better, guess not );

    Oh well I guess I can console myself with the fact that we got good seats for the Division Bell tour, plus my husband got to be in “the middle of the pits of hades” for the Animals tour (;

  17. If there are no plans for a DVD or CD from these shows perhaps they could do what Pearl Jam Website does.
    A few days after the show they release for download the recording of the show as well as a set of pictures from the show and customized CD cover and liners.
    I saw the show in Hamilton, Ont. a few months back
    and downloaded it a few days later for approx $12.00 and have been merrily reliving the show ever since.

    See you all in T.O.

  18. Depression….there’s no way else I can describe the feeling I have right now as I have just realized that I have missed today’s 12noon ticket sale for Radio City Music Hall…. I have had that date on my map forever and won’t go into what transpired today to cause me to forget, but that’s it…they are all gone.

    I won’t give in to those damn scalpers that sucked up swaths of tickets to sell them to folk like me at inflated values!!!!

    I wish everyone who got tickets the best, but I won’t lie in that there is an emptyness in my heart that is being consumed by envy and despair….

  19. sitting here casted up with a broken foot.sent old man to ticketmaster for chicago show,was luckey to be 1st in line and 1st lottery 2 for chicago .while i worked for toronto tickets online and was unsuccessful,will not pay a broker double.luckey day for us,cant wait!

  20. I am going to be there, too. Living about 150km away from Frankfurt it is the best possibility to see Dave for the first time and so I gathered two of the last cards available.
    I don`t expect anything – so I sure will have a good evening.

  21. I too am a life long fan and I experienced the frustration of being on ticket master at exactly 12 noon for the Toronto shows. I tried any price range and best available immediately at 12:00 and was told there were no tickets available. Meanwhile, tickets were popping up on ebay and various resellers almost immediately for prices in the neighbourhood of $300.00 and up. As much as I love David’s music it looks like I,as a lot of other fans will be waiting for the DVD.

  22. I feel like I literally won the lottery! I had four people trying to get ANY ticket(s) to either of the Toronto gigs. We all conferenced called each other while online at noon. All I got was “sold out”, …as did my friend,… as did my brother,… but alas, like the healing soothing voice of an angel my beautiful girlfriend chimed in …”I have one.”!! Three little words at 12:00:30(!) that made my heart skip a beat and almost brought tears to my eyes. Upper balcony side-stage. Brilliant. Two tickets would’ve been nice, but even with going on my own I know I won’t be alone. I’ll be with 2800 friends of David; thus friends of mine. To all who couldn’t get through my deepest condolences. Truly. And to those who snapped up seats to extort them on E-BAY or on the street corner outside Massey Hall,…real David Gilmour fans (whether missing out or not) wish you a lovely existence rotting in Hell.
    Anyways, thank you David for coming to Toronto in April. It will be for a lot of people a night to remember.

  23. I am thrilled to see that my last question was NOT posted or answered! *smiles in anticipation*

    About various versions of songs David’s done: my all-time favorite cover he’s done has been ‘Dimming of the Day.’ Crosby’s voice might really complement yours on that song (in Oakland on the 16th *nudge wink*) haha

    I would love to see him perform:
    1) ‘American Tune’ – Paul Simon
    2) a Warren Zevon song, perhaps ‘Mutineer’ or ‘Don’t Let Us Get Sick’ or ‘Keep Me in Your Heart’
    3) ‘Guinevere’, again, sung with Crosby at the April 16th Oakland show. (!how is that for subtlety!)
    4) Springsteen – ‘The River’ or ‘All That Heaven Will Allow’ or ‘Highway Patrolman’ or ‘Mansion on the Hill’
    5) ‘He Went to Paris’ – Jimmy Buffett
    6) ‘For a Dancer’ – Jackson Browne

    Well this was a fun list to make/think about.

  24. if you missed out on tickets, don’t give up hope! keep phoning the box office and ask if there have been any ticket returns. phone every day if you have to. people will fall ill, have accidents, find that they can’t go to the show for some reason… not everyone will put their spare tickets on ebay to try and make a profit. some people are genuine and care about other people. they know that others are hoping for a return. so keep trying and good luck! alice x

  25. Oh, I will also enjoy the concert of Mr.Gilmour & “Friends” at the “Alte Oper”. Last year I saw Pat Metheny there. Well, Mr. Metheny can also play some “nice” chords 😉

    Yes, the “Alte Oper” has a brilliant accoustic and right before the main-entry, if you turn your head, you can see on of the most famous germans: “Johann Wolfgang Goethe”.

  26. It’s a nice place for such a gig. Shame I can’t come on that day.
    I might be able to see Nick Mason on his Inside Out Promotion in Cologne, though.

  27. Yahoo!! I managed to score tickets for the Monday Toronto show for my son and I. We are so excited, it’ll be my third time to see David (twice with Floyd) and my son’s first time to see a LEGEND!! He is so interested in Pink Floyd and Syd, so I think this will be a definite highlight for him AND me. He was only six years old when my wife and I saw Floyd in 94. (Can we see the amazing Floyd extravaganza again?) please?
    Just proves that the music is timeless. Forever and ever…

  28. I’ll be at Frankfurt Alte Oper with my neighbour – and both our wives have been “forced” to join us. The total cost of the trip per person inc. flights from Stansted, car hire and hotel has turned out to be less than a friend is paying to see Take That in Leeds. We’d have paid whatever it took – this is an opportunity not to be missed! Now I just need to get my hands on a copy of the album so we know which songs to shout for when we get there!

  29. Dear, Mr. Writer.

    I’ve been reading this blog since a week ago and I can tell you, very disappointed, that you’re creating a feeling of anger and antipathy around the Brazilian fans.

    The way you write is rude and treat us (me and them) like Britney Spears or Backstreet Boys fans!

    I understand your irritation on answering so many messages asking the same things, but “Gilmour will not be playing in Brazil! Stop asking it!” is too stupid and miseducated, don’t you think? We’re fans since we were 7, 8 years old and we have expected for this moment almost our entire life!!! I think you should respect it!

    Before you said this stupid things, you should realize that the North Americans already had their chance to see PF playing years ago, but us, poor Brazilians, never had our chance! That’s why we’re asking for this so hardly! For many of us, it would be show of our lives! The Show!!!

    We’re part of the Third World because you treat us like it! But, I can assure you, that we are any different of you! We just have a dream!!!

    Thank you very much for the attention! And sorry for any hard words! But that’s the feeling!

  30. I too, was extremely disapointed at not being able to get tickets on -line on 01-14. I am one of the people who DID give in to the bastard ticket broker. I paid a big price for orchestra seats at Radio City. I would have sold my car, mortgaged my house and what ever else it took to see David. (Lucky it did not come to that!)
    Heading to NYC April 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  31. To Danilo Ferreira:

    I am sorry you feel this way and sincerely apologise for offending you. However, if you had been reading since the beginning, you would have noticed that we have mentioned several times that we receive a great many requests for David to visit Brazil and other countries/cities (with Chile and Australia being the two other countries most often mentioned by fans).

    You would also have seen that many of these messages have been posted and that we have also said many times that we truly do understand your disappointment – which we do – but there’s nothing we can do about it.

    We would love nothing more than for our friends in Brazil, and everywhere else, to be able to see David in concert. But we feel that repeatedly asking, often rudely, for David to visit Brazil – and other places besides – over and over and over again, after we have politely asked several times for such requests to stop (because the tour has been planned and is not going to change no matter how many requests are made), is very unreasonable.

    This is why we have recently felt the need to explain the types of requests we get, so that fans can hopefully understand why we get fed up. Fans only see what we publish. They do not see the rude and hostile comments that alleged fans direct at David for in some way letting them down. We do not publish these.

    In future, we will simply these delete messages and make no further reference to them.

    I do apologise once again for any upset caused. Your country’s name was merely used in an example of the kind of messages we receive daily. It could easily have been any country or city, so please do not take that as any kind of insult.

    You are most certainly respected as David knows very well just how much passion there is for his music in Brazil. But please also respect that , if rude requests were not made in the first place, we would not need to make the kind of comments that have, on this occasion, offended you.

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