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We hope you all like the ‘On An Island’ album cover and are excited by the information that was revealed yesterday.

Who do you think is responsible for the artwork? Let us know. You’ll never guess.

We trust you speculated on what the songs might be about from the titles alone, pondered on how far David has come with his saxophone lessons (seeing as he is indeed playing – on ‘Red Sky At Night’) and eagerly discovered what a cümbüş is.

If you didn’t, then it’s a Turkish stringed instrument, rather like a banjo, but without any frets. It’s widely heard in Middle Eastern popular music.

More goodies are coming shortly, including… Well, you’ll just have to wait and see. But don’t worry, you won’t have to wait too long, and we are sure you’ll like what’s planned.

Thanks for the latest round of comments. Keep them coming.

Have a perfect weekend, everyone.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

127 thoughts on “Album artwork”

  1. I was hoping for a Storm Thorgerson’artwork and on the other hand i feard that if this is not the case it would be just a dull photo…but thankfully THE COVER IS GREAT !! YES I DID LIKE IT !! IT IS VERY ELEGANT AND VERY CONCEPTUAL WITH ITS COLOURS RANGING FROM BLACK TO DEEP BLUE ; IT IS IN PERFECT HARMONY WITH THE TITLE : SO YES INDEED AS A FAN I AM VERY HAPPY WITH THE COVER !! CHEERS …

  2. The artwork is lovely although it looks like David has hedged his bets in sending out doves looking for dry land!

    It’s super to see that Polly will be playing piano and even nicer given the background to smile that Polly is singing on it. Does that mean that we can expect to see Polly on tour as well?

    Roll on album release and roll on Glasgow. Anneli in particular is looking forward to seeing exactly how far David has come with his saxophone lessons!

    Was a curbus used in Sting’s desert rose? As for who did the artwork we suppose by the question it isn’t someone obvious like storm thorgerson, hipgnosis or furmanovsky. How about alice.g or Polly? Whoever it’s by we think it’s lovely and hope for the sake of space on the island that the tide’s in. We also hope that there will be a t-shirt with this design on.

    Is the blue grotto of Castellorizon island the inspiration?


  3. the artwork looks like a bit like Kate Bush last album, so I’ll say she is responsible for it.

    By the way, I’m still looking for a ticket for May 31th.They’re too expensive on ebay.

  4. I thought “that’s not Storm” when I saw the cover. So it must be Mr. Barrett, who is also an as-yet-unannounced guest guitarist, yes?

  5. Since its such a ‘personal’ record, perhaps somebody of Davids own family made it….

    The art is very nice indeed, its like an invitation to relax and contemplate whatever it is you want to contemplate… I think it is very cool that Rick is doing vocals too, is he singing harmony with David? Ah well, I dont want to know anyway, rather be surprised!

    Have a nice weekend!


  6. Cover art? We’ll never guess…hummmm

    How about bass player, Guy Pratt, who was a graphic designer/cartoonist at one time.

    Had to give it a shot anyway!

    tom from san diego

  7. Hello,

    What a great surprise yesterday… session players, tracks … what more do we need to know? Of course a lot more: the lyrics, what are they about, it’s a concept album, what was the inspiration to write them, who did the artwork (it seems not to be Storm T., maybe one of his children? I did me think of Aerial of Kate Bush), and and and… and the most important; how does it sound?

    It was odd to see that there are no female voices on the tracks…

    In the meantime I’m impressed by his session musicians, the most of them have played with the de creme de la creme of the Rock and Classical Musicians. It really makes me looking forward to this new album, a mix of Rock, Jazz, Classical tunes & Davids recognizable voice and guitar?
    And three instrumental tracks, lovely! Althrough I like Davids voice, his instrumental tracks were (are?) always a highlight.

    Nice to see that Polly plays piano!

    What’s the album about? “On An Island” can mean a lot, it could be about us, people in need and David him self and many more things.

    The titles give me the idea of what is happening on a day when you’re arrive at you holiday… at the end of the day overthinking what has happened and to make plans to change the un-justified things.

    What is this dear editor?

    Thanks for the latest round of comments. Keep them coming.
    End Quote

    Will this WebLog close? I hope not! It has become a daily routine, what must I do without it?

    Nevertheless, Thanks for the great WebLogs, Comments and the informative site.

    Take care,
    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

  8. “Oh, Oh, Ohhhhhh….

    How about Nick Mason on the cover art – who did the sketch on the cover of “Relics”??!!

    Guy, Nick….has to be someone “in the fold”…

    One of David & Polly’s brilliant children on a computer”??

    Storm is way too obvious – and this isn’t his style anyway.

    tom (again!) from san diego

  9. who designed this wonderful artwork?mmmmm….let me guess…
    yeah! why not? Nick! Nick Mason ! Please! tell us !!!

  10. amazing album cover just listened to a clip of one song i cant wait wish i had tickets so jealous, im so excited by this release one question who is now Daves manager now

  11. Hmmm… This doesn’t look like Storm’s work. And I am just not familiar enough with Polly’s work to know whether she does visual art… I have no idea who this artist might be. What I can say is… this is a nice cover, right down to the lettering used in David’s name. If the artist happens to read this blog, I would like to say… nice work.

  12. I have a signed Wish You Were Here LP with David’s signiature on it, and it looks more or less like his name at the top of the new album cover. Polly being an accomplished photographer would certainly have an eye for artistic arrangement (I’m not suggesting David doesn’t!).

    Therefore, I think David and Polly are responsible for the artwork.

  13. indeed, that “seat” doesn’t seem an island at all, but a rock!! 🙂
    responsible for the artwork: polly

  14. It is a very beatiful, romantic picture and I guess it is made by a woman. My guess is Polly Samson.

  15. “Who do you think is responsible for the artwork? Let us know. You’ll never guess.”

    One of his children?

  16. Hey guys,

    I suppose the smart money for the album cover would go on Storm Thorgeson ??

    But somehow I think the webmaster is trying to lull everyone into assuming the man who bought us the greatest Pink Floyd album covers has done this masterpiece.


    1. Wish You Were Here
    2. Animals
    3. Division Bell
    4. Dark Side
    5. Momentary Lapse

    That should get you all ticking over!!

    Back to my artwork prediction – I shall go for David himself.

  17. Good morning fearless Features Ed., fellow bloggers and David (who probably can’t be arsed looking at all this nonsense, but ‘hello’ anyway) –

    So, if you’re saying we’ll ‘never guess’ who’s responsible for the artwork on David’s new album then I suppose I can rule out Hipgnosis…it’s not Polly, is it? I mean, in addition to contributing lyrics once again, I see she’s featured playing piano on one of the new tracks, so it wouldn’t surprise me.

    Wonder if Polly will be accompanying David onstage eventually like Linda did with Paul? – the Floyd disintegrates with a whimper due to the members’ lack of interest and David enters his “Wings” era. 😉

    I’ll have to think about that one for awhile…


  18. I think the font for david gilmour is the same font for roger waters album and the wall 🙂 maybe roger is a little bit responsible for the artwork???

  19. Hi FEd

    Firstly I’m sorry to read you’ve been receiving some unpleasant emails – it’s a shame that the minority want to spoil this excellent website. I’m sending you a big hug via the internet, to cheer you up 🙂

    Guesses? Hmmm, well I reckon someone close to David, so either him or someone in his family – wasn’t his daughter doing Art at Uni? Or else I know Gala Wright is a designer and Ginger Gilmour, obviously is an artist. Or is it you Features, showing off your many talents!! ; )


  20. I almost feel off my chair when I read the press release. Can’t wait to see what other news is in store for us.

  21. I have to say that I am excited about this new album…Though I really liked the Meltdown DVD, I am looking forward to a more Rock and Roll type album with his soaring guitar plastered all over it. We’ve all missed hearing anything new from Mr. Gilmour and tired of getting teased by the likes of the Strat Pack! 🙂

    I am very intrigued by the first track Casterllorizon with just him listed as the sole performer!

    Can’t wait! Thanks!

  22. polly sings! and plays piano! if this is “the only band ” david plans to tour with, could this mean she will perform? honestly, it was big enough news that she does the vocals solo on the new version of “Smile” – but she also plays piano on “The Blue” with jools holland!

    this is at least as interesting as who does the album art. i’m amazed nobody (ahem) let us know about this. to me, it’s big news! i would love to see polly perform with the band.

    ok, guesses about the album artwork:

    Graham Nash

  23. I would initially have thought it was Storm, but maybe not? Those ‘almost’ Wall like fonts was a bit of a surprise I have to say… Could it be Sarah? Roger? I refuse to guess Scarfe 🙂

    Have to say it looks pretty nice, but if it will be a classic or not remains to say…

  24. A poem re: the sleeve designer…

    (Hem hem..)

    The logo for ‘On An Island’
    Is obviously written by hand
    Perhaps Gerald Scarfe?
    No, you’ll be having a laugh
    (You’ll only be paying a grand)

    Milton Glaser, the great Seymour Chwast
    – I’ll rule out on grounds of high cost
    Pearce Marchbank’s too posh
    Saul Bass? Too much dosh.
    Damien Hirst can go and get lost..

    The subtext of fantasy travel
    suggests the sublime Peter Savile
    or maybe a take
    on the great Peter Blake?
    (My brain has begun to unravel)

    Well, this has been awfully jolly
    But I know the fans will say “Golly!”
    “It looks very good,
    I don’t mean to be rude..
    but could it be David and Polly?”

    (If you’re interested in sleeve, book and film credit design, please Google all the above names – they are each unique and extremely good. I should also have mentioned Ray Hawkey, but I’ve only just thought of him..)

  25. Please don’t bite my head off for saying this, but sicne Bob Klose is invloved I’m going to guess…Ginger?

  26. My guess on the artwork, hmmmmm. Since you say we will never guess it must be someone who has never done some artwork for David’s solo work or Pink Floyd. One of David and Polly’s children?

  27. C’est David lui-même qui a fait la pochette? çà lui ressemble tellement! qu’est-ce qu’elle est belle!

  28. Love the cover! Polly is singing and co-wrote many songs. Wow, I hope she is a back up singer. I can’t wait to hear the new album!!

  29. I love the album design. Very calming, i think the music from it will be along these lines as well.

    Did David design the cover?

  30. Well, the cumbus I hear that a lot living in a place where 45% of the population is Armenian. Very beautiful instrument I wonder how Dave will utilize? Probably perfectly.

    I love the cover art it reminds of The Wall for some reason. I don’t think Storm did it from some reliable sources but it’s beautiful anyway. Was it Nick Mason?

  31. Seeing the album cover without his name splashed on top… well, it kinda looks Syd Barrett-ish (remember the back cover of Piper?). So unless it’s an old piece of work of his, I’d guess it was somebody close to him or influenced by him. David himself maybe?

    The things that surprised me the most (that wasn’t already known before yesterday) were:

    1. Polly on vocals and piano??? We need background material on this. When did she start singing? When did she start playing piano? How good is she at either?
    2. Guy Pratt only being featured on two tracks. I know David’s pretty good in his own right and I’m not complaining, but I was expecting him to use Guy more so he could concentrate more on the other instruments.

    Anyway the album looks like it’s laid out in a familiar fashion: starting with an instumental, followed by something that rocks, some interesting new stuff in the middle, second to last song looks like it has masterpiece potential, ending with a slow but masterful instrumental. At least that’s how I interpret what I’m seeing.

    The thing that’s catching my eye the most is the first instrumental:

    David – guitar

    Just David with his guitar. Or guitars. Which one will it, or they, be? It is safe to say you guys have increased my anticipation.

  32. Based on your commnent that we will never guess that eliminates the obivous “Storm” so my guess is that David did it himself. My Next guess is Polly. Or one of his kids.


  33. Ok I’ll take a stab at it…the album artwork was done by Nick Mason?? It’s a far cry from his squiggly ink drawing that adorned the original Relics album cover but, hey…maybe he’s improved over the years!

  34. Hi,

    OK, it’s not Storm Torgerson, not his style, and it would be to easy. Perhaps one of his children?

    We’ll never guess? Hm… Syd Barrett!!

    Have a nice weekend!

  35. The birds on the cover look like those on the album cover for the Who’s “Tommy” by Michael McInnerny… is he the artist? Or could it be David himself??? Either way it is a cool cover… I hope it is a reflection of the music inside! I can’t wait to hear the instrumentals… and the lyrics by Polly! The lyrics David and Polly did together on The Division Bell were amazing. I remember the first time I listened to TDB I was blown away by the freshness of the lyrics and the amazing instrumentation (along with Wish You Were Here, TDB is my favorite Floyd album- the mood is so positive compared with the likes of The Final Cut). Anyway… I ramble. Can’t wait for March 7th! I pre-ordered yesterday!

  36. Well, the cover is better than the other 2 covers from David’s solo albums IMHO. All the Floyd fans in the world believe that it was Polly or David that are responsible for that fantastic artwork. Yet, I have a hint that it was Storm Thorgerson who designed the artwork! I know that he usually uses real photographs for the album covers, but by you ,saying “Let us know. You’ll never guess”, I believe that you want to trick us!!! Although, the “The Wall” font of the letters could provide us with the fact that Roger Waters ,indeed, was the one to blame for the design. Well, we hust have to wait and see! BTW, I hope that a small amount of the earnings from the album and tour would go to charitable organizations…A week ago my family bought a painting for 500 Euro and the money went to an organization that aids children with cancer and leuchemia problems. I am proud for my parents. We are nothing in this world if we can’t help others in need. Even a small helping hand counts and does the job! Shine On!

  37. I wonder if castellorizon is a reprise of marooned – the title would certainly fit with the album:-)

  38. i also think polly designed the cover. it does look like david sitting on an island. polly’s books are fab and now we learn that she sings and plays piano as well! well, i suppose you have to be mega-talented to be married to such a mega-talented man as our lovely mr gilmour! i can’t wait to hear him playing sax, playing the cumbus and playing all those other instruments as well. what a clever guy. he’s like mike oldfield only much, much, much, much better.

  39. Dave himself or one of his children or Polly Samson or ROGER WATERS? or Pete Townshend or Nick Mason or Rick Wright or… I’m really anxious to see the answer. The script of Daves name is similar to those of the covers of “The Wall”, “Ca Ira” and “The Pros And Cons Of Hitch Hiking”, so it’s possible that Waters ist the creator of this wonderful cover…

  40. John Roscoe said: “I am looking forward to a more Rock and Roll type album with his soaring guitar plastered all over it.”

    I agree! Also, I’m an incorrigible egyptophile and am always hoping to hear more music infused with middle eastern elements…so I’m heartened about Red Sky at Night.

    My guess regarding the album art is Maxfield Parrish but I believe he’s been dead for a good while. 😀

  41. A bizarre guess – but since you said ‘have a PERFECT weekend’ – I am wondering if Christine McVie (formerly Perfect) of Fleetwood Mac designed the cover. She was an artist before she became a rock star.

  42. The artwork looks a bit too simple for me. So the only possible artist who could have done this IMHO is Roger Keith Barrett.

  43. Blue Light-Out of the Blue-The Blue-Cover is Blue…
    It seems thats Davids favorite Colour 😉

    It,s never Roger !

    I think it´s Polly…

    See you in Hamburg

  44. Hi.
    Not bad cover art there. It sort of reminds of an artist who frequently designs small pictures for a certain newspaper which I can’t remember the name of….perhaps it was him or her ?

    All the best.

  45. David himself or one of David and Polly’s children ?…Not Syd ??? It must be a close friend of David we dont know about…

  46. Pete…great question. My top five picks for best Floyd album cover would be (in no particular order):

    1. Wish You Were Here
    2. Animals
    3. Dark Side
    4. Meddle
    5. Division Bell

  47. People can be creative while guessing. Nick Mason could be the one. It feels like it could be David who did it. Blue is my favorite color. The birds are an invitation to dream. The Island is a place to ponder about ourselves.

    My favorite Pink Floyd album cover:

    Dark Side
    The Wall
    The Division Bell

    Least favorite:

    Obscured by Clouds
    The Wall Live
    Umma Gumma


  48. This album cover is lovely, so…poetic! I would have thought David designed it… but I wouldn’t know about who actually drew it! It’s conceptual but not as intense as Storm’s Artwork which are the best covers in the universe.

    I’m really looking forward to David’s Sax playing… this man has got a gift with melodies and harmonies so I am 100% sure he will make wonders with it…just like his guitar playing which gives me shivers down my spine… absolutely awesome!

    Looking forward to seeing David in Paris! Excellent

  49. The leading question and the seemingly obvious first choice (someone close to Gilmour) would have me believe it wasn’t someone close….

    I imagine it is another collaboration with someone pretty cool that David Gilmour would have wanted to work with….

    Bob Dylan….
    Brian Wilson……

    But, that font looks incredibly Gerald Scafe/ The Wall-ish……?

  50. I’m afraid I don’t like it. I can see the feel that is trying to be put across but it looks like it should be in the New Age display at a Natural World store.

  51. Beautiful artwork. Must admit, when you said ‘guess who’ I thought Storm too.

    Whoever it is, what I love about it is its simplicity, but also very defined and intricate – very much DG’s style. The posture of the person on the island is perfect and really conveys a sense of relaxation and being on and island. The colours are lovely…nothing to garish or bright, but darker and moodier. A lovely piece 🙂

    Guesses as to the artist? I’d hazard my wild guess at it being the work of a Gilmour, but not David…one of the family…?


  52. I like how the Pick Floyd album covers look on the Pink Floyd Back Catalogue Poster that I have framed and mounted above my desk at home. I never realized how beautiful the airtwork of the Pink Floyd album covers were until they were body painted on some very beautiful women. I am in the process right now of painting my motorcycle like the DSOTM, it will have pyramids, the moon, and various other surprises, if the weather’s nice in Chicago on April 13th, those attending will be able to see it.

    But the album cover for Dave’s album is very simple and understated, like being on an island by ones self, quiet and tranquil.

    See you in Chicago all.

  53. I feel obligated to guess Storm. It’s not the iconic surreal/obscure imagery that he normally is known for; however, neither are his photos for “David Gilmour” and “About Face.” Nonetheless, I like the cover artwork–the lettering is similar to Gerald Scarfe’s lettering for “The Wall.”

  54. Top 5 Cover Art Artist guesses:

    1)Gerald Scarge
    2)David Gilmour
    4)Storm (showing a new side)
    5)someone else with the surname Gilmour

  55. I LOVE IT!
    It’s wonderful!!

    I see Peter Max’s creative hand all over this album cover.

    Peter Max is a man who is always an optimist.
    He sees a fabulous new age for the new millennium,
    filled with enormous possibilities.
    He also sees a need for a greater responsibility to our planet.

  56. Well I think the birds look very much like those drawn by Gerald Scarfe, although the rest does not look like his style.

    All this information is just too much. I feel like I did when I was a teenager waiting for the next Floyd album to come out. I JUST CAN’T WAIT!!!

    I also can’t wait to see David & cohorts in concert in Manchester.

  57. Hi guys,
    I am very curious about David’s new album.

    I am from Turkey and it has been told that David plays Cümbüş in “On an island”…
    I am really sure that he played it so well.

    Cümbüş is like a 12 stringed frettless guitar.
    And i don’t need to tell you that it is very hard to play 🙂

    Best Regards

    Alp Eren Istanbul/Turkey

  58. I usually only lurk around here but I love a good challenge. If the artwork was done by someone we’ll NEVER GUESS then my money’s on Tony Blair. Or Martha Stewart. Or Fergie (the one from the Black Eyed Peas, not the Duchess of York/Weight Watchers–it SO could have been her!).

    Right, I’m going with Tony Blair. What do I win?

  59. Vic Singh?
    Guy Pratt?
    Sarah Gilmour?
    Pete Townsend?
    India Waters?
    Mark Holthusen?
    Nick Mason?
    Rado Klose?
    Phil Manzanera?
    Chris Thomas?

  60. Love the new cover art… it seems that Storm would be too obvious a guess and it doesn’t look like his style anyway. The image is simple and effective so my guess is that it would be a family member. Maybe Polly or David himself has started playing around with Photoshop, eh?

    Anyway, how about providing us with an image that we could use as wallpaper? Pretty please? : )


  61. im guessing this is the work of a mr sid barret i hear he,s been painting for many years in his hideaway lifestyle. the cover looks so simple yet afective plus david would be over the darkmoon if barret wanted to do the art work.!!! TIME WILL TELL !!!

  62. I know I’m in the minority but I’m afraid I don’t like the cover at all. Despite the general nice feel, it looks cliched and very simplistic. Sorry for the sarcasm but it looks to me like it was made in PhotoShop in about 30 minutes. But all in all, it’s the music that matters 🙂

  63. Who did the cover? Oh, I don’t know. In the interests of lunacy I’m quite tempted to say Rolf Harris did it, but I won’t. Cut-outs and silhouettes were more Tony Hart’s kind of thing than Harris’s…

  64. Okay, call me crazy and believe me it wouldn’t be the first time or worse than what I call myself, but the cover looks to me like David is on the back of a tortoise. Now tortoise and turtle figure in creation mythology for North American aboriginal people and also figure in Hinduism. So I am thinking someone like Storm could be the artist, he has delighted us with complex symbology in former covers. Or perhaps someone completely different grounded in more eastern philosophy and art.

  65. Re:Pete…great question. My top five picks for best Floyd album cover would be (in no particular order):

    1. Wish You Were Here
    2. Animals
    3. Dark Side
    4. Meddle
    5. Division Bell
    I think I would have to disagree. In my opinion I think the most creative and top album cover is:

    Drum roll…

    scroll down

    scroll down


  66. if the art work is not mr.thorgerson`s then i`ll be very surprised because it does contain elements of his catharsis, the shadow image and the “birds” connect somewhere, not too dissimilar of the darkside of the moon(am i right with the “the” bit, i`ve been a fan for years and still don`t know?)

  67. It has to be David himself, just look at all that he has contributed to the album already. Most of the songs have him credited to playing guitars, bass, vocals, and percussion so I wouldnt sell him short of creating this cover. APRIL 5!!!!!!!!!!

  68. > Who do you think is responsible for the artwork? Let us know. You’ll never guess.

    If past blog entries are anything to go by, it’s probably Georgie Fame!

  69. Very nice cover. My guess is Polly had a hand in the design. I have to admit I wish there were more than 10 tracks, but then again I wish there were more than 50. lol. Thanks Dave, you have made me a very happy fan. See you in Chicago. I can’t wait.

  70. The artwork is very “clean”! I like the colors indeed, The black and blue combine very well.

    I think it was David Gilmour who made the artwork.
    Or…Nick Mason!He made the cover for “Relics”, he might as well do this one too!

    Oh,and sorry for my english.

  71. I am surprised by the number of people who think this artwork is by a Floyd member. I don’t think so because:

    Nick Mason’s artwork in his new book “Inside Out” shows that he still draws in the style of “Relics” with lots of simple lines that form intricate patterns.

    Syd Barrett has been out of the public eye for 35 years, and I have read that he gets very depressed when he sees someone from his Pink Floyd days. Unless this was drawn in the 1960s, the artist could not possibly be Barrett.

    Roger Waters is, shall we say, a little preoccupied with himself. I don’t see him doing artwork for any album except his own.

    Rick Wright is not a visual artist, as far as I have ever read.

    David himself, or David with Polly, are real possibilities. It could also be George Hardie or Po Powell (and I don’t know the whereabouts of either of these men). Roger Dean, whose artwork has changed in recent years, is another candidate. And if anyone I’ve guessed is the actual artist, I’ll be completely surprised!

  72. My top 5 Pink Floyd Albums:

    1) Meddle
    2) Division Bell
    3) Atom Heart Mother
    4) Wish you were here
    5) Ummagumma

    Sorry, the Wall did not make my list.

  73. i thought it would be storm, but then maybe not.
    polly? seems like the proper choice. a gilmour child? hmmm. we’ll have to wait and see i suppose. david himself. i don’t know.

  74. When F.E. says “you’ll never guess…”, that’s a clue to eliminate the OBVIOUS choices or associations. That said, I like the Kate Bush “connection” guesses. I think the cover art is warm and serene, which is in step with the title and what we’ve been granted as to insight to the musicianship and content of the album thus far. Looks Great…can’t wait to see ya in NYC!!!


  75. What was wrong with my “album art by Rembrandt” comment?? You do have a sense of humor, dont you oh powerfull & mighty features editor? Oh well… Im hoping for a tour t-shirt with the album cover on it, and if the money goes to crisis I may just buy more than one~!!! (Posters would also be a plus)

  76. Who did this fine piece of art for the cover?…

    Well well well…hmmmmmmm…

    When the Editor comes out with the tantalisingly intriguing comment…”You’ll Never Guess”…it really made me stop and ponder.

    The first person (and who would be most surprising to us all) which sprang to mind was Roger Barrett. He does still paint after all, and this image definately has a lovely painted quality. The profile of the guy on the rock even looks like it might be a current day Syd? If it isn’t Syd’s art, lets hope RK Barrett is at least invited on stage for one of the London gigs for a cracking version of perhaps Dominoes or Lucifer Sam or See Emily Play…or perhaps just to paint a portrait of David during his live performance! Then set fire to as the last brush stroke meets canvas!
    I’m going to the 1st and final night in London, so please don’t let this happen on the 2nd!

    Secondly I thought, who would be the most ironic?
    Roger Waters?…No, no no… not possible.

    Then I thought, most probably (and most likely) one of David’s close family members…Polly or the kids perhaps as it is a very personal album for David.

    It’s certainly not in Storm’s Dynamic yet abstract style. The beautiful blue hue did remind me of Gerald Scarfe colours perhaps?

    Ohh well, I prefer surprises, so I guess I will have to wait until I am flicking through and studying the cover art credits…on the day I buy the CD of course on the way to work…March 6th.

    Could be David’s artwork. Even Rick Wright maybe. Whoever is responsible, (and I hope they read this)… A massive applause, excellent colours, lovely feel and a nice layout. Well done. I am getting a feel for the hauntingly eerie music on the CD already!

    I cannot wait!

    Dion Johnson – Australia

  77. Hi DAVID, Hi ED, Hi everyone!

    I have just a word: FANTASTIC!!!

    This cover has one of the most beautiful picuter I’ve never seen!

    And I’ms sure the music will be also better!

    Great work!

    Have a good day!


  78. i see the album art was done by steve knee his ibiza classic gold album is of the same concept a woman standing in the sea at sunset.take a look at it very similar.
    roll on 26th may!!!

  79. Ooops… Sorry features editor, I didnt give you a chance to post my response before I commented. Please forgive me for being a wise ass, I ment no harm by it.. You are doing a great job in keeping us excited about the up and coming album & tour, and you have taking more than your far share of criticism. One question for the editor that has been on my mind since day one, are you yourself going to hit any of gilmours shows??? Are you a gilmour/floyd fan yourself??? Thanks for putting up with me, along with some of our less curtious brothers and sisters. -peace….

  80. No problem, Jesse. ‘Putting up’ with everyone is my pleasure. There’s far more good than bad here. 🙂

    As it happens, I am a fan and I will be going to one of the London shows.

  81. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. I agree with Neil Williams comment. Seems a tad generic from Mr. Bladesaw.

  82. The cover looks great. Just curious though, since Storm has done virtually everything David has been associated with in the past, why not on this one?

  83. well the cover looks really similar to The Pinetop Seven’s album:the night’s bloom.
    It might be the same artist…

  84. Well I guess when the Editor said “You’ll Never Guess” he meant it quite literally, because it was never going to be anybody within the Floyd camp and therefore nobody we would ever guess.

    Nice one…a good laugh!


  85. Some very good suggestions, but we were confident that no one would guess correctly. :p

    To those who don’t like the artwork: How can you not like those amazing shades of blue?!

  86. The new album cover is beautiful. As a media student i could go into the semiotics of it all but wont bore you with that. Cant wait for the album. Im a new fan and a new release will cheer up my dreary winter. Thank u Mr Gilmour

  87. Arlight, so it’s not Rolf Harris and it’s not Tony Hart, and it’s nobody else mentioned so far. Let’s aim slightly higher. Is it perhaps an artist we’ve never even heard of in the first place that’s been met along the way at one of those Serpentine Gallery parties he seems to attend every year?

  88. it’s steve knee of blade. the answer’s on the following day’s blog (david and richard wright, 22 january). i’d never have guessed but maybe david did meet him at a serpentine gallery party! i like the album cover. i think the blue is really striking and that’s definitely david sitting on the island. i’m sure it’s him.

  89. I think Jools Holland could recommend to hire Steve for creating album artwork.
    There some covers of Jools’ albums on Blade’s website.

  90. Re:COULD BE SYD?

    Why don’t we give this man the same respect as we do with David. He does not like being referred to as “Syd”. He prefers to be called by his given name- “Roger” or “Roger Keith”.

  91. does anybody know where i can copies of the pink floyd body paint pictures/posters i think it was called back covers/issues

  92. The poster is called Pink Floyd Back Catalogue, Pink Floyd Music owns it,
    under license to G.E.I. Marketing, under license from Anthill Trading, LLC.

    Hope that helps Paul.

    PS The poster is the best Pink Floyd Art Work since a Nice Pair.

  93. Hi,
    having looked at the artwork it does seem obvious that Storm or Aubrey had a hand in it. To me it looks like David is saying something very profound indeed. Here goes, I think the yellow ” SUN” or maybe even “MOON” looks very like the famous circular screen used by floyd and the birds for so long have represented the floyd soundscape on covers such as Pulse and delicate sound of Thunder. Then we have a siluate of David in reflexion . To me this says yes it is a solo work but unlike ” DAVID GILMOUR” OR ” ABOUT FACE” this album has a more laired floyd feel to it and I must say having heard smile and Island jam I have to agree in haste that the cover is spot on if my thoughts are correct.
    cant wait for RAH Geoff

  94. Hey David!!!! You are the most most guitar player of the wide world….I listen to you and i be transported to and other world….were do not exist anything….only exist peace!!!! I so inpacient to listen your new album…with Floyd you are everything, but solist you are unbeliveble!!!! Genius!!!!

    Cheers for the new album!

  95. Is it allowed to post a sort of critical comment to the Cover for David Gilmour`s new album ? … a critical comment in this ocean of really pure fan-comments ??

    I love Floyd-Covers (most of them) … and the Cover-artwork itself for “On an island” is well done, sure … from a technical point of view … aesthetic but boring … and in my eyes totally without inspiration and … really kitchy … it is kitchy because everything on it is so obviously : the album calls “on an island” … and then there is a man sitting on an island watching birds in front of a sundown … WOW !! Great, what a nice idea … the most tricky part on this cover is the colour … thanks God the picture is not in real colours … this cover leaves no room anymore for interpretations, for secrets … you look at it and in one second you`ve noticed everything, you don`t have to think about it anymore … this cover WITHOUT the man and the birds … just this black stone and the big ball which looks like a sun in the middle – then it would be a nice cover … it would still contain the “island” theme – but it would leave questions … it would have more atmosphere – between dark and romantic … but now we just see a man enjoy his holiday in the caribic … this cover is not better then the cover for “About Face” … i trust David Gilmour`s sense for music – but i really hope the lyrics from Polly Samson will be not similiar to the cover …

    Anyway i really look foreward to the album and the tour !

  96. I will definitely buy the vinyl version as well as the CD as it is visually absolutely gorgeous, and will display it front and centre in my collection for all to admire. As for the artist,I have no clue,however I think it would be intriguing for the ages to keep he or she anonymous.

  97. I think the cover is thoughtful and absolutely stunning, both visually and metaphorically! Don’t just look, but see…and think…

    1. The chosen colour blue – true blue and honest – David is a master and has always maintained his musical integrity.

    2. David (I think we all agree) posed on the island, forms a pyramid – a symble of emotional and spiritual strength.

    3. David is looking up toward, and inspired by the incoming doves – of course, symbolizing peace and love. Could these not be the two things that he holds in the highest regard?

    4. Soft glowing sun in the background symbolizing enlightenment – with age comes wisdom. (Although, David, your music has always reflected wisdom far beyond your age!)

    5. The ocean/sea symbolizes life and infinite possibilities – and is this not what David has echoed in his music all along?

    Make of it what you will people, but I think this cover speaks volumes as to David’s place now. Brilliant work!!

    With much appreciation and anticipation for the cd release,


  98. I can’t say I like the cover. Sorry David.

    But it looks to me as a cheap Walt Disney Movie

    I really miss the wondering “what’s the real story behind that cover”. Storm is a genius in giving me that feeling.

  99. …and what’s more…could this be the direct contrast to Dark Side of the Moon? hmm…


  100. the post by “Posted by: PF_J at January 28, 2006 09:09 AM”
    speaks directly out of my heart (sorry for my english – i just translating directly from my german into english – so it maybe sounds odd sometimes)

    i did already gave my opinion about the Cover-Art-Work – but – ” looks as a Walt Disney Movie Poster” – that is really true 🙂

    if you like cover-art-work which gives you the wondering “what’s the real story behind that cover”-feeling and which also harmonies with the music perfectly … just take a look on the cover of “Stella” by Ernst Gamper ! Amazing !

  101. i think you should give the fans what they want.for me togo to a pink floyd concert it will be a chance of a lifetime

  102. i have to apologize a little bit for my harsh critic on the cover-art-work of “On an island” that i posted some days ago … i still think it would be looking more interesting and less simple and less kitchy without the man and the birds … or just without the man sitting on that rock … but now – that i`ve heard the wonderful short piece of music while i took a look on the David Gilmour-website … i have to admit that the Floyd-cover-art-work – like always – is perfectly reflecting its music in this kind of an emotional way that makes the music and the Cover one … if you listen to the music and look at the picture on the Cover at the same time – it`s less “Disney-like”, it`s getting more atmospheric, more “dark” … and in the end it`s a nice cover, i have to admit …

  103. I must say I’m disapointed about the cover. I was hoping for another Storm stuning visual. This doesn’t do anything for me.

    But the music we’ve heard until now is great, and it is still the most important part of the album (although I did buy an album once without knowing the music just because of a Storm cover…). I can’t wait for the Toronto shows…


  104. i want to know what anyone thinks abot floyd doing a remake of “bring the boys back home” especially with the troops in iraq in mind.WE COULD MOUNT A SERIOUS CAMPAIGN TO PULL THE TROOPS OUT

  105. do you think its a good idea to remake “bring the boys back home”with profits from sales going to british war widows,with putting goverment under pressure,to bring our troops home…also great p.r for future ventures

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