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Just to let you know that the remaining tickets for the Manchester and Glasgow gigs have now completely sold out – and did so within an hour of going on sale this morning.

Congratulations to everyone who managed to snap up the last of the tickets, and commiserations to those who missed out.


There has been some confusion regarding the remaining tickets that are going on sale this weekend, with Ticketmaster giving slightly different dates to those we announced at

Box offices in each city will be opening at different times, with the Los Angeles box office opening on Sunday instead of Saturday.

I’m happy to confirm that these are the dates, and apologise for any confusion or inconvenience caused:

Radio City Music Hall, New York (Tuesday 4 April and Wednesday 5 April)
Box office opens: Saturday 14 January, 12 Noon

Massey Hall, Toronto (Sunday 9 April and Monday 10 April)
Box office opens: Saturday 14 January, 12 Noon

Rosemount Theatre, Chicago (Wednesday 12 April and Thursday 13 April)
Box office opens: Saturday 14 January, 11:00AM

Oakland Paramount Theatre, Oakland (Sunday 16 April and Monday 17 April)
Box office opens: Sunday 15 January, 10:00AM

Kodak Theatre, Los Angeles (Wednesday 19 April)
Box office opens: Sunday 15 January, 12 Noon

Gibson Theatre, Los Angeles (Thursday 20 April)
Box office opens: Sunday 15 January, 12 Noon

The very best of luck with snapping up whatโ€™s left of the tickets.

We’ve discussed electric guitars (well, sort of), so here’s a snap of David with an acoustic.

Let us know which are the best acoustic renditions you’ve heard from David and Pink Floyd only (no fantasy cover versions this time, not unless they’ve already been done by David) and also where you heard them. Which David Gilmour and/or Pink Floyd songs do you think would sound great stripped down to the basics?

There have been many more great messages from you, which we’re enjoying. Keep them coming.

As promised, here is the next section of the ‘Five favourites’ results chart.

021. Green is the Colour
022. Poles Apart *
022. Shine on You Crazy Diamond (Part 6-9) *
024. Cluster One
025. Mihalis
026. Out of the Blue *
026. A Pillow of Winds *
028. Learning to Fly
029. Breathe
030. One of These Days *
030. Wearing the Inside Out *
032. Hey You
033. Have a Cigar *
033. Keep Talking *
033. Run Like Hell *
036. So Far Away *
036. No Way *
036. Us and Them *
039. Lost for Words *
039. Short and Sweet *
039. Until We Sleep *

* Equal number of votes polled. Alphabetical order, not preference, dictates a song’s order in the chart.

As you can see, lots of songs are tied for a specific chart slot, with barely one or two votes separating the others.

More coming soon. There are 107 in total.

This has all been fun, but please don’t take it too seriously. First of all, obviously everyone has a different opinion on which songs are ‘best’. The whole point of this exercise, however, was to give fans a chance to put forward five of their favourites. How many times have you seen the most ridiculous song/artist/movie topping similar polls and shook your head in disbelief? Yet, if it’s someone’s favourite, there’s not much you can do about it.

Secondly, it wasn’t a fair poll to begin with, because so many people picked more than five (which I did say was fine as long as you stuck to five suggestions per comment, but some of you didn’t do that and just listed everything you wanted to hear willy-nilly, often repeating the same song five times over…). This clearly isn’t a fair representation of every fan who passed comment, and the results are somewhat skewed as a consequence. All suggestions posted to date have been taken into consideration, but without more controlled conditions, this chart was always going to be slightly dodgy.

Thirdly, many of you took this as a chance to make requests. That was never the idea. Many fans openly named songs that they perhaps didn’t, and don’t, really expect to hear David performing in his forthcoming live shows, but would hope to hear, assuming that enough people would mention a ‘Comfortably Numb’ or a ‘Shine On…’ to allow them to use their five choices more wisely. So, you could point to this as a reason for, say, ‘See Emily Play’ vacating a higher position in the chart than ‘Another Brick in the Wall (Part Two)’.

Before you bite my head off, I appreciate that choosing a mere five songs out of more than 100 is not easy. Which is why I didn’t play.

Anyway, the results are offered just to give you an indication of what other fans like best. Feel free to scoff at the high positioning of ‘Learning to Fly’ or to bemoan the lowly placing of ‘Brain Damage’ if you wish… but remember that your fellow fans picked them, so make sure you blame them.

One final thing.

To those who have written to ask if David prefers ‘Dave’ or ‘David’, then the answer is definitely ‘David’; he doesn’t like being called ‘Dave’.

I now look forward to seeing if that makes any difference to the way you address him in your comments…

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

71 thoughts on “Acoustic numbers”

  1. Wish You were here – Live 8
    terrapine – david in concert
    fat old sun – david in concert
    coming back to life – david in concert
    pillow of winds – meddle
    If – Atom Heart Mother
    Is there anybody out there? – the wall live
    Wish you were here – Pulse
    hey you – the wall

  2. Shine On at the Royal Festival was fantastic. Repeatdily listened to on the DVD!!

    Dimming of the Day, excellent.

    How about Sorrow for something totally different. Don’t know how it would work.

    PS Dear Editor/Blog Master/Davids Mate

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to contact ‘Jaime’ we should be able to go ahead with a mutually beneficial swap ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Erm… Grantchester Meadows as played live around 1970-71.

    The bluesy acoustic Shine On from the Meltdown concerts was a definite gem.

  4. I haven’t used a blog before so I don’t know if this is the right way to make comment.

    As far as accoustic numbers goes, I was listening to “about face” a couple of evenings ago, and I was struck by what a beautiful accoustic piece “Near the end” is. The harmonies towards the end (pardon the pun), and the accoustic solo that blends into electric are quite wonderful.

    I couldn’t help but think that it was an appropriate piece for David’s ‘stripped down’ show.

  5. Hello to all,

    Just got my tickets booked for the Manchester show in late May. I’m (shall we say) rather happy! Seems as if the tickets sold out within the first ten mins, i had problems at the start with booking but somehow managed to get though. This will be the first time i’ve been to see David, after trying in vain for tickets to live 8 ๐Ÿ™ Never mind.

    I’m looking forward to hearing the new songs from his “on an island” album, along with the classic floyd songs.



  6. I’d rather not have too much acoustic numbers, as with the DVD, once was great but the second time around it gets pretty boring.

    The Barrett tunes does come over very well acoustic, as does Wish You Were Here and songs like Cymbaline / Green Is The Colour.

    Now, please don’t attempt to do ComyNumb acoustic (or semi acoustic) again. That was really a lowpoint of the 2001/2002 concerts, with that dull sounding gitar and unispiered guitar solo… Have a look back at the Columbian Volcano concert from ’86 to see how this one should be done, short and sweet ๐Ÿ™‚

    Fat Old Sun was very good though, have to admit that!


  7. BAH no sign of cry from the street in the top 40. What a shame, that solo rocks out sooo much. Hey ho, i’m guessing that theres gonna be some quality solos with on an island (fingers crossed).

    As for the Dave/David debate, can I call him Davie baby? or sugar plum?

    (Currently listening to the division bell – what a cracker wish I had been a little older when they toured with it, I bet it was sheer magic!
    marooned was well worth a grammie!!)

  8. Happy Friday, bloggerians! Just checking in to say (belatedly) that I’m 50 years old and I’m proud to be a raving nutcase Gilmour/PF fan. I started off when I was about 15. Still have DSotM, Meddle and Ummagumma on vinyl. Later I lost track of the band and its members for a long time…something I heartily regret. Live8 changed that for me and I’ve had a great six months catching up on all the fantastic music I’ve missed.

    This is Becky B. reporting live in Atlanta. Back to you in the studio…. ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. Hi,
    a great question, a philosophical one…
    If you had to live on a desert island, with only ONE CD, which one would you bring ? For me, I think it would be Wish you were here…, because it saved me sometimes (many times?)
    another question, less philosophical…
    Did anybody see PF with the Ballet of Roland Petit (in 1972, I think)…? Very special…

    Ikkar, with love
    (sorry, my english is so bad…).

  10. First a small comment about the list. Someone needs to explain to me how Run Like Hell comes in at #33. It’s only the greatest song of all time with the greatest riff of all time. Hopefully that’s because people are assuming that David’ll play RLH anyway and are trying to convince him to play other favorites, but going to see David play without hearing RLH is kind of like seeing the Stones play without playing Start Me Up.

    Second, my accoustic list:

    1. Wish You Were Here (Live 8, simply because of the emotion. Also David’s scat was on the money. Even Roger looked lost in the moment during that part.)
    2. Grantchester Meadows (I saw a version where David took the chorus and Roger the verses, both played acoustic guitar with David on lead obviously, and David sung his parts like David would rather than like how Roger did in the album. It was f-ing beautiful.*)
    3. Fat Old Sun (DG In Concert DVD)
    4. The Narrow Way Part 1 (the album version, never heard it live)
    5. Murder (only the first part is accoustic, but it’s still great; from the concert video from 1984, I still have the tape somewhere)

    *Thinking of David singing the lines “A river of green is sliding unseen beneath the trees, laughing as it passes through the endless summer making for the sea” still gives me goosebumps. I have them right now.

    And lastly a note about David vs. Dave: I’ve noticed that David prefers David so I’ve always called him that. But it’s interesting to note that Roger, Nick, and Rick almost always refer to him as Dave.

  11. Crying Song
    Green Is The Colour
    See Saw
    Pillow Of Winds
    Burning Bridges

    We will see us to Milan (March 24, 2006)

  12. dear DAVID

    and dear Ed and dear everyone,

    I never had occasion to see David Gilmour or Pink Floyd in live perfomances, so, I don’t have a lot of occasion to listen acoustic performance…aif not the songs which have ever been acoustic..or that I believe are acoustic! (I palyed piano when I was young a a little of acustic guitar…but I can’t promise to recognize all the acoustic sounds!)
    however, I can say that, even if I love deeply David’s electric guitar sound, sometimes acoustic sound has somenthing of celestial and everlasting emotions…
    The most beutiful that are in my mind, now are…my five favouites’:

    – One Of The Few
    – Is There Anybody Out There? (I can play it very well with my
    acoustic guitar!)
    – A Pillow Of Winds
    – Wish You Were Here
    – Lost For Words (is the first guitar an acoustic guitar?)
    – Grantchester Meadows (but I prefer the live performance,
    where David sings a part with his wonderful voice!)
    – Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast
    – Green Is The Color
    – Cirrus Minor
    – Murder
    – Goodbye Blue Sky
    – Julia Dream
    – Pigs On The Wing

    oh…I’d like to put many other songs…but I fear I wrote just too much! Pardon!



  13. Great Topic! When a true musical icon takes the stage alone with an acoustic guitar it makes a genuine connection with the audience like nothing else can.

    Yesterday, I mentioned a version of “IF” done by Roger Waters on the Pro’s and Con’s tour which indeed was great. David Gilmour’s version of Shine On was also amazing on the Meltdown DVD and I certainly envy all whom witnessed that live.

    Roger Waters with Eric Clapton doing Wish You Were Here for Tsunami Aid is great and is also worth checking out if you get the chance.


  14. Hello Again,

    Just one more thought about songs that would sound great stipped down to basics. Imagine if you would Paint Box. I can just picture a guest appearence by Rick Wright at a London show in which him and David Gilmour did a basic version of Paint Box.

    It’s likely not to happen but it sure is fun to picture it in my mind’s ear so to speak.



  15. My five favourites would be (in no particular order!)

    Year of the Cat – Al Stewart
    Dominos – Syd
    Comfortably Numb – David
    High Hopes – David
    Shine on you crazy diamond – David, Rick and Roger

    A difficult list to compile esspecially as I have ommited my favourite Wish you were here in favour of the miniscule chance David will see Year of the Cat and think “perhaps i’ll give it a go”. Thanks for the opportunity. Kenny

  16. To The Grand Poobah of Musicblogs, the Features Editor; and to David, who has always been “David” to me:

    My favorite acoustic rendition of a Floyd song so far is “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” from David’s Meltdown concerts. Beautiful.

    And I think “What Do You Want From Me?” would sound nice performed acousticly. But then I think mustard and onion sandwiches are nice too, so…

    Deborah, counting down the days to April 5th

  17. Hello!
    I’m working hard but I need to say just a news
    TO FLAVIA: I’m going to ROME David’s show. 26th march. Not Milan, 24th march. Maybe, we are going to meet in Rome.

    Good luck to everyone have problems with tickets!

    Hear you later!


  18. Clear winner of the best stripped down version is the deconstructed “Shine on” from the Meltdown Festival Hall show.

    Sing-a-long favourite WYWH also.

    I’d pay good money to see a strum along of “The Great Gig” – just David and a backing singer or two (will Sam be involved this time?)

    Oh and by the way – any PF fans who can’t get tickets to see David who haven’t checked out the Australian PF show yet, do so – you will NOT be disappointed – (there you go how about a tribute bands discussion next ?)

  19. Acoustic Pink Floyd Songs – interesting to think about. How about something from DSOM? I think it is the only Pink Floyd album without any acoustic guitars on it at all.

    The five acoustic performances I’d most like to see/hear:

    Narrow Way
    Green is the Colour
    She Took a Long Cold Look (Syd)

    Other possibilities:

    Goodbye Blue Sky
    Near the End
    Love on the Air
    A Pillow of Winds
    Poles Apart
    Is There Anybody Out There?
    Wots… Uh, the Deal?

    And from the “interesting new arrangements” department:

    Yet Another Movie (listen to it and think it over!)

    And of course…

    Wish You Were Here

  20. Would love to hear acoustic versions of the following songs (in no particular order):

    Us & Them
    Set The Controls For The Heart of The Sun
    Hey You
    Lucifer Sam
    Childhood’s End
    Free Four
    Young Lust
    Run Like Hell
    Learning To Fly
    On The Turning Away
    What Do You Want From Me
    There’s No Way Out Of Here

  21. For sure I have to say โ€œMurderโ€, โ€œCruiseโ€ and โ€œNear The Endโ€ from About Face. Those are top-notch songs!

  22. – crumbling land
    – green is the colour
    – grandchester meadows
    – wot’s…uh the deal
    – dogs
    – fearless
    – a pilllow of winds
    – cymbaline
    – fat old sun

    these would be an exemple of songs, david could easily perform unplugged.

  23. Some good ideas so far. I think acoustic versions of ‘Paintbox’ and ‘What Do You Want From Me’ would sound great.

    To The Dude: Glad to hear that you and Jaime worked something out. Glad to be able to help. ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. I should have mentioned the Breathe Reprise from the Dark Side DVD ducomentary in my earlier post. Excellent rendition. David always sings that song like he means what he’s saying.

  25. How about ‘Take It Back’ and ‘There’s No Way Out Of Here’ for a couple of acoustic suggestions and ‘High Hopes’ for the best acoustic rendition so far? That was a definite high point at the RFH shows for me, especially with that gorgeous cello. I really loved it. The same goes for ‘Fat Old Sun’ and ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’.

    I think David could turn just about any song into an acoustic success.

  26. Acoustic versions of songs show the inner beauty of the music. I think the first time I heard Shine on you Crazy Diamonds gave me another perspective on a truly great song. It also brings out the talents of the performers. To me many of the acoustic songs on Davidโ€™s DVD showed the range in his voice. High Hopes was especially moving with Caroline Dale Cello and Michael Kamen on the English Horn. In our world of manufactured music today, itโ€™s always amazing to watch true musicians at work. Unfortunately it is a rare occurrence in todayโ€™s music industry.

    On with my list:
    1. Breathe (David on extras for Making of Dark Side)
    2. Shine on you Crazy Diamonds Robert Wyatt Meltdown
    3. Coming Back to Life Robert Wyatt Meltdown
    4. High Hopes Robert Wyatt Meltdown
    5. Take it back Have heard it acoustic but would be interesting.

    Just received my tickets from Ticket master to the LA Universal City show. Very excited to bring my 8 year old son with me.

    David, thank you for the music, it has moved me in many ways. Take care and all the happiness to you and your family.


  27. Having seen Davids meltdown concert over and over I do hope he plays a couple of accoustic only songs.

    Here would be my top five I’d love to here accoustic versions of (if not already accoustic) :

    Mother (pleease!!!)
    Fat Old Sun
    Wots U the Deal
    Brain Damage (would this be possible accoustically??)

  28. Hi DAVID, Hi Ed, Hi guys.
    I wish you a good week end!
    …with David Gilmour and Pink Floyd sountrack!
    Hear to you on Monday

    Bye Bye


  29. I would like to here a stripped down version of

    1. Astronomy Domine (could be great with a cello)
    2. Brain Damage> Eclipse
    3. Wots…Uh the Deal (already pretty basic, but
    it would be nice to hear)

  30. I love acoustic Gilmour. My favourites would be: 1Is there anybody out there? 2.Murder 3.On the turning away 4. Dogs 5.Mother

  31. Hola,
    Well I personally like acoustic versions of songs thrown in to mix it up. From Mr. Gilmour’s DVD I really enjoyed “Coming back to life” and “Shine on …..” There was something magical about that. Can’t quite put my finger on it.Those are the songs I usually play for those friends who haven’t had the pleasure of listening to Mr. Gilmour. (Can you believe that??) Well I want to thank the Features Editor for allowing us Gilmour fans this blog. It keeps me busy till April 20th when I get to see my first live David Gilmour concert. Trust me I am excited.
    Well hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
    Adios to you all from
    Fontana, Calif USA

    Renee B.

  32. Hello to Dear David, Blog Editor and all the floydian fellows!

    Some acoustic renditions sound as a wonderful and brilliant idea to me! So, here are my suggestions:

    -Green is the colour

    (I desperately want to hear these two songs at least on a potential DVD, as I won’t go to any show :(! They haven’t been played live since sooo lonnnng! Don’t you think it would be a really nice idea?)

    -Granchester Meadows (as done in that video in which David sings the chorus in a very beatiful and emotional way!)
    -Wot’s the Deal.
    -Mother! (with the guitar solo, of course, hehe)
    -Goodbye Blue Sky
    -Hey You
    -Childhood’s End!
    -Wish you were here, obviously.
    -Julia Dream
    -Crumbling Land ๐Ÿ™‚
    -Rain in the Country ๐Ÿ™‚
    -Paintbox with a very nice Rick Wright appearance! —> Well said Brian H!

    -Is it possible to do ‘Wearing the Inside Out’? Just guessing…with another Rick Wright appearance XD

    I would also say ‘Dogs’, but Dogs without those guitar solos isn’t the very song I love so much, so would be better if it’s played as the original ๐Ÿ™‚

    I could go on…but I don’t want to bore you!

    Thanks for keeping up to date this blog! Finally we are much closer to David & his activities!

    Shine on and hold on to the dream!

    Rocรญo ๐Ÿ˜‰

  33. Hmmm…
    Let’s see
    1- ‘Wish you were here’ (already done)
    2- ‘Comfortably Numb’ (already done)
    3- How about ‘Hey You’
    4- Someone suggested ‘Sorrow”. That would be interesting
    5 – There’s No Way Out of Here


  34. As a suggestion, out of nothing in particular, but I was listening to a nice 1992 album “Growing up in public” by Jimmy Nail,that was produced and partly written by Guy Pratt, also featuring Gary Wallis and David Playing on two Tracks. Would it be an idea for David to cover “waiting for the Sunshine” or “Only Love”? That way David would finally be paid something for the excellent work on those tracks, and it would put some money in Guy’s pocket as well.

    Sorry if it offends, but just feeling mischievious, and thinking outside the box.
    Looking forward to the Albert Hall!!

  35. Just had a listen to a track called “Island Jam” which is some sort of outake from the sessions David Gilmour has been doing lately and it is the most sublime thing I have heard from him since The Wall. It is a beautifully fluid piece of playing that demonstrates a direct connection from heart to fingers that really does give lie to the emotional power of his playing that at certain levels surpasses all other guitar players

  36. As I’ve gotten on in years, I’ve come to really appreciate stripped down music. Don’t get me wrong: I love the musical effects on recordings like “One of These Days.” But lately, I listen to music for the song itself, not for the way it sounds. If it stirs the soul in its more basic form, it’s great music (the same cannot be said of music that only sounds good with all the bells and whistles). Songs that would sound great in a “stripped-down” format include “Wish You Were Here,” the beginning and end of “Echoes,” “Dogs,” “On the Turning Away,” and “Fat Old Sun.” If Rick Wright joins this tour, how about “Remember a Day” in honor of Syd.

  37. I at first thought that the 5 song requests were for cover songs, so I gave it my best. As far as acoustic, I would have to only hope that David will work out a guitar version of Out of the Blue…. That song would work well with Caroline on Cello on the bridge with orchestration. Or even for him to do the song on piano. Thats my farorite one. Good luck with the (scramble) to get the U.S tickets!! Get out your Atomic Clocks and hope for the best!! Cory

  38. My top 5 acoustic songs

    1- Hey you
    2- Wish you were here
    3- Poles Apart
    4- Is there anybody out there
    5- Mother

    I’d rather not have too much acoustic numbers on David`s concert. Im looking forward to see more electric guitars . David`s DVD is really good but was missing something…called ROCK !!!

  39. The Amazing Features Editor wrote:

    Some good ideas so far. I think acoustic versions of ‘Paintbox’ and ‘What Do You Want From Me’ would sound great.

    re: your acoustic pick of “What Do You Want From Me?” – Great minds think alike and we have excellent taste. Please stick it in David’s SUGGESTION box if you would be so kind.

    And now for something completely different: I’ve concocted a new drink and have named it “On an Island” in honour of DG’s upcoming album: Jack Daniel’s, cran-apple juice and a splash of Sierra Mist.

    Try it. Trust me.


  40. Hello,

    Of course, as mentioned before; “Wish, wish you were here” and we all sing a long.

    Another favourite of mine and probably the shortest sung “he” ever did; “High Hopes” the choral version, with the lovely choir; Michelle, Carol, Sam, H., Largo, Slavia & Claudia (hope I didn’t missed one).

    And I agree with Tim [January 13, 2006 01:03 PM]:

    Quote: “I’d pay good money to see a strum along of “The Great Gig” – just David and a backing singer or two (will Sam be involved this time?)”
    end Quote.

    Tim, Sam Brown is on an U.K. tour her self from 25th March till 13th April, so if you can; try to see her.
    But, yeah, I hope she’ll catch up…

    And no no fantasy cover from me, on explicit request of the Features Editor… boeeee ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

  41. this is fun…
    breathe from the classic rock dark side dvd
    green is the colour, old live show, atom heart mother on the road stuff. ahh with the scat.
    hmmm. wish you were here from live 8 was pretty tasty.
    wot’s uh…the deal, oh so pretty obscured my ears
    dominoes was great, heavy on the piano mang.

  42. I truly enjoyed the semi-acoustic version of High Hopes on “Live in Concert.” Now, I wonder if an acoustic version of “It’s Deafinitely” could be done–an all out acoustic jam.

  43. i am agree with Paintbox. This song is a bit similar to A day in the life of the beatles. I think that could be a great rendition to Rick Wright and the psychedelic years.

  44. Personally, I love to here accoustics with a full bang on the Fender to end a song. Poles Apart is a great example, also Near The End, Coming Back to Life, Murder, and Wearing the Inside Out. When I was younger, I had always referred David as Master Gilmour. Now wouldn’t it be special if Liz got off the throne and knighted him Sir David Gilmour. It has a nice ring to it don’t you think? Thank You. Frank.

  45. How bout “Scream thy last scream” :/

    I bought tickets to the SanFran show and the last RAH show in London. Prime seats too ๐Ÿ˜€ After Im done getting the plane tickets, I’ll be left scraping cans for food for quite sometime, no doubt. But Ive missed some 37 years of concerts, so I have a lot of catching up to do. Its a bummer David isnt playing in Seattle. Its a much stronger city musically than, say, Oakland or Toronto.

  46. What amazed me about some of the acoustic numbers David played at his 2001/2002 is the way he fed at least one of his acoustic guitars through a midi unit/digital processor of some sort to give it an electric tone when he wanted one. He uses it in Coming Back to Life to great effect. Love that spirit of expirimentation ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. First of all: WHY IN THIS WORLD THESE PEOPLE CAN’T STICK WITH JUST FIVE FAVS???!! does the features editor write mandarin?or japanese? i hardly can read a decent post between such dumbness!try to stay focus people, for gods sake!

    My five acoustic favs:

    Wish You were Here
    On The Turning away
    Hey You

  48. In my earlier post I totally overlooked the topic of the day so here goes on a few acoustic picks:

    Smile from DG In Concert (I so love this song)
    Grantchester Meadows from KQED
    San Tropez from Meddle
    Mademoiselle Nobs from Live at Pompeii ๐Ÿ˜€

    Happy weekend, everybody….

  49. Acoustic Wishlist:

    1. Is There Anybody Out There?
    2. Goodbye Blue Sky
    3. Fearless
    4. Wish You Were Here
    5. Us and Them

    Please play Washington, DC before you go home to the UK!!

  50. bueno David and all at – I think it would be quite intersting to hear ‘Learning to Fly’ stripped down to basics. Don’t think it’s been done. ‘Out of The Blue’ and ‘Short and Sweet’ too.

  51. FAO Tim,

    Have to disagree with you there about the Australian PF. Good though they are, for uncanny sound likeness search out Pink Fraud.

  52. Hey!

    UHn…hard question…Some of my options are:

    Green is the colour (from Montreux Casino early 70’s)
    Cymbaline (same)
    Fat old sun (live version…very long)
    A pillow of winds
    Granchester Meadows
    Wish you were here
    There’s no way out of here
    So far away
    Comfortably Numb
    A great day for freedom

    I’d better stop…

    Happy sunday!

  53. hi all–
    much respect and admiration to the whole gilmour operation–(especially respecting the guitarist!)–just fyi, the u.s. ticket sales thru ticketmaster for the radio city shows was even worse than expected–from high noon thru now, the ticketmaster site has *not one* ticket available at any price to any show. but the brokers certainly do–curious how they manage it with the “fairness” measures in place, but as soon as the tix went on sale, all major broker websites *each* had dozens of specific seats available instantly (at 2-5x face)–which ought to be (literally) impossible with no presale. at minimum, it should take a few minutes to put the tix up on those brokers’ sites if they start buying when we do. hm. oh well. once again the brokers make the $–’cause you know we’ll pay it. 2 bad the $ goes to them, not you and yours. see you in april, one way or another!! –fia & james

  54. My top 5 acoustic DG/PF wishes:

    1. There’s No Way Out Of Here
    2. Time
    3. Hey You
    4. Fearless
    5. Childhood’s End

    Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚


  55. How could anyone say the Comfortably Numb renditions were dull on the David Gilmour DVD?
    Stop talking utter pants!!!
    5 acoustic numbers:-
    1 – WYWH
    2 – Is there anybody out there.
    3 – Poles Apart
    4 – Echoes
    5 – (Dare I say) The Final Cut

  56. Here 5 best songs under an acoustic guitar:
    Wish you were here
    Lost For Words (does not concede on quality of sounding)
    Is there anybody out there
    Fat old sun

  57. Hi dave my 5 acoustics would be
    1.high hopes
    2.coming back to life
    4.poles apart
    In no particular order

  58. Hello to all,

    1- Murder
    2- Hey You
    3- Julia Dream
    4- A Pillow Of Winds
    5- Green Is The Colour

    Love from Turkey / Istanbul

    Alp Eren

  59. Re: Mademoiselle Nobs from Live at Pompeii ๐Ÿ˜€

    I think David would need a talented dog to do this one.

  60. stripped(turn acoustic) to the basics…

    get ready for some weird choices everyone,heh.

    1. Mudmen
    2. Scarecrow (extend it some possibly)
    3. Any Colour You Like (wonder what this would sound like without the effects added in)
    4. Breath

  61. Becky from Atlanta wrote about her favourite acoustic songs:
    …Mademoiselle Nobs from Live at Pompeii ๐Ÿ˜€
    end Quote.

    That is one of the oddest & original suggestions I’ve seen, congratulations, I like this. Think that the dog is in higher places by now, just as our dog, called Matje, who did always sing-a-long with this track. My wife always get wet eyes when this song is coming out the speakers…
    So this version or the original, is dedicated to Matje & his friend Harrie.

    Still got a question about that dog at Pompeii; some say it was the dog of Rick Wright. Is that true?
    The original lines were sung by the dog of Steve Marriott (who sadly passed away in ’91).

    Have a nice sunday, here it’s freezing but the sun is shining, so lovely weather,
    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

  62. You got my post and “Lucia’s” post mixed up. However Its probably our fault since we weren’t kind enough to sign our posts.

    My Bad,

  63. Looking forward to seeing you at Manchester Dave.

    As a guitarist myself I have been messing around trying to do an acoustic version of Us & Them, would love to see yourself do it, so I can get a feel of how the owner would play it. I’m not 100% sure but I think you played a couple of chords from the song on the Making of Dark Side DVD.

  64. Oh Dear me…

    Are there any discussions as to whether or not we’ll hear a multi-channel version of “On an Island”? While I and many others are wet with anticipation of hearing another Gilmour solo album, audioholics everywhere would semen-gly go Interstellar-ly Orgasmic over the foreplay of a hint of a 5.1 version of the new one…or something or other…

    Ron Wheeler

  65. 1-Astronomy Domine
    3-there is no way out of here
    4-young lust
    5-lucifer sam

    try to get back syd barrett please, and I hope some day david can tour in Argentina with Pink Floyd like Roger did .

  66. Hello Gilmour!

    I am a great admiring fan of all your work, in all the times of your career.
    Everything that I know to say, in my poor English, is of all heart:
    I love your work so much!
    Of a great fan from Brazil

  67. I dont know about stripped down versions but my favorite acoustic numbers would have to be:

    Wots… Uh, the Deal?
    Childhoods End
    Coming Back to Life
    Poles Apart
    Fat Old Sun

    Would love to hear Wots… Uh, the Deal? live.

  68. David
    Thanks for giving to me the chance to feel and live my life through your music and your inspiration.

    My five songs:
    Dogs (PEASE!!!!!!I,m asking on my nees)
    Fat Old Son
    Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Full version 1&2)
    Wearing the Inside Out

    By the way, Just to let you know that 10 years ago when I finished my carrer, I dedicated to you my degree.

    I’ll see you in New York April 4 & 5


  69. Hello all.I’m french and my name is Philippe.
    First, thanks to David being a great musician but above all a great man who cares for others.
    Being an old fan rigth from the beginning my favorites are indeed old songs.But i’ve got to say i have great expectations on the new record and the tour.
    My five favorites in no particuliar order.
    Green is the colour.
    Fat old sun.
    On the turning away.
    Rain in the country.

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