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We have noticed that many so-called ‘fans’ are selling tickets to David’s shows on eBay – and making considerable sums of money by doing so.

Now, some might say that the people who do this are shameless profiteers who ought to be deeply embarrassed by their greedy actions. If sellers choose to donate anything over and above the ticket price to charity, however, that’s one thing. Keeping the profit for themselves is another thing entirely and is a source of annoyance to the many hard-working people who are making a great effort to put this tour on the road.

Although one legitimate ticket-seller’s ticket allocation might very well be "sold out", this doesn’t necessarily mean that the concert itself is a sell out. A limited quantity of tickets to some venues will become available in the New Year, which means you still have a chance to purchase tickets at a fair price. You can keep contacting Ticketmaster or your preferred venue – not us! – and ask if there have been any ticket returns right up until the day of the show. Details on the Live Dates page.

Furthermore, all tickets are numbered, so we know which ticket belongs to which person. In 2006, it may well be that arrangements are made that make it very much harder to sell tickets on eBay, so our advice is not to bid unless you are prepared to risk being refused entry to the show. It’s your choice.

We have received a great number of messages from fans expressing their sadness at having missed out on tickets. It is their disappointment and desperation to attend that eBay sellers are cashing in on.

People who feel strongly about this issue occasionally make their feelings clear in a number of ways – although we couldn’t possibly condone anything that might disrupt eBay’s business operations, of course. Fans sometimes choose to contact the sellers and tell them how they feel, or place unrealistically high bids, to express their strong disapproval.

If you care about David, his music and this tour, then we sincerely hope that you will not entertain the idea of selling your spare tickets to make personal profit. Likewise, we hope that you will not line someone else’s pockets by paying ridiculous amounts of money for tickets.

If you are selling tickets on eBay, then you might like to know some of David’s preferred charities:

Crisis – Fighting for hope for homeless people. David is proud to be the charity’s vice president.
Amnesty – The worldwide independent movement that campaigns for internationally-recognised human rights.
Oxfam – Oxfam works in more than 100 countries to find lasting solutions to poverty, suffering and injustice.
The Environmental Investigation Agency – An international campaigning organisation committed to investigating and exposing environmental crime.

Today’s exclusive photograph is of Robert Wyatt. There’ll be another of Polly’s fine photos tomorrow.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

49 thoughts on “Tickets for sale on eBay”

  1. Finnally someone trying to raise awareness about the ripp-off business Ebay ticket-selling is!!!
    I was about half an hour too late to get tickets to Amsterdam, but you just gave me new hope! I will be on high alert on New Year’s eve!

    Great stuff! I didnt know Robert Wyatt was also playing on DG’s new album… this keeps getting better and better! 🙂

  2. Ticket selling on Ebay is really a sad thing : It begins to be a “sport” to order tickets for a concert. I have been lucky enough to buy the tickets I wanted, but so many fans can’t, because of some people who just think of making profit on it…

    It’s a shame, really…

  3. Yes, I’ve noticed the eBay market is flooded with tickets to see David. I think it’s an excellent idea if sellers would give any profit they see over the ticket price to charity. Also, so many “ticket brokers” buy them up and sell them for such inflated prices, fans who are desperate to see David perform and were unable to score tickets very often suffer and end up paying scalpers’ prices. It’s a sad situation, but one that is unlikely to ever go away. I have offered my extra tickets to die-hard fans and at the normal price.

    David, it will be my first time seeing you play live – much love & thanks so much for touring. Best of luck with the new album! Absolutely can’t wait to hear it.

  4. Yes, the eBay market is bad… but refusing people who bought tickets of the eBay to enter the concert would be really bad. These people are the real fans that have no other choice, so please do not consider this action against the buyers.

  5. Thank you for addressing ticket sales on ebay. It is a rip off and so IS Ticketmaster, charging $10 on a $65 ticket. We would all like to see Ticketmaster make a large donation to charity. Yes they are a business and need to turn a profit but charging %15 [to %45 on some lower priced tickets ] to have a computer take your ticket order is also a rip off! We all would like to see a program implemented that would curb scalping. We joined the NIN club [ yes, that’s right – Nine Inch Nails ] and were able to purchase pre sale tickets directly from NIN that had our names printed on the tickets. NO Ticketmaster “convenience” charge and YOU had to pick up your ticket at the venue with your photo ID. We had great seats for a fair price.

  6. This is really sad. I was hoping to purchase more tickets for my newphews to the L.A. concert. This will be a first for all of us to see David and it would have been nice to experience that with them, and not from the back of the house. Looks like that’s out!

  7. Robert Wyatt is the Man! He must have loved David giving him a Mojo Award.

    Yes Ebay is inconsiderate of the little man. They only think of there profit. I bought my 12 year old daughter a plushy toy from a top seller thinking I would have no problem and no package arrived I checked with Ebay and the seller was banned. So I was ripped off. Which really didn’t bother me it was my daughter not getting her gift. David’s tickets are going for a lot of money on Ebay, sad for the little man.

    I was talking with my husband on how David handled his ticket sales and he was so impressed that tickets were targeted for the true fan first. Going through email and David’s website was brilliant. My husband said that even though David is a mega musician and could be lost in a world of ego money and self that he is just the opposite and very humble and David has a good grounded grasp on things. Hopefully most of us fans got tickets and if not the others will get a good chance at a pair of tickets when the extra tickets go on sale in January.

  8. Great updates!

    I fully support Daves stance on Ebay, how such people manage to sleep at night after ripping good people off is beyond me.
    Now if only i could get over my fear of flying and get one of these new year tickets for the gig!! I suppose we all have our flaws and unfortunately because of mine i will be unable to catch my idol live,but a man can dream!Looking forward to the album so much, todays music scene needs David Gilmour badly.

    Best wishes for the New Year to Dave,Polly and extended family.
    Dundalk, Ireland

  9. I’m glad this message was posted. I was lucky enough to be able to score tickets in two locations, NYC and London, but being an American and seeing how high plane tickets are I am not sure if I can attend the one in London. I’ve been debating on how to unload these tickets should I not be able to attend, because I’m not looking to profit and I’d rather make sure they get into the hands of some true DG fans. So what I’ll do is eBay them if I can’t make it out to London for the show, and donate the entire winning bid to Crisis, not just the profit. I’ve been meaning to make a donation to them anyway.

    Actually I think I’ll try to contact Crisis to see if I can have the eBay winner PayPal them directly, or just simply give them the tickets for auction, that way everybody will know I’m on the up and up.

  10. I fully agree ebay touts suck, my friend and myself were lucky to be drawn for priority ticketing for 2 of the Royal Albert Hall shows.
    I will be giving him one of mine and he will giving me one of his…..hopefully 🙂
    THANK YOU very much for the priority ticketing!!!

  11. Will the scalpers give to David’s charities? It is unlikely. Profiteering from ticket sales, autographs, photos with the celebrity, ect. is totally unacceptable. I see this as a “slap in the face” and an insult. This goes against the Great Man’s principles- Greed. In all due respect, it this kind of thing keeps going on, David doesn’t have to tour. Furthermore, you can help these scalpers by refusing to buy the tickets. This would help David’s cause.

    It’s ubfortunate that I won’t be able to see him, but I look forward of getting his new CD.

  12. While I think it is a great idea that people should donate any amountof money over the price of the ticket to charity, honestly, I can’t picture many people doing that. Let’s face it….we live in a world full of greed. People who scalp tickets are looking to “grab that cash with both hands and make a stash.” If we really want to do something about this problem, what we have to do is quite simple…….BOYCOTT SCALPERS!! The only reason that these low lives exist in our lives is that there are people who support them. Try to get your own tickets when they go on sale or wait until additional tickets become available. Frequently, shows will be added or tickets intended for band or record company people get returned to the box office. This generally happens in the few days before the concert. A lot of times, these turn out to be some of the better seats in the house. The bottom line is, even if you didn’t get your tickets, relax!!!!! Ther are more chances coming.

  13. It’s a shame really. I just looked on Ebay and I KNOW that I will be purchasing one of these seats from these bloody bastards eventually. I will only get to see David once in my life and I’m not going to sit in the back rows that’s for sure. That’s all that was available for Toronto when I called Ticketmaster and I will pay whatever it takes to see the best guitarist in the world and hear him from the front rows or at least the middle of the hall. Damn dirty rotten scoundrels. Buying up all the good seats and the packages too. Shame on them. I hope they do donate the money to charity but I doubt it. The name of their game is greed not generosity.

  14. First, I’d like to say I love reading this blog! I think it’s a great idea to have people selling on ebay give the extra money to charity, too bad the ticket brokers wouldn’t do that.

    Can’t wait to hear the new album and see you on the tour!

  15. That is a pretty rotten deal. I was lucky enough to get my tickets last week. It just takes affordability and fun away from everything. Too bad you couldn’t do something about all of the bootleggers!! If they appreciate you, then they would go about things the right way. Keep it up guys “the good work”, your fans really like this blog!

  16. This site is simply fantastic!
    Thanks a lot to share your work with us!
    This is very emotional!
    And thanks a lot for the video clip…it’s wonderful!
    An happy and peaceful Christmas to David, his wife and his children and all the staff that work with him!
    You are great!
    And merry christmas to Nick Mason, Richard Wright and Roger Waters too!


  17. Hello, I recently Purchased “Hot Seats” to your Los Angeles show, the price was around double the face value. Although I feel this is a good value with receiving a CD, Merch & Collectable Laminate, I was wondering what percentage of that inflated price would be going to charities?

  18. Greetings David,
    First I must say THANK YOU for all of your art and for having such a generous spirit through your music, your fans, and your charities. Your music has been my life’s soundtrack. So, back in ’92 (or was it ’93?) I was lucky enough to be able to go to your show in Cali, Colombia with Phil Manzanera, Roger Daltry, Chucho Merchan, and others. It was absolutely mesmerizing. I know it’s been over ten years, but now that I can I’d like to thank you for coming down to Cali. I had the chance to meet and chat with Chucho Merchan in the late 90’s about that show while working together with an animal shelter in Colombia. He expressed how greatful he was to be able to be a part of the event. If possible, I’d love to hear any thoughts or memories you’d like to share about your experience in Colombia…
    Thanks! See you at the Paramount Theater in Oakland!!!

    -Santiago Vanegas

  19. I’m feeling happy and lucky for hearing all these news from my favorite musician ever (or from his webmaster :))I’m a huge fan of everything you’ve done all these years. And, no pressure, it would be like my dreams coming true if you, someday, do a concert here in Brazil. I’m very excited about the new album, wich I know will be brilliant! Thank’s for your music, thank’s for give me so much joy with it! Happy New Year for you and all the familly.

  20. unfortunately, I am one of those people who paid a ridulous price for tickets . . . but what else am I to do?? when tickets sell out and the only other alternative is to chance not getting to see the show . . . . not much other choice but to pay. I’d LOVE for the extra money to go to charity, but until the system changes, I’ll pay what I have to to see Mr. Gilmour live.

  21. I’m sorry but people who are selling tickets on ebay to make a profit off of Mr. Gilmour’s tour are in sad shape and are NOT ture fan’s. I think the people at ebay should be more carefull about who they let on thier site.
    Further more I am proud to say I bought my tickets from Ticketmaster. When I heard of Mr. Gilmour’s tour I jumped on my pc and bought tickets the RIGHT way, If you are a ture fan you will do the same, if there are any left! Even though He is not coming to the northwest we are traveling a 1,000 miles to see him, And it will be worth it.

  22. C’est vrai, et je trouve ça dommage en effet que des gens tirent profit de billets vendus dix fois moins chers…

    Bonne continuation !

  23. I think that eBay is as much at fault as the people selling the tickets. How hard would it be for eBay to “scan” it’s auctions for profiteers engaging in unscrupulous actions… I guess eBay puts profit before principals… I hope “David” will take further action on this issue…

  24. well…i lived in toronto for a couple of years…its really hard to get tickets for the shows unless you’re right on the PC when they go on sale (audioslave, nin tickets sold out in less than a minute)…sometimes you dont even get tickets (like coldplay, hockey playoffs, U2…)..but when i moved to UK, i found their online ticketing system much have at least 5-10 mins before they sellout…so again, if you really want to see the show the easiest/cheapest way is to buy them as soon as they go on sale

  25. Please respect Mr. Gilmour. He is not a commodity or stock to be traded. He is human just like the rest of us.

  26. hi- just got 3 tix for myself, wife and 15 year old son for the los angeles gibson theatre show.I had no idea (naive)that people would sell tix on ebay.I intend to find out the going rate for the tix when we all 3 attend on 4/20/06 and donate the difference to charity-instead of a vulturous scalpers pocketbook.I am a musician myself and HUGE floyd/david gilmour fan, and my tickets that I bought off the fan site are not for sale at any price.Myself and my family look forward to this life event with eager anticipation.

  27. It seems I missed the boat and got to this website too late from what I read in another post.
    “I was talking with my husband on how David handled his ticket sales and he was so impressed that tickets were targeted for the true fan first. Going through email and David’s website was brilliant.”
    But that’s okay. I can appreciate David trying to get tickets in the hands of his true fans even if I didn’t get here in time. Good show David! Now, how do we get backstage passes? How about a little contest on the blog? That would be fun, and possibly educational! 🙂
    As for the Ebay mongrels, they are a nuisance but without them I’ll be in the back row of the balcony for the show. All the floor tickets they say have been sold in the pre-sale. I will try as some suggest to get tickets on January 14th when they go on sale in Canada but if there aren’t any that are within 50 yards then I’ll have to give the ebay devils their due to see the master! I’m just a poor Librarian please don’t hate me. I’ve waited all my life to see David in concert. I could never afford Pink Floyd. So now that I can afford to go I would like to see some facial features from where I’ll be sitting. David may cock and eyebrow in disapproval, but at least I’ll get to see it! 😉

  28. I was desperate when I couldn’t manage to get a ticket for David’s concert, now my only ressource is to turn to eBay. I know it’s a shame but seeing David on stage is the dream of my life and this will only happen once. It’s incredibly difficult to get a place at a reasonable price with those eBay sellers but what else can I do ? I hope that the money will go to charity but will it be the case ?

  29. I too was unable to purchase my tickets through the correct sources and through sheer desperation resorted to buying from Ebay. I’m a single working parent and every penny is precious so I can’t condone these people making a profit from someone else’s hard work i.e David and the people who have put the tour together.

    However, David and his music is my one true passion in life and has got me through many a tough time. I was absolutely elated when I purchased the tickets as I never thought I would get to see David play live again and I didn’t think that the seller had asked too much over the odds. But then I got kind of angry at these people for making a profit and I guess the guilt set in so I hounded the guy and passed the guilt trip over to him and he agreed to donate the profit to Crisis. Woohoo a happy ending!!! After reading the above I have to say I’m a bit worried that I could be refused entry! Can this happen???

    Would just like to say thank you from deep within my soul to David and Pink Floyd for all that you have given me and millions of others. Your music continues to move me and inspire me, plus you are an absolute total babe *blush* not to mention a wonderful human being. Much love to you and your family x

  30. Yes indeed e-bay “scalpers” have had a hayday with this tour but its a part of the industry that has been present for many many years and will indeed continue for many more. Only ebay has allowed an outlet for a wider audience for such individuals. Now a scalper doesnt have to stand on a street corner pawning his “goods”. He only has to set up an auction and let er’ roll!!

    My biggest complaint is regarding the amount of tickets one is aloud to aquire at a time…10 or more???? thats crazy. This is why tickets are sold out to those “scalpers” in minutes. This is unjust in my opinion. I mean when you log into ebay to purchase tickets and seconds later they are gone… this is upsetting and then a moment later you log into ebay and sure enough tons of seats are available. This process needs to be policed a bit tighter to say the least.

    Ohh well at least I was able to get my tickets in time!!

  31. dave
    Totally agree with your stance on e bay.your many fans in ireland are left out of the loop and at their mercy . while my brother ,Fintan in the uk has got his hands on some tickets .Still searching for another three for your show on the 30 /03/06 in London . To you dave or anyone who has tickets will not only buy them at face value but will then double that and donate to a charity of your choice. have been a lifetime fan of your music . However we here in ireland dont get much opertunity to see the greats . perhaps a visit here dave ,about a week long of shows might just about satisify the many fans here . remember ,Dave even Roger visited these shores on his last tour and got agreat reception .So hows about it Dave , can even put you up in the spare room

  32. Shame on all those “fans” reading this who intend to profit from David’s hard work. You don’t deserve to see him when there are so many sad people all over the world who would give their right arm to see him play. Having said that, you would probably take their right arms… Donate the profit to charity and do what’s right.

  33. David.

    I grew up listenning to your songs. I became a musician because of you and now as an Engineer/musician always have the Pink Floyd’s sound as a reference. I remember I met you in my city Cali, COLOMBIA in 1992 when you went to play for Ecomundo with my friend and bass player Chucho Merchan whom I surprisingly found playng with you at the meltdown concert. Well..Chucho used my amps in the Ecomundo concert, by the way!!

    I will be seeing you again in NYC at Radio City. It’s going to be for shure one of my most memorables nights ever. Unfortunately, I had to purchase my tickets through ebay since they were all sold-out.

    Receive my best regards for a new year Dave, same for your wife and family. I will be waiting for the wonderful night to travel from Miami to NYC.

    Cheers in the English way!


  34. I agree with the comments raised here about profiteering but the sad truth is that it is just market forces at work. In the absence of an ability to get tickets anywhere else, my wife and I will have to buy tickets from the likes of ebay. We are lucky that we can afford it, although I was hoping to take my three children but at ebay prices they will have to miss out – I feel for the fans that cannot afford the inflated prices demanded.

    Ticket touting has been an issue since concerts began, at least the internet means that you don’t have to travel to the venue in the hope that you might get a ticket – I’ve done that in my time and failing to get a ticket but watching other lucky people going in to the venue is gutting.

    If I am able to get hold of tickets then I look forward to seeing David, maybe tickets in Europe are still available – last year my wife’s anniversary present was a trip to Paris to see Queen – mind you she had to take me too!

  35. I have been a Pink Floyd and David Gilmour fan since I was very young. I was saddened when Pink Floyd cancelled their concert date in my city of Las Vegas, NV back in the early 1990’s. If there is one artist on the planet I would most like to see perform live, it would be David Gilmour.

    I am interested in knowing more about the “Internet presales” of tickets for David Gilmour in Los Angeles in April of 2006. Ticketmaster says I have to be a David Gilmour fanclub member. I have signed up for the email news and updates on the website but that hasn’t given me any special promo code or anything.

    I am not sure how to get tickets through the internet presale.

    Can anyone help?

  36. Couldn’t the webmaster/moderator set up a special place on this site where spare tickets could be sold at face value only (plus postage of course)? That way lucky true fans could make sure other true fans who missed out could go to see the concerts.

    The tickets could either be sold on a “first come, first served” basis,or perhaps the webmaster could enter interested parties into a draw according to location.

    What does everyone else think?

  37. Brad, I’m sorry to tell you that Ticketmaster got it wrong. There is no fan club and we do not have any promotional codes to give out. This was a mistake on their part entirely. I’m afraid the only way to get tickets is through the usual way – i.e. Ticketmaster – but there are no internet presales. We gave fans in the UK the chance to express their interest by way of a Priority Booking scheme, but this was for the UK only. There has never been such a thing outside the UK and Ticketmaster were wrong to make fans think otherwise. I do hope you manage to get tickets. Good luck!

    It’s a good idea, Kevin. Thanks for that. We’ll certainly consider it.

  38. Thanks for the input. I checked back with Ticketmaster and luckily, two tickets “popped up” on their Internet site that hadn’t been available previously. Very lucky for me. This will be a concert of a lifetime for me.

    Now my hope is that when the tickets go on sale to the public on January 15th, better seating isn’t available since my tickets are non-refundable.

    I am just a member of the public so I am not really sure how I got them from Ticketmaster when they say their onsale to the public date is January 15th. But I won’t complain since I have tickets in hand now.

    I checked Ebay and tickets in the same row, same section are listed for over $500 for a pair. I paid $99 each plus the additional service charges. I hope others see my post and check Ticketmaster before they pay money to these Internet “scalpers”.

  39. As with anything in this world, a very limited supply for a huge, hungry market will allow people to profit. How much did Nick pay for his GTO and how much is it worth now should he chose to sell? I’m guessing Dave has one or two cars that have turned profits also. It’s the way of the world. Perhaps a few more concerts spread around the UK might be the answer? HINT HINT.

  40. I’m glad that this topic is coming up. I have been angry with the people that resell tickets with huge profit for years. The tickets are often expensive enough for the fans in the first place, and they know that we just “must” have the tickets…
    I have been a fan of Gilmour/Floyd since I was eleven years old. This was back in 1978 when I saw Live at Pompeii for the first time. Since then this has been one of my huge passions in life. I regret that I wasn’t able to see Floyd in the 70’s, but I have been to the concerts in Norway in 88 and 94(two nights) + Live 8 in London this summer (and what a night that was!!!)
    This time I have been lucky enough to get tickets to several shows and also bought tickets for my friends when possible, some through the presale on the Gilmour site and some through ordinary sales offices. Now I got a couple of spare tickets to two shows. If I don’t find a die-hard fan locally (Norway) that want a ticket I will bring them to the venue and probably give them to some of the “desperate” fans outside that don’t have tickets. I would just love to see the expression on their faces when they realize that they are going to see DAVID GILMOUR, that will be a real high for me as I can imagine what I would have felt in the same position (it will also hopefully annoy the profit hunters….)

    Once again glad someone is raising this topic and hope we one day can at least limit the possibility to make unearned profit on the true fans.

    And of course many thanks to Mr. Gilmour for letting us experience his music live again!

  41. Thankfully, David is back on stage breathing life into his dedicated, lifelong fans. Now I wonder what the chances are of Pink Floyd touring again in the future.

    Whether it be with or without Roger is another question. But it certainly could be possible now that Live 8 brought them back together. Old wounds heal slow but they do heal and we all learn how to forgive as we get older.

    What a great day for so many in the world that would be, to have a new PF collection and a tour to beat all tours. If only dreams really did come true…

  42. I shall begin this comment by stating that I managed to catch David Gilmour at all 3 shows he played in London during January 2002. Having travelled all the way from Australia to especially see him LIVE, seeing these 3 gigs made this part of my life one of the most fulfilling moments ever!

    It was such wonderful News when I first learnt of David Gilmour producing a solo album. Even better News was that he was embarkiing on a small Live tour for 2006.
    My excitement was so high, I prepared myself quite well to buy tickets, but that is where my excitement ended. No tickets. Could not get through online or on the phone. Very dissapointed. I was really excited again when I found out Glasgow and Manchester were announced, so took necessary sign up procedures ready to Buy again the moment they went on sale. This is where it all turned into a nightmare. I had great seats picked, ready to checkout and pay for, but as I tried to pay, all I got was online error after online error. The seat positions got worse and worse, my sessions timed out and I missed out repeatedly. I was very angry to say the least.

    Thank goodness for Ebay!!! I managed to buy a pair of Presale tickets for the 1st London show at a price of $500. All I hope for now, is that these tickets will be valid for me being the new owner. I am hoping that by posting this message, that I will be contacted by David Gilmour’s management to give me some form of assurance that these tickets will in fact get me into the venue? I am travelling all the way from Australia to see David. It was one thing to miss out on tickets sold through regular channels, it was another to have to pay more than double the face value for tickets, you can imagine how disappointed I will be if I am refused entry after flying all that way, over some ridiculous validity issue.

    As well as Pink Floyd, I am a huge Syd Barrett fan and run a website on which I have even helped promote David’s new album and tour. I hope after arriving in the UK in May, I am actually able to see David LIVE.

    If anyone out there within David’s management can offer me some kind of assurance regarding the validity of my tickets before I pay $2,000 for an Airfare, it would be much appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Dion Johnson

  43. Oiche Mhaith a chairde, Ta bron orm ,Nil aon ticeadi agam mar a daithi s gig agus

    on price s for the amsterdam gig for a fine pair @450 yo yo s absolutley f*ckin mad Just have to settle for the album any chance of an Irish gig sometime davey boy u s e gotta lot fans on this side of the water

    any who best o luck with an tour
    Frank f In a County Chorcaigh AKA THE PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF CORK sLAN .

  44. I hope all of you who feel so strongly about this have emailed Ebay with your concerns.

    One approach could be:

    1/ Create a fake hotmail email account or similar
    2/ Create a new Ebay account using this email address and fake personal details.
    3/ Win some tickets, you can win up to four I believe with a new account.
    4/ Don’t pay for them
    5/ When the seller enquires where his payment is leave him negative feedback along the lines of “I don’t agree with ticket profiteering on Ebay”
    6/Maybe if enough people did this, Ebay will stop the resale of tickets.

    Just an idea, I obviously would not condone this sort of thing.

    [Gosh, neither would we! We also strongly disapprove of placing stupidly high bids. That’s awful. – Features Editor]

  45. …..or just do what the RedHotChiliPeppers are doing for their latest tour: If you buy tickets at one of the fanclub ‘pre-sales’, you can only pick up your tickets at the venue—with I.D. and the credit card used for the original purchase.

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