As the people who work their buns off keeping the site up to date are about to take a very well-deserved Christmas break, this is the place to visit for the latest updates on David and his ‘On An Island’ album, his third solo release and the first since 1984’s ‘About Face’.

First and foremost, tickets in North America are selling like hot cakes – as they have been right across Europe, with several venues already sold out. If you have tickets to any of the shows, then you’re in for a treat. We’ll be revealing exactly who will be on stage with David as the weeks roll by, and a few other surprises as well, so keep visiting for news as it breaks.

Polly, David’s wife, has been taking plenty of splendid photographs of the recording sessions, so you can expect a new picture each day, along with news of how the album’s coming along, who is playing on the album and who will be accompanying David on tour, as well as several other interesting things as and when the moment’s right.

But have no doubt, this is where the news is hot. There might even be an early Christmas present on the site later today if you keep your eyes peeled.

You might recognise the chap in today’s exclusive photo… There’ll be another tomorrow.

But lastly, by the look of your comments so far, it seems that many of you are automatically assuming that Ged Lynch will be playing on each track and will be touring, too. Assume nothing! You’ll have to wait and see how great Ged’s involvement in this project actually is. There are many more musicians lending a hand in the studio and all will be featured here in due course.

Keep the comments coming, but some of you are jumping to conclusions.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

83 thoughts on “Smile!”

  1. Wonderful Blog. Will stop by everyday. Merry Christmas to you and yours Mr.Gilmour. Can’t wait to see your NY show.

  2. Great site guys, you deserve a good break as you must be working round the clock to keep this site up-to-date!

    Have a wonderful Christmas, and we await your “early xmas present” with bated breath.


    (I’ve got tickets to all 3 RAH shows – yeh baby!)

  3. Cool idea using this blog, you can really feel there’s a bigger connection to the fans this way.

    Looking forward to see some real christmas presents 😉

  4. Ged Lynch on drums, Phil Manzanera and David on timpani, and today it looks like more percussion. Has David re-recorded The Grand Vizier’s Garden Party? 😉

    Looking forward to the new album!!!

  5. Songs new and old, people expected or otherwise, it’s going to be great. The end of May is going to be something special.

    Merry Christmas and a joyfull new year all.


  6. great to see a new album and tour ! can’t wait to see you in new york in april ! happy holidays

  7. Hi David hope you have a great christmas and new years i am looking forward to seeing you at Royal Albert Hall on the 30th May. Great site i looking forward to the Album and tour.

    Merry Christmas

  8. Toutes mes félicitations pour ce nouveau site ainsi que ce blog. J’attends avec beaucoup d’impatience ce nouvel album, ainsi que votre venue à Paris.

    D’ici-là, bonnes fêtes de fin d’année.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  9. Merry Christmas to the man whose guitar is an extension of his soul. See you in May

    all the best to you and yours


  10. Hey Dave, very happy to see you finally have a website, and a nice looking one at that. I got tickets to see you in new york, me and my girlfriend will be making the 6 hour drive to see you on our 1 year anniversary.

    Bad timing for tickets to go on sale though… I had to sacrifice buying christmas gifts to buy tickets to this show. At least I got my priorities straight hah. I plan to buy tickets to the second show as well once I get paid. Rock on David! Play the Narrow Way!

  11. Best of the Season to all. My I find tickets to the Toronto venue under my tree tomorrow night!

  12. Great site. Cant wait to see David in April in Chicago. Also cant wait for the new cd to come out. Is there anyway we can hear some clips?
    Wishing all of you and David a very happy and safe Holiday season.

  13. Thank you for this very good site

    I can’t wait to listen to your new album and attend your shows at the Grand Rex and Olympia

    The 2002 concerts at Palais des Congrès in Paris were the best on earth !( with Versailles 88 and Chantilly 94 )

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Family

  14. A very Merry Christmas, and a happy and healthy 2006, to one and all!

    Really looking forward to the tour, and love what’s been done so far with this site. A good insight into what’s been going on, and great to see the pictures as they appear. And I love all this talk of surprises! 🙂

  15. Hi David!

    I’ve not been able to get tickets for your London shows 🙁

    I hope you are going to out the tour onto DVD for us unlucky souls! Happy Christmas to you and yours and please never stop playing…

  16. Got tickets to your Chicago, IL show (far away ones unfortunetely!!) but I am just glad to be able to be in attendance on a night that is sure to be wonderous and memorable for a lifetime. Saw you on the Division Bell tour at OSU stadium and to this day remains the greatest night of my life!! Thanks for all the amazing music and sharing your talent with the world!! Cheers!!

  17. Dave, can’t wait to see you in Chicago! I have tickets for both nights! God bless you! Happy Holidays!

  18. Great new site, just got my tickets for NY yesterday. Great to see you smiling and having fun. Can’t wait to hear the new album. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.

  19. a blog… it’s a great idea.

    a pleasent manner to follow the news…
    …until the D days….Album, Olympia and Royal albert hall.

    merry christmas, Joyeux noël !

  20. J’attends avec impatience votre nouvel album
    en attendant le 15/03/06 au grand Rex de vous revoir

    La france vous attend..Peut être une bonne surprise pour 2006..ce que beaucoup de fans ésperent faites nous plaisir…reformez vous.
    oubliez tout..écoutez votre coeur..

    Bonnes fêtes de fin d’année à votre famille..

  21. Hi Dave ! I’m Agustin from Mar del Plata, Argentina. I wanna wish you Merry Christmas and happy new year. I hope you’ll come to my country someday to give us your beautiful music ! Pleaseeee come to Argentinaa !!

  22. Hi Dave! Will be seeing you in L.A., I’m hoping for another treat from the past. Loved the Fat Old Sun in 02, (Would have loved it more with the end solo!), Would love to see another chestnut dusted off. Fearless? Childhoods End? Wots, uh , the Deal? Green is The Colour?
    Whatever you play will be cherished, just planting a few seeds in your web guys brain to pass up the chain! (C’mon guy, make it happen.)

  23. David and Webmasters:

    Like many others I’m struggling a bit financially, with having to deal with both Christmas shopping and purchasing your concert tickets all at once. So while I would love to make that donation to Crisis, right now isn’t exactly a good time. And I’m sure I’m not the only one in the same predicament. So even though you’re taking down the video and audio links you’ve put on your web page in a couple of days, make sure you keep the Crisis link up there, and I promise I will give what I can in a couple weeks. Cheers.

  24. Dear David and family,

    Happy Christmas and Happy New Year from my family! We hope you will add more US dates in the near future – somewhere in the south so we can avoid the 20+ hour drive to NY or flight to Toronto. We will make it to your show either way and are very excited for the opportunity to introduce our 7 year old daughter to your music in a live venue!!! She has many favorites from your repetoire and we anticipate the addition of more in the near futre with the release of “On An Island”.

    Thanks for the sneak peek clip Island jam – enjoyed it very much, indeed!

  25. Hi David, merry Christmas. 🙂
    Thanks for the ‘Island Jam’ video – great music, great picture. Can’t wait to listen to your new album.
    The is one and only sad news I found recently, is that there is no concert scheduled in Moscow or St. Petersberg during the upcomming tour. This is truly sad fact, cause there is a thousands of your fans waiting for you since 1989, and, I can bet, they can easily fill up whole Red Scuare, just imagine. 🙂
    Thank you for what you are doing, it is a great inspiration really. Cheers, Merry Christmas for you and your family once again.

    Al Rodionv. Moscow, Russia.

  26. Would like to wish David and Polly Merry Christmas and heres to an action packed new year!

    Unfortunately i didnt manage to get a ticket to any of Davids upcoming shows in 2006 but i am eagerly awaiting his new album and by the sounds of ‘Island Jam’ its going to be superb.

    Happy Christmas everybody

  27. Hi David!

    in my country, Chile, pink floyd is the most important band, we even have a floydian community, and you… you are the fundamental piece of this.

    thanks for your music, and I hope to see it in Chile soon

    peace, merry Christmas and happy new year!


  28. Dave…..


    thousands of hardcore are waiting for you!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Family

  29. It’s very exciting notice that one of the most popular guitar player in the world is preparing himself to a tour (please, a world tour, ok?). I am, and certainly all Gilmour’s and PINK FLOYD’s fans hope that Gilmour soon will arrive here in Brazil. By the way, ‘Island Jam’ seems to be a beutiful song.

    Good luck!

  30. Merry Christmas, and Happy new year. I can’t wait for new CD “on an island”. Today is my 18 birthday, and the most beautiful gift is your “ISLAND JAM” on this wonderful website.

    COME TO POLAND, you record with Preisner, so you will have to play concerts in poland soon 🙂 HAPPY NEW YEAR BYE

  31. I was in warsaw on Nick Mason book promotion “tour”. So i saw 1/4 of pink floyd, and I want to see you in poland…. in next HAPPY year

  32. Nice to see you in the web, David.

    It is as if you were getting closer to us (well, actually, Im from Spain), and it makes me feel happy, have been a lot of years listening to every one of each song you create.

    Happy new year for you and all the people who read this.

    Counting seconds left to your new release.

  33. Thank you so much for your Christmas gift. A video clip, taken from the On An Island album sessions!! What a beautiful gift it is!!! I LOVE the bluesy sound. Your guitar blends so well with the keyboards and the bass and drums is just brilliant, flows so well together. Paul, Guy and Ged really complement each others styles. The video is captivating. I love the glowing guitar guy jamming out walking around. Very cool, very Gilmourish – LOVE IT! Polly looks beautiful what a little angel she is!

    I still can’t believe how very humble and grounded you are as to keep in touch with your fans by making your website and blog and to continue to share your greatest gift of all your music with the world. Again thank you David. All the best to you and yours this holiday season and in 2006!

    I will certainly make a donation to Crisis. Do you have any ideal how many lives you have touched? Truly amazing and inspiring!

  34. This is an awesome idea. I’m already counting down the days to the Chicago show. Can’t wait.

  35. Hey Dave, I love you!!! (hehehe, I had to say that!)

    I’m really looking forward to your new album. The ‘Island Jam’ is very touching, bluesy and beautiful and I know the album in its entirely will be just perfect!

  36. Very much looking forward to the shows in LA!

    To you and your family: Merry Christmas!!! Happy New Year too!

  37. Hi Dave, i’m also from Chile (South America), the Country with more floydians around the World, our Community is composed about 2 thousands hardcore floydians, who are waiting for a miracle, like you come to our Country to play your beautiful music…. we have waiting for a long long time…

  38. David, im very excited about your new album and tour. Thank you for the christmas video and allowing us to peer in at the new work. I will be seeing you in New York in April. Best wishes to you, Polly and the Gilmour family during the holidays.

  39. Looking forward to your new album. Just bought tickets to see your show in LA. The clip (island jam) looks great! Going to be driving my Hydrogen powered vehicle from Phoenix to LA for the show, hope I don’t run out of fuel! Anyhow thanks David for your music accomplishments, you’ll have a fan forever!! Merry Christmas to you and your family from America’s desert

  40. SOOO glad to see another tour happening. I probably won’t be able to afford to see it, but anything that keeps this special music alive and spreading is a good thing. Hopefully this won’t be the last!

    (PS: If it isn’t the last tour, the Country Fair in Eugene, Oregon would be an awesome prospect. Amazing atmosphere and people; like a time portal to the 60/70’s.)

  41. David,

    I can’t wait to see you in April in Oakland. I just got tickets for the wife and myself. I like the timing of the ticket sales as I get to surprise her with another gift. Oh, and what a gift it is. She is not aware you are touring and coming out with a new album. She watches your DVD all the time.

    What a Christmas!

    Have A Safe and Merry Christmas

    Hayward CA

  42. What a beautiful Christmas present!!

    Thank you very much David. Have a wonderful, relaxed Christmas time. Hope it will be as beautiful as your guitar playing.

    See you in Amsterdam soon.


  43. Great idea to use a blog, I’ll be checking back often then! Looking forward to the new material, that video was great. Merry Christmas

  44. Hi,
    very nice shot! David,we are waiting for you in Belgium! Paris and London are far from here and poor students like me can’t afford a trip to these cities very often…

    All the best for your tour!
    I hope to see you soon!

  45. Merry Christmas Eve all!

    Hi there, myself and a friend are coming to your last show at the Royal Albert hall on the 31st May and i cannot wait :-D!!! This “Island Jam” is the perfect Christmas treat! What a way to see in the festive season.

    Thank You Dave!

    Merry Christmas and to your family, friends and team (Well Done Guys!).

  46. Hi Dave, you had a wonderful idea to open a blog for your fans.

    I want to see only few words: THANK YOU VERY MUCH INDEED.

    I wish to you and your beautiful MERRY CHRISTMAS and a 2006 full of peace for the world and full of success for your job. It will be wonderful for me see you in milan.


  47. Querido David,

    Thank you for the website, clip, mp3, blog,…

    Unfortunately I won’t be able to see you playing live next year, but I keep looking forward to the release of “On An Island” and hoping for another live DVD.

    Merry Christmas to you, your family and every one of us.

    Thank you!

  48. Merry Christmas and it will certainly be a Happy New Year when we see you in New York this April.

  49. Grettings from Lucca!

    Lucca is the city where was taken the picture of “the delicate sound of thunder”.

  50. Flaco, te mando un gran abrazo de navidad y felicitaciones por este nuevo emprendimiento musical. Espero que nos podamos encontrar y disfrutar de tu música en algún escenario.

    Te mando un brindis con un exquisito vino chileno, que me lo bebo a tu salud y la de tu música, escuchando el “Island Jam”.

    Un abrazo.

  51. We are really looking forward to hearing your new material!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family!

  52. Greetings, Mr. Gilmour:

    First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH for Island Jam. It is a wonderfully evocative blues jam, I can hardly wait for the album on March 6th.

    Thank you also for all the wonderful music over the years!

    KDB @ Buffalo, NY USA

  53. Merry Christmas to Dave and his family. Let’s also remember the less fortunate, when the “hill is to steep to climb” for them, just give them that extra push.

  54. Dave,

    I am so looking forward to the tour, I will be at the first night in New York City. I am also looking forward to the nw album, “Island Jam” sounds great, a throw back to the classic free form blues style you are known for. Enjoy the tour and I’ll see you at Radio City Music Hall.


  55. Hi David,

    I’m looking forward to see you on March, in Milan…Island Jam sounds great!! Thank you

    Merry Christmas


  56. Thank you David. ‘On An Island’ it is may be about peoples that can’t find own place in society . I have Fender 57 strat . I ‘d like more sound of fender then Gibson .

    Great blues jam . But somebody interest for progressive stile of modern music But it is CLASSIC FOR ALL TIMEs MAY BE ON CLUBS AND PUBS!!!!!!!!!!

    I want to arrive from Ukraine to your concert .

  57. So excited to see you on tour. My wife and I traveled from Florida USA and saw you perform the meltdown in London a few years ago. This time we travel from Florida to go see you in AMSTERDAM. we’ll see you at the bulldog!

  58. What a wonderful site about Mr. David Gilmour and I can not believe it a brand new solo CD in 2006!

    This woman’s “partial” dream has come true. I hope to see you in Toronto! I live outside of Buffalo, NY. In a town called Williamsville, NY.

    Your music is delightful and so are you and I am sure your wonderful family. I lost my mother to Lou Gehrigs disease and have not had alot of hope in anything these days. The loss is severe and sudden as I am sure you are aware. I have made donations to Crisis. I have something to look forward to afterall.

    God Bless you Mr. Gilmour and your beautiful family. Please say hello to your beautiful wife, Polly. I am a avid reader and writer and I loved her two novels. I must agress she certainly is “Lucky” & so are you but you don’t need me telling you that. It’s very hard for me to believe Polly that you were ever considered the “cross-eyed lion?” Are you joking? Your beautiful and I mean absolutely stunning! I look forward to your next novel Polly, hopefully in the future?

    Ok I will mention it here, my dream is to tell Mr. Gilmour face to face the impact his music has had in my life. Does he understand how much he has effected me and certainly others? I watch the VHS of PULSE and I am in awe everytime. ( I am still waiting to obtain PULSE in DVD format in the United States).

    I hope to be able to purchase tickets in Toronto or Chicago if my health is up to it. My last wish is to see and talk with MR & MRS. Gilmour after David’s show. Polly you have a fan in me and again I think you are incredibly beautiful. I can’t say I am as “LUCKY” as you are though. Everything happens for a reason right?

    God Bless again to David, Polly and all your children.

  59. Hi David!

    You’re the best guitar player, the best voice and the best man in the music scene.

    Thanks for all

  60. Thank you for Island Jam. It was a great Christmas gift. You are The Pink Floyd Sound.

    I hope to see you here in México.

  61. Hi David,

    Your sound is like a sword that shines through the cold air and your words slit my blind eyes.

    Thanks indeed for what you gave and you’re giving to my lifetime.

  62. I’m speaking by many fans in Mexico, please we would be very happy to have a DG’s gig next year…

    It’s going to be a Sold Out event…

    Merry XMas and wonderful 2006 !

  63. Hi Dave:

    I wish a happy new year for you and your family, i write this post just for say you: We need in south America!!!! We need in Chile!!!!

    I promise you The National Stadium full: like 60.000 persons singing your songs….

  64. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to David Gilmour and all his and Pink Floyd’s fans. Looking forward to 2006 and seeing David at the Royal Albert Hall. I’ll be happy with whatever David plays, but looking forward to hopefully hearing a couple of tracks from his previous solo albums especially Murder and There’s No Way Out of Here.

  65. Hi Dave!

    The moment i`ve been waiting for is finally here! Absolutely great!! My wife and I are traveling from Norway to see the last show in Amsterdam!

    Oh, I absolutely love the idea that Guy is joining you again, and Phil too!

    And dont forget to play stuff from AMLOR and TDB! 😉

    Merry christmas and happy new year to Dave his family and all the folks on the site etc.

    BTW, thanx for all the fantastic music, its the only one i ever listen to and its been an enourmous source of inspiration for me in all of my work. yadadada & blablabla!

    shine on !

  66. Hello David,

    Just would like to say to you that I got tickets for both nights here in Toronto,Canada.

    Hope you’re going to play my song WISH YOU WERE HERE, remember when you played this song at the Autostade in Montreal in 1975.Finally wish you all the best for 2006 .Look forward to seeing you in Toronto.

    Best Regards
    Benoit Lapointe

  67. Merry Christmas to David and his family and everyone involved in it! Thanks to David for touring again, I saw his show on the About Face Tour in Lakeland, Florida in 84. I had to go thru a ticket broker but got tickets to the Chicago show. My 15 year old son and I are flying to Chicago to see the show. He recently discovered David’s music and although I know the dangers of buying tickets from a broker, we are excited and looking forward to the trip.

  68. David

    I shot pictures of you in rehearsal in late’93 before the Arts ball and I’m a pal of Guy.I also took pictures of sarah recently.The day in the studio wasn’t that fruitful but being with her for a few hours rekindled everything from ’93 and ’94 for me.I was in the mixer in Philadelphia with my family next to your mum and dad in June ’94

    That’s it really-apart from the fact that Poles Apart is the least appreciated song and it sums up a lot for me…how many times can you be told you’re one’s favourite guitarist?
    Maybe one day I can meet you again and do some more pictures…

    Have a very happy New Year





  70. David:

    For God Sake man! Please come to Argentina. You are one of the greatest musician in the world. We never got a chance to see floyd live down here. You have a lot of fans down here! So do not dissappoint us! come visit us…Thanks for hearing this.

  71. hello david, I thank to God for your music, your influence in my guitar and my heart, by seriousness and the commitment with the music, to be always in my house, although you do not know me, by the blessed sound of your guitar, and by On an island…

    Quiroga Marcos (Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA)

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