Merry Christmas!


We hope you’re having a fabulous Christmas Day so far and appreciate you taking time out to visit. Hopefully the fine shot of David with David Crosby and Graham Nash – taken by Polly aboard David’s Astoria houseboat studio – made it worth your while.

The Crosby, Stills & Nash (and Young) legends, who also founded The Byrds and Hollies respectively, sing on the title track from ‘On An Island’. You can find out more about them from their websites: and

You’re still writing in with your comments, which is great, but please remember that questions are for the FAQs section and will not be posted here. If you’ve sent in a question, don’t worry, we have received it and there’s no need to send it in again.

All future questions to the FAQs page, please.

Questions about the likelihood of David visiting your town or country will not be posted, either. The tour dates have been confirmed and, if there are to be any changes made, then you will be informed. Just keep visiting where all the latest news will be posted.

Your comments are all very welcome, and everyone who is behind the tour fully appreciates that fans from all over the world would love to welcome David to their homelands. Yet we reserve the right to refuse to post certain messages, and we are receiving a great many requests for David to visit South America and Australia at the moment. These requests will not be posted.

David is still hard at work finalising ‘On An Island’, and Christmas is about families first and foremost. With the greatest respect, please remember that David has a young family and that is the most important thing to him. (Repeatedly asking him to visit your country will not help your cause!)

No one likes to be nagged, and several of the messages received have bordered on the disrespectful. To be frank, David does not have to tour at all. According to his current schedule, he will be visiting seven countries and 13 cities over a period of three months. That’s not bad!

It is, of course, impossible to please everyone, and great consideration has gone into planning the tour to ensure that as many of the people who want to see David do get the opportunity to see him. With all the will in the world, David simply cannot visit the hometown of each and every fan who wishes to see him play. Please be a bit more reasonable. We do understand your disappointment and have taken heed of your requests, but please be fair.

Another of Polly’s exclusive pictures tomorrow.

Until then, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

23 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!”

  1. Hello David
    We are Floyd fans, and we are coming in Paris at THe Grand Rex the 15th March 2006.
    Thanks for Island Jam and your genius(and thank for the clip!!)
    All my websoite is cooking with your music
    best regards and be happy
    Bertrand Simon

  2. Thank you for this fabulous site, and it was very delightful waking up to a new picture of David working on his new album.
    I wish all the legos in the world to their young boys and little girl!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone on the site and to the Gilmour family!

  3. hi David,

    thanks for the preview downloads, there ace. Wishing you a merry christmas, if your popping through Cambridge pop in for a tea.

    I can not wait untill May 29th, its my most anticipated gig I think Ive ever planned to go to.

    Peace and love

    Adam k

  4. For David Gilmore & all the wonderful people working with him Merry Christmas!. David’s guitar work has always been an inspiration for me since I discovered his work in 1970. I have carried some of his tunes around in my head for years and have found a place of comfort in them. I work as a nurse and applaud his efforts and the others who work with him for their commitment to bettering peoples lives through affordable housing projects and raising money for the homeless; a crisis that is worldwide. Thank you. Oh yea, I would really like to see David Gilmour’s guitar work in person again just one more time before I leave this earth. I will keep an eye out for concert scheduales.

  5. Merry Xmas to all of you from South Florida, USA. It is 80 degrees and very strange for a Xmas day.

    The album preview sounds great and we are actively seeking tickets to a show, anywhere. Thanks for all of your work and for giving us the rare chance to see a live performance. Happy New Year and may God bless.

  6. Thanks so much for being so up to date and sharing all these pics, info and exclusives… Just so you know I manage and sometimes play with the late Ian Dury’s band The Blockheads (in fact our website assistance is from Bluish). The amount of respect you are showing your customers (I prefer that to the word fans!) is definitely making me think about a daily blog from us… This is the way that the web should be used. Pete Townshend also has the same idea. Give the people what they want! It’s so annoying when you check out a site and it hasn’t been updated for months – also makes the site look bad… If people are interested (which they are) then it is so respectful to them to give them info and the chance to share with them like you are doing!
    Looking forward to the album, Albert Hall and more blogs! Thanks again!

    Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you all…
    Lee x

  7. It’s really great to have an up-to-date Gilmour’s website to check frequently.

    In response to the message posted asking for understanding and explaining reasons for David not to be touring around over the world, I reply:

    I absolutely understand David has got a pleasant life, he considers music to be his loving hobby, and he is pretty comfortable in his home as to be touring around.

    But on the other side, we, fans of Pink Floyd and David’s solo career, are always expecting any of the four Pink Floyd members to come to our town, as you say.

    Anyway, I’m here asking for David to take a look around Santiago de Chile, which is not a town, but a big city. Just perhaps 8 Countries and 14 Cities is a reasonable amount.

    Point away, I wish David, Polly and sons (which we could see waving their arms around at the sound of David’s Comfortably Numb guitar solo) a merry christmas and a happy new year. I’m very happy with the new material and haven’t stopped listening to it and watching it.


  8. Merry Christmas to you too and thank you for giving us this fantastic opportunity to see the work of David.

  9. Mr. Gilmore,I’m shocked (not REALLY) that you would get negative feedback on doing a tour. I hope when I’m 60 I have the energy and desire to run around all over the world working hard! The new song and clip is incredible. No expectations of what is to come. Just way excited to hear what you come up with now (and I managed to get TICKETS!!!). I love your instrumental pieces. Hope you play Marooned at the April 20 show in California! Woo hoo!!!!!!!!! Have a great New Year! Take time to enjoy the kids!

  10. Hello David,

    As i will be at L’Olympia on 16th of March,
    my young daugther (2yo and half) and me will
    more than happy if you sing that day, your song
    call ‘Cymbaline’.
    Why ? because ‘Cymbaline’ is her second name,
    and, on March 17th, she will be 3 yo.

    It’s will be a nice gift for her and me.


  11. Hello,
    I just wanted to give you a quick thanks. The work you have done over the years has inspired me in so many ways, and i cannot wait to see you on april 12th in chicago. Keep doing what you do best.

    All the best of luck,

  12. Hello David/Webmaster,

    There isn’t much I can say that others havn’t said before with these comments… Love your music with a passion and ill leave it at that!

    You have a huge ammount of fans here in Australia, unfortunantly due to population it may not be the same ammount as the US or a tour though Europe would find you but as you will well remember from the Floyd days, we are very passionate music fans and though there is more money to be made elsewhere I assure you that if ever you want to feel the power of a crowd of fans giving back all that you have given them then this is the place..

    Oh and now I can’t get “Smile” out of my head! Can’t wait for the new album.. as much as I do love Floyd and this would anger some people.. Rodger has nothing compared to what you have been putting out, with age he decayed as his ego grew when I would say the opposite for you…

    anyway! Thank You for bringing the passion back into music..

    – Richard

  13. I wish David would make his tour more widespread! There are millions of fans wishing that he would make a more substantial tour!

  14. Hello David and all that bring us this fine site,

    I recently obtained a single ticket to David’s show in Chicago. I cannot begin to express my gratitude to David for deciding to come to the the U.S.. I wasn’t old enough to experience any of David’s previous visits, and I never believed that I would get a chance to see him preform in person. This is a dream come true for me. Thank you again, and I can’t wait to see the show!

    Happy New Years,

    Matthew in Michigan

  15. David, hello from Illinois. It will be a great honor to see your preformance in Chicago on April 13. I am a long-time fan and guitar instructor here in Illinois. Last year I fitted my G n L Custom Shop S-500 with the EMG DG-20 system. The pickups are awesome. The best Christmas present I have received in years was obtaining tickets to your show. I am looking forward to the show.

    Happy New Year and Best Wishes,

  16. Hey David.

    First i would like to say, how great it is that your recording again and going on tour. The problem is that on your tour, you have to come to Denmark!! you just have to! There are many danish gilmour fans who wish to to see you live.

    If you come? I`ll buy you a good danish beer!

  17. David, you are an inspiration. You can’t visit every town in every country, so don’t worry about those unfair fans who expect miracles from you. We are not all greedy. The tour will be fantastic no matter where you play. I just want to thank you for giving us new material to look forward to. We are all rubbing our hands together in excitement at the prospect of hearing ‘On An Island’ for the first time. With warm wishes to you and your family for 2006, Vic

  18. If I could’ve gone to Europe to catch your first performance I would have…. These “fans” should recognize your human limitations and just go to the closest venue to catch your performance for crying out loud!

  19. i would like to thank you for the extraordinary music that you and your fellow musicians,[syd, roger,nick,wright and others…], have produced.

    I have been listening to the fruits of your labors since about 1971, [i was 10 years old at the time], i’ve been to several of your concerts [austin tx, dallas tx.]

    i also have quite a collection of albums, now my kids have fallen in love with your music also,[they are:Krystal–16,Karley–12,and Kayla–8]

    it still amazes me how fresh DARK SIDE OF THE MOON, or, WISH YOU WERE HERE, still sounds to this day.

    anyway, keep bending those notes,try not to bend that guitar out of shape [i saw you play it in a video once, i was suprized the guitar survived!], and next time your in Austin tx, come on by, take a ride in an alternate fuel vehicle,[thats what i do].

  20. just wanted to say i am a huge david gilmore fan, i have had his solo albms in record, then tape, and now in cd form, along with everything david has done with pink floyd, and we all know that david was the key ingredient that made pink floyd the band that it was. my only coment is that i am very disappointed that the upcomming 2006 tour is so limited, i think its great that david is touring again, because i realize that he is not obligated to, but for the millions of us that would like to see him, its just not possible with the limited number of concerts, and its not the price of the tickets either, i would gladly pay 200-300$ to see david play, he is such a gifted and talanted musician, no one in the music industry can play the gutiar as david does, with so much emotion and pasion behind the music, so having said that, i would plead with david to expand his tour, so the millions of fans that want to see him would have the chance to.

    thank you

    martin dineen, blanca, co

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