The last day of 2005 is finally upon us and, as the last day of the year just wouldn’t be complete without Jools Holland shouting “Hootenanny!” in that unique style of his, there could only be one choice for Polly’s Picture of the Day.

Jools Holland (seen sitting on the right, in case you don’t know), is undeniably one of the world’s finest boogie-woogie pianists. He started his career with Squeeze and now tours almost constantly with his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra, as well as having what is widely considered to be the most diverse live music show on British television, ‘Later… With Jools Holland’, on which David has appeared several times.

Jools received the MBE from the Queen in 2003 – the same time that David received the CBE. You can find more about Jools by visiting his website: www.joolsholland.com.

As it’s time for looking back with fondness – and perhaps a little regret – at the year that’s passed, and thinking ahead with great optimism about the year to come, why not let us know your hopes and dreams for 2006 – and perhaps your New Year’s resolutions as well?

World peace, an end to poverty, Chelsea to slip up in the Premiership… To give up smoking, to be more courteous on the nation’s highways and byways, to stop pestering David to re-unite with the other members of Pink Floyd… Whatever it is, let us know.

But no more shameless plugging of your websites in your messages, please. There’s space for that in the URL field, so please put the address in there and people can more easily visit (merely by clicking on your highlighted name).

2006 promises to be a very good year for fans of David and Pink Floyd, with the release of ‘On An Island’, a tour of Europe and North America and also the ‘P.U.L.S.E.’ concert from 1994 coming out on DVD.

We look forward to hearing about your hopes for the New Year and thank you all once again for helping to make this blog a success with your varied, but almost always interesting, comments. You can expect more exclusive news and pictures in the New Year, so keep checking in as David’s new album and tour draws nearer.

From everyone at www.davidgilmour.com, we wish you a happy and healthy New Year.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

30 thoughts on “Hootenanny!”

  1. Happy New Year to David, Polly, their children, everyone working on the album and tour and, last but not least, everyone reading this message. I hope 2006 will be a good year for everyone who deserves a good year. Thank you for giving us something to look forward to, David. May 2006 give you much joy, happiness and satisfaction. You deserve it. Bless you.

  2. A Happy new Year David, Polly and the rest of your family, also to Rick and Nick. In Germany we wish you “Einen guten Rutsch in das neue Jahr”. I look forward to your new album and the Pulse-DVD, because i haven’t seen Pink Floyd live anytime. I was too young in 1994/95. Unfortunately! Ah, my English is bad!!

    For the next year I wish you many fun by your tour and much luck. See you!

  3. Happy New Year to David Gilmour and his family from Cymbaline fanzine & from all Italian Pink Floyd Fan Club members: 2006 will bring us your wonderful “On An Island” album & tour!

    Happy New Year to Roger Waters, Nick Mason & Rick Wright: 2005 brought us your fantastic reunion; we hope that 2006 will bring us another big surprise from ALL Pink Floyd world!

    Happy New Year to this site Webmaster: many thanks for your precious job but, please, let us have a dream: some day David will play with Roger, Nick & Rick again…

    Happy New Year to this blog users: we are a real community, reunited under the Pink Floyd & David Gilmour flag.

    Happy New Year
    Feliz Ano Nuevo
    Buon anno a tutti.
    Carlo Maucioni

  4. Happy New Year to one and all on this blog and of course to David, Polly, extended family and friends.

    As for my New Years resolutions, well lets see there is my need to give up smoking which i eventually will get around to (i hope!). To practice the guitar more and reform my band, work out a bit more and of course to remain happy and jolly towards everyone i know.

  5. Hopes: that a ticket to one (or both, wouldnt hurt) of the gigs in Amsterdam miraculously appears and I can buy it and attend!!! for which saint should I light a candle?? hahaha

    From the Great Man and has family, all his little helpers to the huge floydian fan base, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

    All the best wishes…
    And yeah, lets give peace a chance…

  6. My resolutions are:

    1.Climb a rock wall (at 40 years of age lol)

    2.Teach my 16 year old to drive and park properly.

    3.Take a week long needed vacation with my husband of 19 years.

    4.Continue to appreciate every moment I have with my wonderful family and friends.

    Wishing you and yours a very happy new year 2006!

  7. Pulse is coming out next year? Really? Wasn’t it this past year that it was supposed to be out? 🙂 My hope is that wonderful tour that I never saw live, does come out on DVD and even more hope is that maybe this is the year that we can all live in peace. I hope for everyone to have a great new year with no regrets. I hope for everyone to treat their and all animals with a little more respect.

    Happy and Healthy and safe New Year to those who screen these messages, David, Polly, their babes and entire families, including the dogs, cats and other various pets.

    Thank you David for a great end to what seemed a short year and a spledifurous (as tigger says) album to come.

    Love – Robyn

  8. Hello,

    All my best wishes for everyone who is involved with this project, the mucians, the web builders (they did a great job too!), all the people behind the scene, the people of the art work (Storm & Peter?) their family and every who wants to share his hapiness and his wealth with others.
    Hope you all have a peaceful, healthy & gilmouresque 2006!

    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

    Hope my English is correct…

  9. Happy New Year to David, Polly, their children, and everybody whos work their bums off on the album and website. Have a great 2006, thanks for the great memories you gave us in 2005, David. And of course Happy New Year to anybody that reads this.

  10. I hope that 2006 will be like this site.

    There was a lot of love to express and now we have this site to put it inside.

    Too much time waiting for this site…but now we are happy !

    I can understand that someone is overexcited asking questions with no patience because sometimes too much love is symply TOO MUCH !

    Thank to you David/management/webmaster.

  11. 2005 was memorable for the brief reunion of Pink Floyd at Live 8. I got a bit choked up over it I must say. And of course the news that David would be touring and releasing a new album. Makes 2006 something to look forward to!

    I hope for peace and better days ahead for 2006, and I wish David a fantastic upcoming 60th birthday (gonna find a new Floyd cover band to play at your party this year, David?).

    Hope we’re getting older and wiser, and not just getting old – as one chap put so well.

  12. David,

    I Want to wish you an Happy New Year, for you and your family, and all the best for your next album and tour.
    2006 will be YOUR year, as July 2005 reserved us
    high hopes… no doubt.

    amitié et à bientôt à l’Olympia !


  13. I’m one of those hoping for Chelsea to slip up, but more importantly hoping for Manchester United NOT to slip up! How could they draw with Birmingham 2-2? How?

  14. Happy New Year to all.

    I wish you all good health & prosperity.Family and friend’s and the wisdom to know the importance of each.
    I’ve read about people scalping their ticket’s. To me they are priceless.

    I checked all the various Floyd sites for years on a daily basis.Finally I see that my obsession has payed off.
    The show will surely be one of the highlights of my year!
    See You On Tour.

  15. Hello to everyone!

    now it’s 22.01 and I’m having the last 2005 dinner with all my friends!

    We’d like to tell David, his family, all the staff and their family, and each one is behind this screen…HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

    I hope 2006 is going to be full of peace and happiness for all the world!

    And it’s very nice to celebrate this moment “with” Sir Gilmour and all you!!!


  16. 2006 does sound like a good year, with P.U.L.S.E. and On An Island coming out (although I admit I’m actually more excited about David’s album).

    I was also wondering if David will make a live CD of his performances in the future. I, unfortunatly, live too far away from the nearest city David is playing at (New York City), and I’ve always enjoyed David’s playing live.

    Additionally, it would be interesting to hear a documentation of his original material in concert, since live albums are usually reserved for Pink Floyd. Put in mind I’m not asking or demanding David to do a live solo album, but it would be nice if he did one.

    Thanks for your time.

  17. Well, this past year has been good for me. Nick Masons new book on his personal history of Pink Floyd. Most importantly Live 8, when Pink Floyd re united. It was a concert that I will never forget. Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Richard Wright, and Nick Mason, all together again, even if it was for only one night, it was a dream come true for me. Thank You.

  18. Great year for Floyd fans, and next year will be even better.

    Tonight I’ll be watching Live at Pompeii, maybe some Dark side of Oz or Echoes/2001 A Space Odyssey synch ups too. Great night to chill out to some great tunes. Happy new year Dave, thanks for the good times you’ve supplied.

    Happy new year everyone.

  19. Well, well. Jools is visiting Brussels a few days after David’s concert in Amsterdam. Gonna try to do both concerts. But it would be nice to see Jools and David together (BB King may join in as well).

    Hootenanny! And a happy NY as well…

  20. To all Whom Are Reading This:

    Happy New Year

    I live just outside of NYC and am pleased to have a ticket to see Dave at Radio City. My adoring wife allowed me to go to London on my own to see his semi-acoustic show. Now I am a Daddy and wouldn’t be able to go that far. Thank you for touring in N. America, Dave!

    Another big thanks to the webmasters for a great job!

    Best wishes to all in ’06

  21. All the best in 2006 to The Gilmour’s! Thank you for Live8. It brought tears to my sweathearts eyes!

    A good read I found on Pete Townshend’s diary blog today … Sums it up pretty well…

    Happy New Year to everyone who visits here. I’ve had a good year. I wish some of my brothers and sisters on this planet have better luck next year. Faced with the sheer magnitude of trouble on the planet, it’s good to remind myself that there are now more than seven billion of us. We are mostly well behaved, kind to each other, work to help each other or provide a service of some kind. Kids all over the world smile almost every time a camera is pointed at them. We aren’t doing bad. We should remember that. This not to suggest we should rest; but there is a lot of joy out there.

    What I have in my life is comfort. Tidings of comfort and joy. Comfort doesn’t necessarily bring joy, especially if one is constantly made to feel ashamed. Comfort without joy is not a lot of use. So let’s try to make the needy out there more comfortable, even if we can’t fix their problems at one stroke.

    Message to the political, ecological and journalist doomsayers: if you make me feel ashamed, I start to slowly but surely kill myself. So give it up. Tell me I can help. Tell me I can change things. Tell me my vote matters. Tell me the people I put in power can be influenced and steered.

    Don’t tell me there is no hope. Don’t tell me only you know what is wrong and that you can only fix it if I do what you suggest. Meet the new boss……etc.

    Just acknowledge that I am doing my best, as are we all. And if that is not good enough to save the planet, then maybe we need more adept doomsayers.

    I put Pete’s URL in the URL section by my name.

  22. My wish is for David to enjoy his tour and the health and happiness of him, his family and the whole world in general.

    That and for Brett Farve to put off retirement for one more year. Have my hometown heroes to worry about (:

  23. My best wishes to Mr. Gilmour and the whole gang for a wonderful year ahead, and much thanks for an exciting and great 2005. My resolutions:

    1. Improve at my guitar more.
    2. Play a paying gig.
    3. Maintain a good health status.
    4. Help out my friends and family more.
    5. Keep a positive attitude.

    Also, keeping my city cleaner would be nice. I live near a beatuiful park in the Hill Country of Texas, and it’s absolutely dreadful to see so much trash hiding its potential beauty. Anyway, good luck and God bless.

    Dylan De Pippo, 15.
    New Braunfels, Texas.

  24. My new year’s resolution should be to get in better shape and lay off of the ice cream but it’s actually: learn to play (i.e. strum!) electric guitar along with my favorite guitarist, David Gilmour. I’d better get busy ’cause so far I can’t play a lick!

    Happy 2006 to everyone!

  25. Hello David,

    Happy new year to you and to all your family, your friends, your “On An Island” musicians and crew and, if you agree, to Rick, Nick, Roger and Syd.

    My wishes for 2006 :

    – Having a job.
    – But not working on wednesday 2006/03/15, because I absolutly want to be at your concert (in my very good seat in front of you – 3rd row -).
    – A momentary lapse of… emotion when discovering your new album (like when discovering “Je Crois Entendre Encore” in 2002).
    – A Pink Floyd year as great as 2005 (thank you to have set some of my old hopes true) :

    . Like many fans wishes : Pink Floyd starting making a new album, which could be amazing with the musical maturity Roger and you have acquired in these 20 last years.
    . And another of my old hopes / dreams : the preparation of a concert of Pink Floyd for Amnesty International, about peace and reconciliation of people.

    Bonne année !
    Sylvain (37 years old, french, ex-member of Amnesty International, fan of Pink Floyd music since 1980)

    PS : Thanks to the persons who had the idea of this blog and who manage it : this kind of communication is important for fans

  26. David,

    As always, best wishes for a prosperous and happy future. What with the new PULSE DVD, Nick’s book ‘Inside Out’ and the premier and release of ‘On An Island’, it certainly looks bright!

    Thank you for all the entertainment over the years. My wife and I look forward to seeing you and all of your UK fans in Glasgow. It’ll be a great wedding anniversary and show! Cross your fingers for me getting tickets.

    All the best,
    Roger and Brenda

  27. Big fan of The Floyd and especially Sir Gilmour. I think his talents are his guitar, vocals and the way he likes his music…its just a cool sound whether he sings it or plays it on his guitar. It flows and grabs ya…all the same!

  28. did you forgot montreal,quebec,canada.in your north american tour……

    please think about it


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