Guy Pratt taking a break


We hope you liked David’s early Christmas present to his fans, and that it got you positively salivating at the prospect of some new material.

We also hope that, in exchange, you could find it in your heart to make a contribution to Crisis, the homelessness charity for which David is vice president.

As you perhaps already know, David has been a big supporter of the valuable work carried out by Crisis for some time, most notably by supporting their Urban Village project to build affordable housing for key workers, such as nurses and teachers.

So, at this festive time of year, why not make a kind gesture, no matter how small, towards people for whom Christmas is not about family, warmth, laughter or chestnuts roasting by the fireside? If you do, please say that you came from

There have been some terrific comments coming in, so many thanks to everyone who has posted. Please be aware that your messages are checked before being added to the site, so don’t be alarmed if they don’t appear instantly, as this is perfectly normal.

Also, queries about ticket sales will not be posted. The Live Dates page gives clear instructions on how to order tickets. We can‘t help you any more than that, unfortunately.

It’s been very interesting reading what you are hoping for from both album and tour. More will be revealed in time, so have patience and all will be made known.

Today’s exclusive photograph, of bassist Guy Pratt, was taken by Polly recently at a recording session at the legendary Abbey Road studios.

Guy Pratt has been working with David since Pink Floyd’s 1987 album, ‘A Momentary Lapse of Reason’ and has toured the world with Pink Floyd twice. A Grammy award-winning bassist, he has also toured with the likes of Michael Jackson, Gary Moore, Roxy Music and Madonna, as well as working on albums by Tom Jones, Iggy Pop and Elton John. He has written and produced material for a variety of artists, as well as writing and producing TV and theatre scores.

Why not check out his website:

Another exclusive picture tomorrow.

Until then, have a great Christmas Eve… and go easy on the chocolates.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

27 thoughts on “Guy Pratt taking a break”

  1. Guys work on Island Jam sounds great. Can’t wait to hear more! Yay! Have a very Mery Christmas and a Happy New Year. All the Best in 2006.

  2. Thank you for the sneak peek of the Island Jam video. It was very entertaining. Sure had that destinctive guitar sound we all love to hear from David. It really sounded great. Now I really cant wait to hear the rest of the album. Keep up the great work.

  3. Hi I’m from Chile.

    The Island Jam song is very good with a lot of feeling like every song of David. I’m sure that the complete album will be amazing.

    The Best wishes for this Christmas and a Happy New Year for every one.


  4. Hi Dave,

    Tonight I’ll give my 16-year-old daughter what I’m sure will be her favorite Christmas present… tickets to the upcoming April 4 show in New York (she’s a guitar player and a huge fan). I can’t wait for the new album and to accompany her to the show. Happy New Year!

  5. Thank you very much David.
    I´m counting down ´til March 6th
    …so, where´s the birthday party? 🙂

  6. Ciao a tutti! Island Jam è fantastico, non oso pensare a come siano gli altri…
    Non resta che aspettare l’uscita dell’album!
    David ci vediamo a Roma!

    Hi to everyone! Island Jam is fantastic, I don’t try thinking how the other tracks would be…
    We should only have to wait for the album!
    David see you in Rome!

  7. Only just found this site… cool 🙂

    Thanks Dave for the early Xmas present… new material sounds really good and I’m looking forward to the new album.

    Anyway… real reason I’m writing is to say thank you for your involvement with Crisis. I am currently living in a dump of a Hostel because I’m homeless myself so your support and Involvement in Homeless issues is heartening and much appreciated.

    Thank you,


  8. This is time to think about what was 2005 and what we want to 2006 would be. So, happy Christmas to you all and have a great time with your families!

    “So this is Xmas
    And what have you done
    Another year over
    And a new one just begun
    And so this is Xmas
    I hope you have fun
    The near and the dear one
    The old and the young

    A Merry Merry Xmas
    And a happy New Year
    Let’s hope it’s a good one
    Without any fear

    And so this is Xmas
    For weak and for strong
    For rich and the poor ones
    The world is so wrong
    And so happy Xmas
    For black and for white
    For yellow and red ones
    Let’s stop all the fight

    A very Merry Xmas
    And a happy New Year
    Let’s hope it’s a good one
    Without any fear

    And so this is Xmas
    And what have we done
    Another year over
    A new one just begun
    And so happy Xmas
    We hope you have fun
    The near and the dear one
    The old and the young

    A very Merry Xmas
    And a happy New Year
    Let’s hope it’s a good one
    Without any fear
    War is over, if you want it
    War is over now

    Happy Xmas”


  9. Pazzesca jam! Mi è piaciuta molto! Ho apprezzato particolarmente il suono dell’organo anni 70, molto caratteristico, in vero stile Pink Floyd.
    Anche la tecnica chitarristica di David è migliorata. Aspetto con ansia il disco e di vederlo dal vivo a Milano.

    What a terrific jam! I enjoyed it very much! I’ve appreciated particularly the 70’s organ sound, very distinctive, in classic Pink Floyd style. David’s guitar technique is enhanced. I’m waiting with anxiety for the Album and for the Milan show!

  10. Thanks David for that video it is awsome i cant wait for the album and tour
    thanks again

  11. This recording sounds very intimate to my ears which would be a departure in my mind. If in fact this tune represents the true nature of the album. The guitar sounds like it’s right in your face ala BB King (lettin the tubes shine) and not soaring and searing off in the distance. I hope the delay is not lost on this album because it makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck when David blisters a solo out with it. I must say though, I’m likin this a whole lot as well. Thanks for posting it and I’ll try to make it up to Chicago from St.Louie to check you guys out!

  12. Merry Christmas from the US (Atlanta, actually) to you, Polly and all of your children! Will be seeing you (for the first time ever!) in New York.

    Thanking my lucky stars,

  13. Hi everyone, I’m from Brasil and I’m waiting for the new album, the Island Jam is great!! is very good see David at work again.

  14. I would just like to say thanks and Happy Christmas to all those who keep the website and blog updated. It keeps all us Gilmour-o-philes in a state of perpetual excitement and your work is appreciated!

  15. Merry christmas Mr.David…people from brazil are waiting for you…we hope that you can visit us, because there are a lot of fans here….

  16. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year all.

    Island Jam is great, thanks for that! Just wanted to add a detail to Guy Pratt’s mini-resume above, his small, brief but notable acting role in the cult Channel 4 sitcom Spaced, as Minty the Marxist class warrior, a man who gets his knees bitten off by his own dog Gramsci!

    Can I just add my tuppence-worth and remark on just how ironic it is, this blog enabling fans from around the world to say things like “Hi Dave, can’t wait to see you in New York, Merry Xmas” etc., considering we’re talking about a member of the once mysterious, anonymous Pink Floyd, who long ago were 4 seemingly aloof figures on stage, seldom speaking to the press… it aptly demonstrates the the power and wonder of modern communications!

    Better not let the “I love you, David”s get to his head though. His customary shyness and man-of-few-words persona are all part of the charm… after all, who here would relish the prospect of David running out on stage, screaming “Are you ready to rock, London?!”

  17. Amazing that the website was updated for Christmas day. I fully appreciate the comment about David and his family. At the end of the day David is just like all of us i.e. has a family, a career, has to get up in a morning to the same weather, same headlines etc etc, and CANNOT PLAY IN ROTHERHAM THIS TOUR!!!! I just wonder if he has spent the day putting toys together for the kids??!! One of mine got a guitar and was inmpressed by the Island Jam video.

    Cheers to David et al.

  18. Hi there David. All good luck to you with your new solo-album and hope it will go great to you. I hope you can visit and play a gig in Stockholm. And a happy new year.

  19. thank you very much uncle David|! you give us another brick in the wall, we are waiting for your master-work and we hope to see you with rick, nick and..roger very soon!!!

    we love you!

  20. David,
    From the first sip I had.. to the last sip you have just given us…you’ve never disappointed me. The tradition lives on my friend. Thanks for the gift.
    Be well…Be safe

  21. hi Mr. Gilmour,
    i am from hong kong.
    ever since i watched your performance at Knebworth, you have become the only guitarist i have ever looked up to. i was 18, just picked up guitar playing.
    now i am 36,just turned father, your sound still sits in my mind, ringing…………..
    i am in NY, hope very much to see you in April

  22. ei
    Sou do Brasil, embora o PINK FLOYD nunca tenha passado por aqui eu curto muito a banda.
    Ainda sou novo, mas as musicas fizeram parte da minha vida.
    Embora não seja um album muito conhecido o que eu mais gosto é o A Momentary lapse of reason, as letras das musicas entre outras coisas me fizeram ser mais fã ainda da banda, alem das dificuldades para o album ser gravado.
    Te desejo boa sorte nessa turne solo, e espero que u pulso do PINK FLOYD volte na ativa.
    Lembrando que ainda não é tarde para passar por aqui.
    Tenha um feliz ano novo!!
    João Paulo. Campinas/SP

  23. Hi David,

    I just wanted to say Thank You once again for a wonderful experience you gave me in 1994. There was a period where you were refusing to sign autographs. You however, made an exception for me one afternoon and signed my About Face LP cover. It’s one of (and still is) my favorite guitar albums. I still have! It’s a treasure! I just thought you would like to know that not everyone who approaches you is not a seller of such items.

    Thanks again! SK

  24. I cannot wait for david gilmours new solo album and while people go on about the floyd reforming it should stay on the back burner for now i think, as I find it a pity that David Gilmour and About Face were never followed up on and i am really interested in hearing my favourite guitarist/singer performing outside of the constraints of the floyd. There is a whole different side to Gilmours playing aside from the floyd and i for one cannot wait to tap into this aspect of his music so enough already about the floyd, they have had their day and there is no point them doing stuff just cos they are talking again.

  25. hi there..enjoyed ur music for long time now.sein u at live8 was great.lookin forward to gettin ur new material.started guitaring,getting on ok,have some floyd music books i av a play to.promising to make a donation to crisis on payday..take care,all the best….ady.

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