Ged Lynch at Abbey Road



This is a new section of David’s official website which is designed for fans to see how David’s new ‘On An Island’ album is progressing. It aims to be a place where fans can come and check up on the latest news, see exclusive pictures from recording sessions and such like.

For now, here’s a picture – taken by David’s wife, Polly – of drummer Ged Lynch at Abbey Road.

More exclusive photographs coming soon, so be sure to check back often.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

81 thoughts on “Ged Lynch at Abbey Road”

  1. Great to see Ged Lynch playing drums on the new lp. Awesome talent! I hope Modern Drummer magazine interviews Ged and his current set up for the tour. Great pic also. 🙂 – Reg

  2. Nice Pic, would like to see more…

    I can’t wait to get more information on this upcoming album. I’m also very excited to see David in concert in Oakland, CA in April.

  3. Wonderful to have Dave back and with this new album.

    Greetings from Cuenca, Ecuador, South America.

  4. Hi.
    Hey David, cant wait to buy your new Album “On An Island” and see you on tour!

    Ged Lynch is a fantastic drummer – i saw him playing live with Peter Gabriel 2003!

    This Homepage is getting better and better!
    All the best from austria!

  5. I would just like to say that this website is utterly fantastic! I will be checking back often.
    I have been a Pink Floyd fan most of my life, and now my twelve year old son has discovered the music as well. I have taken him to ‘all ages shows’ to see tribute bands, and he has been mesmerized.
    We live in Oshawa, Ontario which is thirty minutes east of Toronto.
    I read in the paper on December 20th that David Gilmour will be playing Massey Hall in Toronto on April 9th and 10th. I told my son of the news and he begged me to take him, as I have always promised him if any of the members of Pink Floyd ever went on tour as a band or as solo performers, I would take him.
    Tickets don’t go on sale until January 14th, but I’m hoping to get the best tickets possible so my son can get an up close and intimate look at one of his (our) rock idols.
    The last time I saw Pink Floyd was at Exhibition Satdium in Toronto in the fall of 1987 when I was twenty years old. I still have vivid memories of that concert that I will never forget. I’m hoping my son will have the same memories when we see David Gilmour live.
    We are looking forward to seeing this living legend ‘in the flesh’ in April.
    Keep up the good work on the website.


    B. Jacks

  6. Looking forward to more pics of Dave and his touring/studio band on this blog spot.

    Please come to Cleveland, Ohio, Dave!!!

    Saw you in 1994 at the now-extinct Cleveland Municipal Stadium.

    The Thursday night show where the rain met with fog during
    the second set.

    Sorrow was spectacular with the lasers shooting through the
    foggy mist to the back of the stadium upper rows.

    Mentor, OH

  7. I’ll just be the very first to comment on anything. I don’t have anything to say really. Just thought I’d get the ball rolling. Can’t wait to hear the new record.

  8. Monteal/Canada

    Please may i ask why,the spring tour 2006 did’nt comes over montreal we like mister Gilmour
    please we want this concert from the bottom of my heart i ask, make stop in Montreal!!!

  9. Looking forward to the pix from the “On An Island” sessions at Abbey Road, Poland, etc… Just wondering about the musicians accompanying Dave’s tour. Will Ged “God” Lynch bring his huskies?

  10. Nice webstie so far .. just got Radio City Music tix .. cannot wiat for show .. Who is in the touring band ?

  11. Oh my god! This picture just made my day. I’m a huge David Gilmour fan and a huge Peter Gabriel fan. This album will simply be nothing but amazing!

  12. memorable…from a historical perspective

    suprisingly wholesome.
    i enjoy this very much…


  13. I wish I was the photographer… It must be an amazing experience
    to listen to Sir Gilmour during the recording… and be able to take picture while is bendin’ up his Strato’s strings…

  14. i´m really glad with the new album annoucement

    I hope to listen some musics very soon.

    Hope to listen music with the quality of david´s guitar..

    a fan from Portugal

  15. I have all of pink floyds records. I was a late blumer to floyd. I have seen the one indoor and two outdoor consert in Oakland ca. And have the solo cds of Davids. Can not wait for new solo cd

    Tony E.

  16. Just got tickets for me and wife for chicago shows in april. Im Already counting the days . Fantastic

  17. Excitement building nicely for David’s tour. Was lucky to get advance tickets for RAH London and cant wait to hear the legend in full flow.

    Chris (In the birthplace of David, Cambridge)

  18. I too have a twevle year old son who is really enjoying listening to my fav band and gitar player. I saw the tribute band comfortably numb in Toronto and I was blown away when I heard that you were comming to Massy Hall CANT WAIT!!!

  19. Hi Mr. Gilmour,
    have you ever thought to come back in Pompei?
    It could be a nice place for your next world tour 😉

    Vito from Naples.

  20. ‘Been anxiously awaiting this moment since news broke over the summer (from when I met Mr. Mason in NYC) that Mr. Gilmour was possibly at work on new album.

    I was lucky enough to grab orchestra seats for Radio City Music Hall dates.

    The word is that Mr. Gilmour may have hooked up with Marc Brickman and they could be using “Fog Screens” for this tour.

    I saw the Floyd back in ’94 at Yankee Stadium and look forward to seeing Mr. Gilmour as more than just a dot “in the outfield.”

  21. I am brutally excited about the new album and the live shows in Toronto. I am not sure everyone understands the impact David Gilmours playing has had on many of our lives.

  22. I love great live music and every now and then a prayer gets answered . I am so happy David is touring again I live on Ohio and am going to great lengths to try and catch both shows in New York
    It will be our 10th year wedding anniversary .I don`t have tickets yet but I will be there with my wife seeing Mr . Gilmour in April. I just wanted to say many thanks to David and his band and all involved in the tour in advance for what I am sure is going to be one of the best experiences of my life.

    Cheers to all Robert Moeller

  23. Hi
    Just got a ticket for the third Royal Albert Hall show. Great news. It’s just a pity you have not considered playing in Dublin as the last time I saw David live was at the National Satdium Dublin on Mar 31st 1984 and it was a night to remember.Still looking forward to seeing David live again.

  24. Great Blog David! So glad you are on the internet. You have always been so good to your fans.

    Can’t wait to see you at Radio City!

    …..Feast, go ahead now, take your fill
    Drink, till the room begins to sway
    Play, and your cares will blow away….

  25. Hello,
    Looking forward to the New Album and the shows in Amsterdam as well in London (!).
    I’m realy interested in the guest musicians, that’s how my site started; a “who is who” about David Gilmours sessions and contributions.

    For now,
    Happy X-mas and a healthy, peaceful and Gilmouresque 2006!

    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands

  26. David

    in my country, Chile, pink floyd is the most important band, and your you are the fundamental piece of this.

    thanks for your music, and I hope to see it in Chile soon


  27. Awesome!Looking forward to N.Y.C show. Have seen about 500 concert’s in my life. I put Sir David’s
    previous solo show in the top 3.

  28. HI DAVE
    I most say I’m sad that You don’t visit sweden in mars ,,,merry christmas and wish You all the best and luck

  29. We are very excited for this album’s release. I have tickets to take my 7 year old son to see his first concert and who better than David Gilmour. We could not get tickets in Chicago so we will head out to the LA Show. I wish you all a Merry Christmas, and especially to The Gilmour family.

    Thank you to all who keeps this site up and running may you enjoy the holidays.

    Brian From Peoria Illinois, USA.

  30. i cant wait for the new album, im planning on attending all the north american shows except the 2 in toronto, but who knows i may show up to them as well

  31. Are there any plans to perform in Mexico? It’s just a little “jump” if David is going to be playing in Los Angeles! Please, include Mexico City in the list of venues!!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2006!

  32. I’ll be aT both Toronto shows, can’t wait to see the Man who is there whenever I have a rough time. Surprised he’S not coming to Montreal, but well, travelling 5 hours will make things even more exciting.

    David, you have no idea how your music can help people to have a better life.

    Keep cool stuff coming!!



  33. Hi Sir,

    Can’t wait to see you on stage at l’Olympia
    more than 16 years after seeing you last time.
    It was at Paris Bercy on July 1st 1989…
    oooooh souvenir…
    And I won’t buy “On a island” BEFORE the show 🙂
    Sado-maso ? maniac ? maybe 🙂
    But I surely run to buy it just right after.
    Only 3 months to go… too long, too short.

    Thanks for the video – awesome !

  34. I am so excited about hearing of a new body of work. Davids incredible music, both solo and with Pink Floyd, are cornerstones and are so special in my family home. We floydians are a patient lot…because we know it is always worth the wait. Thank you David..chookas for your tour and the release of your album. Its a pity you can’t make it to Australia as there are a many great fans here who would love to see you marooned on this island for a while…

  35. thanks for leaking ‘island jam’ to us.
    i hope there is much more great stuff to come
    while we suffer the end of our long wait for
    this new album.

    is there a theme or method to the madness of the
    it looks to be a [relatively] relaxed run at a
    short list of very nice venues…almost as if
    an attempt to see if touring can be fun.

    i hope somebody is giving consideration to a set
    of tour recordings, either on-line like the
    ‘island jam’ goodie or brown wrapped cd’s a la
    what’s been done for tori amos and pearl jam.


  36. hola Maestro Gilmour

    aca saludos desde Chile, el pais mas floydiano de Latinoamerica, favor lo unico q le pido q haga una cita pa venir a tocar por estos lugares no se va a arrepentir se los aseguro…

    gracias por existir y darle rumbo a todos los gilmorianos q lo apreciamos como un dios..

  37. Can’t wait untill On an island comes out in march. Will be out in time for my 21st, what a birthday present! Roll on 29th May! Im just praying i dont get an exam on that day or the land speed record may have to be broken on the M1. :D.

    Im wondering what musical direction this album is going to go, if theres something along the lines of marooned and coming back to life i will be very happy. The greatest music is music that touches your soul, theres so little music around with that special quality but its something David seems to have mastered.

    shine on
    mike from southend-on-mud / lufbra

  38. Hello, David Gilmour.

    I am a huge fan of yours, because when I listen to Pink Floyd and the music you play on the songs are very inspirational towards me. From the guitar solo in Comfortably Numb, to the riff in Wish You Were Here, you are an amazing guitar player, and a rock n roll legend and icon. Pink Floyd is my favourite band, and you are my favourite singer and guitar player.

  39. Mr. Gilmour, there is more to Canada than just Toronto. There’s Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, just to name a few. If you are ever in Calgary, this City is great for solo flying. You have the Rocky Mountains in the distance, and the flat prarie. Are you enticed now to come to Calgary?

    Oh, then there is Banff.
    Richard Sieben

  40. I’m so looking forward to the show in Toronto. I splurged and purchased a very expensive ticket. A very hard task for a single parent to accomplish and not return for refund! However, I’ve just heard the lovely Christmas gift. Mr. Gilmour, I’m certainly looking forward to the live event. All the best to you and your family. You don’t need words to your music, your notes say it all!

  41. David, All of us, your fans have been waiting patiently. I’ve been a fan for over 35 years. Looking forward to your new tunes and the upcoming North American tour.I feel truely blessed to have tickets on the 3rd row for the Easter gig in Oakland.My CD player is full of Floyd and Gilmour CD’s. Happy Holidays
    Anxious –> -Bob-

  42. Very impressive “Island Jam” — song and video from the site. And an even better idea to hook up to the charity site, “Crisis.”

    This is truly the signature sound that made Floyd so great! One of the things I admire most about Mr. Gilmour is his willingness not to rush things for the sake of material gain. His music has always been from the heart, and it speaks well with so many folks because of the passion that flows through his music as well as his modest outlook on life. Truly a saint, in my book!

    We are so fortunate to be able to see an encore performance of one of the guitar greats of all time.

    Welcome back! See you in Chicago,

    -Jon, Nebraska

  43. we would love to have you down in new zealand for a while not just lord of the rings and sheep keep up the good work….

  44. very happy to know that david gilmour is back whit a new lp but why only 2 dates in france? Please sir GILMOUR, more date in france… I’m so sad that you don’t came in the south (toulouse…)

    thanks again for your lp (I’m waiting this for a long time..)

  45. I have been a Pink Floyd fan most of my life,, I’m 40 years old. I live in Amman-Jordan, where it wasn’t so easy getting Albums and information on the band during the 70’s & 80’s. however I kept a faithful fan to you David & the band.
    I wish you the best of luck on this new project.. I’m so happy you’re working on it.. God bless.

  46. Hello David,

    I like only one thing to do:

    Thank you very much for all the wonderfull guitar parts on your solowork and together with Roger, Nick and Rick.

    i’am looking forward to see you playing in Amsterdam

    I hope that all of you get the power and creativity to make a new Pink Floyd album.

    kind regards

    Hans Greven.

  47. Excellent! Excellent! Thanks for the Island Jam and the video…made my day….

    A request for David and Polly:

    Polly can you get a shot of Davids Pedal board while he’s playing?

    David: can you post a little blurb about effects you used song by song…I know settings are somewhat personal, but effects used would be great for all us gearheads that visit!

    Thanks and a happy new year and Merry Christmas!

  48. Hi

    Thanks for the free sample, lookforward to the whole album. Saw David when he played the Royal Festival Hall in 2002, looking forward to 2006.

    Good to see a link to Crisis, will make a donation

    Hope everyone has a good 2006, may life be good to you all and your family and friends.

  49. Thank you Uncle David!! That was a great gift! See you in Milan on the 25th of march!(after a tough ticket raffle, almost got mine cancelled).. I loved the way u made that bending note ring at 5:09 on the Island Jam!

  50. My 13 year old daughter and I are looking forward to seeing you all at Radio City April 5th! We saw Roger 2001 in Birmingham! Yes, my daughter is a great fan. Me too. BTW: Merry Christmas!!

  51. Hi; I saw David at Massey Hall Toronto during the “About Face” tour (second row!!) let me assure everyone who may be holding off buying a ticket, that you will definately be kicking yourself in the rear end if you don’t go. A tremendous artist in an intimate setting, what more could you want!! (I’ll be there on the Monday date, 8th row this time.)

  52. WOW I’ve been waiting for this!I’ll be buying your new CD on March 6th(Happy birthday David).I took up the guitar at a late age but it was David Gilmour’s soulful work which inspired me to do so.The Division Bell album is especially close to my heart as it was released at the same time I was going through a divorce;it made me come back to life and gave me high hopes again.I’ll be in the seats in Toronto.Thanks David.

  53. Dave,
    I wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas.I can’t wait to see your performance in NYC.I have always felt a connection with your music,your music will always play in my family. once again have safe and Merry Christmas to you and yours.
    your friend,
    Bill Adams
    North Carolina,USA

  54. My first concert was David Gilmour’s solo show “About Face”. I was very fortunate to see four remarkable Floyd shows in the late 80s. I will be traveling to NY for see this show. What musical direction will this album take? Thanks for touring! Lifelong Gilmour fan.

  55. Hi! I am 18, it is more than love for Pink Floyd, when i first heard your music i knew it will be my best….it was in very young childhood, when i found cd’s in my mum’s staff, firstly i didnt understand the meanings of yours songs but now i think yes, especially “The Wall” because i am from Poland and i know about divided Germany…
    My dream is to be on ur concert, please come to Poland!!!! :*
    I wish u all the best

  56. Mr. Gilmour and his fellow musicians on the Island Jam, THANK YOU! I instantly got delightful chills down my spine when this piece began and I’m grooving to it now. An indication of the soulfulness hopefully to come on the new album. Good stuff, to all of the musicians involved!

  57. …Greetings

    ‘Fabulous job with the updates and what nots. What a treat the “Island Jam” video was…reminds me a bit of a slow drive after a long hard day.

    When the tickets to NYC first when on sale, I could only purchase one at a time through the pre-sale at Ticketmaster. I eventually was able to purchase 2 more, but now have three tickets and my wife is the only one joining me in NYC on April 4. I read the bit about unethical profiteering and couldn’t agree more. I’ll only sell them for the original asking price.

  58. i ai
    sou do Brasil e curto pra caramba PINK FLOYD, pena que vocês não vieram aqui, e que sou muito novo, acabei perdendo os shows.
    Embora eu tenha começado a curtir a banda a pouco tempo uns 8 anos, suas musicas fizeram parte da minha vida.
    Desejo boa sorte em sua turne solo, e se der pense em passar por aqui.
    Isso é só, parabens pelos trabalhos.
    João Paulo. Campinas/SP

  59. hi david i am a big fan of your music and pink floyd i will never forget the 3 night at the big o in 1994 in montreal remember 65000 people each night wow.your last dvd (david gilmour live)is simply stuning on home theatre i will definitly try to get tickets for the show in toronto, i hope the systems freeze up. please try to make a stop in montreal thanks.

  60. The album sounds very interesting and I’m sure the concert will be great as well. I’m just very surprise that David Gilmour is not taking this opportunity to perform at the world famous Red Rocks Amphitheatre, given that he nor Pink Floyd have never performed there. That’s too bad!

  61. hi, how are you david? the best guitarist in the world! realy . oh please tell me when something is new from pink floyd,david gilmour ,… i’ll be very happy to hear that . i hope to see you in your concert! …

  62. wow finally I cant wait for the new records am big fan of pink Floyd and any member of them hope the LP will be so deep and talks about interesting subjects like he use to.
    and i hope one day he will make concert here in jordan or dubai u have big fans here hope u all the best david.


  63. “So much behind us, still far to go….”

    This place has come a long way! A quiet yet special thanks to you, Fed, for all your hard work and dedication…

    Happy Fifth Anni-Monthaversary!!!

    [The same to you, mate! – Features Editor]

  64. Why didn’t I start posting on this wonderful blog from the “off”…

    Couldn’t pluck up the courage until February 23, 2006 08:30 PM(Thanks FEd)…

    It’s been a mesmeric journey, full of days and nights of wonder, an endless river, forever and ever…

  65. Guess I’m not the only one to go back to the beginning.

    This site has been so much fun that I knew I had to go the very start and catch it all.

    Thank you so much for this wonderful site and for all of the beautiful music and photos.

    I’m also excited because I have finally received Polly’s books in the mail and will be able to catch up to other things in the blog family.

    [I hope you enjoy them, Jan. – Features Editor]

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