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OK, so for a change, we thought it would be nice to hear which are your favourite David Gilmour/Pink Floyd songs. You probably have your own ideas as to how David’s 2006 tour will pan out, bearing in mind the musicians you have seen working with him in the studio – thanks to Polly’s photographs – and by the types of venue David will be performing at. You might be lucky and find that David ends up playing one of your favourite songs, in addition to the new material from ‘On An Island’.

We cannot stress enough, though, that this is just for fun and to create some discussion amongst fans curious as to which songs David might choose to perform. (Don’t take it too seriously!) That’s not to say that David won’t be interested in your selections, so get your thinking caps on and let us know which tracks you think would sound great in the live environment that David and his band will soon be creating across Europe and North America.

Please limit your comments to just five songs per post, although you can, of course, post as many times as you like with a different five songs each time. It just keeps things looking neater and makes it easier for others to read if everyone avoids lengthy lists that take an age to trawl through.

Another of Polly’s pictures tomorrow.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

379 thoughts on “Five favourites”

  1. 1. Run Like Hell
    2. Comfortably Numb
    3. Wish You Were Here
    4. Echoes
    5. Murder

    P.S. I don’t really expect him or even want him to play Echoes on a solo tour unless Rog, Nick, and Rick are invited to join him on stage for a spell (and I’m not holding my breath for that to happen). It would kind of creep me out if David or any of the others played Echoes with anyone other than the full Floyd, because that song is equal parts of all four members.

  2. My favourite David Gilmour/Pink Floyd songs are :

    – Near the end
    – Shine on you crazy diamond
    – Echoes
    – Cluster one
    and….. and……. ??
    – Comfortably numb of course ! 😉

    Thanks for all these songs, David, goodbye… see you soon !

  3. Some surreal ideas from some fans… like trying to get tickets to a show it doesnt exist… good one.

    Ok then, top five…which variates daily really:

    1- “Fat old sun”
    2- “Out of the Blue”
    3- “Short and Sweet”
    4- “Learning to fly”
    5- “On the turning away”

    Naturally, who wouldnt like to hear any of all the PF classic…

  4. Just before giving you my favorites songs, I have a question about the Gold Top Les Paul used on the picture. Is it the one that we could see on the Island Jam movie, without the Bigsby vibrato, or does David Gilmour have two of them ?

    Here are my favorite songs written by David Gilmour (I tried not to say the very well known ones, but sorry, I can’t miss Comfortably Numb):

    – Comfortably Numb : The first solo is really fabulous. More than anything else, the first solo is THE reason why I love David Gilmour’s way of playing. Just feeling, I love it, really !

    – Cluster One : I like to listen to this track when I am in a train, leaving Paris, on a rainy day, looking for the gray landscape… It’s so quiet. Magic !

    – Poles Apart : I really like the feeling of the solo, and the rythm guitar is so beautifull.

    – No Way : Hard to say why you like it when English is not your mother tongue, sorry…

    Another choice, not written by David Gilmour : “Wearing the inside out”, for that bluesy, jazzy athmosphere. I really love it.

  5. This being my first live concert of David’s, I would love to hear “Pillow of Winds”, “Fat Old Sun”, and “Shine On”
    parts 1 AND 2. (Among many, many others…)
    Thank you, David, for all the hard work and planning for the tour and the new CD.

    P.S. Please do a videotape of the tour! :0)

  6. 1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond 6-9
    2. Comfortably Numb
    3. Echoes
    4. Shine On You Crazy Diamond 1-5
    5. High Hopes

  7. Nice idea – hope David has a look if only for curiosity’s sake. If I could “choose 5” songs to hear on this next tour they would be as follows:

    Fat Old Sun (again)
    Childhood’s End
    Wots…Uh, the Deal
    Green is the Colour

    Wow, that went fast. I could easily have picked 10. But the pre-DSoTM Pink Floyd catalogue works very well I think!


  8. Great idea, this blog is.

    My five suggested songs are …

    1) One Of These Days.
    2) Shine On You Crazy Diamond.
    3) Learning To Fly.
    4) Comfortably Numb.
    5) High Hopes.

  9. Top 5 song I’d want to hear David play:

    1. Wot’s…Uh The Deal (David’s voice sounds GREAT in this song)
    2. The Narrow Way
    3. Dogs
    4. Time
    5. Arnold Layne

  10. I’m very disappointed that there will be no show in Poland…

    well… five songs?

    High Hopes
    Comfortably numb
    Set the controls for the heart of the sun
    Wish you were here

  11. I get to make a request (or 5)! Okay, I’m up for it and am crossing my fingers, David –

    Fat Old Sun
    Cluster One
    There’s No Way Out of Here
    Out of the Blue
    Astronomy Domine

  12. Oh now this is a fun topic!!!

    The Narrow Way – such underrated pieces of guitar brilliance by David, and the highlight of Ummagumma by a long shot

    Fat Old Sun – such a beautiful song

    Fearless – What a track! And unbelievable in the fact that it was rarely (if ever!) played live

    Green is the Colour – Davids voice in this song just sums up how beautiful of a singer he is

    High Hopes – probably the most famous song in my list, but this song cannot be played live enough.Magical music and lyrics.

    Well thats my contribution!!!


  13. Five songs? Just five? Oh well, I’ll give it a go. During the dates at the Festival Hall we had a reworking of Shine On You Crazy Diamond and that was fantastic. I’d like to hear some other tracks tackled in this manner, like the following:

    A Pillow Of Winds
    One Of These Days

    As a Liverpool fan I always enjoy listening to the following as well, even if it is just a recording at the end (and given how well they’re doing these days maybe it is a little bit more pertinent):


    And a fifth…maybe a cover of someone else’s song reworked by Dave, something unexpected (with a sense of humour) like:

    Laura or Mary by the Scissor Sisters?

    Finally, as a bonus, I’d love to hear Cara Dillon perform with Dave, some of her work with Dave’s guitar would be fantastic.

  14. Well how could I refuse posting here?

    Ok this is my list. Of course I would be perfectly happy if David plucked one string and walked off the stage (well not quite but you get the idea…). Any Floyd or older solo would be great but this is my personal favorite.

    1 Lost for Words (Great song and not played live a lot)
    2 Near the End (Best moment of About Face)
    3 Marooned (IMO best Floyd instrumental)
    4 On the turning away (I love the solo here, and the way it has matured over the years)
    5 High Hopes (this list would not be complete without High Hopes. I would like to hear it live again)

    Well thats it. David, good luck once again on completing your album and preparing the tour! Best wishes for the new year!


  15. 1. Fat Old Sun
    2. Murder
    3. Narrow Way, Pt. 3
    4. Poles Apart
    5. Let’s Get Metaphysical

    Regretfully, I won’t be able to attend any of your US shows, but these 5 would be a treat to hear live. Looking forward to the new album and hearing about the tour (maybe a live release?). And much thanks for the great music over the years; I hope to have the chance to see you perform in the future. Have a happy new year!


  16. I would really like to hear some old stuff.Maybe
    off Animals or Obscured by clouds. I really cant name songs because I cant single one out of the many many songs there are. All are so great! And
    anything off his first solo album simple named
    “David Gilmour” would be great to hear. Thanx for

  17. “High Hopes” for the “On An Island” tour! “Cymbaline” is one of the finest pre-Dark Side repertoire songs. Since 1991, “Cymbaline” is also a fanzine about Pink Floyd opera omnia, the oldest Italian fanzine. “High Hopes”: we hope Mr. Gilmour put “Cymbaline” on the “On An Island” tour tracklist or, at least, for the Italian leg of the tour. “Cymbaline” is a fine song, acoustic enough to stay in an acoustic tracklist and with a great Dave vocals in.
    What do you think about?

  18. I love this blog, great work guys!

    My Top 5

    1. Echoes:
    Perhaps acoustic, definitely without the middle sound effect secion (a la Breathe/Time at Live 8)

    2. Breathe/Time:
    a la Live 8

    3. Shine On:
    Of course!

    4. Out Of The Blue:
    One of the finest tracks from the solo records

    5. Saucerful Of Secrets:
    a la Pompeii

  19. the narrow way pt3, childhood’s end, breathe, shine on you crazy diamond, comfortably numb

  20. What’s a great idea! Ask us which are our favorite songs is a very kind idea! Thanks to consult us! But choose is very hard, ’cause all the David Gilmour and Pink Floyd songs are fantastic! I need to think about it at least a night! Maybe, I’ll choose in dream!

    I’m going to tell you tomorrow!
    Bye bye


    N.B. Please forgive me english! I can’t speak your language very well…but I love writing you despite it!

  21. A most excelent picture of David! I’ve always liked the way he expresses with his face how he feels about the sounds he produces with his guitar, specially at Wish You Were Here. It’s so… melancholic… and penetrating.

    I can’t wait for March 6th !


  22. My list:

    1) Comfortably Numb
    2) Echoes
    3) Wish You Were Here
    4) Obscured By Clouds (Medley)
    5) Dogs

    See You in Milano!!!! CIAO!!! 🙂

  23. My five favorites, the songs I would love to hear at the April 5th N.Y. show, my first ever David/PF show (in order from greatest desire to least):

    1. Poles Apart
    2. High Hopes
    3. Near The End
    4. Out of the Blue
    5. Comfortably Numb

  24. Bueno flaco, acá va mi listado con canciones que me gustaría escuchar en el concierto en Oakland:

    – Fat old sun
    – Us & them
    – Lost for words
    – Cymbaline
    – Near the end.

    Bueno, un abrazo de feliz año nuevo y otro brindis con un buen vino chileno Chardonnay a tu salud y la de tu familia.

  25. oh dear, such a great question to comment on, as a younger Floyd / Gilmour fan (23) and have not had the opportunity as yet to see any members of the Floyd (although I have met Nick Mason in Cambridge!) I would love to hear some of the older songs when I go down to the Royal Albert Hall on May 29th.

    1 Wish You Were Here
    2 Shine on you crazy diamond
    3 Comfortably Numb
    4 Echoes
    5 Keep Talking

    I suppose this is just too hard of a question – Words cannot express how much I’m looking forward to this date, as David is one of my favorite musicians and guitar players. Would there be any Floyd members or Special guest appearances… My mind wanders…

  26. Ok then, I’ll start out with

    1. Sonnet 18, from David’s live dvd, that’s an awesome song!!
    2. Wish you were here
    3. Shine on
    4. On the turning away, best DG solo in my book is on DSOT cd, 3 min of bliss, freaking good job!!
    5. Of course Comfy Numb

  27. Songs that one should to hear live:

    – Marooned
    – Sorrow
    – Shine On You Crazy Diamond
    – Wish You Were Here
    – Comfortably Numb

  28. I have seen Dave perform with PF and on his solo tours in the past. Never has he performed live one of his greatest tunes which he wrote himself, “Young Lust” from the Wall. What a way to start off or end a concert. Please Dave, for your loyal and true fans, could you please try this one! Thanks so much!

  29. Well….how ’bout ‘A Spanish Piece’ 😉 probably not though, huh? Love on the Air, There’s no Way out of here, Wot’s….uh the deal and my very favorite Sorrow. I don’t think David played anything from his last two albums in his last mini-tour at all. Would be nice to hear at least one of ’em. 🙂

  30. Love Island jam and cant wait for the new album if this is anything to go by or the Royal Albert Hall gigs, in response to the five songs i would like to here!


  31. I’d like to hear “There’s no way out of here”. Never heard it played live. Its a song I think would work out great live.

    My only other request is to play a nice chunk of the new album. There’s nothing worse than an artist that releases an album, then on the tour to support the album, does not play much of the material from the album. I understand that there are pressures to play the songs we all know and love, but unless new songs are played there will never be new songs to love. U2 has done a good job at balancing this.

    As for the PF material, I trust David’s judgements.
    Jeff in Chicago

  32. Thank You David for the many years of great music and inspiratrion. I look forward to the new record. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and your family from all of your fans here in Wisconsin!!

    My list of 5:

    wots…uh the deal
    High hopes
    So far away
    On the Turning Away

  33. Since 1994 (“The Division Bell” Tour), David Gilmour gives particular attention to Syd Barrett repertoire: Pink Floyd put “Astronomy Domine” in that tour tracklist and in “Pulse” CD and VHS; Dave put “Terrapin” and “Dominoes” in 2000 – 2001 tour tracklists and in the “D.G. in Concert” DVD; David gave the permission for Syd’s “Bob Dylan Blues” song.
    Mr. Gilmour gives particular attention to Syd’s songs because that repertoire is wonderful and to allow Syd to receive royalties and because Syd is an old friend of him.
    I would suggest to Dave to continue this tradition taking “Opel”, a ‘guitar and voice’ song he could marvelously arrange with his extraordinary musicians.

  34. My top 5 songs for this up coming tour:

    1) Smile
    2) There’s no way out of here
    3) Until we sleep
    4) Coming back to life
    5) Dimming of the day

    Hope to see you on tour and hear these songs. Also, I’m going to be looking forward to the “live dvd” of this tour. God bless

  35. Ok.. this is a horribly difficult choice to narrow the list to 5 songs, but these are some of my favorites (in no particular order): Astronomy Domine, Out of the Blue, Comfortably Numb, Coming Back to Life, and Shine On You Crazy Diamond. I know I know.. CN and Shine On are pretty much expected from everyone. Out of the Blue is an awesome song from David’s second solo album, and I believe he co-wrote it with Pete Townsend. Astronomy Domine is pure psychodelic and Coming Back to Life is just a feel good kinda song. Can’t wait to see what other people think. All the best!

  36. The five songs that David certainly needs to play on his first night in Amsterdam are:

    1. Wish you were here
    2. Comfortably Numb (with the whole guitar solo ;-))
    3. Pigs (three different ones)
    4. Keep talking
    5. Shine on you crazy diamond (all parts)

    Nice idea by the way…looks familiar…
    Regards, Arjan

  37. here are the songs that i would like to listen live:

    -Blue Light
    -You Know i’m right

    PS: i can’t get out of my head the drum parts on these songs !!

    -shine on (part.2) like performed on RFH in 2002
    -Have a Cigar (never heard live performed)
    – burnin bridges (very hypnothic)


  38. Only 5? OK – how about

    1. Murder
    2. Wish You Were Here
    3. Comfortably Numb
    4. There’s No Way Out of Here
    5. Coming Back to Life

    Can’t wait to see you in New York.

  39. My five favourites would be:

    1. There`s No Way Out Of Here
    2. Dogs
    3. I Can`t Breathe Anymore
    4. Have A Cigar
    5. Let`s Get Metaphysical

  40. — Take It Back
    — Coming Back
    — Keep Talking
    — High Hopes
    — Je Crois Entendre Encore

  41. We are From Israel,but going to the nyc concert!Very Excited !(great fans)..
    it is my husband’s birthday at the same day (5/4)
    and David’s concert is the Greatest birthday present in the world!
    I’m sure that any song that he will preform would sound great !

    but would love to hear :

    1.Green Is The Colour
    2.Have A Cigar
    3.Fat Old Sun (WITH the charming guitar solo)
    4.Wots…Uh The Deal

  42. I’m just happy to be going to see David at all! however I would love it if David plays “on the 30th May RAH” an extended version of Fat old sun with Rick Wright on Hammond organ, On the turning away, There’s no way out of here, Wearing the inside out “with Rick of course” Marooned, and last but in no way least, Us and Them.
    Any of these would be just wonderful! if I had to pick “under pressure” just one it would be an extended Fat old sun similar to the versions David used to play around 1971 with Rick on the organ as it is one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard.

    I think I speak for many people when I hope David has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    P.S Can’t wait till 30th May 2006.

  43. I’ve been hoping David will play some obscure songs…like from Obscured By Clouds and Meddle!

    in no particular order:

    Fearless (its a shame this has never been played live!)
    Wots…Uh The Deal
    Dogs (Just the first half which David sings)
    A Pillow of Winds

  44. I would love to hear some stuff from ’78’s David Gilmour and ’84’s About Face.

    Man, bringing “All Lovers Are Deranged”, “Love on the Air”, “Murder”, “Until we sleep”, and “There’s no way out of here” to a live setting would be great!

  45. My 5 song choices are: Narrow Way Pt III, Fearless, You’ll Never Walk Alone, Until We Sleep and High Hopes.

  46. My 5 favourites to see David perform on his upcoming tour are mainly some of the older live favourites:

    1) Cymbaline
    2) Fat Old Sun
    3) The Embryo
    4) Echoes (even an excerpt would do it for me !!)
    5) The Narrow Way

    Of course I enjoy Comfortably Numb, Run Like Hell, etc. But to be honest, I have enjoyed them live lots of times since I’ve seen Floyd perform since 1987. It would be truly great to hear Cymbaline live (and not on one of the old bootleg recordings).

  47. 1.- ECHOES!!!
    2.- Marooned
    3.- No Way
    4.- There’s No Way Out Of Here
    5.- Fat Old Sun (with guitar solo pleaseeeeee!!!)

    thanks for your comeback Dave and we wait for you in south america


  48. Oh so many songs to consider!

    Songs such as “I Can’t Breathe Anymore” from the first solo album would be great to hear in the Albert Hall, especially if it’s given a treatment similar to the songs played at the RFH.

    Floyd favourites such as “Fat Old Sun” and “High Hopes” would be greatly appreciated.

    Is it really another five months until the London gigs? Looking forward to the album and tour!

  49. It’s difficult to choose just five songs out of all the awesome music David and Pink Floyd have created over the years, but if I had to choose i guess it would be (in no particular order):

    Fat Old Sun,
    Shine On,
    Wish you were here,
    High Hopes,

    Happy New Year everyone! :o)

  50. Well, five clearly not enough… But then…

    1) One Slip (the mood, the lyrics…)
    2) High Hopes
    3) Sheep (for the guitar texture)
    4) Comfortably numb (wall live version)
    5) Murder

  51. 5 songs? hard one… i will select two Floyd songs(one instrumental), two Solo ones(one by each album) and a cover:

    2.Dogs(shortened version,without drum/keyboard bridge solo)
    3.Cry From The Street
    4.Mudmen(Rick a guest?)
    5.Reaching For The Rail(surely with Rick as guest,making together a version as fab as they did for “Breakthrough” in 2002)

  52. ufff very hard…ok

    1.- Out Of The Blue
    2.- There´s No Way Out Of Here
    3.- Echoes
    4.- Dogs
    5.- Coming Back To Life

  53. My 5 favorite Floyd/Gilmour songs that I would love to hear in concert..

    Wearing the Inside Out
    Near the End
    So far Away
    Comfortably Numb

  54. Altough not necessarily my favourite Floyd/Gilmour songs (like vintage tracks such as Confortably Numb, Wish You Were Here, Time, Shine on You Crazy Diamond and the list goes on and on…), i think these ones would be great to hear for one reason or another…

    1. Childhood´s End (with a slightly rougher edge to it than “Dark Side Of The Moon” tracks, this is a wonderfull piece of music and, lyrically speaking, one of Gilmour´s better outings, just under “High Hopes”)
    2. Fat Old Sun (gentle acoustic early floyd with a nice pastoral folkiness tone.)
    3. Near The End (Up to scratch song in the same vein as the latest Poles Apart)
    4. Marooned (Gilmour’s anthemic guitar provides here a powerful melodic instrumental where he seems to be floating out of Earth’s orbit)
    5. Fearless (memorable riff and chorus- once you hear this song you won’t forget it)

    And… just in case Richard Wright appears… don´t miss the haunting jazz-pop of “Wearing The inside Out”!…

    Tiago Szabo

  55. Hi!

    As you would guess, I’m a huge Floyd and David fan! If not, none of us would be there! But I’d like to tell you (…but WHO are you?) how great this site is : so clean, easy and agreable to read…

    Ok, I know you have a lot to read, so, here are 2 of the most suitable pieces David could play to us. rare pieces, I hope he’ll think about it.

    – Near the end
    – The Narrow Way (partIII only)

    that’s all !!!
    Thanks for taking the time to read me !!! Bye!

  56. Before getting to my five selections, I just wanted to say a brief ‘thanks’ to David, Polly, and all of the other musicians and staff involved with this tour. Your immense recognition of the various charities you support and the selfless hours you each spend is appreciated. I’m sure you are getting thousands of notes thanking you for simply touring again (which is wonderful), but the charity motif behind the tour is admirable. In addition, the smaller venues add such a personal touch to the performance. Thanks again…

    Now, 5 songs (not in any particular order)…

    1. On the Turning Away
    2. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V) (such a fluid intro…)
    3. Comfortably Numb (of course! a bit of the Pulse version flair would be awe-inspiring)
    4. Us and Them (need some DSOTM in there!)
    5. High Hopes

  57. Hi David, hi folks,

    we would love to hear (in frankfurt):

    – Shine On You Crazy Diamond
    – Comfortably Numb
    – High Hopes
    – Marooned
    – On The Turning Away

    Greetings from Germany!

  58. Dogs- maybe roger will show up for a track??
    welcome to the machine- great song forgotten on the division bell tour.
    echoes- another forgotten classic.
    theres no way out of here- great song from the first solo
    not now john-davids only vocal off the final cut album and probally the only good track on the entire album, maybe roger will show up and do this one??????

  59. My fav Pink Floyd tunes are the _next_ ones, ditto for David Gilmour…looking forward to ‘On an Island’

    I’m sure we could all go through the back catalog and list tunes that are familiar, or well-suited to Mr. Gilmour’s current collaborators (‘Crumbling Land’ immediately springs to mind)

    However, with all due respect, Pink Floyd has been done before. Given the wonderful mix of talent Mr. Gilmour has assembled, it would be nice to hear some new arrangements/interpretations of some of the old tunes, that is, if he decides to include them…

    Cheers and best wishes

  60. Hi there.

    Mr. Gilmour, you are an absolute legend, and my idol. I’m over the moon you’re releasing some new material. You were the reason I bought a guitar and started to learn!

    I think my favourite songs are:

    Fat Old Sun
    Wish You were Here
    Until we sleep
    Comfortably Numb (Must have listened to the PULSE version over 500 times, and am still no where near bored of it!)

    Keep up the good work Dave(and of course Polly!)


  61. My 5 favorite songs I would hope to see played:

    1. Echoes
    2. A Pillow of Winds
    3. Fearless
    4. Fat Old Sun (version with electric solo at end!!)
    5. Coming Back to Life

  62. There are so many songs I like.

    OK. Here are five songs I hope David will play:

    Learning to Fly
    Yet Another Movie
    Keep Talking
    High Hopes

    I look forward to hear the new album and see David and all great musicians on the tour!

  63. When will we learn who the touring band members are? Oh, and favorite song? Too many to list… My guess; anything from Animals and WYWH… Personally, I hope Dave plays material from his first two solo efforts…

  64. The songs below are some of my favorites that I would love to hear Dave play on his next tour. My true list of favorites would be much larger and would encompass many albums including Dave’s solo albums. I hope his next tour is also released on DVD because it appears Dave will not make it to Phoenix this time.

    1.Shine on you crazy diamond Parts I – IX. The performance on Dave’s last DVD was the best I have ever heard. Loved the slide guitar.
    2.On the turning away. My favorite guitar solo.
    3.Sorrow. Next favorite guitar solo.
    4.Pigs (Three different ones).

    Dave your last concert DVD was wonderful. Your guitar work has moved me like no other.

    Wade Lengele
    Phoenix Arizona

  65. Five lovely songs it would be terrific to hear live:

    1/ Mihalis
    2/ There’s No Way Out Of Here
    3/ You Know I’m Right
    4/ Near The End
    5/ Poles Apart

    Can’t wait for Royal Albert Hall gigs – I am sure that whatever we get will be smashing.

  66. Bonjour à tous !
    I’m going to see Dave at Paris (grand rex) and I’m so happy !!
    It would be great that Dave put in his set these songs :

    * The narrow way
    * Dogs
    * breathe/time
    * Green is the colour
    * Any colour your like


  67. 5 songs i wish David could play :


    Have a nice day !!!

  68. Hi David, and all, I’m 24 and I live in Chile. I love pink Floyd music, especially the early 70`s albums. I`m a bootleg addict, and one of my dreams is to see pink floyd or david Gilmour alive.
    I been waiting for this new album.
    happy new year!!

  69. Great Question — but better yet, how about David’s five favorites!!?? He’s the one we’re interested in!

    For what it’s worth, here are mine:

    1. Fat Old Sun
    2. Gree is the Colour
    3. Wish You Were Here
    4. Uha, What’s the Deal
    5. Comfortably Numb

  70. I would love to hear:

    Childhood’s End
    Fat Old Sun
    There Is No Where Out Of Here
    Wearing The Inside Out (With Rick Wright)
    Comfortably Numb

    Looking forward to the tour!

  71. Hi David.

    My Song wishlist for the forthcoming concerts are:

    1. set.
    all Songs of On An Island

    2. set
    comfortably numb (solo as long as possible)
    high hopes
    shine on you crazy diamond
    Near the End
    No Way

    and as Encore

    thanx and bye

  72. I have waited 18 years to see a David Gilmour solo concert…so some songs that i think would be cool to hear (other than Pink Floyd) in concert are:

    All Lovers are Deranged
    Short and Sweet
    Cry From the Street
    Theres No Way Out of Here
    No Way
    I Cant Breathe Anymore
    So Far Away

  73. Would not the floyd-orientated “heckling” (which David knows will occur in his forthcoming tour) be somewhat diffused if it were known that there was something in the wind for Pink Floyd in the near future. A series of UK-based charity concerts for instance?

    Paul Whitehead
    Wilts (home to certain drummer)

  74. Add-on requests! At the April 5th show in NYC (I’ll be there, 7th row center with ears wide open) – please consider adding to your setlist:

    Young Lust
    High Hopes

    (Not to be played simultaneously of course, but that might be interesting too.)

  75. How about two favourites instead of five:

    Near the End

    I’ll leave the rest to David, I’m sure he’ll not disappoint.

    Anxiously awaiting the Toronto stopover.

  76. David, I think my favorite 5 songs I would ike to see performed live are

    ‘Fat Old Son’
    ‘Green Is The Colour’
    ‘The Narrow way parts 1,2 & 3’
    ‘Whats… Uh The Deal’
    ‘Therr’s No Way Out Of Here’

    There you have it..


  77. Five songs that it would be nice to hear that I could conceivably see David take on for this tour (Ignoring the obvious choices like WYWH, Coming Back to Life, and Comfortably Numb):

    * “Marooned”
    * “Don’t” (Elvis Cover)
    * “Poles Apart”
    * “Time”
    * either “Wearing the Inside Out” or “Dogs” (I can dream)

  78. That would be nice to hear :

    – Comfortably Numb
    – Wish You Were Here
    – High Hopes
    – Shine On You Crazy Diamond Part 1-5
    – Dogs (something from animals would be nice)

  79. My five favourite Pink Floyd tracks are Breathe, Time, Comfortably Numb, Shine On You Crazy Diamond and Marooned… I think. Not sure about the order.

    I would be a VERY VERY VERY happy girl if Mr Gilmour plays Marooned.

    Looking forward to the new album and tour.

  80. Hello,

    If I’ve got to choose…

    1. Childhood’s End
    2. The Gold It’s In The…
    3. Echoes
    4. Green Is The Colour
    5. Is There Anybody Out There



  81. Hi,

    Of course everybody wants to hear the favourites like Shine On, Wish You Were Here & Comfortably Numb but please let’s have some other songs for a change:

    Childhood’s End
    Near The End
    I Can’t Breathe Anymore
    Lost For Words


  82. The five songs I’d most like David to play are:

    – Marooned

    – While My Guitar Gently Weeps (PLEASE get this suggestion to David. I’ve always wanted to hear his take on it.)

    – Comfortably Numb

    – Shine On You Crazy Diamond

    – Breathe and Time (couldn’t choose between them)

    I’m going to the Amsterdam shows, as well as the first date in London. I wanted to book tickets for all 3 London shows, but they’re smack bang in the middle of my university finals (and I don’t know the specific exam dates yet). Besides which, another 2 tickets (plus accommodation) could only have been financed following the sale of one of my organs.

  83. Hello Mr. Gilmour:

    I can’t begin to tell you what your music means to me. I am fortunate to live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and am looking forward to sitting in the 3rd row for both nights at the Paramount Theater in Oakland.

    If I had 5 songs to choose, I would pick:

    1. Fearless
    2. On the Turning Away
    3. Anything from Animals
    4. Coming Back to Life
    5. Comfortably Numb


    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!

  84. What a fun idea! Here’s my five: Echoes,Fat Old Sun, Dogs, Poles Apart, Near The End.

    Great site. Keep up the good work.

  85. Well honestly I would love to hear some classics such as :

    #1 interstellar overdrive
    #2 echoes
    #3 dominoes
    #4 sorrow
    #5 something different that he likes playing. Maybe a just nice long solo meddly .. such as a good 10 min. of him jamming to what he wants to play (improv. if you will)
    My only hope is that he brings a nice Floydian light show along for the ride!!!

    Cannot wait to hear you rip some tunes live no matter what you decide to play. Truely my wife and I are fans for life. thanks for the years of beautiful music, talent is rare these days..and you sir are a true artist/ a legend/ and one of the greatest musicians to grace the earth we all live on!! And not to mention having a large heart that shows care for those that need it!!! Cheers

  86. Hello,
    That’s a simple question, I already thought about it and made a wishlist (and a poll!):

    # There’s No Way Out Of Here… for the late Pete Perryer and an absolute marvelous song
    # Sacha for the late Michael Kamen, with Dick Parry and David Sanborn on saxes
    # Always You, with Phil Manzanera
    # L’Enfant, with the lovely Liona Boyd at the US shows, please give her a kiss from me David ;-X
    # The Gap Is Too Wide or Carpe Diem / Mostly Autumn with Troy Donockley & Bryan Josh 😉
    (to bring some new stuff into the shows)

    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

  87. The previous posts have some excellent choices. I’d like to see:

    1. Murder
    2. Sonnet 18
    3. Fat Old Sun
    4. Lost For Words
    5. Coming Back to Life

  88. I know that the masses are going to clamor for many of the Floyd classics, so here are some Gilmour “solo album” songs I’d love to hear David play:

    1) Raise My Rent
    2) Near the End
    3) Murder
    4) Love on the Air
    5) I Can’t Breath Anymore

  89. 1. Echoes
    2. Dogs (Same reason as Echoes…)
    3. Fat Old Sun/Green is the Colour
    4. Learning To Fly
    5. Comfortably Numb

    This is great fun. David-Thank you very much indeed!


  90. I can’t believe I forgot about Marooned!

    1. Marooned
    2. Childhood’s End
    3. There’s No Way Out of Here
    4. Murder
    5. Any and all from first solo record!!!

  91. Top 5 Gilmour songs I would like to hear live:

    1. Murder
    2. Lost for words
    3. There’s no way out of here
    4. Childhood’s end
    5. On the turning away

    Consider it please…

    -Jon, Nebraska

  92. I’d like to listen to:

    – wot’s… uh the deal
    – marooned
    – murder
    – shine on you crazy diamond
    – high hopes

    thank you for… all you create.

  93. As this is my first time gonna see David ON 30th May at RAH i would love to hear

    1.On The Turning Away
    3.Song For My Sarah
    4.Comfortably Numb
    5.Learning to Fly (i wish)

    hope you had a nice xmas David and Polly have a great new years take care

  94. 5 little songs…(in no particular order)

    Burning Bridges
    Love on the air
    So Far Away
    Coming back to life
    Lost for words

  95. 1. Keep Talking
    2. There’s No Way Out of Here
    3. One Slip
    4. Hey You
    5. Dogs

    I know he probably hates the album, but some of my favourite solos are from the Final Cut. Fletcher Memorial, Not Now John, Possible Pasts…

  96. Pity there’s no show in Poland! Fans here love David’s vocal and guitar a lot!!! Hearing any of Floyd’s and D.G’s songs would be amazing for me-it would be my first Live with Pink Floyd!Hope it happens!!!

    Happy New Year to all Pink Floyd members and fans worldwide!


  97. Hello.

    Please, consider this songs for the “On an island” tour.

    — Echoes
    — Marooned
    — Near the end
    — Dogs
    — Wearing the inside out


    Felipe E. Nunez Guardia.

  98. Does Shine On ever NEED a request? I know its coming and I love it anyways:

    1)Shine On You Crazy Diamond
    2)Learning to Fly
    3)High Hopes
    4)Time (or anything Dark Side really)
    5)hmmm… Young Lust would be cool

    Does it matter? Do what you guys do, I’ve always loved it! See you in April!

    Kurt, Chicago

  99. My favorites are:

    1. Shine on
    2. Time
    3. Run like hell
    4. On the turning away (I fallen in love in Floyd by that amazing tune)
    5. Sorrow

    …but the list could be other – all depends on a format of show – lights & lasers or semiacoustic & homely view, Stratocaster or Gibson… ect. But I precisely be sure that it will be unique!

  100. – Love On The Air
    – Near The End (what’s that final solo?)
    – Cruise
    – Time (because it made me fall for PF at once)
    – Poles Apart (lovely solo)

    This was hard! Cruel!

    I wish a Gilmourous 2006 to everyone!

  101. First off, thanks so much for coming to the West Coast in the States! It will be a 3,000 mi. round trip for us to attend, but sooo worth it.

    I don’t think that I can articulate just how much the new album & tour mean to my ‘being’ at this point in time. I’ve been listening to all my old PF almost non-stop for the last 2 years (thought mid-life crisis?). But it’s just been a case of world-in-turmoil, feeling overwhelmed, and the need for something to ‘center’ me. David’s singing, the ethereal sounds which pour out of his guitar while he gently bends the strings, this is the cure for what ails me!

    Okay, so 5 songs? Well…On The Turning Away, Wish You Were Here, Comfortably Numb, Coming Back To Life, Fat Old Sun, Sorrow, Fearless, & Dimming Of The Day (not written by PF or DG but one of my favorites & loved his version on David Gilmour In Concert). Yeah, I know, but I couldn’t condense it into 5!

    Again, thank you for taking time to tour, thank you Polly & kids for sharing, & I hope everyone will share a little something with CRISIS or… Oh yes, and PLEASE do a dvd of the tour! It would be most appreciated!

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts, scattered though they may be! I look forward to the shows.

    Gabrielle, Winthrop, Washington State

  102. I know this’d be a lot of work to put together, but what the heck…


    1-It’s Deafinitely
    2-Near the End
    3-There’s No Way Out Of Here
    4-Cry From The Street


    1-Comfortably Numb
    2-Run Like Hell
    3-Coming Back to Life
    4-Shine on You Crazy Diamond (parts 6-9)
    5-Terminal Frost

  103. green is the colour
    wot’s… uh the deal
    poles apart
    you know i’m right

    i think that david has a wonderful voice and has to keep singing old songs, not just the “classics”. maybe green is the colour is not as great as wish you were here, but it’s very beautiful.

    Finally, I want to thanks david because his music makes me feel happy and it’s a very important thing in my life.
    Best wishesfrom argentina and I hope David and his family have a great 2006.

  104. My all time Five Favourites are

    1- Comfortably Numb
    2- Wish You Where Here (of course! hah?)
    3- Marooned
    4- There’s No Way Out of Here
    5- Sorrow

    and can I just cheat a little and throw in a sixth?!

    6- On The Turning Away

    Oh God! This is all like a dream for me! I thought I’ll never have a chance to see David Gilmour play live. Now I can drive 6 hours to Chicago to see GOD!

  105. Blue Light – would be great even if there no horns! The echo guitar riff is great alone and a great catchy tune!

    There’s No Way out Of Here
    High Hopes
    On The Turning Away


  106. This was much harder than I thought it would be. After much deliberation, I choose:

    Shine On You Crazy Diamond 1-5
    Run Like Hell
    Fat Old Sun
    and, of course, Comfortably Numb

    The final guitar solo in CN and those four ringing notes in SOYCD are two of the most transcendental pieces of music I’ve ever heard.


  107. Honestly, I just enjoy hearing Mr. Gilmour playing songs that he is excited about playing. If he wishes to play songs of the “Dimming Of The Day” ilk rather than simply playing for the punters, then we really ought to support him, eh?
    …Ok, so maybe a couple of the old favs, then… 🙂

  108. My 5 all time favorites of David Gilmour and Pink Floyd’s songs are as follows:

    1. Marooned
    2. Comfortably Numb
    3. Until we sleep
    4. Out of the blue
    5. Coming back to life

  109. I could not take it anymore there are so many wonderful songs by Pink Floyd and Mr. David Gilmour that I have to add on I am so sorry but I would not be able to sleep unless I write these other songs as my favorites:

    1.What do you want from me.
    2.keep talking ( i wrote earlier and told you that my mother just recently died of ALS ( Lou Gerhigs disease) and it is a horrible disease and fatal.
    3. High Hopes.
    4. Mihalis
    5. One Slip/ yet another movie.
    6. Sorrow
    7. Hey You
    8. Wish you were here
    9. Us and them
    10. Smile
    11. Great Gig in the sky
    12. Any colour you like
    13. Out of the blue
    14. Don’t (elvis tribute concert)

    Thank you for letting me write these down. I am absolutely positive that “On an Island” will be a sensation. Polly keep up the great photography that you are doing but how about some pictures of you in the studio. If you look back, I am your devoted fan and love your writing and style.

    Have a very Happy and Healthy New Year to you Mr. Gilmour and to you Polly Samson.

    Linda Penner
    Williamsville, NEW YORK

  110. I’ve got to go with the masses on “numero uno”
    1.) Comfortably Numb (from “Pulse”, not that “The Wall” version is bad, I just like the solos on “Pulse” much better, they feel more complete somehow)
    2.)Raise My Rent (the opening of the lead guitar part songs oddly familiar…cough..”What do you want from me”..cough…*wink*)
    3.)Shine on you crazy diamond (acoustic like at the Meltdown Concert woud be great, or the original would be lovely also)
    4.)No Way

  111. (excuse my english)
    I wanna hear songs with Davis´s voice/guitar…even if the credits of the song is of another person…

    The Narrow Way III
    Fat Old sun 70´s version
    Wots, uh the Deal
    No Way
    Until we Sleep

    Bonus tracks:
    Burning Bridges (with Rick´s voice)Marooned (with the fender 0001)

    Francisco, from Chile

  112. yeah gilmour on tour.

    1- echoes
    2- high hopes
    4-There’s no way out of here
    5-poles apart

    thank you dave for giving us new material.

  113. 1)Comfortably Numb
    3)Wish you were here
    5)Shine on you crazy diamond

    David you should consider coming to Boston, I just recently got into Pink Floyd and seeing you live would be awesome!

  114. Sorrow
    Breathe/Breathe reprise (Live 8)
    Cry from the street
    Raise my rent

    Anything to let that wonderful guitar tone sing.

    Hope everyone had a great holiday and look forward to a new year!

  115. I’ve made my top 5 post, however I seen a request for While My Guitar Gently Weeps. I think this is a great idea, I too would love to hear Mr. Gilmour play this song.

  116. Top 5 Gilmour-ish songs:

    1. Obscured by Clouds/When You’re In
    (amazing instrumental, with soaring guitar and keyboard parts–a classical-like piece for a rock band, with room for nightly improv).

    2. Mihalis
    (another great instrumental number highlighting our favorite guitarist)

    3. Green is the Colour
    (beautiful acoustic track, highlights David’s still ethereal voice).

    4. Combing Back to Life
    (just a great song)

    5. Any Colour You Like
    (most luscious instrumental of all time…the guitar and keyboard parts envelope the mind, body and soul thouroughly, the bass and drums carry it away)

  117. There are three or four that I would very much like to hear, but David typically plays them every tour, so I won’t list them.

    I would, however, fall out of my chair if I heard any of these:

    Green is the Colour
    Fat Old Sun (with a long, loud solo at the end)
    On the Turning Away

  118. I am so excited about the concert, I am coming all the way from Zimbabwe (in southern Africa for those who don’t know) to see the concert in Milan on the 25 March!!! This is a dream come true!

    Well apart from the obvious I really would like to hear;

    1. So Far Away
    2. I can’t breathe anymore
    3. Murder
    4. Out of the Blue
    5. Near the End

    Some Pink Floyd tracks would just be the best thing ever as I am a huge Floyd fan and have always dreamed of seeing them live. It is through listening and loving Pink Floyd that I found out about David Gilmour’s solo work and I love that too now! He is an awesome, talented, caring artist!! Despite the fact that when he plays guitar it makes me go weak!!!

  119. wish you were here
    high hopes
    fat old sun
    conft numb
    one of these days

    thanks a lot and happy new year..!

  120. Great idea! If David’s reading, I would like to beg errr request Dogs please. My life would be complete if I could only hear that one song live ; )

    So my five songs are:


    Looking forward to the shows.

    Kind regards,

  121. Oh! Just 5 songs! I thought all the night, but choose only 5 songs is very very very hard! But I try…

    1. There’s no way out of here
    2. Fat old sun
    3. High Hopes
    4. Wish you were here
    5. Run like Hell

    I’m sorry, but I think that choose just 5 songs from the David and Pink Floyd reportory is IMPOSSIBLE!!!
    I wish post another message and add other 5 songs!
    Can I do it?

    Bye bye

  122. Oh man, this is an impossible task but here’s ones that would be amazing to see Dave play

    Pigs – It’d be great to hear him rock the talk box.
    Echoes – Unlikely, but I love his harmonies and funky and dreamy guitar.
    Childhood’s End – Incredible song I’ve never heard live.
    A Saucerful of Secrets – It’ll never happen, but there’s nothing like it, the climax when David’s vocals come in at the end.
    Shine On 6-9 – Such a hard choice from his great catalogue, but this is supreme guitar work from David. It’s got it all: great slide, funk, and I love the solo’s David would do live on part 9 in ’77. So beautiful and sad.

    There really is no other music like this, and I don’t think anyone will ever live up to Dave and the Floyd’ legacy. I can’t wait to see Dave on April 4th, I have never seen him before and I have been looking forward to this for such a long time.

  123. Hi smarts!!!

    I post 5 songs yet…but how can I forgive this 5 songs….and all the other fantastic David/PF songs?

    1. Comfortably numb
    2. Echoes
    3. Shine on you crazy diamond
    4. Dogs
    5. On the turning away

    and What do you want from me, and Hey you, and Have a cigar, and The narrow way, and Mother, and so on…

    I’m sorry! I know that I should have choosen just 5 songs…but it was impossible!!!
    I fear I made a lot of english language mistakes!!! I’M SORRY! I hope you are able to understand me! BYE BYE!


  124. It’s hard to choose only 5 five songs that Dave could play on the next tour. My “top 5” Gilmourish songs is:

    1. Shine On
    2. Comfortably numb
    3. Marooned
    4. Fat old sun
    5. Breathe and Time

    Hope to listen these amazing songs here in Milan on 24 march 🙂

    Thank you Dave to exist!

  125. Well, I forgot about High Hopes, On the Turning Away, One Slip, Sorrow, Dogs, Breathe, Eclipse…this could go on forever….

    Happy New Year, everybody!

  126. Firstly, I hope all had a Merry Christmas and all will have a Happy New Year in 2006, though I believe most of us will since David Gilmour is touring for the first time in over a decade.

    I know April 9th and possible 10th in Toronto at Massey Hall will be great days at very least.

    Secondly, since this will be the first time that I will be seeing David live I won’t be requesting to many obscure songs in my initial list of ‘Five favourite David Gilmour/Pink Floyd songs’ as I hope at least the first three songs are covered at the upcoming gigs?

    Here is my list:

    1. Comfortably Numb
    2. Shine On Your Crazy Diamonds (I-IX)
    3. Wish You Were Here
    4. Dogs
    5. Fearless

  127. tough to choose just 5 🙂

    no way out of here
    wish you were here
    on the turning away
    what do you want

  128. My five selections would be

    1. Mother
    2. On the turning away
    3. Us and them
    4. Young Lust
    5. Coming back to life

  129. Hello.

    I really want to hear Cluster One live, anyway these are my songs :

    1.- Cluster One
    2.- Green is The Colour
    3.- Echoes
    4.- Dogs
    5.- Marooned

    I know that “Wearing the Inside Out” is not from David, but maybe if Rick is invited to play anythign can happend…

    Cheers !! from Chile!


  130. cymbaline
    the narrow way/grandchester meadows
    eugene /with rog as special guest appearing in milano 24.3.06 😉
    saucerful, 2006 revisited

  131. Top five songs?? Well here goes..some perhaps never done before live…at least recently(and thats why I picked em)…

    2)I can’t breathe anymore
    3)Wot’s…Uh the Deal (Obscured by Clouds)
    4)The Gold It’s In The (ditto)
    5)Wish you were here

  132. You know, Sonnett 18 would be a great song to hear live! My wife and I couldn’t decide on a song to dance while planning our wedding a little over two years ago, she wanted the sweet, romantic song and I wanted Comfortably Numb (no pun intended). Then David’s acoustic DVD came out. While we were watching the DVD, and Sonnett 18 played, we both looked at each other and said, “it’s perfect!”. She gets the romantic Shakesphere and I get David’s voice. Through out the night, guests came up to me and asked me who it was.

  133. – Echoes.
    – So Far Away.
    – Marooned.
    – The Narrow Way.
    – Fearless.

    Santiago de Chile.

  134. Set list for the David Gilmour in Concert was great fun. The covers, like Dimming of the Day, Syd’s tunes, Bizet, Elvis’ “Don’t” and Chitty were a real treat! I say keep up the fun covers. As for Floyd material, I suppose it’d be nice to hear some of the less-played songs, but of course as we know, it’s all brilliant. Here are some general cover ideas:

    1. Friend of the Devil – Grateful Dead (IMHO, the Floyd and the Dead have always had an unacknowledged sympathy.)
    2. Tangled Up In Blue – Bob Dylan.
    3. One Of These Days – Neil Young (interesting title!)
    4. How Long – Leadbelly.
    5. Love And Anger – Kate Bush.

  135. 1. Sheep (David has always mentioned a soft spot for this song and this would be a great time to break it out and knock off that dust that has been collecting since 77)
    2. Terrapin
    3. either The Narrow Way, Pt. III or Cymbaline
    4. Wearing the Inside Out (a song I wish would have been broken out during the 94 tour)
    5. Murder

    Thanks for letting us express our opinions. I, and I would say a lot of others, are looking forward to hearing a lot of David’s new material!


  136. -Fat Old Sun (i love this song whit all my heart)
    -Green is the colour (i love it whit all my soul)
    -Cluster One (is the perfect to imagine good places, is… just perfect)
    -Lost for words ( bring to me a lot of positive energy)
    -Breathe (acustic version is soooo beatyfull)

    Thanks for this space, i love it

  137. Having recently suggested some covers, here’s my Floyd/solo 2 cents:

    1. Mihalis.
    2. Wots… Uh the Deal.
    3. Shine On (I-IX)
    4. Pillow of Winds.
    5. Terminal Frost.

    Looking forward to the April shows in NYC.

  138. My favorite five song of ever are:

    1) Echoes
    2) Confortably numb
    3) Dogs
    4) shine part 2
    5) Marooned

    thanks david

  139. First of all I would like to thank David Gilmour for all the years of great music he has blessed us all with. Here are my 5 songs:

    1) Mudmen (Great souring instrumental)
    2) Shine On You Crazy Diamond 1-9 (Unabridged)
    3) The Narrow Way Part 3
    4) Fat Old Sun
    5) There’s No Way Out of Here

    I hope Rick Wright has recovered from his eye surgery and tours with Dave and if so I would love to hear them play “Marooned” and “Wearing the Inside Out”.

    Can’t wait for “On an Island” and for Dave to add 10 more Radio City Music Hall Shows.

    Happy New Year to Dave, Polly and family.

    New York City

  140. I am a fan of the “In Concert” DVD,
    So, this is my wishlist-and the of my wife:

    -Je croix entendre encore
    -dimming of the day
    -high hopes
    -shine on…

    See you in Hamburg

  141. I’m also very disappointed that there will be no show in Poland:-( I really want to hear Echoes live, anyway these are my five songs:

    Echoes (at the beginning/first part)
    On the turning away
    Coming back to life
    Echoes (at the end/second part)

  142. 1. High Hopes
    2. Dogs
    3. Echoes
    4. Shine On You Crazy Diamond 6-9
    5. There’s No Way Out of Here

  143. Well, I know that David dislikes it, but “Atom Heart Mother Suite” was really quite a masterpiece. I would willingly give various portions of my anatomy to see it performed live.

    Other favorites include:

    -All Lovers Are Deranged
    -One Of These Days
    -Shine On You Crazy Diamond

    …and, of course, “Echoes”.

  144. Ummmmm

    1. Learning To Fly
    2. Comfortably Numb
    3. Shine On You Cray Diamond
    4. Run Like Hell
    5. Murder

    With the greatest respect, I do hope the concert isn’t going to be “Unplugged – Screw up the songs” style….not that it’ll stop me going and if anyone was going to play stuff differently, and still sound awesome, then Dave Gilmour is THE man!

  145. -Murder
    -High Hopes
    -Shine on

    I’m so happy to see Dave in Dortmund, Germany!

  146. 1. Childhoods End
    2. Anything from Animals (or maybe a medley?)
    3. Marooned
    4. Murder
    5. Shine On 6-9 (guitar jam part like in ’77 🙂

  147. Hello! Mr.Gilmour these are my five favorites songs:

    1. Echoes
    2. Wot’s… Uh the deal
    3. Fat old Sun (please, please, with the guitar solo that calls the fans to their knees to hear the softly played magic spells)
    4. Shine On… (parts 1 to 9)
    5. Dogs

    PD: we`re all really happy about your comeback and we just can´t wait to hear again the sound of music played in gilmour-ish guitar.

    We wish you the best of luck with your new album.

    __ Your Chilean fans __

  148. 1.High Hopes
    2.Comfortably Numb
    3.A Great Day For Freedom

    would be nice! 🙂

  149. My 5 favourites are:

    1. The Narrow Way Part III (Ummagumma, 1969)
    2. Mihalis (David Gilmour, 1978)
    3. Cymbaline (More, 1969)
    4. Echoes (meddle, 1972)
    5. Let’s Get Metaphysical (About Face, 1984)

    Thank you David. All the best to you and your family!

  150. I hope David will invite us to remember and respect lost friends who sadly cannot contribute – due to having totally lost it, or, who have fallen victim to some terrible disease.

    With this in mind – perhaps

    -Je croix entendre encore (Bizet Pearlfishers)
    -Sonnet 18
    -See Emily Play

    Michael Kamen is greatly missed – I have fond memories of 3 concerts where I met and chatted to the great man. My thoughts are with all who knew him and his love of music.

    If Syd shines on – then you reign as The Musical

    thank you dave k

  151. My top 5 are:

    1. Comfortably Numb
    2. Wish You Were Here
    3. Echoes
    4. Dogs
    5. On The Turning Away

  152. My five songs:

    1. On the Turning Away;
    2. Marooned;
    3. From the Wall, it’s a bridge or connecting piece of music that is after the words “Is there anybody out there” – it sounds like an old dance song. I would really like you to expand that into a full piece;
    4. Blue Light; and
    5. Coming Back to Life.

  153. I once read that David really liked Leonard Cohen’s song “Closing Time”. So I’d like to see him do a cover of this song. Maybe at the Toronto show since he’s a Canadian musician. That would be nice. As for anything else, he can sing the phone book for all I care and still sound absolutely wonderful! 🙂

  154. my 5 to hear are Terminal Frost, Let’ Get Metaphysical, both sweet and tear your heart out, excellent orchestration. On the Turning Away and Obscured by Clouds. Love to Polly and David, I’ll see you at Massey Hall for my 13th appearance, hehe. I was there for 2 shows for About Face. I’m am so in awe. Thank You INDEED.

  155. Fat Old Sun (First part acoustic, 70’s live version at the end)
    Childhood’s End (With a cool and funky bass intro)
    Breathe/Breathe Reprise (Live 8 version)
    SOYCD (Acoustic 1-5, 77′ version 6-9)
    Comfortably Numb (Violin/Cello or maybe flute instead of guitar on the first solo)
    Murder (Organ instead of acoustic guitar on the first and second verses)
    High Hopes (Only the bell before the first chorus, other instruments starts together with the chorus)

    Songs by other artists which can be performed in alternative versions:

    Why Worry (Dire Straits)
    Lay Lady Lay (Bob Dylan)

  156. Comfortably Numb
    Near the End
    You Know I’m Right

    David, we want to hear your guitar!! And with your voice getting better and better every year, wow what a show, what a great time we will have!!

  157. Happy New Year!

    My list,

    So Far Away
    Near the End
    Chilhood’s End
    Let’s get metaphysical


  158. My favourites songs are:

    1- Echoes
    2- Astronomy domine
    3- Any colour you like
    4- The gold it’s in the…
    5- Yet another movie

    THANK YOU to Dave and the all Flyd family,Richard & Nick (“remember my photos”),but Very Special Thanks to my GREAT FRIEND,and now also “BIG BROTHER” GIANLUCA ANDREANI from Italy!

  159. My five songs:

    High Hopes
    On the Turning Away
    Near the End

    Happy New Year, David!

  160. Hello, David.

    1) Marooned
    2) Shine On You Crazy Diamond
    3) Run Like Hell
    4) Comfortably Numb
    5) Dogs

  161. Teach me for not checking the web for too long, missed the dates and are all now sold out! Hopefully the talk of fresh tickets being released is true. Can’t believe I missed out!

    Anyhow five tunes…..out of far too many to choose from. In no particular order

    Ibiza Bar
    The Nile Song
    Childhood’s End
    There’s No Way Out of Here
    Cymbaline, no..Mihalis…no The Narrow Way oh I don’t know!

  162. Some of my favourite Gilmour/Floyd songs I’d love to hear live on “On an Island” tour are:


    Why I picked these songs:

    -Shine on You Crazy Diamond: So far On an Island sounds as though it’s going to be quite accoustic, but David managed to do a great live rendition of it at Roger Wyatt’s Meltdown Festival. Maybe David will perform it again will his full band.

    -Marooned is one of my favourite Floyd songs ever… but it’s very seldom been performed live. David recently performed it on Live Strat Pack concert and it was awsome. It would be nice to hear it again.

    -High Hopes: beautiful sublime song… I’d be dissappointed if David didn’t perform this song when I see him.

    -Fat Old Sun: nice little song. Short, but sweet and full of melody. Also, I understand, one of David’s favourites. He thinks it’s overlooked. So do I.

    -On the Turning Away: All time favourite from the 80’s era. It’s the kind of song that works really well in the live environment, plus it’s got a momentous, killer solo.

  163. Dear David,

    I wish you and your family all the best for 2006

    5 floyd songs which could be fantastic in the context of your 2006 tour:

    – Fat Old sun ( this time with your jam with Richard in the middle of the song as in the 70s ? )
    – Shine on ( 6-9)
    – High Hopes ( with the Cello )
    -Echoes ( with Richard): hearing this masterpiece live is the dream of millions of fans
    – a “forgotten ” song : Cymbaline , Narrow way , wot’s the deal , on the turning away ..etc

    5 favourite Gilmour songs :

    – Near the end ( using different tones of voice, very moving)
    – There’s no way out of here
    – Murder
    – So far away
    – Out of the blue

    Anyway, i will be happy even if you play only an extended version of Hushabye Mountain !

    Thank you again for touring . I can’t wait to see you twice in Paris !

    Thanks to the people who take care of this site.

  164. If there are children at the concert, he should invite them to the front and play a children’s song such as Donovan Leitch’s “I Love My Shirt”.

  165. Such a hard task to choose just 5 favourites.

    I can’t go to the London shows so I am going to see David in Amsterdam for both shows. I just hope he varies the shows for those that see him more than once.

    It would be fantastic if he could play any of my 5 favourites:

    1. The Narrow Way Pt 3 – unless he feels adventurous and plays it complete
    2. Grantchester Meadows – such a wonderful song, like it was played for the KQED show in 1970
    3. Green is the Colour – One of the best acoustic songs from the film More
    4. Interstellar Overdrive – now there’s a challenge to rearrange this like he did with Shine On – this is the ultimate jam with just so much scope for improvisation
    5. Fearless or San Tropez – I could never understand why either of these songs have never been performed live.

    It would be great for David to consider performing anything that has never been played live by Pink Floyd.

    Best wishes for 2006, and good luck with On An Island

  166. My favorite songs by David Gilmour/Pink Floyd are:

    1)Comfortably Numb
    2)On the Turning Away
    3)One of These Days
    4)Keep Talking
    5)There’s No Way Out of Here

    Thanks, have a happy new year and looking forward to the tour hitting Los Angeles in 2006.

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