David with Lucy Wakeford


There was such an amazing response to yesterday’s blog. Thank you very much to everyone who wrote in with their five (ish) favourite songs. We really enjoyed reading through them… even if it took what seemed like a lifetime to get through them all.

However, please remember that we take an interest in fan suggestions, David doesn’t do requests. So please remember to keep the tone polite when you write. Unfortunately I had to delete several messages yesterday and don’t want to have to do so again. David does pay us a visit when he has the time to spare, as do the many influential people around him who are vital to the new album and tour, so anything over-the-mark will swiftly be deleted and, if need be, you will be prevented from posting again. Needless to say, we don’t want to have to do that, but we do hope you can appreciate that David might well read your comments, so you should keep your language and tone appropriate. (Don’t nag the guy, please!)

Besides, David is still incredibly busy finalising the album and planning the tour. He may, or may not, take your preferences into consideration. He has his own thoughts about which songs will best suit the tour, and all the repeated, capitalised pleas in the world will not be enough to change his mind – no matter how many exclamation marks you include.

It was just for fun, and we hope you enjoyed, so thanks again to one and all for having your say. There were some great ideas in there – as well as some very far-fetched ones – so we hope you enjoyed reading what other fans would like from David’s tour as much as we did. Perhaps we’ll let you know what David has in mind as far as a setlist goes a little closer to the tour.

Just to let you know of another musician who has been involved in ‘On An Island’…

Today’s picture is of Lucy Wakeford, a much sought-after harpist who has performed at major venues and festivals throughout Europe. She regularly gives both solo and orchestral performances, joining with many of the leading orchestras, including the Philharmonia, BBC Symphony Orchestra, the London Symphony Orchestra and Britten Sinfonia.

Lucy became the youngest ever member of the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain, where she was Principal Harp for five years.

Lucy is one of many musicians who has been working with David on his new album. You can find out about more, and see pictures of them hard at work in the studio (thanks to Polly’s camera), here.

Thanks again for the phenomenal response. The passion and enthusiasm of Floyd fans never ceases to amaze.

Finally, to all who have sent in questions for David: They have been received, even though they are not shown here, and they might just be answered shortly. Answers will be on the FAQs page. Keep your questions coming in. The best ones will be published. The more interesting and witty you make them, the more chance of an answer. Good luck.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

39 thoughts on “David with Lucy Wakeford”

  1. Question for David:

    What’s it like to wake up and realize you have such a fan base that will support (and criticize) your every move on planning for this tour?

    Nerve-wracking? A daily dose of new insanity?

    I’d think it would be.

    Thanks for going ahead and touring anyhow!

    Cleveland, OH

  2. Come on, guys. Stop nagging and whining. Some of the posts are so rude. Would you speak like that to David’s face?! You seem to have no respect for what he’s doing… for us. David, we are not all ungrateful, greedy jerks! Many of us will love your new album and tour no matter who is in your band, which songs you choose to play or how many pretty lights twinkle on stage behind you. Some of the people posting here need to grow up and learn some manners. I don’t mean to be rude to anyone, but give it a rest. What must David think of all the “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Me! Me! Me!” nonsense? Have a bit of respect and just be glad he’s touring at all!

  3. hi david
    About “on an island tour 2006”, it will be a acoustic tour
    You’ll make use off a acoustic band for it

  4. It’s very interesting the attempt to conjugate the sound of the electric guitar to classical sonorities. David Gilmour started it collaborating with Liona Boyd, with Caroline Dale and with “The Triumph of Love” soundtrack. Dave continued on this road in 2001 – 2002 gigs, inventing a new genre: “rock da camera”. Lucy Wakeford collaboration, during the “On An Island” sessions, it’s the confirmation of new album musical direction. Orchestra, choirs and classical theaters will allow Gilmour to keep on experimenting the conjugation of rock sounds with classical sounds during the “On An Island” tour.

  5. A couple comments on the picture:

    1. Whoa… David wears glasses now?
    2. Whoa… David reads sheet music?

  6. Absolutely LOVE the pictures. Really each picture tells it’s own little story. Very enjoyable. Lucy Wakeford hello wow how awesome is she! Thanks for your blog it is totally cool like David always has been. Polly your pretty cool too and a lucky lady!

  7. I agree with you Vic, although I havent read any of the rude comments because they get deleted, edited or whatever. They should be too…
    I think some of the fans are indeed plain demanding because they think an artist owes the fan base absolutely everything. Not quite right there I’d say.
    However, on the other hand, many requesting Gilmour to go play in their country might be acting out of pure anxiety and you know… probably they think “if we all repeat it enough times he will see how many fans he’s got here and come play.” Subliminal message tactic?? hahaha Wont work either but they want to try. If you lived in a country where Pink Floyd/David Gilmour never played, probably you would be trying too (however in vain it might be).

    The rest of us are genuinly interested, thoug. Im a nice girl, play by the rules and would like to see everyone relaxing a bit… pop a pill, drink some bubbles. We all want to see this whole project reach a nice end… especially with such great artists involved.

    -sorry for the lengthy comment-

  8. Thanks for the lovely pic of David and Lucy, Polly. When can we expect a new book from you? I very much enjoyed the first two, especially ‘Blood Roses in the Snow’and ‘Looking for Signs’ from Lying in Bed.
    Happy New Year to all of you!
    See you in L.A.

  9. It’s sad that so much of the blog editor’s job must be defusing and commenting on negative comments…and here we are now, still at it, sadly. Oh, well, here’s to a whine-free 2006! After all, David Gilmour will soon have a new album and be on tour!!! (this blog is great, thank you, btw)

    “As you look around this room tonight
    Settle in your seat and dim the lights
    Do you want my blood, do you want my tears
    What do you want
    What do you want from me
    Should I sing until I can’t sing any more
    Play these strings until my fingers are raw
    You’re so hard to please
    What do you want from me”

  10. Hello David..

    I missed yesterday’s “Top 5 songs” topic so I hope this one will get to you too. I have much more than 5 favourite songs, but I would suggest you “Wearing The Inside Out” with Rick Wright as a guest. It would certainly be a unique experience for all the fans, as it was never played live.
    I saw your dates and I see you are not planning to visit Eastern Europe (I’m from Slovakia) so I hope you’re planning to relase one of your shows as a DVD.
    Good luck with your album and tour. I’m looking forward to it very much.

    Milan from Slovakia

  11. Dear Mr. & Mrs. Gilmour,

    I want to thank you so much for the wonderful pictures in the studio while making this no doubt sensational new CD. I almost feel at times I am actually there the pictures are so candid and personable ( I would suspect much like Polly herself!). I just want to thank Mr. Gilmour and everyone around him that are making this new CD possible. I am looking forward to the release of On An Island very much.

    I do have many questions for both Mr.& Mrs. Gilmour. I would not know where to begin if I had the chance to see and talk with them face to face! One question I do have is, “How did you meet your beautiful wife Polly?” & “when you listen to your music over the headphones and playbacks do both of you feel the same excitement that I get whenever I listen to Mr. Gilmour play? I mean not only is Mr Gilmour the most talented guitar player in the world ( That is my opinion) but he also has this incredible beautiful voice, that I consider an instrument all in itself. I know this is rather lenghty but I will give you an example:

    I have the PULSE VHS and I play it over and over. Every single time I am left amazed and in awe that such talent and human beings can generate that kind of emotion & response like I get. Every single moment of that concert was unbelievable to me. All of my senses were bombarded with this beautiful and fantastic energy. The beginning of Comfortably Numb is a perfect example. It starts out with etheral male voices and then Mr. Gilmour’s singing and it begins to escalate on every scale from his voice to that magnificent guitar playing and then the diamond shaped “owl” pops out of the center of the hall in which they were playing. The guitar is speaking all on its own through Mr. Gilmours talented fingers and bending of the strings. Then Mr. Mason’s drum playing increases as well, the beat and rhythm all come together until it reaches its climax. Does Mr. Gilmour hear his music like I do?

    I did not leave out Mr. Richard Wright either, his keyboards are equally impressive. Such talent in three men and their team ( Mr. Guy Pratt and also the great saxophonist Mr. Dick Parry)I have to mention the beautiful voices of Sam Brown, Claudia Fontaine and of course Durga McBroom. I want to thank Mr. Gilmour and Polly Samson for everything that they have done for me! Through Polly’s beautiful writing of novels and music to Mr. Gilmour temporarily taking me out of the sorrow of my present situation. I am really a no body, I don’t have the talent or the beauty that these two wonderful people have. I just want them to know that there is a young woman here in Williamsville, New York who truly appreciated their gifts.

    Thank You for indirectly helping me get through the saddness and emptiness of losing my best friend, my hero ( my mother–Elaine C.Penner who died of ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease.) I wish I could see your concert Mr. Gilmour and I have the North American and Canada’s tour dates all jotted down in my organizer for the year 2006. Unfortunately, it came down to either paying ‘extraordinary amounts of money from e-bay’ OR giving the money I am making at this time to Crisis and Amnesty and Children’s Hospice Foundation. I had to choose. Not that you would care or notice but I had to choose the later. I can only hope that maybe your 2006 concert will come out in video form. My heart will be with you and everyone lucky enough to buy their tickets.

    Mr. Gilmour and Polly Samson, please have a blessed New Year and I hope and wish the very best for you and your family this year and every year. I have a sad, heavy-hearted feeling that this is my lost opportunity to ever see Mr.Gilmour perform live either solo or with Mr. Mason and Mr. Wright in my lifetime. But as I have “posted” before on this site, ” everything happens for a reason.” Right???

    Love to both David and Polly
    Linda Penner
    Williamsville, NY

  12. Hi,

    I bought a ticket to see David at the Kodak Theatre here in L.A. for his April show. It cost me $172.30 and I’m up in the **Balcony**.

    For $172.30 I want to be sitting on David’s lap. Anyway you can arrange that? Thanks in advance!


  13. If there will indeed be classical bent to this album, and Mr. Gilmour and Co will be touring with a choir and orchestra, then by all means, please consider an arrangement of Atom Heart Mother for the setlist 🙂

  14. With regard to tickets, I would just like to add my thanks to Matt for finding a genuine Gilmour fan to whom I could sell 2 spare tickets that I had (at cost price). I find it utterly shocking to see the prices that are being charged on eBay and I would urge people to follow the advice already supplied on this blog!

    I can’t wait for the live shows and the album, I can fully understand that David’s priorities have changed over recent years and so this unexpected present is great!

    Thanks again David…and have a great tour!

  15. I speak portuguese.
    Please. Translation in your linguage.
    Quando Mrs. David vem tocar no Brasil?

  16. A couple comments on the picture:

    1. Whoa… LUCKY LUCY! 🙂

    2. Whoa… Lucky me…David is coming to Canada and I’ll get to hear him play live for the first time. YIPPEE!! YAHOO!!

    3. Whoa… Lucky Polly…snagged the nicest man in England and the best looking too! Lookin’ sharp there David.

  17. I am truly enjoying this blogging thing. I hope that Polly keeps taking marvelous pictures. It is such a rich treat to see glimpses of the work in progress and the earnestness of all involved to make the project the best possible. I think this is an extremely generous gift by David, Polly and friends and I just wanted to add my thanks.

  18. Happy new year to Mr. Gilmour and his family!!. David, in my opinion your voice is celestial, you’re my favourite singer and the way you play guitar is just amazing. When I listen to your music I feel happy and so quiet… Without your art I’d feel empty. I’m really ansious about On an Island!

    You’re a great artist because you really love music and you make me love it too. God bless you.

    And Polly you’re a very lucky lady, and I love your books.

    Best wishes

  19. Thanks for the wonderful music you make, and hope that your tour comes out great.

    Natalia Alvarez
    Maracaibo, Venezuela

  20. Hi Dave,
    Just wanted to say that I think it was great that you played with Roger again for Live8, also I’ve been waiting patiently for another CD from you. Been a few years. Anyways, I’m sure its gona be yet another good one. Oh by the way in my book you are my favorite song writer and player along with Roger, Richard and Nick. Continue the outstanding work that noone can match

  21. Hello David,

    Why did not play title of your both excel solo albums during your last tour?

    I hope you will sing at the Olympia :

    Green Is The Colour
    Let’s Get Metaphysycal
    You know I’m Right
    Raise My Rent
    No Way

    Sorry for the quality of my english but I am french.

    I am a composer and a guitarist. I am 45 years old. In 16 years you changed my life when I discovered Pink Floyd with your voice and your game of guitar. I am very happy to be again able to hear you to the Olympia and on your next album. It is little as to make a declaration of love to the woman who we love. You have to receive tons of emails of this type, but I wanted to say it to you. Then here is it is made!

    Good luck for the disc and the tour.

    Godefroy de MAUPEOU

  22. Just to let you know I’m really looking forward to seeing David live @ the Royal Albert Hall in May. I’m taking my 2 sons who were too young in 1994 at the time of the Division Bell tour, & any David Gilmour / Floyd song will do as I know the evening will be sublime.

    Can’t believe people keep on nagging. Get a life!!!

  23. Hello Mr. Gilmour.

    I am so delighted that you are taking a North American tour (Canada). I have always listened to your beautiful music and thought that I would never be able to be in the audience, listening to you but now I am so thrilled that I am going to see you in concert.

    This is my first concert and I am thrilled to say that it’s going to be the best concert of my life.


  24. Goodday again mr. Gilmour, ms. Samson and assosiates from from this blog (great, great..!! more astonishing by the moment!!!) I allready had a comment written for the “suggestion 5” of me. But when I’m bogglin’ my mind just a little bit further the last few hours, I have to make it somewhat completer with as followed: my “top 5” will rather be a “5 in 1” if there’s some space for some orchestral movement. If so I’d be thrilled to enjoy “ATOM HEART MOTHER” at sunset -magical!!!- but owh.. Amsterdam ‘s not an outdoor concert (oh well..I can live with that)

    Oh..hmm I’ve still got another burnin’ question.. for quite some time now, I hope you can help me with that somehow, I’d never could find it in any book : what means, and who is “Stairway scare DAN DARE who’s there”, I know it’s Syd’s but don’t mind me…

    All of you good luck with the album and the forthcomming tour, have fun, we (the fans!) won’t do anything else I dare to say…!!! Hope we’ll meet some sunny day..

    Yours sincerely; Robert v. Heumen (32) HOLLAND

  25. Hi Robert, glad you’re enjoying the blog. 🙂

    Just to let you know that Dan Dare was a comic book character created by Frank Hampson. A science-fiction thing. Very popular throughout the 1950s in Britain. Have a look at http://www.dan-dare.org for more.

  26. I hope you will sing at the Frankfurt:

    1. A Pillow of Winds
    2. Wish You Were Here
    3. Shine On
    4. Comfortably Numb
    5. High Hopes

    It’s main list for me.

  27. Dave,

    Am taking my 17 year old to LA to see you. We live in New Orleans.

    Thanks for touring the US.

  28. First of all, thanks for this blog. It is really amazing to see that a member of a band that was always so conscious about privacy, keeping a low public profile now has a blog and actually comes and reads it from time to time..

    Exciting news about the album and tour (I consider myself extremely lucky that I could get two tickets for the Frankfurt show although that’s a 700 km trip for me).

    Seeing the playlist suggestions here on the blog I started to wonder how comes that certain pieces of a musician’s repertoire never come to be played live (see the much-requested Fearless or Pillow of Winds for example wich AFAIK were never played live). I mean isn’t it a weird feeling to write a song and then forget about it completely? Obviously one cannot play _everything_ and maybe not all songs are fit to be played live, but still. Funny.

  29. Well I’m in far-flung New Zealand, and having to feed and house a young family it makes getting to one of David’s concerts only a pipe-dream for me. But were I there I’d love to hear “Embryo”…

    Now I have a set of mp3 recordings of Pink Floyd at the BBC in 1970 and 1971, gained via a link posted on a prominent Pink Floyd website, from which I have developed my fondness for “Embryo”. I worry about the legitimacy of these tracks, but would hate to give them up as I haven’t found them available by any other means. Would David care for a contribution to Crisis in compensation?

  30. First I would like to mention that I am personally honored and grateful to have the opportunity to see Mr. David Gilmour perform both nights in L.A.

    My requests to be considered are as follows . . .

    1. Near The End
    2. Comfortably Numb
    3. All Lovers Are Deranged
    4. Shine On You Crazy Diamond
    5. There’s No Way Out Of Here

  31. It would be interesting to see Dave dust off “Behold the Temple of Light” for his tour. Seriously, post-Syd/pre-Dark Side stuff hasn’t aged at all. I find it odd that all of Pink Floyd dismisses that early stuff as bland or illigitemate. The tour needs a non-traditional song like the one listed above.

  32. Hi, Mr Gilmour, I do admire your solo work and the one with the floyd since I was in my teenies (now I’m 36). Want to wish you a happy new year and I hope you come to Catalonia to play live. thanks for your music! I wish you’d come with the Floyd “one of these days” with a new studio recording. Not speaking about Roger in the band…

  33. I just want to salute that within you that is devine. I wish I could convey the hope, the love, the dreams, the spirit that saturated our souls from your most honored music. My Husband was in the midst of the Vietnam war when Pink Floyd began weaving their wonderful sensations throughout our lives. Not until 1982 did he truely experience the essence of your works. Your music was a major theme in our 24 years of marriage. “On An Island” was our most soothing moments as we lay side by side, listening, and quietly talking. Thank you for comforting My Michael in his fleeting last days, and for me in the depths of my sorrow. I felt it important that you know how deeply you reach. Our Spirits appreciate yours–far more than you’ll ever know.

  34. After seeing the 1st show at RAH last night(29/05/06), I just thought I’d review all the blog pages to see when I 1st posted(Still looking) and also try and find the 1st posts of Bianca(Still looking) & Stephen Radovanovich (January 3, 2006 06:06 PM – Well done Rado, a loyal subject), whom I met before the show. Then I came across the post from Stacey Mackey – April 28, 2006 06:28 AM.

    And it just brings it home what a humane community has been built up on this wonderful site.

    My sympathy, sorrow & anguish goes out to Stacey, for the loss of her husband, Michael and the horrors and pain he must have endured.
    However, through the wonders of todays technology, stories like Stacey’s abound on this site which has helped to enrich the lives and souls of all the kindred spirits, who share their experiences, be they good, bad, happy or sad.

    All of humanity is right here…, brought together by one mans unique talent.

    One man, who has the ability to reach into the hearts and souls of millions more, through the power of his gift. Which in turn, encourages ALL the contributors to this site to share their experiences and the emotions that life bestows upon us.

    FEd, there must be some sort of “recognition” due for this site and what it has become.
    Is there such an honour available for weblogs?

    It is such an amazing community, which deserves wider recognition.

    I’m proud and honoured to be part of it.

    Sincerest regards
    Ken Carter

    [Your kind words are the only ‘honour’ that really matters, Ken. As long as people like it, that’s enough. By the way, your first post was on the ‘For US fans’ blog entry of 23 February. – Features Editor]

  35. Thanks for that FEd. You’ve saved me trawling through reams of posts, I don’t envy you.

    Well, I do in some respects…

    You’re a TRUE hero.

    Perhaps as a comp you could get everybody looking for their own 1st posts?

    On 2nd thought’s it’s probably not such a good idea, as it would probably mean too much more work for you.

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