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Thank you to everyone for your comments about yesterday’s blog entry. We appreciate you taking the time to share your views with others, and understand that it takes all sorts to make the world go around. It’s a good thing that we have different opinions, because the world would be an incredibly boring place if we didn’t disagree from time to time.

That said, there has been no disagreement whatsoever on the issue of ticket sales on eBay – proof, if it were needed, that the vast majority of David’s fans are honest, kind-hearted people… even if it is boring to be in complete agreement!

But seriously, we are delighted to hear that so many of you have promised to donate any profits made from your eBay auctions to charity, particularly to Crisis. Thank you for being so reasonable, not to mention generous. We hope you stay true to your word and that many others will follow your lead.

As David cares passionately for Crisis and the crucial work they do, it would be fitting if you could donate profits from the sale of his tickets to them. Pledging £50, for example, could provide shelter to a homeless person for one month during the cold winter months. £100 could help to re-house someone through the Crisis SmartMove scheme. Clearly, your donation would make a real difference.

To those of you who are considering bidding large amounts to win a ticket to see David next year, then please think carefully before parting with your money. As hard as it may be, please try to remain patient and positive. There is a very good chance that more tickets will become available shortly, and then you can pay a fair price for your ticket instead of paying an obscene amount to someone who has no connection to David or to the many people who are working with him on his ‘On An Island’ project.

The sad fact is that Pink Floyd has always been one of the world’s most bootlegged bands. David has spent close to 40 years in the music business and knows all too well how sections of ‘fans’ operate in order to profit.

Today’s exclusive photograph is of Chris Stainton, an accomplished keyboardist who also plays organ and piano, although he rather surprisingly started his music career as a bass player. He has recently been playing with Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings, but he has also performed with Eric Clapton, The Who, Joe Cocker and Roger Waters.

As you can see, David has assembled some fine creative talents to work on his new album and, thanks to Polly, we have some fantastic photographs of the recording sessions to share with you. You can see a new one each day, so visit tomorrow for another.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. I think that David’s efforts to help people who are greatly disadvantaged is very admirable. If only more people in positions of power would use their powers for “good” instead of “evil”, the world wouldn’t need such charity’s in the first place… It’s a sad indictment when the worlds governments would rather spend vast sums of money on war, instead of vast sums of money on people. I’m sure that David’s new album will be a huge success, and his message of charity will spread far and wide. There is no need for poverty in this day and age…

  2. Well, it’s great to hea…read that the big problem with the eBay ticket selling has most likely calmed down.

    I keep wondering myself what of a great album Island Jam will be with so many great musicians playing on it! It will be awesome!


  3. Wow! this is what I call name dropping! hahaha Look at the list of musicians that have been named here so far!!! hahaha
    How much longer till March???

    Is Polly thinking of a career in photography? …when’s the next book coming out? I enjoyed the first two!

  4. Hello Mr. David Gilmour, I and all the Italian Pink Floyd Fan Club members are very happy to see you and listen to your music in Italy three times the next month of March. Thank You! And Merry Christmas to you and your family and to all Pink Floyd world.

    Carlo Maucioni

  5. Hello David. First let me say that I am beyond thrilled that you are coming across the pond to the USA in a few months, and I will be seeing your show in Chicago in April. I have been such a fan of yours since way back in the days of Meddle–Echoes being the first “Floyd” song that hooked me in to your sensational guitar playing. I cannot wait to see you in person! Thank you!

  6. I would like to second Steve’s opinnion up there. How many millions have been spent so far in this last epic nonsense in the middle east? Say no more.

  7. The group of musicians Dave has assembled is amazing, but I really expected as much from him. When an amazing artist like David Gilmour is making a new album, who on earth could say no to an invitation to play with him? Gosh, I would sit around and play air drums while wearing a Santa Claus hat if he asked me to! All the best with the new album Dave. Just for laughs… wouldn’t it be amazing if Dave and Eric Clapton got together on an all-out blues jam? They could play all of their favorite blues songs, put it on cd and dvd, and give the profits to Crisis. That would be amazing!

  8. This is the best way to communicate with the fans in a run up to a tour and album release.

    So many others will just update their site once a month. As you can see from all of the questions we have a genuine thirst for information.

    Thanks and the photos are GREAT!

  9. I am THRILLED that Mr. Gilmour is putting out a new album for all of the fans out there, but also for all of us musicians who study his work. Keep it coming David!

  10. Nice of people to oblige. I guess the season of goodwill really does lighten people’s hearts.

  11. More of our admired stars should follow Mr. Gilmour’s example and generosity. In such a materialistic, world of wealth it is obscene that there are those without basic necessities. Even if a person is not capable of donating money, they are capable of donating time and compassion. Volunteering your help is also a valuable contribution. Share in your own way. It is not up to Mr. Gilmour alone! Bravo Mr. Gilmour, from Canada.

  12. Hello Mr. David Gilmour, my name is Zack Anderson, and I, as a Pink Floyd fan, am very happy to read the progress of On An Island.

    Not only do I admire the work you have done with Pink Floyd, but I also greatly enjoy your two solo albums, David Gilmour and About Face, as well. You aren’t just an expressive and masterful guitarist, but a brilliant songwriter and great singer, too!

    Thank you for giving me so much good music, and good luck with the new album. I just wonder what it’s going to sound like.

  13. I can’t wait to hear this album! It’ll be great to hear what Gilmour does with a project that he really doesn’t need to be doing… it’s just him making music for his own pleasure.

    Anyone know if Storm will be doing the cover art?

  14. Mr.David gilmour,

    We just got the tickets!I’m Holding them in my is Amazing ..

    wishing you and your family ,and the rest of Pink floyd a HAPPY NEW YEAR ,

    Thank you for your music ,muse and inspiration that you bring to the world. you make it a better place.

    looking forward to the show ! Good luck!

  15. It looks like at least some people are going with my way of thinking – older over-looked Floyd classics like:

    1.Green Is The Color
    2. A Pillow Of Winds
    3. Childhood’s End
    4. There’s No Way Out Of Here (Yes, a solo Gilmour classic)
    5. Burning Bridges

    Although he could do BURNING BRIDGES, WEARING THE INSIDE OUT, and Rick Wright’s BREAKTHROUGH with Rick singing as a special guest -isn’t this fun? I mention these songs thinking how David brought out FAT OLD SUN for the MELTDOWN concert – FANTASTIC!

  16. Regarding ticket sales on eBay.

    On 27 Dec it was stated on this blog site that tickets are “numbered” and steps might be taken in 2006 to make difficult ticket sales on eBay. And:

    “…so our advice is not to bid unless you are prepared to risk being refused entry to the show. It’s your choice.”

    My question is, if I bid on and purchase a couple of legitimate tickets on eBay, why would I be refused entry? Is it not I, then, who is being totally screwed? I do not want to pay extortionate ransom to profiteers, and I will not. But if hypothetically I do, then I get refused entry with two valid tickets, then that is really wrong. If I have two valid tickets, no matter who I bought them from, how can I be “refused entry”? – We all know these shows are sold out or otherwise unattainable to the majority of fans, so why make it even harder for the little guy to get a piece? Why scare us all?

    Think about who might be screwed here, and what lack of sense that makes if you were a fan.

  17. I completely support your concern about ebay auctions of tickets, and just like scalpers at entries of any stadium in the world, some will profit from these sales (the worst maybe with the Superbowl and Worldcup final).

    However, if it were not for ebay, I would not have been able to see Seinfeld show in Orlando (Florida) last year. And I paid a normal price for these tickets, which I bought from people who had a last minute emergency and could no longer attend the show. If I remember correctly, there was a cap imposed by ebay on the ticket sale price, and the auction was setup to automatically end when the cap was reached, in order to avoid ridiculous profit. I thought that it was an excellent system.

    Ebay serves a great purpose. I have been to many sporting events or concerts that are supposedly sold out, only to see many empty seats in the venue. That’s not right. People who buy tickets and intended to attend may have other priorities, which prevent them from attending, and many venues do not accept returns or refunds (not to mention that in case of return, they do not refund the astronomical fee that they charge on top of the ticket). We have to think about it from every angle. I would like to see Dave’s concert, and eBay may be my only chance.

    Thanks for bringing this issue to light.

  18. If I manage to get a ticket through eBay – probably my only shot – and he plays Green Is The Color, I will freak. That is the most sublime song, as well as Pillow. The list above is a good one, for they are charming pieces that have been completely smothered by the mega stadium anthems that dominate the Floyd setlists of the last twenty years. They are wonderful examples of Gilmour’s vocals, dreamy and sublime.

    I don’t actually think he will though, he’ll play whatever he wants. Perhaps judging by the inclusion of Fat Old Sun on his last outing a few years ago, maybe there’s a shot.

    We’ll see.

  19. the new album is going to be a treat with so many talented musicians being involved in it (not least the most talented of them all, one mr david jon gilmour cbe). i can’t wait to hear it.

  20. I would also like to add my song suggestion, that is So Far Away from his first solo album.

  21. From the first time I heard The Wall at the tender age of 8 years I have been hooked on anything connected with Pink Floyd. I have been lucky enough to see the post Waters Floyd 8 times around Europe.I saw David Gilmour at his meltdown concerts at the Royal Festival Hall. I just can’t wait for some new material from the greatest guitarist/singer this planet has seen.

    Thanks for this great website,keeping us informed with daily updates.

    Thank you David for all the incredible music you and Pink Floyd have created.

  22. I have just read through all of the comments posted and I would like to say thanks to David and all the real fans. I don’t understand how people would prefer to profit over seeing the great shows.

    My first Floyd show was Feb. 25, 1980 @ Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, NY. 2 tickets as a birthday present from my cousin who turned me on to DSOM in 1975. We are getting old but still enjoying life. If I remember correctly, I think the ticket price was $15.00 each. When I saw advertisements for people wanting to pay $1000.00 per ticket, I didn’t even consider it.

    It has been like that all these years. I saw the About Face tour in 1984 @ the Beacon Theatre (NY),Momentary Lapse tour in Long Island, NY and @ Madison Square Garden. Division Bell tour @ Giants and Yankee Stadium and I think Continental Arena. Never thought of selling tickets. I always bought what I could afford, 4 tickets and never charged the friends/family I took. That’s the way it should be. For this tour I only purchased 2 tickets (Radio City), what I could afford because I was umemployed for 6 months. Never considered selling for profit.

    All I have to say is, to all that read this, stick to your morals in the end the profit won’t count. Enjoy the show and memories with family and friends!

    Thanks again David for giving us the chance to enjoy life with you.

    Best Regards,
    Steve Radovanovich
    NY, USA

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