Night 11: London

I don’t wish to alarm or upset anyone, but after this, there’s nothing until December. Nothing. No amphitheatres, no lasers, no giant circular screen. When you hear ‘Run Like Hell’, it won’t be a cue to rush to the stage because there will be no stage. You can hold your phones up in the air if the urge to do so suddenly consumes you, but you’ll record boring things like wallpaper and shelves.

That’s it. Just one more night, then it’s over until December. How will we cope?

Let us know if you’re spending your Saturday night at the Royal Albert Hall for the eleventh (OK, tenth if we don’t count Brighton) and final concert from David’s 2015 European Tour (you lucky so-and-so’s). It will be emotional.

*KOKO doesn’t count, it’s not a full concert extravaganza.