Meet-up: Chantilly

For those of you lucky enough to be counting down the days until you set off for Chantilly (or Paris, if you must), this post is for you. You know the rest by now: trains, taxis, buses, bars, hotels, car-shares, e-mail addresses and all that. No pig museum in Chantilly, sadly, but there is a horse museum.

If you’re not going to Chantilly, don’t be miserable. Why not enjoy the Big Bopper and this classic tune? Turn up the volume and sing along. No buts (get it?), it doesn’t matter if you’re at work or if the baby’s sleeping.

We’re very much enjoying your comments about the concerts that have taken place so far in Wrocław and Vienna, so please keep them coming. If you’re going to the next ones in Rome and hoped to meet with other fans for a drink before the show, remember we have a Meet-up: Rome post set aside just for you.